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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
Restoration of sight on Bates's method
Восстановление зрения по методу БейтсаMany people over the years acquire not only knowledge and experience, but also problems with sight. Diseases of eyes can be different, beginning from short-sightedness and far-sightedness and finishing with an astigmatism. As strongly many people who faced a similar problem dream to return sight back. It appears, it is possible to restore health of eyes if to do special gymnastics of Bates.
Vitamins for heart
Витамины для сердцаIn modern conditions the intense vital rhythm became norm of life. Feeling periodically an indisposition and weakness, some people miss that fact that these feelings can be connected with heart. The matter is that under the influence of nervous tension this vital can quicker wear out, than manages to be restored.
As the kolposkopiya is carried out
Как проводится кольпоскопияThat the gynecologist could recommend effective therapy to the patient who came to reception, certainly, at first it is required to make the exact diagnosis. With it the doctor is helped by various researches, one of them – a kolposkopiya. This method allows not only to reveal pathology, but also to prevent development of an illness.
As the allergy to a condom is shown
Как проявляется аллергия на презервативSafe sex – guarantee of health as men, and women. About it start learning younger generation nearly from the cradle today. And the most known and widespread means of protection from pregnancy and venereal diseases is, certainly, a condom.
Wryneck at newborns
Кривошея у новорожденныхCongenital muscular pathology of a neck which compels the newborn baby all the time to hold the head turned in one party, is called as a wryneck. The disease firmly fixing a neck of the baby in one situation, maybe acquired after the birth.
Preparation for gastroscopy
Подготовка к гастроскопииMore and more people problems with a stomach and digestion disturb. Someone has an eructation, heartburn, at others – burning, discomfort (a raspiraniye, weight) or pain in that place where the stomach is placed. In such cases correctly to make the diagnosis, and then to appoint effective therapy, the doctor channelizes on gastroscopy.
Treatment of adrenalovy crisis
Лечение адреналового кризаAdrenalovy, or addisonicheskiya, crisis is an extreme complication of an illness of Addison. The state develops against the hardest defeat and dysfunction of bark of adrenal glands. Usually doctors find it difficult to answer, whether the person from consequences of this illness will be able to recover.
How to strengthen vessels
Как укрепить сосудыWith age many people even more often have headaches, weakness, dizziness, meteosensitivity amplifies, memory worsens … It is a signal that the condition of vascular system worsens. Whether it is possible to strengthen a tone of vessels and to maintain their elasticity and elasticity? At some simple recommendations for readers are laid up.
As the rektoromanoskopiya is carried out
Как проводится ректороманоскопияRektoromanoskopiya in practice of the coloproctologist – the widespread way of research allowing to learn a condition of a rectum and the lower part of a sigmovidny gut. Shorter name – a rektoroskopiya. Whether it is necessary to prepare for this procedure? How it passes? Will tell about the device used by the expert, and other important aspects.
As the intestines kolonoskopiya is carried out
Как проводится колоноскопия кишечникаNow proctologists consider a kolonoskopiya as very informative, exact and safe method allowing them to survey all large intestine of the patient who asks for the help concerning problems with intestines. About opportunities of this diagnostic procedure, a carrying out technique, contraindications the speech in the offered article will go.
How to clear blood
Как очистить кровьBlood – important liquid of our organism which provides health of each body. If in blood there are any harmful substances and elements, so there are serious problems, and the organism will not be able to function as before, after all blood is responsible for quality and level of working capacity.
As the intestines irrigoskopiya is carried out
Как проводится ирригоскопия кишечникаThe majority of proktologichesky diseases is connected with that in a large intestine there are pathological changes. But how to the doctor-proctologist to understand, what for a problem happened in this department of intestines? For clearing of a picture of the patient direct on the inspection called by an irrigoskopiya. In what a technique essence? Whether it is necessary to prepare for procedure? You receive answers to these and other questions in this article.
How to be prepared for a kolonoskopiya
Как подготовиться к колоноскопииSometimes at problems with a large intestine for specification of the diagnosis the doctor-proctologist channelizes the patient on the endoscopic inspection called by a kolonoskopiya. But how it is correct to be prepared for the forthcoming procedure that the expert who is carrying out it could examine intestines carefully? How to clean the intestines? will try to give readers necessary information.
Reasons and treatment of sleepwalking
Причины и лечение лунатизмаSleepwalking – the phenomenon frequent, but every time causing a fright and generating the mass of myths. Once it was considered as a damnation or delusion, now to it there are quite logical explanations. What is sleepwalking from the point of view of medicine, what processes in an organism provoke it, and what reasons of sleepwalking?
Feeling of a lump in a throat, the reasons and treatment
Ощущение кома в горле, причины и лечениеIn stressful situations, at a disease of quinsy, and also in other cases each of us can have a feeling of a lump in a throat. Happens that periodically there is a feeling "something superfluous" in a throat, it becomes difficult to breathe. If this state turns in importunate, necessarily will reflect on the reasons of this phenomenon and as it is effective to get rid of it.
What is the angiography
Что такое ангиографияBlood on all organism moves by the elastic tubular educations called by blood vessels. They too can be subject to pathologies. To understand what exactly happens to vessels in a body of the person, helps physicians an angiography. In what the essence of this exact research when it is appointed as it is carried out – will tell about it.
Set for washing of a nose Dolfin
Набор для промывания носа ДолфинIt is difficult to breathe when the nose is bunged up. Especially, if everything is complicated by antritis or sinusitis. Now doctors in similar cases in increasing frequency recommend eliminative therapy, that is a method of washing of a nose at which from a mucous membrane of the nasal courses the particles (bacteria, viruses and other agents) causing its inflammation are removed. For these purposes the set Dolfin is successfully used.
First aid at a sunstroke
Первая помощь при солнечном удареWith approach of a warm season even more often there is a risk to fall a victim solar or a heatstroke. And it is absolutely unimportant where you are – on a sandy beach in the far-away country or on a kitchen garden in the suburbs. The sun imperceptibly influences an organism and if in time not to take a security measure, the probability of deplorable consequences is great.
Advantage and harm of medical hypnosis
Польза и вред лечебного гипнозаThe history of application of medical hypnosis totals many centuries. Ancient healers traditionally accompanied treatment with suggestion elements. In modern medicine medical hypnosis is successfully used in medical psychology, and also in psychotherapy – in the form of hypnotherapy.
What is doppler sonography
Что такое допплерографияOne of modern ultrasonic methods of research is doppler sonography. There is also shorter name – a doppler. That allows to register this research in what its essence, what indications to procedure as it is carried out – will try to answer these questions in this article.
Treatment by shock and wave therapy
Лечение ударно-волновой терапиейThe shock wave – the powerful force, which energy is capable to have beneficial influence on a human body. The shock and wave method of treatment was mastered relatively recently. For the first time the medicine "bridled" force of invisible waves in the eighties of the last century. Today wave treatment is applied successfully in the sphere of orthopedics, traumatology, urology and cosmetology.
How to choose an aspirator for the newborn
Как выбрать аспиратор для новорождённогоThe mucous membrane covering the small nasal courses of the baby is very gentle. It is struck quite often by ubiquitous bacteria and viruses while the organism of the baby only just starts adapting in conditions, new to it. What to do if at the kid the nose is so put by pathogenic slime, what it is difficult for it to suck a mother's breast and to sleep? For similar situations it is useful to have a nasal aspirator in the first-aid kit.
First aid at a stroke
Первая помощь при инсультеThe stroke is extremely life-threatening phenomenon, and from that, how fast you will react and will give first aid, the further destiny of the victim will depend. Knowledge of first-aid treatment at a stroke will be useful not only if near you there live elderly people – perhaps, you will manage to save life of absolutely unfamiliar passerby on the street …
Sclerotherapy, treatment of varicosity and hemorrhoids
Склеротерапия, лечение варикоза и геморрояAbout 50% of the population of our planet are subject to varicosity. Today in many clinics use the painless and atravmatichny method allowing to struggle with the varicose illness affecting the lower extremities, and also hemorrhoids, called by sclerotherapy. suggests to understand: in what an essence of such manipulations as they are carried out, whether contraindications and side effects have.
Treatment of a syndrome of uneasy feet
Лечение синдрома беспокойных ногSyndrome of uneasy feet call violation of nervous system which is characterized by discomfort in feet in the form of burning, goosebumps, "twisting", an itch, feeling of a raspiraniye or squeezing. Because of what the person has a desire constantly to set them in motion. Recently this frustration began to meet quite often.
Application of salt bandages
Применение солевых повязокWithout this ingredient it is impossible to present any first and second course. Guessed? It will be a question of salt. It is widely used not only in cookery, but also in medicine. Its curative properties are long since known. By means of only two components – salts and waters, it is possible to get rid of pain and to cure many diseases.
How to take bazalny temperature
Как измерить базальную температуруMeasurement of the bazalny temperature (BT) is considered an easy way to define an ovulation. Thus the schedule of bazalny temperature covers in itself information on the processes happening in a female organism, its possible violations and diseases. It is considered that this method is an indicator of that, how seriously the woman treats the health.
