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It is useful to know

Useful information and councils on different cases of life. They will tell you what to do and how to arrive in this or that life situation. It is necessary and it is useful to know, it is useful to you.
Why it is impossible to kill spiders
Почему нельзя убивать пауковWhatever you may say, and spiders are loved by the few. At some people hostility to spiders can develop into the real panic horror, the name, to which – arachnophobia. Having seen nearby a spider, the majority of us will give in to desire instantly to kill an unfortunate being and very few people will think of that old beliefs forbid to destroy spiders. Let's find out, in what the reason of such taboo.
How to train a voice
Как поставить голосProbably, each of us wants to have a pleasant voice – not too high and not low, not squeaky and not rough. And the beautiful and flowing, absolutely not straining hearing. Since ancient times oratory was appreciated especially, after all then there was no sound recording equipment, and its absence was fully compensated by ability to speak by beautifully trained voice.
What is the neyrobika
Что такое нейробикаNeyrobikoy is called a set of exercises which is developed especially for a human brain. Neyrobika develops and improves memory, besides these exercises feed a brain with additional energy that will allow to increase working capacity.
Advantage of a salt lamp
Польза солевой лампыHeard many about advantage of salt lamps, but all the same these devices did not become popular yet and are perceived by many people as a wonder. Actually salt lamp is only partly the illuminant, its main objective – to clear air and to bring benefit to health of the person.
How to get rid of pigeons on a balcony
Как избавиться от голубей на балконеThere are many fans of such birds as pigeons who specially grow up and part these feathery, who for appearance, who on meat. But when this "a bird of the World" becomes the unexpected guest and itself lodges on balconies of high-rise buildings, to her are already not so glad.
How to make self
Как сделать селфиSelf is an Internet trend which found the popularity thanks to development of modern gadgets with the built-in chambers of high quality. In the last, probably, only the lazy did not place few years in Instagram of "self-arrows" with himself favourite.
How to find the lost thing
Как найти потерянную вещьEach of us happened in a situation when things unexpectedly vanish. Keys, documents, jewelry, phone. Searching we overturn all house upside down, we reconsider the same case several times, hopelessly we shake out everything from a bag, we look in all corners and at the end, becoming exhausted, we fall into despair. That to avoid it, it is enough to remember several simple rules.
How to open champagne
Как открывать шампанскоеCelebration in the heat, the man with a smile opens a bottle with champagne … sharp cotton, and your new dress is filled in with sweet drink. Familiarly? Such happens very often because many do not know how it is correct to open champagne.
Preparation of koporsky tea
Приготовление копорского чаяThe well-known koporsky tea – drink which was done by our ancestors. It is two hundred years more ancient Indian and Chinese. This curative Russian tea in large numbers was shipped outward. will explain to readers, such name, to what advantage and as it is possible to prepare it from where went.
Use of oil of black caraway seeds
Применение масла черного тминаSeeds of black caraway seeds are grown up in the countries of North Africa and East Asia today. These seeds are well-known traditional fragrant seasoning which is widely used in cookery and not only.
Who such skinheads
Кто такие скинхедыThe meeting with them hardly someone will leave indifferent. Someone is afraid of them in panic, someone simply bypasses the tenth road, and someone admires their way of life and ideology. – skinheads it is difficult not to learn the shaven heads, heavy boots from far away. Today we suggest to talk about the one who they are such, whether it is worth being careful of them and why.
How to make soap bubbles of the house
Как сделать мыльные пузыри домаSoap bubbles are on sale in any children's shop. But if to prepare their houses, having connected children to process, game with them will become twice more interesting. Especially as they become very simply.
Who such Gotha
Кто такие готыGotha – representatives of one of the most exotic and mysterious subcultures existing in the modern world. Interestingly and that to be called as Ghat, the person surely has to like the bewitching atmosphere of Gothic culture.
Advantage of black salt
Польза черной солиBlack salt long since enjoys popularity in the most different spheres of human life – cooking, healing and even magic. It is a unique product which can impact to food unique relish and relieve of diseases. But what such black salt and why its application is shrouded in a dense aura of mystery? In this article you learn that black salt is unusual not only because of the color …
How to gather birch sap
Как собирать березовый сокThe spring – is time when the nature comes to life, on streets streams flow, burns the sun. Children and adults in an anticipation of some miracle. And miracle already nearby. At the very beginning of spring the nature is ready to share with us vitamins that we filled everything that was lost or simply was not enough in the winter. It gives us birch sap.
What is the aphrodisiac?
Что такое афродизиак?Legends of ancient Greeks say that their goddess of love Aphrodite possessed a belt into whom four wonderful forces were put: love, passion, desire and bewitching force. And people tried to find all the time substances which could give them such forces. Called the substances helping with love, mankind aphrodisiacs, in honor of the great goddess of love and the temptress Aphrodite.
Manual hydraulic carts. Well about the useful
Ручные гидравлические тележки. Доступно о полезномIt would seem, about the warehouse equipment all have heard a lot today. That is approximately everyone knows that such the loader carrying boxes with goods on large shops warehouses or electronic bathroom scales for weighing of these boxes.
What is the tsvetoterapiya
Что такое цветотерапияEach hunter wishes to know where the pheasant sits. This simple children's saying about flowers of a rainbow is probably known to each of us. And after all not for nothing the color palette of a rainbow so bewitches – each tone bears the individual emotional and mental color. Proceeding from it, the most interesting technique of treatment of various diseases by means of color was developed.
Value of birthmarks in the face and body
Значение родинок на лице и телеYou sometime thought of sense of the word "birthmark" and what these specks on a body actually mean? And after all this cosmetic defect, and for someone a peculiar ornament, plays much more serious role in our destiny.
Advantage and harm of gelatin
Польза и вред желатинаMany hostesses add gelatin to food because there are such dishes which without it simply you will not prepare. But there is a gelatin – a product very disputable, and it brings to an organism, both advantage, and harm.
Advantage and harm of beer
Польза и вред пиваBeer – the most ancient intoxicated product which totals over 9 millennia of the history. This bitterish, foaming grain drink in the misted-over glass had army of adherents at all times. But, despite positive tastes of beer, its harm to an organism it is also obvious.
Cultivation of pigs
Разведение свинейOnce at the time of the next economic crisis we with the husband remained without work. On hands was two children. It was necessary to think up something to correct financial position. Then we were occurred by simple idea – why not to be engaged in cultivation of pigs.
