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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Symptoms and treatment of a spondiloartroz
Симптомы и лечение спондилоартрозаMany people connect pain in different areas of a back with radiculitis, rheumatism or banal fatigue. But most often it arises because of a spondiloartroz. A disease it is very widespread, it disturbs 90% of patients of old age. This illness can quite develop and at those who is a little more than 25 years old. Let's talk in more detail about features of this disease of a backbone.
How to treat fistula in a gum
Как лечить свищ в деснеFistula in a gum is a peculiar protective reaction of an organism when near a place of localization of the inflammatory center in fabric the opening through which pus is outside removed is formed.
Treatment of an epididymite
Лечение эпидидимитаEveryone has an Achilles' heel, and a strong half of mankind did not become an exception. An epididymite – especially man's disease which object of defeat is a small egg appendage. How to distinguish an illness and as to struggle with it, read in article.
Treatment of a glossit
Лечение глосситаWith a language inflammation, glossity, stomatologists face nearly more often than other diseases of teeth and oral cavities. The inflammatory process delivering to the patient a great deal of trouble is many-sided therefore treatment of a glossit in many respects is defined by a concrete form of its manifestation.
Symptoms and treatment of a nervous breakdown
Симптомы и лечение нервного срываToday, when the vital rhythm is very fast, and the stress waits at every turn, we often hear the phrase from acquaintances: "I have a nervous breakdown". It is not so simple to distinguish this state, it is confused to mental disorders or other diseases of nervous system.
Symptoms and treatment of an orkhit
Симптомы и лечение орхитаHealth of men's reproductive system is defined, first of all, by a normal state and full functions of her genitals. And whether you know, what at children's age many factors can negatively affect ability of the boy to have posterity in the future? Orkhit – one of such diseases.
Treatment and prevention of a gipovitaminoz
Лечение и профилактика гиповитаминозаIt is not necessary to be the physician independently to decipher the term "gipovitaminoz". It is clear that it is about vitamins, and the prefix "hypo -" means their lack of an organism. This pathological state does not pose threat for human life, but extremely negatively influences its health and activity.
Treatment of ulcers in language
Лечение язв на языкеThe scattering small yazvochek in language first can seem insignificant defect which does not demand special attention. And here when the "soiled" place will inflame and will start hurting, it becomes clear: "sore" in itself will not descend therefore it is time to start being treated.
Treatment of a narcolepsy
Лечение нарколепсииIn languid embraces of Morpheus of people carries out a third of the life. The full-fledged night dream is necessary to us for restoration of the energy spent for last day. As a rule, 8 hours of a dream for rest, and to the child depending on age – are enough 10–18 hours for the adult.
Affective and respiratory attacks at children
Аффективно-респираторные приступы у детейAsk any mother that the most important and valuable in life, and she right there will answer that this health of the child. Sometimes parents should face such children's diseases about which they before anything also did not hear! Especially helpless mother when it seems to her feels that she can help nothing to the kid.
What is dementia
Что такое деменцияDementia call slow, but systematic fading of mental capacities of the person. This process is accompanied by decrease in informative opportunities, memory impairment and concentration. Why so occurs and that it is possible to make in this case, we will discuss in article.
Treatment to a varikotsela
Лечение варикоцелеVarikotsele - one of the most "popular" pathologies of men's reproductive system which leads to varicosity of veins of a seed kanatik and small egg. The illness in itself is not dangerous and does not give to the person a special inconvenience. Problems begin when because of an aggravation to a varikotsela there are severe pains and infertility develops.
Symptoms and treatment of psychosis
Симптомы и лечение психозаThe offensive word "loony" can call the aggressive or strange person, whose behavior does not answer the standard norms. And whether you know, what animals have no mental diseases? It means that all "loonies" are generated by the public environment. About 15% of the population of the globe need the professional help of the psychiatrist today.
Morbid depression, symptoms and treatment
Ипохондрия, симптомы и лечениеHypochondriacs – the most sick people in the world. They suffer from several serious, and sometimes even fatal diseases! At least, hypochondriacs are convinced of it.
Treatment of stones in kidneys folk remedies
Лечение камней в почках народными средствамиThe disease at which in kidneys or other bodies of an urinary system there are deposits, physicians is called an urolithic illness or even more officially – urolitiazy. The person can not suspect long time that in his kidneys the wrong is created.
Treatment of a tremor of the head
Лечение тремора головыThe term "tremor" is meant as the involuntary, allocated with a rhythm twitchings of a trunk and extremities, rockings of the head. This state arises because of serious disorders of neurologic character. The tremor of the head can be observed at newborn babies, teenagers, people of middle age and old men.
Sinovit, symptoms and treatment
Синовит, симптомы и лечениеThere is no such joint in a human body which value could be underestimated. Each of them is irreplaceable "small screw" of difficult and harmonous system which provides to the person physical activity. Once you fail at least to one "small screw", and we right there understand, what this happiness – to live and move without pain.
Treatment of an ambliopiya
Лечение амблиопииAmbliopiya – the serious ophthalmologic pathology known still as an illness of a lazy eye. The name is completely justified: one eye (both are more rare) absolutely unexpectedly ceases to see well without everyones on that the reasons.
Treatment of a fatty gepatoz
Лечение жирового гепатозаOur health entirely depends on us. It is worth relaxing only for an instant, having conceded to the whims as the body right there will give a signal that to it is bad. The problem of excess weight, is by the way, actual today more than ever. And can suffer from hated fat not only a figure, but also more important bodies of our organism.
Treatment of an otoskleroz
Лечение отосклерозаOtoskleroz name the localized damage of a bone capsule which is in a labyrinth of an internal ear. As a result of damage of a bone tissue there is a stirrup anchylosis involving violation of operation of the sound perceiving device in the form of conductive relative deafness.
Treatment of an iyersinioz
Лечение иерсиниозаIyersinioz is sharp intestinal infection, dangerous to the person, which carriers are animals. The illness is complicated by symptoms of intoxication and allergic reaction from what many internal and systems of an organism suffer. Inhabitants of regions with moderately humid climate get to group of the greatest risk.
What is mastotsitoz
Что такое мастоцитозAbout that such mastotsitoz, the person can learn, having only appeared on reception at the dermatologist with complaints to suspicious reddening of skin – it is impossible to call a disease widespread. Along with the name "mastotsitoz" in medical practice also other its designation – a tuchnokletochny leukosis meets.
How to treat the impetigo
Как лечить импетигоThe impetigo is an infectious skin disease, a kind of a streptodermiya. The illness caused by active activity of staphylococcal and streptococcal bacteria affects an epidermis blanket.
Treatment of a gidradenit
Лечение гидраденитаBoughs an udder - so the commonalty once nicknamed an infectious inflammatory disease of apokrinny sweat glands in an axillary hollow. The official medicine gave a disease more noble name – gidradenit.
Otrubevidny depriving treatment
Лечение отрубевидного лишаяOtrubevidny (color) deprive – a skin disease which activators are fungal microorganisms of Malassezia family. Pretty often the illness meets where people are compelled to adapt to a hot and arid climate. However from a misfortune anybody is not insured: to 10% of residents of the countries with moderate and continental climate faces this disease.
Treatment of thrombophlebitis
Лечение тромбофлебитаThrombophlebitis – a widespread illness which many people around the world face. This disease dangerously not so much the manifestation, how many consequences which involves. That such thrombophlebitis and as to treat it, you learn in this article.
Treatment of epilepsy folk remedies
Лечение эпилепсии народными средствамиHaving heard the diagnosis "epilepsy", many make incorrect opinion on the patient. Really, this illness imposes certain restrictions for work, studies, rest and life in society. Despite all inconveniences, many live with epilepsy all life, but it does not mean at all that with it it is necessary to reconcile.
Symptoms and treatment of diphtheria
Симптомы и лечение дифтерииThe diphtheritic stick causes one of the most dangerous bacterial infections. Owing to a disease of diphtheria the inflammation of the top airways accompanied with hypostasis develops. Thus the greatest danger is constituted by defeat of an organism ekzotoksiny, a serious poisoning with which can be the cause of a deadly outcome.