Why the jaw clicks
Почему щелкает челюстьFrom time to time each person regardless of age can notice a jaw clicking during food. In most cases it does not bring special discomfort and occurs imperceptibly. But the clicking can sometimes be quite painful and unpleasant. In this case this symptom does not bear anything good and it can appear a signal of a mandibular disease.
Inoculation to children from flu
Прививка детям от гриппа With approach of fall before an office of seasonal immunization the whole turns are built. Every year becomes more increasing than persons interested to take root from flu. Whether it is necessary to impart children? Perhaps, the doctor will not be able to respond to this answer even. The inoculation – business voluntary therefore to solve, impart the child from flu or not, is necessary most.
Physiotherapy exercises
Лечебная физкультураIn certain cases the physiotherapy exercises are not less effective remedy of therapy of certain diseases, than medicines. The similar complex of physical exercises for brevity called by LFK is used for restoration of operation of the musculoskeletal device, the central nervous system, and also some internal.
Useful properties of bee pollen
Полезные свойства пчелиной пыльцыPyltsa-obnozhka is a unique product which gathers a bee from various plants and possesses uncommon medicinal properties. The use in food of flower pollen allows to eliminate many diseases, to restore forces, and also to keep youth and longevity.
Treatment of a jamming of a nerve
Лечение защемления нерваSometimes, that at the awkward or sharp movement there is a severe pain in a backbone, areas of a neck or some other places. These feelings are familiar to much - thus, there can be a nerve jamming. It will be required to start elimination of this problem as soon as possible.
What is the shunting of heart
Что такое шунтирование сердцаMillions of people suffer from pathological narrowing of coronary vessels, that is the diagnosis "coronary heart disease" is made to them (in abbreviated form IBS). For many years therapists and cardiologists appointed to such patients the medicines possessing ability to expand coronary arteries. Now doctors resort to an effective surgical way of treatment of IBS – to aortocoronary shunting.
The analysis of urine across Nechiporenko
Анализ мочи по НечипоренкоTo receive exhaustive information on a state and operability of kidneys and urinary tract, in medical practice successfully use research of urine on Nechiporenko. It is the laboratory analysis as a result of which the doctor obtains detailed data on that, how many leukocytes, erythrocytes and cylinders contain in 1 ml of urine.
The weakness reasons in feet
Причины слабости в ногахPain and weakness in extremities is, perhaps, the most familiar feelings for those who passed 35 summer boundary. Actually there is a lot of reasons of emergence of muscular symptoms. It can be consequences of the endured injuries or pathological processes in an organism. Let's consider the main factors of emergence of sudden weakness in feet.
Treatment of laktozny insufficiency
Лечение лактозной недостаточностиMilk is the first food which is tried by the baby, having hardly been born. This product contains in the structure all necessary substances for the normal growth and development of a small organism. But there are cases when milk for various reasons is acquired not completely – the similar problem is called laktozny insufficiency.
Treatment of an abstinence syndrome
Лечение абстинентного синдромаThe abstinence syndrome, in fact, is group of symptoms of varying severity and a combination. They usually arise because of complete cessation or decrease in reception in high doses of psychoactive agent.
How to cease to burr
Как перестать картавитьAgree, the adult with the speech having a burr draws attention of people around therefore for many it can become a problem and the reason of development of complexes. Especially this effect becomes obvious when it has negative consequences for normal human life. For example, the kartavost very often is the main argument at refusal about employment or disturbs career growth.
How to lower cholesterol in blood
Как понизить холестерин в кровиContrary to widespread judgment that cholesterol is a poison for an organism, the advantage of this component and its vital need is scientifically proved. Nuance only that concentration of cholesterol has to always about six-seven mol/l keep at the certain level, after all its surplus threatens with serious negative consequences for an organism.
How to put cups
Как ставить банкиMedical banks were quite popular remedy still some 20-30 years ago. But today considerably forgot partially about them, and after all this really effective and safe folk remedy. Let's understand together, when and as they need to be put.
How to lower sugar in blood
Как понизить сахар в кровиAt healthy people sugar level in blood keeps at the certain level, usually it is equal 3,5 – 5 mmol/l. Increase of glucose in an organism is fraught with many diseases, the most serious of them - diabetes. Today it is one of the most widespread illnesses. For this reason it is extremely important to know ways of depreciation of sugar in blood.
How to increase body temperature
Как повысить температуру телаNormal body temperature of the healthy person makes 36,6 °C. Depending on time of day and specific features of an organism this indicator can slightly deviate in this or that party. But excessive decrease or temperature increase is considered the pathological state demanding intervention.
The raised hemoglobin at women
Повышенный гемоглобин у женщинRather seldom, but nevertheless the raised content of hemoglobin in blood at women meets. This state is not norm and can testify to some failures and violations in an organism. If at the woman the increased hemoglobin level is revealed, it is necessary to make expanded medical examination for the purpose of identification of the reasons of this phenomenon and an exception (or treatments) pathologies.
Language sleep reasons
Причины онемения языкаWithout having medical education, most it is very difficult to define, what disease dangerous and at what it is possible and to postpone visit to the doctor. For example, language sleep. It would seem, such trifle, itself will pass, and after all this symptom can signal about a dangerous illness.
How to treat cones for pricks
Как лечить шишки от уколовVery often we should give injections. But not always for the sake of this procedure we visit a procedural office of policlinic, we rely a thicket on relatives or people who assure that can masterly give injections. And, if such people are not or absolutely there is no money to pay their services, injections are given to themselves in front of the mirror.
How to choose the nebulizer
Как выбрать небулайзерWith cold weather approach there is a probability of frequent colds. And to cure annoying cough syrups and tablets not always it turns out. If you look for an effective method of disposal of cold symptoms in house conditions, then you need to get the nebulizer.
Treatment of cough zhzheny sugar
Лечение кашля жженым сахаромIn the childhood I was the lively child, constantly ran and jumped therefore also colds "clung" to me often. Especially difficult cough responded to treatment. That only mother did not do: both gave syrups, and the breast pounded, and even forced to drink opposite onions juice with milk – everything was uselessly. And then the grandmother interfered with treatment and offered me simple tasty medicine.
As becomes tyubazh in house conditions
Как делается тюбаж в домашних условияхIn our heavy time when an ecological situation awful, and food irregular and not house, the liver and a gall bladder most of all suffer. To help this body filter, it is necessary to carry out several times a year tyubazh. This procedure is usually appointed by the doctor and is carried out in the conditions of a hospital, but at observance of a number of simple rules, it can be carried out and in house conditions.
Treatment of the increased acidity of a stomach
Лечение повышенной кислотности желудкаIt would seem, what can be dangerous in the increased acidity of a stomach, except unpleasant feelings? But actually such state is not so harmless as can seem at first sight. Excessive production of hydrochloric acid is capable to provoke a number of dangerous diseases: or gastroduodenit gastritis, stomach ulcer.
The dryness reasons in a mouth
Причины сухости во ртуDryness in a mouth – quite widespread phenomenon which at least once in life practically each person faced. This problem even has the medical name – a kserostomiya. At first sight can seem that in such state there is nothing terrible, but sometimes dryness in a mouth testifies to existence of certain diseases.
How to apply mustard plasters
Как ставить горчичникиMustard plasters are familiar to all of us since the childhood. They possess the irritating, soothing and anti-inflammatory action and migraines, a miozita and even sleeplessnesses are effective in treatment not only cough in its different manifestations, but also. Today we will talk how it is correct to be treated by means of mustard plasters.
Treatment of joints gelatin
Лечение суставов желатиномFor treatment of joints different means – the medicines acquired in a drugstore, phytotherapy, and also national ways are used. You learn from this article how it is possible to improve a condition of joints, applying usual edible gelatin.
What to do if the wisdom tooth hurts
Что делать, если болит зуб мудростиProrezyvaniye and growth of wisdom teeth often are followed by inflammatory processes and painful feelings. Many people in the life at least once faced similar manifestations. Statistically, less than at a third of the population growth of these teeth happens without any problems. In most cases development of wisdom teeth is followed by any violations.
Use of boric acid
Применение борной кислотыBoric acid often is used today both in traditional, and in traditional medicine, and also – on a personal plot. The main advantage of this means – the low price at the maximum positive effect from application.
Instruction on Half of Pala's application
Инструкция по применению Пол-Палы On one of pharmaceutical show-windows where medicinal herbs are presented, it is possible to meet many packings with familiar names: "Leaf of cowberry", "Leaf of a bearberry", "Buds of a birch", "Calendula flowers", "Leaf of a nettle" … But here the box with the unfamiliar name "The Half Of Fell" is evident. What for a plant such? This grass very much is useful to those who suffers from polyarthritis, stones in kidneys.
Dizziness reasons
Причины головокружения"Again the head is turned", - we often say, our relatives and children, even without trying to find out the events reasons. Simply we establish the fact, without reflecting that usual dizziness can be one of symptoms of heavy neurologic frustration. Though the head can begin to spin and from more pleasant things: flow of emotions, surprise and it is simple from joyful news.