Argon oil, advantage and harm
Аргановое масло, польза и вредArgon oil is valuable and thus very rare product. Thanks to it, this product has rather high price. Receive this oil from fruits of an arganiya prickly. This wood plant which mainly grows in Morocco that in the northwest of Africa.
How quickly to learn a verse
Как быстро выучить стихUrgently to learn a verse – someone remembers such situation from school, someone observes now at the children, and someone needs to be prepared urgently for a lesson and to jag the huge poem already till tomorrow! Today suggests to sort technology of fast learning of the rhymed text.
Use of oil of a thuja
Применение масла туиThe thuja belongs to family of the evergreen cypress plants symbolizing longevity. The resinous and coniferous oil of a plant made of its cones long since is famous for the ability to rescue a human body from diseases hard to cure which quite often gain chronic character.
Than the mold is dangerous
Чем опасна плесеньMany of us got used not to pay attention to black specks in the field of a ceiling, walls in a toilet and a bathroom. However such, apparently, insignificant trifle represents the real fungus which not simply worsens a dwelling interior, but also bears serious threat for health of all his inhabitants.
Tea rooibos, advantage and harm
Чай ройбуш, польза и вредThe grade of rooibos tea is extremely tasty, saturated and fragrant drink preferred by many gourmets. It is received by processing of leaves of the bush of the same name growing in South Africa. However besides outstanding tastes, this drink has numerous useful properties of which it is known around the world.
As it is correct to drink rum
Как правильно пить ромRum – the drink having the rich, fanned by romanticism history which began in the 17th century. At this particular time, more than ever piracy, a slave trade prospered earlier, new lands opened and seized, and this drink was the invariable companion of the people who chose for themselves so dangerous and fascinating professions.
As it is correct to drink water
Как правильно пить водуAlways to be in a tone, it is good to feel, lose extra kilos without special problems – dream of each person. Therefore each of us at least tries to do in the morning exercises, is less or at all to starve – to do though something to reach treasured desires. But at all this not everyone cares of amount of the water drunk in day.
How to drink to an elder
Как пить самбукуElder – anisic liqueur which belongs to hard alcoholic beverages. It is considered to be its homeland Italy, however it is present on show-windows of shops and bars of the whole world. By the popularity of an elder it is obliged, first of all, to a bright and festive way of giving which in itself is similar to enchanting show.
Use of mustard oil
Применение горчичного маслаLong centuries mustard is favourite spice of many people not only thanks to the tastes, but also medicinal properties. In old times it even treated leprosy, and slight diseases and even less so. Today mustard oil is applied successfully in cookery, traditional medicine and cosmetology.
Useful properties to a karkada
Полезные свойства каркадеUseful drink of red color – tea to a karkada, will perfectly satisfy thirst in hot day, will relieve of fatigue, will warm in cold weather, will strengthen your immunity, will help to overcome quicker cold and a lot of things many other things.
As it is correct to drink martini
Как правильно пить мартиниDelightful and juicy, sated with aroma of herbs … It is necessary to fall in love from the first drink with the wonderful Italian Vermouth carrying the name "Martini". Long time this drink was considered as attribute of luxury and prosperity, after all it was available to not everyone.
How to drink gin
Как пить джинGin … Distinguished and aristocratical, possessing refined aroma, capable to stupefy as if a magical potion. And in spite of the fact that this noble alcoholic drink was born in Holland, its unsurpassed taste and bewitching aftertaste managed to subdue even the most experienced gourmets of the whole world.
What is the gluten
Что такое глютенActually daily on the TV on this or that channel it is possible to meet transfer in which it is said how food which we daily eat are terrible for us. Every day scientists of various universities of the world find to us new enemies one of which was already a gluten.
Properties of pearls
Свойства жемчугаHistorians consider that in ancient times people began to do the very first jewelry of pearls. But today pearls is not only material for jewelry, they conceal in themselves many medicinal and magic properties. Therefore we recommend to everyone to have jewelry from pearls in the casket.
How to struggle with rats and mice at home
Как бороться с крысами и мышами у себя домаUnfortunately, domestic rodents quite often become uninvited guests in that territory which we got used to consider as the. The similar neighbourhood can lead not only to decrease to comfort level because of presence of so exotic lodgers, but also threaten your health or even life.
What to do that flowers stood more long
Что делать, чтобы цветы дольше стоялиAs it is pleasant to receive as a gift a magnificent bouquet! Flowers – a symbol of unconditional, sincere love and tenderness of feelings, respect, appreciation or gratitude. And so cut flowers that they as it is possible more long want to prolong life pleased us, being in a vase. Some subtleties, methods and methods of care of flower bouquets will be opened by
Technology of drawing on water
Техника рисования на водеWater since ancient times attracted interest of the person and attracted it the unusual qualities. One of four elements of the universe she with an identical force is capable to destroy and create, frighten and force to admire.
Useful properties of baking soda
Полезные свойства пищевой содыRemoval of fatigue, elimination of unpleasant smells, clarification of any surfaces, treatment of heartburn and even possibility of application in the form of a deodorant is only some points from the list of those delights which are possessed by usual baking soda. This means is in each house today, however not all hostesses know that its useful properties extend far beyond kitchen.
Cultivation of goats
Разведение козIf you live in the suburbs, in the settlement or the village is generally close to the nature, you have an excellent chance to be engaged in interesting, useful and profitable business – cultivation of goats.
As it is correct to carry rings
Как правильно носить кольцаMost of women do not represent the life without jewelry. According to psychologists, exists some reasons inducing women to carrying rings: aspiration to social security, desire to look prestigious and beautiful, well and, of course, to be pleasant to representatives of an opposite sex.
Whether the electronic cigarette is harmful
Вредна ли электронная сигаретаAll know long ago that smoking damages health, but to give up smoking it turns out not at everyone. Alternative to an ordinary cigarette – its electronic option. Still scientists did not come to a consensus, whether the electronic cigarette is useful or harmful. Together with we will understand, whether the electronic cigarette is harmful.
Treatment by live and dead water
Лечение живой и мертвой водойIn the Middle Ages alchemists were engaged in transformation of usual water in "live and dead", capable to cure many illnesses. And in the sixties last century in the Soviet Union scientists officially declared that know how to make water which has unique properties.
