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Rest and entertainments

Councils for a variety of your rest. What unusual entertainments to think up to itself at a leisure, where to go to have a rest and many other ways of relaxation - about everything read in this section.
How to collect Rubik's cube
Как собрать кубик РубикаRubik's cube is difficult, though at first sight, very simple puzzle known to each of us since the childhood. The elementary toy capable to develop logical and mathematical thinking to pass away time or to bring to white heat.
Top of 5 ideas for a photoshoot
Топ 5 идей для фотосессииRecently thematic photoshoots appeared at popularity peak. It and no wonder, after all to try on on itself a new, unusual image always interestingly and excitingly. Especially if memories of it remain with you for the rest of life in the form of bright pictures. Today and will join this modern tendency and will choose a top of the most popular ideas for a photoshoot.
Nonconventional technicians of drawing
Нетрадиционные техники рисованияVery important since the earliest years to accustom the person to the fine. And what there can be more bright example for comprehension of beauty, than fine arts? But sometimes to interest the child not so simply. For this reason nonconventional technicians of drawing always enjoyed popularity in preschool institutions.
How to draw an anime
Как рисовать анимеAnime – the popular technology of animation which arose in Japan. Wonderful colourful characters, emotional, bright and various heroes of fairy tales bewitch and please the audience. The most surprising in an anime what to learn to draw as the true professional can everyone.
Games for a house party
Игры для домашней вечеринкиAnything, alas, is not eternal - with a traditional magnificent feast already will surprise nobody! Languid talk "for life" under a measured chewing of hozyaykiny Russian salad for quite some time now started being forced out actively by parties of a youth format where guests move and have fun more, than eats and drinks.
How to arrange a pajama party
Как устроить пижамную вечеринкуThe tradition of pajama parties came to us from America, but already managed to get accustomed a little. And if to approach the organization of such evening with an invention – it is possible to have a rest perfectly (if you collect purely maiden company).
Rest options on winter vacation
Варианты отдыха на зимних каникулахWinter vacation – a remarkable time. It is a freedom of action and desires, it is not necessary to get up early anywhere, it is possible to dare to luxuriate in a warm bed. It is not necessary to do homework every evening.
Sauna for businessmen: pure rest
Сауна для бизнесменов: чистый отдыхModern Russian business went out of Moscow long ago. High mobility of business people and the frequent flights connected with it will read over time to affect health even the most healthy of them. Regular visit of a sauna becomes rescue for many.
Dancing rugs for children
Танцевальные коврики для детейStandard dancing rugs are designed for children of 5 years and for adults... to 99. Dancing rugs happen on a firm basis, but they expensive therefore are less widespread. I will describe a usual, soft rug. Material of which it is made, anti-sliding, with the put drawing. Sensitive indicators which react to a touch are built in a rug.
What to esteem from a fantasy
Что почитать из фантастикиIt is scientifically proved that reading brings huge benefit. Books have impact on our spiritual development and moral qualities. Detectives, for example, it is useful influence deductive abilities. But we will talk about other genre in literature. About a genre which can not only present us rest but also transfer us for a while to the fantastic worlds, escape from gray everyday life.
What to choose a bath
Какую выбрать банюPresently there are many judges of bathing ritual. Old traditions revive, there are new. Finnish, Turkish, Japanese, Russian – and it only types of a traditional bath. How not to be lost in this variety and not to do much harm to health? It is necessary to show consideration for a choice of bathing ritual very much. Let's examine types of a bath popular today.
The first campaign in a zoo with the child
Первый поход в зоопарк с ребенкомIn the apartment mess. The father represents an elephant, mother mews and grabbles, elder sister neighs as a horse is days off came. All relatives of the house entertain the child. In a word – a zoo! By the way, the campaign in a real zoo is an excellent idea. The main thing to be prepared for this almost real hike both morally, and is material.
How to organize a party in the Italian style
Как организовать вечеринку в итальянском стилеOrganizing the Italian party, of course, you will want to give all color – an infinite palette of paints of this attractive country. It would seem, it is extremely difficult. Actually, having given some significant strokes to our action, it is possible to create the tremendous Italian atmosphere which none of your guests will not leave indifferent.
Rules of visit and behavior at theater
Правила посещения и поведения в театреThe theater is a kind of art. Here art action which gives us new ideas is made, changes outlook. At visit of theater captures spirit from its greatness, strict beauty, classical architecture. The theater is such place where the well-mannered, decent person will want to come back again and again.
As it is correct to take a steam bath in a bath
Как правильно париться в банеIs not present for the Russian person of bigger pleasure, than in the winter when on street frost and blizzard, to descend to take a steam bath with friends in a bath or a sauna. It became a good tradition which means the weakening rest as a hobby and bodies in the amicable company. Despite it, not everyone is familiar with elementary rules. So, what you have to remember, being going to come into "sweating room"?
