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What it is necessary to know about installation of the conditioner?

Sometimes, that buyers carry out a choice of climatic equipment only on technical characteristics, without paying attention to installation subtleties. And then it appears that features of the room do not allow to install the bought equipment. That to you such it did not happen, we will in detail tell about important requirements at installation of different types of conditioners.
Sometimes, that buyers carry out a choice of climatic equipment only on technical characteristics, without paying attention to installation subtleties. And then it appears that features of the room do not allow to install the bought equipment or effectively to use it. That to you such it did not happen, we will in detail tell about important requirements at installation of different types of conditioners.
Installation of the conditioner consists not simply in its arrangement in the room and connection to the power supply network. It is the whole complex of works demanding professional approach: it is necessary to agree on the project of installation, in certain cases – to get permission from housing-and-municipal services. Inhabitants of apartment houses should consider and the noise level of the equipment, differently not to avoid complaints from neighbors.
It is worth remembering that the slightest mistakes made at installation can become the reason of breakages and declines in production of the conditioner. And that to correct them, about 1/3 means spent for installation can be demanded.
Therefore not without the bases experts claim that competently carried out works is a pledge of long and trouble-free service of the equipment. We will tell that it is necessary to consider to avoid unpleasant consequences.

How establish different types a Split systems?

Any a Split system consists of two blocks: internal (takes place indoors) and external (it is fixed on an external wall). Thus, the noise made by the compressor remains outside of the building.
The algorithm of installation consists in the following:
  • to do an opening in a wall. It has to be with a small bias on the street (for condensate plum);
  • it is reliable to record arms on an external wall of the house and to fix on them the external block;
  • to connect blocks a Split system the freon highway;
  • to place the internal block in the building;
  • to attach electricity cables;
  • to carry out pumping out of a pipe with freon, having established a pomp. It will help to get rid of excessive air and to lower load of the engine.
It is important to know: installation of climatic equipment can be carried out at all seasons of the year, even in the winter, but in a frost it will not be possible to make start. Therefore it is better to carry out works at a temperature not below -5 °C.

Features of installation of internal blocks

Let's understand, what conditioners to choose for the house, office or the production room, proceeding from features of installation of internal blocks.
The columned conditioner differs in the simplest installation as it is put on a floor at a wall and does not demand fixing. As a rule, such models are used at offices and halls over 100 sq.m.
Important requirement: that the air stream was distributed evenly, cooled all room, it is better to put the columned conditioner on the center of a wall.
Особенности установки кондиционеровWall a Split system are used in rooms from 15 to 50 sq.m: apartments, offices, shops. For them it is not necessary to convert the room – the internal block is simply fixed on a wall by means of arms. Upon purchase of such equipment it is necessary to count the weight which the wall can sustain (different models weigh from 7 to 17 kg).
Important requirement: it is not necessary to install the conditioner near furniture which can interfere with an air stream, and in close proximity with places of continuous presence of people (over a bed, over a desktop). The directed hit of cold air on the person can lead to catarrhal diseases.
Особенности установки кондиционеровChannel and cassette conditioners are mounted in a false ceiling therefore do not occupy a useful area indoors, and the internal block is almost imperceptible. It is recommended to get such a Split system during repair or construction until the ceiling design started being built yet. Advantage is that having established one powerful a Split system, it is possible to serve cafe, a big trading floor or the production room from 200 to 400 sq.m. Therefore the internal block in the center of a ceiling that streams of the cooled air were distributed evenly in 4 parties is better to arrange.
Unique type of the climatic equipment is floor and ceiling the Split system. It is suitable for buildings with panoramic windows where there is no false ceiling. The internal block can be fixed on a wall at a floor, then the stream of the cooled air will rise up and further extensively. If the design of the room does not allow to make so, it is possible to fix it on a ceiling: the air stream will go along a ceiling and to fall from top to bottom. It will help to avoid a direct hit of cold air on the person.

Recommendations about installation of external blocks

Особенности установки кондиционеров First of all, it is necessary to decide on a fixing place on a building wall. The external block has to be lower than a level internal not less than on 1 meter. So it will be possible to achieve effective circulation of freon and to avoid an oil leakage. To exclude acts of vandalism do not place the conditioner too low and close it a protective lattice. Also it is impossible to install the block in the glazed loggia and right in the sun, optimum option – under a peak.
Important requirement: observe the most admissible length of communications from the external block to internal (from 5 to 30 meters at different models). So it will be possible to avoid a compressor overload.

Installation of a monoblock – a minimum of expenses

If you are not ready to carrying out expensive installation works, pay attention to conditioners in which all working components are concluded in one block. They find application in apartments, small shops and utility rooms. For installation it is not required makings of communications in a wall or a design of a false ceiling that considerably reduces expenses and facilitates service.
Особенности установки кондиционеровThe window conditioner is fixed in an aperture of a window and simply connected to the power supply network. In the room only the control panel and lattices through which passes air will be visible. Except cooling, this device can serve also as "extract" that allows to bring unpleasant smells and a smoke to the street.
Особенности установки кондиционеровShortcomings: the area of a glazing and illumination indoors decreases. It is impossible to build in the block a standard double-glazed window.
But these problems are easily solved. When replacing double-glazed windows, it is possible to order frames especially for installation of the conditioner. If it is not possible to establish a monoblock in a window opening, fix it in the opening done in a wall.
Important requirement: it is necessary to select the equipment suitable on width of a window frame, and depth of the case should not exceed house wall thickness. It is impossible to block block lattices curtains, blinds and home decoration.
Особенности установки кондиционеров Mobile conditioners for the house enjoy the greatest popularity today. Unlike the previous look, they do not take away the area of a glazing and they can be moved to different rooms, to take in a country house or on giving.
Important requirement: it is necessary to place a monoblock near a window or a door to bring a hose for removal of warm air to the street. It is not necessary to put close furniture – it will block a way to an air stream.
There are two types of installation:
  • the temporary – as the equipment will constantly move, there is no need to fix a hose, it is lowered simply from a window;
  • the stationary – the conditioner will be in the chosen place constantly therefore it is necessary to create optimum conditions for its work. In this case it is simple to remove a hose in a window it will not be possible, after all the window leaf will need to be closed. There are some options: to insert an air offtake into the drilled opening in a wall, to use a special cap for a window, to order glass with the opening equal to diameter of a hose.
Attention! It is necessary to minimize a gap between a hose and glass or a wall. The connection will be more tight, the less warm air will get from the street, respectively, the more effectively there will be a work of a monoblock.

Useful tips

  1. To have more detailed idea of merits and demerits of the equipment of a concrete look, read responses about a Split systems which are left by buyers. They already faced a question of installation therefore report about such nuances on each concrete model about which you hardly learn from the seller.
  2. To buy the conditioner at the favorable price, it is better to make it in the fall or in the winter when the season already passed. At this time many companies do discounts.
  3. If you want that the equipment was installed correctly, entrust it to experts. It is better to order this service at once upon purchase.
  4. It is recommended to use the fastenings and accessories intended especially for climatic equipment. It is a guarantee of reliability and reduces risk of breakages.
Today the conditioner is not luxury, but the integral component of a hardware of any enterprise, shop, hotel, office, the house. All of us strive for comfort and, buying the expensive equipment, we want that it served us for many years. It is really possible to achieve it if to consider all subtleties of installation and not to save on carrying out installation works.
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