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Sports goods

Councils for a choice of sports goods. In the section there is a useful information about sportswear, footwear, various power and kardio exercise machines, etc. goods for maintaining a sports way of life.
Advantage and harm of a protein
Польза и вред протеинаEvery year people even more often reflect on the health. The correct way of life, the balanced food and daily trainings in the sports hall became norm. For those who seeks for achievement of certain results, actual is a question: whether it is possible to apply a protein to build up muscle bulk, and so it is harmful to a human body.
How to choose a sleeping bag
Как выбрать спальный мешокFans of travel, gathering in a campaign, start doubting: "What things with itself to take that weight and a backpack was minimum, and not to freeze at night?". For a night outdoor recreation there are special sleeping bags.
Exercise machines for weight loss
Тренажеры для похуденияOne of the most serious problems of our millennium is excess weight. Can lead an inactive way of life, the wrong day regimen and improper feeding to adjournment of excessive kilograms. All this gradually leads to that muscles are weakened and, at least, flabbiness in a body is added to it. Actually such consequences can quite be not allowed, using special exercise machines.
How to choose the scooter
Как выбрать самокатIn vain people think that scooters are intended only for children. It absolutely not so. There are scooters and for adults, and fans to sweep with a breeze in our world not so a little. Therefore also a transport choice in shops very big, both for children, and for adults, and a question, what scooter to buy, remains always actual.
How to reel up boxing bandage
Как наматывать боксерские бинтыBoxing bandage are the integral attributes of any combat sport. They protect "fists" of fighters from various injuries and damages. But very few people know that there are many ways of winding of this sports equipment. Today will tell about several of them.
Types of bicycles
Виды велосипедовSooner or later each person faces thought: "But not to buy to me the bicycle?". And as soon as he reflects on it, there is a mass of the accompanying questions concerning a choice of model, appointment, cost etc. It is absolutely clear that the type of the bicycle has to correspond to needs, and it is absolutely senseless to buy expensive mountain bike by which you will go not further a bakery shop …
Choice stepper exercise machine
Выбор степпер-тренажёраPassed those times when the mankind went on foot, and for distant trips the preference was given to riding. Agree that now we go less. Occupations in a gym or in house conditions can be a way out. And one of exercise machines to which it is worth paying attention, the stepper is.
How to choose the elliptic exercise machine
Как выбрать эллиптический тренажёрToday will tell about the simple and effective house shell helping to grow thin, strengthen cardiovascular and respiratory systems of an organism. It is called the elliptic exercise machine, the cross-trainer. It represents a hybrid of a racetrack, a velosimulator and the stepper.
Choice of a children's sports complex
Выбор детского спортивного комплексаToday will tell about one means capable to tame the uneasy mischievous person, to send energy of the hyperactive child to the necessary course, will please the "house" meek creature. The speech in our article will go about a children's sports complex. It can become a useful gift both for the boy, and for the girl, well influencing health and physical development.
How to choose a velosimulator
Как выбрать велотренажёрThe decision on acquisition of a sports equipment for the house comes when you understand that to find time for visit of improving clubs and sports halls it is not possible as try. It is necessary to tell that more often such problem arises at people family.
How to choose a sledge
Как выбрать санкиA few years ago we moved to the southern town, and now we feel nostalgic every time with approach of winter for ice slopes. Children so want to sweep on a sledge! And recently I learned that it is possible even in subtropics. I want to share with visitors what progress in the industry of a sledge reached and how to choose this "transport".
How to choose boots
Как выбрать бутсыThe special football footwear gets into life of simple fans of soccer more and more. The children and adults liking to drive a soccerball in the yard start using purposefully in the majority for game of a boot. Definition of "boot" has a number of synonyms: so, the football footwear is called by bampam, Czeches, kopochka, pampa, futzalka.
How to choose the children's bicycle
Как выбрать детский велосипедThe question of, whether is necessary to the child the bicycle, has only one answer – of course and. Bought tricycles to children at the age of somewhere about three years earlier. Now there is an opportunity to buy the first vehicle and for kids of 1,5 years. It is necessary to choose only correctly it that the bicycle not only was pleasant, but also it was convenient, safe.
How to choose a tourist backpack
Как выбрать туристический рюкзакThere is a saying that the man chooses a tourist backpack most often under the constitution, and the woman – in color of clothes. But not everything is so simple! If you decided to derive really pleasure from a campaign, to rejoice to each new day, you should approaching a backpack choice a little more seriously.
