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Individual choice of a mattress. That you should know

How it is correct to choose a mattress, it is written hundreds of articles. But not all materials placed on the Internet contain reliable information about this important responsible process. Let's remind what exactly the mattress is responsible not only for our comfort during a dream, but also for a condition of the musculoskeletal device.

The low-quality mattress with a doubtful filler is capable to cause allergic reactions. Badly prepared filler becomes a shelter for colonies of bacteria. In a word, the mattress is and our rest, and our health.

All mattresses are divided on rigidity, a design and a filler. Some mattress products have additional options such as "storing" of contours of a body or winter-summer options. Mattresses are subdivided into products with the independent spring block and cheaper versions equipped with an integral spring system like "боннель". Mattresses with independent springs more convenient in use while products with dependent spring blocks differ in reasonable price. The third option – inexpensive springless mattresses which usually get out for equipment of small single beds with low boards.

The user value of a mattress – the more spring "glasses" directly depends on quantity of independent springs, the loading is distributed more evenly. So if you get a mattress for two and do not wish to jump up at each turn of the neighbor in a bed – take a mattress with the independent spring block equipped with not less than 500 springs on sq.m.

Rigid mattresses are calculated on weight loadings to 220 kg which in general cover physical parameters of most of users. At the same time rigid mattresses are contraindicated to the people having problems with a waist and a backbone. It is very important to choose correctly a filler which is presented by an impressive line of natural and artificial materials today. The coconut koyra or latex provide good natural ventilation, but practically do not absorb moisture. The horsehair will give to a rigidity mattress, and seaweed is actively used for improvement of ventilating ability. Use of batting and sheep wool is calculated on increase in heat-insulating properties of mattress products.

Orthopedic mattresses "with memory" are designed for the buyers wishing to provide to the backbone optimum situation in any position during a dream. Such products stimulate blood circulation, without allowing blood to stand on sites upon which pressure is put. As a result the general health improves, and the musculoskeletal device receives a certain prevention.

There are bilateral mattresses with various rigidity by analogy with separate climate control in the car. However such products are most often made to order and differ in high price. Choosing any mattress, remember – the economy in this case is definitely not pertinent.

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