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Hairstyles and hairdresses

Councils for a choice of female and man's hairdresses (hairstyles). And also useful information about fashionable short and long man's hairstyles, wedding and evening hairdresses, styling sprays and another.
Masks for hair with coconut oil
Маски для волос с кокосовым масломEach girl dreams of beautiful and healthy hair, but not always store and saloon means, even expensive, will be able to cope with a problem. Dry, fragile, lifeless, disobedient – it is possible to speak about it infinitely. How to return them softness and magnificent gloss? Only one natural component – coconut oil will help to cope with it.
Masks for hair for the night
Маски для волос на ночьOur hair need regular and high-quality leaving, especially today, in a century of bad ecology, infinite stresses and problems. But the woman has so many cares today that does not remain to time at all to take care of itself. But you should not despair, desperate situations do not happen, after all we have still a night time of day and it too can be used successfully.
Masks for hair with cognac
Маски для волос с коньякомEach woman dreams of beautiful well-groomed hair and even is ready for the sake of it on any victims. Today hairdresser's salons offer a set of services in care of hair. All of them maybe are effective, but also not cheap. And after all there is a fine alternative – procedures which can be carried out in house conditions. One of options – masks with cognac use.
Onions masks for hair
Луковые маски для волосIn a pursuit of beauty we sometimes do not notice that simple and available, and, above all, inexpensive means on care of skin and hair, are nearby. It is not necessary to spend time and funds for expensive saloon procedures, it is enough to do simple masks for hair in house conditions. The excellent result will turn out after application of an onions mask for hair.
Hair oil of a tea tree
Масло чайного дерева для волосOil of a tea tree has a wide range of application and it is especially useful for hair. If to add some drops of oil to shampoo or to prepare with it medical masks, hair will be not simply fragrant, but also healthy, brilliant and strong.
Masks for hair from mayonnaise
Маски для волос из майонезаWomen in a pursuit of beauty, sometimes spend unreal money and do not even suspect that there are means which will help them, that they use every day. For example, mayonnaise. About its influence on hair legends among beauties who love folk remedies already go.
As the hairstyle is carried out by fire
Как проводится стрижка огнем"A hairstyle fire" - a novelty in the world of hairdresser's art. Sounds a little terribly, but in too time and intriguingly. Two incompatible things would seem: hair and fire, and result impressive!
Masks for hair with pepper
Маски для волос с перцемIt is possible to look after hair by means of ready lotions and masks, and it is possible to resort to the help of natural means. One of them is pepper. This component actively influences bulbs of hair, thereby awakening their growth and protecting from loss. Influence of pepper so strong that not each expensive cosmetic can be compared to efficiency of this component.
Use of oil Beat for hair
Применение масла Бей для волосThe secret of strong and healthy hair is solved. Only some drops of natural essential oil Beat at regular use are capable to strengthen the thinnest and weakened hair, to prevent their loss and to accelerate growth. Know about useful properties of this means not only fans, but also producers of cosmetic production of the whole world.
Olive oil for hair
Оливковое масло для волосTo think only, the available means relieving of the majority of the problems connected with health of hair is nearby. Now it is not necessary to buy expensive masks and capsules for hair, to watch novelties of cosmetology and to try on itself new complexes. To improve a condition of hair, will help to strengthen bulbs and to give them force usual olive oil.
How to use pieces of chalk for hair
Как пользоваться мелками для волосThe American scandalous celebrities Lauren Conrad, Kelly Osborn and Nicki Minaj change a hair color almost every day. How they manage it and why they can change a hair color to the most unusual shades? Sometimes we too want to change and "try on" on ourselves unusual colors – lavandovy, turquoise and even pink.
Kefiric masks for hair
Кефирные маски для волосIn spite of the fact that today it is possible to find the last development of the cosmetic industry in shops, all the same there are actual means of our ancestors, namely simple natural masks, for example, kefiric. By means of such mixes we will talk about subtleties and nuances of treatment and improvement of structure of hair further.
Use of vinegar for hair
Применение уксуса для волосFor the majority vinegar is an irreplaceable product in cookery. Though, actually its application is much broader. So, for example, it is actively used in cosmetology. About what advantage vinegar represents for hair, we will tell further.
Colourless henna for hair
Бесцветная хна для волосIn care of hair colourless henna was widely used. It strengthens hair, adds them delightful gloss and silkiness. If it is correct to prepare and apply henna, it is possible to forget about such problem as a brittle hair and to stop their loss.
