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Councils about tailoring and to leaving for man's, female and even a kidswear. Information for every taste: from sportswear to fashionable and elite. And, of course, the help in a choice for pregnant women.
Fashionable bathing suits 2015
Модные купальники 2015Swimming season in the heat and you still have a chance to choose a fashionable bathing suit. What does the fashion of this season offer us? Frankness, sex appeal or modesty? This summer each girl has an opportunity favourably to emphasize beauty of the forms by means of a bathing suit. How to choose a fashionable bathing suit for summer of this year, we also will talk.
Combination of flowers in clothes
Сочетание цветов в одеждеThe few women are able to combine correctly colors in own clothes, experiencing difficulties in a clothes combination. And after all from this the stylish image also consists. Happens so that on the woman beautiful and expensive clothes, but in its shape something not so. And business here not in understanding of fashion and style, and mostly – in the law of perception of color.
How to lace up sneakers
Как шнуровать кроссовкиToday each of us dreams to look stylishly and originally. This tendency and those who chose sports style in clothes bypassed. But here the ill luck how following it to bring a highlight in the daily image?! Designers found the answer to this question and invented some types of the interesting and fixing an eye lacings for sneakers. picked up a top of the most popular of them.
How to clean pellets from clothes
Как убрать катышки с одеждыMany people when carrying woolen and knitted products often are disturbed by such problem as emergence of small small knots. The felted fibers of threads spoil appearance of clothes, and the favourite jacket or a sviterok often should be postponed, and even at all not to carry. How to get rid of small balls on clothes?
As it is correct to carry snud
Как правильно носить снудFor many of us the scarf is an integral part of clothes. It warms someone in a frost and an icy cold, and for someone is a basic element in creation of an image. Stylists developed a practical and cozy scarf-snud for judges of fashionable novelties. Thanks to the universality it allows to create and add any image – from daily to festive.
How to smooth a leather jacket
Как разгладить кожаную курткуWith approach of a new season suitable things get from a case and are given to the necessary standard. Sometimes it is possible to find out that the favourite leather jacket was trampled down by not esthetic folds. There are some simple ways to get rid of bruise of the bagatelle made of a genuine leather and thus it is absolutely optional to run for help in a dry-cleaner.
With what to wear chinosa trousers
С чем носить брюки чиносыToday both among women, and among men chinosa trousers became very popular. And it is not surprising! After all in them everyone will feel not only comfortably, but also stylishly. The style of trousers is so universal that you will be able to put on them with anything and anywhere. The main thing - to learn it is correct to combine them with other elements of your image.
How to clean fur in house conditions
Как почистить мех в домашних условияхIt seemed, you bought winter clothes with a fur collar only recently. You already washed a jacket down-padded coat, and about a fur collar - forgot. It is impossible to erase fur products therefore we will learn to clean fur independently in the automatic washing machine.
Ping-ap style in clothes
Пин-ап стиль в одеждеStyle a pin-ap is a cult phenomenon which thanks to a combination of romanticism, seducement and an easy sensuality will never lose the popularity. If to explain everything in a few words, the pin-ap is an image of such girl who possesses magnificent forms, but is so naive that does not even suspect about as far as she is desired and seductive for men.
Models of skirts for the full
Модели юбок для полныхAt all times the most sexual attire for the woman was the skirt. And if the lady also the owner of magnificent forms, a skirt in its clothes has to be a thing No. 1. Completeness — it not an occasion "to hide" in baggy clothes, trying to hide shortcomings. On the contrary, the stylish fashion is urged to emphasize advantages and feminity of completeness today.
How to erase a down-padded coat
Как стирать пуховикThe winter just about will come and it is just a high time to think how to refresh the favourite pukhovichok. To carry it in a dry-cleaner – it is expensive and time is not always enough, and here to wash independently in the washing machine, perhaps, it is worth trying.
Style bokho in clothes
Стиль бохо в одеждеFashion trends are done not stand still and not cease to be surprised with novelties. Relatively recently there was a style bokho with which many women fell in love. This refined combination of free (hippie) and bohemian images. At creation of new onions it is worth being extremely careful and not to lose sense of proportion as it is possible to combine some styles at the same time not everyone.
How to remove a rust from clothes
Как удалить ржавчину с одеждыIt is known that most the removed spot from all possible is difficult is a rust. And having seen it on clothes of the members of household, many hostesses very much are upset and often consider that the only right decision – to throw out. But it not so. Actually there are very many ways which will help to get rid of a rusty spot on any clothes.
