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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Retinoyevy wrinkles ointment
Ретиноевая мазь от морщинOver the years our skin does not become better, a sleep debt, stresses, the wrong leaving lead to emergence of wrinkles. From year to year the situation is only aggravated. Hope for rescue at many women only one – to get expensive means. Often expensive cream does not cope with the tasks, and simple pharmaceutical means will help to solve a problem.
Honey wrapping for weight loss
Медовое обертывание для похуденияMany women dream of harmonous legs, smooth velvety skin and a slender waist. On what only the victims do not go women in achievement of the purposes. The most effective procedures which help to lose excess weight and to get rid of cellulitis, honey wrappings are considered. And it is optional to visit SPA salons to indulge itself favourite.
List of fat-burning products
Список жиросжигающих продуктовOn what only there are no women in a pursuit of a beautiful slim figure. They are ready even to starve that is the extremely hazardous to health. And after all there is a good alternative – a diet which consists of fat-burning products.
As massage is carried out to Nur
Как проводится нуру массажIntimate massage is a unique merge useful with pleasant. Uniting in itself east sacraments of improvement of a body, it is capable to combine in itself(himself) a set of the pleasant features capable to present harmony to a body and soul.
Tea mushroom for weight loss
Чайный гриб для похуденияAnd again about extra kilos. This subject always was and will be actual, it is so much talk, councils and means is devoted to it. Sometimes, having tried a lot of everything, girls despair and do not know what to do to get rid of excess weight.
Apple cider vinegar for the person
Яблочный уксус для лицаApple cider vinegar is used by tens years not only as an additional flavoring component to different culinary masterpieces, but also as effective cosmetic. In it accept for weight loss, treatments of some diseases, and outwardly – to look after problem face skin.
Make-up for red hair
Макияж для рыжих волосColor of copper, dark cherry, mahogany, chestnut, orange – all this bright shades red. Happy owners of red ringlets are able to afford the brightest and various make-up, than only to emphasize the unusual hair color.
What is the karboksiterapiya
Что такое карбокситерапияThe industry of beauty day does not stand still: continually there are procedures exciting imagination which do us, beautiful women, more beautifully and more young. Karboksiterapiya is called by the real break after the Botox which made a noise in due time today. The novelty working at a basis of carbon dioxide was already managed to be recognized as the most effective way of rejuvenation of skin.
The reasons of rough nails on hands
Причины неровных ногтей на рукахThe manicure will never become ideal if your marigold is ill and look modestly. The rough nail plate on nails of hands – widespread defect which does not bring pain, but in no time spoils to great ladies mood.
Application of apple cider vinegar from cellulitis
Применение яблочного уксуса от целлюлитаToday beauty shops offer a wide choice of procedures which help to get rid of such unpleasant defect as cellulitis. All of them rather expensive and not everything are available. But you should not be upset. In house conditions too it is possible to struggle with cellulitis successfully. Apple cider vinegar will be especially effective remedy for this purpose.
Turmeric for weight loss
Куркума для похуденияEast spice a turmeric, with the second name, little-known for us, - turmeric, belongs to family ginger and has the taste, individual and not similar to other spices. Besides application in cookery, the turmeric was widely adopted and in a pursuit of a slim figure.
What is the cud for weight loss
Что такое жвачка для похуденияNow lazy young women can breathe sigh of relief - new, very effective remedy which fights against excess weight is developed. What is necessary? It is simple to buy chewing gum and to enjoy taste, and it assumes all work on fight against kilograms. Whether so it, we will understand.
Apple cider vinegar at varicosity
Яблочный уксус при варикозеVaricosity (in the people it is simple – varicosity) call quite artful and dangerous illness when blood vessels are corked and cannot cope any more with that work for which they are intended. Blood cannot circulate more normally, from here – consolidation and increase in veins, pain, hypostases.
Barmy face packs
Дрожжевые маски для лицаYeast - a product universal. With them both the pastries are more tasty, and alcoholic beverages are stronger, and skin is more beautiful. In them it is necessary to accept in tablets, and here fresh yeast will be suitable for masks.
How to use bran for weight loss
Как употреблять отруби для похуденияThat not undertaken only by chubby young women to come nearer to the treasured purpose and to squeeze into tight jeans. Physical exercises, injections, green coffee and "hungry" diets – helps nothing. So can, it is worth paying attention to councils of nutritionists and to start eating it is balanced? Just bran will help to get rid of the collected slags, so, to clean the superfluous.
Weight loss on Tabat's system
Похудение по системе ТабатаThe system is developed by the Japanese doctor especially for modern young people for Tabat's weight loss: eternally seeking for the weight loss and a slim figure but which thus do not have excess time.
Face packs from porridge
Маски для лица из овсянкиWomen always wanted to look more attractive and more beautiful, after all fresh well-groomed skin – the first step on the way to success. That it is only not necessary to do that skin shone – massages, – everything not to list chemical peelings, cleanings and masks. Perhaps, it is worth paying attention to a simple and available food product – porridge.
How to take away cheeks
Как убрать щекиChubby and ruddy cheeks are decoration of small children, and here for adults is the real esthetic problem. And it is necessary to approach its decision in a complex. There are some methods which will help to take away cheeks.
Use of amber acid for weight loss
Применение янтарной кислоты для похуденияEverything who once faced excess weight, know how it is difficult to dump it. It is possible to accept medicines, to go on a rigid diet and not to achieve results. But those who accepted amber acid for weight loss, assure that they achieved symmetry quickly enough and without efforts.
As it is correct to shave a bikini zone
Как правильно брить зону бикиниWith approach of a beach season many girls wish to look attractively: the beautiful bathing suit, equal suntan attract all eyes of an opposite sex but if in the field of bikini hairs are looked through, it will look not esthetically.
Oil of a tea tree from spots
Масло чайного дерева от прыщейIf you have problems with face skin, and you tried on yourself a set of useless medicines, and spots on a place, try treatment by oil of a tea tree. Everything for some procedures can achieve the clean shining skin.
How to put a tattoo flash
Как нанести флэш татуNot each person will dare to make the real tattoo. And sometimes so there is a wish to surprise friends with original drawing on a body and to draw to itself attention. If you do not want to spoil gentle young skin constant tattoos, there are some other ways. One of such options – a temporary tattoo a tattoo flash.
Whether it is possible to grow thin quickly without diets and exercises
Можно ли быстро похудеть без диет и упражненийWell, who from us does not like to eat tasty? Thus we with bigger probability will lie down on a sofa or we will sit at the monitor, than we will go to the hall to drive excess calories. In any case the hall, we even come for walks infrequently. The result of a similar inactive way of life and improper feeding of does not keep waiting – nearly a third of all population of the developed countries have serious obesity.
Tar soap from spots
Дегтярное мыло от прыщейClean, gentle and smooth skin does the person tidy and attractive, unlike existence of eels, spots, greasiness and irritation on a face. For this reason it is necessary in every way to try to make toilet as appearance, you see, plays large role at communication with people. Especially – an opposite sex!
As lymphatic drainage massage is carried out
Как проводится лимфодренажный массажThe technology of this massage improves circulation of a lymph and its state. Lymphatic drainage massage is some kind of "general cleaning" of all organism. Let's learn more about a popular technique, advantage and contraindications.
What to do at cracks on skin of hands
Что делать при трещинах на коже рукBeautiful well-groomed hands it is not simple the card of any woman, but first of all an indicator of her health. Our hands most of all are exposed to external negative impacts. Contact with household chemicals, dust, dirt – all this is unsafe for gentle skin of hands.
Face packs with an aloe
Маски для лица с алоэAbout miracle properties of an aloe many have heard a lot. But not all know about its impact on face skin. Try to add also you this ingredient to the face pack and will see how your appearance will change: complexion will become fresh and to look you will be younger.
Advantage of closing of nails
Польза запечатывания ногтейWhen your nails become fragile and dim, it is impossible to restore a nail plate after building procedure, it is necessary to use a natural and useful method of treatment of nails – closing.
Tredlifting for rejuvenation
Тредлифтинг для омоложенияPractically each woman starts reflecting with age how to avoid aging of skin and with fear peers into a mirror, considering the appeared new wrinkle and a fold. Options to slow down flight of time it is a lot of also one of them – a tredlifting.
Vishnevsky's ointment from spots
Мазь Вишневского от прыщейVishnevsky's ointment was invented by absolutely incidentally field doctor during the Second World War. Since then passed already more than half a century, but still the medicine does not know more effective and universal remedy for treatment of various skin diseases. Ointment is capable to relieve of local irritations, to facilitate a state at a furunkuleza and to help to say goodbye once and for all to spots.
Technology of massage of Asakhi
Техника массажа АсахиRecently more and more women is interested in massage of Asakhi. This the method simple and available to all gained the popularity thanks to high effect: face skin gains elasticity and elasticity, hypostases and bags under eyes leave, the face form changes, the second chin is taken away.
Sculptural facial massage
Скульптурный массаж лицаWith age many women are disturbed more and more by the observed changes in appearance – decrease in elasticity of skin, the outlined double chin, the "blurring" face contours. Now the industry of beauty reached considerable results in fight against aging signs.
How to make the person thin
Как сделать лицо худымTo what only risks are not ready to go women in aspiration always to look attractive. This desire was precisely put by the nature in each woman. Exhaust themselves with diets, campaigns in beauty shops and fitness clubs – generally, do everything that at any age to look on everything 18.
Technology of holistichesky massage
Техника холистического массажаHolistichesky massage – the curing a body balm and souls. Thanks to the smooth pulsation movements influencing a body there is a relaxation of all muscles of an organism, the pleasure hormone is allocated, and the person derives pleasure. Vital forces are restored after the first session of holistichesky massage, and you by all means will want to be influenced by the curing properties of reflexotherapy again.
Technology of visceral massage
Техника висцерального массажаVisceral massage is an ancient Russian method of treatment and diagnosis of diseases, by pressing on a stomach certain movements and percussions. For one massage is a disposal of diseases, and for others – extension of youth.
Technology of carrying out hiromassazh of the person
Техника проведения хиромассажа лицаEvery time, passing by a mirror, there is a wish to see a beautiful, young, well-groomed face. If reflection draws other picture, perhaps, there is a sense to address to professional cosmetologists? For example, to complete a course of a hiromassazh of the person.
TSA peeling for face cleansing
Пилинг ТСА для очищения кожи лицаHow the medicine and plastic surgery was developed, but great ladies will always have a problem, to solve which it is possible only by means of the superficial looking after procedure. Today we will talk about the well-known peeling which is among "Hollywood". It is TSA peeling.
Dzhessner's peeling for face cleansing
Пилинг Джесснера для очищения кожи лицаWith age the person activity of cages is slowed down and it becomes more difficult to skin to look young and tightened. Then artificial procedure of updating of an integument – a peeling which on the influence happens mechanical, laser, ultrasonic comes to the rescue. One of the most effective ways of rejuvenation – Dzhessner's peeling.
Peeling calcium chloride
Пилинг хлоридом кальцияThe secret of this cosmetic procedure of a face rejuvenation, popular in Soviet period, was kept the most strict secret. Only wealthy young ladies as it was necessary to pay about 5 rubles while the loaf of bread cost 24 kopeks for beauty could afford a peeling. Today we will talk about cosmetic procedure for the person – a peeling calcium chloride.
Use of lemon oil
Применение лимонного маслаAt this means broad spectrum of activity. In ancient times people successfully treated the oil which is squeezed out of fruits of a lemon tree many diseases. Among them – not only fight against viruses and bacteria, it is also successfully possible to treat this inexpensive preparation cosmetic defects of skin (spots, cuts, scars), to use for aromatization of rooms, to apply in cosmetology and even cookery.
Mesotherapy of the person
Мезотерапия лицаWith arrival of spring we want to become more beautiful and younger. In cosmetology salons now offer new effective procedure which found popularity and won hearts of many women. The mesotherapy is recommended to all who needs to refresh complexion, to get rid of dryness of skin and to clean small shortcomings.
The rejuvenating face packs
Омолаживающие маски для лицаAll women wish to look young and beautifully. Most long to keep female appeal, numerous ways of protection against aging were developed. Today it is quite frequent in cosmetology salons for preservation of youth and beauty of face skin suggest to use Botox which allows to get rid of wrinkles without surgical plasticity.
Treatment of acne rash
Лечение угревой сыпиIrrespective of age if the person suffers from rashes on skin, he will try to get rid in all ways of this unpleasant disease. Why there is an acne rash and as to get rid of it – will talk in this article.
Camomile broth use for the person
Использование отвара ромашки для лицаThis flower has no bright coloring and the expressed aroma, it cannot be compared to the queen of flowers – a rose. The camomile possesses big force – does skin smooth, cleans inflammatory processes, humidifies and rejuvenates.
Use of oil from extensions
Применение масла от растяжекSkin of the person is rather elastic and constantly regenerates. At considerable damages healthy cells of epidermis are replaced with connecting fabric – so there can be various scars and hems. Extensions arise owing to various reasons, and are capable to bring enough disappointment.
How to get rid of wrinkles
Как избавиться от морщинTo you 25 or 30 years were executed and the first wrinkles on a face began to disturb you? You should not be upset, it is natural process and nobody is exempted from aging. It is not necessary to be reconciled and "get used" to emergence of wrinkles, it is better to begin prevention right now.
Use of saflorovy oil
Применение сафлорового маслаSaflorovy oil is received from seeds of a carthamus tinctorial. The product can be made by method of a cold or hot extraction or by extraction by solvent. This oil on color can be chartreuse, light or dark yellow. What its properties and scope of application, we will tell further.
Pluses and minuses of vinir
Плюсы и минусы винировIn a century of modern technologies the medicine can work wonders and each of them will have the name. So, a secret of the Hollywood smile are special overlays for teeth. They are called as vinira and allow to receive for a short period a beautiful and snow-white smile.
Useful smuz for weight loss
Полезные смузи для похуденияSmuz are represented by drink which prepares in the blender from fresh vegetables and fruit. Thus yogurt, ice, milk, ice cream or muesli is added to it. Such drinks became quite popular since the beginning of the seventieth years of the last century. At that time in the USA the first was open "healthy cafe". In it sold the useful products crushed in the blender. Today smuz became fashionable.
How to get rid of scars
Как избавиться от шрамовPerhaps, each person at least once in life got superficial injuries of different severity. Fortunately, our skin is capable to regenerate quickly therefore the majority of small cuts, burns and other wounds pass into nothingness. But especially deep damages leave a trace not only in our memory, but also on a body. In this article we will talk about scars, and also about ways of their elimination.
Use of nicotinic acid
Применение никотиновой кислотыNicotinic acid has no relation to cigarettes. It is RR vitamin, one of V-complex components. Nicotinic acid has beneficial influence on a human body, it apply, both in medicine, and in cosmetology.
What is the floating
Что такое флоатингBeauty – guarantee of health. Any modern person will not undertake to challenge this axiom. Therefore the weakening procedure – a floating comes to the rescue. It is a unique session at which the patient plunges into a state similar to zero gravity.
How to correct a bite
Как исправить прикусStatistically, about 80-90 percent of the population suffer from a rough arrangement of teeth – in other words, have the wrong bite. In most cases simply to diagnose it by method of visual survey for the orthodontist. According to experts, any kinds of the wrong bite give in to correction, and not only at children, and and at adult age.
The moistening face packs
Увлажняющие маски для лицаFor anybody not a secret that the human body for 80% consists of water. Therefore it is not surprising that face skin demands regular moistening to have a fresh and fresh appearance. After all from a lack of moisture there are wrinkles, peelings and premature signs of aging. Today there is a mass of ways of moistening of skin, one of the most effective and simple methods are masks.
Application of a chistotel from spots
Применение чистотела от прыщейThere were times when chistotet enjoyed improbable popularity among judges of house cosmetology. Even in spite of the fact that this very poisonous plant. But also today did not forget about its curative properties, from a chistotel prepare tinctures and broths, and also use in pure form juice, first of all, for treatment of spots.