Ukropny water for newborns
Укропная вода для новорожденныхFor each mother – to watch the most terrible torture at the child who suffers from pain. Unfortunately, often it happens that in the first days of life the kid tests this state from time to time. The most common cause to they are gripes and an abdominal distension. Today we will talk about one of the best ways to overcome these unpleasant problems – ukropny water for newborns.
How to improve blood circulation
Как улучшить кровообращениеViolation of blood circulation in a human body is fraught with emergence of many serious diseases. First of all the brain, then cardiovascular system suffers and gradually the problem covers all human organs. Therefore to secure itself, it is necessary to know how it is possible to improve blood circulation.
Application of corn rylets
Применение кукурузных рыльцевIt is not obligatory for those people who has problems with a gall bladder and kidneys to drink tablet handfuls at all. It is possible to try natural medicine - corn a rylets which and are successfully used long ago in medical practice.
Galvanization procedure
Процедура гальванизацииThe main objective of each person – to support health of the body, to open all new and new sides of an organism. Throughout many centuries development of various medical procedures that as it is possible to achieve these objectives better were continuously conducted. Galvanization or, in other words, a galvanoterapiya – one of them. Today about this interesting procedure the speech will also go.
What is the oxygen pillow
Что такое кислородная подушкаWhen in the house the sick helpless person, care of it lays down on shoulders of his family. And if in treatment of notorious cold the diseased from the native needs elementary moral support and participation, there are such diseases which compel house to be always on the alert that in case of prompt deterioration of a condition of the patient to give him quick and qualitative help.
First aid at poisoning
Первая помощь при отравленииNobody is insured from poisoning. Low-quality are blown, alcohol and even clear-out – everything stores in themselves potential danger of intoxication. And as it is correct to give first aid, unfortunately, know units. Let's understand today, than it is possible to help the poisoned person.
Useful properties of a uterine milk
Полезные свойства маточного молочкаThe physicians and scientists who were fixedly studying a uterine milk which else sometimes is called "royal jelly" came to a conclusion that it is the most effective natural biostimulator. It brings benefit not only to adults, but also children.
Deformation of a thorax
Деформация грудной клеткиThe thorax is the framework consisting of muscles and bones which protects heart and lungs. The congenital or acquired curvature of bones breaking work of respiratory and cardiovascular systems is called as deformation of a thorax.
Immunostimulators for children
Иммуностимуляторы для детейIt is no secret that health of the child, first of all, depends on strong immunity. In this regard there is a question: what factors influence protective system of the child and how it can be strengthened?
Treatment of papillomas
Лечение папилломOn various sites of skin in the people doctors – papillomas can call emergence of small sprouts warts, and here. And their emergence is provoked by a virus of papilloma of the person, and this quite serious disease which demands medical intervention.
Why stuffs up ears
Почему закладывает ушиEach person at least once in life faces that at him stuffed up ears. Especially often it occurs at rise on big height or at sharp falling down. Usually this phenomenon does not cause pain, but feelings of people receives unpleasant therefore it is necessary to know why stuffs up ears and as to help itself.
How to receive an operation quota
Как получить квоту на операциюAn increasing number of seriously ill patients of people, according to the special document have opportunity to pass free inspection and treatment in specialized clinics. Most often the card allows to receive financial aid on carrying out operation. How to issue a medical care quota and what for this purpose is necessary?
How to choose a tonometer
Как выбрать тонометрSooner or later each hypertensive person, wishing to keep constantly the pressure under control, reflects on purchase of own tonometer. The small device not only will prompt when to take a medicine, but also helps to find out the reason of change of arterial pressure otherwise.
Advantage of radonic bathtubs
Польза радоновых ваннAlready more than one hundred years ago the advanced balneology adopted surprising chemical element - radon. Unfortunately, the unique technique of treatment of numerous diseases by means of radonic bathtubs unfairly remains out of a range of attention of wide mass of people and experts. Though shows amazingly miracle effect.
What to do if the voice was gone
Что делать, если пропал голосThis problem always arises unexpectedly and puts before a heap of questions. How to return a voice? How to make it both quickly, and it is correct, without having done much harm thus to itself? Whether it is worth returning the lost voice of the house or it is necessary to address to the doctor? Today we will try to provide you answers as much as possible.
Finger-type gymnastics
Пальчиковая гимнастика"And your kid already started speaking?", "And what first word he told"? Such questions are asked often by young mummies when meet on walk. Often such phrase afflicts and even irritates. If it is your problem and your kid still did not learn to speak, then time came to learn about a new technique of development of the child – finger-type gymnastics.
Intolerance of lactose
Непереносимость лактозыMilk and dairy products were always one of the best sources of calcium for the person. However there are people in whom even some drinks of milk cause discomfort and a set of unpleasant feelings. Many write off it for sensitivity of a stomach, however it is quite possible that the organism cannot cope with lactose.
How to do an enema to the newborn
Как делать клизму новорожденномуIt is terrible to present, how many young mother has advisers: the girlfriend tells one, the sister another, and the grandmother the third. And when the speech comes about need of carrying out such procedure as an enema, to especially newborn little man, here definitely not to find a consensus.
What is the retinirovanny tooth
Что такое ретинированный зубThere are cases when the cut wisdom tooth causes to the person severe pain. At independent survey in front of the mirror it can see only the inflamed red gum. It is a little more and tooth just about will seem. But the miracle does not occur, and pain does not release.
Treatment of noise in the head
Лечение шума в головеNoise in the head - the companion of many residents of the megalopolis. Noise of cars, buildings, the working office equipment is reflected in the head and ears. But if you sit in silence, and in the head continues to rustle, so somewhere in your organism there was a failure and it is worth paying attention to the health.
What is the dysgraphia
Что такое дисграфияFrom the first days of occupations at school difficulties with the letter, sometimes and with reading are found in some first graders. Children in spite of the fact that well consider and well master natural study and mathematics, cannot "make friends" with Russian at all. Why it occurs how to reveal a deviation and to help the child to master language? These questions will be answered by
How to make washing of a nose
Как сделать промывание носаNot always as washing of a nose is paid to such procedure enough attention. And after all it bears in herself some values: it and personal hygiene which can be put in one row with toothbrushing and washing, both treatment, and prevention of the majority of catarrhal diseases.
Use of bear fat
Применение медвежьего жираFor a long time bear fat was extraordinary useful product. With its help treated cold, liver diseases, tuberculosis and even serious wounds. Bear fat in the conditions of severe cold was especially appreciated. After all, was considered that only these provisions are capable to cure of frostbites and to rescue the person who left under ice. Than bear fat is still valuable, today will tell
Treatment of decubituses
Лечение пролежнейThe word "decubituses" in medicine it is accepted to call necrosis of sites of skin which appears owing to their long squeezing. Bed patients, as the fates decree, for a long time the confined to the bed are most of all subject to this disease. In this article we will consider that represent decubituses and as to struggle with them.
How to get rid of hypostases
Как избавиться от отековThe liquid delay in an organism which is shown in the form of hypostases on a body, brings to the person the mass of unpleasant feelings. Each person at least once in life faced hypostases. Most often feet and a face swell up, is more rare – other parts of a body.
Free testosterone at women
Свободный тестостерон у женщинHealthy functioning of sexual system of the woman depends on an important component – free testosterone which is active connection of a man's hormone. It is at each person and his imbalance in an organism involves violations of warmly vascular system, psychoemotional frustration, formation of tumors and so forth problems.
What is the antioxidants
Что такое антиоксидантыAdvertizing made the business and, having looked back around, the impression is made that each of living on the planet Earth thinks of antioxidants. Between two boxes though food though cosmetic production the consumer by all means will choose that on which it is written "contains antioxidants".
Application of a bee subpestilence
Применение пчелиного подмораTireless toilers of a bee give us not only the tasty honey, fragrant propolis, a gentle uterine milk, sweet-sour pollen, bee sting, a perga possessing medicinal properties. Even after the life "winged doctors" can bring benefit. offers the story about a bee podmor which is used for many years not only traditional medicine, but also official.
Tributary, useful properties and contraindications
Донник, полезные свойства и противопоказанияStill Avicenna and Galen knew about curative properties of the unpretentious tributary. In the people this plant call a shamrock a ground, hare chill, wild hop, hristovniky, burkuny, a tomky, wild buckwheat. In the territory of Russia it is possible to meet 10 types of the tributary, in medicine found application the tributary Lekarstvenny (other epithet "yellow") and white.
УринотерапияTreatment by urine or as it is called scientifically, an urine, carries the name "urinoterapiya". It today quite fashionable way of improvement and prevention of various illnesses. It is considered that for the first time this method started being applied in India several centuries ago. Despite such antiquity, the urinoterapiya did not receive the official status and now belongs to nonconventional methods of treatment.
Allergy at pregnancy
Аллергия при беременностиPregnancy – joyful, but at the same time the difficult period in the woman's life. In an organism there are enormous changes that cannot but be reflected on health and health of future mummy. Cases when interesting situation is followed by manifestation of allergic reactions which the woman could even not guess before are frequent.
What is the bioresonant therapy
Что такое биорезонансная терапияBioresonant therapy – the popular modern method of treatment, action which mechanism, perhaps, cannot be explained with available words. And not because the basic principles of operation of mechanisms are difficult for simple inhabitants, simply in the nature there are no analogs of their physical activity. Nevertheless, bioresonant therapy already helped millions of people worldwide.
