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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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Psychology of the relations91
Who such kinestetik Psychology of the personality
Кто такой кинестетикFor each person it is possible to allocate a typical way of perception and processing of information on world around by it. Some prefer to receive it by means of visions and pictures, others - aurally or through touches. Reading of information on surrounding reality through tactile feelings is most characteristic for kinestetik.
How to get off bad mind Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от плохих мыслейThere is in the world nothing more interesting, than our consciousness, or rather its unconscious part. At times answers to difficult questions are born in our head absolutely unexpectedly, and the most interesting ideas arise out of the blue inexplicably!
Prokrastination and her treatment Psychology of the personality
Прокрастинация и ее лечениеThe unknown term "prokrastination" means with what, perhaps, every second of us sins from time to time. The person applying for a rank of the procrastinator always postpones important issues to execute them later. And time frames treasured are limited not only days, but also the whole weeks "later"!
How to begin new life Psychology of the personality
Как начать новую жизньLife - piece difficult, but interesting, in it always nearby the good and evil, pleasure and grief, love and hatred. However, life is fine the variety - never know that prepares for you tomorrow - take-off or falling. And if now you endure the difficult moment in the life, and it seems to you that life is destroyed, unclear how to live further.
How to determine character by handwriting Psychology of the personality
Как определить характер по почеркуMuch of us had to notice a certain interrelation between style of writing of letters and character of the person. There is no wonder, after all handwriting is a distinctive feature of each individual, it is similar to fingerprints, telling about the identity of the author. Knowing some simple receptions, it is possible to understand unmistakably psychology of handwriting and to expose liars, egoists or hypocrites.
Reasons of female change Psychology of the relations
Причины женской изменыSpeaking about an adultery, in the majority we represent man's change. Meanwhile, the statistics confirms that a quarter of women at least once in life had relations on the party. What already to speak about those women who actually did not change the partner, however do not exclude option at the first opportunity it to make.
How to satisfy the man Psychology of the relations
Как удовлетворить мужчинуProbably, with this question many women – irrespective of age, the social status and religion are anxious. That it is necessary to make that the husband or for the present your young man felt near you favourite, happy and satisfied.
Pluses and minuses of appointments blindly Psychology of the relations
Плюсы и минусы свиданий вслепуюIt is impossible to call such type of the first meeting new. It was very popular in older times when the groom and the bride was are affianced still by children and for the first time met already on a wedding. Today appointment blindly is quite popular, though not less risky, a way not to remain alone. suggests to deal with all pluses and minuses of such acquaintances in detail.
How to force the man to marry Psychology of the relations
Как заставить мужчину женитьсяIt is always more difficult to woman to say goodbye to stereotypes, and the status of "old maid" given it by the malicious neigbour can torment her is intolerable. The nature enclosed aspiration to raise children in ideal conditions when both parents nearby and bear responsibility for preservation of a family in the girl.
How to tempt the husband Psychology of the relations
Как соблазнить мужаIt is proved that the more often you make love "physical", the more long you stay in euphoria from feeling of love "spiritual". Besides it becomes much simpler to solve the problems arising out of the blue with the spouse. You feel emotional lift, surge in positive emotions and, besides, strengthen immunity.
How to determine character by color of eyes Psychology of the personality
Как определить характер по цвету глазEyes are called not for nothing "window to the soul" – they can tell sometimes much more, than words. Thus eyes never lie. They can be silent, and can speak, and emotionally and loudly. By the way, from all beings in the world only at the person noticeable whites of the eyes. In it there is the privilege, after all thanks to it people can determine character of the person by eyes a condition of the interlocutor and his feeling.
How to become the stinker Psychology of the personality
Как стать стервойYou are a woman. It became heavy to you to live? You fears and especially constantly overcome what men do not pay to you attention? And if there was at you a novel – everything quickly comes to an end. You were offended again. How not to give itself in offense? How to make so that your feet had men? will tell you how to begin the real woman – to become the stinker.
How to keep love Psychology of the relations
Как сохранить любовьAt the beginning of the relations it seems that your feelings will eternally last, but passes month, then year, passion ceases, and here already you already together with each other it is more on a habit. Not so burning kisses, not so languid views … How to make so that the love did not disappear, and was the satellite of couple for many years. About it is one more detailed today.
How to keep the relations at distance Psychology of the relations
Как сохранить отношения на расстоянииIt in America, it in Russia. "What love?!" - many will exclaim. "The most real", - those who already passed torture in kilometers will answer and passed tests. Actually, everything is subject to the real feelings: both distance, and separation. And it is possible to live all life side by side and by 60 years "not to get on together".
How to manipulate men Psychology of the relations
Как манипулировать мужчинамиSo women are arranged, they want that their feet had a whole world. And who has to put it there? Of course, man. Only men have often in this respect other opinion. And here already depends on the woman, whether it will carry out all her whims or not. But each person has weak places, having well studied which, it is possible to be engaged in a manipulation quietly.
How to do compliments to men Psychology of the relations
Как делать комплименты мужчинамSo it developed in our society that compliments can be paid generally to women. And to state a praise to the man for the fair sex somehow not comme il faut. Of course, all this silly prejudices. For a long time psychologists proved that 99 men from 100 at the subconscious level wait for admiration and approval.
Teenage love Psychology of the relations
Подростковая любовьTime flies very quickly, especially for mothers. Only yesterday, appear, studied information how to change diapers, and today already we look for answers to questions what to do if the teenager fell in love? And in this question, the main thing – not to do much harm, because mentality of the teenager – piece thin.
How to surprise the girlfriend Psychology of the relations
Как удивить любимую девушку"And you ever awoke with aroma of roses?.". Women love pleasant surprises. It is the fact. And many men prefer not to think of this fact. Here also it turns out – everyday life, routine, boredom. tried to collect some ideas which can be used by men in love in practice.
NLP - neurolinguistic programming Psychology of the personality
НЛП - нейролингвистическое программированиеWithin the standard program of a course of psychology which is taught as a general education subject in the majority of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Russia, surely address to the Pyramid of requirements — hierarchical model of needs of the person which reflects one of the most popular and known theories of motivation — the theory of hierarchy of requirements.
How to respond to rudeness Psychology of the relations
Как отвечать на хамствоRudeness surrounds us always and everywhere: in shop and transport, on the street, at movie theater, anywhere from it not to hide. It offends and will wound many people. I think that each of readers of faced this unpleasant phenomenon when in the most usual everyday situation of people suddenly hears the offensive: "Where you prt, undress eyes!" or "You talk the complete nonsense!".
Bad mood how to help itself? Psychology of the personality
Плохое настроение, как помочь самому себе?The bad mood is the state familiar to all people. Someone is subject to it more often, someone is more rare. The person with bad mood is sluggish and apathetic, unpleasant in communication, everything irritates him. recommends to the readers to get rid quicker of bad mood, you will be helped by some ways.
Children's aggression: what is such and how to cope with it? Psychology of the personality
Детская агрессия: что это такое и как с ней справиться?Very often, on the street it is possible to see such picture when the kid of 2-3 years desperately beats the mother, shouts and stamps legs, and that, in reply too not him swears, trying to calm. It is the most striking example of children's aggression which we see nearly an every day.
