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Help section on drugs. We will tell, what medicines (tablets, ointments and so forth) use for treatment of various diseases. Instructions and contraindications to application.
Karipazim's application
Применение КарипазимаIn recent years doctors began to use the fermental preparation having a phytogenesis under the name Karipazim at treatment of the patients having mezhpozvonkovy hernia and other serious illness of a backbone. Practice shows, what even in hard cases after such courses of treatment the condition of patients improves, many patient the preparation helps to avoid operation.
Stomatofit's application
Применение СтоматофитаSometimes people address to the stomatologist or the local therapist with complaints to an inflammation of gums in oral cavities, their reddening, swelling, bleeding, pain. Then any food becomes not in pleasure. It is possible to improve a condition of a mouth different means. will tell about a vegetable preparation under the name "Stomatofit" today.
Enterofuril, instruction on application
Энтерофурил, инструкция по применениюMany people in summer months go on the vacation to the sea or in other interesting excursion trips. The organism of the adult and child differently reacts to change of a surrounding situation. In the unfamiliar district there are distinctions in water and food which use in some cases leads to so-called diarrhea of travelers. Enterofuril will help to avoid problems with intestines.
Augmentin's application
Применение АугментинаFor fight against various bacterial infections in an arsenal of physicians there are antibiotics. One of them – Augmentin. will characterize this preparation, will explain, when and as to apply it.
How to apply Prozhestozhel
Как применять ПрожестожельThe female breast drawing attention and attracting strong male hands was always considered as a symbol of beauty, tenderness, feminity, motherhood. But what to undertake if the breast becomes a source of periodic or constant pain? This problem is called as physicians as "mastodiniya" or "mastalgiya".
Iberogast's application
Применение ИберогастаMany know that medicinal herbs well influence health, can relieve of unpleasant symptoms of diseases, eliminate their reason. But not always there is time to do infusions, broths, tinctures of herbs. Today will acquaint readers with Iberogast. This preparation is created on a vegetable basis, it is capable to improve a condition of a digestive tract.
Irunin, instruction on application
Ирунин, инструкция по применениюStatistical data show that from 10 to 20% of the population suffers from various fungal diseases which are localized standing. And here dermatologists assure that this indicator is much higher, simply not all people address in skin clinics or clinics. During a summer time the number of the people who "picked up" a fungus or its microscopic disputes increases.
Vermoks, instruction on application
Вермокс, инструкция по применениюDuring a summer time our children walk on the street much, play with each other in a sandbox, eat various berries, fruit, iron animals, bathe. And, rules of hygiene are followed by them not always therefore the risk of infection with different parasites increases.
Eskuzan's application
Применение ЭскузанаIn the people long since did different medicines of flowers of a horse-chestnut, the peel taken from its fruits and the bark removed from branches. These means helped people at hemorrhoids and expansion of veins of extremities. Today will tell about a pharmaceutical preparation of Eskuzane which part horse-chestnut components are.
When apply ОРАЛСЕПТ®
Когда применяют ОРАЛСЕПТ®For certain for each of us the phrase "the THROAT HURTS" causes a sad picture of seasonal colds, SARS and other inflammatory diseases which unexpectedly and not palatably break our habitual rhythm of life in memory. Regardless of the reasons, pain in a mouth and in a drink often causes the real sufferings.
Askorutin's application
Применение АскорутинаIn a drugstore among the multi-colored packings placed on a shelf with vitamins it is possible to see "modest" Askorutin. In this vitamin means the combination of two vitamins – askorbinka and routine that was reflected and in the name is presented.
Instruction on Tsetrin's application
Инструкция по применению ЦетринаThe effective, considered as the safest for elimination of symptoms of an allergy preparation Tsetrin now actively is advertized in mass media. It is included into group of the selective antihistaminic preparations operating selectively. Relieving of allergic reactions, this means does not show strong sedative action, the central nervous system it does not oppress.
How to apply Infagel
Как применять ИнфагельHaving got to a human body, the artful virus of herpes remains in it for many years. Unfortunately, the medicine did not find yet such means which could expel this virus. But now there are preparations helping to keep a situation under control if the virus suddenly "woke up" and tries to prove to be in full "beauty". Here then urgently it is necessary to use Infagel.
Mastodinon's application
Применение МастодинонаThe homeopathic medicine Mastodinon made from natural components actively is used at treatment of women at whom the cystous and fibrous mastopatiya is revealed, there are violations of a menstrual cycle and signs of a premenstrual syndrome are brightly expressed. The preparation is also recommended in complex therapy of the infertility connected with insufficient function of a yellow body of ovaries.
How to accept Tsiston
Как принимать ЦистонThe diseases of kidneys which often are followed by pains, hypostases can seriously worsen quality of life. Now pathological changes in bodies of an urinary system, stones, inflammations are found not only in elderly people, but also young and even at children's age.
Avamis, instruction on application
Авамис, инструкция по применениюWith arrival of spring when start warming warm sunshine, people leave a countryside more actively. One go on forest glades to have a rest, gain strength, to arrange picnic. And others hurry on the country sites – there and air is purer and garden put a plenty. But what to undertake at whom during this period of pollen and violence of natural aromas the allergy begins?
Galavit's application
Применение ГалавитаOur health in many respects depends on immunity. And if components of immune system do not cope with the duties, diseases develop. Then protective forces of an organism start functioning on a limit of the opportunities, keeping "watch" practically without rest. Immunity is capable to modify, "feed up", to supply it with new forces a domestic preparation under the name "Galavit".
