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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Weight loss on a diet a short flight of stairs
Похудение по диете лесенкаThe trip at the sea is necessary to you or you want to draw to yourself attention at a party. But pleases nothing because it is a shame to seem on a beach, and the beautiful evening dress does not meet. What to do when it is necessary to come quickly to a form and to get rid of extra kilos? The interesting and simple technique – a diet a short flight of stairs comes to the rescue.
Diet of geishas
Диета гейшIt is unlikely among girls and women will be though one which does not want to have a thin, fine-molded figure. On what many ladies only do not decide to come to ideal forms. Trainings, wrappings, the exhausting diets not always yield good result. In that case it is worth trying interesting and very effective technique – a diet of geishas which is more than 100 years old!
Features of a diet of turmoils
Особенности диеты бучToday on the Internet anyone can find to himself a diet "to taste" but how among huge variety to choose that which would act effectively and thus did not bring special discomfort? Judging by recent trends, such diet is TURMOILS – the proteinaceous and carbohydrate diet of alternation combining two various groups of products – proteins and carbohydrates.
What is the functional food
Что такое функциональное питаниеFunctional food helps with cases when the person has no opportunity to watch the mode and to play sports. Mean existence in a diet of valuable and rare elements which positively influence immunity of an organism by this concept, prevent development of some diseases and strengthen the general emotional and physical background of the person.
That it is possible to eat after six
Что можно есть после шестиAlready quite long time dietitians claim that the opinion that it is impossible to eat after 6 o'clock in the evening not only mistakenly, but also can be pernicious for your health. As well as in any other business, it is important to adhere to a measure and some special rules here, but it is impossible to starve by no means.
Menu of an alkaline diet
Меню щелочной диетыThe alkaline diet is generally directed on clarification of an organism, but with its help it is possible to dump enough extra kilos. Its essence consists in the use of fruit and vegetables, to minimizing of quantity of products of an animal origin.
Menu of a detoks-diet
Меню детокс-диетыOur organism is equipped with powerful "filter" which is capable to bring all toxins and slags getting to it together with low-quality food, the alcohol polluted by air, caffeine out of an organism. But the bad ecology, genetically modified products, constant stresses promote that this mechanism often glitches. And here detoks-diets popular around the world come to the rescue.
Diet at cholecystitis
Диета при холециститеCholecystitis is an inflammation of a gall bladder which can result from improper feeding. This disease often develops owing to a lack of vegetable fibers of the products used by the person. Because of what occur stagnation in bile, and inflammatory process develops. The inactive way of life and existence in a diet of fat and sweet food can become the reason of it.
Saltless diet
Бессолевая диетаSalt is irreplaceable ingredient in preparation of any dish. But its surplus can become a source of a problem of excess weight with which many women continued deal. After all salt has ability to detain in an organism liquid that in turn stops a metabolism.
Fasting days for weight loss
Разгрузочные дни для похуденияAs fasting days are familiar with such concept many but very few people reflect in what the real advantage of carrying out such days consists. After all at competent approach to unloading of an organism it is quite possible to get healthier, be cleared of slags and toxins, and also to lose excess weight.
Diet at a gastroduodenita
Диета при гастродуоденитеMedical diet – one of the main recommendations which the doctor suffering the gastroduodenity makes. And if the patient breaks a diet, hardly he will be helped by medicines. And here one diet even if not to apply medicines, is quite capable to improve a condition of the mucous membrane located in a stomach and a duodenum.
How to get rid of a compulsive overeating
Как избавиться от компульсивного перееданияThe compulsive overeating is the illness of the XXI century representing a regular pattern of meal at which the person is sated much however does not receive from this satisfaction. This habit is formed for many years, and negative consequences can do irreparable harm to an organism.
Diet for pregnant women
Диета для беременныхIt is difficult to overestimate importance of healthy nutrition during incubation of the child. Pre-natal development of a fruit, but also and her own health depends on a diet of future mother. About the basic principles of a diet for pregnant women, and also we will talk about healthy and junk food in this article.
Menu of a diet of Ksenia Borodina
Меню диеты Ксении БородинойThe famous TV host Ksenia Borodina – the person public therefore she needs to watch herself always. A few years ago Ksyusha learned pleasure of motherhood, but, unfortunately, pregnancy was reflected in its figure not in the best way. Despite it, the girl managed to get it together and in some months could shine on the screen with faultless forms.
Chemical diet
Химическая диетаChemical diet – the diet most popular today calculated on four weeks. It is interesting to note that there was it thanks to clinical development of professor who researched problems of obesity at the people having diabetes.
Than the water-melon at pregnancy is useful
Чем полезен арбуз при беременностиJuicy and cool water-melon - one of the most favourite delicacies in an early autumn. Especially future mummies appreciate it, after all this sweet berry perfectly satisfies thirst, and its tastes will not leave indifferent any gourmet.
Water-melon diet
Арбузная диетаAmong a set of monogrocery diets water-melon is one of the most productive. But before putting the organism on such serious trial, it is worth being convinced of absence of contraindications and existence of iron will power. The water-melon diet helped many women to find a desired slim figure and to clear an organism of slags.