As it is beautiful to take away a bang
Как красиво убрать челку Integral part of appeal of the woman - her hair. Careful leaving, food and conditioning of hair are very important, but also it is necessary to be able to issue competently them in a hairdress. To many women there are bangs. Practically each girl at least several times in life tried to cut off and let grow a bang, in passing experimenting its length, a form and density.
How to wash away henna from hair
Как смыть хну с волосToday most of girls and women try to dye the hair natural dyes. The old and checked decades means for coloring of hair – henna, helps to change a natural hair color. But it has one essential shortcoming – to wash away natural paint from hair very difficult.
Burdock root for hair
Корень лопуха для волосAny woman dreams of a beautiful, thick, silky hair. And the root of the most usual burdock can help it with it. It, possessing wonderful properties, it is capable to make hair simply irresistible. As – today also we learn.
Clarification of hair cinnamon
Осветление волос корицейIf you do not wish to spoil hair aggressive paints, it is possible to try an interesting method of clarification of hair by means of cinnamon. It will clarify your head of hear on some tones, and also will add to hair delightful gloss and volume.
How to make a bunch of hair
Как сделать пучок из волосThe female mood, as it is known – is changeable. That we want to carry a straight hair, to braid a braid, to make beautiful curls. Happens also such that all manipulations with hair so bothered. There is a wish that hair have a rest, but thus the hairdress was accurate. How to make it? Easily – try to build a bunch from hair.
How to lay a bang
Как уложить челкуThe bang for each woman is a small tool by means of which it is possible to change the hairstyle and to become more attractive. But so happens that not each woman is able to dispose of the bang, and in inept hands it can spoil any even the most stylish hairdress at all.
Nettle for health of hair
Крапива для здоровья волосThat hair were beautiful, it is optional to buy expensive shampoos and balms, it is possible to ask for the help the mother nature. For example, one of the most useful plants for hair is the nettle dvudomny, of it do broths, infusions, masks. The advantage to hair the invaluable costs in a drugstore not much, and.
How to make a hairdress a bow
Как сделать прическу бантикThe woman to be sometimes so difficult! Every day it is necessary to do a heap of cosmetic procedures to look beautiful. In addition it is necessary to watch a condition of hair. Also does not matter where you will go today, the hairdress always has to be accurate and beautiful.
Use of tonic for hair
Применение тоника для волосMost of the European women, trying to keep health and natural beauty of the hair, prefer to use instead of paint tonic. Similar means possesses the sparing properties, can be washed away in case of need and gives to ringlets a beautiful brilliant look. In this article we will consider in more detail that is hair toner in what its main advantages consist.
How to cut a bang
Как подстричь челкуBang – the important detail of a hairdress capable strikingly to change a female image. There is an opinion that this element of a hairstyle goes everything, it is only necessary to pick up such option which will approach concrete appearance and a face type. In this article we will tell how it is correct to choose a bang and to cut it independently.
How to make to an ombra on hair
Как сделать омбре на волосахStylists are not tired to make experiments with flowers and shades, offering the clients a huge choice in coloring of hair. Recently style an ombr which already subdued a great number of women from around the world enjoys the increasing popularity and continues to hold a position of one of the most fashionable trends.
How to grow a bang
Как отрастить челкуMany women at least once in life tried to grow a bang. Such need can arise, for example, after unsuccessful experiments with a hairdress or owing to desire to change the style.
Types of bangs
Виды челокThe summer ended, there came warm autumn days. For some reason during change of seasons to us, women, there is a strong wish to change something in the appearance. Even if these changes will be not really cardinal. For example, a new fashionable image which, as we know, begins with a hairdress.
Treatment of baldness
Лечение облысенияThick and beautiful hair was always associated with force and youth therefore their loss by many is perceived painfully. It is considered norm when in day of people loses about hundred hair. On their place there are new - the same color and thickness. However sometimes there is a baldness – a premature hair loss.
How to make dreadlocks
Как сделать дредыDreadlocks – a disputable hairdress which leaves nobody indifferent. One are enraptured just seeing the confused ringlets, others prefer to bypass owners of an exotic head of hear the tenth road. What is the dreadlocks and as to spin them read in this article.
Liquid crystals for hair
Жидкие кристаллы для волосLiquid crystals are an ultramodern novelty in the sphere of care of hair which is still not too studied by domestic women of fashion. Most of women do not even suspect about existence of so multipurpose and useful means. And in vain, after all many professionals already by right estimated advantages of application of crystals the speech about which will go in this article.
Glazing of hair
Глазирование волосNothing can be compared to beauty and force of natural hair. That the nature presented to us! Modern girls are arranged so that constantly want to change something in the appearance.
