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Summer types

Councils for summer sports. As what to choose the bicycle, what racket to buy for tennis (desktop, big), you will find a choice of clubs for golf and information about track and field athletics in this section.
How to learn to ride the bicycle
Как научиться кататься на велосипедеAll know that if once it turned out to be passed by bicycle, now it will always turn out. But what to do if in the childhood it was not presented to opportunity to sit down on this two-wheeled type of transport? Forever to lose pleasure "to dissect" on a baize? Of course, no! To learn to ride the bicycle it is possible at any age, there would be a desire.
What is the karting
Что такое картингKarting is loved by nonprofessionals for sharpness of feelings and opportunity to receive a portion of adrenaline, athletes – for opportunity to improve the driver's skills, the business companies – as good entertainment for the employees.
Wakeboarding for beginners
Вейкбординг для начинающихFans of active recreation chasing thrill think out all new and new entertainments. The list of extreme sports is replenished every year, and wakeboarding occupies one of the leading positions.
What is the rafting
Что такое рафтингWe with the husband like to travel. Were in caves and on glaciers, bathed in thermal sources and conquered mountain peaks. And long ago dreamed to get on rafting. We decided to achieve the dream on the river Béla in Adygea which originates on the Main ridge of Greater Caucasus.
How to learn to play tennis
Как научиться играть в теннисEverything began with search of section for the child. Having tried various options, we all family amicably "fell in love" with the tennis coach. This first teacher of my son – the pensioner with a huge experience, the enthusiast – infected us with the heat. On trainings even parents did not remain idle. I want to tell readers as it is possible to learn to play tennis.
First divings, councils to divers
Первые подводные погружения, советы дайверамAs a rule, in the centers of training in diving the theory goes hand in hand with practice. Occupations with the teacher, reading grants and viewing of video movies alternate with immersions in the pool. The system of special courses will allow you to open new sides of diving. After the initial block of the theory is handed successfully over, visiting session on an open reservoir is made.
Training in diving, councils beginner
Обучение дайвингу, советы начинающимDivings for Russians already not in wonder. Relative availability of foreign rounds promotes growth of number of fans of diving. Having seen the picturesque sea world only once, it is difficult to resist possibility of repeated immersion. The choice of the training center becomes the first step on the way of mastering dayversky skill.
How to learn to ride roller skates
Как научиться кататься на роликовых конькахRoller skates – an excellent sport for you and your family, and also the companies, friends, relatives. Occupations by this sport will help to strengthen muscles, to lighten mood and it is simple to spend time with a breeze. If you want to learn to skate correctly on roller-skaters and to put right skills, it is necessary to adhere to some councils.
Riding, councils beginner
Верховая езда, советы начинающимRiding strengthens both a physical, and mental state. If you want to have the slender tightened body, to improve mood, to gain self-confidence, then it is exact for you! When are on horseback, practically all muscles of a body work. Will be able to feel it after the first occupation by riding: everything will hurt.
Training in fencing
Обучение фехтованиюFencing is one of the most ancient sports which was in every possible way modernized throughout many centuries. Everyone, probably, wanted to feel at least once in life the musketeer or the knight, to take the real sword in hands and to battle to the rival. Well, presently everyone has such opportunity, but there are also nuances.
Techniques of trainings on track and field athletics
Методики тренировок по легкой атлетикеOnce before parents there is a choice: whether to send the child to sport, and if an affirmative answer – that to what sport. If you think of that your child grew up healthy and comprehensively developed and besides could earn quite good money (and to drive about on the international competitions), his way over time – a way to track and field athletics.
Techniques of football trainings
Методики футбольных тренировокMost of the modern young people who connected the life with sport choose between soccer and hockey as the most popular command sports. In this article we will make accurate practical recommendations to young football players: as it is correct to build training process, to what technique of trainings to address as it is correct to realize the game potential.
How to choose the bicycle according to characteristics
Как выбрать велосипед по характеристикамThe whatever was chosen bicycle type, it is important to know and consider all its running characteristics upon purchase. After all it is a guarantee not only that the right choice of the bicycle will provide you a comfortable driving, but also reliability of all its knots.
Bicycle choice
Выбор велосипедаBicycle choice – not such simple task as could seem at first sight. Wide model a number of bicycles even the beginner will force to become puzzled, and he only needs "the frame on wheels". Further convenience in use of it will depend on a choice of model of the bicycle.
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