Umkalor's application
Применение УмкалораMany parents note that as soon as they sent the kid to kindergarten, soon noticed that he often began to catch a cold – that palatal almonds redden, cold constant, cough will become attached. Also there is no opportunity periodically to take "sick-list" how after all to help the child? Today will acquaint readers with vegetable means under the name "Umkalor".
Bronkhipret, instruction on application
Бронхипрет, инструкция по применениюIf during catarrhal diseases in the top or deeply being departments of airways the viscous phlegm accumulates, the organism reacts to it cough. The air stream at cough "throws out" not only slime, but also the particles alien to an organism irritating a mucous membrane of the nasal courses. But what to undertake when cough becomes not harmless "cleaning" procedure?
Use of Tamiflu
Применение ТамифлюIn recent years the preparation of Tamiflu surely wins the pharmaceutical markets of the different countries of the world. The producer and clinical experts position it as one of the best means in fight against the viruses causing flu. will prompt, from where there was a preparation, when and as to apply it.
How to accept Otsillokoktsinum
Как принимать ОциллококцинумFrom year to year from the beginning of spring many schools are closed on quarantine and groups in kindergartens considerably thin. It is connected with mass diseases of children and adults of flu and other respiratory infections. Here also decided today to tell the readers about a homeopathic medicine under the name "Otsillokoktsinum" difficult to pronounce.
Instruction on Donormil's application
Инструкция по применению ДонормилаAll of us know how good sound sleep is important for our organism. If it was succeeded to sleep moreover and the sweet dream dreamed, day usually develops successfully. But what to do if you already "counted" not one ten lambs, diligently tried to remove with "whisk" from the head all thoughts, and the dream everything does not come? Perhaps, it is necessary to resort to a preparation Donormil if it is in your home first-aid kit.
Sab Simpleks for newborns
Саб Симплекс для новорождённыхPractically all newborns are disturbed from time to time by very unpleasant feelings - intestinal gripes. Can help crying to the baby the carminative means intended for improvement of an otkhozhdeniye of gases, acceleration of their exit from intestines. Many mothers in such cases give to babies Sab Simpleks.
Fitomutsil's application
Применение ФитомуцилаTo improve a functional condition of a digestive tract, to get rid of locks, extra kilos it is possible, having resorted to natural means under the name "Fitomutsil". After all if intestines work accurately and harmoniously, and weight will be in norm. About what benefit brings this means of what it consists as to use it – read in our article.
Baneotsin's application
Применение БанеоцинаAt times we should face in life scratches, wounds, burns, grazes … Especially often children need to process similar damages of integuments. But as they do not love those means that cause feeling of a poshchipyvaniye! Iodine, hydrogen peroxide, "brilliant green" belong to such means.
To Normaza, instruction on application
Нормазе, инструкция по применениюResearches of the scientific different countries and their supervision show that health of a body, life expectancy, appearance of the person, freshness of his face depend on good work of a large intestine. Clean intestines are capable to relieve "owner" not only of gastrointestinal illnesses, but also of allergies, skin diseases (eczema, a furunkulyoz, eels), depressions, sleeplessnesses, migraines, new growths …
Monural, instruction on application
Монурал, инструкция по применениюMany people dream of that it was possible to drink once any medicine and to forget about the illness. Moreover that this preparation was pleasant on taste … Today just will also tell the readers about similar modern means under the name "Monural". It is the effective antibiotic having a set of advantages capable quickly to relieve of cystitis or an uretrit.
Antistaks's application
Применение АнтистаксаAbout 40% of the population of Russia suffer from a varicosity. In the developed countries of the world statistics is as follows: signs of problems with veins of the lower extremities are found in 89% of women and 66% of men. Treatment of these diseases should be carried out in due time and in a complex. One of the means capable to improve a condition of feet, the phytopreparation of Antistaks is.
Description of a preparation Aertal
Описание препарата АэрталHappens that the active, cheerful person who did not get used to do nothing or lie in front of the TV on a sofa is suddenly compelled to reduce the physical activity because of pain. And pain can be the companion of many illnesses. Let's get acquainted with modern sedative which is often used now in orthopedics, neurology. The preparation is called Aertal.
Vibrotsil, instruction on application
Виброцил, инструкция по применениюIt is possible to call rainy and slushy fall and snow, frosty winter seasons for which the greatest number of catarrhal diseases and the slipping noses is characteristic. Many believe that there is no need to spend finance for cold medicines – say, in a week it and itself will pass.
Application of candles Natalsid
Применение свечей НатальсидEight people from ten for years of the life by all means face hemorrhoids symptoms. At this widespread disease there is an expansion, an inflammation of gemorroidalny veins of a rectum which is usually followed by an exit outside of internal venous knots, discomfort, painful feelings, and sometimes and bleeding.
Kavinton's application
Применение КавинтонаThe number of patients in whom violations of brain blood circulation are found, increases every year. Therefore scientists constantly look for the means capable to help similar patients. Here decades one of the leading places in medicamentous therapy of the diseases connected with problems of blood supply of a brain occupies a preparation Kavinton.
Semaks, instruction on application
Семакс, инструкция по применениюThe unique, original domestic preparation of Semaks is made in the form of intranazalny drops. After introduction to the nasal courses already in a few minutes it is transported directly to brain tissues which need it.
