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Councils and consultations for gynecology. Articles about female health, about gynecologic diseases, etc. And also everything that is connected with obstetrics (maintaining and preparation for pregnancy and childbirth).
What is the biochemical pregnancy
Что такое биохимическая беременностьIt is interesting, what the woman will think if to tell her, what for the last year pregnancy at her came 1-2, and even 3 times in a row? It, most likely, will twist a finger at a temple, having accepted told for a tactless joke. Sounds, it is indeed wild, but in actual fact turns out to be true.
Pregnancy after Cesarean section
Беременность после кесарева сеченияNew pregnancy after Cesarean section is planned by about 30% of women as special contraindications to it are not present except that sometimes such pregnancy is interfaced to certain difficulties. Optimum time for repeated conception – in 3 years, is enough this time that the organism of the woman was restored after operation, and hems on a uterus were tightened.
As the contraceptive ring works
Как действует противозачаточное кольцоThe main requirement to any contraceptive – safety, simplicity in use and comfort. No wonder that in this sphere of medicine experts try to achieve perfection all the time, creating all new contraceptive preparations and adaptations. Today such novelty is the contraceptive hormonal ring of Novaring, and ladies know not all how to use it.
Treatment of an adneksit
Лечение аднекситаTimely treatment of inflammatory infections of external genitals (vulvit and vaginit) leads to fast recovery of the woman. If it is thoughtless to treat a problem, pathogenic microorganisms get from a vagina into ovaries and uterine tubes, provoking development of a strong inflammation there.
Pelvic prelying of a fruit
Тазовое предлежание плодаPregnancy – the most disturbing time in the woman's life. Future mummies with a sinking heart listen to the feelings and constantly are anxious, whether all as it should be with their kid? Unfortunately, some of them really have bases to worry concerning the "interesting" situation. For example, at the diagnosis "pelvic prelying of a fruit".
Nettle at the monthly
Крапива при месячныхMany women faced a problem of approach of the critical days which are followed by considerable blood loss, an indisposition and weakness. There are some ways to facilitate the state during this period, among them independently there are folk remedies with soft action, useful to improvement of an organism.
Treatment of a vaginit
Лечение вагинитаFor designation of the permanent inflammatory reaction in a vagina caused by certain reasons, doctors quite often use two equivalent terms – vaginit also a colpitis. The illness is shown suddenly: an itch, burning and painful discomfort during an urination.
Contraceptive spiral as contraception method
Противозачаточная спираль как метод контрацепцииAn increasing number of women resort to a modern method of contraception – to introduction of an intrauterine spiral. Unlike temporary contraceptives the spiral has longer effect and protects from undesirable pregnancy for 5-10 years.
How to do the test for pregnancy
Как делать тест на беременностьNow an increasing number of women prefers to define independently pregnancy existence, or to be convinced of its absence by means of so-called express tests for pregnancy. Simply to carry out similar fast diagnostics, for this purpose it is not required special medical knowledge.
How to consider a cycle of the monthly
Как считать цикл месячныхThe woman – the beginning of all Universe, after all the nature allocated it with invaluable ability to give life. This surprising feature often brings to a fine half of mankind a certain discomfort in the form of periods, pregnancy and childbirth. But women learned to transfer quietly all "surprises" of physiology, having thoroughly studied secrets and secrets of the organism.
Treatment of cold at pregnancy
Лечение простуды при беременностиCold, dampness, differences of temperatures – all this conducts to developing of a SARS or as it is called in the people, – colds. This disease especially is dangerous to pregnant women which organism is so weakened. Therefore it is necessary to know preventive measures and methods of treatment not to do harm to the child.
What is the lyuteinovy phase
Что такое лютеиновая фазаPractically each healthy woman of reproductive age in an organism has monthly hormonal reorganizations which it is accepted to call a menstrual cycle. Periodic changes in activity of sexual system divide into three main phases, each of which plays an important role in creation of possibility of conception of new life.
Kurantil's application at pregnancy
Применение Курантила при беременностиPregnancy planning – very responsible period in lives of future mother, and all possible problems doctors try to warn in advance. For example, often to the woman appoint not only a course of hormonal therapy and vitamins, but also Kurantil, a preparation for decrease in risk of formation of blood clots.
Terzhinan at pregnancy
Тержинан при беременностиPregnancy is not only nine months of thrill of anticipation of the child, but also the period of treatment of different diseases which arose against the weakened immunity. During this period it is especially terrible to woman to take any medicine, she worries, whether they will do much harm to health of the kid. But doctors appoint only reliable tools, such as Terzhinan.
Treatment of endometriosis
Лечение эндометриозаIn modern medical practice such gynecologic disease as endometriosis very often meets. Its timely identification and treatment will help to avoid many complications therefore it is extremely important to women to know, what symptoms characterize this illness and why it arises. We will try to answer the questions posed in this article.