Means for thermoprotection for hair
Средства для термозащиты для волосHair of the modern woman daily are exposed to a large number of damages – various laying by the hair dryer, irons, curling irons, use of cosmetics, all this though does a hairdress well-groomed and beautiful, but does irreparable harm to structure of a hair.
How to define the type of hair
Как определить свой тип волосHair of the person daily are exposed to a set of tests. Sunlight, cold and windy weather, an adverse ecological situation or unbalanced food – all these factors are capable to deprive our locks of splendor, gloss and a healthy look. The correct and careful care of hair will help to support them in primitive beauty.
Remover for hair in house conditions
Смывка для волос в домашних условияхHappened at you such that at last found a hair-dye with such beautiful shade of which dreamed only in dreams, applied it on hair, the put thirty minutes hardly waited, wash away, and there … Here for such cases also thought up a remover for hair.
Dimeksid for growth of hair
Димексид для роста волосIn each country, in each big city and the small settlement of the woman always considered hair the main weapon. And to have a dense shock of brilliant hair, went for any tests. Creams, masks, oils – not the full list of means by means of which the desperate young women try to restore elasticity and gloss of the ringlets.
How to spin braids
Как плести косичкиWith approach of spring on city streets it is possible to see many girls and girls with beautiful hairdresses braids. Braids can be met the most various and this true art! If you mother of the charming baby, you need to learn to do various plaits, and your girl will be the owner of the most beautiful hairdress.
Carving for hair
Карвинг для волосGentle soft ringlets of female hair always attracted views of men therefore on what only shifts do not go women to make the hairdress curling. Recently the increasing popularity is gained by a carving – this same wave, only hair spoil less.
Corrugation for hair
Гофре для волосWomen by nature - natures changeable. Today they want to have a hairdress with a straight hair, tomorrow – with magnificent ringlets. Here, perhaps, and all. But the fashion does not stand still and now it is possible to diversify the image, having made a hairdress in style a corrugation.
Brondirovaniye of a hair
Брондирование волосProcedure of a brondirovaniye of hair – rather new phenomenon which already managed to win the army of fans. A tendency of the last time – aspiration to creation of natural beauty therefore many girls give preference to the natural shades which are visually increasing dimensions and an ukhozhennost of hair.
What vitamins are necessary for hair
Какие витамины нужны для волосVitamins play an important role in life of each person. The lack of vitamins leads to sad consequences. Especially the hair loss during the spring period afflicts. How to avoid "molt" and to make hair brilliant and strong, will tell you
How to make shampoo the hands
Как сделать шампунь своими рукамиAll of you still believe, what expensive store shampoo, according to advertizing, is capable to work wonders? Having got long-awaited wonderful means for considerable money, run in a bathroom, in hope having washed up hair, to see a shock of a brilliant thick and obedient hair, and gain a boomerang effect. How to be? To whom to trust? Try to make shampoo the hands.
Why hair turn gray
Почему седеют волосыSometimes little grandsons ask the grandmothers and grandfathers which age passed for pension why the head of them white as at a dandelion. Also hear in reply the words told with grief: "It is an old age it is guilty".
Биозавивка волосWho from us never dreamed to have magnificent ringlets or small ringlets? Especially, if the fine hair, "liquid" and deprived of volume. It was one option earlier – in such situation only "chemistry" helped out. And today for women of fashion there is a huge number of opportunities to look as the Hollywood beauties.
When it is better to cut hair
Когда лучше стричь волосыOur ancestors attached huge significance to numbers and days of week, and procedures for care of appearance were equivalent to magic ritual. People in everything relied on the nature.
Hair dressing in house conditions
Укладка волос в домашних условияхAll of us have heard a lot about eternal aspiration of women to beauty and identity. I think, nobody will begin to challenge that fact that the considerable part in it is assigned, of course, to a hairdress.
How to give volume to hair
Как придать объем волосамWhat woman does not dream to attract at one stroke the hair all eyes of men. And if on the head of pathetic ten hairs, it is difficult to apply for a rank "Miss Universe". But, as we know, the beauty of the woman depends on her desire to be beautiful therefore it is quite possible to create a beautiful volume hairdress from any hair. Knows about secrets of transformation.
What is better a hairbrush for hair
Какая лучше расческа для волосEach woman dreams of beautiful and healthy hair. And that hair were surely strong and long, it is necessary to look after them correctly: to use the strengthening shampoos, masks, properly to eat. And still it is necessary to comb the hair correctly picked up hairbrushes, after all the beauty of your hair depends and on this small, but very necessary tool.