Treatment of an anthrax
Лечение карбункулаWhen skin and hypodermic fabric round several hair bulbs and sebaceous glands is surprised sharp inflammatory process, the abscess framed with a pink border is formed. This painful and not esthetic skin defect is called an anthrax. How to fight against it?
Divertikulyoz of a thick gut
Дивертикулёз толстой кишкиFor the last hundred years the number of people for whom digestive tract diseases were diagnosed increased. Among these pathologies not only gastritis, ulcer processes, but also divertikulyoz about which existence many even do not suspect. And meanwhile in a wall of a gut the protrusions of a meshkovidny look called by physicians diverticulums are gradually formed.
Treatment of an illness of Shlyatter
Лечение болезни ШляттераThe science christened the wrong growth and development of a tibial bone of a shin because of its defective food Osguda-Shlyatter's illness in honor of the doctor who determined by one of the first and described its symptomatology.
Treatment of a tendinit
Лечение тендинитаLife is arranged so that the skeletal and muscular system of any person, especially the athlete, is exposed every day to mechanical loadings. Sometimes there are microinjuries of sinews or muscles, connecting fabric, capillaries. If after loading good rest follows, the damaged fabrics begin to live, are restored. If it is not enough rest, the microtrauma can turn in tendinit.
Treatment of a rheumatic polimialgiya
Лечение ревматической полимиалгииThere are such diseases which to distinguish much more difficultly, than then to treat. Physicians carry to that also a rheumatic polimialgiya. At this illness of the person the pains of rheumatic character arising at once in various muscles start tormenting. In what insidiousness of this illness how it can be distinguished and cured?
Sand in kidneys, treatment and prevention
Песок в почках, лечение и профилактикаAt violation in an organism of a water-salt exchange, the person has a predisposition to an urolithic illness (MKB). And there is it irrespective of age, sex or the social status. Stones in kidneys is a dangerous and serious illness which is simpler for preventing, than to treat.
Treatment of neurotouch relative deafness
Лечение нейросенсорной тугоухостиNow the hearing at the population of the planet worsens not only at advanced age, ENT specialists state decrease in its sharpness already and at young age. From all forms of relative deafness of 74% of cases it is the share of neurotouch relative deafness.
Myasthenia symptoms
Симптомы миастенииConstant feelings of fatigue, weakness are familiar to much of us. Such it happens when vanity, fussing days, a modern rhythm of life do not allow the person to have a rest normally that the organism could restore the forces. However these symptoms can indicate not only a syndrome of chronic fatigue, but also more serious disease – a myasthenia.
Treatment of a paraproktit
Лечение парапроктитаPerhaps, from all proktologichesky diseases it is possible to allocate four the most widespread is hemorrhoids, anal cracks, colitis and pararectal abscess (paraproktit). offers readers material about a paraproktita. You learn from article that occurs at this illness why it develops, what measures should be taken if its symptoms have an effect.
Treatment of a bronkhoektatichesky illness
Лечение бронхоэктатической болезниPathology of respiratory organs at which there is an irreversible expansion of bronchial tubes, their deformation, it is accepted to call a bronkhoektatichesky illness. Because of these changes bronchial tubes badly carry out the function. In a bronchial tree (especially in the lower part) the pyoinflammatory processes accepting chronic character of a current develop.
Treatment of an anal crack
Лечение анальной трещиныThis problem brings to many people strong discomfort, but it is not accepted to speak about it aloud. The majority of adult population tries to get rid of unpleasant feelings independently because it is a shame to them to address to the expert. What to do in case of an anal crack and as to get rid of it, we also will talk.
Stenting of vessels of heart
Стентирование сосудов сердцаAt many people recently cardiologists reveal narrowing of arteries thanks to which food of a myocardium, providing it is carried out by oxygen. Because of it there is a stenocardia, IBS, a myocardial infarction. One of modern methods of elimination of this pathology is stenting. It allows to increase and keep for a long time in the affected artery a gleam, necessary for blood current.
Treatment of eczema folk remedies
Лечение экземы народными средствамиEczema is a chronic allergic reaction which is shown in the form of rash from small bubbles. If in time not to diagnose an illness and not to take the appropriate measures, bubbles will be succeeded by gnoynichka, and on skin there will be scars. How to avoid deplorable consequences and to keep smooth healthy skin?
Treatment of a contracture of Dyupyuitren
Лечение контрактуры ДюпюитренаDyupyuitren's contracture is a disease which is characterized by emergence of cicatricial fabric under skin in a palm. Because of what there is a change of a fastion. Hems cover some sinews providing hvatatelny functions of all fingers on hands. Over time educations can progress and be thickened. Quite often in the struck zones there are dimples.
Omission of a kidney, symptoms and treatment
Опущение почки, симптомы и лечениеOne of the most often found diseases which reveal at ultrasonic research at urological patients is the pathological mobility of kidneys conducting to omission of kidneys (nefroptoz). Most often this problem meet at women aged till 40 years.
Hypertensive crisis, reasons and treatment
Гипертонический криз, причины и лечениеAt many people, especially at elderly people, problems with a blood pressure are often observed. Violations in work of cardiovascular system can lead to such dangerous state as hypertensive crisis. This disease is expressed in sharp increase of arterial pressure therefore there is a risk of development of a set of serious consequences.
Treatment of a hypothalamic syndrome
Лечение гипоталамического синдромаThe hypothalamic syndrome is not an independent disease. It starts developing because of extensive defeat of a gipotalamus. Thus this pathology is followed by violations of work of an internal and a metabolism in all organism. This illness can become aggravated at any age, but most often it becomes one of symptoms of emergence of the main disease.
Treatment of myocarditis
Лечение миокардитаUnder the term "myocarditis" the inflammation of a cardiac muscle owing to what the main functions assigned to "the main motor" of the person – excitability, conductivity and a sokratimost are broken disappears.
Treatment of an adenoz
Лечение аденозаMany mistakenly consider a breast cancer as the most widespread illness which touches a female breast. Actually, for health of women most often constitute danger of a tumor of good-quality character, such, as, for example, adenoz a mammary gland.
Treatment of atrophic rhinitis
Лечение атрофического ринитаAtrophic rhinitis – one of the most frequent the ENT specialist diseases. At children meets much less often, than at adults. It is diagnosed in 2,5% of cases for school students. This disease is chronic and is characterized by an atrophy of a mucous membrane of a nose and its nervous terminations.
Treatment of the milkwoman at men
Лечение молочницы у мужчинThe milkwoman is the general name of the infections caused by sort Candida fungi. In medical terminology this disease is called candidiasis. It is considered to be that this problem is widespread among the female population of the planet, however and men periodically suffer from a similar illness.
Treatment of a disgidroz
Лечение дисгидрозаDisgidroz - a skin disease which affects channels of sweat glands, corking them. As a result on brushes and soles of feet there are itching reddenings and hypostases with small transparent bubbles. The science christened this kind of eczema recurrent ekzematozny dermatitis.
Treatment of an inguinal epidermofitiya
Лечение паховой эпидермофитииEpidermofitiya is the illness caused by fungi and affecting, as a rule, big folds of skin. Manifestations of this illness can be met in axillary areas, between fingers of hands and feet, on feet and under nails, and also in a groin. We will also talk about an inguinal epidermofitiya in this article.
First aid at anaphylactic shock
Первая помощь при анафилактическом шокеAnaphylactic shock call roughly expressed allergic reaction which lightning current comes to an end for the victim with a deadly outcome. To the person on your eyes it became bad – suddenly it is an anaphylaxis? How "to calculate" a dangerous state and to give first aid?
Inflammation of a facial nerve
Воспаление лицевого нерваIt happens so that as a result of stay on draft and overcoolings, after the postponed trauma or as a result of complication of a viral disease, the person overtakes an inflammation (or neuritis) a facial nerve. The disease is capable to cause serious discomfort in view of the fact that this nerve is responsible for a mimicry and such actions, as chewing, a sosaniye, sneezing, the movements a century and lips.
Treatment of polyarthritis
Лечение полиартритаQuality of life considerably decreases if the person is hurt by joints. The statistics shows that approximately every third inhabitant of the world in a varying degree suffers from polyarthritis. How not to pass the beginning of a disease, to prevent its progressing and further deformation of joints?