What is the fertile days
Что такое фертильные дниTo avoid undesirable pregnancy – or, on the contrary, to get long-awaited posterity, it is necessary to possess information on opportunities of the body and a condition of an organism. Many women know about a calendar method of planning of pregnancy though not all are familiar with the term "fertile days".
Magnesia at pregnancy
Магнезия при беременностиPregnancy not always proceeds easily and without complications. Sometimes the woman should go to hospital to keep life to the child. And there by it almost without fail appoint the Magnesium preparation sulfate (magnesia). Doctors still did not come to a consensus to the account of this medicine that it bears more for an organism: advantage or harm.
Application of a papaverine at pregnancy
Применение папаверина при беременностиPregnancy is at the same time both the wonderful, and difficult period for each woman. This real test because except disorders for health of the kid, every week the woman is exasperated by various indispositions. And after all it is impossible to apply drugs practically and if it is possible – that their choice is limited.
Application of No-shpy at pregnancy
Применение Но-шпы при беременностиThe opinion on reception of the preparation No-shpa during pregnancy was shared: one claim that it is strictly forbidden to accept, the second that in limited quantities, and the third consider that is perfect anything terrible in these small yellow tablets is not present. Today we will try to understand, on whose party the truth.
Means from inflow at women
Средства от приливов у женщинWhether it happened to you such – talk with subordinated (or the chief), sit at theater or go by the trolleybus, and here suddenly suddenly you are shrouded by a hot wave? And right there cheeks flare as if poppies color, on a forehead, the perspiration, on a neck and under mice streams sweat. And the back got wet. Feeling that you are about an oven with hot pies. And at once it becomes so awkward before people around …
Treatment of cystitis at pregnancy
Лечение цистита при беременностиCystitis – a serious urological disease which face both children, and adults. Most often the women staying in "interesting situation" suffer from this illness. Cystitis not only saddens the pleasant period in the woman's life, but also can significantly do much harm to health to future child.
Temperature increase at pregnancy
Повышение температуры при беременностиPregnancy for the woman is connected not only with happy expectation, but also with different fears and alarms. Especially when the organism suddenly starts working not as usually. Temperature during pregnancy – the phenomenon quite frequent, but is always a reason for concern.
Depression during pregnancy
Депрессия во время беременностиMany women for the unclear reasons test a depression during pregnancy. "How so? - future mothers think. – I wait for the baby, but thus I do not feel pleasure!". Similar thoughts provoke deterioration of a state, and as a result the depression grows in a geometrical progression. How to fight against it, and what causes depressive thoughts during such light period of life of the woman?
Treatment of a sinekhiya at girls
Лечение синехии у девочекSinekhiyami is called by unions between close located bodies or surfaces. These unions can be both congenital, and acquired. At girls such solderings often appear between small vulvar lips. Similar pathologies at girls usually arise over an entrance to the urethral channel that, naturally, disturbs a normal urination.
Rubella at pregnancy
Краснуха при беременностиYou the lucky if managed to have a rubella in the early childhood! The organism with ease will cope with the causative agent of a disease, a bacterium from a sort of togavirus. For adults, especially for women in situation, consequences of an illness can become fatal.
Than threatens obvity with an umbilical cord
Чем грозит обвитие пуповиной"Mummy, you only do not worry", - the crown phrase of most of doctors which conduct ultrasonic research of the pregnant woman. Better they so would not speak! Without having managed to rise from a couch, the woman already is in a condition of a stress and is not able to perceive information on an obvitiya an umbilical cord adequately.
Compression stockings for childbirth
Компрессионные чулки для родовRecently began popular to wear among future mummies stockings during pregnancy and to dress them on childbirth. Of course, we speak not about attractive lower lacy linen – hardly at midpoint of life future mother will be interested in appearance.
Treatment of pre-natal infections
Лечение внутриутробных инфекцийAs soon as the woman becomes pregnant, for nine months she should make many tests. Frequent campaigns in laboratory are necessary for health of the woman and her future child. After all the most terrible enemies for a fruit are pre-natal infections. recommends not to fall into despair and to examine in more detail types of pre-natal infections.
The HGCh level at pregnancy
Уровень ХГЧ при беременностиOn the early term of pregnancy when the woman can not know about the situation yet, the child in it already declares the presence by development of the certain substance in abbreviated form called by HGCh. That it represents and in what its features consist, we will try to understand this article.
Definition of pregnancy by means of iodine
Определение беременности с помощью йодаJumps of mood, lack of appetite or, on the contrary, desire at once to eat everything that there is in the refrigerator, an indisposition in the morning, and … a delay. Familiarly? In most cases the reason of such state – pregnancy.