How to choose a bathing suit: model, color, material
Как выбрать купальник: модель, цвет, материалWhat can be better, than roll on a sand beach in serene summer day? For this reason even in the winter we try to get out to the warm countries. Of course, in order that your sea tour became actually comfortable, cheerful and memorable, it is necessary to think at once of many things in advance – a right choice of a bathing suit one of them.
With what to carry to park
С чем носить паркуToday very popular both among women, and among men became park. And it is not surprising! In such jacket everyone will feel comfortably and attractively at all seasons of the year. Designers took care of it and developed some models for every season. Let's understand with what to carry to park to look always irresistible.
With what to wear jeans boyfriends
С чем носить джинсы бойфрендыEvery year in female clothes appears clothes of male style more and more. White shirts, butterflies, ties, loafers and even tuxedos. And it is not connected at all by that at the weaker sex became practically as much the rights, as well as at representatives opposite. All is much simpler – fashion trends do not stand still and designers continue to surprise with new and courageous decisions.
With what to carry loafers
С чем носить лоферыThe last some seasons of one of the most stylish footwear for fall are considered loafers. They are popular, as among women, and men. And it is not surprising. Convenience of such footwear is that it can be put on as in everyday life, and to appear in it at important business meetings. But to look always effective and irresistible, it is necessary to know with what to combine loafers.
With what to wear a jean skirt
С чем носить джинсовую юбкуToday practically at each woman of fashion will be in clothes though one jean skirt. Also buy it girls not only because it is fashionable but also because it stylishly, is practical and it is convenient. Today it is possible to get a skirt in shop. It is correct to pick up suitable model more difficult.
With what to wear gym shoes
С чем носить кедыToday gym shoes are one of the most popular types of footwear. They are carried practically by all – children, teenagers and adults. At all not on physical education classes as it was in far Soviet period, and every day. Having put on them, you can create any image – from the sports hooligan to the glamourous lady, from the good boy to the brutal man!
Empire dresses
Платья в стиле ампирThe fine, air and empire womanly dresses which strongly became fashionable at the beginning of the 19th century did not lose the popularity and nowadays. They are used in the image by young beauties and mature ladies, business office workers and the business lady.
How to wash spots from a grass
Как отстирать пятна от травыFor certain each hostess knows that spots from a grass one of the most hardly removed. The jeans smeared with juicy greens, shorts or a t-shirt will upset each of us. And, for example, having a rest outdoors, becomes not to fun at all – all thoughts are concentrated how to remove a spot. Do not hurry to throw out a thing or to write off in the category of house use.
How to bring pitch out of clothes
Как вывести смолу из одеждыIf you found a pitch spot on the clothes, do not despair, will tell how to bring pitch out of clothes and thus not to do much harm fabrics. For this purpose there are some easy ways.
How to choose a scarf
Как выбрать шарфThe scarf is a not only warm cozy thing at cold weather, winds and frosts. The scarf is an accessory which is capable both to decorate, and to spoil appearance of any person. The universal article of clothing approaches any style – classics, a retro, sports and others.
Swag style
Стиль swagSwag is quite young direction in youth fashion which by right it is possible to call a self-expression source for each his follower. However it is necessary to recognize that you will not call the relation to this style unambiguous, after all in spite of the fact that it has many admirers among young people of the whole world, designers treat it watchfully.
With what to carry moccasins
С чем носить мокасиныMoccasins – very practical and at the same time convenient footwear which is irreplaceable for daily socks. Exactly thanks to these qualities she deserved recognition, both at men, and at women. However, despite it, some people can have difficulties in drawing up a harmonious image with participation of moccasins, after all they can be combined not with all subjects of clothes.
Office clothes style for women
Офисная стиль одежды для женщинInterview remained behind and tomorrow for you already wait at office. The whole lots of clothes is touched, but the decision is not made. What to put on to look both beautiful, and stylish moreover that was and it is convenient? This question will be answered by Quite perhaps quickly and the main thing, without special expenses to pick up the correct office clothes.
Wedding fashion 2014
Свадебная мода 2014"It agrees!" - before to say this word, any girl marrying necessarily should become the real expert in the field of wedding fashion, to learn all subtleties of a wedding dress 2014, to learn the correct approach to formation of an image of the fantastic bride.