How to bring up in itself resistance to stress? Psychology of the personality
Как воспитать в себе стрессоустойчивость?"It is not necessary to be afraid of a stress. It does not happen only at the dead. The stress should be operated. The operated stress bears in itself aroma and taste of life." (Hans Selye, the Canadian scientist) When say about the person that he – stress-resistant, it means that he is able to cope with stresses. Difficultly it or is easy? decided to understand this question. And for a start small test.
How to behave on the first appointment Psychology of the relations
Как вести себя на первом свиданииThe first appointment is, perhaps, one of the most memorable events in our life if, it, of course led to the serious relations. It especially that everyone who is going to meet for the first time the person, new to himself, extraordinary worries, after all to it wants to make the best impression about itself.
How to return the ex-boyfriend Psychology of the relations
Как вернуть бывшего парняHow to return the ex-boyfriend? This problem excites most of young girls. And each of us at least once in life asked a similar question. Many couples leave because of gossips. One more widespread situation – appeared the competitor. If your guy kind and attentive and suddenly left to another, unambiguously, both are guilty of it. Let's try understand.
How quickly to define psychotype of the person Psychology of the personality
Как быстро определить психотип человекаFive psychotypes are created by Susan Dellinger, the American psychologist. She called the theory – psychogeometry as all its psychotypes are associated with one of the main geometrical figures. According to psychologists, people seldom happen pronounced one psychotype, most often, it is the mixed types, with prevalence of one main type.
Why girls love bad guys Psychology of the relations
Почему девушки любят плохих парнейIn spite of the fact that "good guys" are often more educated, achieve success in career easier and possess a set of merits, girls continue to fall in love with "bad guys", risking to be deceived and thrown. Why the image of "the bad guy" so attracts a weak half of mankind? And what to do to "good guys"?
How to find to itself friends Psychology of the relations
Как найти себе друзейMany years ago La Rochefoucauld noticed that as if the true love seldom did not meet, the true friendship meets even less often. Often friendship call only the friendly relations – when it is interesting to spend time with the person. In our times the situation did not change at all, to find the true friend very difficult. Despite it, let's look for friends and to learn to be on friendly terms.
How to develop attention Psychology of the personality
Как развить вниманиеVarious deviations in attention can lead to failures. For example, I know the girl who at interview did not pass a test for IQ of work. As it appeared, she can solve almost all tasks of test for IQ. And here the test for switching of attention showed that it needs a lot of time for switching for the following task. I suggested it to train attention.
How to return the wife Psychology of the relations
Как вернуть женуMarried women often are afraid of leaving of the husband, and here men start thinking of the reasons of so drastic measures only while the entrance door was closed behind the wife. No entreaties, tears and talk up to this point in 99% of cases are perceived by the man seriously. If you ask yourself a question "How to return the wife?", this article for you.
When the help of the psychologist is necessary Psychology of the personality
Когда нужна помощь психологаIt is possible to call psychology cunning science. It has the principles and certain techniques, and here guarantees of their effective action – almost any. And services of these experts rather expensive. Therefore it would be desirable to understand competently, the profession "psychologist" is an excellent way of speculation on others grief or the real help for worthy remuneration?
How to develop intuition Psychology of the personality
Как развить интуициюHow many times happened so: the internal voice prompts to you how to arrive, but following logic and analyzing circumstances, you prefer other way. It is bad or is good, not so important. And here that fact that a voice inside everything becomes more silent and more silent each time, it is necessary to sort thoroughly. The intuition becomes dull if not to use it and not to develop.
How to struggle with a stress Psychology of the personality
Как бороться со стрессомRemained people on the planet who are not familiar with this state very little. The stress is series of events which we perceive as threat to our wellbeing that brings nervous system into tension, and it in turn causes problems with physical and psychological health. Symptoms of a stress are signals that in life is time to change something.
How to endure divorce Psychology of the relations
Как пережить разводIn life of each person at the most inappropriate moment it happens quite unpleasant situations. Be sure when they occurred, you will never be ready to them. Today we will talk about rather widespread phenomenon – as divorce. Women always very painfully transfer this test, and for you, lovely ladies, will be useful the following councils.
How to return trust of darling Psychology of the relations
Как вернуть доверие любимого человекаWhat to do if the trust of darling disappeared? How to live further? The root of the word "trust" is a belief, belief in correctness of acts of other person, that the actions it will not do harm neither to you, nor your relations. And how to be to on what fault there was a loss of trust? Let's try to understand this hard situation.
How to cease to be nervous Psychology of the personality
Как перестать нервничатьAs in due time cheeful Mark Twain absolutely fairly noticed: "The person is so arranged that having ceased to worry about one, he starts worrying about other". Problems, cares, questions small and large go an infinite train and a dense system. To stop this march to anybody not in power. But how to meet him, solves everyone in own way.
How to forget the former Psychology of the relations
Как забыть бывшегоThe desperate laughter through tears, intentionally vigorous voice is now, at work, with girlfriends. And houses in the evening silence and emptiness, any tears in a pillow, simply pain. Such feelings are familiar to women around the world irrespective of age and the social status. The reason is banal and terrible – parting with the guy. Do not try to deceive yourself, repeating false "everything is good". It not so.
How to behave at the beginning of the relations Psychology of the relations
Как себя вести в начале отношенийOften we enter the relations not so executed sublime feelings. Simply there is a wish for heat and care or at any cost to create a family / to give birth to the child or in general just like that. But all these bases are far from classical concept of the real feelings, butterflies of a stomach and constantly ringing hand bells. The one who at least once in life tested something similar, understands about what there is a speech.
How to understand that it are pleasant to the guy Psychology of the relations
Как понять, что нравишься парнюHuman relations – a thing the extremely curious and in many respects mysterious. The relations between the man and the woman are especially interesting and wonderful. Often to them happens very difficult to understand each other. Happens, as the girls who yet did not accumulate the experience which is not able to understand guys. Especially, when they are hardly familiar. And how to understand, whether the girl is pleasant to the guy.
How to return the husband to a family Psychology of the relations
Как вернуть мужа в семьюIf you were left by the husband, very much recommend to have a good cry properly. In each family there are dissonances, but not each wife is left. Believe, in the morning you will cease to break hands and without emotions assess a situation. What to do to return the husband to a family, whether it is worth doing it in general, and also I will tell a man's view of a problem in this article.
How to get off the notions of compulsion Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от навязчивых мыслейEach person in the life faces the notions of compulsion. They can be shown in the form of doubts: Whether "I switched off a plate?", whether "I closed water?" etc. Such thoughts are considered as norm and do not demand any correction. But, if they become a daily habit and find the reflection in other spheres of life, it speaks about existence of neurosis of the notions of compulsion.
How to find a subject for conversation Psychology of the relations
Как найти тему для разговораThere are such situations when that left alone with the person whom you saw for the first time. But conversation for some reason needs to be started. And what to do? Reject constraint aside and follow these simple, but very effective manuals how to start conversation with the stranger and to find a subject for communication.
How to live after change to the husband Psychology of the relations
Как жить после измены мужуYou wanted some new feelings, it was sad, you were unfortunate or annoyed – all this together could lead to that you fooled around. And now do not know what to do, suffer from a remorse, feel rage in relation to yourself, are bent under weight of sense of guilt. How to behave? To tell the husband or it is not necessary? And what will be farther now?