How to cause childbirth
Как вызвать родыAt the normal course of pregnancy the child is in mother's womb from 37 to 42 weeks, after this time he has to be born. But how to be if term came to an end, and the baby does not hurry to please parents with the first shout at all? In certain cases for the solution of this problem it is recommended to cause childbirth in the artificial way. In more detail this article will tell about it.
What is the training fights
Что такое тренировочные схваткиStill being in mother's womb, the child has an effect in various ways. In the beginning it is easy stirs in a stomach, then quite notable pushes, on late terms future mother can already see how the kid exposes outside a lokotok or a knee. Some women in the second half of pregnancy test one more type of the feelings called by false contractions.
Dribble of waters at pregnancy
Подтекание вод при беременностиDribble of amniotic waters – one of the biggest fears of pregnant women. This pathology can lead to serious consequences, such as premature birth, infection of a fruit. Therefore all nine months are very important to have the finger on the pulse.
The first monthly at girls
Первые месячные у девочекAt girls the beginning of active puberty is connected with approach of periods. If earlier our mothers and grandmothers were absolutely ignorant of such intimate questions, our children and grandsons "are much more skilled" – about monthly they learn from girlfriends, from books and magazines and, certainly, from telecasts and the Internet.
Pregnancy after an abortion
Беременность после выкидышаAccording to medical statistics, a half of all pregnancies comes to an end with an abortion. Besides most often the woman does not even guess the new situation. Any abortions come during the period of several days from conception and about several weeks. After that the organism needs to help to cope with a situation.
Syringing by soda for conception
Спринцевание содой для зачатияAnd on what only shifts are not solved women to conceive the child: and plots are read, and under a pillow different subjects are put, and wait for a new moon. And what only recipes do not write out, and all to deceive the nature and quicker to feel pleasure of motherhood.
Necessary vitamins for pregnant women
Необходимые витамины для беременныхPregnancy – remarkable time: the more future mother has a rest, the better. However it does not mean at all that in "interesting" situation it is possible to sit, idly! The woman has to do everything possible that within 9 months the kid growing in her received vitamins, necessary for life and health.
The correct breath at childbirth
Правильное дыхание при родахIt is unlikely someone from us reflected how we breathe. And after all since ancient times people were interested in breath, special technicians and techniques studied. Thanks to them the person can relax and calm down or, on the contrary, concentrate. Anyway, but all these exercises are reduced to management of own breath.
Pyelonephritis at pregnancy
Пиелонефрит при беременностиTogether with long-awaited two strips and for nine months the cutting a waist pains and a frequent urination started accompanying you? It is pyelonephritis at pregnancy, a disease which often pursues women during incubation of the child.
Why to the girl happens painfully during sex
Почему девушке бывает больно во время сексаThis delicate question of the girl and lady is dared to be lifted not often with the gentlemen. Usually behind the answer they go to girlfriends, to the Internet, is much more rare - to the doctor. Though most often the fastest solution depends at once on both partners. Today we will talk that can be the cause of pains during sexual intercourse and that has to undertake both the woman, and the man.
Carrying a bandage at pregnancy
Ношение бандажа при беременностиWhen the woman carries the child, her husband, parents and other relatives try to do everything possible that not to refuse to her anything. As soon as the tummy starts appearing, future mummy starts worrying, perhaps, it is already time to buy special linen and a bandage?
Sage for conception
Шалфей для зачатияFor a long time people considered a sage as storage of phytohormones but as these elements influence an organism, up to the end by science is not studied. It is considered that they play a role of catalysts. On the structure phytohormones are similar to female hormones an estrogen and can replace them, if not completely, then partially. Therefore the sage is used often for treatment of infertility.
Abundance of water at pregnancy
Многоводие при беременностиSome of us, hearing such diagnosis as abundance of water during pregnancy, do not attach it special significance. Many consider that a little bigger amount of water, than is approved on norm – the problem, the main thing is small that there were no pathologies. However, according to doctors, such condition of an organism can bear danger, both for mother, and for future kid.
Treatment of an endotservitsit
Лечение эндоцервицитаThe diagnosis endotservitsit is put at detection of an inflammation in a mucous membrane of the tservikalny channel of a neck of a uterus. Directly the name of a disease comes from two words: "эндо" – it is translated as "internal", and "цервикс" – the uterus neck means. In medical practice the illness meets also under the names "ektopiya" or "uterus neck pseudo-erosion".
Lack of water at pregnancy
Маловодие при беременностиLack of water is a pathological state during pregnancy which designates a lack of amniotic liquid in a placenta. Such problem meets at 20% of pregnant women and is fraught with serious complications for the kid and mother.
False pregnancy
Ложная беременностьFalse pregnancy is the quite rare and low-studied phenomenon of mental character. At such syndrome at the woman all signs of "interesting situation" are shown: differences of mood, toxicosis, violation of a menstrual cycle, increase in volumes of a waist and stomach, however all this is pure illusion.
