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Councils for the organization of holidays. Original scenarios of holding anniversaries, birthday, weddings, New Year's and other holidays. How to choose gifts, cards, toasts learn in this section.
How to meet year of the Goat 2015
Как встречать год Козы 2015As if birds fly days, weeks, months … The same rates December will fly soon, and there and the holiday shrouded in magic. It would seem, quite recently we met year of the Horse. And the Horse will hand over the reins to other character of the Chinese calendar already soon. How it is better to be prepared for grand welcome of New year 2015? On what to pay special attention?
What to give on christening
Что дарить на крестиныAll of us are Children of God, the Bible speaks, and not casually each of us takes part in the most ancient ritual of orthodox church sooner or later – Sacrament of the Epiphany. The ceremony symbolizes renunciation of the person of sins and his spiritual revival to new life, its familiarizing with God. Whether it is necessary to give something to the person who was christened?
How to carry out a bachelor party
Как провести мальчишникLong courtings, ringlet choice on a ring finger and modest "Yes". Hurrah! We congratulate you, very soon and you will become the husband and the wife. And now it is a high time to have a rest a little from prewedding vanity and properly to have fun.
How to carry out a hen night
Как провести девичникAt last there came this long-awaited and so disturbing moment. It is a little more, and you will put on a wedding dress and a veil, and on a ring finger of the right hand you will have a beautiful wedding ringlet. Wedding on the way. How to note the girlhood so that this evening was remembered well?
How to organize a wedding abroad
Как организовать свадьбу за границейHere this most long-awaited instant in your life came: made you the proposal of a hand and heart. Ahead there are a lot of efforts and experiences about the forthcoming wedding. What she will be where it to carry out and how to organize everything so that this celebration was remembered well?
Statement of wedding dance
Постановка свадебного танцаMany loving couples in recent years before a wedding, an important and touching event in the life, ask such question: whether it is necessary to take individual lessons from professionals by preparation of wedding dance? Or it is possible to do without these additional actions?
What to present to darling for New year
Что подарить любимому на Новый годHear? Already the joyful tune of a New Year's holiday sounds. Already very soon bright fireworks will decorate air, and splashes of champagne will emphasize solemnity of the moment, in houses elegant green beauties will begin to sparkle, and under them there will be mountains of nice boxes with gifts …
What to present for new year 2014
Что подарить на новый год 2014New Year, perhaps, the most favourite holiday. The New Year's Eve vanity shrouded in magic, expectations, laughter and splashes of champagne – that can be better! And the most pleasant efforts are, of course, a choice of surprises for the family "under a fir-tree". Let's sort together what to present for new year 2014 and what gift will be the most expected and desired.
How to meet New year 2014
Как встречать Новый год 2014Everything is thinner and the detachable calendar card is thinner every day. Eventful days fly quickly, not far off already disturbing date – on December 31 when all of us meet New 2014.
How independently to make the wedding menu
Как самостоятельно составить свадебное менюFor most of guests the wedding is remembered generally thanks to a wedding banquet. And if it is quite easy to deal with registration of the hall, a dress and the REGISTRY OFFICE, to make successful, generous, but without menu excesses – the real problem. imparts personal experience of the readers.
Gift to the wife on birthday
Подарок жене на день рожденияNever forget about birthday of the wife. It is sacred date, exactly, as well as a wedding anniversary, birthdays of children. This article is written especially for husbands who consider that they – the best gift to the wife also are capable "to cause a stir" at birthday only in a banal bouquet of flowers. Give 5 minutes to reading of article and make to the spouse the real, capturing soul surprise!
Gift to the woman for 50 years
Подарок женщине на 50 летFifty years – semicentennial anniversary. It is a lot of fine moments behind, but not less bright emotions and interesting impressions are waited ahead. At any age the woman remains the woman and is eager for unexpected, improbable surprises on the birthday. As it is original to congratulate the heroine of the anniversary in day of her fiftieth anniversary and to what to present a gift, I will tell in this article.