Shielding of hair
Экранирование волосFor anybody not a secret that female hair all the year round need careful and careful leaving. And if to consider that sometimes ourselves add problems use of the hair dryer, coloring, and also we forget that hair do not love the scorching sun, a frost. I think, each woman would like to find panacea from these problems and always to have not only a beautiful, but also healthy head of hear.
How to clarify hair in house conditions
Как осветлить волосы в домашних условияхIt is considered that the nature already at the birth picked up for us ideally suitable hair color but as it is frequent to us, women want to change own appearance, it is simplest to make it elementary having recoloured hair in other color.
Hairstyle hot scissors
Стрижка горячими ножницамиAt modern ecology, a way of life and culture of food, the continuous, not always sparing coloring and infinite use of hair dryers and irons, heavy to keep health of hair if it is necessary to tell.
How to straighten hair the iron
Как выпрямить волосы утюжкомAs it in a feminine way, owners of ideally straight hair dream of beautiful ringlets and a curly hair, and here the last sleep and see themselves with smooth equal hair.
How to make the Hollywood ringlets
Как сделать голливудские локоныBeautiful, well-groomed hair play huge role in an image of the woman, that is why ringlets and curls will never get out of fashion. Of course, in beauty shop to you without problems will make the Hollywood ringlets, but to visit every day the stylist expensive pleasure therefore dear readers of, it would be desirable to tell you how to make the Hollywood ringlets in house conditions.
Brazilian keratin hair straightening
Бразильское кератиновое выпрямление волосDaily hair straightening by means of the iron – long, labor-intensive and tiresome process which bothered all girls wishing to have a smooth straight hair. Besides daily influence by high temperatures deeply injures hair, depriving of them the vital force and gloss. As to be if disobedient curls stick out in different directions?
How to laminate hair in house conditions
Как ламинировать волосы в домашних условияхAny girl knows that each princess has to have beautiful hair. With age changes nothing, and girls spend a great lot of money for promising masks and shampoos. And after all it is necessary for beautiful hair very little! Also will tell about it.
Keratinization of a hair
Кератинизация волосTo look beautiful is an aspiration of each woman. The well-groomed woman is a beautiful skin, a slim figure, and, of course, smooth brilliant hair. Here it would also be desirable to tell about hair in more detail.
Mesotherapy for hair
Мезотерапия для волосThick, beautiful, healthy and brilliant hair can be carried undoubtedly to advantages of any woman, and it is difficult to argue with it. But in the conditions of modern life at our ecology, improper feeding and the wrong care of hair very few women can brag really magnificent, and, above all - healthy hair.
Coloring of hair henna
Окрашивание волос хнойColoring of hair is procedure quite popular now which almost all women use. From year to year producers offer us more and more various paints with the improved structure, however natural dyes all the same do not lose the relevance. How after all coloring of hair henna in house conditions becomes? In practice everything is very simply.
Amla oil for strengthening of hair
Масло амлы для укрепления волосI believe, many when viewing bright and musical Indian movies paid attention to surprising beauty and density of hair at girls and women. How they manage to let grow such long and thick braids? Indians use amla oil for care of hair. Now it can be got not only in India, but also in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.
How to make laying the hair dryer
Как сделать укладку феномIdeal figure, beautiful dress, smart shoes, everything can be spoiled a negligent hairdress. Hair are natural ornament which was presented to us by the nature, and our task to help them to look even better. Accurately set hair or evening laying for the special moments – in it are not present every day anything difficult if you are able to set hair the hair dryer.
How to make effect of wet hair
Как сделать эффект мокрых волосThis year fashionable podiums as if went crazy – practically all designers unanimously declared fashion on "wet" laying. Skillfully created image looks defiantly and sexually. But after all to make such hairdress it is difficult, important not to go too far in quantity of means for laying, differently your head will look not tidy, and hair – dirty.
Care of hair in the winter
Уход за волосами зимойWith change of a season also the condition of hair gradually changes. Especially it is felt with approach of winter. Hair become weaker and are thinner, drop out more often, lose the natural gloss. However hair can look healthy at all seasons of the year at due leaving. It is no secret that in house conditions too it is possible to restore health of hair.
Care of hair during pregnancy
Уход за волосами во время беременностиPregnancy – the period when in an organism of the woman there is a set of changes in all systems of an organism. Hair become not an exception also. Someone will tell that they became a krasha, and someone – that they lost a former look. And important is a question not so much here about their beauty (which can be corrected), as about their loss that can horrify future mother.