Spondilit, symptoms and treatment
Спондилит, симптомы и лечениеIn a literal translation from Greek "spondilit" means a "apathetic" vertebra. The characteristic as is impossible more neatly reflects essence of a disease which mainly deforms a backbone, depriving of it mobility.
Treatment of a plechelopatochny periartrit
Лечение плечелопаточного периартритаPlechelopatochny periartrit – often found disease at which damage of sinews of a shoulder and serous bags of inflammatory character with injury of ligaments and connecting fabric of a cover of a joint is observed. The structures forming a shoulder joint thus usually do not change and do not inflame.
Treatment of neurocirculator dystonia
Лечение нейроциркуляторной дистонииNeurocirculator dystonia is one of options of development of vegetovascular dysfunction. Generally this frustration is shown at young age. At such people quite often in a consequence various violations of cardiovascular system develop.
Symptoms and treatment of a parafimoz
Симптомы и лечение парафимозаParafimoz is a squeezing of a head of a genital of the man the extreme flesh shifted back. This state is not considered an independent disease. Most often it is complication after the postponed fimoz or other dangerous diseases which in due time were not treated. Besides, development of a state is influenced strongly by negligence of the man to the health.
Mialgiya, symptoms and treatment
Миалгия, симптомы и лечениеPractically each adult at least once in life faced such problem as muscle pain. In medicine this phenomenon was given the name "mialgiya". For what reasons there can be painful manifestations, what symptoms and features of their treatment, read in this article.
Symptoms and treatment of polyneuropathy
Симптомы и лечение полинейропатииPolyneuropathy call a disease of peripheral nervous system. To it injury at the same time of the majority of nerves is characteristic. Generally it is shown in the form of violation of sensitivity, full or partial paralysis. Besides, this pathology is characterized by emergence of the expressed pain syndrome, feeling of paresteziya and other frustration of vegeto-vascular system.
Symptoms and treatment of an adynamy
Симптомы и лечение астенииAdynamy – slowly developing pathological frustration of mentality which arises against other diseases of an organism. Fast fatigue, decrease in working capacity and a mental susceptibility, a bad dream, irritability or, on the contrary, apathy – here not the complete list of manifestations of this state.
Treatment of a polikistoz of kidneys
Лечение поликистоза почекPolikistoz of kidneys is a disease at which in kidneys the set of the cysts representing nonmalignant round sacks with watery liquid inside is randomly formed. Increase of a blood pressure is dangerous to patients polikistozy. This disease is frequent proceeds together with a renal failure. Approximately cysts in a liver are also found in 1/3 patients.
Progeriya, symptoms and treatment
Прогерия, симптомы и лечениеWhen say that a progeriya – pathology, dangerous and unpromising in respect of treatment, do not exaggerate at all. The rare genetic illness "steals" the childhood from boys and little girls, turning them into the real old men! By the way, the adult can get sick with a progeriya also.
Fever Ebola, symptoms and treatment
Лихорадка Эбола, симптомы и лечениеNearly an every day in news programs disturbing messages that in any country still new human cases by fever the Ebola are recorded are told. In the spring of 2014 the world learned about the outbreak of this infection which it is possible to call the most large-scale for all history of existence of the dangerous infection which claimed the lives of thousands of people now.
Treatment of an illness of Shegren
Лечение болезни ШегренаShegren's illness call a system autoimmune disease of connecting fabric. At it sekretiruyushchy glands, in particular, plaintive and salivary which accompany development of diffusion diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and also problems with zhelchevyvodyashchy system are surprised. Let's understand how to distinguish an illness at an initial stage and what it is worth undertaking first of all?
Treatment of a syndrome of a dry eye
Лечение синдрома сухого глазаQuite often modern person, especially what will see off time in front of the computer much, feels the unpleasant feeling in eyes arising at reduction of release of liquid plaintive gland or at change of qualitative structure of tears. Such phenomenon received the name a syndrome of a dry eye.
DVS-syndrome, diagnostics and treatment
ДВС-синдром, диагностика и лечениеThe DVS-syndrome is a nonspecific violation of work of system which keeps blood in a liquid state. Thus in vessels there is a scattered fibrillation. As a result of it the set of units of blood and microclots of protein of fibrin is formed. These particles are capable to settle on capillaries of bodies, than cause in them functional and dystrophic and profound microcirculator changes.
Treatment of a pleksit of a shoulder joint
Лечение плексита плечевого суставаSometimes, that in a dream of people awkwardly sprains a hand. In the morning he wakes up with terrible pain, then it is found out that also the shoulder swelled up. At first in the head there are calming thoughts: "Anything terrible, simply, it muscles stretched, everything will pass soon". But passes some hours, and pain and does not think to cease. On the contrary, situation worsens.
Treatment of a bursit
Лечение бурситаJoints can hurt because of different diseases – arthritis, arthrosis, a bursit. Here also suggests to talk about a bursita, its types, symptoms, ways of treatment of today.
Marfan's syndrome
Синдром МарфанаMarfan's syndrome belongs to a number of pathologies which cornerstone the single gene mutation is. In case of this rare illness the hereditary factor causes violation of an exchange of connecting fabric. There is a failure in work of the fermental system responsible for production of structural protein for growth of connecting cages. All diseases developing against a syndrome result in disability.
Layell's syndrome
Синдром ЛайеллаLayell's syndrome call the heaviest form of damage of skin. This illness can threaten even to human life. To it rejection of a blanket of skin from its inside layers is characteristic.
Treatment of internal hemorrhoids
Лечение внутреннего геморрояHemorrhoids – one of those problems, with complaints on which address for medical care only after the illness can already be considered started. The matter is that at this pathology rectum veins are surprised, and at the initial stage independently to notice excessive expansion of internal vessels difficult.
Treatment of a pneumosclerosis
Лечение пневмосклерозаThe pneumosclerosis is a process of consolidation and hardening of lungs at which there is a transformation of connecting fabric into the cicatricial. It is preceded usually by dystrophic or inflammatory process. Development of pathology happens at growth of connecting fabric in lungs because of influence of certain factors.
Treatment of an ichthyosis
Лечение ихтиозаThe ichthyosis is called an illness of a crocodile leather or fish scales: integuments as a result of a rare gene mutation become covered by the ugly become horny layer of scales.
Treatment of diathesis at children
Лечение диатеза у детейMany parents at early age of the children faced such unpleasant, but widespread phenomenon as diathesis. Red rash on a face, the reddened cheeks, crusts and wounds on a body of the child are external manifestations of a disturbing disease. How to distinguish "enemy" and that with him to do, it will be a question in this article.
Treatment of a frontit
Лечение фронтитаPlays the dandy – a disease rather artful if not to start treating it at the first stages of an illness, it very quickly accepts chronic character. Therefore it is very important to address to the doctor in time and after diagnostics to complete the correct course of treatment. If strongly to start a disease, surgical intervention can be necessary.
Treatment of a gastroduodenit
Лечение гастродуоденитаYou come now to shop or to the market – and there on shelves the huge range of food is presented. But not always the food happens in pleasure. Statistical researches show that more than a half of the population have problems connected with digestive system. It is considered one of widespread diseases gastroduodenit.
Vitiligo at children
Витилиго у детейVitiligo is a disease of skin which is connected with manifestation of a diskhromiya of nosological character. The name of this pathology came from the Latin word "vitiligo" that means "rash", "deprive", "a skin illness".
Treatment of a cyst of tooth
Лечение кисты зубаSometimes pain develops even in tooth healthy by sight. Gum become covered by gnoynichka and each drink of food becomes torture. But even at such symptoms people not always run to the stomatologist, at first accept a handful anesthetizing, then check on themselves all national methods. And when business already absolutely poorly, go to the doctor where make them the diagnosis – a tooth cyst.
Treatment of squint at children
Лечение косоглазия у детейSquint, scientifically strabizm, is a disease at which both eyes cannot be focused at the same time in one point. Similar pathology very often starts proving in the early childhood. In this article we will consider the main features of this problem and we will describe ways of disposal of it.