Lespeflan's application
Применение ЛеспефланаWhen kidneys of the person partially (or completely) lose ability to form (or to remove) I wet, this pathology is called as a renal failure. It is followed by development of serious violations of an acid-base, water-salt, osmotic homeostasis of an organism. All this is fraught with secondary damages of many systems of an organism. In similar cases often appoint Lespeflan.
How to accept Kardiomagnil
Как принимать КардиомагнилOn television channels now actively there is an advertizing of tablets Kardiomagnil. They are used for the prevention and treatment of pathologies of heart and vessels. So comprise these stylized "hearts" how they can help people? There are data that Kardiomagnil in small doses can reduce probability of emergence and development of diseases of cardiovascular system by 25%.
Gedeliks's application
Применение ГеделиксаPharmaceutical industry makes many medicines which action is directed mainly on fight against cough and other symptoms of infections of respiratory organs. Among them there are natural, semi-synthetic and completely synthetic preparations. And if you give preference to natural drugs, it is worth paying attention to Gedeliks.
Kogitum's application
Применение КогитумаThe loving parents always want that their children were talented, studied well, and in the future received a prestigious profession and took a worthy place in society. Therefore they involuntarily compare skills and achievements of the child and the contemporaries surrounding it. But how to help the son or the daughter if noticed, what on these or those indicators they lag behind other children?
Kandibiotik's application
Применение КандибиотикаProbably, not to find such person who never felt in itch ears. Many reasons are capable to cause such discomfortable feeling. The combined ear drops under the name "Kandibiotik" can sometimes help with similar cases.
"Doctor Megohm", instruction on application
«Доктор Мом», инструкция по применениюIn a drugstore it is possible to meet some preparations of the Doctor Megohm trademark. These preparations are made for Russia in India. In this country for a long time actively use forces of nature for treatment of different diseases. As a part of these means you will see many curative extracts and oils from herbs.
Dyufalak's application
Применение ДюфалакаWhen it is necessary to release "softly" intestines, people often resort to a depletive of a different origin. Someone remembers national methods, and someone prefers to apply the checked laxative drugs. Dyufalak treats such preparations.
Geksoral's application
Применение ГексоралаGeksoral – one of the modern preparations helping to facilitate the unpleasant feelings arising at an inflammation in a throat. Many people already checked its medical action on themselves. will acquaint readers with structure, indications to application, ways of use and contraindications for this medicine.
Viprosal's application
Применение ВипросалаMost of people with fear and fear concern to snakes who are associated at them only with deadly stings. But poison of snakes is capable not only to kill, but also to treat some diseases. After long studying of snake poison pharmacologists created some preparations on its basis. One of them – ointment Viprosal.
Tenoten's application
Применение ТенотенаThe homeopathic medicine Tenoten is intended for treatment of neurosises, he provides with oxygen a brain and improves work of the central nervous system, fights against uneasiness, fears. It is appointed both to adults, and children.
Amaril's application
Применение АмарилаWHO predicts that the number having diabetes on all planet by 2025 will exceed three hundred million people. And, 90% from them the diagnosis "diabetes of the second type" will be made. For such people pharmacologists created the preparations capable to reduce concentration of sugar in blood. Amaryl also treats this group of the preparations called by hypoglycemic means.
Use of Interferon
Применение ИнтерферонаInterferon is quite popular means which is used widely in prevention and treatment of various infectious diseases, and also some types of tumors. This preparation is capable not only to cope with reproduction of viruses in an organism, but also to render salutary effect on immune system of the person.
Application of a neyromultivit
Применение нейромультивитаFor maintenance of an organism during the autumn and winter period, and also for complex treatment of diseases of neuralgic character, good results are rendered by an available preparation with a complex of vitamins of group B.
Advantage of hematogen
Польза гематогенаThis tasty delicacy is familiar to us since the childhood. As soon as we crossed a drugstore threshold, at once asked mother to buy a hematogen tile. None of children also did not guess its advantage, and parents rejoiced because thus the organism received useful substance for development – iron.
Instruction on Kontraktubeks's application
Инструкция по применению КонтрактубексаIt is possible to call the combined preparation of Kontraktubeks the most sold means used for treatment of hems. Many patients report that after prolonged use of this gel ugly educations on skin became almost imperceptible. Efficiency of this medicine is confirmed a number of clinical trials.
Use of sintomitsinovy ointment
Применение синтомициновой мазиSintomitsinovy ointment – quite popular antibacterial means which helps to struggle with various infectious and inflammatory diseases of integuments. The Liniment of a sintomitsin is considered the budgetary medicine which can be got in any drugstore for quite modest money, but thus effectiveness of a preparation is checked and proved not by one generation.
Fermatron's application
Применение ФерматронаNow, unfortunately, more and more inhabitants of the world to some extent suffer from diseases of joints. Earlier many defeats connected with aging. But now these pathologies reveal and at young people. What to undertake if pain does not allow to make the movement, to work, lead a habitual life? In some cases experts appoint intra articulate injections of Fermatron.
Use of ikhtiolovy ointment
Применение ихтиоловой мазиNow the increasing popularity is gained by expensive import medicines which advertizing we daily see on the TV. Many people prefer foreign drugs to their more available domestic analogs, and after all quality of the last is checked not by one generation. Ikhtiolovy ointment got to this list unfairly of the forgotten preparations, we also will devote it today's article.