Stimulation of an ovulation folk remedies
Стимуляция овуляции народными средствамиThe impossibility to conceive the child is quite widespread problem in the modern world. The reasons for that there can be a set: various diseases of urinogenital system, hormonal failures, malfunctions in man's health, and also lack of an ovulation at the woman. If the last does pregnancy of the called factors impossible, it is possible to resort in folk remedies.
Headache at pregnancy
Головная боль при беременностиMethods of fight against a headache at everyone the. One escape Citramonum tablet, others – the heat weakening bath with essential oils. And what to do if the head hurts future mother, after all many habitual ways to overcome this trouble are contraindicated to pregnant women?
Vertical childbirth
Вертикальные родыVertical childbirth is an ancient way of a rodorazresheniye which women use many centuries in a row. This technique differs from traditional childbirth in that the patrimonial act happens in any situation: standing, sitting, on a lap, but only without lying. However what stumbling blocks between supporters and critics of such equipment of permission of pregnancy are?
Whether pregnant women can sleep on a stomach
Можно ли беременным спать на животеThroughout all life at each person the habits are developed. One of such habits is the dream on a stomach. It would seem, anything terrible in that is not present, but for the pregnant woman such position of a body during a dream can do much harm.
As it is correct to calculate date of childbirth
Как правильно рассчитать дату родовHere they – two treasured strips. And here it becomes clear that everything only just begins. The woman, especially at the first pregnancy, has a huge number of questions. One of them is date of appearance of the child on light. We will also try to answer today this question.
Harbingers of childbirth
Предвестники родовHaving seen the "positive" test for pregnancy, each woman starts watching all changes in an organism carefully. Especially attentively future mummy watches herself last month pregnancies when just about there is a long-awaited kid. Today will tell about harbingers of childbirth.
Treatment of an adenomioz
Лечение аденомиозаAdenomioz of a uterus is the inflammatory reaction which arose because of violation of a hormonal background in an organism. The essence of a disease is related to endometriosis therefore sometimes it is called internal genital endometriosis.
Calcium at pregnancy
Кальций при беременностиPregnancy is always interfaced to a certain risk - whether will be enough in an organism of the woman of microcells bricks to construct full-fledged new life? The kid correctly will develop only in that case when his mother knows how to fill shortage of this or that valuable "building material".
The stood pregnancy
Замершая беременностьPregnancy – one of the most important and responsible periods in life of each woman. But, unfortunately, not always it comes to the end with the birth of the kid. Happens that the woman feels well, however during inspection to her can tell that there were problems – the embryo ceased to develop. At once and it is impossible to understand, what after all it happened?
Rhesus factor the conflict at pregnancy
Резус конфликт при беременностиWhen the woman appears in the family way, she even does not suspect, how many different factors can affect the course of pregnancy. Among one question to which it is required to pay attention – the Rhesus factor conflict is.
Eklampsiya at pregnant women
Эклампсия у беременныхEklampsiya it is accepted to name a disease at which at the pregnant woman pressure so highly rises that there is a threat to health and life, both future mother, and future child. This disease arises usually on the third trimester of a course of pregnancy. And most often it develops at young girls who give birth for the first time or at women who give birth for the first time after forty.
Uterus hysteroscopy
Гистероскопия маткиHysteroscopy is a latest method of diagnostics in gynecology. Thanks to the special optical equipment the doctor can visually estimate a condition of a uterus and the tservikalny channel. Procedure simplifies identification and treatment of intrauterine diseases.
Allocations at women
Выделения у женщинAbout a half of all patients address to the gynecologist concerning vaginal allocations. The problem very widespread, nevertheless at a fine half is always many questions concerning this delicate feature of a female organism.
Treatment of a vulvit
Лечение вульвитаVulvitom gynecologic practice calls inflammatory process of external genitals. This extremely burdensome and discomfortable disease for the woman - the movement and a spravleniye of natural need are followed by severe pain.
Treatment of toxoplasmosis at pregnant women
Лечение токсоплазмоза у беременныхThere is a wish us for that or not - we are compelled to live side by side with microorganisms. Among them, of course, there are a lot of useful: for example, what help to work regularly to our intestines. But also microbes hazardous to health too are enough. Future mothers and children appear the most defenseless before them. One of such bacteria - a toksoplazm.
Polycarpous pregnancy
Многоплодная беременностьWhy at the woman some children are born at once, the science still did not learn. There is an assumption that it is polycarpous pregnancy is transferred on the maternal line. From 80th years of twins and triplets began to be born much more, thanks to that there were such methods of treatment of infertility as EKO and stimulation of an ovulation hormones.
Pains in the bottom of a stomach at women
Боли внизу живота у женщинPainful feelings in the bottom of a stomach – the most common cause of complaints at women. The reasons and manifestations of symptoms can considerably differ as the set of bodies is located in an abdominal cavity, each of which hurts in own way and attracts the consequences.