Manipulations in communication Psychology of the relations
Манипуляции в общенииManipulations in communication of people meet almost everywhere. And the technician of a manipulation exists great variety. Certainly, they can cut to the quick and cause unpleasant emotions. But it is quite possible to resist to manipulations – it is necessary to be trained only a little. And then it is possible to transfer any manipulation to the course of civilized, open dialogue.
How to get rid of phobias Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от фобийThe word "phobia" happens from Greek "fear" though modern psychologists are inclined to differentiate these two concepts. The phobia is a panic fear something. This state in which the person absolutely loses control over himself. Let's try to understand how to arrive in case the panic fear prevents you to live and what to do if the frightening situation already overtook you.
Communication with introverts, councils and subtleties Psychology of the relations
Общение с интровертами, советы и тонкостиEach of us met quiet, hardly noticeable, not sociable persons. Introverts are considered nearly as alien odd fellows and avoid them. And in vain – the introversion is not pathology, and it is possible to communicate with them not only, but also it is necessary. It is necessary to be able simply. Generally, the introvert is "the person in a box". But not in cardboard and smelly, and in the cozy and favourite box.
Emotional burning out Psychology of the personality
Эмоциональное выгораниеThe term "emotional burning out" (burn out) arose relatively recently. Emotional burning out comes when the person throughout a long time spends emotional energy, practically without having opportunity to fill up it. In "group of risk" physicians, psychologists, teachers, social workers. Though representatives of other professions are also subject to it.
How to cope with excitement Psychology of the personality
Как справиться с волнениемShiver in hands, the turning-in knees, uncertainty in a voice, reddening of skin, the running look, the dizziness floating dreamily subjects – some of these feelings are for certain familiar to those who experiences excitement in important situations. The reasons of such state can be a little, but all of them are connected with fear, and in most cases unreasonable.
How to get rid of envy Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от завистиAs bitterly happens to find in the destroying, humiliating feeling – envy! This emotion can become so strong that is capable to destroy to the person life. No matter, to that we envy: to wealth, success, beauty or popularity. The main thing – to understand itself and to overcome negative thoughts. And as a result to become free from the depressing emotions.
How to decide on divorce Psychology of the relations
Как решиться на разводThere came the next evening in the family circle when at heart it is not joyful at all, and the thought again comes to mind: "And can divorce?". For a start I want to tell that at least once this question arose at each person who is married. If the thought of divorce becomes more and more persistent, it is time to resort to the deep analysis, whether really it is necessary.
How to react to rudeness Psychology of the relations
Как реагировать на хамствоEach of us faces rudeness, disrespect, embitternment manifestation more or less often. Roughness causes a condition of a stupor in many, others, on the contrary, angers to such state that the person falls to irritant level. In many respects depends on a situation. How it is correct to react to rudeness otherwise?
How to become quieter Psychology of the personality
Как стать спокойнееThe mad rhythm of life of the modern person can unsettle, break internal balance and, finally, break will. The main ways to calm down are well-known. But what to do if the temporary relaxation does not change a picture essence, and the irritation becomes a habit and does not vanish for one day? For a start it is worth thinking of how you position yourself.
Art therapy techniques Psychology of the relations
Методики арт-терапииArt therapy is one of the psychotherapeutic methods used for diagnostics and correction of psychological frustration. Besides, it also way of self-expression of the personality. As the certain therapeutic direction art therapy appeared in the sixties last century. Now it is widely applied practically in all directions of psychotherapy.
How to construct the serious relations Psychology of the relations
Как построить серьезные отношенияIn life of each person there comes such moment when it is necessary to reflect on the beginning of creation of the serious relations. And here the moment when you met the person with whom would like to carry out for the rest of the life came. Whether it is worth stopping the choice on this person? How to realize, whether it suits you, or it is the next short-term novel?
How to change life to the best Psychology of the personality
Как изменить жизнь к лучшемуWhy the person asked such question? First of all it means that the existing situation does not meet requirements and opportunities of the personality. You should not give in to despondency, and it is better to start realization of the desirable as soon as possible. At first it is necessary to finish that freight of the past finally. Let's consider all factors playing the greatest role in our life.
How to get rid of loneliness Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от одиночестваSpeaking about a loneliness problem, it is necessary to notice that it happens two types. The first look – compelled, or physical loneliness. We test it when we have no friends and relatives. The second look is a feeling of loneliness. With it everything is much more difficult. This such state of mind and mind when the person, even being among other people, feels lonely.
Methods of impact on audience Psychology of the relations
Методы воздействия на аудиториюDaily, we wish that or not, we realize it or not, but each of us acts as the Speaker convincing the whimsical lady Publika of something. Parents, friends, lessors, suppliers, customers, teachers, pupils … Daily we participate in negotiations and we defend the positions. How to increase efficiency of the communication with audience?!
How to be pleasant to people Psychology of the relations
Как понравиться людямQuite often we appear in a situation when it is necessary to make impression on people around. Sometimes with new people under circumstances, unusual for us, we start behaving unnaturally, we speak superfluous or, on the contrary, we cannot squeeze out from ourselves the word. We offer a little simple, but in too time of irreplaceable councils which will help you with such situations.
How to learn to say no Psychology of the personality
Как научиться говорить нетThe person by the nature is socially dependent. We develop in society, at the expense of it we become persons. All have an aspiration of people to be pleasant and be favourite. But whether there was no such thought at you at least once in life: "Why agreed? After all and there is a lot of affairs, and here also it". For this reason it is useful to learn to say no, ability it is necessary to refuse.
Violence problem in a family Psychology of the relations
Проблема насилия в семьеAs it is sad, to be near the, apparently, closest people sometimes is unsafe. On statistical data, in every fourth family cases of domestic violence are noted. Unfortunately, in our country do not pay due attention to this question. In this article we want to tell what to do if you fell the victim of violence in a family.
How to cope with offense Psychology of the personality
Как справиться с обидойOffense – clear and natural emotion of the person. Many relations are destroyed because of offense, many human destinies are broken by this feeling. According to psychologists, ability to take offense appears at the person in the childhood and accompanies us all life. Periodically all people have a resentment, simply one are more sensitive, and others less.
How to get acquainted with the girl on the Internet Psychology of the relations
Как познакомиться с девушкой через интернетAttractive girl. Who is she? What it? How to recognize her from thousands of others? How to find for it on Internet open spaces? About it the speech in this article will also go. We will look for the attractive girl on a dating site. A dating site – only the tool for search of the partner providing us a huge choice. As we for ourselves for it will open, depends on ourselves.
How to draw attention of the man Psychology of the relations
Как привлечь внимание мужчиныLikely all of us at least once had to observe something similar: desperate madam, in a skirt of extra short length and a top with deep cut, continuously looks at the man, trying to draw his attention. The real man will never want to strike up acquaintance to such woman with serious intentions, he will be interested more likely by versatily developed girl.
How to marry the Italian Psychology of the relations
Как выйти замуж за итальянцаThe distinctive features, customs and way of life are peculiar to each nation. From all European nationalities Italians are closest to us on spirit and on a mentality. It means that search of the partner in Italy is most comfortable for the Russian women and adaptation will be not so painful. Try, perhaps, you will find the happiness where did not expect at all.