Lytic mix for children
Литическая смесь для детейWhen at the child body temperature strongly rises, most of parents tries to solve a problem as soon as possible. As a rule, various candles, tablets and syrups help to consult with great feeling. But what to do if any of similar preparations does not yield result, and stem of thermometer continues to creep promptly up? In this case the effective remedy – lytic mix will come to the rescue.
Treatment of the milkwoman miramistiny
Лечение молочницы мирамистиномThe modern pharmacy offers a huge number of preparations for treatment of vaginal candidiasis (milkwoman) today. They differ not only the cost, but also in the ways of treatment, application duration, existence or absence of contraindications, etc. will tell you about one of the most popular and effective remedies from the milkwoman – a preparation Miramistin.
Vobenzim's application
Применение ВобэнзимаToday wants to present to the readers a preparation Vobenzim who can help with fight against different illnesses. It is appointed often to patients by gynecologists, urologists, rheumatologists, surgeons, traumatologists and even pediatricians. Let's understand, what for structure at a preparation how he acts and how it is applied?
Apizartron, instruction on application
Апизартрон, инструкция по применениюHaving faced a trauma (household, sports or after a road accident event), joint pain or other problems of the musculoskeletal device, any person looks for ways to help himself. There is a question – what means to choose in a drugstore that it quickly and effectively helped an organism to be restored, relieved of pain?
Use of folic acid
Применение фолиевой кислотыThat folic acid is useful to human health, is known for a long time. She takes part in a metabolism, in synthesis of DNA, in creation of immune cages and in some other processes proceeding in our organism. The last some years began to consider B9 vitamin as one of substances, the extremely necessary for women during pregnancy.
Panangin's application
Применение ПанангинаThat our heart well worked and was strong, its food requires enough potassium and magnesium. Therefore at arrhythmia, heart failure and other failures in work doctors appoint Panangin.
Dyufaston when planning pregnancy
Дюфастон при планировании беременностиIn recent times the diagnosis "infertility" sounded worse than a sentence - then scientists did not find yet a way to go counter to the stubborn nature. Today we live in remarkable time, after all the modern medicine has a mass of opportunities to present to the woman pleasure of motherhood. One of them is connected with a preparation Dyufaston.
Pertussin's application
Применение ПертуссинаHot summer days were replaced by a bad weather and autumn cold weather. The nature prepares for winter. And the human body too tries to adapt for the conditions surrounding it, sharp changes of weather. But when immunity weak, colds begin. And if does not getting thirsty the bitter become attached cough medicine, to remember that time Pertussin.
Fluimutsil's application
Применение ФлуимуцилаAgain tortured cough? In a throat tickles, and inside, in bronchial tubes or a trachea constantly something bubbles, but it is not possible to get rid of the bothering attacks? Fluimutsil released by the Swiss company "Zambon" will help to exempt airways from the slime accumulating in them.
Application to Sinuforta
Применение СинуфортеDuring the cold periods of year such unpleasant diseases as antritis have an effect again, etmoidit, plays the dandy also other pathologies of a nasal cavity and the bosoms which are settling down around. Continuous allocations from the nasal courses torment, becomes to pant, sometimes there are a discomfort, pain, the general health worsens. The effective preparation can help Sinuforta with such cases.
Application of an eleuterokokk
Применение элеутерококкаWhat do you know about an eleuterokokka? Most of people heard about it only from advertizing of means for immunity increase, but this unusual plant is capable on much bigger. It is possible to speak about advantage and properties of an eleuterokokk infinitely long, we will allocate most important and useful.
Phytolysine, instruction on application
Фитолизин, инструкция по применениюStones in kidneys, infections of an urinary system, hypostases – these problems disturb many. In such cases it is necessary to try to use curative herbs for treatment. But what to do if there is no time for a zavarivaniye of infusions, preparation of tinctures? Then the phytopreparation, ready to the use, Fitolizin can help.
Use of absorbent carbon
Применение активированного угляBlack, tasteless tablets are familiar to us since the childhood: if there was a poisoning, mothers first of all gave us coal. Because it remarkably clears an organism of toxins. But on it its application does not come to an end but only begins.
Rennie, instruction on application
Ренни, инструкция по применениюThe name "Rennie" thanks to TV advertizing and bright packing was remembered by many. suggests to talk about this preparation – its properties, a method of application, contraindications. Whether fast disposal of the person of heartburn is valid in the power of this simple preparation?
No-Shpa, instruction on application
Но-Шпа, инструкция по применениюOur life is filled not only pleasant feelings, but also painful. Pain can have different character. These unpleasant feelings happen strong or weak, short-term or long, tolerant or painful …
Dioksidin, instruction on application
Диоксидин, инструкция по применениюFor treatment of various purulent infections already many years the preparation Dioksidin is used. will sort its merits and demerits, will mention scope of application.
Use of zinc ointment
Применение цинковой мазиSmooth and healthy skin – to what each girl aspires. And in treatment of a set of skin diseases zinc ointment is very effective. Its active ingredient actively eliminates visible defects, and also reliably protects it from damages and irritations, promoting regeneration and cell renewal.
Use of Diflucan
Применение ДифлюканаAbout 75% of women from all corners of the world at least once in the life felt consequences of unlimited reproduction of small fungi of a sort Candida in the vagina. All this is followed by allocations of a curdled look, an itch, burning in external genitals, pain at depletion of a bladder, discomfort at intimate proximity...