How to make highlighting
Как сделать мелированиеToday highlighting – one of the most popular ways of coloring of hair. Highlighting differs from usual painting of hair in uneven coloring of separate locks. The effect of more magnificent and dense hairdress is as a result created. If you cannot address to beauty shop, highlighting can be carried out in house conditions, having asked the girlfriend about the help.
Restoration of the injured hair
Восстановление поврежденных волосHealthy and beautiful hair it is indisputable pride of any woman. Well, you see, the girl with a magnificent head of hear simply should be noticed! To catch at similar views, to look effective and attractive, women go on a set of cunnings. Result – the injured hair and problems of head skin. Both that, and another demands special treatment and leaving.
Washing of hair, rules and councils
Мытье волос, правила и советыMany ladies dissatisfied with a state and quality of the ringlets, over and over again devastate shelves of shops, buying up the various means intended for care of hair. However the main factor for 90% defining appearance and quality of hair is their competent washing.
How to choose a hair color
Как выбрать цвет волосPeople dye hair for various reasons. Correctly chosen hair color does eyes brighter, and complexion – more exactly. But, unfortunately, can leave and vice versa: new color will add ten years and will make noticeable all wrinkles and defects of skin. Therefore it is correct to choose a hair color very important, and our article will help not to make mistakes in this responsible business.
Hairdresses from braids in the African style
Прически из косичек в африканском стилеHow long ago there were braids, perhaps, precisely already anybody and does not know. From ancient manuscripts it became known that "" this type of a hairdress was fashionable for 2000 B.C. Cultures closely intertwined among themselves, at modern Slavic latitudes there was a large number of kinds of braids, and will tell about them today.
Fashionable wedding hairdresses
Модные свадебные прическиDesigners of wedding hairdresses make "elite" of masters: for creation of crowns from hair, flowers, feathers and the paste on heads of brides is required masterful knowledge of "tool". Ability effortlessly to turn simple girls into fantastic princesses does the designer's profession on wedding hairdresses of one of the highest paid in the world of fashion.
Chemical hairdressing
Химическая завивка волосThere is no woman who never wound hair on hair curlers or did not braid in hard braids. Drying, hair long time keep that form which they were given. The most well-tried remedy to receive wavy ringlets for a long time the chemical hairdressing is. will help to understand a set of types of this way.
How to look after long hair
Как ухаживать за длинными волосамиLong, healthy hair – a good indicator of the general health of the person. For women that long hair increase appeal of the woman – future wife can also matter, mothers. A separate subject – male long hair. They as well as female, demand a permanent care.
How to accelerate growth of hair
Как ускорить рост волосMuch want to have a long head of hear, but there is one problem – the natural speed of such growth is the lowest. And life is so short – all there is a wish and at once. In such situations comes to the rescue. Our councils will help you to increase the growth rate of your head of hear and to save a lot of precious time.
Coloring of hair, rules and councils
Окрашивание волос, правила и советыAfter numerous experiments your hair happened the most different flowers and shades. Often the choice of a hair color is dictated by simple desire to resemble some entertainment star or cinema. But here everything is already tried and everything is experienced, and now again the desire to paint hair came. Then you need to read this article from
Fashionable hairdresses and hairstyles 2007
Модные прически и стрижки 2007We can follow an example of the celebrities, adopt their manner to put on, copy their stylish hairdresses. But nevertheless in the majority fashionable tendencies year after a year are introduced in our life from abroad. Therefore would like to turn your look into that party, having shown, what fashionable tendencies in the field of hairdresses were brought to us by 2007.
How to make hair is more dense
Как сделать волосы гущеDensity of hair depends on quantity of hair follicles, this size is defined genetically. There is a set of the reasons which are slowing down growth, thinning hair and promoting their loss. and will tell about methods which allow to increase density of hair in both the natural, and artificial way, in this article.
Hair loss, reasons and treatment
Выпадение волос, причины и лечениеIn increasing frequency you began to notice in the morning on a pillow a set of the hair. Having carried out a massage brush on head skin, you are shocked with number of the dropped-out hair. The first question which arises in the head: what served as the hair loss reason?
How to increase hair
Как нарастить волосыToday at certain financial investments only in 4 hours you can get smart long hair, direct or wavy. So, suggests to talk about a hair extension. We have to thank inhabitants of the African continent for this invention.
Selection of a hairdress
Подбор причёскиCreating new image, or simply seeking to refresh the style, We can not always make selection of a suitable hairdress. And after all it will influence in many respects perception you as persons surrounding people. But you will be able to afford thus not any hairdress because of type and a structure of hair. The hairstyle, eventually, can simply not approach a shape of your face.
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