How to avoid the conflicts to parents Psychology of the relations
Как избежать конфликтов с родителямиSince the birth parents protect us, care about health, healthy nutrition and all-round development. Years fly imperceptibly, every day we become more independent. More and more seldom we need the help and support of parents. And now quite often there are conflicts. As it is correct to behave to adjust communication with parents?!
How to improve the relations with the mother-in-law Psychology of the relations
Как наладить отношения со свекровьюMany women, having married, are compelled to improve the relations not only with the husband, but also with his family. And if the husband's father most often treats the daughter-in-law friendly, mother is quite often adjusted rather aggressively. As a result – quarrels, scandals, and in certain cases even divorce. To keep the family, and also nerves and health, try to take our advice.
How to get rid of an inferiority complex Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от комплекса неполноценностиIn the company of the having fun people always there will be one, modestly standing aside and not deciding to join. In what the reason of such behavior? What forces people to refuse pleasures of communication voluntary? It is an inferiority complex. Now we will try to understand that it for frustration and than it is dangerous.
Preservation of a family on the verge of divorce Psychology of the relations
Сохранение семьи на грани разводаIn each new family there is a new component of the relations over time – life. Spouses spend practically the whole day at work, come the tired. From time to time mutual irritability, scandals "on trifles" starts being shown. And here, once having woken up, comes the understanding of that the family is on the verge of divorce. What to do?
How to get acquainted with the guy on the Internet Psychology of the relations
Как познакомиться с парнем через интернетTimes when the princess sat at an open window and waited for the promised, long ago passed. Now each woman has the right of an independent choice of the partner in life. Also it is worth using a reliable tool, namely search of the partner in life through a virtual network.
How to develop sense of humour Psychology of the personality
Как развить чувство юмораThe desire to laugh, enjoy life and to derive pleasure from each lived instant attracted the person at all times. With sense of humour where it is more interesting to walk on life is a proven fact. It is not descended, however you should not be discouraged and despair, after all the sense of humour, as well as any other skill is possible and even it is necessary to develop.
Game dependence Psychology of the personality
Игровая зависимостьToday game business strikes with the width of the variations, level of prevalence and availability. Passion, easy money, opportunity to recoup – it is very important to understand these initial motives of the compulsive gambler. The person is involved in this circulation completely. To help the person suffering from game dependence, difficult, but it is possible.
How to overcome crisis in the family relations Psychology of the relations
Как преодолеть кризис в семейных отношенияхIf you live some years with the same partner, it will be useful for you to know that not only you were tired of such life. 90% of couples face with so-called "crisis of the first two, five or seven years of marriage". The figure of the critical period at everyone the, but an essence from it does not change. And now not late to start building the family life in a different way.
How to build the relations with the ex-husband Psychology of the relations
Как строить отношения с бывшим мужемThe concept "ex-husband" appeared rather recently. Stains became an everyday occurrence in the twentieth century. But, having become an everyday occurrence, each separate divorce did not stop being a stress source for all members of the collapsing family. Human relations after divorce are defined by many factors. And that they did not make the life miserable, it is necessary to make efforts and to change something.
How to win the man Psychology of the relations
Как завоевать мужчинуHow to carry away the man? This question excites women not one century. Why the woman cannot remain by itself? Why to interest the man, she needs to pretend to be why game, an intrigue, shifts is necessary? Is it necessary? And is it really bad?
How to get rid of sense of guilt Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от чувства виныSense of guilt – one of basic feelings of the person. However there is a huge difference between the concepts "be guilty" and "feel the guilty", after all often this feeling is shown absolutely unconsciously and has no relation to fault real. And in such cases it is necessary to be able to get rid of oppressive sense of guilt.
Dependence on social networks Psychology of the personality
Зависимость от социальных сетейThe social network is a universal remedy of communication and search of people, with its help it is always possible to be in touch, to learn news about friends. But the problem consists that many become dependent on communication on a social network. There is a full replacement of the real relations by the virtual. And even at awareness of dependence, it is not possible to get rid of it.
Problems of adaptation of the adopted child Psychology of the relations
Проблемы адаптации приемного ребенкаYou want to take the adopted child. The reasons can be different: at you cannot be own, you feel melancholy for the children who grew up and left a native home, you lost the child and want to transfer all not dissipated love to the adopted. What would not be your motive, it is important to realize all responsibility which you confer on yourself and the relatives.
Preparation for performance before public Psychology of the personality
Подготовка к выступлению перед публикойFrom time immemorial special significance was attached to performance before public. This art in perfection politicians, actors and scientists of the past owned. Today importance of a public statement increases more and more. In many respects success of the report depends on the level of preparation for it and existence of a certain experience.
How to become the good friend Psychology of the relations
Как стать хорошим другомOnce on one of numerous social projects to me the interesting person met. And there was a strong wish to communicate to it personally. I sent a request for addition in friends, but it was rejected. "I do not know you, and friends in such a way it is impossible to become", - heard in reply. I answered nothing, but reflected and over time understood correctness of these words.
How to establish an ideal family Psychology of the relations
Как создать идеальную семьюThe happiness does not happen much! Even when everything is good in life, we look for some defects in the relations with darlings, we torment ourselves unreasonable guesses and assumptions. As a result – mutual misunderstanding and mistrust, the untold thoughts develop into the hidden offenses. But nevertheless possibly to keep the relations and to construct an ideal family.
The increased uneasiness at children Psychology of the personality
Повышенная тревожность у детейIf you noticed that your child constantly worries about something, cannot often concentrate, is clamped, talks with strangers by the low shivering voice, "the ball in a throat" complains of dryness in a mouth and, it is possible to assume that it has an increased uneasiness. Recently it is observed increases in number of such children. What reasons promote it?
As it is correct to leave Psychology of the relations
Как правильно расстатьсяAll of us dream of happiness, for many it is connected with darling. But all of us such different therefore we meet and leave and sometimes not once. And, perhaps, all will agree that parting it is very unpleasant and sick. In this article we suggest to talk how it is correct to leave not to suffer for the rest of the life, and to enjoy new opportunities.
How to keep a family after the child's birth Psychology of the relations
Как сохранить семью после рождения ребенкаThe family is the most important in our life. But sometimes there is what you want least of all on light. Your happiness suddenly starts falling with the birth of the kid, and you lower hands because do not know how to stop it. Simply there are no forces. Who is guilty? And how to avoid the similar scenario? We suggest to understand together.
Psychology of positive thinking Psychology of the personality
Психология позитивного мышленияI always envied positive people. At them everything is remarkable: children – healthy, work – fine, the house – a full bowl and steadily great mood. It seems, this property is granted to them by the nature. Perhaps. But, in principle, each person can become positive. The main thing – to want! A spirit on positive thinking – business acquirable.
The child-free – voluntary childlessness Psychology of the personality
Чайлдфри – добровольная бездетностьFor Russia voluntary childlessness – the phenomenon quite new therefore it is not surprising that in modern Russian society round child-free was created many stereotypes which do not have relations to reality. It is interesting that many Russians, not persons interested to bring children, did not even hear about the concept "child-free" and quite often stay in confidence that with them "something not so".