Treatment of the child at an osteostalemate - personal experience
Лечение ребенка у остеопата - личный опытI think, each mother will agree that the most terrible that can happen in life of parents – an illness of the child. Of course, I do not mean usual a SARS (though all the same you worry), it is about more serious diseases. I do not think that I will be able to offer panacea from all troubles, however I will share the history of treatment of the child at an osteostalemate.
The review of means from an ukachivaniye
Обзор средств от укачиванияMany people at least once in life faced a problem of an ukachivaniye. This so discomfortable more likely disease state to consult with which it is very difficult. prepared for the readers the review of various means from an ukachivaniye.
How to choose the hearing aid
Как выбрать слуховой аппаратHearing and sight – the most valuable gift of the nature to the person. There will be no them is also you behind a life board. Fortunately, today there is nothing more simply, than to choose to itself good glasses or the high-quality hearing aid. The main thing – not to get confused in variety of these small, but such important things.
Symptoms and treatment of avitaminosis
Симптомы и лечение авитаминозаThis, at first sight, insignificant disease, has large-scale character. From shortage of vitamins diseases, different in severity, can develop. Avitaminosis symptoms at each person are shown differently, but treatment of an illness takes place according to almost standard plan.
Curvature of a nasal partition
Искривление носовой перегородкиIndispensable condition of our existence is continuous intake of air in lungs. Any disease causing difficulty of breath introduces essential discomfort in our life. The congenital or acquired curvature of a nasal partition not only prevents to supply correctly an organism with oxygen, but also leads to various negative consequences.
Treatment by phytotherapy
Лечение фитотерапиейTravolecheniye is the most ancient type of doctoring the effect from which and in certain cases surpasses today drug treatment. Many generations of herbalists experiment removal of new dosage forms which will be able to cure the patient without risk for health. However phytotherapy demands a certain knowledge about which we will talk in this article.
Allergy at babies
Аллергия у грудных детейDistribution of allergic reactions did not avoid also babies, after all every fifth baby suffers from such unpleasant illness. External symptoms at early age are very similar to manifestations of other skin diseases, and many parents count that the illness will pass in itself. However it is, actually, rare when the allergy can pass for ever.
Allergy to dust
Аллергия на пыльIn recent years the allergy to dust was widely adopted – such reaction is given out by a human body on the "house dust" which is present at any room so-called. The allergy to dust in the same way, as well as on other allergens irritants is shown: the person tests an indisposition, eyes water, there is a cold and sneezing.
How to clean vessels
Как почистить сосудыVessels of the person – one of the thinnest and vulnerable bodies. At the wrong way of life and some diseases and simply with age they can be killed, and blood on them will pass hardly and all organism will already suffer from it. Therefore it is important to watch their state and in time to clear.
Asthma attacks
Приступы удушьяUnfortunately, asthma most often is a harbinger of the serious disease or result which is already existing. It can appear at any time and at visually healthy, quite young man. The attack is followed by fear of death, a panic, confusion. Today we will talk about symptomatology, the reasons and first aid at asthma.
Treatment of kleptomania
Лечение клептомании"Do not take the stranger! Theft – a grave sin", - was inspired in us since the childhood by parents. In a civilized society is not present and there cannot be a justification to this act. However, the medicine nevertheless does an exception for some people. A name to them – kleptomaniacs.
What is the endorphins
Что такое эндорфиныEndorfinny system – very important component of a human body. Exactly thanks to "a pleasure hormone" our brain is capable to react to external irritants, to resist to stresses, to dull pain, but also, to show creative abilities.
Treatment of an allergy to cats
Лечение аллергии на кошекFluffy pets act as the reason of development of an allergy much more often, than other representatives of fauna, chemicals and pollen of blossomings. Many experts long time mistakenly believed that sensitive reaction is connected with a thin underfur of an animal, and only in the XX century the reason – squirrels who contain in the died-off particles of skin and a saliva of a cat became for certain known.
ГалотерапияProbably, many heard that salt (sodium chloride) can help at different diseases – constant bronchitis, bronchial asthma, an allergy, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, neurosis. No, it should not be eaten with kilograms, it is only enough to carry out course treatment in the special salt rooms called by caves, galokamer. Will tell about this interesting, effective natural method of treatment.
What is the mountain illness
Что такое горная болезньConquest of tops – occupation not only fascinating, but also rather serious. Here endurance, attentiveness, good physical preparation, and also knowledge of elements of safety and possible risks for health are required. The person going to mountains always has to remember that at big heights the unpleasant and dangerous disease called by a mountain illness can wait for him.
What is the thalassotherapy
Что такое талассотерапияSince ancient times people knew about curative properties of the sea. In the modern world, based on this knowledge, the technique of alternative medicine – thalassotherapy was developed. The Spa procedures complex which are based on application in the cosmetology and medical purposes of production of a sea origin enters it.
Why the child grits the teeth
Почему ребенок скрипит зубамиAt night you were woken by an unpleasant, sharp sound from a nursery. Your kid again grits the teeth. "Perhaps, it is worms", – grandmothers speak and advise to pass inspection.
How to accept a perga
Как принимать пергуClose-knit bee families not only sweet honey develop, but also it is a lot of other valuable and unique products. There is among them a perga. It can be used in complex treatment of some diseases.
How to cope with seasickness
Как справиться с морской болезньюSeasickness – a specific state when the person feels nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and discomfort because of monotonous fluctuations. The syndrome received such name because for the first time people faced it, staying onboard the ship. However the illness of the movement can be shown both on water, and in the car, the plane or even a swing.
Treatment of a calcaneal spur
Лечение пяточной шпорыLast century the calcaneal spur carried the status of a rare disease. Doctors considered its emergence as sad result of injuries. Today the situation radically exchanged: the plantarny fastsiit - quite so "sore" was called by official medicine - meets nearly more often than dislocations and fractures together taken.
Treatment at hemorrhage in an eye
Лечение при кровоизлиянии в глазThe least pleasant problem for the modern person – hemorrhages in an eye. The blood congestion from the damaged blood vessels brings both physical, and esthetic discomfort. And in addition, bleeding can testify to various pathologies of systems and bodies of our organism.
Treatment of dehydration
Лечение обезвоживанияWater – the major component in a human body as it participates in all active processes. The correct drinking mode along with maintenance of water balance is created by favorable conditions for healthy and full-fledged life of each of us.
Treatment of a gemangioma at newborns
Лечение гемангиомы у новорожденныхThe pleasure of the birth of the kid, unfortunately, sometimes is saddened by some diseases. And the speck which appeared on skin, sometimes at once a little which in medicine gemangiomam are called, immediately cause actually a panic in young parents and tens questions. Today we will try to answer each of them.
Noise in heart at the child
Шумы в сердце у ребенкаCardiovascular system - the beginning of all beginnings in our organism. Under the name heart depends on a condition of powerful muscular body health of the person and his quality of life in general. That is why, when the doctor reports about noise in the child's heart, all mothers without exception panic.
Diabetic foot, symptoms and treatment
Диабетическая стопа, симптомы и лечениеDiabetes – a disease not only widespread, but also artful. After all occurs not only increase of amount of glucose in a blood-groove, but also gradual pathological changes in kidneys, eyes, cardiovascular system are stated.
How to process the newborn's navel
Как обрабатывать пупок новорожденногоFrom the moment of conception to birth, the kid and mother are connected by one "thread" which is called as an umbilical cord. It renders huge value for development of a fruit in a womb, however this education is removed at the birth of the baby. Quicker to zazhivit and eliminate risk of infection of an umbilical wound, it is necessary to look after it correctly.
Disturbing frustration, symptoms and treatment
Тревожные расстройства, симптомы и лечениеIn the remarkable Soviet animated film "Through the Looking-Glass" the Black Queen says the phrase which with a surprising accuracy characterizes way of modern life: "Here it is necessary to run at full speed only to remain on the same place and to get to other place, it is necessary to run twice quicker". As if speaks about us, isn't that so?
Reaction to a mant at children
Реакция манту у детейModern parents treat vaccination watchfully. And if with typically children's diseases inoculations (measles, "mumps", whooping cough) more or less everything is clear, notorious and at the same time mysterious test Manta causes the mass of questions. Really, how small "button" on skin will protect the kid from tuberculosis?
The raised testosterone at women
Повышенный тестостерон у женщинSome mistakenly call testosterone exclusively man's hormone, after all it strongly is associated with "the man's force". It is considered that its level in blood defines not only external signs of courage, but also sexual behavior. Really, testosterone is the main hormone which is present at blood of any representative of a strong half of mankind.
How to get rid of panic attacks
Как избавиться от панических атакAll of us often are anxious: for the future, for health of relatives, for progress of children at school. So the person treats things really expensive to his heart in life. Alarm - useful emotion. With its help an organism, developing stress hormones, copes with problems easier. When the alarm gains pathological lines, the person falls a victim of panic attack.