Shungit surprising properties of a stone
Удивительные свойства камня шунгитThe nature was the most ingenious scientist and the skilled doctor at all times. Unique and most useful drugs for our health - from it. Shungit it is possible by the right to consider as one of the most valuable gifts which were received ever by mankind from bowels of the earth. This mountain stone of a Precambrian era is considered as modified coal, a transitional form from anthracite to graphite.
Tattoos and their value
Татуировки и их значениеFrom time immemorial the tattoo was considered as the great sacrament, sacral art urged to protect the owner from troubles or to give it force and firmness. In those far times drawing drawing on a body was available not to everyone that you will not tell about our days.
Use of camphor oil
Применение камфорного маслаCamphor oil in traditional medicine is used not one decade, but recently even more often it is possible to hear, as about its advantage, and harm. Where the truth and where lie, and how exactly it is necessary to apply camphor oil that it brought to health only benefit - these questions are in detail considered in article.
As it is correct to drink absinthe liqueur
Как правильно пить абсентWith disorder of the Soviet Union unprecedented earlier alcoholic beverages came to our country many. And the compatriots who got used to traditional drinks asked a question: - "And how to drink it?"
Floristics for beginners
Флористика для начинающихAgree that it is very pleasant and joyful to receive flowers as a gift. With their help it is possible to express the feelings and emotions, for example, love, gratitude, respect. The flower composition which is present at the room draws attention, improves an interior.
How to learn to dance a waltz
Как научиться танцевать вальсThis dance one of the most known and romantic. It is danced at many parties and balls, and its mastering becomes popular. Valls is esteemed in many countries of the world. To be able to waltz it became prestigious, after all this one of rules of mastering good manners.
How to learn to dance belly dance
Как научиться танцевать танец животаIn east countries the female stomach was always property of the public, part of culture, object of admiration and worship. The nakedness which is hardly covered with a translucent strip of fabric does not deprive this part of a female body of appeal inherent in it, even on the contrary at all.
Use of castor oil
Применение касторового маслаFor people of the senior generation castor oil is peculiar "nightmare" from the childhood, after all besides treatment, it applied and as a horror story to disobedient children. It even found reflection in children's literature (remember the book "Adventures of Dunno and His Friends" of Nosov) and Malvina tried to impart good manners of Buratino by means of the same castor oil.
Advantage and harm of black tea
Польза и вред черного чаяBoxes and bags with black tea and strongly located long ago in our kitchens. Today in popularity this drink does not concede even to beer! Still, after all daily in the world tea is made by three billion people!
As it is correct to drink tequila
Как правильно пить текилуTequila … The alcoholic drink fanned by myths and legends which on fortress is not inferior to vodka more habitual to the Russian person but possessing softer taste.
How to learn to sing
Как научиться петьAll people love music. However, all have at us different preferences: to someone to liking classics, and someone does not think of life without hard rock. Very frequent to sing desire in the same way as the favourite entertainment star, becomes persuasive dream. And the dream, as we know, needs to give chance of execution.
Organic agriculture
Органическое земледелиеToday many people seriously reflect on quality and ecological safety of the products getting to us on a table. Many seek to grow up a small, but "" environmentally friendly crop on a site. And it is valid, unless not a charm, to break the first gentle cucumber from a bed, or to gather a flat dish of ripe strawberry by a breakfast and that costed by an own very young kartoshechka in July.
Recipe of water of Sassi
Рецепт воды СассиIt has an unusual name Sassy water, but it possesses huge force. What it for the magician such? Water, but with a mass of merits. Today will tell you about panacea from extra kilos - Vode Sassi and its advantages.
How quickly to fall asleep
Как быстро уснутьAll elephants are counted, patterns on wall-paper were engraved in the memory firmly, and the dream is still not here. Periodically sleeplessness all have, depending on disorders of the endured day and mood before going to bed. But how to make so that sleeplessness did not become the chronic phenomenon, knows
Medicinal properties of fir oil
Лечебные свойства пихтового маслаAmong coniferous favourites in an aromatherapy fir oil stands a little aside. It is used much more less than, for example, the pine. And, by the way, the fir contains improving, unique in one other essential oil useful properties. Which, knows.
How to choose a hookah
Как выбрать кальянSpeak about it much. He is esteemed in many countries and used almost every day. It is a hookah. It became so popular that came and to Russia. The hookah is esteemed in many cities, it smoke in special cafes. There are clubs of fans of a hookah who teach people how to smoke a hookah correctly. We together with will plunge into the world of hookahs and we will find out how it is correct to choose a hookah.
Cultivation of crayfish in house conditions
Разведение раков в домашних условияхThe crayfish divorced and who are grown up by own forces - very profitable business. Anything difficult in it is not present, however, that the success of the enterprise did not keep itself waiting long, business needs to be begun with careful information awareness and an objective assessment of the forces.
What to buy dances footwear
Какую купить обувь для танцевFrom time immemorial the beautiful, bewitching dances became a part of the life for many people. We dance when to us it is cheerful when there is a wish to banish sad thoughts when there is a desire to lighten mood to warm up, improve a figure. At a party with friends, at a concert, on a solemn event or simply alone with itself under good music.
Advantage and harm of coffee
Польза и вред кофеIt is difficult to find the person who does not like to begin the morning or the working day with a cup of fragrant coffee. This drink held a firm place in our life and does not intend to leave it. And despite our love to coffee, willy-nilly we reflect: but whether it is harmful to me now to drink still a cup?
Cultivation of quails
Разведение перепеловIn spite of the fact that the quail - a bird in appearance unsightly, she is very much appreciated among fans of a tasty game. Therefore their cultivation at the correct approach practically always bears benefit to the owner. And how to make to enter into group of owners of a successful house poultry farm, knows
How to choose rokhl and electropilers?
Как выбрать рохли и электроштабелеры?In this article we will tell about subtleties of a choice of electropilers and rokhly, and also we will consider separate types of this warehouse equipment, feature of their operation.
Warehouse equipment and its features
Складская техника и ее особенностиFor the organization of movement of goods for warehouses and trade rooms the hoisting-and-transport equipment having various functional and design features is used. In small warehouses use of the high-performance mechanism is economically inexpedient, and small-scale mechanization, just opposite, will be very effective.
What fish the most useful
Какая рыба самая полезнаяUndoubtedly, among seafood fish takes the leading place. That fish, sea, river or from the ocean is useful – people know for a long time. And here what fish the most useful to an organism of the child, the teenager and the adult, we also learn.