Food on the Ayurveda
Питание по АюрведеFollowers of the Ayurveda believe that the reasons of the majority of diseases are covered in violation of digestive process. Thereof cages do not receive due amount of nutrients therefore immunity and diseases freely decreases attack a body.
Fruit diet
Фруктовая диетаThe fruit diet is considered effective and at the same time very useful. Depending on a kind of a fruit diet, adhering to simple recommendations, in a week it is possible to throw off about 5-7 kilograms. Thus your good mood does not vanish. After all fruit, as we know, source of vitamins and microcells. And any fruit is vitamin-rich.
Diet Osama Hamdiya
Диета Усама ХамдияUnusual diet, interesting name and improbable result. Such trio is offered to the patients by professor from America – Osama Hamdy. The motto of this unique method is that the person does not starve and thus grows thin comfortably.
Menu of a lean diet
Меню тощей диетыThe lean diet becomes more and more popular among dreaming of a slender body. She was thought up by the American nutritionists for at whom very big excess weight, but gradually at whom a few hated kilograms because the main thing, than it attracts are a good result for short term began to adhere to it even.
Dikul's diet
Диета ДикуляTo get rid of extra kilos is not the only problem of this diet. Valentin Dikul's technique will suit those people who want to become not simply harmonous more, and to tighten the muscles that the body became same elastic as in youth.
Margarita Koroleva's diet
Диета Маргариты КоролевойThe diet of this cheerful and vigorous woman won mass popularity. The famous nutritionist developed the unique diet based on fractional consumption of food. In the menu of a diet only natural products prevail.
How to grow thin in a month
Как похудеть за месяцYou should visit important action, and the favourite dress became a little? Time to work. Still there is in a stock the whole month to get rid of excess "tanks" and to enjoy a party.
Chocolate diet
Шоколадная диетаThe chocolate diet is considered quite specific and, according to her authors, well approaches under rate of life of the modern person. Duration of this diet makes 7 days. And authors of a diet say that notable results can be received after 3 days of a diet. So, with its help it is possible to grow thin for 3-4 kilograms. Whether so it? Let's try to understand.
Liyepaysky diet
Лиепайская диетаThis improbable diet completely destroys all stereotypes. The new diet – new approach and new results guarantees an osnovopolagatel of this method of disposal of extra kilos – Lev Hazan.
Potato diet
Картофельная диетаPotatoes contain considerable amount of vitamins and thus it is low-calorie. Thanks to it potatoes can be considered as very nutritious and useful product for our health. In particular vitamin C which is available in a root crop, is necessary for immunity, and potassium - is very important for normalization of work of a cardiac muscle.
Montinyak's diet
Диета МонтиньякаMontinyak's diet was developed by the famous French nutritionist Michel Montinyak. Michel himself had problems with an excess weight. Therefore he on the experience knows how it is difficult to get rid of hated extra kilos. Its scientific researches and own experience taught him that in food it is necessary to be afraid not of so excess calories, but bad food habits.
Grain for weight loss
Крупы для похуденияOf what the vast majority of women dreams? Of course, to grow thin and so that hunger it was not felt and thus not to lose health, and to correct, in addition to everything also to clear the organism of slags yes toxins. Here various croups which possess huge potential will come to the rescue not only to sate an organism, but also promote a zhiroszhiganiye and improvement of a metabolism.
Maya Plisetskaya's diet
Диета Майи ПлисецкойThis diet, perhaps, is one of the most categorical. It is impossible, it is impossible and once again it is impossible to eat much, often … And in general, to eat it is harmful much. So the great ballerina Maya Plisetskaya considers.
Grass Senna for weight loss
Трава сенна для похуденияEach person strives for perfection. Career, material prosperity and other benefits of a civilization it is certainly very pleasant. But when the person feels bad, suffers from excess weight – everything becomes not in pleasure. One of a set of various methods of disposal of excess weight is a weight loss by means of phytotea from Senna's grass.
Menu of a petal diet
Меню лепестковой диетыWhatever one may do, and nobody cancelled desire to be harmonous. And, in spite of the fact that the summer season is almost open, relevance of weight loss by a beach season remains very high. To lose extra kilos and thus each girl dreams not to starve, probably. Many despair, having gone to seed, and the most active try to adhere to various diets.
Color diet
Цветная диетаIf your plate looks as a small slice of a rainbow, with fresh bright flowers, most likely, you take advantages of healthy food. After all products of this or that color contain the individual properties and useful qualities. Proceeding from it, the leading nutritionists of the world developed an interesting diet – color.
How to increase appetite
Как повысить аппетитWhile a big half of mankind by hook or by crook tries to dump at least couple of excess kilograms, there is a small percent of people for whom it is necessary to gain weight.
Diet for a stomach
Диета для животаIf you set to yourself the object to make a stomach flat, for its achievement it is possible to use a special diet for a stomach. This diet is intended to burn excess deposits in a waist. Besides, this diet allows to order and normalize work of a gastrointestinal tract. Let's tell readers of in more detail about this diet.