How to make manicure with a foil
Как сделать маникюр с фольгой Today already you will surprise nobody with drawings on nails, the manicure shining in the dark and even a covering with slices of the ordinary newspaper. The manicure with use of a foil is a new direction of a neyl-art which managed to win popularity among fans of nail design.
What is the sand therapy
Что такое песочная терапияIt is unlikely there will be many people who in the childhood did not play in a sandbox. But, building sand castles, hardly someone from children reflects that they, thus, express the feelings and the relation to world around. Today scientists developed the whole direction – sand therapy which helps not only to children, but also adults.
How to refuse the sweet
Как отказаться от сладкогоResearches show that many women consider love to sweet as the reason of the excess weight. And all of them would like to exclude once and for all any sweets from the life to put a figure in order. Whether really fault to all sugar delicacies? Today also we will understand.
Use of Epsom salt
Применение английской солиEpsom salt received the name thanks to that it was invented in England at the end of the XVII century. Actually is a sulfate of magnesium, and receive it by evaporation of sea or mineral water. Its application is very broad: both in medicine, and in cosmetology, and in a household, it captured actually all spheres of our life.
Use of anisic oil
Применение анисового маслаAnise – one of the most popular spices which not only does dishes fragrant, but also stimulates digestive organs, and positively influences an emotional condition of the person. From this plant extract valuable anisic oil which consider very active, and accept strictly on a dosage.
Than chicory is useful to weight loss
Чем полезен цикорий для похуденияThe advantage of chicory for weight loss is known in the former Soviet Union since the USSR. Then was considered that coffee has negative influence on health of the person and as substitute to it tsikorevy drink was everywhere taken. Though today nutritionists reconsidered the opinion on coffee, chicory did not lose the popularity and continues to be used in many directions.
Make-up for Asian eyes
Макияж для азиатских глазEyes of Asian girls are in own way unique. They are mysterious and seductive. But because of their special form to emphasize this identity it is necessary to learn. It is a little patience and knowledge of receptions of equipment of a make-up will help to make a look more open.
Use of oil of a dogrose
Применение масла шиповникаAbout salutary properties of a dogrose practically all have heard a lot since the childhood. Its fruits are made to receive a good dose of vitamin C together with tea. But there is at dogrose seeds one more mission: do curative oil of them.
How to make man's manicure
Как сделать мужской маникюрEach mother who is bringing up the son has to teach him not only to be polite and affable with women. The boy since the childhood has to be able to look after himself. Today we will talk not about a fashionable hairstyle or secrets of equal arrows on trousers, it will be a question about … man's manicure.
Furosemide for weight loss
Фуросемид для похуденияNot many people wishing to leave excess weight start going in for physical culture and properly to eat. They consider that much more effectively to resort to the help of the medicamentous preparations promising to present instantly a wasp waist and harmonous feet. Thus not all pay attention to many contraindications.
Elos an epilation for removal of undesirable hair
Элос эпиляция для удаления нежелательных волосPerhaps, each woman dreams of forever to get rid of undesirable a body hair. She will also be supported also by those men at whom the excessive growth of hair is observed. Razors, wax epilations and a shugaring yield temporary result. In such cases it is possible to resort to effective procedure of an elos-epilation.
Olive oil for skin
Оливковое масло для кожиThe secret of velvety skin of Ancient Greek women is opened long ago: beauties looked after themselves by means of olive oil! Why don't we use invaluable experience of wise predecessors to increase the appeal?
What is the cryomassage
Что такое криомассажAll of us remember from the childhood as parents put on places of bruises cold compresses or even simply an ice slice that blood turned as soon as possible. Such salutary impact of cold on skin formed the basis of cryotherapy and cryomassage.
Use of oil of grapefruit
Применение масла грейпфрутаIf grapefruit – fruit on the fan, the essential oil received from its fruits by right is estimated by many. Especially women because this product does hair healthy, and skin silky.
Diseases of nails, symptoms and treatment
Заболевания ногтей, симптомы и лечениеAnd you paid attention to the nails? If on them there are white points, specks or other damages, it means that so the organism signals about emergence of diseases. If you had problems with nails, it is not necessary to ignore, than earlier you will begin treatment, it will be better for those for you.
Use of oil of a geranium
Применение масла гераниBright flowers of a geranium together with its sharp aroma are decoration of window sills of many apartments. But very few people know that from this plant extract the most valuable essential oil capable even more beautiful to cure many diseases and to do a body of the person.
Skulpturirovany persons
Скульптурирование лицаThe correct face form – one of the main components of female beauty. Naturally, the nature created all of us absolutely different, each person is individual and in it there is nothing bad. But whatever were our genetic data, we can always become a little closer to perfection, having favourably emphasized appearance advantages by means of decorative cosmetics.
Treatment of cracks on heels
Лечение трещин на пяткахCracks on heels are familiar very many, they can appear at any time: both in the winter, and in the summer, at people of different age. They bear in themselves danger of entering of an infection, bring huge discomfort when walking and carrying footwear. Today we suggest to deal with the reasons and ways of treatment of cracks on heels.
Use of oil of rosemary
Применение масла розмаринаIts saturated aroma with a grassy and mint shade attracts and attracts. It weakens and cures of many diseases. At rosemary oil – a wide range of actions. It can be inhaled, rubbed in skin and to add to cosmetic masks.
How to bring salts out of an organism
Как вывести соли из организмаMany salts in an organism can face everyone. First this problem seems "pustyachkovy", but with the expiration of time on this soil diseases of a backbone and joints that threatens with serious consequences often develop. For this reason, each of us has to be familiar with methods of removal of salts from an organism. Today will also tell about them.
Technology of Tantric massage
Техника тантрического массажаFor many the phrase "Tantric massage" bears in itself something novel and mysterious. Many of us have of it no idea, and some rank such massage to erotic, giving sexual pleasure. But first of all it needs to be perceived not as technology of massage, and as a certain expression of a state of mind, important part in self-knowledge.
How to make water manicure
Как сделать водный маникюрLong ago passed times when color of nail varnish had to approach under color of a handbag or shoes. Today in fashion originality. The water manicure, bright and attractive, is capable to be at the same time both daily, and festive, and unusual. And that to make it, absolutely optional to go to beauty shop, it with ease can be made and in house conditions.
Chemical wave of eyelashes
Химическая завивка ресницGracefully bent air eyelashes – dream of each woman. But unfortunately, the nature not is equally favorable to all. Therefore it is necessary to use the huge efforts to correspond to an esthetic spirit of the age. Modern conditioning agents behind beauty help with it.
Application of a mummy from extensions
Применение мумие от растяжекThe history of use of treatment-and-prophylactic curative balm of a mummy totals neither more nor less three-four millennia. In ancient times of a mummy it was widely used in medicine of the countries of the East and Asia, it was called differently: "mountain blood" (at Burmans), "rock juice" (in Tibet), "stone oil" (in Siberia), "natural balm" (Kyrgyzstan).
Application of a hellebore for weight loss
Применение морозника для похуденияMany consider that to lose extra kilos by means of various herbs – is safe, effective and even it is useful. As it appears, phytotherapy not always has a positive effect. Among a large number of herbs which are used for weight loss, a hellebore, perhaps, the most dangerous and toxic, but at the same time many note its efficiency.
Parafinoterapiya in house conditions
Парафинотерапия в домашних условияхOne of the most popular and available procedures in cosmetology call a parafinoterapiya today. It is applied on many sites of a body, but most often used for a face, hands and feet and in the anti-cellulite purposes.
Types of a bioepilation
Виды биоэпиляцииAll of us, women, at least once in life resorted to procedure of removal of undesirable hair on a body. Someone went on modern procedures to salon, someone shaved off hair the ordinary machine, and someone had an experience of removal of hair wax. Such technique of disposal of excess hair on a body is called as a bioepilation.
Advantage of hydrosulphuric bathtubs
Польза сероводородных ваннTaking any bath after intense day, the person will be able to relax and have a rest. But it only at first sight. Bathtubs possess also medical action. If to you advised to try a hydrosulphuric bathtub – do not refuse, and you will feel as to you forces come back.
Make-up with red lipstick
Макияж с красной помадойThe brightest, attractive and sexual images of women were always created with use of lipstick of red color. This shade of lips as if a magnet, attracts men. It is associated with fire, passion and sensuality. However many ladies prefer not to use red lipstick in a make-up as are afraid to look too provocatively or vulgarly.
How to make children's manicure
Как сделать детский маникюрMy five-year-old daughter always with interest observes how I do myself manicure. Often takes a nail file and tries to repeat after me. And from its constant requests "make up also to me nails a red varnish", I do not know where to get to. Perhaps the child should trying to make manicure?
How to clean nosogubny folds
Как убрать носогубные складкиMy school friend, wishing to become more attractive, invented different exercises to get rid of characteristic nosogubny folds. And inflated balloons, and even pasted on the person an adhesive plaster for the night. But except the expressed face edema of anything it was impossible to it.
Hair loss after the delivery
Выпадение волос после родовMany women after the delivery face such unpleasant problem as a hair loss. Both masks do, and vitamins drink, and hair both poured, and pour. All the matter is that it is necessary to approach the solution of this problem in a complex.
Alginate face packs
Альгинатные маски для лицаSeaweed – a product not only tasty, but also useful. In their structure there is a unique substance which analogs are not present on all planet – salt of alginic acid. Not so long ago the cosmetology began to use them in preparation of masks which very quickly won popularity at those who dreams of the second youth.
How to make a service jacket gel varnish
Как сделать френч гель-лакомMany girls very much like the French manicure. And still they very much want that this beauty kept on nails as it is possible more long. What it is possible to advise? Of course, to make a service jacket gel varnish.
House anti-cellulite wrappings
Домашние антицеллюлитные обертыванияFor disposal of excess weight resort to such procedures as massage, electrostimulation and a liposuction. Unfortunately, these methods not from cheap, besides not always bring desirable result.
Acceptance of salt bathtubs
Принятие солевых ваннPeople who only arrived from the sea, it is very easy to learn. And not only on beautiful suntan, but also on healthy skin, and on the tightened figure. But how to be if a season of holidays already behind, and there is a wish to be beautiful? Salt bathtubs will come to the rescue.
Equipment of a make-up "a cat's eye"
Техника макияжа «кошачий глаз»For certain you paid attention to expressive eyes of ancient Egyptians. They attracted and attracted. And you did not think of why women did themselves such make-up? Everything is very simple – so Egyptians tried to receive force and grace of a sacred animal – cats.
Advantage of a lymphatic drainage
Польза лимфодренажаThat people will only not think up to prolong youth and to keep beauty. The lymphatic drainage became the next invention of modern cosmetology. This procedure renders salutary effect not only with esthetic, but also from the medical point of view. What is the lymphatic drainage and in what its features consist, this article will tell.
Make-up for brown eyes
Макияж для карих глазIt is difficult to argue with that brown eyes – the brightest and expressive of all. Their main plus consists what even without use of cosmetics they are allocated on a face. And, nevertheless, if it is correct to emphasize them – from the girl it will be difficult to tear off a look. In this article we will talk about a make-up for brown eyes.
As what to choose a make-up in school
Какой выбрать макияж в школу"Oh, what it for a scarecrow came? You again took mother's cosmetics"? – the teacher at school sighs, having seen brightly made up schoolgirl. Yes, passed those times when it was not allowed to be painted in school long ago. Now girls can come to occupations with a make-up, but under a condition that it was the most natural.
ФототерапияFor people who wish to remain young and beautiful, the science thought up many cosmetics and devices. One of the most demanded methods of treatment of skin today – phototherapy. Its essence consists in impact of light radiations on cages therefore the structure of skin and its color, and also elasticity and elasticity improves.
Ways of removal of hair in the person
Способы удаления волос на лицеA face hair, especially if they quite dark, noticeable and them there is a lot of, it is always unpleasant. And each woman aspires quicker and any ways to get rid of them. On a face we will also tell today you about methods of fight against excess vegetation.
How to paste false eyelashes
Как наклеить накладные ресницыIf the nature awarded you with dense and long eyelashes – you were lucky. And what to do to what eyelashes are not allocated? False eyelashes are for this purpose thought up. They will give to your look of expressiveness and is visually open eyes.
Egg face packs
Яичные маски для лицаMy mother began to apply various egg face packs after forty. And on the basis of its experience I can tell surely – they really help. Besides, it is very easy to prepare them in house conditions, and the main ingredient for certain will be in each kitchen. Today decided to learn in more detail a secret of eggs and to choose the most popular and effective face packs.
Application of a fresh-water sponge from spots
Применение бадяги от прыщейFresh-water sponge – one of miracles of the mother of the nature. Many consider it as a plant but very few people know that actually a fresh-water sponge – an animal. This ordinary-looking inhabitant of water depths has a set of positive properties. Today the whole series cosmetic and medicines from a fresh-water sponge is developed. Today will tell how it is applied to treatment of spots.
Make-up for green eyes
Макияж для зеленых глазWith what only epithets did not present green eyes: witch, magical, rusaloch. Such color of a raduzhka meets quite seldom and difficult to argue with that the similar shade is considered one of the most beautiful. And if, besides, it is correct to emphasize it by means of cosmetics, from the green-eyed beauty it will be difficult to look away.
ИонофорезMany women with vigilance treat hardware cosmetology, especially, if the principle of work consists in impact on skin electric current, as at an ionoforeza. But experts claim that it not only is not dangerous, and on the contrary, it is very useful for skin.
Plucking out of eyebrows thread
Выщипывание бровей ниткойWhat woman does not dream of the ideal line of eyebrows? But all know that it is possible to achieve it only by continuous correction. Quite original way of an epilation which can be used both for eyebrows came from India to us, and for any site of the person is a plucking out by the most usual cotton thread. As — today also we learn.
Types of arrows for eyes
Виды стрелок для глазIf you consider that by nature your eyes are not attractive – you should not be upset. Perhaps, you simply are not able to do the correct make-up. In this case to make eyes attractive shooters, different in a form, will help.
Advantage of a zabrus
Польза забрусаAll know about advantage of bee honey, much know of miracle influence of beeswax, but only units remember properties of a zabrus. Earlier about this useful waste product of insects almost all knew, but over time about a zabrus, as well as about many treasures of the nature, unfairly forgot.
Use of beeswax
Применение пчелиного воскаWhat you know of beeswax, besides, that honeycombs in beehives are constructed of it? Yes, it is used for production of candles, but it would be terribly unfair if such valuable product was applied only as an alternative to electric lighting. Today we will talk about use of natural beeswax and how it helps to find beauty and health.
Guash's massage
Массаж ГуашаGuasha - one of the most ancient methods of massage in the Chinese traditional medicine. Literally this name is translated as "to scrape off all bad". Masters of equipment use a special plate by means of which certain sites on a body of the person are processed. And the effect from such reflex impact on various points consists in creation of the strongest impulse.
Godzha berries for weight loss
Ягоды годжи для похуденияAdvertizing of products for weight loss always was actual. The infinite shouting headings promise fast effective weight loss in a magic way, and ways to get rid of extra kilos also much, as well as persons interested to find an excellent figure. But one product broke all records of popularity recently, and today advertizing with its participation can be met literally everywhere.
Advantage of potato juice
Польза картофельного сокаProbably, is not present in the world of people who would not love potato at all. The unique product from which it is possible to prepare tens dishes, and each of them will be in own way tasty and useful. But, cooking potatoes very few people think of extracting from it juice, and after all it can become excellent many diseases medicine.
Types and treatment of a post-acne
Виды и лечение постакнеThe acne illness is a problem which is actual for many teenagers. Sometimes she mentions even people at mature age. Existence of the inflammatory process damaging thermal and epidermalny layers of skin is peculiar to this disease. Therefore on integuments some changes which sometimes very strongly disfigure the person are formed.
How to grow a beard
Как отрастить бородуThe beard was always considered as a courage sign at men. Today it is also a stylish element in image. The man with a beard always attracts attention and is perceived by surrounding people as the owner of internal freedom and determination.