Fashionable bathing suits 2014
Модные купальники 2014The bathing suit in the opinion of the modern woman stopped being "special clothes for bathing and rest at a reservoir" for a long time. Now it is the certain symbol promoting identity manifestation, urged to submit, seduce and simply to give good mood to the owner. Therefore no wonder that with approach of a beach season each woman of fashion is anxious with a bathing suit choice.
Clothes in style a vintage
Одежда в стиле винтажSome time ago it was difficult to present that modern women will want not only to dress clothes which were fashionable many years ago, but also the huge sums of money will agree to pay for it. However the fashion is unpredictable and whimsical is an indisputable fact. And this time she presented to women new style under the name "vintage".
Style of a country in clothes
Стиль кантри в одеждеNow the fashion has very many various directions and styles. One of the most interesting and unusual is style of a country (western) which came to us from America. It is necessary to recognize that the attributes of style of a country are so effective that allows to finish an image by means of only one accessory sustained in this style.
With what to wear oxfords
С чем носить оксфордыOxfords – classical leather shoes with the rounded-off sock which distinctive feature is the closed lacing, a special line on a welt and a wide steady heel. The similar footwear is rather universal though at first sight can seem that it demands careful approach to formation of ensemble with its participation.
With what to wear a fur vest
С чем носить меховую жилеткуMany women do not represent the clothes without products from fur, whether it be gloves, boots, a bag or a fur coat. And recently fur vests enjoy the increasing popularity. This bagatelle is quite universal, after all approaches practically any figure, besides is capable to add chic and grace to any image.
Evening dresses 2014
Вечерние платья 2014Issue – the event making tremble any representative of a fine half of mankind. The similar state is directly connected with appearance, after all any lady wants to be always on the ball and to look delightful and is unforgettable. Invaluable service in it will be rendered by an evening dress – the elegant and magnificent weapon which is present at an arsenal of each woman.
Modern style grunge
Современный стиль гранжGrunge style in clothes (in translation from English – dirty, slovenly) appeared in the 90th years of last century, as a youth protest against the standard rules and standards. It is known that at first style grunge was one of the directions in rock music which generated new youth subculture.
With what to wear a jeans shirt
С чем носить джинсовую рубашкуWith arrival of spring before each girl quite sharply there is an immemorial question: "What to put on?". There is a wish to find a universal and original thing which would ideally be combined with other subjects of clothes and equally well was suitable both for daily socks, and for issue. Someone will tell that similar "miracle" does not exist, but it not so.
With what to carry snickerses
С чем носить сникерсыIn cool weather many women give preference to more convenient and practical footwear. An autumn and winter season – an ideal time for those who wants to have a rest from footwear on heels and to try on on itself snickerses. After all in the modern world the woman constantly is in the movement, and convenient and that is important, the stylish footwear is capable to help with preservation of activity and good mood throughout the day.
With what to wear leggings
С чем носить леггинсыLeggings (or leggings) are a very fitting trousers which are quite strongly similar to the cut-off panty hoses. Besides they are absolutely deprived of accessories (fasteners, pockets, buttons) and recognized as the most democratic and practical type of trousers.
Choice of a women's leather jacket
Выбор женской кожаной курткиIn modern society concerning any article of clothing always argue much. However leather jackets deservedly occupied the niche in clothes of each woman respecting herself. They gained recognition for a practicality and convenience, besides with their help it is possible to create practically any image. It is necessary only to learn to combine correctly things, skillfully supplementing them with a leather jacket.
Casual style
Стиль casualTo casual style fashionable designers of the present predict the big future. In spite of the fact that it long time is at popularity peak, it did not sputter out. It is safely possible to call this direction paradoxical, after all casual style is capable to combine not combined.
Fashion for full 2014
Мода для полных 2014Fashion trends of the XXI century dictate the rules. And they do not demand from the woman of excessive leanness any more as it was quite recently. On the contrary, on world podiums models with fine magnificent forms for a long time act. And the clothes for them do not concede to clothes for thin persons at all. Today suggests to understand that prepared for our smart readers of Fashion house.
With what to wear a long skirt
С чем носить длинную юбкуLong skirts were not for nothing fallen in love to representatives of a fine half of mankind, after all with their help it is possible to create a unique and elegant image and that is important, this type of clothes allows to feel most conveniently and comfortably. However that the dress looked effectively, it is necessary to know with what it is better to combine a long skirt.