Cottage cheese diet
Творожная диетаIn a pursuit of beauty and symmetry of the young woman decide on everything. The attracting word "express diet" too does not remain unaddressed. The express diet means fast disposal of extra kilos, and our segodnyashy conversation will be about a cottage cheese diet.
Drinking diet
Питьевая диетаThe purpose of this diet, according to her founders, reduction of load of a digestive tract is. It in turn has to allow to bring all necessary internal into norm.
Menu of a diet No. 8
Меню диеты №8Diet No. 8 - one of fifteen diets developed by doctor Pevzner in the 50th years of the last century. It is shown for treatment of obesity. A main objective of this diet is impact by means of healthy nutrition on the broken metabolism. Thus the main efforts, according to rules of this diet, are directed on improvement of a lipidic exchange.
Menu of a diet No. 7
Меню диеты №7The diet No. 7 is one of fifteen special medical power supply systems which were developed in due time by doctor Pevzner. The indication to application of a diet No. 7 is chronic nephrite which proceeds without aggravation, and a sharp form of a diffusion glomerulonefrit during recovery. In the first three-four days of an illness so-called contrast days are usually spent.
Bonn soup for weight loss
Боннский суп для похуденияBonn soup is intended for a week diet which allows to dump excessive kilograms and at the same time not to exhaust itself with painful starvation. Its advantage that this soup works not due to removal of moisture from an organism, and due to normalization of a metabolism and improvement of work of digestive system.
Diet No. 15
Диета №15The diet No. 15 is considered a transitional diet to usual food. She is usually appointed patient who do not need observance of any special medical diets. The purpose of this diet is providing normal and good nutrition in hospital conditions.
Menu of a diet No. 4
Меню диеты №4The diet No. 4 is one of power supply systems which was developed for treatment of a number of diseases of professor Pevzner in due time. This diet is applied at intestines diseases in a sharp or chronic form in the period of an aggravation at which pronounced violation of normal digestion is noted.
Diet of models
Диета моделейIt is no secret that models need to keep the figure constantly. After all even small problems with an excess weight can affect their career quite negatively. Always to support itself in the necessary form, some options of special diets which and are called – diets of models were developed for models.
Menu of a diet No. 3
Меню диеты №3In due time the famous doctor and the scientist M. I. Pevzner developed system of special food which intended for treatment of a number of diseases. These diets are successfully applied and to this day. One of such diets is the diet No. 3.
Zhelchegonny products
Желчегонные продуктыIn norm in our organism all bodies and systems have to work harmoniously and in coordination. Anything casual in an organism it is not developed. For example, our liver has to develop every day bile in volume, equal 500 milliliters or a little more is for the adult.
Atkins's diet
Диета АткинсаThis diet exists more than 40 years. It was developed by the cardiologist from America Robert Atkins as individual means of weight loss. Though later he decided to publish the principles of the diet and as a result over time this technique of weight loss became popular around the world. For the first time the Doctor published weight loss techniques in the book "Revolutionary Diet of Doctor Atkins" which was published in 1972.
Menu of a diet No. 2
Меню диеты №2The diet No. 2 is one of medical power supply systems which were developed by Manuil Isaakovich Pevzner. This diet intends for treatment of sharp gastritises, colitis, enterit during recovery. Also the indication to application of a diet No. 2 are chronic forms of gastritises with insufficient development of a gastric secret, and also colitis during remission.
Menu of a diet No. 1
Меню диеты №1This diet is usually appointed at stomach ulcer and an ulcer of intestines to stages of the fading aggravation, and also during the period recovery and during restoration. Thus diet duration usually makes from three to five months.
Menu of a bezuglevodny diet
Меню безуглеводной диетыThe main essence of this diet is clear already from the name. Though this diet is based not on full refusal of carbohydrates at all. A basis of this diet – minimum content of carbohydrates in a food allowance. Therefore it is safely possible to call it and low-carbohydrate.
Menu of a diet of an angel
Меню диеты ангелаSo harmonious name hides under itself quite rigid diet. Perhaps, it was called quite so because observance of this diet requires really the patience of job.
Diet No. 9
Диета №9In treatment of these or those diseases dietary power supply systems which were made in due time by professor M. I. Pevzner are used to this day. Each power supply system was given the number. This or that power supply system considers interests of seriously ill patients of a certain group of diseases.
Hollywood diet
Голливудская диетаThis method of weight loss received the name not at once, and later certain time after became very popular among celebrities of Hollywood. Stars fell in love with this diet that with its help they can support the figure in a good form throughout rather long time. Besides it is rather easy diet.
Menu of a diet No. 6
Меню диеты №6The diet No. 6 is one of fifteen systems of medical foods which were developed in due time by professor Manuil Pevzner. The indication to application of this diet is gout, an urolithic illness, an oksaluriya, mochekisly diathesis and a tsistinuriya.
ABC diet
ABC-диетаMany people to grow thin, are ready literally on everything. Even on the most rigid and even dangerous diets. One of enough extreme diets ABC diet is considered. The main principle of this diet is that for all days it is possible to use practically any foodstuff, but thus the general caloric content of the consumed food per day should not exceed a certain value of caloric content.