How to cope with a seasonal depression Psychology of the personality
Как справиться с сезонной депрессиейYou live to yourself you live silently... and here suddenly all not so: also there is no wish to rise in the mornings, and work ceased to please, and home does not pull. There is a wish to have a sleep, eat, and then once again to have a sleep. Behind a window it is dark and cold. Horror. Such thoughts torment many inhabitants of our planet during the autumn and winter period of year. Ways of fight against such state are known and available to everyone long ago.
How to gain the interlocutor Psychology of the relations
Как расположить к себе собеседникаAll of us live in society, and happens very important at acquaintance to make good impression and to gain the interlocutor. Situations happen different: new colleagues at work, the new person in the companies, acquaintance to parents of future husband, etc. There are some easy ways, observing which, it is possible to find with ease a common language with different people.
Methods of effective planning of time Psychology of the personality
Методы эффективного планирования времениIn the modern world the greatest value not money, but information and … have time. Yes, time. And in it big paradox of progress. On the one hand we have a set of means that it is a high time to save it. And still it madly is not enough for all of us! That prevents us to live as we want and how effectively to operate the time, I will share with readers in this article.
Internet dependence: signs and treatment Psychology of the personality
Интернет-зависимость: признаки и лечениеYou like to be online for hours? Waking up in the morning, first of all run to turn on the laptop and check mail or new messages on Schoolmates? I congratulate, you have first signs of Internet dependence. No, it not a mental disorder, and it is rather, bad habit. About to what she can lead and as to get rid of her, read in today's material.
Family quarrels and reconciliation Psychology of the relations
Семейные ссоры и примирениеYour darling is angry, is rude, is brought from a half-turn. But it not always such, you love it and do not want to leave in any way, thus understand that your joint life becomes all nevynosimy. Whether it is possible to fight against aggression and to win against it? It is possible, but for this purpose it is necessary to deal with the reasons of quarrels, to stock up with patience and to work over itself.
How to get rid of causeless apathy Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от беспричинной апатииApathy. Overcame laziness, life is boring and monotonous. When the problems created in life are the reason, in process of their decision also the pleasure is restored to life. But quite often apathy is causeless. Life takes its course, all are live, healthy, but something presses heavy freight and does not allow to enjoy life. What to do how to get rid of apathy? Let's understand together.
Behavior in conflict situations Psychology of the relations
Поведение в конфликтных ситуацияхMany words already were govoreno about the conflicts, their reasons and consequences, but the question does not lose the relevance. After all each of us during only one day a set of times gets to conflict situations. At this time we spend the forces, energy, we do harm to own health. How to behave in case of the conflict to allow it optimum?
How to become the independent person Psychology of the personality
Как стать самостоятельным человеком"As all wants to solve! But suddenly I will be mistaken? But after all I can do everything to make, to me there are not 5 years!". Contradictions familiar to much. As they say – also there is a wish, and it is pricked! But to start making even small changes in itself always rather difficult. offers a number of recommendations to make all this process less painful and more harmonious.
Mobile dependence (symptoms and prevention) Psychology of the personality
Мобильная зависимость (симптомы и профилактика)Most likely, the first telefonomana appeared at telecommunication formation dawn, however mass this phenomenon became now when mobile phones were widely adopted. Phone is necessary to the majority of us, but, in principle, we are quite happy and without it. Where that side behind which we cease to live in the real world and we replace it with the telephone?
How to choose the partner in life Psychology of the relations
Как выбрать спутника жизниIt is rather heavy to much of us to find such person who would "suit" us. We want to feel love from such person, his care, we want to devote him ourselves. There is a lot of requirements also the most interesting that each person has them the. Here also it turns out that to meet "the" person not and it is simple.
Control locus Psychology of the personality
Локус контроляMany of us are irritated decently by control. But it is sure, not everyone thinks of that, control from where originates and that it represents. Besides, absolutely few reflect that influences us as control – our internal state or external "controlers" more.
Egoism: pros and cons Psychology of the personality
Эгоизм: за и противWhether egoism is so harmful? It really line which needs to be ashamed, in every way to try to eradicate? Whether it is bad to love himself and to defend the interests, even to the detriment of another? will try to understand all these questions, and to someone to help to rethink the outlooks on life and acts, and also to realize that healthy egoism has to take place.
How to distinguish lie Psychology of the relations
Как распознать ложьProbably, to learn to distinguish lie and so that for certain and always – dreamboat of mankind. Unfortunately, it is hardly possible at least because often the person cannot distinguish even own inventions from reality. However to suspect wrong and to be on "alert", it is not required even special devices.
Whether there is a friendship between the man and the woman Psychology of the relations
Существует ли дружба между мужчиной и женщинойFriendship between the man and the woman – the myth or reality? It is an eternal question on which how many people, are so much and opinions rather. It is possible to argue as much as necessary, but it is worth trying to understand on the example of concrete life situations.
How to find composure Psychology of the personality
Как обрести душевное равновесиеYou want to find composure, to overcome the internal conflicts, to improve the interpersonal relations? Of course, want. To reconcile with itself and people around, to find a peace of mind. In only case when various diseases and different misfortunes will recede from you. Here a number of councils which are recommended by professional psychologists.
Reasons and overcoming of children's fears Psychology of the personality
Причины и преодоление детских страховAnd you know, what under a bed there lives the monster, in a case the skeleton hides? Is not present? Then take an interest at children. Fears – the phenomenon, normal for children's mentality. But is also such that disturb normal activity of the child, his adaptation in collective and leave a mark on all further life. As to fight with them, will tell you in this article.
Perception of problems Psychology of the personality
Восприятие проблемPsychologists claim that we can quite solve all sorrows and troubles. It is necessary only to try to find "key". There is a set of the theories connected with the description of human behavior at collision with a problem. Of course, emotions and perception of a stressful situation at each person different, but, nevertheless, similar signs nevertheless are available.
What to do, if friendship in burden Psychology of the relations
Что делать, если дружба в тягостьPsychologists for certain can give the answer to such question. "But not to go in each occasion to the psychologist behind council", – I solved, and asked for the help my palsy-walsy. All of them different, all have the opinion, but it, perhaps, even is good – you never know what situations happen – and at the wide range there is a chance that though one council yes is necessary to a place.
How to get rid of addictions Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от вредных привычекNot all is possible to get rid of "favourite" habits. Lie that custom is second nature. Actually, a habit – the first nature. By and large, the habit is ourselves. For this reason the victory over an addiction is a victory over itself, and as ancient Greeks spoke, it is the biggest victory.
How to bring up in itself the leader Psychology of the personality
Как воспитать в себе лидераAre not born leaders, become leaders. Psychologists developed a set of systems and ways of development of psychology of the leader and leadership skills long ago. In this article will consider some psychological exercises as there is a lot of them and most of each other supplement or alter.
How to remember the forgotten Psychology of the personality
Как вспомнить забытоеYou so often we lose expensive things and we forget significant dates. And on the way to shop from the head the small list of purchases, so to you necessary takes off. In what the reason? How to make so that we always remembered what is necessary for us? The solution consists of two stages: to learn qualitatively to remember, learn to remember that dropped out of memory.
How to change the character Psychology of the personality
Как изменить свой характерHow many people – are so much and characters. Two identical people are not present and even the twins indistinguishable at first sight, on the second appear absolutely different people. Character of the person causes his acts of which there is a life. suggests you to track of what there is a character and whether it is possible to change it.
