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Articles about various complexes of physical exercises. Power, respiratory, exercises on flexibility will help to develop and strengthen muscles, and also to make correction of a figure and separate parts of a body.
Exercises with a bar
Упражнения со штангойFor accumulation of muscle bulk of a thorax, a triceps and a humeral belt exercises reckon with a bar as the most effective way. But not all know that power occupations help to pump up a press, muscles of hips and a back. Important plus is also what it is possible to be engaged with this apparatus not only in a gym, but also at home.
Tibetan hormonal gymnastics
Тибетская гормональная гимнастикаRecently the contingent of visitors of district clinics considerably looked younger. Not reached also 30 years people complain of problems not peculiar to such age with health: someone is hurt by a back, someone suffers from sleeplessness, and at someone already and pressure plays pranks. What happens to us and whether it is possible to rectify such deplorable state of affairs independently?
Dances for weight loss
Танцы для похуденияPeople treat dances differently. For one people they become meaning of life and a means of livelihood over time, others simply train and dance in the pleasure. But there is also such category of people to whom dances actively help to fight against excess centimeters on a waist.
Bikram of the yogi for beginners
Бикрам йога для начинающихTo clear a body and soul, to take off fatigue after intense day of work, to tighten muscles, to find former ease, and at the same time also to visit a sauna – each woman dreams of it. But where to find so much time that all to be in time? The exit is – it is possible to try a new technique of clarification of a body with the help to yoga bikra.
As it is correct to twist a hoop
Как правильно крутить обручThe sports exercise machine familiar to much a hoop, women use in fight against excess weight. A wasp waist and the tightened buttocks – here to what it is possible to come if every day to twist a hoop. It is possible to become really more harmonous by means of such easy way? Many girls cannot still believe in efficiency of this sports exercise machine. How to learn to twist a hoop? We will also talk about it.
Remedial gymnastics for a backbone
Лечебная гимнастика для позвоночникаThe complexes of physical exercises developed by medical specialists directed on treatment and prevention of diseases of an organism are called as remedial gymnastics. The gymnastics helps to get rid of problems with joints, bones, muscle strain etc. In this article we will consider one of the hottest topics – remedial gymnastics for a backbone.
Technology of performance of exercises of a burpa
Техника выполнения упражнений бурпиIf you from those who continued watches the body and always wants to look at height, but time for sports halls catastrophically is not enough, exercises of a burpa are developed for you. You should not buy expensive exercise machines and to sit on wonderful diets, for this purpose there is enough your body and several minutes of free time.
Exercises with the weight
Упражнения с гирейMany experts surely claim if you want to build up muscle bulk – play kettlebell sports. And it is an excellent way not only to build muscles, but also to strengthen a wrist, elbow joints, to develop endurance and to adjust work of cardiovascular system.
How to pump up a biceps
Как накачать бицепсProbably, there is no person who would not want to have a beautiful body. All know that the ideal form can be reached thanks to sports activities. And it is worth looking at fine figures of people, at once there is a desire to become same as they. Perfectly put figures of athletes, their relief muscles cause admiration in a female half of mankind and envy at men.
Exercises with an expander
Упражнения с эспандеромYou need to grow thin, pump up muscles or to tighten a body? Pay the attention to an expander. You should not treat this quite simple exercise machine with neglect. will convince you that by means of trainings with an expander it is possible to achieve magnificent results - women thanks to this exercise machine grow thin, men become stronger also than the relyefny.
As it is correct to be wrung out
Как правильно отжиматьсяYou dream of a beautiful body? There are many effective and available ways to come nearer to the purpose. One of them is push-up. Give daily a little time for training, and in a month you will see how your body will change. Do not trust? Check! And will help you with it.
Exercises with dumbbells
Упражнения с гантелямиYour dream came true - you came to the sports hall. Around there are a lot of different exercise machines. With what to begin training? From heavy loading or from warm-up? There is a lot of questions. Experts advise to start occupations from easy exercises with application of dumbbells.
System of isometric exercises
Система изометрических упражненийThere is an established opinion supposedly there is no free time – there is aimlessly spent time. The thesis equally concerns weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. For achievement of desirable result it is necessary to get out available opportunities.