Use of oil of not role
Применение масла неролиAt the phrase "not role oil", probably, everyone draws unprecedented somewhat eccentric fruit or some intricate plant of which it is made in the imagination. Actually everything is much simpler, and nicknamed so this essential oil not thanks to the name of the primogenitor of the same name at all.
How to steam out a face in house conditions
Как распарить лицо в домашних условияхThe special place among ways of care of skin is taken by a rasparivaniye. Specialists cosmetologists recommend to apply this method of deep clarification terms before drawing masks or srubs. It is proved that similar procedure expands a time, promotes elimination of various pollution and fat, and also improves blood circulation and work of sebaceous glands.
Application of rose-petals
Применение лепестков розыRose – a symbol of love and beauty, but its value far not only in appearance. Since ancient times the rose is applied in many spheres of our life: to medicine, cookery, cosmetology, perfumery and even decor. The most high potential is hidden in themselves by its petals therefore we will speak about them today.
Advantage of thawed snow
Польза талой водыAll know of advantage of thawed snow, but not everyone knows in what it consists. If it is about the thawed snow somewhere in mountains, it is natural that such water will be pure and curative. But how to be to residents of megalopolises? Actually useful thawed snow can be prepared at itself in kitchen.
Technology of the Chinese massage
Техника китайского массажаThe Chinese massage is famous for the unusual properties for a long time – it promotes not only to improvement of a physical state, but also helps to balance all vital processes, in particular, mood of the person. Today will in more detail tell about ancient technology of the Chinese massage.
Advantage of pearl bathtubs
Польза жемчужных ваннAs it is possible to imagine much, having heard only one name of this procedure. Certainly, with pearls the bathtub has a little general, but here the advantage of it can be highly appreciated very much. One course of treatment will put your organism in order, will force to forget about stresses and will restore a metabolism. As — we will also tell today.
Use of sesame oil
Применение кунжутного маслаSesame much is known for the seeds, they are often used in cookery at baking of bakery products. But also also oil of seeds of this plant which is included into the three of the most useful vegetable oils of the world enjoys wide popularity.
What is the glitter of a tattoo
Что такое глиттер татуEvery day there are all new and new ways to decorate a female image, to make it more distinguished, original and sexual. Glitter of a tattoo is one of such shifts and is capable to change any appearance. What is the glitter of a tattoo and where they can be applied, read in our article.
Use of cocoa butter
Применение масла какаоCocoa butter - one of the most fragrant solid oils, is actively used not only for creation of sweets, but also in cosmetology and even for treatment of some diseases. Oil with aroma of chocolate possesses the toning and wound healing action.
How to sleep
Как выспатьсяModern rate of life in a root changed internal clocks of most of people around the world. The person began to spend more time behind the computer, to receive more intellectual loading and, as a result, to sleep less. Problems with a dream – the SCOURGE of 21 centuries. What to do if you were tired of constant sleep debts and cannot lead normal active lifestyle?
Use of amber acid
Применение янтарной кислотыAmber is better known as material for jewelry, but from it also make the most valuable amber acid. Useful properties of this product allow to apply it in different spheres, basic of which medicine, cosmetology, dietology.
Make-up for the hung century
Макияж для нависшего векаThe hung eyelids – a widespread problem among women are more senior 50, but happens that the similar phenomenon is observed at enough young women. Anyway, it is cardinally possible to correct a situation only by means of plastic surgery, and here will help to correct a problem visually correct meykap. In this article we will talk just about it.
Use of oil of germs of wheat
Применение масла зародышей пшеницыOn the earth many cereals grow, but hardly they can compete with wheat, on prevalence, a variety of the products received on its basis and to medicinal properties which are born in itself by its oil. The product received from wheat germs is capable to strengthen an organism, to rejuvenate it and to cure of many diseases.
Manicure for short nails
Маникюр для коротких ногтейOn a question "What nails it is more beautiful?" most of women will answer: "Of course, long!". And with bitterness it is sighed because magnificent, long nails demand a lot of time and money. And we should "be content" with short nogotochka, without guessing that the manicure on them is capable to look worse nothing, than on the long. Today we will open secrets of performance of ideal manicure on short nails.
Application of a grass of Senna
Применение травы сенныTreatment by herbs – the integral part of traditional medicine which came to us from antiquity. Unlike synthetic preparations, plants have the sparing effect on an organism, do not lead to serious collateral reactions and seldom cause allergies.
Harm of a hookah
Вред кальянаAbout that smoking is a harm, all know on light: from small kids to deep aged men. And even, in spite of the fact that global war with tobacco smoking was developed in the world, people and continue to smoke. Besides, they for the addiction thought up the mass of justifications: both the stress removes, and appetite suppresses, and brain activity improves.
Thermal water for the person
Термальная вода для лицаThermal water as cosmetic appeared in the markets in the middle of last century. It was on sale in container which was a prototype of a modern barrel. This water is capable to cure eczema, to calm and moisten the inflamed skin, to slow down aging process.
Use of cones of hop
Применение шишек хмеляHaving heard the familiar word "hop" - many readers will think that fun will be a question about intoxicated. But actually at hop more a broad spectrum of activity and it possesses the mass of positive properties.
Use of vaseline oil
Применение вазелинового маслаYou are familiar with vaseline and its action? And whether you knew about existence of vaseline oil? Is not present? will acquaint you with its action. This preparation possesses a number of positive properties and has low cost.
Masks from salt for hair
Маски из соли для волосWhat of girls does not dream of the dense and radiating with health head of hear?! Unfortunately, in the modern world our hair constantly come under influence of negative factors. Because of it they wither, become fragile, and the question of a hair loss pursues nearly each beauty. Usual table or sea salt is capable to win against all these problems. Today will also tell about it.
Use of stone oil
Применение каменного маслаStone oil – a surprising product. About it is available so poorly scientific data and thus it enjoys such popularity in traditional medicine. Besides treat this oil the most serious human illnesses.
House body scrubs
Домашние скрабы для телаNot all women attach especially a lot of significance to a body scrub, and in vain. Advantage of its use enormous, and not only for appearance of skin, but also for health. From now on we suggest to use body scrubs regularly.
Use of rape oil
Применение рапсового маслаSeveral years ago hostesses also did not hear about such product as rape oil. Earlier in shops oils, sometimes in addition cotton were on sale generally sunflower yes corn, but it too did not know where plainly to apply. Today rape oil wins the increasing popularity, it add even to baby food.
Dimeksid and Solkoseril from wrinkles
Димексид и Cолкосерил от морщинYou had first wrinkles and you do not wish to be reconciled with it? Correctly, it is time to begin fight. Many women at once go to beauty shops and "receive" expensive procedures. But we will go some other way and we will get rid of hated folds and deepenings by means of inexpensive pharmaceutical means.
Liquid chestnut for weight loss
Жидкий каштан для похуденияFrom time immemorial women dreamed to have a slim figure. But the nature is arranged so that not everyone is allowed to be graceful. That was only not tried by persistent young women to get rid of hated kilograms and to come nearer to dream. Today will tell persons interested to become more harmonous, about new means – a liquid chestnut.
How to get rid of a breast spots
Как избавиться от прыщей на грудиA breast spots can develop not only at teenagers, and they always say that in an organism there was a failure. So, it is necessary to treat not only consequences, and first of all to define the reason of emergence of rash.
Use of palm-oil
Применение пальмового маслаPalm-oil became wide to be applied not so long ago, and still round it disputes do not cease. One say that it is an irreplaceable product in cookery, especially in pastries, their opponents claim that oil bears only harm. Today will try to understand this question.
Blood transfusion from spots
Переливание крови от прыщейSpots, perhaps, one of the most hated skin diseases for many young men and girls. To get rid of them, young people resort to many means: from cosmetic and medicines to diets. When both that, and another is ineffectual, experts advise more radical method – blood transfusion. Today will reveal all secrets of this way of fight against spots.
Use of oil of a thistle
Применение масла расторопшиThis weed is not loved very much by summer residents and first of all clean from a kitchen garden, even without representing, what value it comprises. In the people it is called still "prickle" or "thistle", and scientifically he is called "a thistle spotty".
Application of a saffron
Применение шафранаToday in the world hundreds and even thousands of various seasonings and spices are. On their background the saffron is brightly allocated. Even the name of this east spice blows as mysteriousness and refinement. Very few people know that this spice is applied not only in cookery, but also widely used in cosmetology, medicine and other spheres of human life.
Use of corn oil
Применение кукурузного маслаAll of us very much love sweet corn and we look forward when it keeps up to manage to take pleasure in special taste and to fill an organism with useful substances. But it is possible to make it only once in a year. And here to use the oil received from corn it is possible all the year round.
Fluoration of teeth
Фторирование зубовEvery time as tooth will ache, at each of us involuntarily slips thought: "And after all it was possible to avoid it!". And every time we very much try to think up a worthy justification to the fear of dentists. And meanwhile, there is a procedure for strengthening of teeth which and pains to you will not deliver, and will reduce number of your visits to the stomatologist.
What is the ozonoterapiya
Что такое озонотерапияFor the first time the ozonolecheniye began to be applied last century. And now, when the medicine does not stand still, curative properties of this substance began to apply everything more active. Thanks to use of ozone, such therapy possesses powerful action, and, according to most of doctors, the technique will replace the majority of medicines soon.
Use of cedar oil
Применение кедрового маслаIt is not necessary to confuse cedar oil which turns out by a cold extraction from nuts of the Siberian cedar, with essential oil which is extracted from wood. Nut oil is applied not only in cookery, but also in traditional medicine, and in cosmetology.
What is the blefaroplastika
Что такое блефаропластикаEach woman wants to be beautiful at any age, however over time there are irreversible processes, and first of all susceptible skin round eyes suffers. Constant stresses at work, bad ecology, improper feeding, influence of sunshine – all these factors bear negative changes. As a result there is a puffiness and flabbiness of skin under eyes.
Advantage of sea salt
Польза морской солиSea salt relatively appeared recently on shelves of our supermarkets, before it it was possible to buy only in specialized shops and at quite high price. And now it quite impressively differs at the price from usual, table salt though now is more available to the ordinary buyer.
Features of hardware manicure
Особенности аппаратного маникюраBeautiful well-groomed nails – these not only it is esthetically beautiful, in our modern time it also need. And today there are many various techniques by means of which it is possible to put nails in order as on hands, and standing.
What is the hydrotherapy
Что такое гидротерапияHydrotherapy – popular procedure which cured kings of antiquity and helps to keep health presently. The unique complex of medical and cosmetology actions is capable to return youth and to force to forget about the most unpleasant diseases. In this article we will tell how the person learned to use a natural power of water and why hydrotherapy is so useful to health.
Depilation by wax
Депиляция воскомThis procedure is considered popular, both among very young girls, and among mature women thanks to the simplicity and low cost. After such procedure hair grow more slowly, than and the long effect of smoothness of skin is provided.
Massage of a stomach for weight loss
Массаж живота для похуденияIf you think that massage is intended only for pleasure, are mistaken, with its help it is possible to restore the health and even to grow thin. Therefore if at you excess "fat" gathered on a place where there has to be a waist, address to beauty shop or complete a self-massage course.
Use of oil patchoulis
Применение масла пачулиEssential oils still are long since known to mankind thanks to variety of useful properties. They were used as drugs and cosmetology means, in an aromatherapy and the intimate sphere, for weight loss, by removals of a stress and other. After many years people did not forget about similar structures and in the modern world they acquire great popularity again.
How to strengthen nails
Как укрепить ногтиNot for nothing say that nails are a card of the woman, they not only show as far as the lady appreciates the appearance, but also reflect a state of her health. But bad nails are, at all, not a sentence. The fragile, exfoliating nails can always be helped both with salon, and with house conditions.
How to make a wedding make-up
Как сделать свадебный макияжThis gala and long-awaited day all looks are turned on the beauty bride, it is important to remember each detail: dress, veil, hairdress, jewelry and even make-up. It is the main highlight for many girls.
Arab make-up
Арабский макияжIt is impossible to challenge that fact that east beauty differs in special brightness, and all because for a long time girls of the East learned to put on a face decorative cosmetics skillfully. Accurate lines, dark colors and saturated paints successfully emphasize the most favorable features, do the woman irresistible and force many men to be wrapped in her following.
Use of oil of avocado
Применение масла авокадоOil of this exotic fruit cannot often be seen on tables and in first-aid kits of our compatriots. And in vain. Here the Mexican and Colombian tribes tried out avocado and oil from it more than 10 thousand years ago, and began not only to eat it, but also to be treated by it.
Advantage of oxygen cocktail
Польза кислородного коктейляThe bad ecological situation, especially in megalopolises, conducts to that the human body starts having a hypoxia, in other words, it does not have oxygen. Scientists thought up not natural methods of completion of oxygen in an organism, it and oxygen pillows, cylinders, and also cocktails for a long time.
As it is correct to make up eyelashes
Как правильно красить ресницыEyelashes for the woman – the special weapon. They serve not only protection of eyes against dust, a wind and the sun, but also decorate each woman. Eyelashes were always considered as a beauty standard therefore tried to allocate them with different ways.
Application of a root of a glycyrrhiza
Применение корня солодкиThe glycyrrhiza is an interesting herb which became famous for the curative properties from an extreme antiquity. Today it has at once some names – a sweet root, a liquorice, a solodkovy root, a smooth licorice and so forth. But each of them designates the same product, irreplaceable in medical practice.
ЛипофилингThe modern world makes quite great demands of appearance of the person. For this reason many exhaust themselves with constant diets and cosmetic procedures. However traditional ways sometimes are not able to cope with time and the nature.
Planimetric plasticity
Контурная пластикаPerhaps, there is no woman who would not dream of unfading youth. But time is relentless and aging of an organism is an inevitable process. However and the modern industry of beauty does not stand still, taking noticeable steps on the way to various achievements. This time will acquaint the readers with such technique in esthetic medicine, as planimetric plasticity.
Technology of performance of the European manicure
Техника выполнения европейского маникюраIt wins popularity among the Russian women. It less travmatichen is also safe. The European manicure can be made as independently, and to trust in masters of manikyurny art.
Face lifting in house conditions
Подтяжка лица в домашних условияхThe question of how it is possible to tighten a face form without surgical intervention, starts exciting each woman sooner or later. Elastic maiden skin as well as possible will emphasize "eternal eighteen" in soul of women. To do without knife, doctors and an anesthesia quite perhaps, and in this article we will open face lifting secrets in house conditions.
АбдоминопластикаProcedure with the mysterious name of an abdominoplastik realizes dream of many - does patients by happy owners of the elastic and tightened belts! Now also we will discuss all features and nuances of this cosmetic operation.
Mantras for weight loss
Мантры для похуденияMany dream of a beautiful distinguished figure. Excess weight reduces a self-assessment of the person, provokes problems with health and disturbs private life. In a pursuit of symmetry, people exhaust themselves with diets and physical activities, but very often break and gain even more kilograms, than was in the beginning. Mantras for weight loss will come to the rescue of those who seriously decided to be engaged in improvement of the body.
Treatment of a girsutizm
Лечение гирсутизмаExcess hair standing for many women are a big problem which fix in all possible ways. What then to speak about such disease as a girsutizm. At this illness there is a failure in endocrine system and, as a result, there are face, back, breast, ears and stomach hair.
Manicure gel varnish in house conditions
Маникюр гель-лаком в домашних условияхNow you will surprise nobody with beautiful manicure. In fashion a new line of strong nail varnishes under the name gel varnish. This procedure is considered saloon, but many women want to master it independently.
Selection of a make-up and jewelry for an appearance tsvetotip
Подбор макияжа и украшений по цветотипу внешностиPeople – creations paradoxical, after all the aspiration to identity is quite often replaced by aspiration to find similar to, and it is fraught with that that without understanding people, is arranged under a various framework and templates. A striking example of it is division according to appearance tsvetotipa.