Treatment of an endocarditis
Лечение эндокардитаThe endocarditis is an inflammation of a valvate or pristenochny endokard which develops most often at rheumatism. Endokard name an inside layer of heart. In rare instances the endocarditis arises at a fungal or septic infection. Perhaps also emergence of an inflammation at intoxications and at diffusion diseases of connecting fabric.
Turett's syndrome
Синдром ТуреттаTourett's syndrome is a neuralgic state which development most often begins in the childhood. The person having this disease periodically makes uncontrollable sounds, words or carries out the uncontrollable movements. This syndrome is also called Giles de la Tourett's syndrome.
Symptoms and treatment of a stroke
Симптомы и лечение инсультаBrain stroke – a disease, the second after a myocardial infarction, which annually confines to the bed of 450 thousand people which 30% are made by people of efficient age. The statistics of MZ of Russia reports the sad facts: each 1,5 minutes one Russian falls a victim of this illness, and each 2 minutes the stroke claims someone's life. Why it is so difficult to resist to this illness?
Treatment of a splenomegaliya
Лечение спленомегалииSplenomegaliya is the pathological change of the sizes of a spleen which is not considered as an independent diagnostic sign. Such point of view is connected with that this body can increase at many diseases. In addition the spleen is capable to change in sizes and at healthy people. The reasons of increase in a spleen are various.
Treatment of a sklerodermiya
Лечение склеродермииSklerodermiya is a diffusion disease of connecting fabric at which on certain sites of skin characteristic pathological cicatricial fabric is postponed. Pathological process of scarring is capable to extend, thus it can affect not only integuments, but even a digestive tract, the musculoskeletal device, lungs, kidneys and a cardiac muscle.
Klaynfelter's syndrome
Синдром КлайнфельтераKlaynfelter's syndrome represents a genetic disorder in the man's organism. The illness received the name in honor of the American doctor Harry Klaynfelter who the first described this problem still in the twenties of the last century.
Malaria symptoms
Симптомы малярииMany of us know about malaria only by hearsay. In general it is known that this infectious disease which is transmitted from the patient to the healthy person through stings of the infected mosquitoes and differs in the exhausting fever.
Protrusion of mezhpozvonkovy disks
Протрузия межпозвонковых дисковAmong different types of a degeneration of a disk the protrusion of intervertebral disks meets most often. At this illness the intervertebral disk supports limits of a spine column that causes quite severe pains in a back.
Treatment of an enterobioz
Лечение энтеробиозаEnterobioz – one of the most widespread helminthic invasions which is especially often meeting at children. This disease can give the mass of an inconvenience, and in the absence of due treatment – to lead to unpleasant and dangerous complications. In more detail that such enterobioz and as to get rid of it read in this article.
Tromboemboliya of a pulmonary artery
Тромбоэмболия легочной артерииTromboemboliya is an obstruction of blood vessels blood clot. So, blood clot represents a blood clot. Process of obstruction of vessels often comes suddenly, its current prompt and sharp. This process quite often is the reason of disability of the person and can even lead to a lethal outcome. It is especially dangerous if blood clot is formed in a head or spinal cord, in heart or in extremities.
Treatment of a SARS
Лечение ОРВИThe person in a year can have such disease as a SARS several times and if correctly not to treat him, it is possible to receive quite dangerous complications, such as an acute bronchitis, otitis and pneumonia.
Treatment of a holangit
Лечение холангитаHolangit is a disease which is characterized by existence of inflammatory processes in bilious channels of a liver. Thus together with a disease the person has dispepsichesky and painful syndromes. Holangit it is considered quite widespread illness, and the disease recently given began to meet approximately for 40% more often than earlier.
Illness Krone
Болезнь КронаIllness Krone – a little widespread, but the extremely dangerous disease. This heavy chronic inflammation of all digestive tract striking even a mouth and an anus. Most often men become hostages of pathology from 20 to 45 years, children in certain cases suffer.
Halyazion, symptoms and treatment
Халязион, симптомы и лечение Halyazion name the disease which is shown in the form of inflammatory process round edge of a sebaceous gland and a cartilage of an eyelid. It is known that sebaceous glands usually settle down in a century behind eyelashes. Can be in every century of these glands to 50-70 pieces. Exactly thanks to sebaceous glands of an eye remain damp.
Treatment of a trophic ulcer
Лечение трофической язвыTrophic ulcer call ulcer educations which arise because of violation of blood supply or a metabolism, often suppurate and long time do not heal. At once it is necessary to tell that the trophic ulcer is not considered as an independent disease because most often it develops in the form of complications of diabetes, atherosclerosis, a varicosity and other diseases.
Treatment of trachoma
Лечение трахомыTrachoma is a chronic inflammatory disease of a cornea of an eye and its mucous membrane. Perhaps, this one of the most unpleasant diseases of eyes. An inflammation at trachoma the usually bilateral. Thus there are small dense centers which are called as diffusion infiltrates.
Treatment of a syndrome of the angry intestines
Лечение синдрома раздраженного кишечника"Hurts, itself I do not know where …" - each of us faced the similar. It is very difficult to calculate some diseases at the most colourful symptomatology. When the person feels unpleasant feelings in intestines, but laboratory research does not show any aberrations, speak about the syndrome of the angry intestines (SAI).
Symptoms and treatment of bulimia
Симптомы и лечение булимииBulimia - quite widespread disease presently. The mental disorder which is shown as constant unsatiable feeling of hunger is its cornerstone. Today will tell about symptoms, treatment and consequences of bulimia.
Nodal craw of a thyroid gland
Узловой зоб щитовидной железыNodal craw usually call tumoral organic education on a thyroid gland which differs from the next fabric on the structure and a structure. Sometimes the nodal craw is also called thyroid gland knot.
The small tortoiseshell at children
Крапивница у детейPractically each parent faced such widespread disease as the small tortoiseshell. This skin illness is result of allergic reactions of a fragile organism of the kid, and is shown in the form of red inflammations on skin, a peeling and hypersensitivity.
Treatment of a renal failure
Лечение почечной недостаточностиRenal failure – the pathology breaking normal work of kidneys owing to what the homeostasis (constancy of the internal environment of an organism) is out of balance. The illness deprives of a kidney of ability to make and emit urine that is right there reflected in water-salt, acid-base and osmotic balance of an organism. It leads to complications in work of all systems of a human body.
Treatment of an inflammation of salivary gland
Лечение воспаления слюнной железыIn medical circles the inflammation of salivary gland carries the name sialoadenit. This illness leads to serious change of a chemical composition and quantity of a saliva that extremely negatively affects a state of health and comfort of the person. In this article we will consider the reasons of developing of a disease and a technique of its treatment.
Heart disease Fallo's tetrad
Порок сердца тетрада ФаллоFallo's tetrad – so call a serious illness which is characterized by a combination of four heart diseases. Such defects as big defect of an interventricular partition, narrowing of a way of outflow of blood from the right ventricle, considerable shift of an aorta and a hypertrophy of the right ventricle concern to them.
Symptoms and treatment of poliomyelitis
Симптомы и лечение полиомиелитаSpinal children's paralysis which also carries the name poliomyelitis, is a kind of viral diseases. The course of disease causes defeat of nervous system of the person, as a rule, causing the main damage to a spinal cord. In addition inflammatory processes are localized in a mucous membrane of an intestinal path and a nasopharynx.
Treatment of an ezofagit
Лечение эзофагитаAt least once in life each of us had to test all "delights" of gastric pain. And it is absolutely unimportant, by what disease this discomfort is caused: whether it be gastritis or elementary heartburn – hurts equally unpleasantly.
Sharp intestinal impassability
Острая кишечная непроходимостьSharp intestinal impassability call a dangerous state when free advance of slices of food in a digestive tract is broken. For the emergency surgery this pathology remains to one of the heaviest – indicators of mortality and complications after operation very high.
Prevention of viral hepatitises
Профилактика вирусных гепатитовViral hepatitises are infectious diseases which affect an internal and, in particular, a liver of the person. Despite essential distinctions in symptomatology and ways of transfer, all viruses have inflammatory effect and negatively affect a state of health.
Miozit, symptoms and treatment
Миозит, симптомы и лечениеIt is necessary to be engaged in treatment of a miozit at once as soon as there were its first signs. But for a start it is worth understanding why there was this pathology that occurs in an organism. will tell readers about manifestations of this disease, will make recommendations about its treatment.