Occupations by a stretching
Занятия стретчингомIn the world exists many kinds of aerobics, a stretching – one of them. It is a set of exercises which is directed on extension of muscles. Its distinctive feature is imitation of natural movements of the person, for example, of pandiculations after a dream or long sedentary work. Choosing this set of exercises, you will bring the muscles into a tone and revitalize all organism.
How to clean fat from hands
Как убрать жир с рукGraceful beautiful handles – a standard of female beauty but what to do if they massive and big? How to get rid of excess fat on hands, without having pumped up thus huge muscles which well will not suit the woman in any way? Where to find that side which will give to handles feminity? Let's speak today how to put hands in order.
Knee-bends for weight loss
Приседания для похуденияThe nature disposed so that extra kilos in a female organism first of all settle on a stomach, the top part of feet and buttocks. In Russia ability of the woman to conceive, take out and give birth to the child was estimated according to her external data: the hips and buttocks at the young lady are more magnificent, the she "is more fertile". However this fact does not console modern ladies at all – 90-60-90 above all!
Kegel's exercises at pregnancy
Упражнения Кегеля при беременностиIn the first half of the XX century the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel developed system of exercises on strengthening of muscles of genitals. The complex of similar occupations is nowadays applied in various areas of medicine and used by people of a different floor and age. It is considered that these trainings are especially useful and actual for the women who are in situation.
Advantage of a jump rope
Польза скакалкиWho did not jump in the childhood on a jump rope? With a jump, with turn, on one leg, cross-wise. We took it in hand and jumped, jumped, jumped … The jump rope can return in your, already adult, life again. But this time not for game. This excellent exercise machine not only loses weight and keeps in an excellent form, but also perfectly removes a stress. will tell you, than the jump rope can be useful.
Run for weight loss
Бег для похуденияModern society is so anxious with a problem of excess weight that annually on open spaces of mass media there are tens recipes of surprising diets and wonderful means for weight loss. All of them promise the stunning results in the shortest possible time and often are silent about one: in a pursuit of "harmonous" dream you fairly devastate the purse.
Water aerobics for pregnant women
Аквааэробика для беременныхPregnancy is not a sentence, but opportunity to spend long-awaited nine months without lying on a sofa, and on the contrary – is active and with advantage for health. For future mummies it is considered one of useful occupations swimming and occupation by water aerobics.
Kundalini of the yogi for beginners
Кундалини йога для начинающихVery few people know about it and heard. It is approach, unusual to yoga, but after all – it is considered kundalin the real yoga. The effect from occupations by this type of yoga can be gained very quickly, unlike long years of comprehension of classical types, but correctly to make it it will be very hard.
Ashtanga of the yogi
Аштанга йогаPassing by the centers where practice yoga, the first that the person sees, it is the relaxed pupils of yoga – in a pose of "lotus". "Yoga", - thinks uninitiated, – "it as easy as shelling pears, here so to sit, having closed eyes and not to think of anything". Actually everything is much more serious.
Rajah of the yogi
Раджа йогаThe main objective of Raj of yoga is not meditation, and its base, according to the treatise of the ancient wise man Pandzhali, complete cessation of ability to form thoughts says. Besides, the pupil reaches ability to operate the thoughts and studies self-discipline.
Боди-балетBallerinas can be described a set of epithets: beautiful, harmonous, flexible, air, weightless. To achieve similar results, girls begin the career since the earliest years. Wearisome daily trainings, a healthy lifestyle and special food bear fruit – millions of enthusiastic views and a delightful body.
Hatha yoga for beginners
Хатха-йога для начинающихThe yoga is the whole interesting world in which such components as a strong, sound body, strong spirit and many other things closely intertwine. Presently began to practice yoga to the popular. One of yoga steps under the name of a hatkh, includes many complexes.
ЙогалатесPresently the healthy lifestyle and the beautiful tightened body strongly enter fashion. The experts representing various sports directions are not tired to think out something new. So, at the end of the XX century it was invented yogalates – the extraordinary practice in fitness which united in itself two similar philosophies: yoga and Pilates.
Respiratory gymnastics for children
Дыхательная гимнастика для детейIt is known that charging, both for the adult, and for the child, helps to become healthy. We got used to speak about physical exercises. But there is a special technique of disposal of many illnesses – respiratory gymnastics of Strelnikov.