How to adjust a guitar
Как настроить гитаруThere are two methods of adjusting of an acoustic guitar: on hearing and by means of equipment (computer). Control of a guitar aurally demands certain acoustical skills, differently in any way. Adjusters hear a sound and adjust a guitar string in unison. It is possible to carry out exact control of a guitar also, having any computer and a microphone.
How to diversify sexual life in marriage
Как разнообразить сексуальную жизнь в бракеWhen families fall, husbands leave, wives change, we blame anyone, only not own laziness and the unwillingness to embody sexual imaginations in reality. Statistically, 95% of stains are the result of sexual incompatibility, to be exact, of inaction and monotony in a bed. What measures to take to keep the relations and to find harmony in sex?
How to choose a guitar
Как выбрать гитаруKnowing on what sounding of the tool depends, you will not be able to be trapped upon purchase of a guitar. But not everyone who is already able to play on it, will be able not to become puzzled at a choice. Only having played the long period of time a guitar, it is possible to understand what exactly is not enough for you. Therefore I will try to help with a guitar choice, to tell about important details.
How to learn to draw
Как научиться рисоватьEach of us has some desires or the purposes for which earlier we did not have enough time for their realization. Some would like to learn to dance, someone would like to be able to play a piano or a violin. Also among us there are people who would like to learn to draw. It is not so difficult as it seems at first sight.
What tackles are necessary for fishing
Какие снасти нужны для рыбалкиWhen you gather for fishing, it is necessary not to forget to take with itself a set of important things, and, of course, among them tackles are the most important. Tackles happen the most different, they differ on a season, a place of catching and a species of fish. Each tackle deserves detailed consideration – what it and for what it is used.
How to be prepared for fishing?
Как подготовиться к рыбалке?Of course, many of us very much love fishing. And also very many of us do not know how it is correct to be prepared for it to avoid various excesses, accidents and simply unpleasant moments. Besides, there are special rules of behavior on fishing which knowledge is also included into preparation process.
How to win in the totalizator?
Как выиграть в тотализаторе?Today the many people are played the totalizator. Set of rates of players forms a prize fund which provides payments to those who wins. It should be noted that the totalizator differs from bookmaker office in that the estimated sizes of a possible prize are not known. Let's understand these "hazardous" questions.
How to organize the leisure
Как организовать свой досугIn any magazine, including even Cosmopolitan, it is full of councils on a subject how to get rid of a depression. And here for some reason, how to diversify the leisure, do not write! Let's meet this lack and we will think together, than to occupy a heap … weight … in any case, the whole abyss of free time! The leisure can be considered from two points of view: rest seasonal and rest daily.
As it is correct to drink whisky
Как правильно пить вискиThe right to be called as the homeland of whisky is challenged by Scotland and Ireland. As the situation is actually, nobody knows, however the first written mention of this drink belongs to Scotland. Whisky – noble drink and needs to drink it respectively. The generous scale of taste and aroma will reveal only at its correct use.
Games on summer holiday
Игры на летнем отдыхеOrganized rest is the planned action including an expanded programme of actions. Nothing will decorate an outdoor recreation as games and competitive programs. Game is that carries away the person since the childhood. Games outdoors do rest more fascinating and unforgettable. And we offer you options of games for any budget, the status and age.
Than to occupy the child in the summer
Чем занять ребенка летомAcademic year ended, there came the long-awaited summer time. But parents have a question now, than to occupy the child that it did not go crazy from inaction and excess of energy on summer vacation. I offer readers some ideas how to spend summer with advantage and not to leave time for boredom and inaction, – for those who will be with the child during house vacation.
Game in darts, councils a beginner
Игра в дартс, советы начинающимDarts – very interesting game and, probably, the most democratic sport! It is possible to begin occupations at any age and thus to achieve significant sports success. Quite really for 100-120 dollars to provide itself with a qualitative target for darts and a set of darts. And the place for continuous trainings can always be allocated at itself at work or in the apartment.
How to learn to draw graffiti
Как научиться рисовать граффитиThe word "graffiti" comes from the Italian verb "to scratch". It is considered graffiti rather new type of visual art which attracts more and more people among whom is also young and not really, but most of all in this movement of teenagers. In this article we will tell that such graffiti in the essence and how to start being engaged in this art.
Where to buy and how to prepare a hookah
Где купить и как приготовить кальянIf you at least once did not try a hookah, you lost a lot of things, after all smoking of this unusual adaptation is in due form capable to bring unforgettable pleasure. Further I will tell you rules and secrets of smoking of a hookah which will allow to increase as much as possible pleasure from process and minimum to do harm to your organism.