Female condoms
Женские презервативыMany heard about them, some only guess their existence and very few people tried to use. Why to buy something novel and new if there is a traditional man's condom which in the market of contraceptives is not going to concede the positions. Today suggests to talk about female condoms, their efficiency and, of course, about the instruction on use.
Natural antibiotics
Природные антибиотикиIn the nature there are many products and plants by means of which it is possible to treat various diseases. With success to replace unhealthy the person pharmaceutical drugs natural antibiotics will help.
Peony tincture, instruction on application
Настойка пиона, инструкция по применениюNow interest in the preparations made on the basis of vegetable components increases. People understand that the modern drugs created in pharmaceutical laboratories in the synthesized way besides medical effect show quite often many by-effects. Whenever possible at first it is necessary to try to try natural means for treatment.
Products for blood fluidifying
Продукты для разжижения кровиViscous blood, the increased density is a big problem for health of the person. Often increased density of blood leads to unpleasant consequences - to formation of blood clots in heart and on walls of vessels, bad work of kidneys, to heart attacks and deterioration of health.
How to remove a stress at the child
Как снять стресс у ребенкаStress for any child – the menacing condition of an emotional pressure which is reflected both on psychological, and on physical health. However its consequences or so invited post-traumatic state bears still big danger, and the priority of the adult – to define in time symptoms of depression and to help the kid.
Short wind reasons
Причины одышкиToday we will lead the speech about violation of depth and frequency of breath at which the person has feelings of shortage of air. In such cases people say that they have a short wind. And physicians call such state the word "dispnoe". It is the complex symptom which is the satellite of various pathological processes.
Use of glycerin
Применение глицеринаTouching drugs in the first-aid kit, you found a vial of glycerin. As it appeared in the first-aid kit and why you bought it, of course, do not remember any more. Do not hurry to throw out it, read this article and you will open for yourself this medical preparation.
Use of barsuchy fat
Применение барсучьего жираFor a long time in the people knew that barsuchy fat is very useful. Before cold weather approach of the man hunted on badgers to get this valuable product. And now it can be got in drugstores in flakonchik in the form of oily liquid or in capsules which can be accepted inside.
First aid at a sting of a snake
Первая помощь при укусе змеиSome of us, most likely, will be skeptical about a question of snake stings. Well where the average citizen can meet a snake - in the subway or at a bus stop? No, of course. But many at least once faced the exotic nature on vacation, and especially all without exception had to have a rest savages in tents, the cheerful company to go for mushrooms or berries...
Electrotherapy: types and principles of treatment
Электротерапия: виды и принципы леченияSometimes so happens that the doctor, besides tablets, injections, ointments, writes out to the patient who came to it for the help, appointment to physioprocedures. There are people who doubt – whether it is necessary to visit every day policlinic for performance of such here procedures, whether they help?
Eructation reasons
Причины отрыжкиEructation – the phenomenon quite natural and not pathological. It occurs when in a stomach gases and a diaphragm accumulate, being reduced, pushes out them outside. And only, when the eructation occurs strongly often or began to smell thus not really pleasant, it is possible to speak about some disease.
The raid reasons in language
Причины налета на языкеRemember how in the childhood on reception at the doctor us always asked to put out the tongue? It was a little ridiculous, but we put out the pink uvulas, and the doctor, having frowned eyebrows, attentively considered. What did he see there and why for him it was necessary? Today will answer all your questions and will clear a picture of formation of a raid in language.
Use of tincture of an ekhinatsea
Применение настойки эхинацеиLong since Aesculapians considered that huge salutary reserves are hidden in a human body. It is necessary to know only how it is correct to stimulate them. Harmonious and effective work of immune system allows the person to overcome any disease. And equal not to find an ekhinatsea in this area.
Scale Apgar: assessment of a condition of the child
Шкала Апгар: оценка состояния ребенкаAt once after the birth each kid passes the first in life test – points are exposed on the Scale Apgar here. Such estimated system was created specially that doctors could draw the first conclusions on a condition of the newborn.
First aid at poisoning with mushrooms
Первая помощь при отравлении грибамиWhether you know, what from 3000 species of shlyapochny mushrooms only 400 it is possible to eat without fear to please on a hospital bed? Unfortunately, such figures of very few people frighten, and every year all new "echelons" of mushroom pickers ransack on the woods in search of infinite mushroom treasures. And every year the statistics sums up the unfavourable results, reporting about number of victims, by mistake of tried "not that" a mushroom...
Cryotherapy: treatment by cold
Криотерапия: лечение холодомCold - one of the most uncontrollable forces on light with which the person in the course of evolution learned to coexist quite successfully. Really to bridle a severe frost and to force it to work for the benefit of human health as the scientist it was possible with the invention of a cryochamber.
Spasms in feet
Судороги в ногахHappens that calves of feet of a foot or hips suddenly suddenly are penetrated by intolerable pain. I believe that such unpleasant feelings are familiar to much. If spasms in feet happen seldom, incidentally, that especially you should not worry.
Use of birch tar
Применение березового дегтяI hold a small flakonchik which contents solve a set of problems in hand. Today our conversation will go about a preparation with which in old times treated practically all illnesses, it is birch tar. In article we will tell you, against what diseases it is possible to win, applying birch tar and it is the as correct most to prepare medicine.
Norms of weight of the newborn
Нормы веса новорожденногоThe first months of life of the child for young mother are always fanned by if not fears, then fears, and these fears actually always begin with the words "Whether and It Is Normal …". Further the followed question can sound somehow.
Gripes at the newborn
Колики у новорожденногоNine months of expectation, fight, childbirth. In total behind, mummy with the kid already at home. All are happy, but … the kid constantly cries and sleeps badly, he is tormented by gripes. Newly made parents are glad to help the kid, but do not know as. will tell young parents that such gripes at the newborn and how to facilitate life of the kid.
ЭлектрофорезMedicines can be injected in an organism in the different ways. For example, through a mouth, a muscle, a vein, skin, a rectum … But there is one more procedure allowing to deliver medicine in the right place, called by an electrophoresis. Whether but everything the electrophoresis is useful?
Spermogram: interpretation of results
Спермограмма: расшифровка результатовSpermogram – today the most usual procedure. When couple long, but vainly tries to bring the child, the analysis of sperm allows to confirm or disprove the probable diagnosis of man's infertility.
МагнитотерапияThere is such method of physical therapy called by a magnetotherapy. But not all know about it. Clear business that magnetic fields on a human body and animals have a certain impact.
Reasons of pain in a breast
Причины боли в грудиDiscomfortable feelings in mammary glands – one of the most frequent problems of girls and women of childbearing age. Elderly ladies face a breast pain much less often. In this regard a state women have a mass of questions because the discomfort in this delicate part of a body is very many-sided!
Treatment of an allergy to cold
Лечение аллергии на холодThe cold season is fraught with emergence not only catarrhal diseases, but also a so-called allergy to cold. What does the holodovy allergy represent? This type of an allergy in many respects differs from other allergic reactions. Therefore it is carried to pseudo-allergies. Statistically, about 30% of the population of the planet have allergic reaction to cold.
How to strengthen nervous system
Как укрепить нервную системуWill rescue hot milk with honey and a slice of butter from a sore throat, and tea from flowers of a camomile will help to fall asleep strong. These recipes are familiar to us since the childhood so we anyway will win against cold and we will quickly cope with sleeplessness. And what to do with nerves? Yes, with those which are not restored!
Hardening of children
Закаливание детейIf the child often has catarrhal diseases, and you were tired to listen to discontent of the chief concerning constant sick-lists, it is time as that to change a situation. It is easy to tell. And here is how to make it?
Apiotherapy (treatment by bees)
Апитерапия (лечение пчелами)For fifty thousand years before appearance of the person on our planet already there lived bees. Many rock paintings and prehistoric monuments indicate that, as our ancestors liked to regale a medical lump. And today the bee is considered nearly the best druggist, and treatment by bees practices around the world. Products which it makes, treat many diseases.
How to prolong an erection
Как продлить эрекциюThe man full-fledged and rich intimate life does self-assured. That it remains until health allows. Each man faces sooner or later a condition of the lowered erection which becomes a stumbling block for pleasures of sexual life.
Interpretation of the general analysis of urine
Расшифровка общего анализа мочиCharacteristics of urine can open an overall picture of a condition of urinogenital system of the patient. Moreover, research of urine gives to the doctor opportunity if not precisely to diagnose, to suspect certain violations of work of an internal and dysfunction of endocrine system.
ДельфинотерапияMany know that communication with dolphins for children and adults is useful and even is curative. After all we – part of the nature therefore the correct interaction with it can revitalize us.
How to choose contact lenses
Как выбрать контактные линзыToday every third person with a poor eyesight removes points forever to say goodbye to them, after all there is more convenient way to look at the world in all its paints - contact lenses. These soft "plateaus" from transparent material repeating a shape of an eye victoriously stride the planet - about 130 million people already gave in the world to them the preference.
How to get rid of a hiccups
Как избавиться от икотыAll of us feel discomfort from the hiccups tormenting us from time to time. All people, future mother even hiccup can hear how in her stomach still the tiny kid hiccups.