Symptoms and treatment of peritonitis
Симптомы и лечение перитонитаEvery year the modern medicine increases turns: discoveries are made, new technologies of fight against various diseases are created, there are new drugs. But, nevertheless, still there are such diseases which in the absence of timely treatment come to an end not only serious complications, but also a lethal outcome. Physicians, alas, can help nothing with such cases.
Diabetes at children
Сахарный диабет у детейIt is unpleasant when we are ill, adults. When our children - terribly are ill. And if diagnosed diabetes for the child, parents have to get it together and do everything possible that their kid led full-fledged life, remembering the illness as seldom as possible.
Treatment of an erysipelatous inflammation
Лечение рожистого воспаленияUgly face call a serious infectious disease, externally which is shown as the progressing defeat of integuments. The name of a disease comes from the word rouge, the French origin that is translated as "red".
Treatment of a mikrotsefaliya
Лечение микроцефалииMikrotsefaliya name a disease at which the newborn child has the small size a brain and twice and the head circle is more reduced. This serious illness usually proceeds in combination with intellectual backwardness, and also neurologic and psychological deviations.
Treatment of ulcer colitis
Лечение язвенного колитаUlcer colitis call a disease which affects mucous a thick gut. The illness usually at first develops in a rectum and only then gradually extends on other parts of a thick gut. This disease is usually shown in the form of an ulcer inflammation. This inflammation can be different intensity.
Stridor: symptoms, treatment
Стридор: симптомы, лечениеStridor name the noisy whistling breath which appears generally at babies. The name of pathology has a Latin origin and is literally translated as hissing or whistle. Such breath arises because there is an air turbulence of a stream in airways.
Tireoidit, symptoms and treatment
Тиреоидит, симптомы и лечениеTireoidit name an inflammation of fabrics in a thyroid gland which is shown generally at the age of 40-45 years. Nevertheless, today even more often the similar diagnosis is made to more young people. It is noted that most often this disease women have.
Treatment of laryngotracheitis at children
Лечение ларинготрахеита у детейWhen speak about a false croup, mean a disease by the name laryngotracheitis - infectious damage of the top airways. This illness can be considered as complication of the cold transferred the child. Also the throat and a trachea can suffer from overcooling when the peanut bursts into tears or will cry on cold.
Treatment of a contagious mollusk
Лечение контагиозного моллюскаContagious mollusk – the viral dermatological disease peculiar only to the person. It is characterized by painless skin rashes in the form of papules of corporal or pink color which have a semi-spherical form with small deepening in the center and at first sight remind a sink of a mollusk.
Treatment of enuresis at children
Лечение энуреза у детейWhen the child independently masters a pot, all mummies breathe sigh of relief: the problem of "pampers" and infinite change of panties is settled! And what to do if time is turned back and a bed of the kid in the mornings again by the wet?
Coronary heart disease
Ишемическая болезнь сердцаThe Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) - concept collective. Usually mean set of such diseases of heart as stenocardia, a myocardial infarction and a cardiosclerosis by this term. IBS - a scourge of modern generation, after all the highest mortality in the world is registered because of oxygen starvation of cardiac coronary arteries. In a danger zone - people are more senior than 45 years.
Treatment of a siringomiyeliya
Лечение сирингомиелииSiringomiyeliya name the chronic slowly progressing illness of nervous system which is characterized by formation of cavities in a spinal cord (generally in the field of a cervical thickening) and in certain cases formation of cavities in a medulla. This pathology develops often at patients of young and middle age.
Treatment of staphylococcus at children
Лечение стафилококка у детейIf to look at staphylococcus at golden (staphylococcus aureus) through microscope glass, to an eye the surprising picture will open: colonies of bacteria of golden color are very similar to a big and appetizing cluster of grapes. On it all merits of staphylococcus, perhaps, also come to an end.
Treatment of schizophrenia
Лечение шизофренииSchizophrenia - a serious mental disease which destroys consciousness of the person. The identity of the patient cardinally changes - unfortunate steeps to the world of personal experiences and loses contact with world around. Whether there is at such people a chance of full-fledged life?
Treatment of neurodermatitis
Лечение нейродермитаNeurodermatitis - chronic inflammatory damage of skin of a neuroallergic origin. This quite widespread disease from which both adults, and children suffer. invites the readers to discuss all possible ways of treatment of this unpleasant illness.
Treatment of pain in a shoulder
Лечение боли в плечеA shoulder pain - the phenomenon widespread. And the reasons of emergence of similar unpleasant feelings because of which the movements become held down, they should be limited, it is possible to call a set. Most often pains are connected with the adhesive kapsulit leading to violations of working ability of the person, decline in quality of his life.
Reynaud's illness, symptoms and treatment
Болезнь Рейно, симптомы и лечениеReynaud's illness, or Reynaud's phenomenon, call a rare disease of arteries of hands and feet. What occurs in an organism? Because of hyperexcitability of nervous system of a wall of vessels are spontaneously reduced and blood supply of extremities is broken. So on skin of brushes and feet there are bloodless sites - ischemia.
Treatment of obesity
Лечение ожиренияThe first extra kilos come imperceptibly. First hard clasped pugovichka on favourite jeans raises a smile but if not to take a measure, will pass not enough time, will become not to laughter: today more than one billion people in the world suffer from obesity.
Treatment of a displaziya of a neck of a uterus
Лечение дисплазии шейки маткиDisplaziy neck of a uterus call a gynecologic disease which is characterized by change of cellular structure of a mucous membrane of a neck of a uterus. This disease most often arises at the age of 25-35 years.
Treatment of distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy
Лечение дисциркуляторной энцефалопатииRecently in increasing frequency it is possible to hear from people not only advanced years, but also belonging to younger on age complaints on often disturbing them: a headache, dizziness, noise whether in ears, whether in the head, sleeplessness. Besides also memory with working capacity considerably decrease...
Treatment of whooping cough at children
Лечение коклюша у детейWhooping cough call hard proceeding infectious disease which is transmitted in the airborne way, differs in acute inflammatory reaction of a respiratory path and attacks of the strongest spastic cough which is hard giving in to treatment. Traditionally the infection is considered as typically children's disease.
Treatment of stomach ulcer
Лечение язвы желудкаStomach ulcer - a chronic disease which differs in a polycyclic current and is characterized by formation of an ulcer on a mucous membrane of a stomach.
Occlusion: reasons, diagnostics and treatment
Окклюзия: причины, диагностика и лечениеIn a literal translation from Latin the unclear word "occlusion" means "concealment", and the term indicates a state when something, being usually in open form, for any reason at the moment for time is closed.
Treatment of atherosclerosis
Лечение атеросклерозаAtherosclerosis call a chronic disease of elastic and musculoelastic arteries of large and average caliber. It when in a vascular grid start accumulating atherogenous (causing deformation) develops blood plasma elements.
Treatment of a tunnel syndrome
Лечение туннельного синдромаThe painful feeling was hit the name of a tunnel syndrome in the hand wrist provoked by long work behind the computer today. It is a professional illness of freelancers, programmers, web designers, journalists, secretaries and other people which activity is connected with computer technologies.
Treatment of chronic pyelonephritis
Лечение хронического пиелонефритаChronic pyelonephritis call an inflammatory disease of kidneys. In a type of features of anatomy this disease women and girls most often have. In general chronic pyelonephritis is considered the most widespread disease of kidneys.
Treatment of dysbacteriosis
Лечение дисбактериозаStatistically about 90% of adult population and more than 95% of children become hostages of dysbacteriosis today. Advertizing of preparations which quickly and qualitatively restore health of intestinal microflora, already "dinned" to us into the ears! Nevertheless that such a bacteriosis, many imagine very foggy and figuratively. Why our intestines "are ill" and as to help it, tell
Treatment of chronic pancreatitis
Лечение хронического панкреатитаChronic pancreatitis represents a pancreas inflammation. Quite often the people having this disease go to the doctor at an aggravation. Thus the disease can already last some years. During this time patients quite often self-medicate that is very hazardous to health and fraught with sad consequences.