Application of a contraceptive plaster
Применение противозачаточного пластыряIn modern medicine there are many methods of the prevention of undesirable pregnancy. However recently women even more often prefer to use for this purpose quite young type of a contraceptive – a contraceptive plaster which managed to prove from the good party. After all besides the main function, it is capable to restore hormonal balance.
Uterus tone at pregnancy
Тонус матки при беременностиFuture mother waiting for the kid should test all "delights" of pregnancy: nausea in the mornings, hypostases, cardinal change of gastronomic addictions and, of course, uterus tone. Today will tell, in what cases intensity of body in which the kid develops, is dangerous and as this danger to neutralize.
Extracorporal fertilization
Экстракорпоральное оплодотворениеIn the modern world of a family in increasing frequency face such terrible problem as infertility. And from it both men, and women equally suffer. Fortunately, thanks to modern progress and development of innovative technologies there is a number of ways of fight against infertility. One of them – extracorporal fertilization. Today will try to understand this method.
Pluses and minuses of Cesarean section
Плюсы и минусы кесарева сеченияToday in increasing frequency to future mummies doctors suggest to give birth to the child by means of Cesarean section. Such procedure is recommended at possible risks for health, both for the woman in labor, and for the child. But not seldom pregnant women go for this operation voluntarily, seeing in such way of the birth of the kid only positive sides.
How to cause the monthly
Как вызвать месячныеEach woman faces a problem of an irregular monthly cycle sooner or later. The reasons can be different, but sometimes it is required to cause periods to restore a normal cycle or "to endure" it quicker before an important event. In this article will acquaint you with several effective methods for calling of the monthly.
Fruit hypoxia
Гипоксия плодаExpectation of the child - the lightest and disturbing stage in life of each woman. This time of pleasant experiences and hopes when about bad there is no wish to think at all, and future mother is not ready to perceive bad news about health - the or the kid. However the reality is relentless: nobody is insured from unpleasant, and at times and scary diagnoses. One of them - a hypoxia.
Early pregnancy
Ранняя беременностьYour beloved daughter schoolgirl became closed and reticent, and at conversation burst into tears and with shout "Mother, I am pregnant" ran out from the room. Shock, confusion, after all still yesterday it sewed to dolls of clothes and played the fool with girlfriends … How to behave in such situation. How to explain to the child and to save the young girl from early pregnancy?
Where there is G point
Где находится точка GFor a long time the person was interested in the device of the organism, its difficult systems of communications and features of reactions. Today the structure of a body is studied up and down, but there is one body shrouded in a veil of secrecy here already it is a lot of years.
Reasons of a delay of the monthly
Причины задержки месячныхThe menstrual cycle (monthly, regula) represents the physiological process supporting reproductive functions in a female organism. Thus the brain is responsible for periods. It operates this process. However, so far still it is not clear, what department of a brain is responsible for it.
Means for the emergency contraception
Средства для экстренной контрацепцииSuch phrase as "the emergency contraception" strains at once everything inside. At once it becomes clear that emergency measures are taken only in the conditions of force majeure. However all of us are the people who are not insured from mistakes.
Symptoms of premature birth
Симптомы преждевременных родовNot to all future mothers it is allowed to feel pregnancy delights all nine months. At some childbirth comes the put term much earlier. In what the reason of such failure in the nature, than threatens it to mother and the child and what to undertake if premature birth began? Will tell about all this.
Ovulation signs
Признаки овуляцииWhen planning pregnancy it is very important to know when at the woman there comes the ovulation. Everything is quite simple – you are guided by own feelings, use tests for its definition, measure bazalny temperature or visit the doctor.
Signs of extra-uterine pregnancy
Признаки внематочной беременностиExtra-uterine pregnancy is the extremely dangerous illness which bears threat for life of any woman. It should be noted that from this danger nobody is insured, but each girl, the woman has to know the main symptoms and signs of extra-uterine pregnancy that at their emergence to be on the alert and not to tighten on a visit to the gynecologist.
Childbirth in water, pros and cons
Роды в воде, за и противSome years in a row disputes against "water childbirth" do not cease in any way. In spite of the fact that many consider this way of a child-bearing new, actually scientists found the first mention of it in the 17th century. Officially registered first labor in water in our country took place in 1960.
Postnatal period
Послеродовой периодWith approach of term of childbirth everything becomes stronger disturbing expectation of the most important period in female life. The new person – your child will come to the world. And though pregnancy and childbirth – not an illness, and quite natural processes, nevertheless, it physically and psychologically difficult feelings for the woman.
Gynecologic massage
Гинекологический массажIn recent years the particular interest is caused by not medicamentous methods of treatment. By simple and at the same time very effective method of treatment of many diseases including gynecologic, massage is.
