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Irunin, instruction on application

Statistical data show that from 10 to 20% of the population suffers from various fungal diseases which are localized standing. And here dermatologists assure that this indicator is much higher, simply not all people address in skin clinics or clinics. During a summer time the number of the people who "picked up" a fungus or its microscopic disputes increases.

Experts most often state mycosis of feet. It also is clear, after all in hot days people spend in water and at water much time – in open reservoirs or pools. And feet often sweat. And warm and damp conditions – the most free and comfortable environment for reproduction of fungi. It should be added that in the summer school students spend a lot of time in the yard at home where can contact to animals, being a time carriers of dangerous fungi, defiant deprive. Therefore Mirsovetov will characterize one of antifungal preparations appointed by doctors inside under the name "Irunin" today.

Summary of a preparation

The Russian company "Verofarm" is engaged in production of this medicine. Release is carried out in two forms:

  1. The capsules of yellow color applied inside. Inside are available light yellow or cream-yellow a spherical form of a microgranule. Packings happen on 14, 10 and 6 capsules. Active agent of these gelatinous capsules is is inside itrakonazol which quantity in one capsule makes 100 mg. As auxiliary ingredients the producer uses a poloksamer, starch, a gidroksipropilmetiltsellyuloza, sucrose, nipazol, nipagin, gelatin, dioxide of the titan, acetic acid, different dyes.
  2. Vaginal tablets – are intended only for introduction to a vagina. Have an appearance of a ring, in their packing 10. At one such white intravaginalny tablet there are 200 mg of an itrakonazol. And excipients following: dairy sugar, is seen, potato starch, talc, sodium laurilsulfat, magnesium stearate.

Irunin's properties

This preparation is carried to antimikotichesky (in other words – antifungal) to means. It differs in a broad spectrum of activity. On chemical structure this derivative triazole, able to interfere actively with development of an important element for membranes of fungal cages - an ergosterina. Medicine manages to destroy mold fungi (among them blastomitseta, kriptokokkus, kladosporium, gispergilla, aspergilla), the barmy fungi (belonging to a sort Candida), dermatophytes (among them a microsporia, a sort epidermofiton, trikhofiton). In 3 hours after Irunin's reception the maximum concentration of active agent of medicine in the patient's blood is laboratory fixed.

Most of all medicinal substance concentrates in those fabrics which contain a keratin, for example, in skin. It is established that this means is completely removed only in 7 days after cancellation of receptions. If the person conducted a monthly course of reception of Irunin, medical concentration of medicine remains in skin tissues after cancellation of a preparation of 20-30 more days, that is internal fight against fungi in the fabrics damaged by them proceeds. If the person conducted a 90-day course of treatment of nail plates, even after cancellation of drug intake, it remains in nails of 180-200 more days. If the woman applied vaginal tablets, after completion of treatment itrakonazol still continues the influence about two-three days. Having had medical effect, Irunin who is earlier accepted inside leaves an organism with a stake and urine.

When Irunin is shown?

Experts appoint capsules Irunin at such mikotichesky defeats, as:

  • dermatomikoza, dermatophytosis, including at the heavy forms mentioning big sites of feet, brushes;
  • onikhomikoza which were the result of defeat by different dermatophytes, yeast, mold fungi;
  • mouth kandidomikoza, of others mucous and integuments, lungs, eye corneas, an inguinal epidermofitiya, otrubevidny deprive, vaginal candidiasis;
  • deep mycoses – koktsidiomikoz, parakoktsidiomikoz, blastomikoz, histoplasmosis, sporotrikhoz, penitsillyoz, hromomikoz, a mitsetoma of foot;
  • system mycoses – kriptokokkoz, histoplasmosis, sporotrikhoz, aspergillomycosis.

And here vaginal tablets, certainly, are appointed to the women having vulvovaginalny candidiasis including often repeating again.

Instruction on Irunin's application

Capsules are swallowed entirely at once after food.

At otrubevidny herpes two capsules in day for seven days are accepted.

If the dermatomikozy smooth skin is affected, two capsules in day, a course – 7 days are accepted. If to accept only on 1 capsule a day, the course increases till 15 days.

At a fungal keratit drink on 2 capsules a day, a course – 21 days.

At oral candidiasis it is necessary to drink medicine 15 days, on 1 capsule a day.

To women at vulvovaginalny candidiasis (milkwoman) gynecologists appoint Irunin in the form of capsules on one (or two) pieces one or two times per day for one or three days.

At onikhomikoza resort to so-called pulse therapy. The patient accepts for 7 days twice a day on 2 capsules. If nails on hands are affected, conduct two courses. If the fungus affected nails standing, it is necessary to conduct three such courses. Between courses the interval of three weeks becomes.

Sometimes the doctor appoints continuous therapy at onikhomikoza, that is the patient for three months accepts on 2 capsules once.

At system defeats of a dose vary, they are selected by the attending physician, he corrects therapy duration.

If to the woman vaginal tablets Irunin are written out, they should be entered into a vagina in the evening, lying in a bed, having settled down on a back and having slightly drawn in feet. Such courses proceed from one to two weeks.

About contraindications

It is not necessary to take medicine Irunin:

  • at individual hypersensitivity to those components that are listed in structure;
  • at heart failure or existence of the factors promoting its emergence (serious heart troubles, lungs, a liver and kidneys).

Side effects

Unfortunately, at a preparation there are a lot of undesirable effects which can be shown at its reception. will list them:

  • podtashnivany, dispeptichesky phenomena, locks, belly-aches;
  • hepatitis, holestatichesky jaundice, in rare instances perhaps toxic damage of a liver;
  • fatigue, dizziness, emergence of a headache, peripheral neuropathy;
  • swelled lungs, development of heart failure;
  • allergic reactions;
  • hair loss;
  • hypostases, giperkaliyemiya;
  • coloring of the allocated urine in dark color;
  • seldom - violations of a menstrual cycle.

And here the local undesirable effects sometimes happening when using vaginal tablets: burning, an itch and rashes in a vulva.

It is important to know

  1. In the first trimester pregnant women Irunin cannot apply, in the second and third – if only the doctor will consider that without this means not to manage.
  2. Women have to use at treatment this preparation by reliable methods of contraception before arrival of the next monthly.
  3. The feeding mothers are not recommended to raise at Irunin's reception the baby breast milk.
  4. If you have stomach diseases, and you accept the antatsida appointed by the gastroenterologist (for example, Fosfalyugel, Almagel, Maaloks), they should be accepted not earlier than in 2 hours after accepted Irunin. If you receive medical treatment for Omez (or his synonyms, inhibitors of a protonew pomp), H2 blockers, Irunin together with "Coca" is required to accept capsules.
  5. If there were symptoms indicating violations of functioning of a liver (coloring of urine in more dark color, a breakdown, a podtashnivaniye, loss of weight, belly-ache), it is necessary to refuse Irunin's reception, to report about it to the doctor, to conduct research of a state and activity of a liver.
  6. If symptoms of an allergy to a preparation are found, the doctor has to replace it with other medicine.
  7. Sufficient researches of influence of Irunin on a children's organism it was not conducted therefore only the pediatrician defines, whether it is necessary to give this medicine to the child.
  8. At therapy by vaginal tablets it is necessary to abstain from sexual contacts. And, to avoid repeated infections, the partner too has to be treated from candidiasis.
  9. The preparation does not render any negative impact on ability of driving of the car, other mechanisms.

In the presence of diseases of a liver or other chronic pathologies, drug intake surely tell it to the dermatologist which is written out to you by Irunin.

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