Sinupret, instruction on application
Синупрет, инструкция по применениюNosiki-kurnosiki snuffle … Happens that the posapyvaniye it arises not only at children, but also at adults because of the congestion of a nose caused by banal cold, sinusitis, antritis. And as it is difficult for children to dig drops in the nasal courses to improve breath! At once tears, sobbings, small palms close a face … In such cases Sinupret's phytopreparation will come to the rescue.
Miramistin's application
Применение МирамистинаNone of us, being at home or on a country site, it is not insured from cuts, scratches, grazes, burns and other injuries. Therefore the antiseptics in the home first-aid kit is best of all to keep in quality a preparation Miramistin. It and can be taken in travel to process a wound at injury of a foot about keen edges of pebble on a beach or cockleshells in the sea.
Use of ointment Baktroban
Применение мази БактробанTo cope with skin infections or to relieve the patient of staphylococcus in a nose, doctors write out modern means – ointment Baktroban. Our article will tell about what effect has this preparation as to apply it, whether by-effects at treatment are possible.
Pimafutsin's application
Применение ПимафуцинаTo ache with vaginal candidiasis or the milkwoman (so still call this disease) can as the adult woman having children, who was not giving birth still the student or the schoolgirl at whom periods began quite recently. A disease it is unfortunately very widespread, ways of the solution of this delicate problem exists much.
Aktovegin's application
Применение АктовегинаSometimes fabrics of our organism need activization in them exchange processes, additional feed, stimulation of restoration of the damaged cages. Then the preparation Aktovegin can help. It is appointed not only at insufficient intake of blood to departments of a brain, but also to pregnant women that pre-natal development of a fruit proceeded correctly and the healthy kid was born.
Instruction on Nazoneks's application
Инструкция по применению НазонексаSpring... Warm rays of the sun bring the nature out of a dormant period: kidneys bulk up, gentle leaflets are developed, primroses blossom. It would seem, people have to rejoice to beauty of the nature. But how to be who during this period has allergy symptoms? It is necessary to resort to antiallergenic means.
Use of Nitroglycerine
Применение НитроглицеринаI remember, my grandfather always carried with himself in a jacket pocket the Nitroglycerine packing. And many times these small tabletochka rescued it from heart attack. Now this means of the emergency help allowing heart "motor" of the person to cope with the excessive loading which comprehended it it is possible to get in any drugstore.
Means from louses of Nit Free (Nit Fri)
Средства от вшей Nit Free (Нит Фри)The disease of a pediculosis is known to mankind on an extent of the millennia, but, despite this fact, it was not succeeded to eradicate it still. Therefore even in our century of high technologies the problem of a pediculosis is very actual.
Omez, instruction on application
Омез, инструкция по применениюHere some years to the patients suffering from stomach ulcer or a 12-perstny gut among a set of preparations for treatment write out Omez. Today readers of learn about structure of this preparation, its medicinal properties, a dosage, contraindications and possible side effects.
Elkar, instruction on application
Элькар, инструкция по применениюMany people use for weight loss a preparation Elkar, following the advice of the friends or fellow workers. Athletes accept it for the purpose of increase in physical activity. Write out it and to kids that gained missing weight, got stronger. suggests to understand – what properties Elkar when it can be applied and how possesses.
Tsikloferon, instruction on application
Циклоферон, инструкция по применениюThe period when viruses manage to attack successfully those people at whom immunity is weakened proceeds. And bacteria do not doze. Here also it turns out that thaws drip in the spring not only from roofs, but also from a nose …
Qi-Klim, instruction on application
Ци-Клим, инструкция по применениюIn the period of a climax (menopause) in an organism of the woman there are multistage series of changes which are closely connected with reduction of development of sexual hormones. Often end of the reproductive period is followed by a great number of unpleasant "fellow travelers".
Viferon, candles
Виферон, свечиViferon in drugstores is in great demand. Follow it with the recipe from different doctors – pediatricians, therapists, gynecologists. This preparation is allowed to be applied the newborn and even to pregnant women. suggests to understand – why the preparation is so popular?
Urolesan's application
Применение УролесанаSometimes, that at the most inappropriate moment at the person colic begins kidney (or hepatic). How to appease painful pain? Urolesan who can be useful in similar situations suggests to pay attention to a phytopreparation. It will be a question of its structure, all medicinal properties, a dosage, indications to application.
Hofitol's application
Применение ХофитолаSometimes our organism needs zhelchegonny preparations. This article will acquaint readers of with one of preparations which can help a liver, a gall bladder and other bodies and systems as possesses several merits. The name at a preparation – Hofitol, in structure is available plant extract. The company the Rose Fitofarm located in France lets out it.
Lavomaks, instruction on application
Лавомакс, инструкция по применениюThe winter at many is associated with frosts, white fluffy snow, skis, a sledge, hills, skates. And as there is no wish to be ill at this time! Someone for prevention eats garlick segments, onions, does salads of a radish, berry fruit drinks from currant or a cranberry, inhales aromas of essential oils – grapefruit, an eucalyptus, a geranium...
Use of oksolinovy ointment
Применение оксолиновой мазиFrom January to March the risk considerably increases to ache with flu or a SARS. When around snuffle, sneeze and cough, there is a wish to secure itself and the family against an infection. What people in this situation undertake?
Gastal, instruction on application
Гастал, инструкция по применениюHeartburn … Unpleasant feelings are associated with this word: burning in the top area of a stomach and behind a breast. There is it in the mornings when the person still tasted nothing or directly after food.