How to reduce stomach volume
Как уменьшить объем желудкаThe vast majority of people is inclined to an overeating today. And it is connected not only with banal "gluttony", but also with a present rhythm of life: lack of time, jamming of stresses, acceptance of food in operating time or is simple in front of the computer – all this inevitably conducts to extension of walls of a stomach and, as a result, to absorption of an increasing number of food, feeling sick and obesity.
Use of amarantovy oil
Применение амарантового маслаAmarantovy oil not often very famous, but, nevertheless, it is widely used in traditional medicine and cookery. It contains such useful substances without which our organism does not think of the existence. Not for nothing it was considered as a longevity elixir more than 8 thousand years ago.
Use of oil of a lavender
Применение масла лавандыThe lavender is a most ancient Mediterranean plant which unique properties are widely applied in the household sphere, and also an aromatherapy. Trays, massage oils, cream, lotions and other cosmetics are urged to grant youth, elasticity of skin and a healthy look.
Hydrogen peroxide for the person
Перекись водорода для лицаHydrogen peroxide - quite widespread means for clarification of skin. But also its application has the nuances. On the one hand it well narrows pores and disinfects, and with another – can cause burns and allergic reaction. Therefore will not be superfluous to learn how it is correct to use it.
What to do if teeth are unsteady
Что делать, если шатаются зубыShaking of milk teeth is quite natural process of which you should not be afraid. But this phenomenon is frequent concerns lobbies or molars that testifies to a number of diseases and unpleasant consequences. How to find and cope with a problem, we will talk in this article.
Acid peeling
Кислотный пилингSpecial service in processing of skin is registered in a price of each prestigious cosmetology salon. Thanks to an acid peeling, skin literally anew is born – wrinkles, pigmentary spots and acne rash disappear.
Advantage of birch sap
Польза березового сокаIn the first warm spring days and pulls to walk on a gentle green grass, to breathe clean air in which fragrant aromas of primroses already start being learned, and to descend on "birch hunting". Natural birch sap – the tasty and extraordinary useful drink capable to present health, beauty and longevity.
Bioreinforcing of the person
Биоармирование лицаIn a pursuit of beauty and youth the woman would sell soul to a devil if it is possible. Really, lovely ladies without shadow of fear and doubts test on themselves all novelties of modern esthetic surgery – if only to keep a maiden face form and smooth skin.
Lamination of eyelashes
Ламинирование ресницThe world of cosmetology offers more and more novelties for women that they became even more attractive. One of the most actual services remains lamination of eyelashes today.
Why nails exfoliate
Почему слоятся ногтиStratification of a nail - always quite unpleasant show. It spoils appearance of manicure and signals about some problems with health. What it is concrete and as to fight with them – about it we will lead conversation today.
Use of oil jojoba
Применение масла жожобаLong since people consider this preparation as "liquid gold" not only because of beautiful amber color. At oil jojoba the mass of advantages which lion's share is occupied by use of oil in cosmetology.
Advantage and harm of an infrared sauna
Польза и вред инфракрасной сауныFor the majority of modern beauty shops an infrared sauna - not a rarity. The popular procedure promising health, a slim figure and longevity enjoys extraordinary popularity. But very few people understand, what impact on an organism infrared saunas have. Whether this service how dealers in beauty position it is so useful?
Srubs for lips
Скрабы для губGentle and chubby sponges cause delighted looks in men and even a little jaundiced eyes at women. "Here I would have same soft and smooth lips by nature!" - some of them think, without suspecting that the nature here not and, and it is all about the correct and permanent care.
White points on lips
Белые точки на губахSmall white points on lips - the phenomenon quite widespread. Many do not attach it significance, consider that it not a serious dermatological problem. And it is vain. Because such rashes can testify to serious problems in an organism.
Peeling of face skin
Шелушение кожи на лицеAt least once each woman faced it – the peeling can appear both in a hard frost, and in pleasant spring day. And always brings esthetic discomfort. Today let's deal with its reasons and ways of treatment.
How to get rid of a fatty tumor
Как избавиться от жировикаAny, even the smallest problem with health is capable to bring a lot of discomfort. And even if it is esthetic and does not conduct to serious consequences, but negatively affects appearance - the spoiled mood and the underestimated self-assessment is simply guaranteed. One of such problems are fatty tumors. What provokes their emergence and how to fight with them?
Types of briquettes
Виды брекетовToday it is hardly possible to surprise someone with briquettes. Though they are used in stomatologic practice only slightly more than 40 years. In Russia briquettes of steel will be applied still later. It is considered that the first briquettes were thought up at the beginning of the last century by the American orthodontist by the name of Edward Engel. It is natural that the very first briquettes considerably differed from modern products on convenience and esthetics.
How to make gradient manicure
Как сделать градиентный маникюрOne more interesting novelty is offered by designers of nail service for the most courageous girls – gradient manicure. It looks specially elegantly, and to make it most will not make special work.
As it is correct to make up eyes with a pencil
Как правильно красить глаза карандашомPencil – the artist's tool, in talented hands capable to create masterpieces. Ability to do a beautiful make-up is some kind of same art. Everyone who has desire, patience and time can learn it. The cosmetic industry offers us in the help the whole arsenal of various means among which it is possible to find that will emphasize, will allocate and will decorate our identity.
Laser liposuction
Лазерная липосакцияTo you not to overcome excess weight in any way? You cannot long limit yourself in food? Then a new way which offer the centers of beauty – for you. Try to bring the body into norm by means of a technique of a laser liposuction.
Advantage of a bath for an organism
Польза бани для организмаSeveral decades ago, when in houses and apartments were not provided shower and bathrooms, a bath was nearly only place of ablution of a body. Presently the bath – it is rather, the vacation spot, opportunity to relax and have a rest with friends. And only the few know about medicinal properties of a steam room for health.
Increase in lips hyaluronic acid
Увеличение губ гиалуроновой кислотойChubby and sensual lips were a symbol of female attractiveness and sexuality at all times. Volume forms attract man's all eyes, instantly fascinating and tempting men. The modern technique of increase in lips hyaluronic acid comes to the rescue of the persons wishing to change the appearance.
Use of orange oil
Применение апельсинового маслаOrange extract – one of the most available types of essential oils which besides possesses a wide range of influence. This means is capable to make the regenerating, warming, relaksiruyushchy, sedative and anti-depressive effect. But its most important function – elimination of cellulitis.
How to draw arrows in the eyes
Как нарисовать стрелки на глазахThe beauty of female eyes always attracts, attracts and submits men. The incalculable number of songs and poems is devoted to this part of the face. Many women dream not to be worse owners of eyes, than at notorious east beauties. Correct meyk-ap will help to reach with this question of perfection.
Chemical peeling of a face
Химический пилинг лицаThe increasing popularity among women of both middle age, and very young girls is gained by procedure of a chemical peeling. Only some procedures - and skin as if are born anew: becomes smooth, small wrinkles, eels and spots disappear.
Use of oil of grape seed
Применение масла виноградной косточкиIt is considered literally "gold" - relieves of wrinkles, helps cages to be updated quicker, outputs harmful substances and helps to get rid of many diseases. It will be a question about widespread not only in cosmetology oil of grape seeds.
Macadamia face oil
Масло макадамии для лицаMacadamia – a precious nut which ripens in Australia. This product has small productivity, but according to the characteristics and medical qualities has the highest marks. For this reason exclusive oil from a macadamia so valuably in cosmetology, after all it helps to resolve a wide range of problems.
How visually to reduce a nose
Как визуально уменьшить носThe industry of fashion dictates to the world the canons of beauty for a long time. From covers of glossy magazines girls with ideal faces look at us: smooth velvet skin, big eyes, seductive lips and equal proportional noses. What to do to what appearance is far from perfect?
How to treat zayeda on lips
Как лечить заеды на губахThey can appear at any age, at the person consisting on any social step. Very few people do not know that such the cracks in mouth corners preventing to talk, eat and drink. In the childhood mother said to us that it "from dirt". It is difficult to argue, whether but only it is the reason? And how to treat cracks on lips?
Peeling small fishes
Пилинг рыбкамиPhish Spa or, simply speaking, a peeling small fishes, some years in a row enjoys unprecedented popularity among women from around the world. It and no wonder, after all this procedure has continuous pluses: improvement of skin, pleasure from process, relax, beauty, mass of positive emotions and not only... Today will tell about a peeling small fishes in more detail.
Use of antimony for eyes
Использование сурьмы для глазBeauty of east eyes – the most extraordinary and desired godsend of which all women dream. But it is possible to achieve such expressiveness by means of a make-up from antimony – dye which the Arab beauties use for an eyeliner, toning a century and even treatments of eyes.
Diamond peeling
Алмазный пилингThe aspiration of the woman to have a faultless image and to allure views of people around generates a set of types of cosmetology procedures for improvement, rejuvenation and smoothing of skin. One of such innovations – the diamond peeling allowing to eliminate without serious consequences scars, hems, wrinkles and defects of epidermis.
Pluses and minuses of a gas-liquid peeling
Плюсы и минусы газожидкостного пилингаGas-liquid peeling – a novelty among technologies on rejuvenation and deep cleaning of face skin, and also elimination of defects of relief. At the heart of a technique influence of two components of a natural origin – oxygen and water which provide unsurpassed result is put at once.
How to do Japanese manicure
Как делать японский маникюрWant to have faultless, well-groomed handles a long marigold, and no means help? Do not despair, try a new type of manicure which is successfully applied in Japan.
Iodine for nails
Йод для ногтейFragile nails – a problem not only female, but sometimes and man's. Nails in general are capable to tell about health and the status of the person a lot of things therefore councils for care of them are always actual. For nails heard many about useful properties of iodine, but the responses which tried the absolutely different. Someone claims that it really helps, and someone insists on even worst result.
Types of an epilation
Виды эпиляцииWhat woman does not dream of smooth beautiful legs, and there is a lot of methods for implementation of the dream. But here what to choose from them not to do much harm to skin and to have tremendous result. Will tell about it.
How to remove shellac in house conditions
Как снимать шеллак в домашних условияхFor any woman there are three most important indicators of her status and the attitude towards themselves: hairdress, footwear and nails. And if the footwear can be bought simply more expensively and more qualitatively, it is better to look after a hairdress and hair, our nails and hands are direct reflection of our everyday life.
How to make eyebrows dense
Как сделать брови густымиLength, density, width and depth of coloring of eyebrows depends on fashionable tendencies, but regardless of it, their ukhozhennost remains actual always! Now in fashion dense, quite wide eyebrows and everyone beauties from the fashionable magazine can brag of them therefore no wonder that practically any woman dreams of such eyebrows today.
Mekhendi in house conditions
Мехенди в домашних условияхMekhendi represents unique art of a list on skin which was created many centuries back. Florid patterns and lacy ornaments are put with henna, covering hands, a stomach, feet with unique drawings, thawing in itself secrets of mystical sense.
Brashing for the person
Брашинг для лицаThe polluted air, food with chemical additives, proximity of industrial zones – all this affects our skin, and the person suffers first of all. But to despair and neglect everything if you noticed the first age changes, is not necessary. There are many ways to return former beauty. And a brashing – one of them.
Laser peeling
Лазерный пилингAnything so obviously does not give out age of the person as his skin. In youth the large supply of collagen does it smooth, elastic and beautiful. But with age skin starts losing an esthetic look and each new year of life leaves on it the trace.
Turpentine bathtubs in house conditions
Скипидарные ванны в домашних условияхTurpentine bathtubs already for many years are famous for the curative properties. Probably, still your grandmothers and grandfathers remember a pulverizing on the basis of turpentine as panacea from many sores. In spite of the fact that this method quite old, it has a deserved success still. Today will tell about all medical effects which give turpentine bathtubs.
How to make lunar manicure
Как сделать лунный маникюрWhimsical lady Moda thinks out every year all new shifts to change our appearance and to present to the world even more magnificence. Here and in the come season it dictates the rules, and is ready to share with beautiful readers beauty secrets.
Almond peeling
Миндальный пилингClarification of skin by means of an almond peeling – the most demanded and effective cosmetic procedure today. The effect from its influence allows to correct some problems of skin, as much as possible reducing risk of injury of epidermis and providing visible result.
Enzimny peeling
Энзимный пилингEnzimny peeling – unique procedure which allows to update epidermis and to give a healthy look to sensitive skin. The secret is covered in use of the enzymes and special fermentativny substances allowing to influence delicately a skin layer. Such procedure will help to eliminate minor defects, guaranteeing steady result.
How to make a smoka make-up ays
Как сделать макияж смоки айсFaultlessness of a make-up – an important component of refined image of each girl as on it also there is the fashion. One of popular trends of year is the effect of "a smoky look" in which the main accent is given to eyes. The smoka make-up ays allows to give to an expressiveness look with an easy haze of mysteriousness.
Use of peach oil
Применение персикового маслаThe tasty, juicy, summer fruit and attracts to taste it. The peach is loved both adults, and children. But its value is cut not only in pulp, but also in a stone from which extract the peach oil, most useful to a human body.
Bay leaf from spots
Лавровый лист от прыщейBay leaf known to all hostesses is successfully applied not only when cooking, but also in treatment of such unpleasant problem as spots. Broths, tinctures, lotions and masks from leaves of a laurel tree will help to cope with them.
Problem of the grown hair standing
Проблема вросших волос на ногахIdeal smooth legs is a dream of each woman in the summer. In a warm season not to do without depilation in any way. How to avoid quite widespread phenomenon as the grown hair? Also will tell about it.
Элос-омоложениеIn the modern world one of the most actual directions in cosmetology is the question of rejuvenation of skin. Today there is a big number of surgical and cosmetic procedures of lifting. In this article will tell about one of the most innovative and popular methods of fight against aging – elos-rejuvenation.
ШрамированиеOn what only there is no person to declare itself to the world: piercing, permanent make-up, plastic surgery. And if earrings in ears and a navel became for society a usual thing for a long time, some modifications of appearance of certain citizens still cause genuine interest, respect and... fear. Let's talk about a shramirovaniye.
Bathtubs for weight loss
Ванны для похуденияVery powerful steam is gained today by popularity of bathtubs for weight loss. And it not for nothing. Comments on them enormous and depending on properties of an organism, additional measures which you will take, it is possible to grow thin a month before 10 kg. suggests to understand today, whether so it actually what types of bathtubs exist and how to be influenced by miracle effect of a bathtub for weight loss.
Pressoterapiya for weight loss
Прессотерапия для похуденияIn the modern world more and more people suffers from the excess weight and cellulitis. Everyone looks for the individual method of fight against these problems. Many, getting rid of unnecessary kilograms and an orange-peel, found panacea in a pressoterapiya. Today will tell about this effective way of correction of a figure.
Manicure on feng shui
Маникюр по фэн-шуйFen-shuy strongly entered our life and even those who says that does not believe in him, from time to time nevertheless puts money in the necessary direction, and on a table hold the frog looking precisely at the East. Did not avoid this order of the day and manicure.
Massage of hands: its features and version
Массаж рук: его особенности и разновидностиHands is that part of a human body which demands a permanent care irrespective of, than you are engaged and with whom work. They constantly are subjected to various tests with different intensity.
Use of rose attar
Применение розового маслаThe queen of flowers – a rose also by right carries a proud rank of the queen of aromas. The rose smell tart, sweet and gentle at the same time since ancient times is associated with luxury, feminity and refinement. Its unique properties were open in the X century when from this flower Avicenna received first-ever essential oil. And thanks to the qualities rose attar became irreplaceable in cosmetology.
Spices for weight loss
Специи для похуденияSpices became an integral part of our life long ago: shops and the markets offer a huge choice of various seasonings to any our dish, whether it be meat, fish, vegetables or any other food. But how to use spices during a diet? After all there is no wish to eat tasteless food at all, it, at least, very much demotivates to observance of the food mode.
Use of serum for hair
Использование сыворотки для волосLong, brilliant, healthy hair are decoration of each woman. Therefore the world of cosmetology does not stand still and offers more and more novelties on care of hair. Recently various hair serums became very popular. They combine properties of masks, conditioners and staylingovy means.