With what to wear jeans
С чем носить джинсыIn the modern world hardly there will be a person in which clothes there are no jeans. It, probably, the only article of clothing which has such fascinating story. There were they in the middle of the 20th century as working clothes, and then managed to become an inspiration subject for designers.
With what to carry jack boots
С чем носить ботфортыJack boots (fr. bottes fortes) — the cavalry boots with high tops having above attached valves (bells) closing a knee. Sounds not really romantically.
We choose underwear as a gift on the Internet
Выбираем нижнее белье в подарок в ИнтернетеIn the modern world gains the increasing popularity, so-called, Internet shopping, that is, purchase of goods on the Internet. Agree, it is convenient when it is not necessary to run on shops in search of things necessary for us. Various clothes, including underwear, it is possible to choose and buy online.
How to stretch jeans
Как растянуть джинсыIt is considered that in clothes of each person there has to be at least one good pair of jeans. With full confidence it is possible to tell that it is a basic detail of clothes as men, and women.
As it is correct to pick up a bra
Как правильно подобрать бюстгальтерMany women at a choice of a brassiere are guided only by its appearance. It is a mistake because this element of clothes of the woman has to be obligatory comfortable and convenient. Truly picked up bra will be able to save a breast from microinjuries, and also to protect the woman from problems with a back and other unpleasant moments.
With what to wear a skirt pencil
С чем носить юбку-карандашSkirt pencil – the most universal and classical way to decorate the woman of any age and build. She ideally hides shortcomings and emphasizes advantages and, perhaps, already will never get out of fashion. And if to put on it with the "correct" things and accessories, a skirt pencil it will become simple a well of your clothes.
Fashion 2013-2014
Мода 2013-2014In a new fashionable season fall-winter 2013-2014 we expect a set of pleasant surprises. But about everything one after another. Already weeks of fashion in the main fashionable towns of the world – Milan, Paris, New York and London died down, and now it is possible to choose safely for himself a new fashionable image.
How to wash jeans
Как стирать джинсыJeans – indispensable attribute female, man's and even children's clothes. In them both on walk, and on a disco, and on rest. Fashionably, stylishly, conveniently. But jeans happen different and not only on color and it is important to know how it is correct to wash them and to remove spots from this fabric (classical denim – 100% kotton). Let's study careful washing of favourite jeans together!
How to choose a t-shirt
Как выбрать футболкуBoth in man's, and in female clothes there is one detail, invariable throughout many generations, and these are t-shirts. Such quantity of a choice of t-shirts as now, probably, was never earlier. It is possible to allocate classical (basic), evening, daily and there are a lot of other types of t-shirts, and also a huge number of their stylistic directions.
How to choose a skirt
Как выбрать юбкуIn the modern world in which almost all things can be referred to the category "unisex", remains not so much that carry only women. It is possible to carry such element of clothes to purely female things as skirts. By means of a skirt it is possible to emphasize feminity and beauty of the body. I suggest to consider some councils which will help to choose the correct skirt.
Shortovy knowledge. How to pick up?
Шортовые премудрости. Как подобрать?Shorts represent one of the most universal and at the same time disputable details of modern clothes. It is remarkable that the female option of shorts till 50th years of the XX century was part of a swimwear, and was considered as the extremely indecent to dress them out of a beach zone. Today the fashionable industry offers various options: micro and minishorts, velosipedka, etc.
How to choose a bathing suit
Как выбрать купальникWidespread practice – purchase of a bathing suit beautiful by sight and at low price, but as a result of not suitable to your figure. It is necessary to choose for the only purpose – to look in it on everything 100! How to choose a bathing suit? Of course, it is necessary to begin with a style choice, making a start from features of your figure.
How to choose a dress
Как выбрать платьеDress – the true ally of the female nature. This fine invention of mankind, in case of the correct selection, of course, is the most advantageous detail of female clothes. On each woman there will be an ideal dress emphasizing her character and uniqueness. I hope that the councils offered in article will become your irreplaceable assistant in a dress choice.
How to choose rubber boots
Как выбрать резиновые сапогиAt many of us rubber boots long were associated with gloomy unattractive fishing, hunting and work footwear at dacha. Modern models and new fashion absolutely crossed out former representation. Rubber boots not only in park in the rain, but also for work, study and rest allow to carry a variety of models, coloring and forms.
How to put clothes
Как складывать одежду As it is pleasant, every time opening a case, to see there equal ranks of accurately put things. Only to put beautifully things so laziness and time for it never is. prepared for you some councils as for only a few seconds compactly to put any thing. This ability is useful and when packing things in a suitcase.