Gymnastics for a neck
Гимнастика для шеиSpeak about age of the woman not only a face and hands, but also one more part of a body – a neck. Skin differs in a subtlety here and the fatty layer is practically absent therefore it is very important to keep muscles in a constant tone, and for this purpose it is necessary to do special gymnastics for a neck.
Yoga at pregnancy
Йога при беременностиThe most pleasant disturbing period in life of each woman is a pregnancy. At this time the organism prepares for serious work. That both the kid, and the woman felt harmoniously, there is a special gymnastics, a name at which – yoga.
As it is correct to be engaged on the elliptic exercise machine
Как правильно заниматься на эллиптическом тренажереIf you want to get the cardiovascular machine, but do not know what to take, we suggest to stop on an orbitreka. It is based on the best functions of a racetrack and the stepper and is capable to give loading to all groups of muscles of a body, effectively burning calories and without loading joints. Really, it is a find in the sphere of sport and fitness, especially in shops house models, quite available at the price, are on sale.
Scandinavian walking
Скандинавская ходьбаIf you met on the street of the person who among summer goes with ski sticks and in sneakers, do not hurry to call to it the ambulance, and ask him on this new and already fashionable type of fitness better. As enthusiasts speak, walking with sticks is not waste of time if to be engaged in it seriously, it is possible to restore the health perfectly.
Hadu's gymnastics
Гимнастика ХадуHut – very young type of the improving, all-strengthening, rejuvenating gymnastics. It was developed by the native of Tbilisi Zviad Arabuli quite recently, the age of this technique does not exceed 20 years.
Set of exercises bodifleks
Комплекс упражнений бодифлексBodifleks is a modern unique technique which is directed on weight reduction and reduction of volumes of a body. The bodifleksa is the cornerstone a series of the exercises which are carried out at a certain breath. Correctly built breath promotes fast disposal of excess centimeters and kilograms.
Yoga for women
Йога для женщинWomen always want to look better and to feel ease in a body. But so it turns out that we do not get on well at the prompt modern world and we forget what to look after for the body and it is necessary to pay enough attention of sincere harmony. There is one checked way to be beautiful and cheerful is a yoga.
Pole dance – dance which is available to all
Pole dance – танец, который доступен всемPole dance does you better, stronger and replaces thousands of psychologists. As a rule, people think that Pole dance it is very difficult. It is necessary to be strong, it is necessary to be flexible, it is necessary to be graceful. Actually you need only courage. To become Pole-dancer it is necessary to be courageous.
Step aerobics
Степ-аэробикаBeautiful legs, harmonous, slender waist, royal bearing, vigorous look, optimistical spirit. All this can achieve, being engaged at least two times a week on a usual bench under rhythmical music.
Kallanetika - a way to an ideal figure
Калланетика - путь к идеальной фигуреHarmonous, charming and attractive are eager to see itself many women. But here to limit itself in food, not everyone constantly wants to carry out some exercises. Well how to cope with temptation when you stand at a plate, and on a beautiful dish just baked apples pies, ruddy donuts, gentle cheese cakes, a small fish in magnificent batter attract …
How to rise on the bridge
Как встать на мостикThe gymnastic bridge is taken a detached view very beautifully. Those who it is done, can brag excellent physical of a form and flexibility. And if you dream to learn to get up on the bridge long ago, it is possible to begin already today, together with useful recommendations from
Occupations strip plasticity
Занятия стрип-пластикойNow a strip plasticity it is very popular with women. This one of the directions of dancing aerobics combining a mix of beautiful movements from modern, classical, ball choreography, acting skills and art of seduction.
Food before training
Питание до и после тренировкиThere are many myths how it is necessary to eat before trainings. Someone says that it is necessary to train on a hungry stomach, someone claims that after classes it is necessary to close a mouth on the lock and crumbs. Also very inconsistent opinions on the water use.
Прыжки на батутеIt is possible to call the amateur trampoline gaining in recent years the increasing popularity the entertaining exercise machine for kids and adults which can be placed at dacha or at home.
How to learn to do a somersault
Как научиться делать сальтоToday power trainings of friends you will not surprise with visit of a gym and occupations. The healthy lifestyle all becomes fashionable quicker. And here if to learn to do some feint like a somersault, here already to the person you will not remain unattended. The only thing "but" – to the adult to learn to do a somersault it is difficult. Crying for there is nothing for the moon.