French diet
Французская диетаThe immemorial problem of excess weight led to that all new and new techniques of weight loss began to appear. It should be noted that the problem of excessive weight exists around the world. Therefore today the set of kinds of diets by authors from all corners of the planet is developed. For example, in France with an excess weight often struggle with the help of a special power supply system which call the French diet.
Diet at stomach ulcer
Диета при язве желудкаIf the diagnosis "stomach ulcer" is made to the person, many of his relatives and acquaintances sympathetically sigh and state: "Here the poor thing – now he should refuse from tasty and to eat only squashes the yes wiped soups!". But such opinion is wrong.
Menu of a diet No. 10
Меню диеты №10Today there are some medical diets which were developed by professor I. Pevzner. Each of these power supply systems is intended for treatment of this or that disease. As for a diet No. 10, this diet is actively used for treatment of various diseases of cardiovascular system, pathologies of nervous system, and also for treatment of insufficiency of blood circulation.
Water diet
Водная диетаThe water diet is today one of the most popular methods to lose extra kilos. The essence of this diet is that at the first desire in a day to eat food, it is necessary to drink 50-100 grams of water. In total in a day it will be necessary to drink not less than two liters of water.
Seldereevy diet
Сельдереевая диетаToday there is a set of ways to lose excess weight. And authors of popular diets promise that their diet does not do harm to health. Unfortunately, often, it not always so. After all any diet is an unconditional stress for an organism.
Egg diet
Яичная диетаThis method of weight loss is based on daily inclusion in the daily diet of eggs. In general about advantage and harm of eggs many disputes go. Let's understand this question and we will consider all main aspects of popular egg diets.
Menu of a diet No. 5
Меню диеты №5In 1920 the therapist Pevzner developed fifteen medical power supply systems, each of which was intended for treatment of certain diseases. In spite of the fact that since then passed nearly one century, these diets are still successfully used for treatment of these or those diseases.
Menu of a low-carbohydrate diet
Меню низкоуглеводной диетыIt is widely known that simple or fast carbohydrates which there is a lot of in sweets and pastries, very negatively affect a figure. All because such simple carbohydrates are quickly enough acquired, and the person thereby gains weight quicker.
Lemon diet
Лимонная диетаThe lemon is known around the world, as a useful sour fruit which can be a source of many vitamins. Though very few people are known that by means of a lemon, to be exact lemon juice, it is also possible to grow thin. And before passing to the description of "lemon" weight loss, we will tell readers Mirasovetov why the lemon formed the basis of this monodiet.
Cucumber diet
Огуречная диетаThe cucumber diet is considered one of the most popular summer diets today. Many girls to whom other diets for those or other reasons did not suit resorted to this diet.
Beet diet
Свекольная диетаBeet can often be met landed on personal plots. This useful root crop is used at preparation of some dishes and as a remedy for various diseases. Besides, this vegetable thanks to the properties is applied as a basis for weight loss. And, the beet diet is very popular among people who seek to grow thin.
Milk diet
Молочная диетаMilk is a product which is familiar to us from an early devstvo. In this useful product the set of various vitamins, mineral substances and necessary microcells is concentrated. In particular, milk contains A, B, C, E vitamins. Besides, milk is known to that in it there is a calcium, very necessary for our organism, and also daily norm of necessary protein.
Orange diet
Апельсиновая диетаToday there is a large number of various diets. Among them not the last place is taken by weight loss by means of oranges. And it is not surprising. After all usefulness of orange is indisputable.
Carrot diet
Морковная диетаIf you look for an effective and at the same time available method of weight loss, it is worth paying attention to a carrot diet. Only at once it is necessary to tell that any option of a carrot diet is considered quite rigid. Therefore before undertaking weight loss by means of carrots, it is worth holding consultation with the doctor.
Water in the child's diet
Вода в рационе ребенкаEach parent knows that water in the child's diet – a necessary element. She not only takes part in a metabolism and relieves an organism of toxins, but also influences intellectual development and ability to training.
Obesity at children
Ожирение у детейMany moral and physical sufferings the children burdened with obesity should take out. If your family was bypassed by this problem, recommend to treat her thoughtfully and seriously. This article will help parents to count, whether there is an excess weight at their child, to understand, what reasons of his emergence. We will talk and how to warn obesity.
How to grow thin without diets
Как похудеть без диетIt is not necessary to starve, exhaust itself for hours in gyms, there are small secrets thanks to which really to lose weight quickly and effectively. To reach an ideal very hard, but it is feasible. And it is possible to make it without considerable efforts of you. For a start it is necessary to be defined, how many at you the excess weight which you want to leave.
Oat diet
Овсяная диетаThe majority of diets do not suit people who have any problems with digestive system. The diet on porridge at the same time will help both to grow thin, and to revitalize an organism, and all because of really curative properties of oats. Besides such diet is available to people with different prosperity. Depending on initial weight it is possible to dump 2-3 kilograms a week
Advantage of cod-liver oil
Польза рыбьего жираOnce cod-liver oil was forced to drink each child. Including me. It was such opposite, and then it seemed to me that a bottle where there is a cod-liver oil, simply some huge. I dreamed that fishes were thin, without any fat. And it is good that my dream did not come true! Because now it is useful to use cod-liver oil not only, as before, but also pleasantly.
