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Jasmine, landing and leaving

After a three-week fragrance of a lilac in a garden fragrant relay is picked up by a jasmine. Sometimes flowers on a bush blossom so plentifully that leaves are hardly noticeable.

General information about a jasmine

Bush this harmonous, multibarrelled. Its height can be various: from 0,8 cm (at undersized) to 4 m (at tall). Leaves have beautiful green color, they integral, are placed suprotivno. Flowers can be snow-white, kremovaty. And are beautiful not only terry and semi-terry types, but also with simple large flowers. The aroma sweetish refreshing shleyfovy. Having put different types of a jasmine, you will be able to observe its beautiful blossoming and to inhale a bewitching smell more than a month. Jasmin is esteemed very much in east countries, there it is considered as a symbol of love, passion. From flowers make essential oil which is capable to remove concern, alarm, a depression, experiences, to lift the hormonal status. It is used actively by cosmetologists, perfumers, adding to shampoos, spirits, lotions, creams.

Types and grades will mention the most widespread and interesting garden forms of a jasmine.

Jasmine ordinary, coronal. This large bush is familiar to much, it often plant in front gardens about entrances of houses. Its height can reach three meters, krone dense, on strong escapes large leaves settle down (their length to 8 cm). Flowers generally white or kremovaty, are collected in a brush on five or seven pieces, a smell strong. Blossoming at this look early, in the middle of the first summer month. This jasmine can grow and in a shadow but to receive magnificent blossoming, it will be required to make three waterings with fertilizer. This look has some garden forms, including:

  • zolotistolistny or zheltolistny – on the general background of a garden its golden-yellow leaflets which keep the color, unusual to this period of summer, from the blooming moment from kidneys to the middle of July Very effectively look;
  • the terry – this form has very beautiful, multirow flowers.

Jasmine fine-leaved – a low low shrub (to 1 meter). Branches at it dense, beautifully curved, and on them on short scapes "sit" small a lanceolate form leaflets: from above shining, and from below – opaque. Florets at it semi-terry and terry, differ in very strong and pleasant aroma of wild strawberry. It is better to place these low bushes in the site forefront, about verandahs, a gate, a shop or small groups, for example, along a path.

The jasmine fluffy – is good for park zones, avenues, big gardens. Grows in a species of a bush or a small tree, height reaches the four-meter. The form can turn out pyramidal. Leaflets from below have an omission. Florets of a bowl-shaped form, kremovaty, but the very weak began to smell. Core seems bright yellow, at it there are many stamens with boots. At this jasmine blossoming begins after all types, but it more long – about a month.

When crossing a jasmine ordinary, fine-leaved and some other types it was succeeded to receive the remarkable grades differing in low "rostochok", graceful flowers and leaves. And all these jasmines smell sweet as aroma, comparable with the strawberry. At first Michurin removed a grade of "Efironos".

"Avalanche" - a stately low bush, which escapes bow-shaped, and leaves light green. Flowers simple, but there is a lot of them, settle down on 1,2 or 3. Such plentiful blossoming proceeds 25 days, extending marvelous strawberry aroma.

"Glacier" - graceful inflorescences are collected in the beautiful sultan which length reaches 50 cm. Low shrub harmonous, no more than 1,5 meters high.

"Alabaster" - flowers have snow-white coloring, if they simple, very large. But meet also semi-terry, terry in addition and aroma exhale the saturated. But this bush needs for the winter period some protection.

"Ermine cloak" - the champion among all jasmines on the blossoming duration (50 days). Semi-terry flowers of this low low shrub (to 1 meter) cover all its hanging branches. Diameter of flowers of 3 cm, their petals extended. The name is given for similarity to a cloak from an ermine skin.

From low bushes the grade "Charm", at which strongly smelling gustomakhrovy flowers pleasing about 30 days deserves attention. Slightly higher a grade bush "Mont Blanc" with semi-terry attractive flowers.

Tall (to 3 m) a grade "The air landing" forms a sprawling bush with the hanging kolokolchaty flowers having some similarity to parashyutika. Aroma at unusual flowers the strawberry.

Exists also the evergreen jasmine called by Sambak (Indian, Arabian) which can be parted in house conditions, having put in a room pot. It is also possible to grow up a jasmine krupnotsvetkovy, medicinal, Tuscan.

Place for a jasmine

The site for landing of a jasmine can be allocated and from North side of the building, because this plant tenevynoslivo. But if you make for it room which is opened for sunshine, the bush more plentiful will blossom. The jasmine beautifully looks near violet and blue delphiniums, the sea-buckthorn giving orange berries in August. Good neighbors for a jasmine – a hydrangea, spireya.

Soil and landing

Suitable time for landing of a jasmine sapling – fall or early spring when yet kidneys did not reveal.

The jasmine on different soils grows, but more brightly it will prove on the fertile earth. A shave and stagnation of ground waters he does not love. Before landing it is necessary to dig up well a site, then to make a hole at a depth of 50 cm, to fill it further with the good earth, to bring there a nitrofoska in number of 30 grams on a sapling. The hole sizes directly depend on what root system at a sapling, from roots to walls has to remain on 10 cm of space. It is necessary to bury a root neck no more, than at 3 cm. Then plentifully water a bush.

Further leaving

After rooting small escapes can be truncated, such procedure will allow a plant to cluster better.

Care of a plant is simple – in very hot days watering is required, sometimes the layer of earth should be podrykhlit, eliminated weeds, to cut off old or dry branches. The first flowers usually appear on a small bush for the third or fifth season after landing of a shank. Adult jasmine bushes should be thinned out regularly, differently the zagushchennost will badly affect blossoming.

In the spring under a bush it is possible to bring 50 grams of a nitrofoska to accelerate development of escapes. Then two more top dressing by the divorced feltwort or mineral complexes follow.

It is better to carry out reproduction division of a large bush, a cherenkovaniye, layers. Rooting happens for short term.

If on a jasmine there was a plant louse, gardeners in the best way of fight consider spraying here as such solution: on 1 liter of water take 3 grams nicotine-sulfate or anabazin-sulfate and 5 grams of green soap.

Domestic grades are, as a rule, frost-resistant, well transfer the winter period.

Besides beauty and saturated aroma, is at a jasmine and other merit – it attracts in a garden of insects pollinators – bees, bumblebees, butterflies.

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