Elements of an official style in clothes
Элементы делового стиля в одеждеIt is no secret that the business situation at office imposes a number of requirements to appearance of employees. And if with men more and more or less clearly, women have to think over the shape to trifles. How it is correct to pick up a business suit and accessories to it? We will also focus the attention on these questions.
How to choose a men's suit
Как выбрать мужской костюмThe classical suit has to be present at clothes of the man of any age surely. It is very important to pick up correctly color, model, landing. At a choice of a men's suit it is necessary not only to observe some requirements of fashion, but also to rely on own feelings. And before to get this or that model, it is important to know some rules.
How to choose a bra
Как выбрать бюстгальтерFor a faultless type of the woman considerable responsibility is born by a bra. Successfully picked up linen not only will skillfully hide figure shortcomings, but also will become the real decoration of a female body. Modern bras are presented by the widest choice – for every taste, a purse and clothes style. Let's try to understand and briefly to characterize the main models.
How to choose stockings
Как выбрать колготкиIt is difficult to present, as if there was a world if there were no stockings. It is no secret that their main function – to emphasize beauty of female feet. We are obliged to thank dancers of a rock'n'roll and lovers of miniskirts for their emergence. Before stockings were put on only by athletes and actors. Now stockings became more functional. They tighten, heat, model, massage. online store of women's clothing Ukraine интернет-магазин женской одежды УкраинаMany world brands have no representations in our countries, and having glanced in ordinary multibrand boutique, the knowing person will draw an unfavourable conclusion: much of the presented goods – a fake. What to speak about a situation when the person does not know how to distinguish a fake from the original? To catch an original branded thing, it is necessary to trust in the authoritative seller.
How to choose a dress on final
Как выбрать платье на выпускнойThe knowing people say that it is the girl three times can marry two and even. And here the graduation party in her life will be only once and therefore it is necessary to prepare for this unforgettable event thoroughly and with all gravity. We hope, we will help girls with this difficult business, and everyone will be able to become the queen of a ball.
How "to enter" a design dress in clothes: councils from online store of women's clothing of MAYAMODA
Как «вписать» дизайнерское платье в гардероб: советы от интернет-магазина женской одежды MAYAMODAThe dress surely has to be in "active clothes" of each woman. Especially, if it is effective and ultrafashionable design dresses — that whim, to refuse to itself in which any woman has no right. And that purchase "fitted" into clothes even the most ardent fans of jeans trousers and strict suits, it is important to know some secrets.
How to carry close footwear
Как разносить тесную обувьThe new pair of shoes is bought, the new thing is pleasing to the eye, and here you put on it and feel – is small a little. As so, chose-chose, measured-measured, and the footwear presses. Such incident can spoil mood and health for all day, and the arisen callosities it is necessary to treat even more long. Be not upset, to carry close footwear not a problem.
How to clean suede footwear
Как чистить замшевую обувьEach woman of fashion knows that suede looks magnificently. The footwear from this material will never get out of fashion, it draws attention, does the woman by the woman. And to get to itself couple of suede shoe boots or sapozhek – a point of honor of any lady. Suede footwear – a thing expensive and exacting, many decide to get couple sapozhek from suede, concept without having as to look after them.
How to order tailoring of a wedding dress: useful tips for brides
Как заказать пошив свадебного платья: полезные советы для невестThe wedding dress — is a dress which does not make any mistakes and defects, it cannot be lovely, nice or nearly is faultless to sit on a figure. The wedding dress has to be or ideal, or yet not bought. The third option — tailoring in studio or at the private tailor, the unique and existing in the only option dress of the dream allowing to receive.
How to tie a scarf to the man
Как завязывать шарф мужчинеThe scarf was always the integral attribute of men's wear. Now the scarf not only carries out the direct appointment – protects from cold and a wind, it is a stylish and fashionable subject of clothes, that last stroke which finishes a man's image. The main thing – it is necessary to pick up and tie it correctly.
Removal of spots from clothes in house conditions
Удаление пятен с одежды в домашних условияхFor certain you had to have feeling of disappointment at the sight of the very unpleasant spot on a favourite blouse or trousers. Happens especially sadly when because of emergence of a spot it is necessary to leave the fallen in love thing. Hold your horses. Many spots are subject to removal, and it is even not obligatory to address in a dry-cleaner. Of course, if it is about small single spots.