How to define temperament type Psychology of the personality
Как определить тип темпераментаAs it is frequent, communicating with people, we should be surprised to a difference between us. The perception, speed of decision-making or even simply speed of movements happen absolutely different. We suggest to deal with types of temperaments of the person and to define their pluses and minuses, and also if wish, to pass a test and to learn, what temperament at you.
How to overcome crisis of middle age Psychology of the personality
Как преодолеть кризис среднего возрастаAbout crisis of middle age it is written and govoreno much. And still many do not perceive this problem seriously. As a rule, it occurs exactly until this state does not strike directly on sceptics. Here any more not to irony, attempts to understand and somehow to cope with crisis take away a set of sincere forces.
About what to speak with the girl Psychology of the relations
О чем говорить с девушкойLet's say you invited the girl to appointment. Or other way created a situation, when you together. Or she arose – in the train, for example. Generally, differently happens. But there is a moment when you understand that it is necessary to tell something and what exactly – is unclear. Because at school do not teach it and at home usually too …
Communication levels Psychology of the relations
Уровни общенияCommunication gives to the person a new impulse, pleasure, pleasure which help to cope with boredom, routine of household life, lifts it on new levels in its professional activity. Before telling about levels of communication, let's look that is defining for the concept "communication level".
How to change the destiny Psychology of the personality
Как изменить свою судьбуYou noticed, what at your life there are repeating events, as if someone operates your acts? Each undertaking as if breaks about invisible obstacles. It seems to you, what you the loser? Try to recognize the scenario of destiny. It appears, as well as at the play, our life has the scenario and the author.
How to live with neighbors Psychology of the relations
Как жить с соседямиPeople with whom he communicates enter the world of each person. Often, remembering the acquaintances, remember neighbors in the latest turn, and after all it is people who live with us literally "through a wall" and which it is free or involuntarily, we want that or not, influence our life. Give together with we learn who such "neighbor" and we will solve as with it to live.
How to return respect of the spouse Psychology of the relations
Как вернуть уважение супругаRespect between spouses or people loving each other – one of the most important factors of the strong and happy relations. The respect is an understanding and acceptance of the person, his identity, recognition of its advantages. The love between people cannot arise if they do not respect each other: it is unlikely you could fall in love "unworthy", in your opinion, the person.
Gestalt therapy, ch.2 (techniques) Psychology of the personality
Гештальт-терапия, ч.2 (методики)Big emphasis in gestalt therapy is placed on such receptions as expansion of understanding by the person of true sense of the experiences, attempts to unite feelings, diverse and opposite on sense, and emotions, to development of attention and abilities is thin to perceive himself in general, including external (the body) and internal (feelings) components.
Gestalt therapy, p.1 (bases) Psychology of the personality
Гештальт-терапия, ч.1 (основы)Gestalt therapy (in translation from it. "image", "figure", "background") – the psychotherapy method promoting distribution of consciousness of the person, and achievement on the basis of it bigger intra personal integrity, fullness and intelligence of life, improvement of contact with surrounding people and the outside world. Considerable number of institutes are occupied with teaching gestalt therapy.
As it is correct to criticize the person Psychology of the relations
Как правильно критиковать человекаEarlier we already concerned a problem as it is necessary to react to criticism, having given a number of advice on the general case. It is not less important to exercise judgment in such difficult business as to ability most structurally to build criticism in relation to other person who for one reason or another deserves it (according to his behavior or a state).
How to react to criticism Psychology of the relations
Как реагировать на критикуWith what pleasure we perceive a praise in the address. But to what indignation we come, it is worth hearing someone's criticism in relation to himself. Not always each of us knows as how to answer criticism. Making a start from the most frequent cases, we will illustrate idea, the general principles of behavior at criticism in the address.
Nonverbal means of communication, ch.2 Psychology of the relations
Невербальные средства общения, ч.2I think, you already got acquainted with the article "Nonverbal Means of Communication, P.1" in which two groups of gestures were in details described: expressional and expressive and tactile. For expansion of idea of the world of nonverbal communication of will provide two more groups of gestures in this article: look visual and contact and spatial movements.
Nonverbal means of communication, p.1 Psychology of the relations
Невербальные средства общения, ч.1Language of our body, in comparison with other verbal means of communication, is unique. It bears from 60 to 80 percent of information transferred to the interlocutor, it is easy to understand need for interpretation of this way of contact. It is easy to develop intuition, watching the interlocutor and, knowing concrete value of gestures, to draw right conclusions.
How competently to pay compliments Psychology of the relations
Как грамотно говорить комплиментыMuch of us very much like to see how relatives, friends and acquaintances arrive according to our representations. We usually pay to such people compliments. Your ability sincerely to pay compliments, will help with communications with all people to reach mutual sympathy, at work will give chance to establish relations with employees, will lead to success in career!
How to learn not to redden Psychology of the personality
Как научиться не краснетьAs often some people suffer from that at the slightest pretext and without cause redden. Of course, completely to exclude such specific reaction of vessels to external irritants which, quite possibly, is hereditary, it is impossible, however to teach quite reduce extent of its manifestation of can.
Resolution of conflicts in public transport Psychology of the relations
Разрешение конфликтов в общественном транспортеAcceleration of rate of life, led to that any, even the most insignificant conflict, is perceived by us against the general nevrotization as an event outstanding. It seems that around there are many people who try to irritate us. How to protect itself from nervous overloads in similar circumstances?
Mother and the daughter – problems in the relations Psychology of the relations
Мать и дочь – проблемы в отношенияхPsychologists claim that all negative situations in our life will surely leave the mark in mature life. Without noticing that, maturing, we turn into the mothers. Also we make the same mistakes in relation to our daughters. Because of what there are problems in the relations between materm and their daughters?
Power and psychological health Psychology of the personality
Энергетика и психологическое здоровьеThe power body (plasma) depending on the force supports on a certain distance limits of a physical body. Trying to leave a condition of apathy by means of tablets, we only ruin our power body. Though there is a mass of natural ways to increase power and as a result psychological health. Let's deal with some of them.
Unconscious, I know you! Psychology of the personality
Бессознательное, я тебя знаю!Psychoanalysis helps us to understand much more deeply the nature of the personality, unconscious desires. The theory of psychoanalysis is very difficult, each follower of Freud stated the point of view about structure of human reason. It is enough to know some bases of work of our timid friend "unconscious". Let's try to deal with some of them.
How to deserve respect for itself Psychology of the personality
Как заслужить уважение к себеAll know that at schools and the subsequent educational institutions like to scoff at something the allocated people, and the main at the people who are allocated with the erudition. I will speak about school, but this problem exists on many pieces of a course of life, and everywhere it is necessary to find forces to deserve and keep due respect for itself.
Problems between parents and children Psychology of the relations
Проблемы между родителями и детьмиIn any family there are problems in the relations between parents and children. Even people with a small age difference seldom have identical interests and outlooks on life, what to speak about parents and children. I want to describe the most widespread problems between parents and children and to try to help to resolve them.
How to fight chronic fatigue Psychology of the personality
Как бороться с хронической усталостьюEach more or less healthy person usually has a sufficient stock of energy for normal life (life, but not a survival). But sometimes something occurs, and the person finds out that his forces were settled. It would be normal if it was talked of the ancient old man. But now such happens even to teenagers. What occurs?