What is "drying of a body"
Что такое «сушка тела»First of all, let's find out that such drying of a body to exclude confusion between concepts: drying is equated often mistakenly to "zhiroszhiganiye", and even in general to "weight loss". Meanwhile, these concepts – not synonyms.
Advantage of swimming
Польза плаванияSuch sport as swimming was known since ancient times. Still other centuries back in Egypt to teach children was considered to float very honourable work. And the huge attention because exercises in water were was paid to occupations and is guarantee of good health. During swimming work of an internal, blood circulation improves, there is an organism hardening.
Pair yoga
Парная йогаThe pair yoga becomes more popular. It does not represent century tradition, it appeared recently. Development of pair yoga was influenced by occupation by pair Tantric technicians. In the course of trainings when the instructor helps the pupils on occupations, also there was a formation of pair yoga.
How to develop flexibility
Как развить гибкостьThe sports, flexible, brawny person is associated with health, youth, ease and activity. Scientists proved for a long time that "inner clock" of the person (his biological age), is directly connected with its flexibility.
Circular training
Круговая тренировкаCircular training becomes popular both at men, and at women. All the matter is that circular training burns bigger quantity of calories, than aerobic training. The main difference is that when burning enough fat circular training due to power exercises keeps your muscles.
Councils for fat burning
Советы по сжиганию жираThe fitness coach, in the work, comes up against various situations and questions from the clients. Very often ask me questions on weight reduction at the expense of fat, but not muscles. On the one hand, our genes are guilty of everything. With another, many people, without realizing that, ruined the metabolism since the childhood. How to burn all excess fat in an organism?
How to strengthen to the child of a muscle of a back
Как укрепить ребенку мышцы спиныDaily, any first grader, spends about 3 hours in a sitting position. But "plot" against weak muscles of a back on it does not come to an end, the child carries a heavy backpack or a bag. How to prevent deterioration of a bearing of the child? By the regular actions directed on strengthening of all muscles of a back and an abdominal tension.
Nordic walking – fitness and health
Нордическая ходьба – фитнес и здоровьеNot so long ago there was a new type of fitness – Nordic walking (it still call Scandinavian). Nordic walking is a walking with the sticks very similar on ski. There was it in the seventies in Finland. It is possible to be engaged in Nordic walking both in the winter, and in the summer, and on mountain paths, and on equal sidewalks of city parks. It surely forces out jogging.
Occupations by water aerobics
Занятия аквааэробикойIt is pleasant to many women akvafitnes. As well as any fitness, water aerobics it is directed on supporting a body in peak form, however aerobics in water not simply strengthens muscles and cleans symptoms of cellulitis. A charm of such occupations that transformation into Aphrodite happens quickly and imperceptibly even for participants of group.
How to pump up a press to cubes
Как накачать пресс до кубиковTo strengthen press muscles, enough simple daily exercises. But to make the magnificent traced press of which it is possible to be proud, having taken off an undershirt, simple raisings of a trunk not to manage. From you determination, persistence and discipline for achievement of a goal will be required. We present you a set of exercises.
Types of martial arts
Виды боевых искусствMartial arts are special complexes the technician and receptions for self-defense. Possession of any single combat is considered in the best way to come out the winner in fight with the opponent. The most main incentive motive for those who decided to be admitted to school or section of single combats – that the man is obliged to be able to fight, protect himself, the girl, relatives, relatives.
Оздоровительный бегRun is one of the most available and effective remedies of improvement and strengthening of an organism. It promotes strengthening of muscles and a linking of the musculoskeletal device, develops the general endurance. Long occupation by run trains a cardiac muscle at the expense of what heart rate decreases and thus heart starts working more economically.
Motivation for sports activities
Мотивация для занятий спортомMany people dream that next Monday will make morning exercises, will start considering calories, will go to bed earlier and many other things. It occurs under the influence of a momentary impulse, passes some time and everything is forgotten. Why so occurs? The answer is simple – the wrong approach. The one who knows some elementary secrets, changed the life long ago.