Healthy nutrition, the menu for a week
Правильное питание, меню на неделюIn most cases, people come to understanding of that they eat incorrectly already when they begin problems with health or excess weight. Often happens both that, and another. With the problems often people come to experts, read articles in magazines, watch transmissions. In general, any way is good if leads to the correct result.
How to grow thin for 20 kg
Как похудеть на 20 кгYour weight exceeds normal on 20 kilograms? It, unfortunately, not only looks not esthetically, but also threatens your health. In the created situation you made only the correct decision – to grow thin. From you persistence and persistence on achievement of the purpose is required. Also remember: half measures – semi-results therefore it is necessary to give all the best on all hundred.
Proteinaceous diet
Белковая диетаOne of the most widespread and effective ways to grow thin – a diet. But, even knowing about extra kilos, we do not hurry to go on a diet. And all because this rigid restriction in food, and during the certain period we should hunger the constant. But there is such diet on which it is a pleasure to sit, and it is called proteinaceous.
Apple diet
Яблочная диетаThanks to universality of apples there are some types of apple diets. All apple diets are very effective and allow to lose extra kilos for a short time. It is possible to apply an apple diet at all seasons of the year, from you only will power and apples is required. Let's understand, what pluses and minuses at it this diet has.
Starvation for weight loss
Голодание для похуденияIt is known that the food is not only the supplier of energy and useful substances for a human body, and and the main responsible for excess weight and excess centimeters on a waist. And if to refuse to itself food and is not absolutely, whether it is possible to grow thin? Of course, after all starvation is one of the most effective methods when dumping excess weight.
English diet
Английская диетаThe English lady … and imagination draws at once to us graceful, thin as a trostinochka the woman. To be similar to the graceful English lady you will be helped by an English diet and for this purpose it is not obligatory to go to England. From you will power and strict implementation of all points of a diet is only required. The result surely will please you, weight will be lost on 2-3 kilograms every week.
Diet at diabetes
Диета при сахарном диабетеDiabetes is a chronic endocrine disease. On the other hand, diabetes – not an illness, but a way of life. This is true, because a strict diet – the important component of activity of the diabetic supporting and providing his good health. The main objective of a diet is a regulation of level of sugar in blood.
Elena Malysheva's diet
Диета  Елены Малышевой Almost all ladies who even sometimes "wander" in a network know about Malysheva's diet. Minus five kilograms in ten days without hunger strikes – who did not see zazyvny names on the female sites. How this diet works? One of the main components of a diet of Malysheva – not strict starvation. But the list of the forbidden products nevertheless exists.
How to grow thin to the teenager
Как похудеть подросткуIf the teenager had an excess weight, it for 98% of wine of parents who did not teach him to eat properly. They should show attention and care to help the child to grow thin. To force it to keep to a rigid diet it is inexpedient and even it is unhealthy. It is necessary to teach him to eat, develop rationally at him healthy food habits.
What products to exclude to grow thin
Какие продукты исключить, чтобы похудетьKeeping to a diet, we limit ourselves for a long time in a large number of products which we love. Yes, we grow thin, but good mood in the period of a diet not our satellite. There is an exit! Absolutely it is impossible to exclude any component from food, but partially to clean the products which are not of special value for an organism, and going only to excess weight, perhaps.
What products contain carbohydrates
В каких продуктах содержатся углеводыProviding vital signs requires a significant amount of carbohydrates but as their stocks in a human body are small, it is necessary to fill the required norm every day. In a daily diet they borrow from 50% to 70% of total of the eaten food. Products of a phytogenesis are the main source of carbohydrates for an organism.
How many calories are necessary in day to grow thin
Сколько калорий нужно в день, чтобы похудетьTime, two, three, four, five, I go to consider. And we will consider calories (in abbreviated form – kcal). If it is concrete, daily norm of caloric content of the consumed products and their quantity necessary for weight loss. How many they are necessary for "safe" satisfaction of daily requirement? How to count the eaten calories? We understand.
Food of the nursing mother
Питание кормящей материThe kid unexpectedly began to be capricious, press legs to a tummy, to cry. It is worth reflecting: can be, problems with digestion at the child are connected with improper feeding of mother? To alleviate suffering of the newborn, many doctors advise the feeding mothers to adhere to a strict diet. You will find answers to many questions on this subject in our article.
How to accelerate a metabolism
Как ускорить обмен веществMetabolism at each person the different. One for weight loss do not need to make big efforts, others – in any way cannot grow thin, even keeping to the most strict diets. Reducing diet caloric content, we try to force an organism to burn fatty stocks, and we achieve the return result. That it did not occur it is necessary to know how it is correct to accelerate a metabolism.
Application of probiotics and prebiotics
Применение пробиотиков и пребиотиковIt is proved that intestinal microflora provides an immunity good few, creates a natural barrier to pathogenic bacteria. In addition they take active part in digestion of food, synthesis of vitamins, neutralizations of toxins, protect cells of intestines from regeneration. It is impossible to underestimate value of probiotics – they are capable to destroy even viruses.