How to iron trousers and a shirt
Как гладить брюки и рубашкуTrousers with shooters appeared nearly two centuries ago. Now it is an integral part of classical clothes. Many men and their faithful companions of life daily test the mass of the inconveniences connected with an ironing of trousers. Our grant with step-by-step photos will help you with an ironing of trousers, and also jeans and shirts.
How to clean a sheepskin coat
Как почистить дубленкуSheepskin coat – a thing gentle, noble and not too practical. Over time any sheepskin coat "incorporates" dust, is salted on cuffs and near pockets, becomes covered by spots from a rain, fat or dirt. And to remove similar pollution oh as it is not simple. Do not hurry to hand over a sheepskin coat in a usual dry-cleaner, it is possible to take certain measures and at home.
How to choose a mink coat
Как выбрать норковую шубуThe fur coat is not a sheepskin coat. She is not afraid of a rain, is practical and long will not get out of fashion. But this statement is fair only for qualitative products. To choose a fur coat not so simply – in the market it is a lot of fakes, shortcomings of skins skillfully mask, and sellers will start talking and a discount will entice. And to choose your fur coat, it is necessary to try on not one ten.
How to erase a down-padded coat in the washing machine
Как стирать пуховик в стиральной машинеThe down-padded coat is in each family now – in it warmly, it weightless and madly practical! But, as well as any thing, a down-padded coat is soiled and is quite frequent. How to wash a down-padded coat in the washing machine that it did not turn into a windbreaker?! It is very important to choose the correct mode for washing of a down-padded coat. Also the speed of an extraction and a way of drying matters.
How to iron men's shirts
Как гладить мужские рубашкиWithout knowledge of rules any business will fall at you from hands. The similar situation is observed and in the sphere of an ironing of shirts. Shirts accompany us all life, from the cradle and till the last o'clock. Therefore the nobility how to iron a shirt, it is just necessary for all and everyone, starting with the housewife and finishing the most inveterate bachelor happy with the status.
How to choose a dressing gown
Как выбрать халатThe dressing gown long since was considered as status clothes – by it easily determined prosperity of the owner. Decorated dressing gowns with an embroidery and jewelry, and sewed from silk and wool. In the east a dressing gown kimono – one of the most expensive subjects of clothes. And here in Russia it is considered to be a dressing gown house clothes. But nevertheless a bathing dressing gown and a dressing gown for the house - not same.
Clothes during pregnancy
Гардероб во время беременностиSo, you learned that will become mother soon. One of the first thoughts which visited your lucid mind will become: "Oho, so it it is necessary to update clothes quickly!". The main thing – do not panic. On the contrary, be adjusted on that soon you will be engaged in shopping, to receive positive emotions and to sport in brand new dresses.
As it is correct to iron
Как правильно гладитьTo look tidy, it is not enough to follow rules of personal hygiene. Our appearance depends on clothes which have to be not only pure much, but also well ironed., It seems, also there is nothing difficult in an ironing, but actually there are rules, observing which it is possible besides to facilitate considerably to itself work.
As what to choose a bathing suit for the summer 2012
Какой выбрать купальник на лето 2012For modern girls who zealously the bulldozer lay to themselves a career way, holiday is the only opportunity to remember the feminity, romanticism, tenderness and sexuality. The swimwear is similar to an evening dress – you can put on it only once in a year, but he will make you the queen of waves and sand.
How it is fashionably to put on in a new season
Как одеваться модно в новом сезонеThe fashionable observers surveying recent trends in clothes and accessories, apparently, survey two (and even three) absolutely different fashions. But if you decided to appear before people around in a fashionable image, you have an opportunity to spend for clothes reasonably, without being in the fashion is thoughtless.
How to put on on the first appointment
Как одеться на первое свиданиеThe problem "a full case, and nothing to put on" is familiar to each girl. Especially sharply she gets up before us at turning points of life when it is necessary to be on the ball on appointment to the man of dream. And if this first appointment? And if it besides has to pass in a festive atmosphere? Speaking well and more precisely – the man not all the same, in what you are dressed.
How to understand the European and American sizes
Как разобраться в европейских и американских размерахGlobalization affects the modern world more and more. On streets there go cars of the German and Japanese brands, and in shops the French or Italian clothes are on sale. It seems, it became so simple and clear to travel! But also now, having come into fashionable boutique somewhere in Europe, we are quite often lost at the sight of unusual clothing sizes.