Treatment of a gingivit
Лечение гингивитаGingivit - the most widespread inflammatory disease of the fabrics surrounding tooth. Most often children, teenagers and young people who it was not executed also to thirty yet face it.
Polyps in a nose, removal and treatment
Полипы в носу, удаление и лечениеPolyps though are small educations, but discomfort which they bring, very unpleasant. Polyps call a benign tumor which usually starts growing in bosoms of a nose and goes down in a nose cavity. Thus they close respiratory pass. Because of it there are trouble breathing. Quite often is the reason of chronic fatigue and sometimes and the reason of deterioration of hearing.
Treatment of a fibroadenoma of a mammary gland
Лечение фиброаденомы молочной железыIn an overall picture of pathological conditions of mammary glands a certain place is taken by good-quality nodal new growths. The most widespread diseases because of which women address to the doctor, experts call a nodal form of a mastopatiya, fibroadeny and a cyst. We will in detail tell about features of treatment of a fibroadenoma in our today's article.
Treatment of chronic colitis
Лечение хронического колитаChronic colitis represents inflammatory process which proceeds in a mucous membrane of a thick gut. Thus in the mucous there are various changes, in particular, changes of inflammatory, atrophic and dystrophic character.
Symptoms and treatment of a psikhopatiya
Симптомы и лечение психопатииProbably, each of us has acquaintances, communicating with which and there are a wish to twist sometimes a finger at a temple. "With greetings", "Without tsar in the head", "Confused" - such unflattering image usually speak of people, whose behavior goes separately with the standard norms. Why they so behave, tells
Treatment and prevention of rage at the person
Лечение и профилактика бешенства у человекаRage call a dangerous neuroinfection of a virus origin which becomes the reason of development of heavy encephalitis. Will tell about this disease in more detail than
Perinatal encephalopathy
Перинатальная энцефалопатияUnfortunately, now many parents should face the phrase "perinatal encephalopathy". Also that at their child physicians state violations and frustration in activity of the central nervous system is behind these unclear words.
Pellagra, symptoms and treatment
Пеллагра, симптомы и лечениеDisease with the intriguing name "pellagr" that other, as a consequence of insufficient and low-quality food. Develops when the organism desperately needs nicotinic acid, the tiamena, Riboflavinum, a pyridoxine, folic acid and amino acid of tryptophane.
Treatment of a bazedovy illness
Лечение базедовой болезниBazedovy illness call abnormal increase in the sizes of a thyroid gland and its hyperfunction under the influence of aggressive influence of immune system of an organism. Most often the illness is noted in the age range from 20-25 till 50 years, mainly at women.
Treatment of a pulpitis
Лечение пульпитаDental clinic … Oh, as people are afraid to visit this medical institution! Tooth ached, in it the hole was obviously formed, but the person plays for everything and plays for time, everything postpones and postpones visit to the stomatologist. And after all it can lead to a pulpitis. We do not want anybody to frighten, but nevertheless we will tell about this disease, methods of its treatment and the threatening complications.
Treatment of intercostal neuralgia
Лечение межрёберной невралгииHappens that at the person the area of his thorax suddenly is sharply penetrated by pain. And even arises thought in the head: Whether "The heart attack happened?". You should not hurry with similar conclusions. Perhaps, it thus has an effect intercostal neuralgia. Readers learn from article how to cope with painful pain. will offer recommendations about treatment, will help to distinguish an illness.
Treatment of a hypothyroidism
Лечение гипотиреозаWhen the thyroid gland owing to certain reasons a long time does not develop enough hormones, the hypothyroidism develops. And though the disease can develop at any age, it prevails in the ranks of women of 45-50 years.
Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis
Лечение шейного остеохондрозаOsteochondrosis is the most widespread disease in the modern world. According to all available data from World Health Organization practically every fifth person on the planet who crossed a thirty-year boundary suffers from it.
Treatment of migraine
Лечение мигрениMigraine – the extremely painful and unpredictable disease. Since ancient times of people studied this illness which in a consequence was referred to category of "noble". Migraines were subject the wisest this world – governors, priests, clergy. Migraine is known to mankind many centuries, and today about 20% of adult population of the planet suffer from periodic strong headaches.
Treatment of rheumatism
Лечение ревматизмаBad attack of rheumatism it becomes frequent big surprise for the person. All because the disease slowly develops, bessimptomno "taking roots" in joints and heart. Rheumatism - the illness caused by a streptococcal bacterium. It is expressed by the extremely aggressive inflammation striking connecting fabrics in an organism.
Treatment of gout
Лечение подагрыAlexander of Macedon, cardinal Mazarini, Cromwell, Ivan the Terrible, Michelangelo, Ivan Turgenev, Alexander Pushkin, Christopher Columbus, Isaac Newton, Darwin... How think, what unites these people? Besides, that they will be remembered for a long time by descendants, of course. All of them knew firsthand that such gout!
The alfalfa butterfly at newborns
Желтушка у новорожденныхMany women, having hardly become mummies, face such problem as the newborn's alfalfa butterfly. Many know about it, but everyone treats this phenomenon in own way. To become on a right way, will tell you about this disease and how to get rid of yellowness of integuments.
What is the fenilketonuriya
Что такое фенилкетонурияThe speech in our article will go about a rare hereditary disease – a fenilketonuriya, in abbreviated form FKU. It is connected with violation of an exchange of amino acids, that is inability of an organism it is correct to split the acid arriving with proteinaceous products phenylalanine.
Myocardial infarction: clinical picture, forms and treatment
Инфаркт миокарда: клиническая картина, формы и лечениеMyocardial infarction – a kind of coronary heart disease. At a disease the ischemic necrosis of a myocardium which arises because of violation of coronal blood circulation develops.
Enteroviral infection
Энтеровирусная инфекцияThe enteroviral infection belongs to group of diseases which are caused by intestinal viruses – enterovirusa. At the moment more than 60 types of causative agents of an enteroviral infection are known. Danger of this illness is that the infection possesses strong resistance to influence of environment.
Symptoms and treatment of intestinal gripes
Симптомы и лечение кишечных коликHuman body very strong and at the same time vulnerable system. There is, unfortunately, a set of specific diseases which with ease beat out us from balance. If you suddenly felt sharp pristupoobrazny intestines pain, be sure is an intestinal colic.
Treatment of conjunctivitis
Лечение конъюнктивитаNo, probably, such person who at least once in life had not to face the diagnosis "conjunctivitis". At all times this the infectious disease of eyes was rather widespread.
Brain hydrocephaly
Гидроцефалия головного мозгаDropsy – so still call this serious disease. All because in a cavity of a skull there is a pathological increase in volume of cerebrospinal fluid.
Treatment of a streptodermiya at children
Лечение стрептодермии у детейWhat for mother the most valuable? Certainly, – fragile balance of an organism it is so easy to break health of her child! Weak immunity of our kids becomes an easy target for various diseases – all and will not list at once! Today tells about a streptodermiya, a disease which most often, unfortunately, "sticks" to children.
Treatment of chronic hepatitis
Лечение хронического гепатитаThe liver is one of the most important bodies in our organism. This body actively participates in digestion, carefully clears blood, neutralizes influence of poisons and allergens. Therefore when the speech about such disease of a liver as chronic hepatitis comes, it is necessary to be especially attentive. After all violation of work of a liver harmful affects work of all organism in general.
Treatment of a keratit
Лечение кератитаEyes, undoubtedly, are the major sense organ. After all exactly thanks to sight of people receives the most part of information. But there is such unpleasant regularity – with age sight weakens. And eyes become more susceptible to influence of external irritants.
Treatment of a rotavirusny infection
Лечение ротавирусной инфекцииNow children are less subject to classical types of bacterial intestinal infections. But instead of bacteria a liquid chair, vomiting, high temperature viruses even more often cause an astrovirus and about 110 more versions in small children now, such as a rotavirus, adenovirus, enterovirus, kalitsivirus.
Treatment of alcoholism
Лечение алкоголизмаIn the world there is so much fine, but there are people who do not notice how it is beautiful. And recently becomes more increasing than such people. People dependent on alcoholic drinks. Often they are called – alcoholics. They are tried to be isolated from society. Actually alcoholism is a huge problem, and it is possible to win against it if to work resolutely.
