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Israeli cosmetics of Deaura

With age to women everything is more difficult to support beauty of skin and hair, it is all about the inevitable processes of aging, and also in influence of negative factors, such as: bad ecology, stresses, low-quality products and so on. But these problems do not excite those who uses the Israeli cosmetics of Deaura, and in responses it is confirmed.

In what reason of such confidence of clients in production of Deaura?

  1. The cosmetics is made at prestigious plant E.L.Erman Cosmetics Manufacturing Ltd in Israel. It has all documentation, necessary for realization in the Russian market, for acquaintance with which you can visit the official site of
  2. Production of the company of Deaur can be bought only in special sets which were formed taking into account all requirements of skin and hair. Means from a set strengthen action of each other, thereby striking strong blow to external shortcomings, it is confirmed by customer reviews.

Important feature is that the cosmetics of the Deaura brand contains natural components which include minerals of the Dead Sea, extracts of plants, organic oils and even particles of 24-karat gold. In addition, the cosmetics includes a modern complex of the useful substances NIAPEPTYGOLDtm thanks to which firm production is rather effective.

Production of the company of Deaur

Now in assortment of a brand 4 sets are presented.

  • D'or mystere is a complex from ten face treatments which regular use helps to slow down processes of aging of skin, to strengthen protective and regeneration functions, to sate it with necessary minerals and vitamins. As a result the person becomes shining, and skin more elastic and uvlazhenny.
  • D'or mystery HAIR TREAT 24k Gold – the set consisting of 8 hair preparations. Their action is directed on strengthening of structure, protection against negative external factors, increase in volume and return of shine to hair.
  • D'or mystere Skin Golden Youth 24k Gold – in this complex is everything that can be necessary for care of a body. 12 means of excellent quality are urged to help to win against dryness and irritation of skin, to reduce manifestation of an orange-peel and to keep appeal of skin of a body as it is possible more long.
  • Argan travel kit from the L'amore cosmetica series – a road set for hair and head skin. The long road, change of time zones and climate cannot but be reflected in appearance. The shampoo, a mask, the conditioner and spray created on the basis of argon oil which is known the useful properties will help to protect ringlets from negative influence.

Responses of buyers of Deaura

In more detail to learn that such Deaura cosmetics, get acquainted with responses of buyers. It is surprising that despite a huge number of cosmetic shops in Moscow, women all the same register in salons in procedures with Deaur's cosmetics, and also get it for house use. Than so this cosmetics attracts consumers, it becomes clear according to reviews about Deaure:

Galina, 41.

Long ago wanted to write the review of cosmetics of brand of Deaur. If I decided to get to myself something from the range of the unknown to me brands, the price would frighten off me. And in vain and now I understand it. The set for the person to me was bought by the husband, told that it has at work all women from it delighted, here he also decided me to please. I of course very much was surprised to such gift, but it was pleasant. Especially as a small suitcase actually very beautiful, as well as jars with cosmetics of this brand. Passed more than 4 months as I started using these means so I can tell with confidence, the Israeli cosmetics again at height! Very much it is pleasant to me that skin it becomes quickly enough direct velvety, I from one cream had no such effect. Now started using more economically because more than a half of day cream I already spent, and judging by information on the Internet a naborchik not from the cheap. Though I think me it all the same will not stop.

Oksana, 27.

When I returned to Moscow after long business trip about other country, I noticed that at me hair began to drop out in a huge number, the volume and density was gone. Frankly speaking, I very much was upset, was already ready to cut off half-lengths and, in principle, for this purpose and registered in beauty shop. In responses of employees there was one general — all said that hair cannot be cut off. To me advised to descend in Deaura salon where and in a result and got to itself a small suitcase of HAIR TREAT 24k Gold. The prices suited me, not budgetary, of course, but there was no wish to grow hair anew too. I never regretted about the decision! In a month hair began to drop out much less at me, the volume and density gradually started coming back. Now passed more than two months, it seems to me my hair already best of all, than were) So before to decide on radical measures, learn, maybe, there is a means which will be able to help you.

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