Food at pregnancy
Питание при беременностиWhen learn that you will have a child soon, you unambiguously should reconsider your approach to drawing up the menu per day in particular and to a power supply system in general. Of course, understanding of responsibility for the child not always comes at once. But it is important to understand that the tiny growing organism receives all necessary calories, vitamins, microcells only from you.
That it is necessary to know upon purchase of mineral water
Что нужно знать при покупке минеральной водыNow the majority prefers to buy drinks for the family in shop. Deficiency in it is not present. And if the choice of usual water does not cause special difficulties, with mineral water not so everything is simple. Tastes at all mineral waters different and on structure differ. Let's understand, on what it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of mineral water.
As it is correct to choose a diet
Как правильно выбрать диетуToday there is a mass of ways to grow thin, a set of diets, but not each of them yields results. Why so occurs? It is necessary to realize that an organism of each person – the separate Universe and correctly to pick up a diet, it is necessary to approach this question with all gravity. So, let's understand this question in details.
СыроедениеThe rawism is a special power supply system which means that the diet consists only of the products which did not pass heat treatment. The speech does not go only about crude vegetables and fruit. The rawism allows the use of dried fruit, germinated grain, dried meat and fish, milk, eggs, seafood.
Weight loss on system minus 60
Похудение по системе минус 60To grow thin before a beach season – dream of any woman. One needs to dump some kilograms, another – some tens. Both that, and to another we recommend weight loss on system "minus 60". Frankly speaking, even a diet it to call difficult. It is the real system of healthy food. Ekaterina Miromanova who on the personal example proved effect of system invented it.
Vegetable diets for weight loss
Овощные диеты для похудения What only diets are not thought out for the women wishing to get rid of extra kilos. In the list of the diets existing at the moment it is possible to find rice diets, fast diets, kefiric diets, apple diets and others. Not the last place in this list is taken also by vegetable monodiets, among which carrot, potato and cucumber diets.
Grapefruit for weight loss
Грейпфрут для похуденияThe spring begins, and all stronger are felt problems which did not look so tragically in the winter. Excess weight, an orange crust on hips and buttocks, the reduced immunity and apathy. And after all it is possible to get rid of all this by means of only one fruit! Also it is about banal grapefruit which can be found on counters practically of any shop.
Exotic diets for weight loss
Экзотические диеты для похуденияNot the last place in a diet is taken by its structure as far as it is acceptable on tastes and on medical indications. I want to acquaint readers with kinds of exotic monodiets, namely, with a banana diet for weight loss, grapefruit and pineapple. Such diets not only are useful and effective, but also are very pleasant on flavoring feelings.
Dyukan's diet: is to grow thin
Диета Дюкана: есть, чтобы похудетьThe weight loss method developed by the French nutritionist Pierre Ducan surely wins Russia. Perhaps, for this purpose there are all bases. Perhaps, the similar success is caused by the approach of the author to a problem of excess weight radically differing from the majority of popular diets. Weight often leaves even quicker, than the author promises.
Use of the dietary supplements (DS)
Использование биологически активных добавок (БАД)In the last two decades dietary supplements to food, or dietary supplement became an integral part of our life. Someone tries to be treated by them, someone on the contrary ignores them. Some on them earn huge fortunes, others spend for them the last money. Truth, as usual, somewhere in the middle. It is necessary to realize accurately that dietary supplement is not medicine.
Diet on the basis of calculation of calories
Диета на основе подсчета калорийIf you noticed at yourself tendency to corpulence, it is necessary to start considering calories. The diet based on calculation of calories is called as a diet only nominally. It not a temporary measure, but a way of life at which the woman learns to estimate the consumed food, proceeding from its caloric content to make a competent full-fledged diet and to watch power consumption.
Glycemic index, food across Montinyak
Гликемический индекс, питание по МонтиньякуThe glycemic index is the size showing extent of influence of the products eaten by the person on sugar level in its blood. This concept appeared relatively recently. In some years after that the subject of a glycemic index was picked up by the French nutritionist M. Montinyak who developed the theory of healthy nutrition.
Completion of a lack of vitamins A and E
Восполнение недостатка витаминов А и ЕOur organism needs the whole complex of vitamins and minerals for functioning daily correctly. Especially sharply shortage of vitamins is felt in a cold season. During such period doctors recommend reception of a vitamin and mineral complex. Any such complex surely includes vitamins A and E. For what these vitamins are necessary?
Vitamin D for children
Витамин Д для детейToday at a wide choice of various polyvitaminic complexes it is possible to stop quietly on something one. But producers often care only of receiving by the person a number of the main vitamins, forgetting about "intermediaries" who help their assimilation and synthesis. One of such intermediaries is vitamin D.