Interpretation of biochemical blood test
Расшифровка биохимического анализа кровиWater occupies about 90% of the general composition of blood in an organism. It is sated with various substances are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, microcells, enzymes, salts. Thanks to biochemical blood test it is possible to receive detailed information on quantity of each of these elements.
How to get rid of worms
Как избавиться от глистовHelminths - in life call them the unpleasant word "worms" - are very hazardous to health of the person. Helminths live in the person, animals and plants.
Vitamins for women
Витамины для женщинTo each person to feel fresh, it is necessary to follow some simple rules: to spend time in the fresh air, properly to eat, lead active lifestyle and to accept vitamins. The female organism especially needs vitamins.
Psikhosomatika: to distinguish and cure
Психосоматика: распознать и вылечить"All sores from nerves!" - likes to use to say the senior generation, and in something our grandfathers and grandmothers, undoubtedly, are right. The nervous system sensitively reacts to slightest "zigzags" of our mood: lets, for example, on a body the indignation shiver when we are annoyed or forces skin to become covered by goosebumps if the person is pleasantly excited. Perhaps and, however, there is a sense "to treat nerves" before healing
Interpretation of the general blood test
Расшифровка общего анализа кровиTandem "the patient - the doctor" - unequal, though has a common goal: to diagnose a disease, to appoint suitable treatment, to win against an illness. The patient always occupies the conducted role, voluntary trusting the health to the doctor. All because we are so not informed in elementary questions of medicine, what even the leaf with results of own analyses seems to us continuous abracadabra.
Biorhythms of the person
Биоритмы человекаTime is so rapid that sometimes we are simply lost in its circulation. Minute is replaced hour, day – week, and month – year. After winter there comes the spring, and after a night-time dawn surely begins to dawn.
Smoking at pregnancy
Курение при беременностиThe miracle came true! In hands the test with treasured two strips. Excitement, happiness and at the same time fear for future child. I will consult? After all this event – the child's birth, the most long-awaited and desired in life of each woman.
Occupations by hippotherapy
Занятия иппотерапиейHorse – an animal surprising, differing in good nature, nobility, keenness. It can become the person the devoted friend. People since ancient times began to notice that communication and walks with horses positively influence a mental and physical state. Therefore rehabilitation and treatment of the person by means of horses began to be used widely in medical practice.
Newborn's reflexes
Рефлексы новорожденногоYou know, what the newborn baby is not completely defenseless? The nature was reinsured and allocated the little man with a number of reflexes which are capable to help it to survive in case of sharp change of conditions. Today will consider the newborn's reflexes separately.
As it is correct to give birth
Как правильно рожатьPractically all women before childbirth test if not a frank panic, feeling of vulnerability and discomfort. Experts claim that it is quite normal – to have sensation of fear before such physiological process as childbirth.
Anti-cholesteric diet
Антихолестериновая диетаThe phrase "bad cholesterol" became habitual in use not only doctors for a long time, but also those people who watches over the health. Really, after all advertizing from screens of TVs frightens us by these "horror films".
How to detain the monthly
Как задержать месячныеVery often Women's critical Days "come" not in time – for example, on the eve of such long-awaited holiday or before important sports competitions. What to do in that case? To refuse the dream and to stay at home? And if the trip is planned long ago and, most likely, more than such good luck the destiny will not present? It appears, everything is reparable.
Treatment of a furuncle in house conditions
Лечение фурункула в домашних условияхSuch quite widespread and painful phenomenon as furuncle (in common people it still call a furuncle), quite often takes the person unawares. Also there is at once a number of questions: how to treat why arose? Actually, the reasons and ways of treatment are known for a long time. Give them in detail we will consider.
Treatment by honey
Лечение мёдомSince an extreme antiquity honey was appreciated as a special food product and used for treatment of many widespread diseases. Useful properties of sweet and fragrant natural gift in which creation bees toilers and abundance of flowers take active part, are caused by unique structure.
First aid at a faint
Первая помощь при обморокеFaint (in translation from Latin means "to weaken", "exhaust") – the short-term loss of consciousness accompanied with falling.
Useful properties of a tea mushroom
Полезные свойства чайного грибаThis sourish and sweet drink got many admirers in Russia and in Europe, and America, from the middle of the 20th eyelid. Most often it was called – a tea mushroom as for preparation of infusion tea tea leaves were used. However called it and a Manchurian mushroom, the Volga mushroom.
Useful properties of a dairy mushroom
Полезные свойства молочного грибаWhat can be of great value, than health? Throughout centuries people try to find the miracle cure curing of diseases, helping to keep youth, vigor.
ЭвтаназияThe question of euthanasia is one of the most topical and discussed by that modern mankind. This medical practice at which hopelessly sick person doomed to pain and sufferings has the right for premature death, represents an unsoluble dilemma today.
Treatment by traditional medicine
Лечение народной медицинойAll of us are people, and, as we know, people can be ill. In this article we will talk about alternative methods of treatment of various illnesses, about the most popular and checked recipes, about an application framework. In other words, about so-called traditional medicine in its most popular forms.
How to neutralize a sting of a wasp
Как обезвредить укус осыWe are trapped daily by danger. We can it and not notice. She can meet us on the way home from work, on a balcony, or even near a favourite bed. And this danger can hide in such, at first sight, inconspicuous object as an insect.
What to do if there is a blood from a nose
Что делать, если идет кровь из носаBlood from a nose is quite widespread phenomenon which the majority perceives as something insignificant. And as first aid the majority use a sharp zaprokidyvaniye of the head back and applying of cold. But that from a nose there is a blood, already in itself is wrong. Besides, the head zaprokidyvaniye in this case in general is forbidden.
What to do at a solar burn
Что делать при солнечном ожогеBehind a window the summer – is time when everyone seeks to luxuriate in warm beams of the sun and to receive beautiful equal suntan. Already it was many times told how it is correct to sunbathe under the sun, however not everyone takes these rules seriously. Therefore often we face that skin burns on the sun. Such phenomenon is called a solar burn.
How to help the newborn at a lock
Как помочь новорожденному при запореThe problem of a lock is familiar to many parents. As if it was surprising, but locks at newborns – rather widespread phenomenon, also arise they at a third of the been born kids. Young parents panic and start "feeding" the child with various laxative preparations. But whether so emergency measures are justified? Not always!
Application of preparations from an eucalyptus
Применение препаратов из эвкалиптаEucalyptus (Eucalyptus) – the huge beautiful tree reaching height to 100 meters. Eucalyptus leaves widely apply not only in traditional medicine, but also in the modern. The eucalyptus possesses antiseptic action, sometimes even is more effective, than some antibiotics. Therefore today we will acquaint you with an eucalyptus and some means which part it is.
How to prolong sexual intercourse
Как продлить половой актSex in the relations of two loving people occupies one of key positions. It is the base of strong and long-term link. And if the man for a condition of "fighting" readiness needs not enough time, the woman is arranged more difficult – it for excitement needs time, attention, caress. And in the man the endurance and self-control will be necessary to give pleasure to the beloved.
How to clear lungs after smoking
Как очистить легкие после куренияSooner or later each smoker asks this question. It is especially actual for those who decided to finish an addiction and wishes to clear the organism. Though to take care of the health never late, it is only necessary to know, how exactly to make it. For anybody not a secret that during smoking we inhale a toxic smoke and pitches which settle in lungs.
How to bleach teeth in house conditions
Как отбелить зубы в домашних условияхStomatologists claim that the healthy, strong and sated with calcium tooth enamel not white, but yellowish. It is so conceived by the nature. But give us the Hollywood smile. Quicker. White teeth became a necessary condition of appeal long ago. I want to tell about the most effective ways of bleaching of teeth in house conditions.
First aid at bleeding
Первая помощь при кровотеченииI think that to each of you, it was necessary to give at least once in life help at wound to itself or someone from relatives. It is good if it happened to deal only with insignificant wounds when, say, the little rascal needs to bandage a knee. Nevertheless, to know how it is correct to give help to the person who got to trouble we have to.
The coding from alcohol
Кодировка от алкоголяAlcoholism – a dreadful disease, it ruins people, destroys families, cripples lives. The problem that the patient does not see where slides, and independently "to give up" a green serpent in power only to units. Alcoholism – this serious illness which was ranked not without reason as group of mental diseases. What it is possible to undertake for treatment of alcoholism?
How to get rid of a lock
Как избавиться от запораThere are subjects which discussion demands the careful and tactful relation. One of such subjects is a lock, namely a chair delay more, than for 48 hours, or the complicated incomplete depletion of intestines. Yes, of course, it not the fatal illness, but such state can bring a lot of discomfort in everyday life.
What to do if gums bleed
Что делать, если кровоточат десныHaving found blood on a toothbrush one morning, you, probably, were upset. But after toothbrushing of a gum ceased to krovit. It does not mean that the problem disappeared! Bleeding of gums can lead to loss of teeth and very terrible, badly giving in to treatment stomatologic diseases. The first question which should be set to themselves if with gums – "Why bleed?".
How to keep to the child sight
Как сохранить ребенку зрениеInformation streams of the modern world literally force down from feet already at children's age. The TV, the computer, various gadgets – young young growth faces it daily, but except entertainments and skills, receives very notable blow to sight. Add to it school hours behind a school desk, homeworks, reading.