Hypostases of feet at pregnant women
Отеки ног у беременныхHappy months when the woman bears the desired kid, sometimes are followed also by the unpleasant moments – nausea, heartburn, spasms and hypostases of the lower extremities. If to trust statistical data, hypostases arise at 80% of pregnant women. Why there are hypostases, whether it is dangerous what to undertake, and whether it is possible to prevent their emergence? Questions are very actual.
What is the imbilding and why it is necessary
Что такое имбилдинг и зачем он нужен"Imbilding", "Vumbilding" or it became simple "intimate gymnastics" now the fashionable direction in development of female sexuality. Here all about one – about development of female intimate muscles. But very few people know that mean these terms, what distinctions between them that it for the direction and why it is necessary. For the first time about it professor of medicine Arnold Kegel started talking.
How to use laying and tampons
Как пользоваться прокладками и тампонамиThe choice of hygienic laying and tampons for collecting menstrual blood is huge today. And on sale they more than 20 years, whether are sense in general to speak about them? Experience of gynecologists shows that the majority modern not only girls, but also adult women are not able to use laying and tampons. It leads to a row, so-called, "female problems".
That it is necessary to know about childbirth
Что нужно знать о родахThe birth of the child is absolutely natural physiological process. Practically all women pass through it. Correctly to behave at the time of delivery, it is necessary to know, this process is how exactly made. We will consider the entire periods of childbirth – from fights before appearance of the newborn. That future mummies could know that them expects during this period of time.
How to gather in a stomach after Cesarean section
Как убрать живот после кесарева сеченияDuring pregnancy there is no wish to think of adversities. Even if the woman knows that the operational rodorazresheniye is necessary to her, thoughts are all the same occupied with pressing problems. "Change of priorities" happens some days later after the birth of the kid. This moment for the woman is very difficult – appeared a little free time on thought of own appearance.
Ovary cyst, symptoms and methods of treatment
Киста яичника, симптомы и методы леченияFor many women the frightening diagnosis "a cyst in ovary tissue" was already heard, and many women perhaps still should hear it from the attending physician. Unfortunately, both women, and gynecologists observing them often underestimate danger of this illness. Similar carelessness quite often leads to the hardest consequences for health.
Sex at pregnancy
Секс при беременностиThe waiting time of the child is very important and unique stage in family life. And not only the woman though she was granted happiness to feel the kid. For the man it too the difficult period, since understanding of a new role of the father and finishing with changes in the sphere of intimate relations. Of course, not the last role is played also by features of physiology and course of pregnancy.
Sex during the monthly
Секс во время месячныхQuestion delicate, but, nevertheless, the important: whether sex is allowed during monthly? Someone will answer negatively, someone is positive. In some cultures till today the woman is considered inviolable at this time and even dirty. Anyway, the similar question rises before any couple every month and unambiguously to answer it not so simply.
Pregnancy "delights"
«Прелести» беременностиPregnancy is an and magic feeling of life in itself, and expectation of the first meeting, and the boundless love growing every day. But as always, other party of a medal is known: the indispositions arising at pregnancy and problems with health. I want to tell about most widespread "delights" of pregnancy, their reasons and methods of fight against them.
As it is correct to choose maternity hospital
Как правильно выбрать роддомThe child's birth – the long-awaited moment of any couple. All carefully prepare for it, buy a dowry to the kid, choose the first transport, toys, select a name. But the most important subject for discussion there is where after all to be born to the kid. It is necessary to treat a question of a choice of maternity hospital very responsibly, after all life, both the child, and mother depends on it.
Second pregnancy
Вторая беременностьAt first sight, all pregnancies of the same woman have to be similar. But I judge on myself – having given birth to both children with a difference in 14 years, fully felt a huge difference. But what a difference aged, whether in a wide temporary interval after first labor, but, despite good health and lack of serious problems, it was much more difficult to take out the son.
Gestoz of pregnant women
Гестоз  беременныхAt most of women toxicosis safely passes by 15th week of pregnancy, practically without leaving consequences. But there is also another, heavier and dangerous both for the pregnant woman, and for a fruit, a form – gestoz. Developing in the second half of pregnancy, gestoz breaks physiological course of processes of food, growth and development of a fruit.
Early toxicosis of pregnant women
Ранний токсикоз беременныхThe toxicosis accompanying such joyful expectation of the birth of the kid is represented to us almost inevitable. Women screw up the face, remembering morning nausea, vomiting, feeling sick, and doctors observe them more attentively. Whether this state is so harmless and than it can turn back for future mother and her kid, and we want to tell our readers.
Cesarean section
Кесарево сечениеSometimes in addition before pregnancy or during her doctors tell to the woman that Cesarean section – the only opportunity for it to give rise. In similar cases future mother should not panic, and to rely on competent opinion of physicians because she is often not capable to estimate adequately own state of health and possible risk for the child.