Use of apricot oil
Применение абрикосового маслаToday among all variety of oils on shelves of shop it is also possible to find and apricot oil. Many think that it is some novelty, but actually apricot oil was known from an extreme antiquity. This oil thanks to the nutritiousness found application in cookery, and thanks to the softening properties it widely is used in cosmetology.
As it is correct to make up nails
Как правильно красить ногтиOur hands issue about us all information: as strongly we are occupied as we do houseworks much, how carefully we look after ourselves. If correctly to do manicure, it will cease to take away too much time, and handles will always look accurate and well-cared.
Use of santalaceous oil
Применение сандалового маслаThe curative and restoring properties of oil of a sandal-wood tree were appreciated by different people of the world from an extreme antiquity. Strong, specific, at the same time noble aroma can be clear not at once to the nonspecialist, found the application both in cosmetology, and in a perfumery production line, and, of course, in medicine, as in ancient, and modern.
Use of oil shi
Применение масла шиTree reproach or shi grows in some African regions and it is called among locals "a life tree". And there is no wonder, after all its fruits, roots and bark are irreplaceable in cooking, medicines and soap. From pulp of fruits extract the unique oil known for the valuable properties.
Advantages and shortcomings of ultrasonic cavitation
Преимущества и недостатки ультразвуковой кавитацииToday cellulitis and obesity are one of the most burning issues for many people. And excess weight influences not only beauty and youth, but also health of men and women from around the world.
How to improve complexion
Как улучшить цвет лицаIf you have a pale, unhealthy complexion, even the good cosmetics will not always be able to help out. With such skin the woman looks emaciated and unattractive. Therefore in the world thought up a set of ways how to improve complexion. It is necessary to help skin both outside, and from within.
How to pierce ears in house conditions
Как проколоть уши в домашних условияхAlready you will surprise nobody with earrings in ears. It became now fashionable to both adults and babies to pierce ears. In salon such service costs expensive also many in the old manner wish to pierce ears independently. In this article will open to you a secret of performance of this procedure in house conditions.
Nail extension by biogel
Наращивание ногтей биогелемSlowly the fashion comes back to all natural. It touches also nails. Already does not cause delight in many a type of the increased artificial claws therefore in salons even more often began to offer such service as gel manicure.
Hyaluronic acid for the person
Гиалуроновая кислота для лицаThe best method to avoid wrinkles on the face is as soon as possible to begin preventive measures. And hyaluronic acid can become in this case the faithful ally as very powerful natural humidifier. To begin with it it is recommended to use, since 30 years.
Japanese facial massage
Японский массаж лицаSlavic girls, without any doubts, the most attractive, however over the years their smiles provoke emergence of mimic wrinkles. Another matter of the Japanese: smooth porcelain skin for many years keeps the look. The secret of silky skin is reached thanks to a special facial massage.
Popular tattoos at girls
Популярные татуировки у девушекThe aspiration of women to make the body passes from father to son even more beautiful and more attractively. Small drawing on a body will emphasize identity and will allow the young girl to become more self-assured and will help to draw attention of an opposite sex. The history of drawing drawing under skin totals the millennia.
Intimate epilation
Интимная эпиляцияIntimate epilation – a frivolous whim, a tribute to modern fashion or a practical note in sexual life? Today this type of "hairdresser's art" is at popularity peak. However, the intimate epilation was fashionable in those far times when beach beauties started sporting mini-bikini.
Masks for skin round eyes
Маски для кожи вокруг глазThe shining appearance of skin round eyes is directly proportional to timely careful leaving which we render to it. It is the most delicate zone on a face, and it will not suffer negligence.
Respiratory gymnastics for weight loss
Дыхательная гимнастика для похуденияBelieve it or not, but many people who are wishing to grow thin and having everything indications for this purpose do not hurry to be engaged in physical exercises only because of the uncertainty in themselves. They so do not believe in the forces that are in advance adjusted on defeat.
Ginger for weight loss
Имбирь для похуденияHow many diets tried and tablets those who dreams of a slim figure ate. And after all to achieve good result very simply, it is only necessary to limit itself in food, to play sports and... to drink ginger drink. Yes, this root works wonders in fight against excess fat.
Aging of the person: what to do to look younger
Старение лица: что делать, чтобы выглядеть моложеThe face and neck, as well as all body, are covered with muscles. Outlines and appearance of the person directly depend on their tone. With age many face muscles and necks which are actively participating in mimic activity are shortened, decrease in volume and are deformed, their tone weakens, skin starts drooping.
How to get rid of bags under eyes
Как избавиться от мешков под глазамиAs if well you did not get enough sleep, did not use qualitative cosmetics but if you have bags under eyes, the person will look all the same tired. The reasons can be the most different and, respectively, it is possible to fight against them in the surgical way or by national methods.
How to make eyes it is more
Как сделать глаза большеBeautiful eyes are a dream of many women, after all most often we focus attention to them. But, unfortunately, sometimes the nature precipitately "forgets" to allocate women with the correct section and proportional forms.
Cosmetic ice for the person
Косметический лед для лицаOur skin very much loves water. It with gratitude accepts reviver of bathing steam, the invigorating washings in the mornings and heat baths before going to bed. All cosmetic water procedures do well only to our beauty and health.
Treatment of a demodekoz
Лечение демодекозаIn the middle of the spring in drugstores great demand for preparations for treatment of plentiful rashes and pustulous inflammations on face skin is noted. And much do not know that the reason for that can become demodekoz - a parasitic disease of skin.
Coral peeling
Коралловый пилингThe spring at most of people causes keen desire to change the appearance to the best. Especially it concerns women. With the first warm beams of the sun, beauty shops open the doors more widely. One of the last new trends which can offer you there is a coral peeling.
Bathtub with soda for weight loss
Ванна с содой для похуденияAll of us want to be harmonous and beautiful, but sometimes so laziness to exhaust itself campaigns to the sports hall and to exhaust a stomach with hungry diets … Today we will share with you effective and absolutely easy way of natural weight loss – by means of the heat weakening bath. What in it special? Add a little soda to water and feel on yourself its surprising influence.
How to become sexual
Как стать сексуальнойSome women mistakenly believe that absence of attention from men is covered in five (ten) extra kilos, inability to cook "kebab" and inability to distinguish Zhirinovsky from Zhvanetsky. And vainly try to be engaged in fitness, to study the book about tasty and healthy food and the political treatise of Aristotle "State".
Miostimulyation of a body
Миостимуляция телаHere and the spring came, and desires to be engaged and "go" on a diet - no. Work, house, kitchen. And such circulation every day. To give a couple of hours to itself and to go to a gym not always it turns out. Charging for lazy or a body miostimulyation became alternative to active weight loss. About all its advantages read in more detail in article.
Fractional fototermoliz
Фракционный фототермолизEach woman wants to look young and beautifully, especially if her age reached the golden mean. Many with the first signs of aging go to experts of laser surgery but if this option not for you, an optimum choice – to use a fractional fototermoliz.
How to narrow pores on a face
Как сузить поры на лицеAll women want to have beautiful and healthy skin. This beauty was given some by nature, and someone should fight for ideal skin zealously. There are different reasons of that face skin does not look ideally, but most of all beauties are annoyed by enlarged pores on a face. Unfortunately, this problem disturbs the most part of people on our planet, and it not only individuals of the fair sex.
Technology of hot manicure
Технология горячего маникюраNothing gives out age of the woman as not well-groomed hands. In order that skin was velvety, smooth and shining, beauty shops offer new procedure – hot manicure.
How quickly to grow an eyebrow
Как быстро отрастить бровиRemember how in "Office romance" the pretty secretary Verochka taught unsightly Lyudmila Prokofyevna? "The eyebrow has to be thin-thin as the thread with astonishment raised" - had to aspire to such ideal the Soviet woman. Today glossy magazines propagandize: the more natural eyebrows, the better look!
Types of tattoos
Виды татуировокFor a long time the tattoo was considered as the special symbol distinguishing her owner from people around. Here and today by means of a tattoo of people declares the identity, shows a special mentality and gives to the appearance unusual appearance.
Pigmentation of skin
Пигментация кожиHaving seen a brown spot on a face, the person starts worrying and trying to get rid of it. Campaigns in known beauty shops, expensive procedures... Whether it is so easy to get rid of pigmentary spots on skin and why they arise, today will tell you
Gold threads in cosmetology
Золотые нити в косметологииAspiration to be pleasant at a female in blood. No wonder that at all times women tried to keep youth and beauty as it is possible more long. At times ways of rejuvenation gained very extravagant character. For example, the Hungarian countess Elizabeth Batori got the nickname Bloody because of the passionate hobby to bathe in blood of virgins to have the fresh and shining appearance.
Socks for a peeling
Носочки для пилингаThe other day my colleague told me about the visit to beauty shop. It appears, now there was a new procedure of care of feet. It is a special pedicure with fruit acid. Such chemical peeling costs expensive, but there is more effective remedy which proved on "hurrah" - socks for a peeling.
ПлазмолифтингThe medicine does not stand still, also the cosmetology keeps up to date. Today our story how to return former youth of the skin without operation. will tell you of a new technique of rejuvenation – a plazmolifting.
How to define skin type
Как определить тип кожиEach woman dreams to have beautiful skin, but, as we know, not each woman was so lucky. Of course, genes cannot be changed, but knowing for certain type of the skin to us quite on forces considerably to improve its state and appearance.
How to get rid of callosities standing
Как избавиться от мозолей на ногах"And again trod on corns". Expression is familiar? Today together with we will talk about imperceptible, but in too time giving a lot of inconvenience defect – about callosities as to get rid of them and that it is necessary to do that they did not appear.
How to clean wrinkles on a forehead
Как убрать морщины на лбуWrinkles on a forehead, perhaps, the earliest signs of aging on a face. They can already appear in youth, and it is connected with a habit to wrinkle a forehead, to reflect over problems. But even if to accustom itself to wrinkle less a forehead, wrinkles will not disappear already anywhere. To make them less noticeable, it is necessary to give to this part of the face a little of time. We will open before you secrets how to clean wrinkles on a forehead.
How to clean ears on hips
Как убрать ушки на бедрахYou have a beautiful figure, but you are not pleasant to yourself in a mirror. Are afflicted when put on a dress in covering, and the eye is fixed by cambers on hips? You should not worry, everything is reparable. will come to the rescue to you and will tell how it is easy to clean ears on hips and will teach you to find self-confidence.
ДарсонвализацияThere are physioprocedures by means of which it is possible to solve a number of problems with health, to prevent withering of skin, emergence of wrinkles, an alopetion (a strong hair loss). And, it is not obligatory to go every day for this purpose to policlinic or beauty shop at all.
How to remove the increased eyelashes
Как снять нарощенные ресницыIt is known that eyes are a window to the soul, likely, therefore they always attract a look of an opposite sex. On what only shifts do not go girls that their eyes looked even more attractive. Most often increase artificial eyelashes, but then face one more problem - as these increased eyelashes to remove.
White spots on nails: reasons and treatment
Белые пятна на ногтях: причины и лечениеWhite spots on nails appear both at adults, and at children from time to time. If the nail plate was "decorated" by a couple of white strips or spots, anything terrible in this cosmetic defect is not present. However if they appear in large numbers and long do not disappear, it is necessary to pay closer attention to a problem. So, perhaps, the organism reports to us about internal violations.
Use of almond oil
Применение миндального маслаAlmond oil is a universal remedy. It is used as in pure form, and combined with various other components. Oil is applied everywhere. Many who already got acquainted with its unique properties, enthusiastically share the secrets.
Cabbage diet
Капустная диетаThe cabbage diet deserved popularity thanks to the efficiency. So, effectiveness and efficiency is reached by cabbage of a diet because the cabbage in itself is quite low-calorie product. Thus the cabbage is useful to our organism. After all it contains many vitamins, minerals and cellulose which is useful to work of our intestines.
Salicylic peeling
Салициловый пилинг"Light wash a pocket mirror, tell and all truth report …" - thoughtfully looking in a mirror, considers the, not ideal face the young girl. And the exit is – to return elasticity and smoothness of skin it is possible quite easy way. How? Together with we will consider one of types of a chemical peeling.
As honey massage becomes
Как делается медовый массажIt is no secret that many pharmaceutical preparations, along with therapeutic effect give a number of complications therefore today more and more doctors and patients resort to medical influence of natural improving means.
How to take away the drooped skin
Как убрать обвисшую кожуOne of the reasons on which many girls who need to dump not less than 10 kilograms of excess weight elementary are afraid to grow thin, along with that dream to find a slim figure, loss of elasticity of skin is. This fear occurs because skin after weight loss can droop, and despite the outlined waist the esthetic type of skin will leave much to be desired.
Make-up for small eyes
Макияж для маленьких глазThe true woman, having perfectly studied all the shortcomings, does not take offense at the nature and does not blame for all misfortunes genes - she throws down them a challenge! Waists are not present? More tightly we will tighten a corbel! Hair rather thin? Let's twist! Eyes small? Let's draw more! Let's roll!
How to get rid of a back spots
Как избавиться от прыщей на спинеElastic clean skin was always considered as the main condition of all canons of beauty. Therefore in this century of the highest development medical and cosmetic technologies, apparently, are not present and there cannot be no problem which would not respond to treatment and decorative adjustment. On the contrary, people who long and unsuccessfully try to clear the skin of spots will object.
Can massage
Баночный массажThe few become winners in fight against cellulitis, unfortunately. And if become, not forever - any minute opposite poles again will return on favourite legs! Therefore to us, women, it is always necessary to be on the alert. Today will tell the readers about all secrets and subtleties of can massage for elimination of cellulitis and maintenance of a body in a tone.
Masks from wrinkles round eyes
Маски от морщин вокруг глазThe very first wrinkles which with chagrin notices at himself the woman is wrinkles round eyes. Someone notes their emergence at rather early age – till 25 years (mimic wrinkles are capable to afflict even 18 summer girl), at someone they appear much later, but regardless of it, they are practically capable to enter any woman into a panic state.
How to remove acrylic nails in house conditions
Как снять акриловые ногти в домашних условияхVery many women complain that procedure of building and removal of artificial nails very much spoils then their nail plate. However specialists in nail extension categorically do not agree with similar statements. As by them it is noticed for a long time, ladies try to save the money on this procedure and remove artificial nails independently, using everything that is near at hand.
RF lifting: features of procedure
RF-лифтинг: особенности процедурыThe modern cosmetology does not stand still and develops literally with great strides thanks to what we, women, can keep the natural beauty and youth for many years.
Advantage of chocolate
Польза шоколадаChocolate all – irrespective of age love, nationalities, a social status or religion. This delicacy is most favourite at millions of people on the planet.
Secrets of beauty of Cleopatra
Секреты красоты КлеопатрыWhether Cleopatra was beautiful? In this respect opinions differ. One claim that she was beautiful, others that her appearance was far from perfect to argue with that it was incredibly well-groomed, however, difficult. We can approve one for certain: to this day it is a standard of feminity and charm.
МикродермабразияOne of the most popular and available procedures is for today microdermabrasion which else often is called "polishing of skin". Thanks to it it is possible to achieve at the same time two positive effects: to relieve skin of dead cages and by that to prolong her youth.
Apple cider vinegar for weight loss
Яблочный уксус для похуденияThat only women do with themselves in a pursuit of a beautiful figure. Exhaust themselves with dangerous diets, drink the forbidden preparations, and long-awaited figures on scales, both was not, and is not present. Nutritionists with might and main blow that ate only natural products, it concerns also vinegar. The special diet which cornerstone apple cider vinegar is is known even, and already how she is effective, knows
Mediterranean diet
Средиземноморская диетаThroughout many centuries to inhabitants of the solar romantic coast of the Mediterranean Sea traditional food kept health, beauty, prolonged life. This phenomenon was carefully investigated by physicians and nutritionists then they drew a conclusion that the culinary recipes popular in these warm countries will be useful also to other people.