As it is correct to put things in a case
Как правильно складывать вещи в шкафуLiving in the small room, I am fond of fashion and style. The modest size the space does not prevent me to own an impressive collection of accessories and does possible to update the clothes though every day. My case – my friend because I know how to put things compactly and how to use space reasonably. Also you learn it.
How to select clothes for stout women
Как подбирать одежду для полных женщинIn not such and far times of the Soviet Union any of modern top models would not make success at men. Unfortunately, now at all ladies which figure is far of 90-60-90, on mind one – to grow thin at any cost. But, it appears, it is possible to look more harmonous, having only skillfully picked up clothes and footwear. And we will tell how to hide "weight" shortcomings and to emphasize advantages.
Rules of a dresscode for women
Правила дресс-кода для женщинAbout 30-40 years ago the concept "dresscode" had no such wide circulation, and now he can be met continually. How to observe a dresscode if not absolutely you understand that specifically from you it is required (in other words how to put on not to get to an uncomfortable position). Actually, everything is not so difficult as it seems at first sight.
Fashion for the winter 2010
Мода на зиму 2010The female fashion this winter is very elegant – in each of the main directions. A little monotonous collections of clothes for winter of 2009/2010 represent the complete antithesis to bright spring and summer collections. Let's look, what trends became the main in the current season.
Fashion for the summer 2009
Мода на лето 2009On the autumn weeks of fashion devoted to spring and summer of 2009, designers allowed women to carry everything that emphasizes their tenderness, feminity, appeal, and at the same time to be courageous, sexual and modern. The summer – is a high time to try fashionable novelties. Who knows, maybe, you will find for yourself new style?
Fashion for the spring 2009
Мода на весну suggests you to think of future heat already now and to learn that, according to world designers, each woman of fashion respecting herself will have to carry next spring and in the summer. Let's at once note that butterflies – as a symbol of feminity, beauty, tenderness, and also an existence ephemerality will become motive of all 2009.
How to choose a wedding dress
Как выбрать свадебное платьеThe wedding has to be in life of each woman. It is nearly only day in life when the whole world rotates round the bride. And at this moment it is necessary to look and feel like the queen. And how to be defined what dress to choose, after all all of them such fantastically beautiful? For what criteria to pick up a dress? Will tell you about it.
How to choose sneakers
Как выбрать кроссовкиMany think that to choose sneakers – trifling business, it is enough to drive on the ware market and to get the attracted couple for 250 rublik. But in reality, this wrong position can turn back for you as small troubles in a look gift of the thrown-out sum of money, and more critical problems in respect of health.
Fashionable footwear spring-summer 2008
Модная обувь весна-лето 2008Came it is time to go to shops behind fashionable footwear for a spring and summer season. But how not to become puzzled in variety on show-windows? How to choose the most fashionable footwear? What tendencies are actual in a new season? prepared this article for those who seeks to be at peak of a fashionable wave. So, the speech will be a question of the most interesting novelties from podiums.
Fashionable tendencies spring-summer 2008
Модные тенденции весна-лето 2008Time came to think of that, in what to put on to be on a fashion crest in the forthcoming spring and summer season. All winter the well-known Couturiers of the world worked to create unique silhouettes and to define the main fashionable tendencies for spring-summer of 2008. In this article we will tell that for ladies creators of fashion prepared.
How to choose a winter coat
Как выбрать зимнее пальтоWinter coat – a necessary detail of clothes. After all our winters are very changeable, a frost, thaw. The winter coat will not protect you from a hard frost. The wide choice of a coat, of course, cannot but please, but also choose really qualitative thing in such variety happens not easy.
How to choose winter boots
Как выбрать зимние сапогиAhead winter, and even more often we stop near elegant show-windows, considering winter footwear. Whatever you may say, and without qualitative boots to endure the Russian winter complicated... On what it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of winter boots? How to distinguish good footwear from the low-quality? Now we learn everything.
How to choose a winter jacket
Как выбрать зимнюю курткуAcquisition of winter outerwear is a question not of one day. Thanks to variety of styles and materials any person can choose for himself such winter jacket which will suit it not only, but also will become reliable protection against realities of the Russian winter. At first we advise you to decide on material of which the jacket will be made.