КлимаксThe climax is the physiological process happening in an organism of each woman at a certain age. At all it comes at different age, thus proceeds with absolutely different symptoms. And if in advance to prepare an organism for approach of a climax, it is possible to facilitate syndromes and it is easy to transfer it.
How to keep a figure during pregnancy
Как сохранить фигуру во время беременностиEach woman asks a question: Whether "I will grow plump during pregnancy, whether I will be able to keep a figure within norm?". Sometimes these fears arise on the example of girlfriends and acquaintances, but thus is held back that having become pregnant, they began to feed diligently themselves both the kid with allegedly necessary vitamins and minerals, being guided by false feeling of hunger.
How not to gain excess weight during pregnancy
Как не набрать лишний вес во время беременностиMany women are afraid for the figure at thought of possible pregnancy. Really, at pregnancy weight is partly gained because of a hormonal background, special for this state. But the matter is that this weight is insignificant – 2-3 kg. Nevertheless, the period of incubation of a fruit is very important time in sense of healthy nutrition. Important, first of all, for the kid.
The planned pregnancy after 35 years
Запланированная беременность после 35 летMore and more women give birth to children far for thirty and even after forty years. It is quite explainable. In thirty five woman already precisely knows, why she gives birth to the child, on what means him will raise and as it will bring up the child. And emotional readiness for this important step 10 times more, than at twenty-year age.
House childbirth
Домашние родыRecently natural childbirth wins more and more female hearts. Stories of the skilled mothers who passed through house childbirth bewitch the beauty, and there are a wish to be influenced by this miracle of the birth by all means. We suggest you to look at a problem of house childbirth from the different parties and to understand, whether everything is valid as in the fairy tale or and there are reefs?
Childbirth without pain, epiduralny anesthesia
Роды без боли, эпидуральная анестезияEpiduralny anesthesia – an excellent way to clean pain during fights and a rodorazresheniye. As well as the majority of invasive treatments, at this procedure has shortcomings and advantages. Before signing a consent to its carrying out, it is important that you realized the risks connected with epiduralny anesthesia and all discussed with your relatives.
The milkwoman during pregnancy
Молочница во время беременностиDuring pregnancy the woman so worries for the kid that tries to prevent any disease. And what her surprise when, apparently, unexpectedly there are curdled allocations happens, the itch starts disturbing. Milkwoman. We suggest to understand, how dangerously this disease and about what has to tell this symptom.
Uterus neck cancer therapy
Лечение рака шейки маткиDevelopment directly of a cancer of a neck of a uterus has a certain staging. In many cases process is not prompt. However, for lack of treatment during the sufficient long time there is its further development: beginning from a preinvazivny carcinoma and finishing with distribution of a tumor on a bladder, a rectum with the remote metastasises.
Bleedings during pregnancy
Кровотечения во время беременностиI heard very correct and simple words from the obstetrician-gynecologist: "Everything will be good. But if waters depart, fights will begin or, God forbid, bleeding will open – you call at once me". Then I did not pay special attention to his words. Now all in a different way. It is extremely important to suspect violations of course of pregnancy in time and quickly to liquidate them.
Treatment of myoma of a uterus
Лечение миомы маткиQuite often among women it is possible to hear the phrase that uterus myoma at reproductive age it is possible not to treat. Whether so it actually? Whether really myoma is so harmless also itself regresses further? Let's try to understand it on the example of answers to most frequently asked questions about uterus myoma.
Intermenstrual and dysfunctional bleedings
Межменструальные и дисфункциональные кровотеченияThe following periods not soon, and the underwear is soiled by bloody allocations?! The first emotion – a panic, and it is quite justified. It is important to calm down not simply, but also know that it is necessary to undertake in that case. Also it is connected first of all by that in some cases delay is quite dangerous both to health, and to life.
Types of abortions and their consequence
Виды абортов и их последствияAbortion is an interruption of pregnancy on the term which is not exceeding 28 weeks. And let the child still absolutely tiny, but is already little man. Having undertaken writing of this article, I set a goal – to tell girls and women all nuances of interruption of pregnancy, probable consequences of abortion.
Screenings at pregnancy
Скрининги при беременностиWhat is such? These are so-called "double", "threefold" and "fourfold" tests which show these or those deviations of hormones during pregnancy. The word "screening" is translated as "sifting", i.e. from all pregnant women on the basis of these indicators. A main objective of screening is identification of groups of risk of development of congenital defects in a fruit.
How quickly to become pregnant
Как быстро забеременетьAt some point we feel strong desire to become parents. At some it occurs right after a wedding, there are also what plan a reproduction for a certain period of life. Both that, and another want to conceive the child quicker - well not from the first, so from the second time. For you tells how to become pregnant quickly.