How to grow thin in the person
Как похудеть в лицеWeight loss - always quite labor-intensive process, and reduction of the most problem zones demands close attention to them. Often women worry because of chubby cheeks which see in a mirror. Of course, it not the biggest problem, but aspiration of the woman to perfection knows no limit. Let's consider in detail how it is possible to grow thin in the person and to get rid of the second chin.
How to take a contrast shower
Как принимать контрастный душAll know that a contrast shower - a way to cheerfulness and good mood. However not all it is loved and not everyone knows how it is correct to make such simple procedure really useful, and it is as much as possible least unpleasant effective.
Mesoscooter for the person
Мезороллер для лицаEach woman dreams of smooth, beautiful and forever young skin. But because of bad ecological conditions, constant stresses, diets and simply improper feeding is already closer by thirty years skin gradually loses natural elasticity and it is simple to it not to do without your support in fight against age changes.
How to get rid of a sweat smell under mice
Как избавиться от запаха пота под мышкамиThe increased sweating in armpits - nearly the most actual problem in the summer. The undershirt, wet from sweat, can admire unless after fruitful training in the sports hall. In other time perspiration delivers us sense of shame and discomfort. Here not to sweat absolutely! Beauty if only you are not confused by a heap of dermatological diseases and serious deterioration of health.
How to bleach skin
Как отбелить кожуSomeone once thought up that skin of the girl has to remind porcelain and to be similar to silk. And since then that beauties only do not do to become still a krasha. It is possible to bleach the skin in the different ways: to try it to make in house conditions or to ask for the help the expert.
Care of skin round eyes
Уход за кожей вокруг глазThe first wrinkles and the first signs of aging, unfortunately, are shown on a foreground – round eyes. Here the most gentle, the skin deprived of sebaceous glands and muscles which also constantly is exposed to stretching – this area is active throughout all time of wakefulness. And she demands to herself separate leaving which has to begin with the earliest age.
Kriolipoliz - weight loss without operation
Криолиполиз - похудение без операцииIt only earlier weight loss without wearisome diets and infinite sport was only dream, but technological process and medicine do not stand still therefore presently it became reality.
Churn essential oil
Эфирное масло бейAll of us know that essential oils are very useful not only to health in general, and and for appearance skin and a hair. If about burdock or castor oil for appearance the hair was heard by all, here about essential oil beat it is known not to each woman.
Articulation gymnastics
Артикуляционная гимнастикаNeed articulation gymnastics not only children, but also many adults, especially those who often addresses a large number of people. The articulation gymnastics is capable to develop mobility of bodies of organs of articulation and to help to develop the correct and full movements of articulation bodies.
Massage of head skin
Массаж кожи головыMassage of the head is capable to bring benefit to any type of hair. But you should not forget that massage of hairy part of the head leads to stimulation of sebaceous glands therefore if you the owner of an oily hair, is best of all to apply means to massage and treatment of head skin, rubbing them a wadded tampon.
How to increase growth
Как увеличить ростThe person is always dissatisfied with the appearance, a hair color not such, a shape of lips, a nose and you never know the reasons for discontent with? Someone does not like own growth … But if hair can be recoloured, to change a shape of a nose or lips by means of plastic surgery what to do with growth? Really with it there's nothing to be done?
How quickly to grow nails
Как быстро отрастить ногтиPractically each woman dreams of long beautiful nails. Of course, it is possible to ask for the help the expert, and many and do, and then in few hours of a hand look well-groomed. And it is possible to try to take advice of cosmetologists how quickly to grow nails, especially, today at peak of popularity there are, natural nails.
СтоунтерапияWhat associations at you arise to the word "stone"? Firm, smooth and cold? Or warm, gentle and curing? The people who recently visited the southern stony beach or … in beauty shop on the procedure which received the name "stounterapiya" incline to the last characteristic.
Diet of ballerinas
Диета балеринThin to be very fashionable today. But in the 21st century the relation to leanness changes more and more and the woman most often wants to lose weight in two cases: to look esthetic and to solve problems with health.
Retinoyevy peeling
Ретиноевый пилингTime for permanent, high-quality care of skin therefore sometimes the beauty shop is the only exit is not always enough for women. In beauty shop experts will help to return the lost youth, depending on in what state there is a skin and what result you want to achieve, and the frequency of carrying out many procedures is defined.
Laser nanoperforation of skin
Лазерная наноперфорация кожиLaser nanoperforation is considered one of relatively young techniques of rejuvenation of skin. However she already managed to prove perfectly, after all in power to remove with her hints on age changes of skin even from the most initial manifestations of 25-30 years.
Parafinoterapiya for hands
Парафинотерапия для рукParafinoterapiya for hands not for nothing is considered one of the most popular procedures in beauty shops, besides, that it is capable to make salutary impact on skin of hands, it also very pleasant procedure.
Features and advantages of suntan in a sunbed
Особенности и преимущества загара в солярииThe person needs the sun not only as in a light source and it is warm but also as in the natural factor which is well influencing health. During the summer period it is easy to receive necessary quantity of ultraviolet rays, however at approach of a cold season their quite explainable shortage begins.
Face packs with honey
Маски для лица с медомAbout curative properties of honey have heard a lot all. Besides, that it perfectly treats catarrhal diseases, it still use in cosmetology, for example, it is possible to do face packs with honey. Honey is capable to return to skin a healthy look, a tone and to clean small wrinkles.
How to grow thin in a week
Как похудеть за неделюHow to grow thin in a week or to lose weight in 3-5 days? Who did not ask himself such question on the eve of an important meeting?! Girls are seldom happy with the figure — it seems to them that it is worth growing thin for unlimited number of kilograms and will become absolutely happy. collected recommendations of nutritionists for fast and safe weight loss.
Face packs with aspirin
Маски для лица с аспириномEach woman dreams of beautiful skin, but it is not so simple to achieve excellent result, especially if to go on salons for any expensive treatment at you is not present means and time. But not for nothing there is such saying which sense is that the person interested will find 1000 opportunities, but not wishing 1000 reasons.
What is the BB cream
Что такое BB кремIn Hollywood there is a joke that if the star claims that it without make-up then that did not do without BB cream use here. BB cream cardinally differs from simple voice-frequency means in that it is capable not only it is ideal to disguise imperfections of skin, and and is active to fight against them.
Glikolevy peeling
Гликолевый пилингThe aspiration to look good, irrespective of number of the lived years, and to look younger than the age is inherent in each woman is a cherished dream of each woman at all. Therefore choosing means which will be urged to fight against aging and various defects of skin, there is a wish to find that, the effect from which will be visible "on the person".
Green coffee for weight loss
Зеленый кофе для похуденияRecently the problem of excessive weight becomes more and more actual for most of inhabitants of the planet. No matter, with what the set of undesirable kilograms – improper feeding, stresses or diseases is connected.
Onions soup for weight loss
Луковый суп для похуденияMillions of the women dissatisfied with the figure are in continuous search of an ideal diet – not strict, harmless and very effective. recommends to all to try to grow thin by means of useful onions soup.
House face packs
Домашние маски для лицаIn this article it will be a question of remarkable cosmetics which are good, first, that for them to some extent each hostess always has ingredients in the refrigerator, and secondly, do not contain chemistry, preservatives and consist only of natural products. These are wonderful face packs which each woman easily and quickly can make houses independently.
Treatment of an acne
Лечение акнеIn this article it will be a question of such trouble as an acne (spots, comedones, papules and pustula on a face) from which emergence, alas, anybody is not insured. Article not about spots which attacked many at teenage age, and about a misfortune which sometimes arises at quite mature people, can absolutely appear during any period of life.
Linseed oil for weight loss
Льняное масло для похуденияMany think that the cherished dream of women – to meet the prince. On the contrary! The most important desire – to eat everything and not to recover! Reception of linseed oil it is obvious from this opera – any rigid diets and minus on scales. understood, whether it is so harmless to an organism and linseed oil is effective in weight loss.
Doctor Bormental's diet
Диета доктора БорменталяThe great popularity is acquired now by doctor Bormental's diet. As this diet was developed by the doctor, logically, as it does harm to health the minimum.
Use of mint for beauty and health
Применение мяты для красоты и здоровьяWith what the word "mint" is associated at you? The fresh, gentle aroma cooling taste and huge medical potential. Yes, it distinguishes mint from a set of other useful plants. The most popular type of mint – peppery. It renders the soothing, antiemetic, spazmolitichesky, calming and zhelchegonny actions.
Desheli – reviews of cosmetics and the center of beauty of Desheli
Дешели – отзывы о косметике и центре красоты DesheliProduction of the Israeli company of Desheli is already rather known in Russia and perfectly proved among those who on himself could estimate its quality and efficiency. Each client passes consultation with the expert in the centers of beauty of Desheli, selection of cosmetics is carried out strictly individually. It is more information and customer reviews on Desheli's cosmetics are collected in this article.
Use of sea-buckthorn oil
Применение облепихового маслаThe sea-buckthorn krushinovidny is familiar to many readers. She can even be met on country sites. Since ancient times this fragrant sour berry was recognized by Aesculapians of Tibet, Mongolia and India as the universal remedy helping at avitaminosis, wounds, diseases of some bodies and systems. And after 1945 it was estimated also by official medicine.
Masks for the withering skin
Маски для увядающей кожиHow we wanted to grow old, lovely women, and the age prevails. Every new day we notice on the face new wrinkles and changes of skin, not painting us. Today I would like to share the experience with readers on care of the withering face skin. These councils are easily feasible, but demand a regularity and systematicity. Fall in love with yourself!
Use of burdock oil
Применение репейного маслаIn traditional medicine of the different countries used broths, infusions from roots of a burdock and burdock oil. Broth was used inside, and burdock oil locally. By means of this plant treated leprosy, gout, stomach ulcer. Women knew about the curative force of burdock oil at a hair loss still for a long time. Today oil is applied generally in cosmetology.
How to grow thin the nursing mother
Как похудеть кормящей материPregnancy is a serious test for a female figure. Nine months you wait for that the moment when extra kilos leave, but often even after the delivery on scales the terrible figure is again highlighted. What to do? How to grow thin the nursing mother and where to take for this time? Right after childbirth it is necessary to start living so that the organism itself started getting rid of excess weight.
Useful properties of rosemary
Полезные свойства розмаринаThe homeland of rosemary is the Mediterranean, but today it grows across all Europe. In traditional medicine and cosmetology use rosemary oil, infusion from rosemary, spirit tincture, rosemary wine. Rosemary essential oil is extracted from a plant during its blossoming at the beginning of summer. For receiving 1 kg of oil it is necessary to process 50 kg of the blossoming plants.
How to learn to wear heels
Как научиться ходить на каблукахGraceful gait on heels always bewitched men. And women, having put on beautiful footwear on a heel, feel much more beautifully and more surely. And what there physicians spoke about harm of footwear high-heeled, nobody refuses to put on it. As they say, the beauty demands the victims. But what to do if with a high heel the friendship at you did not develop? Study!
Use of coconut oil
Применение кокосового маслаThe pulp of a coco is added to toffees, chocolate bars, cakes, amazing pies. And still the pulp of this exotic large nut goes for production of unique oil. In this article each reader will open for himself many the new interesting moments about use of coconut oil in the cosmetic purposes and inside, its properties and recommendations about purchase.
Means for growth of eyelashes
Средства для роста ресницIt is known that eyes is a window to the soul. The beauty of eyes depends on their form, color and, of course, eyelashes. Eyelashes give to a look expressiveness and special appeal. Long dense eyelashes dream of many girls, but, unfortunately, not all got such gift from the birth. In cultivation of dense fluffy eyelashes hygiene and everyday leaving is important.
How to get rid of the second chin
Как избавиться от второго подбородкаIf the person has problems with a figure, they can be disguised by means of clothes. And if it is about the second chin, you will not hide this shortcoming anything. Also it is necessary to make certain efforts that to get rid of it. In article the most effective ways directed on correction of the lower part of a face form and reduction of the second chin are collected.
Massage chair and the vibrating massager – the best means of fight against extra kilos
Массажное кресло и вибромассажер – лучшие средства борьбы с лишними килограммамиReasons of emergence of excess weight much. It is possible to find a slim figure and to strengthen health only, combining the balanced food with regular trainings sport. Worthy alternative to physical activities are sessions of professional massage with use of masseurs of new generation – a massage chair and the vibrating massager.
Biorevitalization, rejuvenation of skin
Биоревитализация, омоложение кожиPerhaps, every first female person will support Frenchwoman Brigitte Bardot who once told: "There is no work heavier, than to try to look beautiful since eight mornings till midnight!". How to keep appeal and youth, everyone reflects. Today a set of procedures which are capable to return beauty. Another thing is that in them it is more – advantage or harm?
Masks and srubs from coffee
Маски и скрабы из кофеCoffee is known not only the invigorating property, it is rich with minerals and microcells, many of which are very useful to skin and therefore it can be used as house cosmetics. Masks, srubs, and also the anti-cellulite means prepared on the basis of coffee are very effective in face care and a body.
Nail extension by gel in house conditions
Наращивание ногтей гелем в домашних условияхThat our marigold became beautiful and long, we have to be defined: or to strengthen the nails by means of almost free house procedures and it is regular to look after them, or to spend for purchase of tools for extension of gel nails, to master technology and to make independent building of times a month.
Vodoroslevy wrapping
Водорослевое обертываниеThe wrapping is popular a Spa procedure for women who want to put the figure in order, to lose some kilogram, to tighten skin, and, so and to get rid of extensions. In addition a vodoroslevy wrapping – fine opportunity to have a rest. Not without reason the wrapping is used by seaweed in China throughout many centuries.
How to grow thin in hips
Как похудеть в бедрахProblem of many women are fatty deposits in hips, and fat is postponed there easily and quickly, and to get rid of it sometimes very difficult. The inactive way of life and improper feeding are guilty of it. In article effective recommendations for the women wishing to grow thin in hips are collected. We guarantee – you surely will be pleasant to yourself and people around.
How to gather in a stomach to the man
Как убрать живот мужчинеThe reasons for which the man has a stomach, can be different, but methods of fight against it are almost identical to all. The pot-belly is not only it is ugly, it also the considerable excess weight that is in turn very unhealthy. Our task not only to gather in a stomach, but not to allow it to grow again. You have satisfaction from result, will see changes in a body.
Cosmetics for nails
Косметика для ногтейThe image of the modern person, the man it or the woman, is not complete if it has not well-groomed nails. Beautiful nails are, first of all, healthy nails. And their health depends on many factors: heredities, ecology, features of work, food, and also how to look after them. Sometimes incorrectly made manicure can lead to problems with nails.
Care of a breast
Уход за грудьюFor a long time disputes on parameters of an ideal breast are conducted, but still nobody came to a consensus. I consider and has to be! The ideal breast can be different, both big, and small, but its main distinctive feature is an elasticity and smartness. It turns out, each of us can become the owner of an ideal breast if it is correct to look after her.
How to grow thin in feet
Как похудеть в ногахWhat is the ideal feet? There is a simple test. Approach a mirror, put feet together in a position "heels together – socks separately". Adjoining, feet in certain places form four gleams. If you consider that you have full feet and you need urgently to grow thin in feet, the recommendations provided in article will help with the solution of your question.
How to grow thin in house conditions
Как похудеть в домашних условиях"How to grow thin?", "Why all can do, and I do not?", "What diet to choose?", "How not to break?" – all these questions are asked every day to themselves by millions of women worldwide. How to fight against the shortcomings so that not to be prevented from working and daily affairs, not to restrain itself in food and not to spend money for expensive sports halls? The exit is – to take care of the own life at home.
Chocolate wrapping
Шоколадное обертываниеChocolate wrapping – fine procedure. Thanks to valuable qualities of dark chocolate – each woman can become irresistible. To make a chocolate wrapping of all body – enough chocolate and the help of the loved one is required. And here the chocolate face pack or an anti-cellulite wrapping can be made independently.