Secrets of simple focuses
Секреты простых фокусовProbably, more than once you were surprised to speeches of the illusionists forcing to disappear monuments, to fly subjects and to appear subjects from nowhere. Perhaps, you still had children's impression about the conjurer with a rabbit in an empty hat cylinder. And, of course, everyone who saw all above-mentioned, for certain would like to learn to do at least a small miracle!
How to receive more pleasure from life
Как получать больше радости от жизниSometimes happens that the monotonous circle of office everyday life seem absolutely infinite, and our dreams, seemingly, ceased to come true for a long time. Means, it is time to change something. And it is best of all to begin with trifles. Important daily trifles which will support us and will bring more bright paints in life. offers you easy ways.
How to give romantic party
Как устроить романтический вечерIn a fussing rhythm of modern life we often cease to pay attention to the main thing – warmth of the relations in a family. Behind daily cares of the spouse and lovers somehow gradually for themselves lose tenderness and awe of the first appointments. Romantic walks imperceptibly change a route: now you go not to park, and to a supermarket after work.
Rules of the game in the Russian billiards
Правила игры в русский бильярдIn Russia billiards appeared in the XVIII century: after visit to Holland Peter I, having learned about this game, ordered to make a billiard table for itself. Gradually this game started removing to noble families and clubs. In the middle of the XIX century in Russia there were first billiard factories which are letting out rather qualitative billiard tables and accessories to them.
As it is correct to play in bookmaker office, part 2
Как правильно играть в букмекерской конторе, часть 2In last article we found out that the bookmaker office for the uninitiated player in total balance of prizes and losses differs from a casino a little. So allows some players to win against the bookmaker after all? After all the bookmaker office has one essential difference from a casino – a greater influence of a human factor.
As it is correct to play in bookmaker office, part 1
Как правильно играть в букмекерской конторе, часть 1Since ancient times of people liked to conclude a bet. Former "an eagle and a reshka" turned into more serious types of disputes. Now rates on various sports competitions in bookmaker offices are very fashionable. But here how to play and thus not to remain in minuses and with an array of problems, I tried to understand today.
How to excite the woman
Как возбудить женщинуThis question interests many men – after all not everyone is sure for 100% that completely satisfies the darling. Many loving couples have problems over time in the intimate sphere which briefly can be characterized so: "he wants, and it does not". Today we will tell you how to excite the woman, to kindle a flame of passion of your girlfriend.
If you decided to become emos
Если вы решили стать эмоUndoubtedly, all of us noticed on streets of the cities of dark-haired boys and girls, with the bang squinted sideways, dressed in black-pink clothes, with a bag through a shoulder, uveshenny badges. I think, all already know that it is so-called emos. This the article was devoted to the story about the one by whom such emos actually and how it is possible to become one of them?
What to do if it became boring
Что делать, если стало скучноDoctors claim that it becomes boring for all of us when passes enthusiasm and feeling of novelty. Of course, still nobody was bored to death. However it can cause you many problems and sufferings. The boredom pulls down a personal self-assessment of the person, causes a depression. considers that with boredom there is a medicine. Here some ways which will help you to make life more interesting.
What sex is wanted by the woman
Какого секса хочет женщинаWhat sex is wanted by the woman? Ask this question of the man not the first millennium. Each of us, has certain desires and imaginations. Often they are indistinct and various, but nevertheless, have certain main outlines. Give together with we will try to understand, after all having solved though some of them can be excited female desire fine.
Where it is possible to bathe in Moscow
Где можно купаться в МосквеTo Moscow the heat crept imperceptibly. Stem of thermometer rises, as in that song: "everything is higher, both above, and above", and "not to hide, not to disappear from a heat". The only rescue – water. To choose suitable water for external application, study the list of the places for bathing resolved by Department of Rospotrebnadzor for the city of Moscow.
We do erotic massage to the woman (girl)
Делаем эротический массаж женщине (девушке)Erotic massage, madly pleasant and exclusively useful occupation for both partners. Massage is capable to give absolutely special joy – pleasure of a touch to darling. Offer the girl erotic massage – your touches will help it to relax and forget about alarms of day.
How to do erotic massage to the man
Как делать эротический массаж мужчинеFor centuries people study the body, improving themselves and finding new ways of receiving pleasure. One of such ways is erotic massage. It is a peculiar game in which gentle touches alternate with tender strokings and kisses. The executed skillfully erotic massage can give not smaller pleasures, than actually sex.
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Dragon Blood tree (tree of draconian blood) – is called so for the blood-red pitch. Red color to pitch is given by resistant and bright pigments drakorubin and drakokarmin which biological value for scientists remains a riddle.