Treatment of an illness of Parkinson
Лечение болезни ПаркинсонаCertainly, people want to live long and happy life. But at those to whom the destiny graciously foreordained long life, the risk considerably increases to become one of victims of an illness of Parkinson. It strikes about one of hundred people of old age. And nobody is insured – the even reached riches, honors, the power, popularity.
Measles at children, symptoms and treatment
Корь у детей, симптомы и лечениеThroughout here several centuries many infectious diseases continue and to constitute danger to mankind to this day. And all the matter is that these diseases for a short period are capable to involve in pathological dangerous process a large number as children, and adults.
Treatment of pneumonia
Лечение пневмонииPneumonia - infectious inflammatory process in lungs. The weakest segments of the population are most subject to this disease - children are younger than three years, elderly people (those to whom for 60) and people with low immunity which is caused by their serious condition (the patients with diabetes, AIDS having drug addiction and alcoholism).
Treatment of bronchitis
Лечение бронхита"And yours again coughs?" – mummy sighs. "And mine too, were exhausted already, we do not know, than and to treat this cough". Such talk can be heard very often. Both children, and adults have bronchitis. And here is how this disease is correct to treat and as to prevent it, to you will prompt
Procedure of a fonoforez
Процедура фонофорезаIn the twenties the last century in medicine began to use actively ultrasound, then it helped to treat a number of diseases. Soon after, in the fifties, surgeons too began to resort to medicinal properties of ultrasound.
Mukovistsidoz, symptoms and treatment
Муковисцидоз, симптомы и лечениеToday will tell the readers about one hereditary disease - a mukovistsidoza. Why it arises at the child how proves, whether there is an opportunity to cure it?
Tseliakiya, symptoms and treatment
Целиакия, симптомы и лечениеToday will tell about a hereditary disease which cornerstone the digestion violation happening because of damage of the fibers covering mucous a small intestine some products as a part of which there is a gluten, avenin, gordein is. All this proteins of wheat, barley, rye. Why there is this disease as it proves how to help the suffering?
Treatment of lymph nodes
Лечение лимфоузловLymphadenitis is the acute or chronic inflammation of lymph nodes in most cases provoked by receipt with the inflowing lymph of elements which cause inflammatory reaction. It can be microorganisms, their toxins, products of fabric disintegration, the smallest foreign matters.
Adenoides at children
Аденоиды у детейMany parents heard such word – adenoides. But not all correctly represent – that this such. Some people mistakenly think that adenoides are the some awful and harmful outgrowths arising in a nose. will tell the readers of a detail about this disease.
Treatment of atopic dermatitis
Лечение атопического дерматитаToday will tell about one allergic disease of skin having chronic character, and followed by very unpleasant symptoms – rash on different parts of a body and a skin itch. The illness is called "atopic dermatitis".
Treatment of cirrhosis
Лечение цирроза печениStill Old Indian medical letters mention a disease, on symptoms similar to what is known to much today. And in the XV century ingenious Leonardo da Vinci, studying human anatomy, defined the changes of body accompanying this artful pathology.
Symptoms and treatment of neurosis
Симптомы и лечение неврозаWhen you last time had fully a rest? Fully is means without haste, without thoughts that at work the report waits for you - will not wait, about that, as this month again will not be enough for desired purchase of money. Summer three weeks on country beds or thoughtlessly spent holidays on a beach are not counted.
Opistorkhoz: carefully – fish!
Описторхоз: осторожно – рыба!Fishing – ancient and favourite many occupation, rest for soul, tired of the city … And the hooked fish is much more tasty the purchased. However, processing the catch, distributing what small fish will fit on fish soup what - on a frying pan and what – to dry, remembers about … to an opistorkhoza.
Intra cranial pressure, treatment of hypertensia
Внутричерепное давление, лечение гипертензииIntra cranial pressure (VChD) represents pressure of liquid, so-called the likvor which is constantly circulating in brain ventricles. Its basic purpose is protection of a brain against various traumatic damages. In addition that, the likvor is responsible for removal of products of the metabolism occurring in cells of a brain and possesses antimicrobic action.
Symptoms and treatment of periodontosis
Симптомы и лечение пародонтозаSmile "on all thirty two" - a success synonym at all times. Providing to a mouth full leaving, we increase the chances of avoiding the pulled-out teeth and the hours which are "pulled out" by a toothache from healthy life. However there are such artful diseases which and wait for that when we zazevatsya right there to occupy healthy "territories".
Symptoms and treatment of psoriasis
Симптомы и лечение псориазаPsoriasis represents a noncontagious chronic disease of skin of the person which also can "scaly call deprived". In a literal translation from Greek this word is meant by "itch" or "itch".
What is the miopiya
Что такое миопияMiopiya is such anomaly of sight at which the person indistinctly sees the subjects located in the distance. One more name of this disease more widespread – short-sightedness.
Candidiasis at children
Кандидоз у детейCandidiasis or as it is called still, the milkwoman very often meets at newborns and kids. Generally those children in which mothers the fungal infection was found directly during pregnancy face this problem. And if not to pay due attention to the treatment, at the time of delivery the kid will catch candidiasis.
Treatment of chronic cholecystitis
Лечение хронического холециститаChronic cholecystitis gives trouble to much, from it suffer from 17% to 22% of total number of adult population of our planet – statistical data of the last years are that. Therefore decided to tell in detail the readers about it, about its symptoms, signs, the emergence reasons. You will find in article also recommendations about treatment.
Fimoz at boys
Фимоз у мальчиковAny illness of the kid frightens his parents – be it banal cold or something is more serious.
Treatment of a fungus standing
Лечение грибка на ногахToday this quite widespread disease. It will difficult respond to treatment and can constantly renew.
Embolization of uterine arteries
Эмболизация маточных артерийIn modern gynecology and obstetrics more than 20 years as a stop of postoperative and postnatal bleedings the embolization of uterine arteries is applied.
Prevention of platypodia
Профилактика плоскостопияPlatypodia – not a harmless illness as it is considered to be. Its prevalence at people depresses and sets thinking.
What is AIDS and HIV
Что такое СПИД и ВИЧEpidemic of the most unclear and horrible disease of the present began more than twenty years ago. The acquired immunodeficiency syndrome called by AIDS which was called "plague of the 20th eyelid" represents big threat to mankind to this day. Its prompt distribution and lack of possibility of treatment represent an enormous problem of modern medicine.
How to bring down high temperature
Как сбить высокую температуруNormal body temperature of the person fluctuates ranging from 36,5 to 36,8 degrees Celsius. Its decrease, mainly, says that the organism does not have enough own resources for development of thermal energy.
Treatment of kalkulezny cholecystitis
Лечение калькулезного холециститаKalkulezny cholecystitis is the disease causing formation of stones in a gall bladder. Kalkulyozny cholecystitis has also another, the found name - cholelithiasis is more frequent.
That is shingles
Что являет собой опоясывающий лишайNot many people know that such shingles and it is good. Because shingles is one of the most unpleasant diseases. This disease mature people usually have.
Treatment of a lyamblioz
Лечение лямблиозаAs it is pleasant to visit in the summer, and it is better to live outdoors! Or in the village! The sun, air, a grass green, water in the small river teplyushchy, a berry cheesecake directly from a bed asks for a mouth. And to children expanse! Though the whole day from the street do not leave.
Infectious mononukleoz – whether it is dangerous?
Инфекционный мононуклеоз – опасно ли это?Infectious mononukleoz is a disease of virus character. The illness is followed by serious symptoms therefore treatment of an infectious mononukleoz does not suffer expectation.
Treatment of a hangover
Лечение похмельяThe hungover syndrome or hangover is the unpleasant feelings connected with a headache, nausea, vomiting, heat or a fever for the morning after a rough feast. Weakness, trembling of hands, sense of guilt is also possible – all this is connected with that action which renders on us alcohol.
Symptoms and treatment of frigidity at women
Симптомы и лечение фригидности у женщинFrigidity – decrease or total absence of a sexual inclination, feelings during sex and an orgasm at women. Sometimes it is followed by painful feelings during sexual intercourse and even disgust for the partner.