Healthy nutrition in the summer
Правильное питание летомThe summer – is time hot days, holidays and travel. And even in the summer both children, and adults have intestinal infections more often. How to preserve the health, it is good to feel during a heat and how it is correct to organize food of the family, tells
What has to be the correct breakfast
Каким должен быть правильный завтракThe first half of day – the most productive for our organism, it is necessary to provide itself with enough nutrients, and then all remained day you will radiate energy and will be in time everything that planned. For this reason a breakfast – the most important part of our daily menu. What has to be a healthy correct breakfast?!
In total about products with GMO
Всё о продуктах с ГМОAll of us have heard a lot about genetically modified organisms. The unprecedented sensation is lifted round GMO in recent years. At every turn say about unprecedented harm of GMO, that it is very dangerous to eat the products containing GMO. tried to understand and today will tell you everything that everyone should know about GMO.
How to choose polyvitamins, ch.2
Как выбрать поливитамины, ч.2In this material the importance of this or that element for the person is considered. We hope, to our readers the understanding of that it is not necessary to select independently the specialized vitamin complexes appointed in the medical purposes to elderly people, and also people with deviations in work of cardiovascular system, in sight work, etc. will come.
How to construct food for weight loss
Как построить питание для похуденияThe number of articles, forums and other materials and resources devoted to a weight reduction problem, diets to healthy food is huge everywhere. It is noticed even by those who specially does not visit thematic pages, and those who comes – at all do not imagine a portal without article about weight loss. That new it is possible to add to what is written-is copied?
Completion of a lack of calcium of an organism
Восполнение недостатка кальция в организмеThe number of the advertizing devoted to a mineral to calcium is not comparable with any other element of the table of Mendeleyev. will answer some preliminary questions – and is it necessary? For what? To whom exactly and in what quantity? And how to define, what it is not enough? And whether there are situations in which it is harmful? On it also we will stop.
How to choose polyvitamins
Как выбрать поливитаминыThe organism lacks modern conditions vitamins and mineral substances. Reception of polyvitaminic complexes which wide choice will be offered in any drugstore can become an exit. How to understand a huge number of names and to decide, what suits you? On what to pay attention at acquisition of polyvitamins? Whether it is necessary to accept them?
Injuriousness of food E-additives
Вредоносность пищевых Е-добавокRecently the increasing impact on a condition of an organism is made by the food entering a daily diet of consumption, their structure which in turn, abounds with the list of various so-called food additives. Among which ingredients with an index E are the most widespread. Whether consumption of such products is so safe?
What water should be drunk
Какую воду стоит питьThe human body for 60% consists of water. Every day it is vital to drink 1.5 liters of liquid. For the life of people on average drinks 75 tons of water. You are horrified by quality of that water which flows from our cranes. So what water should be drunk that not only not to do much harm to itself, but also to improve health. Let's try to understand.
All truth about carbonated drinks
Вся правда о газированных напиткахWe drink "aerated water", sometimes without reflecting on that harm which they can cause to our organism. And this harm is nevertheless quite great about what societies on consumer protection in many countries go on. So producers of carbonated drinks behind bright labels and advertizing promotion hide from us? Let's understand.
Healthy nutrition, councils of the stomatologist
Правильное питание, советы стоматологаWhat it is necessary to do to prevent diseases of teeth? First of all, it is necessary to eat properly. Such factors as hygiene of a mouth, heredity and others are also very important concerning health of teeth, however the healthy nutrition plays after all the leading role in preservation of stomatologic health.
How to pass to vegetarian food
Как перейти на вегетарианское питаниеAmong a set of diets and power supply systems most of all of copies it is broken concerning vegetarianism. Supporters and opponents argue a set of years and cannot reach a compromise. Researches and proofs of both one, and other point of view are multiplied, and suggests you to understand subtleties of a vegetarian power supply system together.
Medical starvation
Лечебное голоданиеAt all times were, there will be people who, adhering to religious customs, follow a certain image of food, i.e. fast. Many even do not reflect that the post can give not only spiritual strength and strengthen belief, and and due to clarification of an organism is considerable to improve a physical state and health of the person.
The products raising a potentiality
Продукты, повышающие потенциюThe food which gets to us to an organism influences bodies and systems, including the sexual. One products are not reflected in force of a sexual inclination in any way, and others on the contrary, cause explosion of passion as though "out of the blue". In what business? It appears that products, vitamin-rich A, E, B, strengthen transfer of nervous impulses.
Rice diet
Рисовая диетаProblem of excess weight, and in most cases it is simple "not pleasant" to the hostess, excites practically each woman. How to relieve itself of unnecessary kilograms, thus, without doing harm to an internal, we argue on the example of a rice diet right now.
All truth about energy drinks
Вся правда об энергетических напиткахQuite recently in the markets there were energy drinks which with an unprecedented speed start gaining popularity. The drink jar removes a dream as a hand at the beginning. But whether so everything is good and cloudless in the use of power engineering specialists? From where miracle energy undertakes? All truth about these drinks is stated by in this article.
Addiction to chocolate – what to do
Пристрастие к шоколаду – что делатьWhether dependence on chocolate can develop, really, at the person? The researches conducted by scientists showed that the shokoladomaniya has some signs, the general with alcoholism and drug addiction: most of those who realizes the addiction to chocolate, noted that eat it too much, and it creates them certain difficulties.