Pilates – effective and safe system of exercises
Пилатес – эффективная и безопасная система упражненийHealthy lifestyle – a fashionable tendency number one around the world. But what to do if free time in the sports hall catastrophically is not enough for daily trainings, and modern exercise machines bore? Trainings on system of exercises Pilates – an excellent way out! Uniqueness of Pilates is that it has practically no contraindications.
Strengthening of muscles of hands
Укрепление мышц рукIt is accepted to call girls by "weaker sex". It does not prevent to load on them conducting household chores and education of children at all. Surprisingly, female hands at graceful forms possess the surprising force and endurance. But the nature not of all awarded with force of hands therefore it is necessary to correct a situation. The complex of special exercises will help to strengthen muscles of hands.
Run in the mornings
Бег по утрамOn morning jog it is possible to meet both the teenager, and the person aged. One are attracted by imaginary simplicity of occupations, and others – the gained effect thus. Anyway, physical activity does well only. And that run really did well in the mornings, it is important to follow some rules. Warm-up, the correct position of a body and breath - all this is important.
How to clean fatty deposits from sides on a waist
Как убрать жировые отложения с боков на талииIt is sure, each inhabitant of our blue planet at least once in life reflected on the constitution. And much do not like reflection in a mirror. That is small there, there is a bit too much. It also is clear: office work, dense and fat dinners, low-mobility. The most problem zone of a human body is the waist. In this part the bulk of excess centimeters accumulates.
As it is correct to stretch muscles
Как правильно растягивать мышцыExtension of muscles – an integral part of any training. Thanks to an extension of muscles their elasticity amplifies, coordination of movements improves, and, as a result, the probability of muscle strain and sports traumatism decreases. The exercises offered in article involve all muscular groups of your body.
How to learn to jump on a jump rope
Как научиться прыгать на скакалкеMany of us consider that jumps through a jump rope is a children's entertainment. However I want to notice that this type of physical activity is very important exercise for many athletes who are engaged in single combats.
Sambo for beginners
Самбо для начинающихSambo is a self-defense without weapon. Sambo originates from Japanese system of judo. And the system of self-defense without weapon is so processed and enriched with new ideas of other single combats that became a recognized sport. The first condition of the beginning of trainings – consultation of the skilled doctor. The second condition – it is necessary to be engaged in sambo under the leadership of the skilled trainer.
How to pump up muscles of feet
Как накачать мышцы ногThe beginning visitors of sports halls often make a serious mistake — they find not enough time for lower body. Against thin hips and buttocks the big torso looks ridiculously and is inappropriate. In this article we will tell how it is possible to pump up effectively muscles of feet with an optimum ratio effort/result.
How to pump up neck muscles
Как накачать мышцы шеиLong since the male neck was considered as a peculiar litmus piece of paper of the athlete. Fighters, gymnasts and simply strong children always had thick and strong necks. According to the logic of things, the strong man cannot have it thin and fragile. If to you the appearance is not indifferent, without fail 1-2 times a week carry out exercises for development of muscles of a neck.
How to pump up the broadest muscles of a back
Как накачать широчайшие мышцы спиныExercises for a back are quite often ignored at the initial stages of occupations. And only some months later the athlete with horror notices a disproportion in the body. The most noticeable back muscles – the widest (not for nothing these muscles are called still "wings"). They give width of back part of a trunk. In article we will consider a technique of their development.
How to pump up breast muscles
Как накачать мышцы грудиLarge relief pectoral muscles do a male torso visually wider and more powerful. For this reason in bodybuilding a lot of attention to muscles of this site of a body is paid. But that to pump up it, it is necessary to know some bases of effective trainings.
How to learn to be tightened
Как научиться подтягиватьсяNot everyone is capable to brag of good results of exercises on a crossbeam. Moreover, some young people cannot be brought up never. You carry yourself to their number? Only it is not necessary to worry. There was yet no person who could not learn to be brought up, persistently working by the correct technique. We will also talk about it.
How to shape up
Как привести себя в формуTime moves by summer, and you cannot wait any more when luxuriate under the warm sun, attracting to yourself views of an opposite sex. But what is it? Excess weight? Be not frightened, your body in your hands, and you can always bring it into a form. This program is calculated on occupations of the house for people with initial physical preparation or without it.