Givaleks, instruction on application
Гивалекс, инструкция по применениюIn the winter frosts are inevitable. Cold air gets into airways. Quite often there are overcoolings, feet freeze. Moreover and the quantity sneezing and coughing around considerably increases. And if immunity weak, it does not cope with an impact of bacteria and viruses. Here also the inflammation begins.
Karmolis's application
Применение КармолисаIn recent years the most actual and effective way of treatment and the prevention of flu and catarrhal diseases is stimulation of links of immune protection of a human body. Especially distinguish phytogenesis medicines from the medicines allocated with similar properties. After all they are safest both for adults, and for children.
Geptral, instruction on application
Гептрал, инструкция по применениюLiver – one of important massive glands of an organism without whom there cannot be neither person, nor animals. Today we will in detail tell about a preparation which possesses two properties: it positively influences functioning of a liver and can improve mood. Its name – Geptral.
Azz, instruction on application
Ацц, инструкция по применениюVery often cough happens the satellite of cold, ORZ, bronchitis, pulmonary diseases. All of us know that cough is a protective reflex of our organism. At inflammations in airways, a bronchial tree, lungs the dense phlegm is formed and accumulates. Its organism perceives in this case as an alien body.
Persen, instruction on application
Персен, инструкция по применениюUnfortunately, life is filled not only joyful events. Happen in it and sorrow, trouble, troubles, such moments when the person needs to get it together and to calm down. It is necessary to resort to the help of sedatives.
Glycine, instruction on application
Глицин, инструкция по применениюSession is a stress for any student even if he studies well. Among students there is an opinion that if to accept before offsets, examinations of a tablet of Glycine, will be quiet, as a boa or an elephant. In any case, pupils so speak of a preparation.
Terafleks, instruction on application
Терафлекс, инструкция по применениюVery often happens so that because of constants, everyday heavy loads of joints, at their chronic inflammations, at severe injuries the cartilaginous tissue surrounding joints becomes thinner or begins its destruction. Excess weight and age too play not the last role.
Alflutop, instruction on application
Алфлутоп, инструкция по применениюVery often diseases of joints conduct to disability, deprive of the person of opportunity to lead active lifestyle, limit motive functions. Therefore it is very important to begin treatment in time, without postponing everything because of big load work, household chores.
Tantum Verde, instruction
Тантум Верде, инструкцияMedicine under the name "Tantum Verde" appeared in the Russian drugstores not so long ago. And here in Italy where this means is made, it is appointed many years and well proved. For the last year Italians got more than a million packages.
Bioparox, instruction on application
Биопарокс, инструкция по применениюWhen in a throat pain, from a nose flows, difficultly to breathe, the mood spoils. Unpleasant it is symptoms. In a cold season people often catch pharyngitis, quinsy, rhinitis or sinusitis. That in shop sweated in winter clothes, and then jumped out on cold and a wind. That wet feet were had, overcooled … Many prefer to take in a drugstore spray for a throat or a nose. But there is a lot of – what to buy them?
Application of preparation ASD fraction 2
Применение препарата АСД фракция 2Experimental Dorogov's antiseptics stimulators is a product of chemical distillation of a myasokostny flour of animals which appeared very effective remedy in fight against many diseases.
Candles Betadin
Свечи БетадинNow different dosage forms are applied to treatment of diseases of women's sexual system: tablets, solutions, vaginal creams, candles (other their name – suppositories). If it is possible to eliminate an inflammation, using local influence, it is expedient to resort to vaginal suppositories.
Application of eye drops
Применение глазных капельUnfavourable statistical data show in recent years that at many people sight promptly worsens. Earlier such problems arose at people at advanced age, and now even school students even more often ask in ophthalmologic clinics for the help. Partly, in it there is also our fault – very big loadings give to an organ of vision.
Application of a varfarin
Применение варфаринаThe doctor appoints to you varfarin. Also warns about need to control some MNO, and it assumes frequent visits to policlinic: to hand over blood, and then to the doctor. In the head there are thoughts it seems "here, one more tablet", "is so much efforts", "and whether it is necessary to accept it, I will manage somehow"...
Lamizil's application
Применение ЛамизилаMany active people adhering to a healthy lifestyle often visit pools, saunas, sports halls, baths, beaches. All this it seems has to promote improvement of health only. But there are such diseases which can be "picked up" involuntarily in public places.
Review of syrups for cough
Обзор сиропов от кашляExpectorant and protivokashlevy means on show-windows in drugstores it is possible to meet much. They happen in the form of tablets, a dragee, pastils, mixtures, drops, elixirs, syrups …
Metrogil gel
Метрогил гельOn skin even more often meet rashes not only teenagers, but also people of middle age. It is difficultly to cope with this problem. Since the morning the mood if the new inflamed hillocks, especially on a face are found spoils. Many people start looking for independently means which can help them.
Diuretic herbs
Мочегонные травыPhytotherapy, that is use in treatment of herbs, becomes more popular. Natural means have much less by-effects, than the synthesized tablets. There is a lot of actions on an organism at herbs – anti-inflammatory, sudorific, antibacterial, diuretic …
Valerian tincture
Настойка валерианыToday we will dwell upon a known preparation from the home first-aid kit which is loved very much by cats. Also they feel this preparation, as they say, far off. Yes, readers of guessed at once that it is valerian tincture.
Azitromitsin, application and properties
Азитромицин, применение и свойстваIn each drugstore there is a shelf and a show-window where in wide assortment antibiotics are presented. Often sick people for any reasons do not go to the doctor, and get drugs. But what antibiotic is necessary to the patient? And whether it is necessary in general?