How to learn it is beautifully to speak
Как научиться красиво говоритьThe person who speaks it is coped, it is clear, convincing and, besides, beautifully, will always achieve that is necessary for him. And here the one who and two words "can not connect" will never become a leader, will not be able to convince people of the correctness and, as they say, not "will lead army".
Councils for storage of things
Советы по хранению вещейAll of us remember since the childhood the animated film and Lyubov Voronkova's book about Masha-rasteryashu. The girl could not find stockings, a shoe, a dress … And whether you had enough, dear readers to look for something when and so are already late? For example, keys from the car, the passport or a glove? And all these searches, especially necessary trifles, distract, force to waste time, irritate, enter into a depression.
Holding a tea ceremony
Проведение чайной церемонииNobody is able to taste so amber drink as people of the East. In Japan and China a tea ceremony – the most ancient tradition. Its culture is inseparable from art and a way of life. But it is possible to organize tea ceremonies not only in east countries, and and in any house. To observe all nuances, maybe it will not be possible, but the main thing to carry out the basic rules of this bewitching action. Which, knows.
How to entertain guests
Как развлечь гостейHere also the holiday comes nearer. Relatives, friends will come, the hostess will lay a table, all will take seat and … And what further? Ate, drank, still ate, communicated, sang a karaoke. This plan is familiar to all. And how to diversify the cultural program of a house sit-round gathering?
Useful properties of green tea
Полезные свойства зеленого чаяAssociations which arise at the mention of green tea, it is a beautiful tea ceremony, amber drink, transparent, magnificent on taste, which will not be compared to anything another. About advantage of green tea it is possible to talk for hours. Give together with we will understand that, green tea and as it is correct to use it is how useful.
Books which should be read
Книги, которые стоит прочитатьWas to read always and it will be fashionable. It is possible to argue on it to blue in the face and sleeps, but it actually so. Books are called not for nothing "the best friends" and "spiritual food", after all they are the main source of knowledge and developments of intelligence.
Cultivation of hens on a personal plot
Разведение кур на приусадебном участкеI am engaged in poultry farming long ago. My hobby, besides moral satisfaction, allows to have always on a table fresh eggs and tasty juicy meat. In this article I want to share with readers of experience of cultivation of laying hens.
How to write the poem
Как написать стихотворениеPerhaps, most of readers of anyway rhymed lines for school KVNs, congratulations on holidays or simply sloppings of emotions. And also the majority threw this business, including themselves insufficiently capable.
How to remove bugs
Как вывести клоповThose who at least once had to meet these insects "confidentially", will remember the feelings well. It is not simple to fight against bugs very, and to live with them nearby even more difficult. Therefore collected for you recommendations about fight against bugs.
Treasure hunting
КладоискательствоWho from us did not dream to find a treasure in the childhood? And so, I will tell you, this children's dream can be achieved and now, being the adult. What for this purpose it is necessary and what benefit can be derived from this occupation? About everything one after another.
Happy life without domestic parasites
Счастливая жизнь без домашних паразитовThe person lives in continuous contact with insects: whether it be street or house. But most often the meeting comes in the most improper, and from that even more unexpected moment. Especially, if it is about domestic parasites.
The reasons of poor progress of school students at learning of foreign languages
Причины неуспеваемости школьников при изучении иностранных языковAll of us studied at school and we know that the foreign language — is one of the most difficult subjects. Especially not easy assimilation of "an infidelic mova" during the pubertatny period is given: at teenage age school students apathetically treat study, thus in communication with adults they are quite aggressive and embittered. Neither parents, nor teachers for them authorities are not.
Pneumatic weapon
Пневматическое оружиеToday in the world there is a great variety of various type of weapon, beginning from onions with arbalests and finishing with the frightening nuclear weapons. In this article I would like to talk about the pneumatic weapon or as it is called in common people - pneumatics. So, what this such pneumatics? In what its feature?
Whether it is possible to cope with domestic insects without effort?
Можно ли без труда справиться с домашними насекомыми?Today the market is filled with different means for destruction of importunate domestic insects, however very few of them are rather safe and effective. How many times owners faced that flies, mosquitoes, it is not possible to bring a moth or cockroaches any means. In this article we will tell how the prepared inhabitants battle to insects.
How to attract good luck?
Как привлечь удачу?The Old man died and he got to God. "My God, – the Old man told, – Why you never sent me at least small Good luck? I never in life won, and after all so for it waited!". "And I waited, – God sadly answered, – that you though just once will buy the lottery ticket!".
Training of elderly people in work on the computer
Обучение пожилых людей работе на компьютереStill quite recently you were full of strength also energy, directed people and there were in the thick of things lives: reckoned with your opinion, your society looked for. And now you on pension, and everything instantly changed: phone is silent, working everyday life passes by you, children have the life …
How to learn to get up early
Как научиться рано вставатьDid not look through the last dreams yet, and the alarm clock already rings with might and main? Really night already flew by? Night ended, and there is a wish to sleep even more, than yesterday evening. Unfortunately, such situation meets today quite often. We offer you some councils in order that for the minimum time to get enough sleep most effectively and vigorously to rise early in the morning.
How to get rid of a food moth
Как избавиться от пищевой молиThe food moth as any butterfly, can meet in two forms: in the form of a butterfly or a larva. Larvae damage products, and their emergence – a signal that in your kitchen of mol will be soon everywhere! Therefore if you noticed a food moth, do not hope for a miracle, start fight at once.
How to make a family tree
Как составить генеалогическое деревоGeneral hobby for family trees – not only a craze. In any case, there is a wish to think so. In the majority people, finding relatives and data on ancestors, subconsciously seek to learn themselves. This not only fascinating occupation, and opportunity to look at the life from other point of view. In a word, make a family tree of your family!
How to be protected from attack of dogs
Как защититься от нападения собакDog, of course, the friend of the person, about her devotion not in vain compose legends. But also in city line, and in rural areas vagrant dogs of whom it is better to steer clear meet. I will tell couple of stories on this subject. Once the close attention of a street small dog brought my acquaintance to a nervous hiccups. The dog obviously was adjusted aggressively, growled and grinned.
Independent studying of Italian
Самостоятельное изучение итальянского языкаYou would like to learn Italian. Why it? Perhaps you learn the fifth language, and it is possible, the Italian opera so responds in your heart that without language to you not to live. Or you simply wanted – interestingly and will not be superfluous. Anyway it is necessary to be defined, how many hours per week you are ready to devote to occupations and how many money can spend.