Kinds of a kefiric diet
Разновидности кефирной диетыAll know that a diet – one of the most effective ways to lose excess weight and to bring the figure into a form. Diets happen different: difficult and simple, long and short, expensive and economical. In this article will tell only about one diet rather to group of diets – kefiric diets.
Diet on blood types
Диета по группам кровиForget about eternal malnutrition and an empty stomach. Today offers a fine diet, it is possible to tell developed specially under everyone – a diet on blood types. You will be able to enjoy food for all day and not to feel pangs of conscience. Everything that for this purpose is necessary – your blood type.
How to keep on a diet
Как удержаться на диетеSo, you were solved: it is necessary to grow thin. Diet this quite painful occupation. It is possible to tell, transition to a diet introduces changes not only in your figure, but also in an image of your life in general. How to keep how to reduce unpleasant feelings and in general how to turn a diet into pleasant competition with itself which will come to the end with your victory - on these and other questions will give you the answer of
That Kim Protasov's diet gives
Что дает диета Кима ПротасоваWhat food is provided by Kim Protasov's diet, on what results it is possible to count and whether it is possible to use in general it – about it and will tell today. Consider that, as well as any diet, it has the restrictions, and whether they will suit you, you solve, and it is better previously having consulted with the doctor.
The most harmful products
Самые вредные продуктыOften it happens that the most tasty products are also the most harmful. In this article will tell about products which are harmful to our organism, will acquaint you with the accustoming mechanism to harmful products and will explain the reason of many diseases caused by improper feeding.
The most useful products
Самые полезные продуктыNutritionists of the whole world conduct disputes on to this day what products are useful to health, and in what food it is better to refrain from the use. This dispute of hundreds of years, but concerning advantage of some products all doctors and nutritionists unanimously agree in opinion. publishes for you the list of the most useful products.
The Kremlin diet – to grow thin on sausage and cheese!
Кремлевская диета – похудеть на колбасе и сыре!How to grow thin if you like to eat densely before going to bed? What to do, if vegetables, kefir, buckwheat – not for you? And, at last, how not to starve to death the growing thin man who meatless do not imagine life? On all these questions one answer – the Kremlin diet!
That gives separate food
Что дает раздельное питаниеMany hesitate of the weight, are nervous, tire themselves with the compelled starvations. There is a huge mass of various techniques and diets, but will concern only one such subject created by the American doctor-naturologom Herbert Shelton is a separate food today.
The Japanese diet - to grow thin in 13 days
Японская диета - похудеть за 13 днейRound a Japanese diet hearings constantly go: it was thought up by whether a certain Japanese clinic of weight loss, whether Japanese girls in attempts to become even more harmonous and more beautiful. Anyway, this diet became popular around the world as means quickly and is rather simple to return a waist into place before holiday or an important event.
How quickly to grow thin
Как быстро похудетьAs often happens so that in some days there will be a cheerful action on a beach or on the contrary, the formal reception, and a dress is necessary (or a bathing suit) in any it does not wish to be clasped. We get up on scales... Well... Urgently it is necessary to grow thin. But unless it is possible to lose weight so quickly? Everything is possible, do not despair.
How to gain weight
Как набрать весHere to recover though on some kilogram! Be ready to that after such application for you will look bewildered. Really, that who constantly keeps to diets and does not get out of gyms with only one purpose – to get rid of excess centimeters in a waist, never to understand – as it is possible to wish to gain weight.
Clarification of kidneys, possible ways
Очищение почек, возможные способыAfter we examined clarification of a liver and intestines, time of clarification of kidneys came. Kidneys also suffer from improper feeding. That we eat, directly depends, whether there will be in kidneys stones or not.
Clarification of a liver as how to do
Очищение печени, что и как делатьIt is possible to start clarification of a liver only after cleaning of intestines and several sessions of medical starvation. That is, between the decision to clean a liver and clarification will pass some months. During this time you clear intestines, will lose excess weight and will well feel.
Ways of clarification of intestines
Способы очищения кишечникаIn the previous material we already managed to talk in general about clarification of an organism, as when and why it is necessary. Now there is a wish to stop in more detail on clarification of intestines. Why the general clarification of an organism should be begun with intestines? Everything is simple – intestines are the main highway round which everything walks that gets to an organism.
Clarification of an organism
Очищение организмаWhether it happened to you to feel, what with your organism something not so? It seems you are also not ill, and something not so... And forces as though not those, and the favourite food does not please and at work all got. Why it everything suddenly fell down you? Your organism signals that in a body too many slags and toxins accumulated. Time of clarification of an organism came.
Buckwheat diet
Гречневая диетаSummer already on a threshold, already there is a wish on a beach, and the figure is still so far from perfect... What to do? Some effective and fast remedy is necessary for weight loss. Such diet exists – buckwheat. It is calculated on one week, but the most firm ladies maintain and about two weeks.
How to cope with PMS
Как справиться с ПМСThe premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a problem which every second woman faces. The syndrome totals about 150 symptoms, starts being shown in 2 weeks prior to periods.
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