Fenotropil's application
Применение ФенотропилаNot so long ago the group of nootropic means was replenished with one more modern original preparation created by the Russian scientists. And its steel widely to use in the practice the doctors who are engaged in treatment of therapeutic and neurologic diseases.
Kanefron's application
Применение КанефронаNow interest in phytotherapy, that is treatment by natural means increases. In the last decades efficiency of herbs and preparations from them is already proved. The scientific medicine actively uses now for treatment of a plant and their potential.
Imodium's application
Применение ИмодиумаAnnoyingly, when during travel in the train to the sea, in days of holiday at excursions or on interesting picnic in a circle of friends absolutely inopportunely there is a pain, an abdominal murmur and diarrhea … There is it and in days of examinations, at a party and even after visit of cafe during a lunch break at work.
Use of tincture of a calendula
Применение настойки календулы already told the readers about useful properties of a calendula medicinal. But there is a lot of preparations having a calendula in structure. Sometimes happens that there is no time to prepare infusion from the dried-up raw materials. Then it is possible to resort to already available calendula tincture. Range of its application is very wide. Let's talk about it in more detail.
Morenazal's application
Применение МореназалаAs it is frequent, especially during the spring and autumn period, we are influenced by such consequence of cold or manifestation of an allergy as cold. And not to you to tell me, what inconvenience and discomfort, it represents. As soon as do not try to fight against this symptom: both by medicamentous methods (different nasal drops), and folk remedies.
Laktofiltrum's application
Применение ЛактофильтрумаEven more often in the lexicon people use such words as "stress", "an organism zashlakovannost", "dysbacteriosis", "an imbalance in a metabolism", "weak immunity". These states differ, but there is at them the general causal factor – modern style and a way of life at which among cares, vanity, efforts and alarms people do not find free time to be engaged in the health.
Preparations for digestion improvement
Препараты для улучшения пищеваренияIt is only enough to person to look at food as the organism already starts preparing for digestion process. In a brain signals which force bodies of system of digestion to produce digestive juice and enzymes are formed. However such events as a festive feast make a certain danger to an organism and create discomfort in work of digestive system.
Use of Afobazole
Применение АфобазолаSome people not absolutely correctly react to stressful situations, their nervous system glitches. And if nerves on a limit when the concern seizes you, does not allow to live joyfully and measuredly, the organism needs the help. And this subject is very actual. In increasing frequency it is possible to hear advertizing of the preparation Afobazole on television channels. Many people reflect – whether not to buy it?
Ointment Akriderm, application
Мазь Акридерм, применениеMeans for external use Akriderm of group of companies is the combined preparation, many skin diseases having medical effect at treatment. But independent treatment sometimes leads to deterioration of a state of health. From article readers learn about medical effects, by-effects, contraindications and methods of application of this medicine.
Application of a pine-forest uterus
Применение боровой маткиThe pine-forest uterus belongs to centuries to proven means of traditional medicine. It helped many women to get rid of various gynecologic diseases, to become pregnant, take out the long-awaited kid and to become happy mothers though the diagnosis – infertility was made to them. And not only at female diseases the pine-forest uterus is recommended. About its medicinal properties, indications to application the speech will also go.
Treatment by a sabelnik
Лечение сабельникомIn traditional medicine used a rhizome and elevated part of the inhabitant of bogs and lakes for a long time – the dekopa capable as if a saber to cut joint pains, rheumatism, osteochondrosis. Many people were helped by this wonderful doctor who then received also other name – a sabelnik, to get rid of the bothered crutches, to be unbent and again to return to an active and vigorous way of life.
Application of the Ibuprofen
Применение ИбупрофенаNone of us are not insured from pain – head, articulate, tooth, after operations and injuries … Sometimes pain develops at the most inappropriate moment, trying to overset our plans, disturbing work, the forthcoming scheduled meetings. Then Ibuprofen tablets can come to the rescue. They are appointed often to patients at complex treatment surgeons, traumatologists, nephrologists, therapists.
Application mumiyo
Применение мумиёThe nature gives many surprising means to the person for disposal of diseases. Today we will tell to the readers of mysterious and unusual substance which is used long since not only healers, but also the diplomaed doctors of different specializations. And there is a lot of names at this means – mountain balm, "rock juice", "mountain blood". But the most known of them – mumiyo.
Dimeksid's application
Применение ДимексидаDimeksid is means for external application and represents himself colourless transparent liquid with a characteristic garlick smell. Article purpose – to acquaint readers with a preparation Dimeksid. To tell about features of this medicine, at what diseases it is applied, in what proportions it is required to be parted.
Application Hilak forte
Применение Хилак фортеOwing to various reasons the number of useful microorganisms in intestines can strongly decrease or absolutely reduce to zero, and the number of pathogenic microbes sharply to increase. One of versions of the solution of this problem – application of the preparations containing products of a metabolism of normal microflora. Such medicine is Hilak forte.
Hlorgeksidin in stomatology
Хлоргексидин в стоматологииAs effective antiseptics, hlorgeksidin in medicine it is used widely. It is applied by surgeons, dermatologists, urologists, gynecologists, otorhinolaryngologists etc. Use of this medicine by stomatologists in various directions allows to struggle successfully with the majority of grampolozhitelny and gramotritsatelny bacteria, having bactericidal effect.