How to choose the rehabilitation center after a stroke in Moscow
Как выбрать реабилитационный центр после инсульта в МосквеToday in Moscow there are rehabilitation centers for recovery of patients after a stroke applying front lines and the checked techniques. It is the extremely important that such rehabilitation center applied an integrated approach, had experience in application of many productive modern techniques on social adaptation, psychological preparation.
The crowns applied in stomatology
Коронки, применяемые в стоматологииThe choice of suitable crowns is carried out individually by the doctor the stomatologist-orthopedist during consultation, however you need to possess information on characteristics of widely used crowns, and also on their positive and negative properties. This information will relieve you of unnecessary questions on reception, will reduce fear of the unknown.
How to bring out of hard drinking
Как вывести из запояAs it sadly sounds, practically each of us heard the phrase "Went to hard drinking". Each next day for the drinking person is worse and more painful previous as alcoholic intoxication with each new dose of alcohol increases. Let's try to prompt, by what methods it is possible to help effectively the person at his conclusion from hard drinking.
Anesthesia in stomatology
Анестезия в стоматологииDespite achievements of modern stomatology in the field of effective anesthesia, the potential patient all the same has doubts that all procedures in a stomatologic office will be absolutely painless. Anesthesia affects each specific person not always unambiguously. Approach to an anesthetic choice by the doctor is carried out strictly individually.
Use of propolis
Применение прополисаIn the market (or at them at home) it is possible to buy such remarkable substance as propolis from beekeepers. Some it are called by "bee glue", "pitch". It has a pleasant specific smell of the first spring buds of a poplar. In recent years interest in this substance considerably increased. Physicians recognized it as a natural (!) antibiotic of a natural origin.
As it is correct to brush teeth
Как правильно чистить зубыAny disease it is easier to warn, than to treat. From this point of view stomatologic services take nearly the leading positions. It is much simpler to prevent development of caries or a periodontal disease, than then to become the regular customer of the stomatologist. We will tell you about the simplest (but from it not less important!) ways to keep healthy teeth, a beautiful smile.
Stimulators for an organism
Стимуляторы для организмаWe try to be at once in several places, to be engaged in several kinds of activity. The young organism is able to cope with a chronic sleep debt and lack of healthy nutrition. It is necessary "to urge on" only a little it. In what stimulators and "power engineering specialists" use in the time people modern everywhere, and we suggest to understand.
Magnetic and Resonant Tomography (MRT)
Магнитно-резонансная томография (МРТ)One of the most reliable medical assistants directed by the correct diagnosis is the magnetic and resonant tomography (MRT). Despite quite prolonged use of this method, patients to these still have some negative attitude to "inventions" of this sort. We suggest to understand as the research, in its indications and contraindications.
Tooth implants
Зубные имплантатыStomatologists sound alarm for a long time – too becomes people with a complete set of the teeth which are not demanding treatment a little. Total absence of one or several teeth also any more not a rarity. Let's talk about absolutely new and very perspective direction in surgical stomatology – implantation by means of a titanic core.
Family doctor, pros and cons
Семейный врач, за и противToday all of us meet family doctors in district clinics more often. They do not hurry to write out the direction to the narrow expert, and try to treat independently. Well? From the point of view of organizers of health care very much even it is justified. From a position of a usual family the choice is not always obvious. Qualification of the doctor, cost and the list of services - here the main issues.
How to find the good doctor: exercise in a choice judgment
Как найти хорошего врача: подойдите к выбору правильноSooner or later any person is set by this, actually, vital issue. To whom to address for council and consultation, where to find the doctor of a rare orientation, to what hospital to go to make tests or to lay down on inspection? Considering the range of offers, process of search of the qualified medical care can be dragged out for long months. Fortunately, the exit is.
Effective fight against house wreckers
Эффективная борьба с домашними вредителямиIn spite of the fact that we live in present period, some species of insects continue to adjoin to us closely. Among them the most importunate are cockroaches, a moth, fleas, mosquitoes, ants and flies. They shamelessly creep on personal belongings, food, spoil furniture, have infectious diseases. At observance of the general rules it is possible to secure itself against them.
Baby swimming
Грудничковое плаваниеEven before childbirth I resolved – my child will be healthy! How to achieve it? My many acquaintances as a way of maintenance of health of the kid did with it swimming. It seemed to me that it is interesting, and I decided to find out about it more. And became stronger in thought even more that swimming for kids is useful. So, it is solved – we will be engaged!
How to be saved from pincers
Как уберечься от клещейThe hot season attracts prospect to receive a portion of a bronze tan, to visit favourite giving, to walk on the next glade in search of mushrooms, berries. And here we stop ourselves on thought that walk on a grass will hardly bring the expected pleasure. After all with arrival of long-awaited heat also dangerous carriers of infectious diseases – pincers "come to life".
As it is correct to call the ambulance
Как правильно вызвать скорую помощьMuch of us happened to address to ambulance. Often it is necessary to call the doctor in a non-standard situation when the decision needs to be made immediately. Often time of arrival of ambulance depends on that, the addressed could provide how right and full information. Let's understand as it is correct to cause an emergency medical service.
The herbs reducing appetite
Травы, уменьшающие аппетитAlways the subject concerning excess weight is very actual. People ask questions and look for the correct methods of fight against unnecessary kilograms. The herbs reducing appetite or so-called "for weight loss" enjoy the increasing popularity. Still our ancestors collected manually different types of herbs, did of them infusions and used together with food or separately from it.
Gas generation at newborns
Газообразование у новорожденныхChildren – flowers of our life when they are ill, apparently, anything cannot be worse already simply. In the first months of life each kid has problems with a tummy. Any mummy should worry enough a little for a condition of the child as all this is followed by strong crying. The child has no intestinal microflora as that, unpleasant feelings also are connected with it.
How to avoid frostbite in the winter
Как избежать обморожения зимойThe winter very often gives us a set of surprises, but, unfortunately, not all from them pleasant. Sometimes harmless walk in the fresh air can turn back frostbite. But it can be avoided if to follow some simple rules. And if it also happens, it is useful to know and remember that it is necessary to do at frostbite.
How to keep sight
Как сохранить зрениеEyes is a prism through which we learn the world, we recognize ourselves. Therefore it is impossible to forget about care of them. During all life of people observes sight deterioration. Some people quickly take measures, some do not pay attention to it. Let's not postpone this question and at first we will discuss the reasons, and a bit later methods of restoration, treatment and prevention.
Massage for children about one year
Массаж для детей до годаMany experts agree in opinion that in the first year of life the child as plasticine – everything that in it will enclose, what base will give, with that it also will go on life. And irrespective of, healthy your kid or with small was born (or big) – with him it is necessary to be engaged in aberrations! In this case I mean massage.
Modern decisions in the field of physical therapy
Современные решения в области физиотерапииEach of us wants to be healthy, happy and cheerful. But quite often we do not pay to our health due attention. And only when the illness gains power, we go to the attending physician. Drug treatment is capable to revive an organism and nobody cancels it. But it is best of all to carry out it in a complex with other improving procedures.
How to get rid of insects in the house
Как избавиться от насекомых в домеTogether with long-awaited summer to us to the house flies, mosquitoes, wasps, midges, ants and other unpleasant, annoying and biting insects hurry. How to cope with this summer invasion? To us suggest them to poison mercilessly, using fumigant injectors, sprays, aerosols, etc. But there are also natural ways of fight against uninvited guests.
How to protect itself from radiation
Как защитить себя от радиацииIn the light of the latest events on the NPP in Japan, and also when reading daily news on the Internet of many people covers if not a panic, for certain excitement for health of relatives. Let's not begin to give advice in the spirit of "what to do if you saw a nuclear mushroom nearby". Today it will be a question of measures of protection from radiation which any of us can provide to himself.
Dynamic gymnastics for children
Динамическая гимнастика для детейWhen my daughters were small, their grandmother (my mother) was horrified, looking at how we with them frolic. They could be born on the room for legs, shaking here and there. Or for the handle. I called it fuss, without guessing that exercises will be systematized, theoretically proved and them will start applying. Now it is dynamic gymnastics.
The urgent help at cardiac arrest
Неотложная помощь при остановке сердцаArticle considers very actual problem: rendering the urgent help to the person at which warm activity stopped. Sometimes our "ignorance" leads to irreversible consequences. Many people simply do not know how to help the person at whom heart suddenly stopped. But having armed with necessary information, it is possible to save millions of lives!
What to do if the child is hurt by a stomach
Что делать, если у ребенка болит животMany mothers will read this article of how their kid will complain of a tummy pains. For them I will tell at once – urgently to the doctor! And I will tell all rest about possible and very dangerous reasons of belly-aches at children and that it is necessary to undertake immediately.
Peptide bioregulators
Пептидные биорегуляторыThe combination of the words "peptide bioregulators" can be clear not to everyone. However their researches thanks to which treatment of many diseases is possible today, last not one ten years. We will tell in more detail about of what these preparations, and in what, at last, their innovative action consist.