How to choose a sheepskin coat
Как выбрать дубленкуGradually the fall comes into the own, and after it already and winter not far off. It is time to reflect what to put on not to freeze in cold weather and an icy cold. The answer is obvious – a fur coat or a sheepskin coat. On the Russian open spaces these things – not luxury, but necessities. In this article the speech how it is correct to choose a sheepskin coat will lead.
Fashionable footwear for the fall-winter 2007-2008
Модная обувь на осень-зиму 2007-2008Morning frosts and evening cool set thinking seriously that the fall comes nearer. It is time to go to shops behind warm clothes and footwear. Despite cumulonimbus clouds, there is a wish to be at the height of fashion. Today will tell, what footwear is actual in a season fall-winter 2007-2008.
Care of clothes
Уход за одеждойOnce long ago the skin of an animal was the only clothes of the person. With development of a civilization in the person the increasing and bigger choice of clothes, a variety of fabrics began to appear, both natural, and synthetic blows the mind. But now the person has other question – how to look after the clothes?
Review of summer collections of clothes 2007
Обзор летних коллекций одежды 2007Presently most of men and women seek to look stylishly and fashionably. But for this purpose to make a certain impression, in clothes it is necessary to conform to the secret rules which are dictated regularly to us by designers. For this purpose to learn about the latest news from the world of fashion, offers readers the small review of summer collections of the leading fashion houses.
Fashionable bathing suits summer 2007
Модные купальники лето 2007Last time told about fashionable tendencies of summer 2007 in clothes, today we will talk about bathing suits and bathing accessories. These small slices of fabric covering "the very best places" are capable to make you a beach star. So, it will be a question of bathing suits, fashionable in the summer of 2007.
Care of footwear, rules and councils
Уход за обувью, правила и советыPassed those times when people went barefoot by the wild nature. To the person it bothered to be cut in blood about sharp stones therefore he thought up footwear. How to make so that it served long and pleased the owners? Also is going to talk about this, after all not each person knows, what leaving is required that footwear which it carries.
Fashion for the summer 2007
Мода на лето 2007Summer in the heat, and, of course, there is a wish to be always on a fashion crest, to shine and blow the mind. Long ago behind there were spring and summer weeks of fashion 2007 therefore the main tendencies are already defined. And if you did not create clothes for the summer yet, will tell you, in what to put on, at what things to look narrowly more attentively.
Clothes as your figure
Гардероб по типу вашей фигурыFor anybody not a secret that each woman dreams of a beautiful figure, long legs, a wasp waist. But what to do if you have too small breast, very wide hips or, on the contrary, large shoulders and narrow hips? Before going to shop behind things, recommends to become in front of the mirror and to define, what type of a figure suits you more.
Style choice in clothes, councils to women
Выбор стиля в одежде, советы женщинамEvery day we go to shop, for work, on a visit, it is simple on walk with girlfriends or with the company. Daily we are exposed to an assessment of people around. And for this reason, every time when the woman goes to shop to buy clothes, at her eyes run up and she becomes similar to a defenseless being who is surrounded with predators.
What to buy winter footwear
Какую купить зимнюю обувьNeed for acquisition of winter footwear comes with occurrence of the first cold weather. And after all for certain, while the sun still pleases us with the heat, many of us do not even reflect on purchase of warm things. Perhaps, simply you in clothes have two, and even three couples of winter footwear, but it only for some seasons.
What to buy jeans
Какие купить джинсыLikely remained people who would not buy still jeans in addition to the clothes a little. This type of clothes can be pertinent and at a fashionable party, and at dacha, and, of course, thanks to the practicality, is suitable for daily carrying. And various fabrics allow to sew jeans which can also be put on for visit of restaurant or any solemn evening.
How to choose a fur coat
Как выбрать шубуAny girl dreams of a beautiful fur coat since she starts reflecting on the clothes. And no wonder, after all the fur coat not only warms the hostess, but also testifies to her taste and, of course, the status.
To what to buy a bathing suit
Какой купить купальникWhen the summer sun starts burning slightly the warm beams, involuntarily start remembering about rest by the sea on a sandy beach. And here the thought of comes at once, whether is in your clothes such necessary and, it is desirable, a fashionable accessory as a bathing suit without which do unless on a nudist beach.
How to pick up color of clothes
Как подобрать цвет одеждыHow to pick up color of clothes? It would seem, everything is easy and simple, but the question has many answers in what its complexity consists. It is correct to pick up color is to achieve its full combination to your character, mood, lifestyle, it and to give you even more attractive look.
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