Gift to the guy for anniversary of the relations
Подарок парню на годовщину отношенийWe conducted small survey among unmarried men from 20 to 35 years. "That would you want to receive a question for anniversary of the relations?" nonplused them. And almost all agreed in opinion that you should not celebrate similar dates in a big way. Therefore, lovely girls, we advise to perceive anniversary as an occasion to arrange a holiday for two. And holidays as it appeared, men love …
How to choose wedding rings
Как выбрать обручальные кольцаThe wedding ring is not only one of the main attributes of wedding ceremony, it, first of all, a symbol which has special sense. By tradition the groom has to be engaged in a choice of rings, but unless it can do without councils of the darling. Wedding rings will be with you for the rest of life and have to please with the design of both spouses.
What to present to the friend on birthday
Что подарить другу на день рожденияBirthday of the friend comes nearer? Gip-gip-ura! the Friendship is not only mutual assistance and the help in problems, but also ability sincerely to rejoice for the loved one. So have with all the heart fun on a holiday of the companion! For this purpose you will need excellent mood, the good company, an ideal gift for the friend. How to choose the last, and we will talk about it.
What to present to the father on birthday
Что подарить папе на день рожденияThe person who presented you life, the house and surname, is worthy attention and care. Show love and attention according to the full program at birthday of the father. Do not postpone search of gifts, be prepared in advance, perhaps, even carry out "developing attack" by means of mother. Present to the head of the family of what he dreams long ago, try to organize together everything for him a holiday.
What to present to the husband on birthday
Что подарить мужу на день рожденияThe matrimony – difficult piece and when you share with someone a roof over the head, daily efforts, responsibility for children, household problems, is often difficult to find time and forces it is simple to rejoice each other. Also therefore birthday of the spouse – a special holiday. It is additional opportunity to show attention to the beloved.
What to present to the grandmother on birthday
Что подарить бабушке на день рожденияGrandmother. You tell this word, and at heart grows warm from memoirs when were children, how many different stories we worried together with our grandmothers. The grandmother indulged us in the childhood, and now when we grew up, time came to change over. To birthday you have an opportunity to please the grandmother not only the attention, and and gifts.
What to present to the chief on birthday
Что подарить начальнику на день рожденияIn my opinion, search of gifts very fascinating occupation. If, of course, to approach this question it is competent: from shares of humour, responsibility and common sense. To select a gift for the chief on birthday – business difficult and quite ticklish, but difficulties should not frighten or confuse you. Treat it as to an entertaining problem, a professional question.
How to celebrate birthday of the child in 7 years
Как отметить день рождения ребенка в 7 летAll children different, nobody will undertake to challenge this truth. However there are a lot of things that they are united, for example: love to pleasures and entertainments. Each child likes to have fun. I offer readers the scenario of birthday for a semiletka. "Test drive" was carried successfully out by our second-grader and his friends. Responses exclusively positive.
Organization and carrying out a New Year's office party
Организация и проведение новогоднего корпоративаHaving remembered that soon New year, I wanted to share with you the knowledge and experience which I could receive, being on both sides, so-called, barricades. About what there is a speech? About a New Year's office party. Or rather, how to organize it in the company where at the time of the planned event there is no opportunity to allocate a large sum of money for its carrying out.
How to meet New year 2013
Как встречать Новый год 2013Happy New Year around the world and in our strip people always pinned new hopes, trusting in miracles. We so got used to think of something new in New year that often we forget that our destiny not only in one day. Destiny and how we will prepare for a meeting, whether we will be able with a sincere heart and good mood to come by this magic instant.
What to present to mother on birthday
Что подарить маме на день рожденияRemember who always shares with you pleasure of victories and bitterness of disappointments. Remember who gives heat and tenderness who created the fairy tale for you. Children became adults, and now our turn to take care of mother. Unless birthday – not the best occasion for this purpose? Let the gift to the loved one will turn back a small miracle and will light in a mother's look a happiness sparkle.
Scenarios of New year for children
Сценарии Нового года для детейAll a favourite holiday already so close that New Year's ideas it is already time to realize. Want to become Father Frost for the children and to present them fantastic, unforgettable impressions? Dream to turn into the Snow Maiden and to work wonders? Do not become flustered and are not lazy, preparation for house performances will not take a lot of time and will not demand special talents.
Original delivery of gifts on a wedding
Оригинальное вручение подарков на свадьбуFor everything the indisputable truth is known: the best gift on a wedding – money. Of course, if the young did not hint you about a desirable gift. Other invited it is necessary only will decide on the optimum sum and to choose a beautiful envelope. But after all there is a wish to present newlyweds originally, to wish something not banal, the truth? Let's think.