Trainings on weight and on a relief
Тренировки на массу и на рельефAt men gyms enjoy special popularity. But, unfortunately, the beginning bodybuilders do not observe the basic principles of training. They carry out some unknown sets of exercises which give as a result of nothing. Actually there are only two main types of trainings – on weight and on a relief. Let's find out, in what a difference between these trainings.
Secrets of martial arts
Секреты боевых искусствEveryone sees things in own way, so, and to understand everyone has to itself. Therefore such teacher thinks: what does the pupil have to make to understand the same, what he understands? As a result there can be a set of exercises and the directions, following which the pupil has to get understanding and skills on which the teacher counts.
Morning exercises
Утренняя зарядкаWhat prevents to ensure high spirits and a good physical tone of an organism since the morning? It is necessary to devote only some minutes to morning physical exercises. At these words many automatically start thinking out various justifications supposedly since morning and so forces on anything is not present, and time is not enough and in general somewhere heard that it is very harmful.
Mistakes of beginners in a gym
Ошибки новичков в тренажерном залеTo be engaged in the body, to pump up muscles, to become the bodybuilder – all this similar formulations of one question by which almost everyone was set once. And the question consists in, whether it is time for me to go to be engaged to a gym. In this article will consider ten typical, i.e. most extended for beginners delusions and mistakes.
Exercises for a back
Упражнения для спиныRaising of the person from all fours on feet also became the beginning of its problems with a back. Vertical position of a body gives us advantages, but also conceals in itself a set of dangers. Every day we set to the back such tasks which from the point of view of "correctness of movements" are difficult and unpredictable. Our ultimate goal is a "clever" back.
How to pump up house muscles
Как накачать мышцы домаThe desire to pump up muscles at the men dissatisfied with the physical form, arises more often than it can be imagined. But here business does not reach only practice in most cases. The offered exercises will help to pump up muscles, and to carry out them it is possible and it is necessary at home.
Exercises for buttocks
Упражнения для ягодицThe high breast, harmonous feet, slender waist – for the sake of these attributes of beauty of the woman are ready and to keep to diets, and to spend considerable time in a gym. But whether often we reflect on beauty of that part of a body what there are below backs? assures that there are enough 2-3 weeks of diligent exercises and all men will be crazy about your buttocks!
Useful exercises for feet
Полезные упражнения для ногHow many times during the day we sit down and again we get up, we go, we rise on ladders, we carry heavy bags, at last, forcedly we stand in queues or public transport?? It is natural that by the end of day our legs literally hoot for fatigue and almost refuse to move.
Exercises for strengthening of a breast
Упражнения для укрепления грудиFrom the point of view of an esthetics a breast – nearly the most weak spot of a female organism. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, some hormonal diseases, lead to that the breast droops, becoming not such attractive, as earlier. And after all the high, elastic breast, precisely a magnet attracting man's views - a half of the making female beauty …
How to learn to float, part 2
Как научиться плавать, часть 2In last part we considered exercises which help to overcome fear of water and are the first step to an ovladevaniye skill of swimming. In this article we will learn to seize various methods of swimming. At first we will study one simplest style from which you will make a start when studying other, already more difficult.
How to learn to float, part 1
Как научиться плавать, часть 1For certain many of you experience difficulties in attempt to learn to float. Perhaps, you are afraid of something to drown, for example, or simply at you it is impossible to accustom on water in any way. Because of it you very often lose such wonderful opportunity: in hot summer day to plunge into water. Today will try to help to break to you one more your vital barrier.
As it is correct to run
Как правильно бегатьAs soon as the person started moving away by nature then he had various problems connected with decrease in physical activity: excess weight, violation of a blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases. The lack of the movement is one of the best ways to compensate run. How is correct to run will tell in this article.
Exercises for a press
Упражнения для прессаTo have the beautiful and tightened belt – dream of each woman, however, it concerns also many men. So, today, as you already guessed, will be told about uprazhneniyadlya by the press who will help to make your stomach beautiful and tightened.
Flat stomach - how to clean the superfluous
Плоский живот - как убрать лишнееIn every spring we spend long painful minutes in front of the mirror. We get up sideways, we straighten a back, we pull in a stomach, holding the breath, we extend a neck, we raise a chin. And the head is visited by treacherous thoughts: "Here not to breathe absolutely" or "As if to make here to clean also here to steam of centimeters".
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