Geynera – all pros and cons
Гейнеры – все за и противAny man respecting himself seeks to look attractively. It concerns not only clothes, a hairdress or accessories, but also muscles, their form, volume and a tone. Exercises, a press of freight and other power loadings are a not complete list of that will help to receive a beefy beautiful body. Sports additives also enter a diet of almost any skilled bodybuilder.
How to choose a racket for big tennis
Как выбрать ракетку для большого теннисаPresently still big tennis enjoys popularity. It is played by people of all age. Someone appears on the court to distract of labor everyday life, and someone passes through daily trainings. But for what purpose you would not be engaged in this sport, without correctly picked up racket some difficulties at game can expect you.
We grow thin with a massage hoop
Худеем с массажным обручемMassage hoop - the latest exercise machine not only for maintenance of a good form, but also for its formation. Are used for various problems connected with your health, one of which a problem of excess weight. Thanks to ease in application and the highest efficiency hoops without effort and for a short time will help to cope to you with this problem.
How to choose sports sneakers
Как выбрать спортивные кроссовкиIn article we will speak about requirements which are imposed to characteristics of sneakers for each sport separately. It is important to consider these wishes which performance will help you to reach quicker than results at a loading minimum. We will bring some popular models which underwent testing into the help and are in demand.
Sports food
Спортивное питаниеOne of components of successful sports career is the correct diet. It and volume yes shape of muscles, and thickness of a fatty layer, and power parameters of muscles, and many other things. The structure of a diet is developed for achievement of the necessary purposes at the microlevel – how many proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and microcells and when the athlete specifically has to receive.
Choice of ski sticks
Выбор лыжных палокIf before a choice of skis and boots the majority nevertheless reflect what it is better, with ski sticks everything is a little differently. Many think that any will approach. For children often buy sticks more long, than it is necessary, so to speak, "for growth". Also it is a big mistake. It is necessary to approach a choice of ski sticks not less exactingly.
Choice of ski bindings and boots
Выбор лыжных креплений и ботинокSkis – one of the most important components of equipment of the skier, but not everyone. Both fastenings, and special boots will be necessary. And their variety will enter into confusion of any beginner. And to decide on a choice of this ski equipment, before a campaign in shop it will be useful to examine that, on what it is worth turning upon purchase.
How to choose skis
Как выбрать лыжиNow mountain skiing enjoys the greatest popularity. Tourists go to known ski resorts of Austria, France, Switzerland, combining business with pleasure – both ride, and have a rest, spending time finds in SPA salons, aquaparks, etc. expedient to tell and about mountain skiing, and about the habitual running – classical and ridge.
Roller skates for beginners
Роликовые коньки для начинающихLooking at how the next alternative teenager moves down on a high handrail or jumps through a border, sometimes most himself wants to learn and get roller skates. But at once there is a mass of questions and nuances – what model to choose, in what firm to trust, by what rollers to study to go?
We choose thermolinen
Выбираем термобельеCold weather comes nearer, and all of us reflect on purchase of warm things more often. However not all know that there is such remarkable thing as thermolinen. Most often it is used by athletes as it combines two remarkable properties: removal of moisture from a body and preservation of heat. What is better thermolinen personally for everyone?
We choose a skateboard
Выбираем скейтбордSkateboard choice – business absolutely not difficult, but it is necessary to approach it seriously, depends on it, your board, and, perhaps, and your health how many will hold on. Now in shops such variety a board equipment is presented that eyes run up. Each skateboarder chooses for himself certain firms.
We choose tourist tent
Выбираем туристическую палаткуNow more and more popular is such pastime as campaigns. With friends or with a family, with expeditions … But anyway it is necessary to be protected from such "delights" of weather? as rain, snow, hail. And if you go with spending the night, definitely not to do without tent. As to choose tent so that it served to you for many years?
Sphere choice for bowling
Выбор шара для боулингаAs well as in the majority of games, in a game basis in bowling the sphere is put. The sphere for game in bowling has a number of features. The majority of you, I believe, guessed about what the speech will go.
How to choose a racetrack
Как выбрать беговую дорожкуRacetracks habitually carry to cardiovascular machines. And they really at the correct use allow to improve a condition of cardiovascular system, to increase endurance of an organism in general. Besides, occupations on a racetrack – a good way to lose some extra kilos.
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