Street frauds and ways of their avoidance Psychology of the personality
Уличные мошенничества и способы их избежанияWays of fraud on which we can simply get on the street, the great variety now divorced. included the most popular of them in this article to warn you against hit in category of the persons deceived by speculators.
How to tempt the girl Psychology of the relations
Как соблазнить девушкуIn this article shares secrets of pikaper on a subject how to tempt the girl. By and large all tactics of conquest of the woman can be divided into 6 types. What way of a seducing of the girl you will choose for yourself, to solve to you. In the world there is no universal pill, each girl demands a certain approach.
How to be ideal couple Psychology of the relations
Как быть идеальной паройCertainly, each of us is at heart sure that his personal relations with an opposite sex will be close to ideal for people around, and first of all, for themselves. What is the ideal relations and whether they are possible in real life – on this subject the author of this article argues.
We fight against shyness Psychology of the personality
Боремся с застенчивостьюShyness results from the wrong education. Your parents in the childhood constantly went on to you: here do not go, do not do it. As such unflattering statements extended on the majority of your initiatives, your aspiration to do something was almost completely in depression. Therefore you had to do only that is important for your life or that parents wanted.
To women about female cunnings Psychology of the personality
Женщинам о женских хитростяхIt is considered to be cunning some act used with a definite purpose. The person is so arranged – the behavior, receptions can provoke the "necessary" situations. In the same article on you will not see the list only of the correct actions in relation to the woman. The author will make attempt to women to tell about subtleties of female behavior.
What to do with forgetfulness Psychology of the personality
Что делать с забывчивостьюYou want to present to the friends of the new acquaintance, and at the most inappropriate moment forget a name of this person. Or you carry out a good few of evening in search of the car on underground parking, not in forces to remember where it was left. To whom does not happen! But as these memory blackouts complicate life and spoil mood.
How to become rich Psychology of the personality
Как стать богатымFor certain, this question was asked to himself by each of us when there was no money to buy necessary or desirable. But not each of us found the answer to this, apparently, rhetorical question. For a start himself needs to outline konturno representation that means for you "to be rich".
How successfully to pass examination Psychology of the personality
Как успешно сдать экзаменProbably, it was necessary to each of you, and time you read this article, that, possibly and still it is necessary to pass oral examination. Pay attention that is not about written examination, namely about oral. How to use these features to receive a desirable assessment? will give you some consultations.
Delay and self-organization Psychology of the personality
Опоздания и самоорганизацияIf you were lucky to work as the chief, for certain you had to hear the most various justifications from the late employees more than once. If you not the chief and constantly are late for work or important meetings, and it becomes more difficult and more difficult to think out justifications, try to take advice from
How to get rid of jealousy Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от ревностиThe jealousy something is similar to envy. It is mix of rage and feeling of own inferiority which torments you when you are eager to receive something, belonging to another. Usually envy and jealousy entangle and force to suffer people with the underestimated self-assessment. How to get rid of jealousy?
Indecision and decision-making Psychology of the personality
Нерешительность и принятие решенийTo stay at home and watch TV or to go to bowling club with friends? would like "to open eyes" for indecisive people: the more you are afraid to be mistaken, the it becomes heavier to make the decision. And it is not surprising. After all all of us want to have good work, a family, friends. But nobody managed to leave from a choice still.
How to get rid of fear of public statements Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от страха перед публичными выступлениямиMany of us felt inconvenience and fear, to a greater or lesser extent, before performance on public. Such minutes it seems that it is better to fail or disappear, if only not to act, if only not to act. will help to get rid of a phobia, and in general will teach to break a storm of applause on the end of performance.
That irritates men in women Psychology of the relations
Что раздражает мужчин в женщинахWhat irritates men in women? A lot of things. And these things are not obvious to most of women. Well, will try to you, dear women to open eyes on your many words and actions which so are not pleasant to men. Who knows, quite possibly it will help you to keep the relations?
Change how to worry, forgive and to allow Psychology of the relations
Измена, как пережить, простить и не допуститьIn the majority partners wish to see each other as only. But cases when the same contracts collapse are unfortunately quite frequent. All right, statistics statistics but when such happens to you, it is necessary to undertake something to disaccustom him or her to break a ban. And will help you with it.
That irritates women in men Psychology of the relations
Что раздражает женщин в мужчинахHere you, men, live to yourself and do not guess why sometimes it is women, for normal as the behavior seems to you, take offense at you. After all you care of it, look after, and they … What in behavior of males so irritates lovely women? tried to understand this question.
Concern and as to cope with it Psychology of the personality
Беспокойство и как с ним справитьсяI think that the majority will agree with me if I tell that the condition of alarm, disorders, doubts is familiar to each of us. If we to ourselves constantly decide problems, we simply program ourselves and problems become such serious that the way out cannot almost be found. Give together with we will deal with the main reasons for concern and whether it is possible to cope with it.
How to keep the relations Psychology of the relations
Как сохранить отношенияSometimes in life there comes the moment when we meet the person, get acquainted, fall in love, we enter into the relations. At this time the world seems such sweet and carefree. How not to reach a parting phase how to keep good relations with the good person – Mirsovetov will tell in this article.
The female friendship – is or not Psychology of the relations
Женская дружба – есть или нетIt is possible to speak about female friendship much, but you hear more often that the female friendship is not present and cannot be! About it it is possible to argue and prove the return: the female friendship is, but only not for all. As is actually will try to tell on the example of our life situations.
How to get rid of fear of flights Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от страха перед полётамиAero phobia – rather widespread phenomenon which prevents many people to enjoy such fine phenomenon as flight. The people flying by plane often have a heavy psychological stress in time. Give together with we will understand how to overcome the fear of flights and to learn to transfer air travel?
How to beat off the girl (personal and others') Psychology of the relations
Как отбить девушку (свою и чужую)Imagine a situation: you like the girl, you want to be with her, but here an ill luck, it has a guy. Or another starts taking away your girl, and it at it starts turning out. What to do to remain not only not in loss, but also in a prize? Read more often, here you will be able always to find the necessary council for all occasions.
How to hold the man Psychology of the relations
Как удержать мужчинуGirls, present, you have a favourite young man and you are happy together. As suddenly in your life there is the third and is methodical, step by step starts taking away your darling. What will you do in this case to hold the beloved? Already I hear exclamations to destroy the competitor, so, what else opinions?
How to get rid of unfortunate love Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от несчастной любвиEh, here, apparently, it is good to fall in love now with somebody and with darling to depart to far stars. And if unrequited love? Or there are other reasons, on which anything good out of your feeling not to turn out? will advise as much quicker and it is easier possible to get rid of this painful feeling – unfortunate love.
How to learn to forgive Psychology of the relations
Как научиться прощатьThe conflicts between people can arise on any, sometimes even to the most unexpected occasions. Easy to offend the person. And here on reconciling long and long time leaves. For this reason considers that to learn to forgive very important for each of us not to spend minute of life on trifling to nobody the necessary offenses.
How to become successful Psychology of the personality
Как стать успешнымThe point of view is now popular that it is necessary to be engaged in career till forty years in order that in further life business would already give return. And it is valid, the main part of the benefits accompanying success usually collects by forty years. is also going to share a secret: what it is necessary to do to become successful if not in everything, unambiguously in many respects?