What to do if the thermometer broke
Что делать, если разбился градусникMany of us in the home first-aid kit in a special case have a medical mercury thermometer called in the people simply by a thermometer. Thanks to it we learn body temperature at an indisposition. Quite often such measuring instruments of temperature break that throws witnesses of the incident into confusion.
Care of bees in the winter
Уход за пчелами зимойThe beekeeper has to understand that at most families the medosbor completely depends. The person of no character cannot lift a heavy bar. Same situation and in bee community. The more there will be a mass of the bees who left on wintering, the high probability of their safe flight and activity in spring time. There are some compulsory procedures.
How to get rid of mice
Как избавиться от мышейBefore a mouse "came" into private houses, lodged at dachas, respected hen houses. Now winters became severe, mice without ceremony climb to apartments, garages. They it is noisy are scraped at night, peregryzat wires, spoil the most different things and, at last, transfer horrible diseases. Whether it is worth saying that fight against rodents should be begun immediately!
How to behave on a visit
Как вести себя в гостяхThe invitation on a visit – isn't that so, the pleasant moment in life. A campaign on a visit, especially to earlier strangers – process a little disturbing, after all it is difficult to foresee interests and preferences of people with which you practically never communicated. To feel more surely and to avoid annoying misunderstanding, it is enough to know some rules of etiquette.
Training of children in fire safety regulations
Обучение детей правилам пожарной безопасностиChildren – the least protected group of the population from the fires as they have no certain knowledge, and also skills in the field of fire safety. Proceeding from it, the explanation to children of fire safety regulations is integral part of educational and educational process. Different age categories of children mean various methods and approaches to training.
Independent studying of English
Самостоятельное изучение английского языкаThe question of studying of English rises almost sooner or later before everyone who at least once went abroad, communicated with the foreign partner in business or tried to watch the movie without the translation. I was influenced, probably, by all possible ways of studying of English, but effective for me were only some. Also I want to share the experience.
How to reduce a tattoo
Как свести татуировкуBeing the coquettish girl student, I made to myself on a wrist quite extravagant tattoo. Then it was fashionable. I graduated from the university and arrived to work in one of banks for the lawyer's position. The serious position obliged to an official style in clothes, and washing a tattoo now looked the extremely inappropriate. I began to look for information how to reduce a tattoo.
Whether it is worth going to army
Стоит ли идти в армиюI grew in military garrison the first 18 years of the life, from school graduated in 18, after successful delivery of any Unified State Examinations I at own will decided to go to army. And this article is my exclusive opinion and experience. It is created in order that you could put one more point of view on such, important subject for many young people in Russia, as "Conscription service in army".
How to get rid of ants in the apartment
Как избавиться от муравьев в квартиреThose who at least once saw a congestion of domestic ants, will remember them forever – the pottering-about herd of small red insects regaling on your favourite pies! Ants wreckers happen different. But small red (brown) ants most often live in apartments. And from the moment of their thorough moving it becomes madly difficult to etch ants.
How to get rid of cockroaches
Как избавиться от таракановI hope, all perfectly understand that except esthetic discomfort the cockroach brotherhood is a carrier of causative agents of serious infectious diseases. In addition cockroaches are capable to damage products, house plants, books and even leather footwear! Therefore I consider a question of the quiet neighbourhood closed. It is necessary to struggle with cockroaches!
How to get rid of a mold in the apartment
Как избавиться от плесени в квартиреThe mold is capable to create an array of problems to the ordinary inhabitant. It spoils wall-paper, wooden products, is the reason of an unpleasant smell of linen and a characteristic unpleasant smell in the apartment. And fight against a mold – long and expensive pleasure. But it is necessary to fight and to do it in a complex. Do not think that someone will prompt you wonderful solution.
As it is correct to drink not to get drunk
Как правильно пить, чтобы не пьянетьProcess of the use of alcoholic beverages – a true art! Feasts happen in life of each person rather often. It happens and so, what it is necessary to drink (for example, with business partners), and it is impossible to get drunk. Let's learn drink so that pleasant euphoria at the beginning of a feast did not develop into nausea and a headache for the morning after it.
Alcoholic beverages, use etiquette
Алкогольные напитки, этикет употребленияToday alcoholic beverages strike with the variety. They are always in demand. In order that it is correct to take alcoholic beverages, it is not enough to know about their existence. It is necessary to have elementary ideas of their variety, and also to know alcohol intake etiquette. It will help formation of the correct relation to alcoholic drinks.
How to gather mushrooms
Как собирать грибыI wish to all visitors warm fall. Now it is a high time to rise a bit earlier, to collect buckets and to go to the suburb. The wood covered by gentle dew has an unusual smell. In particular, young fir-trees, so-called mushroom pickers "young growth", simply bewitches the virginity. Only some steps, a look under a small fir-tree – and here it, our first mushroom.
In total about guitar strings
Все о гитарных струнахIt is known that the guitar is a string instrument. And everyone who deals with a guitar, by all means faces need to buy strings and to change them. There are many firms doing guitar strings and to recommend some one would be incorrect. Therefore I will tell about what strings exist and also as to change them and how to look after them.
How effectively to be prepared for examinations
Как эффективно подготовиться к экзаменамThe summer is closer, the those who passes examinations feel not more cozy. After all it is necessary to prepare for them. And to do it laziness. In psychology the concept "laziness" is not present. There is "an absence of motivation". After all it is much easier to find motive, than to overcome laziness. For what to undertake that to avoid, what levers to press during preparation for examinations? Learn about it, having read article.
Cultivation of mushrooms an oyster mushroom in house conditions
Выращивание грибов вешенка в домашних условияхIf you conceived to grow up mushrooms, best of all to begin with mushrooms the oyster mushroom. Ask: "Why?". Yes because it is the most unpretentious mushroom for which cultivation it is not necessary to be the expert and a skilled gribovod. It is possible to grow up oyster mushrooms at itself at dacha, at home and even in the city apartment. Temperature condition and humidity can be supported make-shifts.
How to avoid the street conflicts
Как избегать уличных конфликтовEach of us at least once in life faced such problem as street hooligans. Such problem as street gangsterism, unfortunately, existed in society at all stages of its development. To avoid serious consequences, it is important to know psychology of behavior of the person who sticks to you on the street.