Souvenir products: we choose gifts for New Year
Сувенирная продукция: выбираем подарки на Новый ГодOf course, about New year there is a lot of time, but you already, for certain, know that such to run on souvenir shops and gift departments of shops at the last minute. It is not possible to choose not that an ideal gift, but also it is simple to think that your darling, the child, the friend or the fellow worker wanted to receive.
Preparation for a holiday
Подготовка к праздникуFor an hour before arrival of guests many hostesses rush about with shout "I get on well nothing at the house!". At this time on a frying pan something hisses, in a pan – boils, and in a bedroom the iron is switched on. Familiar picture, isn't it? Unfortunately, in a rare family teach the correct preparation for a holiday. Our councils consider traditions of hospitality, developed in the former Soviet Union.
Choice of a wedding gift
Выбор свадебного подаркаYou were invited to a wedding and a solemn event already not far off? You already solved with whom and in what will go for this joyful action, and the question of a gift to newlyweds still remains open? Also it is very widespread situation, but not a problem at all. To decide on a choice of an ideal wedding gift, we offer some ways.
How to seat guests at a wedding
Как рассадить гостей на свадьбеThat the wedding of your dream became a pleasant memories for you and your guests, pay attention to a task delicate and very actual today – as it is correct to seat guests on a banquet. Important not only to create the friendly atmosphere at a table, but also to help members of two families to get acquainted and become related. There is a set of the most widespread schemes of seating.
Celebration of the Halloween
Празднование ХэллоуинаThe most mystical of all holidays – the Halloween, All Saints' Day. The true homeland of the Halloween Ireland is considered. But for today the most widely traditional Halloween is celebrated in the United States of America, from where it also came to Russia in the nineties of the last century. Not all traditions got accustomed at us, nevertheless, it is the same holiday of fun, jokes, terrifying stories and draws.
What to present to the child (from 0 to 6 years)
Что подарить ребенку (от 0 до 6 лет)What to present to the child? This question excites all adults from time to time. After all so there is a wish to guess with a gift that the baby did not put it in a far corner, and it was played and spoke to all: "Here that the godmother presented to me!". Having collected experience of several mothers and having interrogated uneven-age children, it would be desirable to share valuable information.
Drinks to a holiday table
Напитки к праздничному столуIf cooking is a duty of the hostess, the holiday table is from some party examination. Hostesses know that it is correct to give it is necessary not only dishes, but also drinks, after all they can skillfully complete furniture and luxury of a table. Drinks should not be in an excess, but has to be enough for all, they have to supplement, but not eclipse a dish.
As it is original to decorate a New Year tree
Как оригинально украсить новогоднюю елкуMagic time – the eve of New year. Decorate your fir-tree unusually, and the coming year will bring you many pleasant changes. Simple recommendations from will help you even some hours prior to peal of bells to decorate a New Year tree and to celebrate a holiday in due form. Give vent to the imagination, please and surprise the friends and relatives!
Anniversaries of weddings: traditions and gifts
Годовщины свадеб: традиции и подаркиKnowing names of anniversaries and tradition related which came to us from our primogenitors, it is possible not to puzzle what to present this day to a married couple if you are invited to a holiday, and to spouses to bring in a holiday something unusual to their family. But, of course, all traditions have only advisory nature.
St. Valentine's Day
День Святого ВалентинаIn our country there are a lot of holidays. There is a holiday with which we can be told the western neighbors "infected" are St. Valentine's Day. The idea of such romantic holiday quickly got accustomed in Russia. Today will tell everything that it is necessary to know about this day, will share traditions, ideas of various gifts, original ways of celebration.
How to choose fireworks
Как выбрать фейерверкNow any holiday does not do without fireworks. And if earlier the sky blew up in millions of fires only for New year and the City Day, now fireworks – an integral part of any birthday, an office party or a wedding. As it is correct to choose fireworks that the holiday did not end it is deplorable – today in article on
Celebration of Christmas
Празднование РождестваWith the first of December, all of us are covered by a presentiment something magic and fine. If New year – a holiday wordly, Christmas is ranked as the main church holidays and along with Easter is one of the lightest and great events. wants to tell the readers about history and customs of celebration of Birthday of Christ.