How to get acquainted with the guy Psychology of the relations
Как познакомиться с парнемHow to get acquainted with the guy? For girls this question really very serious. After all somehow it was so moved that the man has to take the first step. How to do so that also not to spoil reputation, and to meet young people? shares reasons and instructions.
How to get acquainted with the girl Psychology of the relations
Как познакомиться с девушкойThe first step in development of the relations is, of course, acquaintance. What you would not aim, a question how to get acquainted with the girl, there is in life of each guy at least once. will help to learn this fine craftsmanship.
Whether correctly you set the purposes Psychology of the personality
Правильно ли вы ставите целиCorrectly formulated purpose is a first step on the way to its implementation. Incorrectly formulated – opposite, only alienates us from to what we aspire. Therefore to learn to set before itself the correct purposes is one of the key moments on the way to success.
How to tempt the man Psychology of the relations
Как соблазнить мужчинуCourtesans, geishas, sirens – ability to tempt men was actual in any times of reality and mythology. Art of a seducing – art thin and difficult – it demands continuous balancing between a freedom and platitude, between cunning and bitchiness, between weakness and morbidity, between sexuality and vulgarity.
Ways of a resolution of conflicts Psychology of the relations
Способы разрешения конфликтовWe are selfish at heart and we do not hesitate of it but when disagreements develop into the conflicts, emotions get the best of reason and life reaches a deadlock, it is necessary to look for the solution of a question. offers some options. The doctor begins treatment with statement of the diagnosis, and it is necessary to solve the conflict from definition of its look.
How to avoid the conflicts in a family Psychology of the relations
Как избежать конфликтов в семьеIt is considered to be the family relations one of the most popular subjects today. In daily vanity rather often happens that the husband and the wife loving each other cannot find the main thing – understanding. From here also the majority of the conflicts inflame in a family.
How to develop memory Psychology of the personality
Как развить памятьWe can forget everything up to a native name, but develop possibilities of our memory not so difficult, and even is quite real. But to start suggests to understand as memory and on the basis of what our brain remembers this or that information is arranged.
How to find itself Psychology of the personality
Как найти себяHow to find itself??? Topical issue for many irrespective of age and a social status. Actual and at the same time rhetorical. Whether it is possible to find that never lost. Or after all lost??? Give together with we will try to deal with it.
Needs of the person that is necessary for us from life Psychology of the personality
Потребности человека, что нам нужно от жизниInstincts of the person started being suppressed with the created morals, desires got an improbable ingenuity, and requirements came to natural classification. After all each person has desires which become requirements about what further and the speech will go.
Problem of small growth Psychology of the personality
Проблема маленького ростаAlmost each of us though in something is dissatisfied with himself. The reasons weight – since addictions and finishing with appearance. Let's talk about the most persuasive and difficult remediable – small growth. He prevents to do to girls career, to young people adds uncertainty in himself. Really nothing can be made?
How to struggle with a depression Psychology of the personality
Как бороться с депрессиейThe depression creeps imperceptibly. At first it seems that simply slightly overtired that tomorrow the bad mood as a hand will remove. But time goes, and the bog of a hopelessness tightens everything more deeply. Gradually full apathy to all events increases. How to struggle with a depression if it nevertheless overtook you? Here some simple rules from
How to develop self-confidence Psychology of the personality
Как развить уверенность в себеPerhaps, at all times self-confidence was a synonym of success, leadership, completeness of life. Our century – not an exception. The books published by million circulations, all a growing demand for services of psychologists, trainings, seminars, public opinion …
How to raise a self-assessment Psychology of the personality
Как повысить самооценкуWhat unites the gray mouse which always is keeping silent at production meetings, and externally very self-confident young man who is eternally asking for trouble? It would seem, the general is not present anything and cannot be. And meanwhile, the general is, and a name to it – the underestimated self-assessment. It it, on the contrary, forces excessively, to show the importance to grotesqueness.
How to fight against laziness Psychology of the personality
Как бороться с леньюAt first laziness binds hand and foot of you, being covered with usual rest, then gradually it captures you completely. And you do not manage to come round as already entirely are within her power. In especially started cases some individuals manage to be lazy even to think. Unpleasant feelings, truth? It is necessary to get rid of them somehow. Now with you also we will be engaged in it!
Psychology of the woman - we try to understand Psychology of the relations
Психология женщины - стараемся понятьSo, boys play "war game", and girls grandly feed dolls from toy ware, imagining themselves adults. Boys grew up, and everyone went in the way, trying to succeed in everything. Girls too grew up and found out that ways on which they can go very little.
The psychology of the man - as them to understand Psychology of the relations
Психология мужчины - как их понятьWe live side by side with them, and not important we love them or we hate, we respect or we despise. Anyway we try to understand psychology of the men who are near us. And it happens absolutely hardly, after all we such different.
How to learn it is correctly to kiss Psychology of the relations
Как научиться правильно целоватьсяLet's talk about "adult" kisses. Agree, always there is a wish to appear before the partner in the best light, to show, on what you are capable, sometimes even to surprise. After all if skilled Casanova always try to perfect the skill what then to speak about us, about the mortal and ordinary people who are eager for tenderness and caress or about those who did not feel this dizzy "potseluyny" pleasure yet?
Age of the woman and ways of a seducing Psychology of the relations
Возраст женщины и способы соблазненияObject: Lolita! Is younger 16! Even do not think … At best her spiteful father will tear off to you that prevents the foul dancer to dance, and in the worst …. Actually still nobody cancelled article about seduction of juveniles … Leave better than force for more interesting options...
Why men of one love, and marry others? Psychology of the relations
Почему мужчины одних любят, а женятся на других?Why and for what men love women, and that them moves when there is a desire to connect itself Gimeney's bonds with a fine half.
About advantage of shortcomings Psychology of the relations
О пользе недостатковWhether you reflected sometime on what have to be yours the elect for a role of the partner in life? Drew in imagination the ideal weaved from beauty external and pure intentions without addictions and with material benefits :)? But whether you reflected what the majority will be able to fall in love for advantages, and everyone can even...
How to be pleasant to the girl Psychology of the relations
Как понравиться девушкеYou only remember the first appointment! As you wanted to be pleasant to the girl! With what awe you appointed a place and time of a meeting. And all it seemed simply and easily! But these minutes of expectation and excitement which pulse in your temples and are not able to afford to collect the thoughts …
Acquaintances on the Internet Psychology of the relations
Знакомства через интернетYou go down the street, and the girl smiles to you. How not to approach and to appoint appointment, especially as externally it itself not badly? After all new acquaintance it is always interesting. Or that is even more often with us, Internet users, we till some hours spend, sitting at the monitor and sending terse offers – such to itself the user messages for the sake of acquaintance.
How to present itself Psychology of the personality
Как преподнести себяAll people different! Someone can easily present himself from the bright party, others do not even represent as to make it …
How to break awkward silence Psychology of the personality
Как нарушать неловкое молчаниеThere are situations when somehow awkwardly to be silent. How to make so that to avoid burdensome silence and how to make silence pleasant?
How to lighten mood Psychology of the personality
Как поднять настроениеYou are very suppressed, the whole world seems gray around, and it seems that anybody and will be able to lighten nothing mood. You deeply are mistaken and that is why …
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