As it is correct to write papers
Как правильно писать рефератыThe paper is the report stated in a written or oral view of the set subject, on the basis of information collected from various sources. Thus it is possible to bring the point of view in the paper, then it will be already not simply dry retelling of words of others, and individual, creative work. In an ideal if to put heart and soul in preparation, it is possible to count and on an excellent assessment.
How to move to live to other city
Как переехать жить в другой город"Here I will take, I will throw everything and I will go to the city of the dream", – these thoughts repeatedly appear in the head of each person. All of us wish to escape from fetters of our life, to feel on ourselves full freedom, to understand, on what we are capable, what our forces in this world that we stand without support of parents, friends and acquaintances as we will be able to realize ourselves and whether we will be able.
As it is easy to wake up in the mornings
Как легко просыпаться по утрамTo fill up daily after midnight for you norm? You get up when even roosters did not wake up? In your city there came the season of cloudy weather, and instead of the bright sun in the mornings you are awoken by knock of a pouring rain in a window? Then you need to know how it is correct to wake up how to cheer up and be adjusted on good continuation of day.
How to get rid of unpleasant smells in the apartment
Как избавиться от неприятных запахов в квартиреThe smell is the first that meets you and your guests as soon as you cross an apartment threshold. Both any refined interior and expensive furniture will not be able to move negative impression which will be made inevitably in the presence of unpleasant smells indoors.
How to get rid of a moth
Как избавиться от молиThere is a lot of species of a moth, but most often in the apartments we face three: grain, fur-coat and clothes. The first brings a variety our food allowance, others two – surprise with the design decisions concerning our clothes and home decoration. Prior to "military operations" against a moth, it is necessary to understand nevertheless that is effective in fight against it.
Purchase of the portable dosimeter
Покупка портативного дозиметраAwful accidents in Chernobyl, on Fukushima affected the general radioatsionny background of extensive territories, underground ground waters and the atmosphere. Today you will surprise nobody with the dosimeter, with it shop in the market and check vacation spots or fishings. Usefulness of dosimeters is confirmed with daily practice.
How to choose the breathalyzer
Как выбрать алкотестерSome mistakenly believe that the breathalyzer is necessary only for drivers. Actually it will be not superfluous in many spheres of life. For example, electronic alkometra are widely used on checkpoints of large manufacturing enterprises, and they can help parents in the course of control of the child during the teenage period when the risk of hobby for its alcohol is high with life.
Поступление в ВУЗы ИталииItaly from time immemorial was famous for the science, culture and education. Thousands of young people aspire to Bologna, Rome, Florence from year to year to acquire knowledge and to attend lectures of one of the best professors of the world. With what to begin? How to choose university? What documents are necessary? About all this, relying on own experience, I will tell in article.
How to create band
Как создать музыкальную группуAttracts light of spotlights? Wish to stand on a scene, at which bottom the crowd of fans chanting your name? By all means want to throw out the TV from a window of hotel and to break couple of guitars during a concert? It's cool! Only know that to all this a long and difficult way. Always it is necessary to begin with something.
Independent studying of the Czech language
Самостоятельное изучение чешского языкаYou gathered in travel to fantastic Prague? Open business in the Czech Republic? Go to study or work? And maybe, you are attracted simply by sounding of the Czech speech? Anyway you are faced by a question "How to learn the Czech language?". If your native language Russian or other Slavic language, is much simpler to learn the Czech language to you, than all rest.
As it is correct to drink
Как правильно питьAt us in the country many like to drink. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do it. Actually in it there is nothing difficult. At observance of several simple rules it is easy to minimize serious consequences of a feast. Rules, really, simple, burden with nothing and do not prevent to spend time cheerfully.
In total about electronic cigarettes
Все об электронных сигаретахIn far 2003 in Hong Kong the unique device – an electronic cigarette was patented. Externally this cigarette completely imitates old kind "harmful" cigarettes. You smoke an electronic cigarette precisely as usual, and in many respects feelings from smoking the same. And allegedly such cigarettes are harmless. Whether so it, whether it is worth using them - about it and we will talk.
Distance learning
Дистанционное обучениеIt is very difficult to present our modern life without the Internet. Everything gradually passes into an electronic look – both purses, and mail, both books, and work on the Internet, etc. And possibility of education too moves to a new level. In Russia, as well as in a number of the European countries, there was an access to higher education by distance learning.
Packing and transportation of things when moving
Упаковка и перевозка вещей при переездеUpon purchase of new housing all of us are covered by pleasure. Only after we start reflecting how to transport all things in an integrity and safety. At many the mood starts falling and to fall hands. And absolutely in vain. It is rather correct to pack things, and it will be possible to avoid undesirable scratches on furniture and equipment in the course of moving.
With what to begin studying of German
С чего начать изучение немецкого языкаStudying of German, as well as any other, it is necessary to begin, having idea of dictionary structure and grammar. It is so easier to start studying, than knowing 10-20 words or without knowing them at all. German demands special approach and assiduity because belongs to group of languages in which the great value is played by articles and arrangement of words in the offer.
How to enter to medical school
Как поступить в медицинский ВУЗAnnually in Russia more than 100000 yesterday's graduates become entrants of medical schools. To the graduate of school to look for some years ahead did not stick, and therefore criteria of a choice differ. We suggest to understand, both a rating of medical schools of Russia, and some rules, observing which the entrant will be enlisted in first-year students.
Free studying of languages on the Internet
Бесплатное изучение языков в интернетеIf to speak about the independent learning of foreign language in house conditions calculated on the modest budget at readiness to make "labor" investments, it is possible to try to be engaged in it on the Internet. Free in fact process of studying of a modern language can be made the most pleasant and interesting, thus effective.
How to escape from a heat
Как спастись от жарыThe summer is not only the pleasure, holiday and good mood, but also infinite weeks of a never-ending siesta when there is a wish for nothing, is not gone anywhere and in the head only one word "the Heat knocks!". Each summer season it comes suddenly and proceeds infinitely. During such periods it is useful to remember how to escape from this misfortune, from that heat.
How to save itself from thieves of pickpockets
Как уберечь себя от воров карманниковPsychologists unanimously claim that in most cases pocket thefts, first of all ourselves are guilty. We carry with ourselves without cause important documents, credit cards and we forget to clasp a bag, paying journey. And therefore nevertheless it is worth remembering precautionary measures thanks to which, you will avoid a fate to fall into a trap thieves pickpockets.