Reasons and treatment of female infertility
Причины и лечение женского бесплодияInfertility is not an illness. But, nevertheless, to get rid of it, years are required for many couples. Infertility the situation is considered, when pregnancy does not come a year later (in some sources two years) provided that couple leads regular sexual life and does not use contraceptives. In this case the timely address to experts is required.
In total about ultrasonography during pregnancy
Всё об УЗИ во время беременностиEach pregnant woman, as a rule, looks forward to the moment when for the first time sees the kid. Thanks to ultrasonography this moment comes earlier, than in nine months. And what this happiness to see how your peanut yawns, or sucks a finger. Everything that it is necessary to know about ultrasonography during pregnancy – today for readers of
Treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus
Лечение эрозии шейки маткиMany women to whom made the diagnosis "a uterus neck erosion", do not hurry to be treated or that is even worse, self-medicate. And that, and other option is potentially hazardous to health, and at times and the woman's lives. That it for such a widespread and serious illness and what methods of its treatment – in the article
Planning of a sex of the child
Планирование пола ребенкаThe child to order is almost dream. Sometimes even it is a pity that children's beliefs about babies whom buy in shop, it only the fairy tale. However, planning of a sex of future kid is not the myth, and not imaginations, but quite scientific fact. Already today there are techniques allowing to affect in advance that, the boy or the girl will be born in your family.
Fear of childbirth
Страх перед родамиPregnancy – the mysterious and surprising period in the woman's life. Already passed the first disorders and pleasure from news that you will become a mother. Here already and the kid not simply turns at you in a tummy, and constantly plays there soccer! And the date of childbirth is closer, the more you worry and afraid... That only the woman will not change the mind before childbirth!
Pregnancy - the last months before childbirth
Беременность - последние месяцы перед родамиThe term of pregnancy passed in 30 weeks. Remained absolutely a little bit. It seems that only recently you on pleasures reported to relatives about the pregnancy. And here already and time of childbirth comes nearer. On the one hand, very quickly passed time, on the other hand – you passed a huge way.
We prepare for the seventh month of pregnancy
Готовимся к седьмому месяцу беременностиBy seventh month of pregnancy the woman manages to get used to the new state and copes with the arising difficulties. What now your child? Its weight can be slightly more than one kilogram, and growth reaches 35 cm.
You on the sixth month of pregnancy
Вы на шестом месяце беременностиFor many women the sixth month of pregnancy – the best time. Right now you have the most fresh complexion, you were rounded and became even more beautiful, than before pregnancy. If before the increase in weight was a little noticeable, on the sixth month already everything becomes clear that you expect a baby.
Pregnancy, fifth month
Беременность, пятый месяцThere passed a half of pregnancy. Now, on the fifth month of pregnancy, you feel much better, than at the beginning of a way. There was an inflow of forces, the good mood became your satellite, the organism got used to the new state and works, as hours. Your skin looks perfectly, and the person simply shines. Believe that it indeed!
Fourth month of pregnancy
Четвертый месяц беременностиThe fourth month of pregnancy is one of the most important months. Right now most of women starts feeling the movement of a fruit. It is the first, incomparable pleasure when you suddenly suddenly feel a push from within.
Third month of pregnancy
Третий месяц беременностиHere already and third month of pregnancy. You already got used to changes in an organism, to new feelings. Know what exactly during this period already starts working for a fruit an urinary system, a liver already develops bile, an internal continues the development. Bodies of sexual system are already created, but on ultrasonography it will be possible to define a sex of future child not earlier than in a month.
Pregnancy, from the eighth to the tenth week
Беременность, с восьмой по десятую неделюNow it is impossible to reduce the caloric content of products, or to use various mono diets which impoverish an organism vitamins. But it is not necessary to think that now you have to eat "for two" as some senior girlfriends and relatives can advise you. Everything is good moderately.
First days and weeks of pregnancy
Первые дни и недели беременностиLet's hope that you planned the birth of the child. It is the best way, it is not necessary to rely on a case. There was a conception. One, most bright and brisk spermatozoon wishing to become a being reasonable reached some fetal egg of the woman and laid the foundation of new life. The significant event occurred!
Preparation for conception of the child
Подготовка к зачатию ребенкаWith what pregnancy begins? The naive question, seems at first sight … Naturally, from conception. Conception is an origin of new life, thanks to merge of a spermatozoon and an ovum. Conception is considered the beginning of pregnancy.
Contraception methods
Методы контрацепцииIt would seem, contraception and the child's birth – questions opposite and incompatible. But it only at first sight. The birth of the healthy desired child occurs only when the woman watched over the health and, using contraception methods, avoided artificial interruption of pregnancy.
Preparation for childbirth
Подготовка к родамThe desire to have the child, to care of it, to feed, press to itself such native small little body – that can be finer in this world! However pregnancy is a not only big pleasure, but also huge test.
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