Gelatinous masks for hair and the person
Желатиновые маски для волос и лицаOn the Internet the mass of house procedures – free analogs saloon is described. Recently became interested in miracle properties of gelatin. Tried on herself – it was pleasant! Use of gelatin in the form of masks considerably rejuvenates skin, tightens a face form. He affects hair also favorably – fills cracks in each filament, adds them the volume and gloss.
Beauty shop in house conditions: it is possible
Салон красоты в домашних условиях: это возможноToday numerous beauty shops offer services in personal care and the body. One of the most important procedures for girls and women is depilation, that is an epilation by means of wax. For saving of time and money this procedure can be done without problems houses independently. The main thing to choose time, convenient for occupation.
How to get rid of a greasy luster of skin
Как избавиться от жирного блеска кожиThere is a mass of cosmetology problems. But there is one which haunts thousands of people – the increased fat content of skin. How to fight and win against this trouble, and I want to share with readers. Do not think that I now will tell the recipe of wonderful cream and the "fat" problem will disappear. War with gloss – the complex action consisting of several necessary stages.
Relevance of a problem of disposal of excess weight
Актуальность проблемы избавления от лишнего весаMany modern young ladies are excited by a question of effective and fast weight loss. At times, we do not even notice how we gather extra kilos which fault is the improper and unbalanced feeding. How to grow thin, everyone solves itself. Today you have a possibility of selection of an individual diet, depending on personal features of an organism.
How to cure split ends of hair
Как вылечить секущиеся кончики волосHealthy hair are a not only attractive appearance, first of all, it is image of any person. To keep hair, behind them careful leaving is necessary. But conditions of modern life are far from the ideal. All this does not pass completely for your hair, they grow dull, become thinner, split, drop out. These problems are solved by systematic care of hair.
Motivation for weight loss
Мотивация для похуденияIt seems to me, each woman at least once in life aimed to lose weight, but not everyone reached it. Tiresome physical activities and restrictions in food would not be so heavy, if not an indispensable condition of their performance – a regularity and duration in time. If the problem in motivation and it falls, it is necessary to support her.
Botox – youth injections
Ботокс – инъекции молодостиWrinkles do not decorate the woman. They give out age, character, habits. But, unfortunately, even professional care of skin will not be able to make us forever young. How to get rid of wrinkles by means of Botox injections, I will tell in article. Only at once it should be noted that their efficiency is strictly individual. But with each subsequent prick the effect "collects".
We choose a massage chair!
Выбираем массажное кресло!The first-ever full-fledged robot doctor, namely it is also a hi-tech massage chair, appeared in Japan. Certainly, pragmatic Americans could not stand aside, and in the market of chairs of the American production long it was not necessary to wait for emergence. Only the consumer benefited from it. However availability of robots massage therapists generated also a choice problem.
Pigmentation of skin during pregnancy
Пигментация кожи во время беременностиDuring the second pregnancy faced such very unpleasant phenomenon as pigmentation. Despite all my shifts, having returned from a week trip at the sea, I with horror found big light brown spots on a forehead and cheekbones, and on a nose of a freckle increased and started merging. Having visited the cosmetologist and having studied information, understood for herself some moments.
Healthy lifestyle
Здоровый образ жизни What is the Healthy lifestyle? And what enters it? With what to begin? And the most important how to begin? I asked these questions to myself when decided to change itself and the life to the best. Today for anybody not a secret that such the Healthy lifestyle. It: healthy nutrition, correct day regimen, healthy and sound sleep, physical activities and personal care.
Hardening water
Закаливание водойHealth and only health is value number one in the world, it needs to be protected. And meanwhile it is possible not only to support health. It is possible to increase many times organism resilience to viruses, and to forget that there are doctors and drugs. Afford such only the person which organism is stronger than external factors, the tempered person can.
How to look much younger
Как выглядеть моложе своих летThe desire to look younger – is absolutely natural to each woman; its execution – one of foremost conditions of female happiness. If you want that anybody and never guessed "terrible" figures in your passport on your person, stop spoiling it in the childhood. It is possible to start "to freeze age" at any time, but the earlier will start it doing, the better.
How to restore skin after winter
Как восстановить кожу после зимыThe spring goes, spring the road! It seems that at this time all have to waken from a dream and rejoice to sunshine. But in practice not everything is so iridescent. After winter many women are dissatisfied with a condition of the skin. On it there is an irritation, reddening. And to restore the skin after winter not so simply. Each site of a body requires the leaving.
How to keep the weight after weight loss
Как сохранить свой вес после похуденияThis article is designed for women who seek to lose excess weight at any cost, but for some reason anything it is impossible to them. And it at all made efforts. Diets, campaigns to sports halls, morning jogs, any food "miracle" additives. The effect, of course, is. But not in all cases and for a while. The question of control of a body weight remains not solved.
How to get rid of freckles
Как избавиться от веснушекFreckles most often are an indicator of uneven distribution of melanin – a special skin pigment. These lovely specks on a face give you identity. But in certain cases owners "a sun otmetinok" are dissatisfied in the way and in every possible way try to get rid of freckles. As to make it, we will tell in article.
We choose a massage table
Выбираем массажный столRecently massage tables are in demand not only for experts. Many people periodically resort to massage services as to a way of restoration, a relaxation and treatment of illnesses. For them own table becomes rather necessary subject of use allowing to simplify search of the massage therapist and thus to save on the cost of procedures.
Care of lips
Уход за губамиLips of girls attracted attention of men still for a long time. But sometimes it is so difficult to bring them into a due look and to make an admiration subject. Blood vessels are located very close, there are no sebaceous glands and the surface is extremely thin. Therefore let's learn look after lips correctly.
Application of a lemon for beauty and health
Применение лимона для красоты и здоровьяWe use a lemon almost daily in the form of a dried peel, pulp or juice. And that it is worth drinking known Russian tradition tea with a lemon! Why the lemon gained such wide circulation? Of course, because of its useful properties. Let's talk more particularly how it is necessary to use a lemon to receive the maximum advantage for beauty and health of all organism.
Care of skin of hands
Уход за кожей рукThe first impression leaves a huge mark on further communication and perception of the person. Therefore we watch the person, a figure, clothes, we do manicure and still a huge number of procedures. Women do masks and a face lifting, and hands all the same will give out age and a hard work. Let's not touch upon a subject of manicure and nails, we will talk about skin of hands.
How to keep youth
Как сохранить молодостьYouth is given to each person and gradually leaves. Even many centuries ago people tried to look younger. Now, when medicine, apparently, already at height, it is possible to look much younger. However, to look after itself it is desirable to begin at that age when traces of age it is not noticeable yet neither on a face, nor in the movement.
How to get rid of inflammations and rashes on a face
Как избавиться от воспалений и высыпаний на лицеThe face of the person is the first, on what we pay attention at a meeting. Therefore it is so important that face skin was healthy, pure and well-groomed. The problem of rashes and inflammations on a face is actual both for teenagers, and for already adult women and men. The period of the greatest activity falls on 14-35 years. Let's consider the most effective remedies of treatment of face skin.
How to get rid of black points
Как избавиться от черных точекComedones (or simply – black points) can develop at the person at any age, since the teenage. They appear owing to pollution of skin and not only dust. Black points look not attractively, is repellent even for their "owner". It is possible to reduce them, observing daily hygiene and carrying out deep face peel from time to time.
Manicure in house conditions
Маникюр в домашних условияхIt is known that it is possible to judge age of the woman on a condition of skin on her hands and a neck. Therefore, if there is a wish that handles looked young and attractively, and without special monetary and time expenditure, it is necessary to look after them periodically. The most pleasant that without problems it is possible to do it in house conditions.
Sugar epilation in house conditions
Сахарная эпиляция в домашних условияхEach modern woman for certain reflected more than once on a problem of removal of excess hair on a body, and, it is desirable, for the long period of time. To cope with this task possibly and independently in house conditions, without being spent for expensive procedures. It will be necessary for us: lemon juice, sugar, water and quantity of free time.
Exercises for correction of a figure
Упражнения для коррекции фигурыI work with model 5 years. All these years I persistently watch myself. And if not the set of exercises for all body which I carry out every day, me would be more difficult to be been in good shape. Your weight, growth or type of a figure is not important at all - any woman can carry out these exercises. Only your spirit is important, after all the complex is calculated on daily loadings.
How to choose the vibrating massager
Как выбрать вибромассажерThe mankind is inimitable! Snachalo "invented" cellulitis, and then and means against it – the vibrating massager. Many of us for the first time saw the vibrating massager in advertizing where the fragile girl stood near a certain rack with belts which serially massed that its slender waist, tiny hips. Whether this device is so effective and as to choose it, we will tell in this article.
Massage tables - how to choose a suitable table
Массажные столы - как выбрать подходящий столThe bed helps the doctor at treatment of the patient. In particular, if this doctor massage therapist or manual therapist. If to be more exact, we mean not a usual bed, but a hi-tech massage table, looking on which understand, what not all tables are identical. Therefore we will tell, than they differ from each other, and we will give some advice how to choose the suitable.
The help at a choice of a massage chair
Помощь при выборе массажного креслаThe first-ever full-fledged robot doctor, namely it is also a hi-tech massage chair, appeared in Japan. Certainly, pragmatic Americans could not stand aside, and in the market of chairs of the American production long it was not necessary to wait for emergence. Only the consumer benefited from it. However availability of robots massage therapists generated also a choice problem.
How to be recoloured from the brunette in the blonde
Как перекраситься из брюнетки в блондинкуSometimes simple popryadny clarification at temples changes accents in the general invoice of appearance. What and to speak about cardinal decisions: from a light brown type in copper, from the ashy brown-haired person in the brown-haired person with red nuance. In this article we will advise what to do in case of quite widespread female whim "I want from the brunette in the blonde!".
Pedicure in house conditions
Педикюр в домашних условияхProbably, many women will agree that we pay to face care a maximum of the attention. But here, unfortunately, often we do not attach to a pedicure any special significance. The matter is that you will not call simple washing of feet and trimming of nails a pedicure. The pedicure includes full complex on care of nails standing, behind heels and behind all skin of foot in general.
Rules of intimate hygiene
Правила интимной гигиеныIn the childhood hands before food learned to wash all of us, to brush teeth before going to bed and to cut nails of times a week. But very few people parents told about hygiene of an intimate zone, and after all non-compliance with these elementary rules can lead to a set of unpleasant diseases. About why it is so important to follow regularly rules of intimate hygiene and as to do it, read in article.
Care of a neck and area of a decollete
Уход за шеей и областью декольтеThe watching herself, well-groomed woman cannot be ugly. Naturally, our natural beauty is very vulnerable and needs a permanent care. And so far as concerns a neck and area of a decollete, here leaving is required especially careful. Otherwise already to 30-that to years skin loses the fresh complexion. To avoid it, start looking after a neck directly today.
Care of male skin
Уход за мужской кожейSeveral years ago the phrase "man's cosmetics" caused sincere misunderstanding and even bewilderment. And today the cosmetic arsenal of the man at best consists of shaving foam, cream after shaving and soap for washing. And after all use of necessary cosmetics promotes preservation not only youth, but also health of skin of the man.
How to make lips chubby
Как сделать губы пухлымиBeautiful juicy sponges are not only the fashion, is a symbol of sexuality, youth, and also result of the correct care of skin of lips. Of course, the form and the size of lips is predetermined genetically, whom than the nature awarded, but careful leaving and a competent make-up are capable to work wonders. Think of plastic surgery? Hold your horses!
Care of a body in a bath
Уход за телом в банеBathing procedures make salutary impact on an organism in general, the body is exempted from the collected slags, skin is cleared, there is a feeling of harmony of a body and spirit. Therefore to go to a bath, pleasantly to take a steam bath and it is useful for people of any age. In this article I want to share the experience applications in a bath of various means for improvement of properties of skin.
Rules of a healthy sleep
Правила здорового снаHow many it is necessary for the person to sleep, in how many to lay down? Whether the dream is so necessary for the person or it is a habit of which it is possible to get rid? How to struggle with sleeplessness? I will try to answer readers of in this article these and many other questions.
Face peel
Чистка лицаRefer various procedures which are connected with removal of inflammations on skin, eels, heat-spots and other small troubles to face peel. One of the procedures connected with face peel can consider also peelings which also delete the become lifeless cages and stimulate updating and rejuvenation of face skin. Initially its rasparivaniye was considered as face peel.
How quickly to grow thin before holiday
Как быстро похудеть перед отпускомYou did not think yet how to get rid of extra kilos? Then this article especially for you! In it will make recommendations as quickly and effectively to make a body tightened and beautiful at most in two weeks. Following these recommendations, in two weeks you will be able to dump from 4 to 8 kg, strengthen muscles of a back, a stomach and feet.
How to do depilation
Как делать депиляциюEach woman always wants to look ideally therefore she always tries to watch herself. One of the main problems is smooth skin of feet, zones of bikini and armpits. We women always watch that on these places there were no hair especially as men not only like to look at beautiful female legs but also to touch them.
How to grow thin after the delivery
Как похудеть после родовThis question, undoubtedly, disturbs each young mother. That was added for pregnancy in a waist and hips, for some reason after the delivery did not evaporate … And what now to do? How to grow thin after the delivery and to become again a harmonous birch? For weight loss there is a mass of ways. Will tell about it.
Treatment by oxygen (kislorodoterapiya)
Лечение кислородом (кислородотерапия)In modern life oxygen became not simply one of the elements necessary for normal activity, and medicine of healing from a set of diseases. In this quality oxygen is applied in the different ways – both internally, and outwardly. The uniform sense of any procedure of a kislorodoterapiya consists in saturation by oxygen of an organism or its separate fabrics.
Myths about fat burning
Мифы о сжигании жираThe whole world is puzzled with questions of excess weight. As mushrooms breed articles about various techniques of burning of fat, about wonderful disappearance of a stomach by means of any cucumber diet or about full disposal of cellulitis of the eighty-year-old housewife. Let's sort on fingers some of the most widespread myths about weight loss.
How to slow down aging process
Как замедлить процесс старенияFor increase in life expectancy was considered necessary to show a minimum of physical activity. Further the theory was insolvent. Today some main evidence-based theories of aging on the basis of which will give advice that who wants to prolong youth of the organism are formulated.
How to choose a massage chair
Как выбрать массажное креслоHow the countries of the West realized massage force, east countries with wisdom inherent in them always used it. Today in fashion the correct way of life, a good health - guarantee of vital success and prosperity. The successful, so happy person, is well-groomed, tightened and hardy. Therefore the massage chair became prestigious acquisition.
Councils for a toothpaste choice
Советы по выбору зубной пастыIf in a choice of soap, shampoo, shower gel and other means of hygiene we are guided by exclusively personal preferences, at a choice of conditioning agents behind an oral cavity it is necessary to remember that we choose for ourselves medicine. It concerns, first of all, toothpaste which wrong choice not only will not solve the existing problems, but will create the new.
Gymnastics for the person
Гимнастика для лицаCare of face skin and became a century necessary procedure for ladies of all age long ago, but treacherous wrinkles are not exterminated by one creams. To delay emergence of these unpleasant signs of age, it is necessary not to allow flabbinesses of skin, to keep face muscles in a tone. suggests you to begin fight for elasticity of skin right now!
Plasticity of lips
Пластика губBeautiful sponges – one of the brightest signs of female appeal and sexuality. But over time lips lose the attractiveness so there is a need for special cosmetics. But not always the cosmetics is effective, and plasticity of lips comes to the rescue here. Thus it is possible to change considerably a form – so and character.
Thai massage
Тайский массажToday will talk about Thai massage (Nuad Boran, Nuad in Thai, yoga-massage). The homeland of this system is Thailand where thanks to geographical nuances influence of India and China connected. Legends attribute authorship to Dzhivaka Kumar Bkhachcha (Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha), the friend and Buddha's doctor. To it uplift prayers mantras healers before a session.