Bases of the standard of speech
Основы культуры речиWell-bred speech is an important component of success today. And not only in business. In the modern world there is a set of means of communication, and to all participants of process will pleasantly hear the competent speech, and also it is correct to express the point of view. Naturally, in different life situations our speech has different character.
How to remember phone numbers
Как запоминать номера телефоновYou remember number of the mobile phone? Not everyone from us remembers this number. However, supervision show that such occurs very often. For example, the woman is going to recharge in salon of communication. The question of ten figures of number of its own cellular nonpluses her.
How to remember the list of purchases
Как запомнить список покупокThe person wanders about the market, or shop and endlessly looks in some piece of paper. What does it do? Of course it is verified with the list of purchases. This picture is familiar to much. Well, confirm! How to help the person with the saturated information world to remember also such trifles by what household problems and orders about purchases are presented to us?
Installation of systems of video surveillance
Установка систем видеонаблюденияPerhaps, under the term "Systems of Video Surveillance" so huge niche lies, what even for the description of bases "that to what", will not be enough that one article, and even the whole book. will not try to describe indescribable and will talk only about that sector which can be useful to the ordinary buyer, namely about own safety and convenience.
Rules of change of houseplants
Правила пересадки комнатных растенийChange of flowers. What, apparently, can be simpler? But also in this case there are subtleties which need to be considered that the plant got accustomed on a new place and felt as at home, pleasing us with the greens and flowers. Also will tell about it in the article
Choice of the traumatic weapon
Выбор травматического оружияWe continue a cycle of articles devoted to self-defense and behind already there were stun guns and gas sprays. As Al Capone spoke: "The gun and the kind word it is better, than simply kind word". Today we will try to sort as far as this expression is applicable to self-defense, and we will talk about the traumatic weapon.
Choice and application of a gas spray
Выбор и применение газового баллончикаThe invention not new also goes to the Stone Age. Already in those days ancient people realized that some substances very not bad drive away various ill-wishers. In this article will continue the story about the means of self-defense allowed by the law which can be found on counters of shops and this time conversation will go about gas sprays.
We study business English
Учим деловой английскийThis article does not apply for the ultimate truth. You probably will not find in it ready solutions. It is rather an information to reflection which either will accept, or will reject. Let's understand a question of studying of business English, or as still speak - English for business.
Choice and use of the stun gun
Выбор и применение электрошокераThese small black boxes with the acting electrodes under the name stun guns are known, perhaps, practically for everything. The principle of action in a people at large is known as following: electrodes of the stun gun it is rested against a body of the enemy then we press a small button of turning on of this device, and the high voltage puts the offender out of action at all.
Weapon choice for self-defense
Выбор оружия для самообороныIn our life we can be crossed with a large number of people, whose attitude towards us sometimes not the friendly. At a meeting with such persons to the ordinary person can have very not with pleasure. Therefore to win street fight can be useful various weapon for self-defense. What here can enter?
How to acquire English grammar
Как усвоить английскую грамматикуCame it is time to understand that such grammar. After all it is taught a little differently everywhere. When you precisely understand that such grammar, will be able to distinguish the ways of its studying which were more suitable for you from less suitable, faster from slow, so, will be able to acquire it quicker and easier.
How to make English the second native
Как сделать английский вторым роднымHere also passed the first two weeks of new 2009th year. For someone these days, were workers, someone had a rest still, someone started performance of working tasks. But after all each of us not only has working plans for this year. There are plans and personal. And one of points of the plan at many people – to learn or finish learning English this year.
We learn in the different ways English
Учим разными способами английский языкIn the world there are a lot of different techniques of training in anything. Technologies develop with a high speed, getting into different spheres of activity of the person. Let's consider advantages and shortcomings of every way of studying of English separately. Thus we will lay aside only one – training at trip abroad. We will be trained "at home".
How to get additional education it is free
Как получить дополнительное образование бесплатноShould choose a profession the majority of us at early age. Seldom who guesses the calling at once, often people are compelled to be engaged not subjects that is pleasant or brings in the good income. To replace a profession not so simply, especially, if there is no necessary knowledge and skills. We will help you to change life by the best time without special expenses and money.
How to find the partner in dances
Как найти партнера по танцамSpeak about dance differently. Dance is an expression of that at you inside. Dance – one of possible ways to understand itself and to become by itself. The great American dancer Martha Graham considered dance as secret language of soul, and Friedrich Nietzsche possesses words: "We have to consider lost every day in which we did not dance at least once".
Why it is difficult to learn English
Почему сложно выучить английский языкThe lack of places where it is possible to learn English, and also of ways is not present its studying today. From time to time it is possible to hear that someone developed a new, revolutionary way of training, analogs to which is not present. But if you look at this new way closer, it appears that it only variations on old subjects.
English and crisis
Английский язык и кризисPerhaps, this question can seem to the strange – what there can be a communication here? After all crisis is when not enough money and expensive goods or on the contrary – – roofs are higher than goods, and to buy them there is nothing. But, apparently, here also does not smell as English! But we made simpler – asked about this communication of people. Simply to tell – conducted survey. Opinions of people were shared.
As manipulate buyers in supermarkets
Как манипулируют покупателями в супермаркетахSupermarkets gradually force out usual shops and even the markets. They differ in the wide range, the pleasant atmosphere, good service. Therefore and not only therefore, we give preference to shopping in a supermarket. But there is also other party of a medal. Besides the called pluses, supermarkets have also minuses. About them the speech in this article will also go.
Top of 10 delusions about studying of English
Топ 10 заблуждений об изучении английского языкаIn the field of studying of English there are many delusions. Today we will glance at some of them. All the matter is that similar thoughts – not simply delusions which are at first sight perceived as absolutely reasonable and natural. In actual fact it appears what exactly they so prevent us to learn English!
We study English: how to remember words?
Учим английский: как запоминать слова?Methods of learning of words, as well as techniques of training in English, happen different. It is enough to give inquiry to Yandex, Google or other searcher as the mountain of councils will fall upon you. How among this wood to find that only the necessary tree? Before to begin conversation how to learn words, let's understand, which words should be learned.