Light holiday of Easter
Светлый праздник ПасхиSoon spring day when in the house and on streets not traditional wishes of kind morning, and the word sound "Will come Christ revived!" and reciprocal "Truly revived!". These cheers will announce the lightest Christian holiday – Easter. At this greatest religious event there are a lot of names, Easter call Light Revival, Velikodnem.
Celebration of Maslenitsa
Празднование МасленицыThe most cheerful and nourishing week when almost in each house bake various pancakes, treat with them guests, see off winter and meet spring. As you understood, on it is about Maslenitsa which is inseparably linked with idle mentality of the Russian people. Maslenitsa — a holiday which was celebrated still by our Slavic ancestors. Indispensable attributes become bright ruddy pancakes were.
How to choose a New Year tree
Как выбрать новогоднюю елкуOn the eve of Christmas and New Year's holidays of wants to tell the readers about such important issue as purchase of a New Year tree. It is difficult to tell precisely when and where there was this tradition, but still far back in the past people thought that in trees there live kind spirits and often hanged out on branches various gifts, trying to cajole them.
What to consider at the organization of a wedding
Что учесть при организации свадьбыSo, you were defined: the wedding will be... And what now? With what to begin? First of all, keep in mind that all the time which you have, needs to be used most effectively. You will also not notice how those half a year will quickly rush that remained to a wedding. A lot of things it is necessary to be in time at the organization of a wedding, and thus to miss nothing.
If you the witness at a wedding
Если вы свидетель на свадьбеIn life there can be everyone. And if one fine day your friend or the girlfriend tells you about the intention to marry, and about intention, the extremely serious – that there's nothing to be done. Why the witness at a wedding is necessary and that yours expects. in today's article gives answers to these and other questions.
How to choose a gift on a wedding
Как выбрать подарок на свадьбуFound a wedding invitation in the mailbox? We congratulate! Now it is a high time to reflect on a choice of a gift to the young. Also it is possible to think long that it is accepted to give on a wedding, to wander about shops in search of something original or it is simple to look council on the pages.
As it is correct to lay a holiday table
Как правильно сервировать праздничный столAt you reception is planned for evening, you called many guests and want to create the atmosphere of solemnity and a holiday. One of the main elements of any reception is festively served table. We will provide the basic rules which allow to lay the table correctly in the article
We choose a gift to the woman
Выбираем подарок женщинеEach man knows that on birthday or the 8th of March the woman waits as a gift for flowers, a festive dinner and the washed ware. Something also prompts to the man that it is necessary to get a gift to the half, and also mother, female colleagues, daughters, perhaps, even to the neigbour, but here what exactly to present – is a big problem.
We choose a gift to the man
Выбираем подарок мужчинеAmong all nations only at Russians there are a lot of holidays in a calendar. The man knows that to present to other man, and the woman should work well before she is able to pick up a suitable gift. is ready to share as it is easy to solve a gift choice problem for the man.
We choose a bouquet of flowers
Выбираем букет цветовWhether it happened to you to stand at the fragrant counter forced by bouquets of flowers and painfully to deliberate: "And which bouquet to present?" For certain you not once got to such situation when a wide choice does not facilitate, and only complicates your task – to present to the woman flowers.
Ideas of gifts by March 8
Идеи подарков к 8 мартаHow many tortures this day – delivers on March 8 to men... What gift to choose? How to present it? And whom, at last, to congratulate? Darling – by itself, mother – not to forget. And still there are sisters, nieces and even mothers-in-law... Brrr! Yes from where it in general undertook, this holiday? And here from where...
Hard drinking - as to avoid it
Запой - как его избежатьHard drinking … and what was before? A cheerful holiday in the friendly pleasant company, for the morning – a hangover and again continuation of a holiday, and so indefinitely. Or, for example, periodic removal of fatigue behind a shot glass - another after work is gradually regarded, as something "in the nature of things".
As we choose gifts
Как мы выбираем подаркиWhat we choose gifts? Of course – gifts happen the most different, and it is difficult to argue with it. The romantic person will present flowers, jewelry or simply a lovely, touching knickknack. More practical nature will prefer to present as a gift a subject from among household appliances or, say, in general will present money. And to tell for what of approaches better or worse it is simply impossible …
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