Lifting of a breast (mastopeksiya)
Подтяжка груди (мастопексия)How to carry out procedure of lifting of a breast? This question is very actual for a large number of women. Especially often thoughts that it would be absolutely quite good to tighten a breast and to improve its form, arise at women after the child's birth. And the age does not spare any section of a human body, including a female breast.
Operation on reduction of a breast
Операция по уменьшению грудиOperation on reduction of mammary glands is in the same great demand, as well as operation on increase in a breast. And if the women dreaming to have a magnificent bust are guided by esthetic reasons to look more attractive, operation on reduction too big and, respectively, a heavy breast it is simple need.
Belly dance for beginners
Танец живота для начинающихBelly dance (it is bellydance) – one of the most ancient dances in the world. It was known already in ancient Egypt, Babylon, India as the ritual dance devoted to the goddess of fertility. After all the stomach is a life. Belly dance – dance of Life, dance of Great Mother. It was called differently – Isida, Ishtar, Aphrodite …
Organism hardening
Закаливание организмаWhat is the hardening in general all know but as correctly to carry out it, know the few. You, probably, noticed that recently people are pursued by SARS. Now the hardening is one of ways to keep health. If you begin a hardening from tomorrow, you have a chance to participate in Epiphany bathing in January …
As it is easy to give up smoking
Как легко бросить куритьMany people asked me a question: "How to give up smoking?", – but it is impossible to give a definite answer, unfortunately. First of all, because approach to understanding of smoking can be various. Moderately the pragmatism, I look at smoking as on business, unfortunately, very unprofitable for the smoker.
ФотоэпиляцияThe epilation is a removal of hair for a long time, in an ideal – forever, due to destruction of hair bulbs one way or another. Ideal ways of an epilation it is meanwhile not thought up. One of the most modern methods is the photoepilation. About that the method is how effective, whether there are contraindications and where it is better to address – about all these questions we and will talk.
How to do a facial massage
Как делать массаж лицаFacial massage – one of the most necessary procedures of care of skin. Massage helps skin to breathe, thereby doing still smooth, young and elastic. Of course, the independent facial massage will not replace to you services of the expert but if correctly to make everything – that to achieve good effect quite really.
ФотоомоложениеThe method of photorejuvenation consists in impact on skin the getting light radiation with specially picked up frequencies. Thus various structures in the thickness of skin receive various amount of energy – and, respectively, either are stimulated, or collapse – depending on a goal.
ПирсингPiercing is the most ancient way of decoration of a body since Ancient Egypt. On light millions of people have on a body various punctures on all body: ears, nose, lips, navel etc. But uneducated it is difficult to present all variety of jewelry of a body which permissibly to make by means of piercing.
How not to grow plump at the holiday table
Как не располнеть за праздничным столомHaving seen off all guests, having washed up all ware, and with relief having thought that at last the holiday ended, we for the morning with an aching heart become on scales. Yes, indeed – superfluous couple of kilograms. And after all promised, swore that we will gather also excess gram. But, alas, figures on scales inevitably show the return.
Technology of massage of feet and feet
Техники массажа стоп и ногMassage of feet and a foot differs from, say, massage of a back a little. In this article will tell, than massage of the lower extremities is so useful as to make it to the loved one in house conditions how to mass feet and feet to itself, and also that in the field the saloon industry is ready to offer us.
Modern alignment of teeth
Современное выравнивание зубовStatistically only at 40% of people equal teeth and the correct bite. Can be the cause of rough teeth both heredity, and more ordinary reasons. Happens also that the size of a jaw does not correspond to the size of teeth – they do not have a place. Untimely replacement of milk teeth can also play a role …
As the intimate hairstyle (bikini design) becomes
Как делается интимная стрижка (бикини-дизайн)Today each woman aspires to an ideal. A fashionable stylish hairstyle, an ideal not defiant make-up, the tightened buttocks, an elastic stomach, smooth feet, intricate forms and flowers a marigold, and, of course, bikini design. "What it for fruit – bikini design?" – you ask. In this article prepared answers to this and questions adjoining to it.
How to get rid of a smell from a mouth
Как избавиться от запаха изо ртаIt is difficult to mark the moment when you have a smell from a mouth. However, over time you will start noticing that friends try not to approach close during conversation... Only the relatives can decide to point to you to this problem. Let's understand that causes this disgusting smell and as to get rid of it.
How to choose fitness club
Как выбрать фитнес-клубSurprising business! Why people go to be engaged in fitness clubs? Personally I already "suffer" from this business of years six. We go to the hall just because us not only will teach to work on a body, but also will watch that we did not bungle. Therefore, first, going to a fitness studio, learn who will teach you.
Reddening of eyes, useful tips
Покраснение глаз, полезные советыThe problem of red eyes is familiar, probably, to each adult. Unlike other problems with eyes reddening easily is found independently: the smallest blood vessels on a surface of eyeballs extend. Reddening can often be avoided, and at emergence of a redness to try to hide – and is going to tell about it.
How to get rid of bruises
Как избавиться от синяковBruises, or in a different way hematomas, in most cases we receive, having hit something. At blow blood vessels burst, and blood from them spreads under skin, causing a swelling change of color and morbidity. When next time you get bruise, remember useful tips from
Aromatherapy in house conditions
Ароматерапия в домашних условияхSince the healthy lifestyle became fashionable, different types of nonconventional medicine in which gifts of the nature are applied became more popular: branches of plants, flowers, leaflets, backs, peel of fruit. In this article will tell about an aromatherapy and about everything that with it it is connected.
How to get rid of circles under eyes
Как избавиться от кругов под глазамиDark circles give to the face rather tired, than old look, and the only question which you will hear from people around, it something like the sympathizing: "You very much were tired?" In this article will give some important and so necessary advice of subjects for whom circles under eyes became a problem, but not result of an unsuccessful make-up.
How to reduce irritation after shaving of feet
Как уменьшить раздражение после бритья ногYou use the razor to take away hair and to make skin of feet beautiful – smooth and brilliant. Driving the razor on feet, you do not think at all that on them there can be unattractive red spots. What to do? recommends the following procedures allowing to avoid a redness and an itch after shaving.
Correct posture it is so easy
Правильная осанка - это так легкоDoctors consider that to learn to hold the back directly never late. The earlier you will begin, the it is more than chances that in the future you will manage to avoid the old-womanish bearing caused by osteoporosis. Therefore will tell today what actually the bearing is considered correct, and what exercises need to be done for its improvement.
How to give to eyebrows the beautiful form
Как придать бровям красивую формуEyebrows, be they dense and bright or thin and graceful decorate the person not worse than the most careful make-up. To the contrary, inaccurate eyebrows can spoil work even the best stylist. Therefore your eyebrows are worthy special attention. To make them attractive it is rather simple, but it is necessary to know from what to begin what to do and when to stop.
Fashion trends (fall 2007)
Тенденции моды (осень 2007)Here imperceptibly already there passed a half of summer. We will not manage and to look back as will become cold, from trees the foliage will start falling down – and the fall will come. offers you the review of autumn collections of the brightest and interesting fashion houses, the setting main tendencies in fashion for fall of 2007.
How to arrange SPA procedures at home
Как устроить SPA процедуры у себя домаSPA is the abbreviation literally meaning "health by means of water". Still in the ancient time people understood, the sources beating from under the earth, especially hot can be how useful. What is SPA and as it is possible to organize for himself similar therapy in house conditions, and is going to tell.
5 secrets of beauty from Paris Hilton
5 секретов красоты от Пэрис ХилтонThe beautiful successor of "throne" of a network of hotels – Paris Hilton now at popularity peak. Any secular news do not do without it. We bring to your attention some councils thanks to which, each of readers of, irrespective of a state will be able to become a star of the life and a subject of imitation for people around.
Technology of nail extension
Технология наращивания ногтей"To think of beauty of nails", - the obligatory rule of the modern woman. Alas, beautiful long nails by nature – destiny of the few. What to do? It is possible to try to solve a problem as it is possible well filing nails that they did not break, and it is possible – to address to specialized salon where your nails will approach to an ideal by means of technology of nail extension.
In total about eyelash extension
Все о наращивании ресницAs eyelashes of advertizing beauties - long, dense, fluffy are good! The tremendous effect, but is reached it not as a result of use of the advertized ink at all, and by means of absolutely other procedure. will try to devote in all subtleties these are arts of creation dense, long, and, above all, indistinguishable from own eyelashes.
How to get rid of extensions
Как избавиться от растяжекDuring pregnancy any future mother feels the mass of fears. At least, one of them – fear to lose former beauty – is connected with possible emergence of extensions. Is going to talk about the possible reasons of emergence and ways to get rid of extensions of in this article.
As it is correct to have a shave
Как правильно бритьсяWe have to thank progress for such remarkable invention as the shaving machine. Smooth, close shave without irritation of skin, burning, cuts is of what each man dreams. But why it is so difficult to make, apparently, such simple thing!?
How to do anti-cellulite massage of the house
Как делать антицеллюлитный массаж домаWhat is cellulitis – almost each woman knows, perhaps. That only did not think up for fight against cellulitis! One of the most effective anti-cellulite remedies still remain massage. We are also going to talk about it for
How to become beautiful
Как стать красивойBeauty standard, changing from an era by an era, in something nevertheless remained it is invariable. Each woman can be beautiful, and for this purpose it is not obligatory to lower half-salaries on exclusive cream or miracle masks. It is necessary to follow only simple rules from …
Care of teeth
Уход за зубамиPresently we prefer to eat the soft food rich with carbohydrates. Teeth are not cleared, and on the contrary, find a thick layer of a bacterial plaque and collapse under the influence of the chemicals containing in food. There is a certain scheme of toothbrushing, following this scheme, it is possible to clear all surfaces of tooth effectively.
Care of nails
Уход за ногтямиModern cosmetology firms are ready to offer the whole series of means on care of nails. Many of such means are really very good, but, unfortunately, not each purse is ready to incur such expenses. Therefore is ready to offer some recommendations, following which your hands and nails will be in perfect tune.
How to get rid of cellulitis
Как избавиться от целлюлитаIt is still not known who and when for the first time said the term "orange-peel", but it is unambiguously known that the problem of cellulitis faces the female population for a long time. Cellulitis makes the life of many women miserable, forcing to hide under bathing suit shorts, to put on free clothes and to refuse to itself a choice of beautiful erotic linen.
How to get rid of dandruff
Как избавиться от перхотиMeet on clothes... You will not argue with it. Hair are "clothes" of our head and if they not as it should be, it is difficult to modern person to feel comfortable. Especially heavy it is necessary what head and shoulders are covered with dandruff.
How to strengthen immunity
Как укрепить иммунитетZachikhal, began to cough, or is even worse – fell down a week - another with flu, will surely tell: immunity is weakened. Became covered by red rash, having eaten an excess chocolate, - and this time failure in work of immune system will be an explanation. would like to share knowledge, that such immunity and about ways of its strengthening.
How to eat properly
Как правильно питатьсяThe question – how to eat properly – excites any person wishing to derive from food not only pleasure, but also advantage. Healthy nutrition – guarantee of health of an organism. The huge number of diseases arises because of improper feeding.
As it is correct to sunbathe on a beach
Как правильно загорать на пляжеFor certain not once it happened to you to scorch on the sun so to explain that such the solar burn is not present need. Let's talk better how to sunbathe in the pleasure and thus not to get solar burns.
How to increase a breast
Как увеличить грудьHow to increase a breast? This question excites not only teenage girls, but also the adult women not happy with the size of the native breast. It seems to them that the small breast is unattractive, does not excite men and is the reason nearly of all vital disorders.
How to get rid of spots
Как избавиться от прыщейMillions of people are anxious with this problem. Spots spoil life and to girls and young men. Deprive of appeal, make repellent impression, literally force to suffer especially sensitive to the appearance. Today it will be a question of spots which develop on skin of each of us from time to time.
How to choose an epilator
Как выбрать эпиляторWarm days come nearer, and women hastily start putting the appearance in order. The beauty is, first of all, an ukhozhennost. And how to look well-groomed if feet are covered with such ugly hairs. To shave them...
Medical massage of a back
Лечебный массаж спиныThe mankind uses massage for a long time. Nobody knows when people noticed that strokings and a razminaniye help to overcome various diseases. But the fact remains – people closely became interested in massage and today many remarkable properties of medical massage are known.
About harm of smoking for the woman's organism
О вреде курения для организма женщиныAll can be forgiven to the woman, any weakness, but only not a devil-may-care attitude to the health and health of the children. Never conscious self-destruction was peculiar to the woman, the continuer of life on Earth. And in any way differently also you will not call this silly and useless habit – tobacco smoking.
Mud cure, therapeutic muds of the Dead Sea
Грязелечение, лечебные грязи Мертвого моряCurative properties of the Dead Sea are known since the most ancient times. Still ancient Jews and Romans built water mud baths on the bank of the Dead Sea. One of the main richness of this unique reservoir is the therapeutic mud extracted from the date of the Dead Sea.
Salt of the Dead Sea
Соль Мертвого моряCurative power of water of the Dead Sea was known since the most ancient times. The unusual name is the sea received still in the ancient time because in its waters with 30 percent concentration of salts and mineral substances, practically, there are no live organisms.
How to bleach teeth
Как отбеливать зубыUnfortunately, over time turn yellow not only pages of books, but also teeth therefore bleaching it is necessary for everyone. After all process of yellowing is quite natural and natural, but it spoils our smile and gives out age about which not all want to speak.
Influence of smoking on skin and figure
Влияние курения на кожу и фигуруIf you smoke to remain allegedly harmonous and beautiful, know that this delusion. The best that you can make for achievement of a desirable figure is, first of all, to give up smoking.
Care of face skin (councils to men)
Уход за кожей лица (советы мужчинам)The few men got used to use cosmetics. All care of face skin is limited to shaving foam and the moisturizing balm after. And that your person had a healthy attractive appearance, such care of skin it can appear insufficiently. Means for care of face skin enough. It is necessary to choose the most suitable only.
Care of face skin (councils to women)
Уход за кожей лица (советы женщинам)Care of face skin – one of aspirations in the woman's life thanks to which she tries to look beautifully and attractively. The cosmetics, street dust, problem skin – all this lays down big freight on our skin and demands the corresponding leaving.
Care of face skin
Уход за кожей лицаCare of face skin demands from us special attention. At teenage age face skin can suffer from an acne illness, with age there are wrinkles. And therefore face care is necessary not only when there are some problems, and as daily prevention.
Diet as a way to grow thin
Диета как способ похудетьThe desire to grow thin unites many people. And as one of ways to lose weight – to go on a diet. But such choice is not always simple, after all the majority of diets is not something short-term.
How to keep suntan
Как сохранить загарWith approach of summer at last it is possible to embody the dreams of beautiful suntanned skin, without resorting to services of a sunbed. Only the problem – suntan disappears so easily, as well as is got. So it is better to take measures for preservation of nice swarthiness in advance.
How to give up smoking
Как бросить куритьAs still Mark Twain noticed, "to give up smoking very simply, I 100 times threw". Whether there are after all ways to get rid of this addiction finally? The main thing that for this purpose is necessary for you is an existence of serious motivation.
Sunbed - how it is correctly to sunbathe
Солярий - как загорать правильноAlready very soon there will come the summer, we will put on in open dresses and easy topics. Of course, there is a wish that under them there was a beautiful skin with equal suntan. If you could not go to holiday, the artificial sun of a sunbed will come to the rescue. Only it is necessary to sunbathe correctly.
Beauty formula
Формула красотыWe, women, often reflect how to improve ourselves, the appearance with which we are always dissatisfied. Even if we would be such faultless as Aphrodite, apparently, all the same would find in themselves a heap of defects. In what this formula of beauty consists? What components enter it?
Influence of physical exercises or with fitness on life
Влияние физических упражнений или с фитнессом по жизниYou want to look good and perfectly to feel? Also understand that with it you can be helped by physical exercises. Numerous fitness clubs offer a set of services, and to understand that will suit individually you – this article will help.
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