How to make rooibos and a karkada
Как заваривать ройбуш и каркадеFans of strong black tea have unpleasant feelings in a stomach. What to speak about people with pressure problems?! Exit one: to look for alternative drinks which would be deprived of shortcomings of coffee and tea. And dark horses of our tea market can quite take their place: rooibos and karkada. Now will also tell about them.
How quickly to learn English
Как быстро выучить английский языкIn this article the speech will not go about any abstruse or smart things like the 25th shot or hypnosis. Also we will not discuss a way which is recommended sometimes – studying with immersion on language Wednesday. At least because in the first two cases it does not work – it is impossible to place in reason something without the knowledge of reason.
How to make the correct business card
Как сделать правильную визиткуThe card — the easiest and effective way to earn to itself good reputation in business. At the first acquaintance to the business partner your business card will convincingly show it degree of solidity of your firm and your situation in it. How to make such business card which will constantly work for you and to help with affairs?
Tea mat: zavarivaniye and rules of drink
Чай мате: заваривание и правила питияIt will be a question of the tea which is promptly gathering popularity a mat. Generally if strictly to judge, a mat tea is not which to a measure. If tea is leaves of a tea-plant, a mat are leaves and stalks of an evergreen plant of a holly Paraguayan. It is a branchy treelike bush with smooth whitish bark which in the wild nature the up to 15 meters high grows.
Meditation in practice
Медитация на практикеEach of us life tests for durability. How to self-actualize at work and with firmness to stand the chief? How to endure the conflict or even a gap to darling? How to run away from the constant satellites – chronic fatigue and discontent with? And what to do if all these troubles fell down you at the same time?! To try to be engaged in meditation!
How to increase the lexicon
Как увеличить свой словарный запасLiteracy of the speaking is defined by quantity and a variety of the used words. On storing of new words a lot of time leaves. And often there is a problem of their extraction from memory. There are many techniques of increase in a lexicon, however, as practice shows, some of them are effective, and some are not present.
With what to begin studying of English
С чего начать изучение английского языкаToday many people of different age and the social status often have a thought: "It is necessary to learn English!". For someone it is the urgent need connected with work, someone often goes abroad on rest, and someone simply wants to expand the knowledge, as they say, with prospect on the future.
How to work at unauthorized leaving of part
Как действовать при самовольном оставлении частиFrom the beginning of conscription, in each family having the young man of military age there are many problems. As state public organizations, still for most of recruits and their parents the agenda in a military registration and enlistment office is something it is similar to a bolt from the blue. As a result, having come up against real situations, many are lost, without knowing how to behave.
Independent learning of foreign language
Самостоятельное изучение иностранного языкаSpring – time of changes. Someone was going to visit the unfamiliar country during holiday, someone – to change a job, and someone and a residence. And for implementation of your plans you need to learn a foreign language. It is thought, some councils how it is better to organize independent work on learning of foreign language, will help you.
How to travel a self-locking device
Как путешествовать автостопомFor true romantics of the road. The self-locking device is and it is simple, and difficult at the same time. It not simply opportunity to travel about on highways without penny behind soul. The self-locking device is a way of life, it is a cult, it is the real religion of the road. will share only several, but the most important councils especially useful to those who for the first time goes to a way.
How to secure itself during night walk
Как обезопасить себя во время ночной прогулкиThe night city – is full of dangers. The stone jungle at this time of days leads absolutely other life, than in the afternoon. But it happens so that we need to pass on dark streets at night. The reasons can be different: there is no money for a taxi, medicine in the round-the-clock drugstore was required, the car broke. How to secure itself during the compelled night walk?
Exercises for diction improvement
Упражнения для улучшения дикцииWant to learn to speak so that listened to you with an open mouth and a delighted look? Or perhaps you want to act with success in audience? Perhaps, you wanted to have such specialty in which voice training and beautiful sounding is very important, but owing to backwardness and poor coloring of a timbre of the voice even do not try to master desired open spaces?
How free of charge to eat
Как бесплатно поестьThe student's life for free – familiarly, huh?! And whether know, the floor "freebie" from where was taken? They say that in the Jewish communities so called milk which on Fridays distributed to the poor. On the other hand, what, in general, the difference, from where is and went a freebie. Another is more important for the student. That life for free was successful. It was successful big letters – black caviar on red.
In total about tea
Все о чаеTea is known to mankind long ago – to the first mentions of it about 5000 years. However, despite ancient history and prevalence, many properties of this drink remain little-known. will tell about tea history, its impact on a human body, ways of a zavarivaniye and about some other details concerning tea.
As it is correct to vote
Как правильно голосоватьElection campaigns became the habitual phenomenon in modern public life long ago. They regularly replace each other, pouring over us waves of propaganda and promises. Vote or will lose! Remember this slogan? Well, and will add – vote correctly. And in loss you will not remain.
– simply do not try life without drugs!
Жизнь без наркотиков – просто не пробуй!To think that drugs need an anti-advertizing – too not absolutely truly. Intimidation of consumers, moralising concerning teenagers often yields absolutely other result. This result – desire to try the hand, to test will, to glance in the novel. suggests you to make a choice independently. To weigh all pros and cons.
How to learn to read quickly
Как научиться быстро читатьTo be able to read quickly is not luxury, but obligatory skill in the modern world. Need for fast reading is not even discussed, but, nevertheless, many people say that the speed of reading is put in the childhood. It is the main myth. Quickly to read it is possible to learn at any age. How? I will tell about it in this article.
In total about coffee
Все о кофеToday coffee is one of the most widespread drinks on Earth. We got used to drink coffee under different circumstances: since morning; at work; in cafe; at a business meeting. There is a set of grades and ways of preparation. Will tell about some interesting features of the coffee in this article.
Councils for the aid to the recruit
Советы в помощь призывникуBoth in Ukraine, and in Russia young men of 18 years are subject to an appeal to learn to hold the machine gun in hand. All this, of course, well, and the country it is necessary to protect, however there are some nuances in this system. Would like to tell about these nuances and their prevention of to future and present recruits, and also their relatives.
What to do if the dog bit
Что делать, если укусила собакаAccording to experts, surge in attacks of dogs on people falls on the demi-season periods, that is spring and fall. Therefore right now information what to do is actual if on you the dog bit, what measures to take and how to try to avoid the subsequent meetings with shaggy brothers with tragic consequences.
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As punishment for the cut-down trees closing a view from windows of houses in one of the Australian cities the local analog of ZhEU put pair of sea containers for a period of three years blocking this look.