Interior in the Mediterranean style
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Interior in the Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style is a cosiness, comfort and simplicity. Today this style enjoys wide popularity in Europe as it combines various motives: here to you both Greece, and Turkey, both Egypt, and Spain, both France, and Italy.

The interior in the Mediterranean style is always a holiday – positive, but at the same time pacified, without pretentiousness and bright elements. On the contrary, the color scale consists of various natural shades, but colors have to be closer to earth and sea. Natural there have to be also fabrics and materials: flax and cotton, tree and ceramics, shod decor and works "hand-mayd". will tell how to issue the apartment in the Mediterranean style.

Who will suit the Mediterranean style

  1. To people of the South who live in old buildings or own cottages. Exactly thanks to juicy natural color – the sun, the sea and dense vegetation – southern latitudes as well as possible will find the reflection in the Mediterranean style.
  2. To people who prefer a practicality and comfort. The Mediterranean style would not like grace, chic and luxury. On the contrary, here everything is especially utilitarian, but it is convenient.
  3. To people who prefer to save. This style in itself does not demand enormous capital investments – there is a simplicity which is combined with laconic furniture and simple accessories.

Rules of the Mediterranean style

If you decided to recreate the Mediterranean style at yourself in an interior of the house or apartment, you need to adhere to rules on which this direction is based.

  1. Finishing. In the Mediterranean style natural color is used. However, depending on what country you want to present, this color and it is necessary to place emphasis. For example, if you want to create the Greek Mediterranean style, pay attention on colder tone: blue, white, yellow and lemon, green, and here as accent it is necessary to use something bright – at least red-pink color. Experimenting in an interior, it is necessary to alternate white and blue colors. For example, a wall – a white, window frame – blue. As addition surely such strokes as roughly plastered walls and a ceiling, and here on a floor – a tile of terracotta color. And here if you want to recreate the Italian Mediterranean style, then it is worth paying attention to warmer shades: golden, brown, orange, olive, terracotta, bottle-green. Walls – are brighter, a floor – a board, but bleached. If it is a bathtub and kitchen, then on a floor it is necessary to put a color ceramic tile.
  2. Furniture. The furniture made manually will best of all emphasize the Mediterranean highlight. If it is impossible, select such furniture which would be associated with archaic simplicity. It has to be stocky, in an ideal – from an oak or a pine, but practically with lack of an upholstery. The Italian Mediterranean style which was more "liberated" - for example, here it is possible to combine book shelves and racks with a shod little table which has the varnished iron framework and a table-top from tiles. And here the Greek style will be more expressed if in an interior to put chairs with reed seats. In a drawing room it is possible to establish a sofa with a wooden framework. As for kitchen, artificially made old buffet will comfortably feel here.
  3. Accessories. In a decor of the Mediterranean style there has to be a functionality therefore probably here and not enough textiles are used. Yes, even curtains is very big rarity. It is best of all to use a sun blind. However, as an exception, fabrics use in a bedroom: pillowcases in laces, covers with an embroidery, paths a hand-meyd. As linen use only flax and cotton – even if it is cloths or napkins. As for a coloring – forget about flower ornaments, choose something monophonic, at most drawing in a cage or a strip. As the buffet has to be opened, all ware has to be that is called exposed on display is there will be a ceramics or glazed utensils painted with a naive manual list.

And now we will consider each room separately.

We make out a drawing room

The Mediterranean style most suits a drawing room as exactly here it is possible to approach competently finishing and a choice of furniture. Walls need to be made impressive, opaque are wall-paper, frescos, usual plaster, a tile mosaic, a laying from a brick or imitation that, at least about a fireplace. A fireplace not necessarily, but it is very desirable.

On a floor it is possible to lay a laminate or to put an unglazed tile. It is possible to leave carpets, but neutral coloring and tones if they, certainly, have an impressive surface.

The low furniture, for example, a wooden sofa and a wattled little table will perfectly fit into such interior. It is possible to put some wattled chairs or chairs.

Open shelves will add an interior – on them it is necessary to put various stylized accessories are there can be figurines from ceramics and clay, cockleshells, some stones, rare plants in pots or carved caskets of handwork.

And here on windows it is possible to hang up muslin curtains, but it is best of all – natural blinds.

We make out kitchen

The Mediterranean style in kitchen does this room much more cozy and more warmly. The main thing here – wooden furniture, open regiments, is a lot of ceramics and fresh flowers. And here the modern household appliances should be "hidden": it will only spoil appearance.

If a big kitchen, the working zone needs to be taken out separately – best of all to arrange it in the center, as an island. Parallel to this island the dining wooden table and chairs settles down. A sink usual metal, but drowned in a table-top.

Tile it is possible to lay the most primitive on the floor – terracotta color. The tile can also be used and around a working zone. Decorative plaster, a bricklaying, a list will be suitable for other walls.

As for accessories, in kitchen the different forged elements will perfectly look: chandeliers or backs at chairs.

We make out a bedroom

The Mediterranean style in a bedroom is the most elementary situation: a low wooden bed with shod elements, a dresser from a tree on small legs, a dressing table from a tree and a stool to it. In principle, all.

That the interior was not too boring, it is possible to add various elements of a decor: bed linen with laces or gobelins on walls.

On windows in a bedroom it is desirable to hang up a decorative sun blind, but it is possible to manage also translucent curtains.

As finishing use a natural tree: advantageously wooden panels and ceiling beams will look here. On walls there can be a plaster, and on a floor – a red carpet.

We make out a bathroom

The bathroom carries out, first of all, a functional role therefore here it is very important to have practical bathroom equipment and high-quality finishing of surfaces that also sets the tone for an interior.

Walls and floor in a bathroom need to be trimmed with a tile or white ceramics – they besides perfectly wash. To release – at least visually – all sanitary devices it is desirable to hang up space on walls.

That there was no disorder, give attention to various shelves and lockers – they have to be blue or terracotta color.

It is worth afflicting fans of a bathtub – the preference is given in the Mediterranean style to shower cabins. But if you are not ready to exchange a hot bathtub for a shower rain, it does not matter, if you a little depart from classical style.

And here the real cosiness to a bathroom will be brought by towels in the chromeplated or gilded heated towel rail. And still – fresh flowers and a huge mirror in a wooden frame.

Besides in the room it is possible to place various stylized accessories that will also add the Mediterranean style.

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