Psychological dependence on smoking
Психологическая зависимость от куренияEach smoking person throughout the life says more than once that will surely throw. Ways to give up smoking the great variety is described, but all these ways are directed on simplification only of physical dependence that cannot give full-fledged effect as the main thing – eradication of psychological fear to give up smoking.
Treatment by homeopathy
Лечение гомеопатиейQuite often, having despaired of opportunities of traditional medicine, people address to alternative methods of treatment. The homeopathy concerns to one of them. tells about essence of homeopathy, specifics of treatment and the principles of a choice of the homeopath.
Perinatal psychology
Перинатальная психологияWe still a little that know about human life in mother's bosom. We badly represent that he feels and as. The perinatal psychology slightly opens this secret. It appeared not so long ago, incomplete forty years ago. This science is engaged in studying of mental life of the child in a womb of mother (fruit) or just born (newborn).
How to get rid of louses
Как избавиться от вшейI also could not suspect that when mother will braid to me braids for September 1 in school, she will see mad quantity of louses at me on the head. And I could not even think that I had louses because of whom on the same day my long curly hair turned into a boring kare. So I for the first time got acquainted with parasites.
How to hand over blood
Как сдавать кровьThe main problem of donorship of blood consists that blood is necessary constantly because not all its components can be stored long. On the other hand, intervals between dachas of blood have to be sufficient not to be injurious to health of the donor. Therefore it is necessary many donors who are regularly handing over blood or its components.
Removal of birthmarks
Удаление родинокThere is no person who would not know that such a birthmark. At one they covered all body, and they do not know how to get rid of such gift of the nature, and someone, on the contrary, would like to get them. With age birthmarks can move on a body – in one places they disappear, and in others – appear. What is these mysterious points: ornament or defect?
Medicinal properties of an aloe
Лечебные свойства алоэThe aloe is known to all and it is possible to meet it practically in each house. The homeland of a plant Africa is considered. Any kind of an aloe has certain medicinal properties, thanks to the juice containing in its leaves. However, in inside it is possible to use only those types which grow not a tree, but a bush. Treelike aloes well is suitable for external application.
Donorship of sperm and ova
Донорство спермы и яйцеклетокMen from 20 to 40 years (the age is consolidated legislatively) with normal appearance and absence of congenital diseases, syphilis, HIV, venereal diseases, hepatitis can be donors of sperm; not the addict and not alcoholic. Also presence of healthy children – "portfolio" is desirable. Often also demand that the donor was not a homosexual.
Ways of treatment (removal) of warts
Способы лечения (удаления) бородавокPerhaps, most often from all skin problems the feeling of fastidiousness in people around is caused by warts. They are a synonym of untidiness, dirt. Toads and frogs, for example, here at all at anything. And though the attack of an allergy can stimulate manifestation of warts, but nevertheless they have not an allergic, but virus origin.
Rhinoplasty or plasticity of a nose
Ринопластика или пластика носаRhinoplasty is a plastic surgery on change of a shape of a nose. Often it is enough of it for a radical change of shape of the person, after all the nose is one of the most important components of the person, its brightest detail. By means of rhinoplasty of people can forever get rid of the complex connected with a shape of own nose.
That it is necessary to know about a liposuction
Что нужно знать о липосакцииIn general, the liposuction consists in suction of part of fatty cages of a problem zone. For this purpose fatty cages are damaged one way or another and sucked away by means of special tools. Then after the rehabilitation period skin is selected, hypostases descend, and the figure with a new contour turns out – if there are no complications.
Laser correction of sight
Лазерная коррекция зренияLaser correction as the method of restoration of sight appeared relatively recently. It is effective only at an appropriate level of qualification of the doctor. Previously, going to clinic, it is useful to know about indications and contraindications to it, and also about those moments which will help to estimate the level of clinic and qualification of the doctor in particular.
Implantation of teeth
Имплантация зубовTooth implants – one of the most progressive methods of restoration of teeth. The idea is that in a jaw the special metal core serving as a support for new tooth is implanted. It is impossible to leave "as is" a shortage situation even one tooth categorically – even in the absence of visible discomfort.
Whether it is necessary to circumcise
Нужно ли делать обрезаниеTrimming represents removal of an extreme flesh in the surgical way. Brisk discussions about are now conducted, whether it is necessary to circumcise the man. Give the mass of arguments and arguments, both for this operation, and against it... Let's try understand and find out, whether really it is necessary to cut off what is given by the nature?
How quickly to kill a toothache
Как быстро снять зубную больHello, dear readers of our electronic magazine. You, probably, represent that such a toothache. And what such strong toothache? This torture distracting from all affairs and haunting for the whole day. It is natural that before it would be better not to lead up, but that you will already do. And again comes to the rescue.
Than are useful sex
Чем полезны занятия сексомAll of us know that sex well influences an organism. After hot night of love it is so pleasant to wake up in the morning, feeling updated and full of strength. Why so occurs? Why the sexual satisfaction gives us positive emotions and improves our health? Today together with we will try all this to find out.
Treatment by acupuncture
Лечение иглоукалываниемToday on a wave of the increased love to all east return of popularity of such fine method of treatment as acupuncture causes special pleasure. prepared for you this article to dispel all fears and objectively to tell about all pluses and minuses of an ancient Chinese method of treatment.
Treatment by bloodsuckers (girudoterapiya)
Лечение пиявками (гирудотерапия)Vile and disgusting, they make sick only from one thought of them. Bloodsuckers blood-suckers. Most of Russians at a mention of this genus of worms will be wrinkled and will feel irritation. In this article will tell about bloodsuckers and a girudoterapiya (treatment by bloodsuckers) – so remarkable ancient method of treatment.
How to get rid of a smell (perspiration) of feet
Как избавиться от запаха (потливости) ногYou sometime noticed how surrounding people stop up a nose when you are undressed? Whether your dog fell in love with your sneakers? If yes, that except soda known for all exists still a set of the ways which are reducing perspiration of feet and not allowing them to smell as camembert cheese. And each person will have the checked method of fight against this problem.
How to treat stings of insects
Как лечить укусы насекомыхIf you know how it is possible to help quickly the victim at stings of insects, will carry with yourself a minimum of necessary medicines, the situation with a sting will not take you unawares. Today with the magazine we will also consider how to work in case of stings of insects (bees, bumblebees, etc.).
Who needs plastic surgery
Кому нужна пластическая хирургияWho from us at least once in life did not dream to correct something in own appearance? Too wide or long nose does not arrange someone, someone does not like the bulged ears or excessive rotundity of hips or a stomach. Of course, the decision is made for itself(himself) by everyone, but is ready to share information on plastic surgery.
Exercises for eyes
Упражнения для глазFeelings as if in eyes filled sand are familiar to all of us. It by all means comes after long reading the book, after long work on the computer. Yes, your eyes were tired and demand restoration. will tell how to fight against dryness, an inflammation, irritation and fatigue of eyes by means of exercises and the weakening massage.
First-aid treatment at changes
Оказание первой помощи при переломахYou go, look around, poskalzyvatsya and fall on a hand or are even worse – sit down on a foot, as a result – the closed fracture of a hand or foot. How to work at least to relieve pain so far eat to the next first-aid post? Today in article for the magazine we will consider, what rules of first aid you can render to the victim at a change.
First aid at burns
Первая помощь при ожогахExists some type of burns: thermal, electrothermal, solar and chemical burns. Rules for first-aid treatment at this or that look are also various. Today in article for the magazine we will in detail stop on consideration of rules of first-aid treatment at burns.
How to protect sight from influence of the monitor
Как защитить зрение от влияния монитораAny devices for display of visual information do harm to human eyes. To present our modern life without TV or the computer already it is impossible. It is necessary only – to protect as much as possible one exit eyes from the harmful factors created by the monitor of the computer and the screen of the TV.
Selection of contact lenses
Подбор контактных линзThe most ancient way of correction of sight – to points is succeeded by more technological today: contact lenses, and also surgical intervention (laser correction). In this article will tell how it is correct to choose contact lenses.
How to get rid of snore
Как избавиться от храпаPeople who intrude upon night leisure these sounds, seldom notice own snore. Usually those also stirs a coma, this snore, feel on themselves all "delights" of night songs. And not only because snore has an unpleasant combination of sounds for our ear from what other person long does not manage to fall asleep. Besides, foreign sounds simply disturb a normal dream.
How to get rid of sleeplessness
Как избавиться от бессонницыHow often you are tormented by sleeplessness? We hope it at you an unusual occurrence. Because if sleeplessness becomes chronic, hardly simple reading literature on traditional medicine it will be possible to get rid of it.
Transportation of patients
Перевозка больныхIn transit the victim or the patient should be remembered that the most important – not to worsen its state and not to do additional injuries. Those people who prefer to transport patients by own efforts, first of all, confer on themselves the huge responsibility.
Medical secret and HIV / AIDS in Ukraine
Врачебная тайна и ВИЧ / СПИД на УкраинеArrival of the sick person to the doctor - an event in itself sacred which can be compared from a secret confession. Collecting from sick data for especially medical purposes, the doctor it is free or involuntarily faces with deeply personal or even intimate information. The doctor becomes the witness of that patients hide even from relatives to them people.
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