Treatment by antibiotics, Regulations of Admission
Лечение антибиотиками, правила приемаThe antibiotic – serious medicine, but is released without recipe practically in all drugstores. Doctors repeatedly tried to take measures for toughening of sale of antimicrobic means, but for today any antibiotic and can be bought in a drugstore without any medical recommendation. In this article we will consider the main difficulties and mistakes at reception of antibiotics.
Use of peroxide of hydrogen
Применение перекиси водорода In medicine peroxide of hydrogen found application thanks to existence for it the antiseptic, deodorizing and styptic property. 3% apply solution of peroxide of hydrogen to processing of wounds, grazes, scratches, stops of nasal and other small capillary bleedings, in the form of rinsings at quinsy, stomatitis.
The coal activated and other sorbents
Уголь активированный и другие сорбентыFor certain, black tablets in paper packing to much with an inscription "The coal activated" are familiar. It treats enterosorbents. Having collected on itself all poisons and toxins, enterosorbents are brought out of intestines in the natural way. They should be had in home or any other first-aid kit. These are the safe and effective preparations capable to help at many illnesses.
Hlorgeksidin's application
Применение ХлоргексидинаHlorgeksidin. Trudnovatoye for a pronunciation and storing the name. Nevertheless, it needs to be remembered. This inexpensive and reliable antiseptics has to be in each first-aid kit along with brilliant green, iodine and peroxide of hydrogen. In house conditions Hlorgeksidin as antiseptics use for processing of wounds, burns and various surfaces.
Sulfatsil of sodium – a preparation of first aid for eyes
Сульфацил натрия – препарат первой помощи для глазThe purpose of this article – to acquaint readers with the most popular eye drops which are called Sulfatsil of sodium. They not magic, they will not make an eye more beautiful, but their existence in the home first-aid kit will help to put quickly a barrier on the way of the begun infectious inflammation of eyes. Costs sulfatsit sodium absolutely cheap. It is released without recipe of the doctor.
Pantenol's application
Применение ПантенолаThe purpose of this article – to acquaint readers with medicine for external application which Pantenol is called. Pantenol is used for treatment of injuries of skin. For years of evolution skin learned to restore itself at various damages. But sometimes we have to help the skin to restore the integrity.
Surprising properties of an arginin – prolong the youth
Удивительные свойства аргинина – продлите свою молодостьAt the end of the last century, in 1998, the Nobel committee awarded an award on medicine to several scientists who closely researched one amino acid – an arginin. The award for arginin was given with an ulterior motive is a substance possesses a number of surprising properties which can become a key to the solution of a set of cosmetology and medical problems.
National calendar of preventive inoculations
Национальный календарь профилактических прививокThe ordinary situation was the cause of writing of article: in kindergarten collected from parents of the signature under a consent to an inoculation of Hiberiks. Many signed. Whether it was worth undersigning for the document so precipitately?! What inoculations are obliged to do to our children? What we have the right to refuse? ALL parents caring about health of the kids have to ask such questions to themselves.
Structure of the children's first-aid kit
Состав детской аптечкиChildren's diseases possess feature to overtake us, parents, unawares. In the house where there is a child, surely there has to be a children's first-aid kit. Children's. First, because the most part of drugs in such first-aid kit is rather specific, and secondly accidentally not to mix among themselves the medicines of the same name with different dosages.
We make the home first-aid kit
Составляем домашнюю аптечкуFor this article we will allow the following: you – not the doctor and not the person of an extreme profession (differently you and so know everything that is necessary on this matter); drugs and medical assistance in principle are available, but not necessarily instantly (that is you not on the desert island, but the drugstore can be closed concerning a holiday, and fast to get stuck in a stopper).
Effect of Viagra
Действие ВиагрыMirsovetov wants to draw attention to a medical preparation which is very widely advertized recently is a Viagra. Its popularity grows in a geometrical progression and almost each man considers a duty to be influenced by his action. According to pharmacists of the drugstores working round the clock, one of three goods demanded at the night, Viagra is.
Melatonin as sleeping pill and not only
Мелатонин как снотворное и не толькоSleep badly at night? Often fly by planes and cannot get used to change of time zones? Easily catch a cold? Do not hurry in a drugstore behind sleeping pill. Do not hurry to swallow of antibiotics. Do not turn uselessly in an uncomfortable bed. Perhaps, you will be helped by Melatonin.
Use of Furasolidone
Применение ФуразолидонаResearches show that such causative agents of several infectious diseases as a dysenteric stick, bryushnotifozny bacteria, trichomonads and lyambliya are most sensitive to Furasolidone. Besides, Furasolidone is applied at infection of wounds and burns and even to treatment of chronic alcoholism.
Use of paracetamol
Применение парацетамолаParatsetamol is widely used not one decade in all countries. Well advertized Efferalgan, Panadol is the same well to us the acquaintance Paratsetamol. It is capable to kill any pain (tooth, a headache, migraine, pain at burns and injuries) and has very good febrifugal effect.
Use of aspirin
Применение аспиринаMost likely, presently you will not meet the person who though once in life had not to take Aspirin. Already more than century Aspirin is used in medicine as febrifugal and sedative. This inexpensive and very effective medicine for certain will be in a family at everyone in the home first-aid kit.
Treatment by Prostamol
Лечение ПростамоломProstamol constantly advertize on the TV. One doctors consider that it can be only a supportive application at treatment of adenoma of a prostate, and others the absolutely return. Let's find out in detail when Prostamol is applied as works and whether really he is so good as advertizing promises.
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