Reasons of the poor monthly
Причины скудных месячныхThe poor monthly are violation at which the menstrual cycle and course of the monthly is broken can be reduced about three days. When such changes appear at girls, they do not cause fears, and here at women at mature age the poor monthly say about problems with health.
Treatment of osteoporosis
Лечение остеопорозаRecently this term often sounds from screens of TVs, is mentioned on pages of editions about health, speak about it also doctors. Why it is actual and what such osteoporosis?
Uterus fibroma
Фиброма маткиThe most frequent illness of genitals of women uterus fibroma is considered. In most cases this illness proceeds without any symptoms therefore to find it at early stages not easy. Fibroma is not a malignant tumor which develops in a uterus.
Symptoms and treatment of itch
Симптомы и лечение чесоткиItch is a skin disease which is caused by microscopic parasites. The parasite causing an unpleasant itch and rashes on all body designate a scabby tick or scabby zudny. The disease is transmitted through skin contact, and also through clothes, household appliances, a bed and other.
Symptoms and treatment of cholera
Симптомы и лечение холерыCholera is especially dangerous infection which activator can remain in water a long time. The source of an infection is a sick person and a vibrionositel who allocate the causative agent of a disease with excrements and emetic masses.
Treatment of meningitis
Лечение менингитаIn the childhood of many children which do not want to put on a cap in a cold season, fussy grandmothers frighten by meningitis. Say, the disease such is when the brain inflames. And plainly anything to tell about meningitis and cannot. In such cases some grandsons nevertheless unwillingly pull an annoying headdress, and others continue to defy youth, say, diseases will not concern them...
Diseases of lungs and bronchial tubes
Заболевания легких и бронховToday people very often are exposed to various diseases among which diseases of lungs and bronchial tubes are quite widespread. There is a lot of reasons for that and each person can have them absolutely different.
Diseases of female genitals
Заболевания женских половых органовThe female organism is capable to conceal in itself a set of diseases. Each of them is shown by concrete symptoms. Today we will also talk about them.
Treatment of sinusitis
Лечение синуситаOtorhinolaryngologists consider very actual a problem of the inflammatory processes which became frequent at patients in okolonosovy bosoms now.
Treatment of chronic tonsillitis
Лечение хронического тонзиллитаMany people, especially at children's age, are subject to constant inflammations of airways. Often to have to test unpleasant symptoms, an indisposition to visit the doctor and to take the sick-list. And the doctor makes constantly same diagnosis.
Treatment of anemia
Лечение анемииConstant fatigue, pallor of the person, chill. In the mornings it is heavy to you to wake up, on service you can hardly finish till a lunch, bags with products seem very heavy, and hair became dim and fragile …
Treatment of pharyngitis
Лечение фарингитаThe sore throat can testify to the different diseases most often attacking in a cold, rainy season. already told readers about laryngitis, the turn to receive particulars about other disease - pharyngitis came today.
Treatment of bradycardia
Лечение брадикардииBradycardia is a delay of pulse which it is caused by reduction of a cardiac muscle. Such phenomenon is not norm for a human body therefore it should be taken into account this disease in all its aspects.
What is tachycardia
Что такое тахикардияMuch, probably, happened to hear, and even to endure such state when pertinently to tell about heart that it "jumps out of a breast". The speech about strong heartbeat which is most often connected with strong experiences, alarm, fear, and also other emotional states when heart rate sharply increases.
Dyskinesia: that it is necessary to know
Дискинезия: что нужно знатьWhen we speak about diseases of a gall bladder, most often cholelithiasis or, for example, cholecystitis comes back to memory. However quite often weight in the right side, pain after a plentiful feast or, let us assume, sharp change of a diet is caused by other reason – dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways.
Treatment of laryngitis
Лечение ларингитаWith arrival of fall the number of the patients expecting the turn to the therapist or the ENT specialist in corridors of policlinics considerably increases. And as a result of inspection the doctor makes different diagnoses: ORZ, SARS, tonsillitis, laryngitis …
Digestive tract diseases
Заболевания желудочно-кишечного трактаGastrointestinal diseases represent big group of diseases which affect the anatomic area of the same name. In comparison with other diseases of pathology of a digestive tract are most widespread.
Treatment of a photodermatosis
Лечение фотодерматозаVery often people face such problem as reddening of skin under the influence of sunshine which arises at all not that they long sat under the sun. Similar symptoms are characteristic for such illness as a photodermatosis. Also will tell about this disease to the readers.
Mastitis at young mother
Мастит у молодой мамыVery often at the woman who gave rise recently and nurses the child, there is a reddening in a mammary gland, and the mammary gland thus increases. Sometimes thus temperature increases. In that case doctors speak about laktatsionny mastitis.
Care of the bed patient
Уход за лежачим больнымFor some people care of bed patients is a work. But none of us are not insured from need to look after someone from relatives with limited physical capacities. will tell about what it is necessary to know to provide normal leaving to the patient and to facilitate to itself life.
Hypostases of feet
Отеки ногI think, such trouble is familiar to many readers – to evening of a foot become heavy, there is a fatigue, pain. There is an impression that feet "hoot". Again swelled. There is a desire to take off attractive shoes and somewhat quicker to reach the favourite sofa. As to relieve the legs of such sufferings and puffiness?
Kvinke swelled
Отек КвинкеAmong many there is a wrong opinion that the allergy is a though unpleasant disease, but quite harmless. But, unfortunately, also such allergic reactions at which there is a real threat for human life quite often meet. And if people around do not give the correct help to such person, for example, at Kvinke's hypostasis, consequences can be irreversible.
How to improve hearing
Как улучшить слухProblems meet hearing today not seldom. They can be both at people of old age, and at children or young guys and girls. The reasons why so occurs, there is a big set. Unfortunately, in certain cases our medicine is powerless, but nevertheless the patient can be helped with some still.
Reasons of decrease in hearing
Причины снижения слухаWith bad ecology and the increasing noise level the number of people with the reduced hearing constantly grows in our world. Some people at first do not even realize that start hearing worse. However at accumulation of various adverse factors relative deafness progresses and becomes noticeable. It is much easier to prevent deterioration of hearing, than then to treat.
How to keep health of bones and joints
Как сохранить здоровье костей и суставовOften we do not pay attention to a condition of bones and joints while we do not have problems with them. At young age the most widespread problems are injuries. And in mature the situation is complicated by a set of factors which in common can lead to various diseases. It is necessary to make thrifty use of the bones and joints from the earliest age.
Treatment of quinsy and cough at children
Лечение ангины и кашля у детейI will not open a secret if I tell that quinsy at least once in life each person had. All know well this unpleasant feeling of irritation in a throat and pain when swallowing. Children are most often subject to this disease. Quinsy is a result of the weakened immunity at which an infection, getting to the child's organism, starts developing actively.
Treatment of hypotonia
Лечение гипотонииToday it will be a question of the condition of an organism which is characterized by the lowered arterial pressure. I will note that hypotonia among the population meets much more more often than a hypertension. But documentary not all cases as most of the patients suffering from this illness do not follow the help to the doctor, apart from itself patients are fixed.
How to keep health of a backbone
Как сохранить здоровье позвоночника	The backbone is a basis of our skeleton to which muscles fasten. In fact, the backbone is a basis of all our body. Its maintenance in a healthy state will favorably be reflected in a condition of all organism. However, unfortunately, often we start caring about health of a backbone already when felt the first symptoms of a disease.
Polyps in a stomach, types and treatment
Полипы в желудке, виды и лечениеEven more often gastroenterologists make the diagnosis – polyps in a stomach. A disease it is found in children, teenagers and more in those who reached age of 40-50 years. If you or relatives were not avoided by this illness, this article can be useful. We will tell that polyps represent, whether they bear danger and as to cure them.
Treatment of tuberculosis folk remedies
Лечение туберкулеза народными средствамиTuberculosis – a dangerous infectious, infectious disease. Infection happens at communication with already sick person through air or through infected large and a small cattle. To distinguish tuberculosis not easy. He likes to hide behind a mask of other diseases. At treatment of tuberculosis important both drug treatment, and food, and a way of life.
Reasons and treatment of diarrhea
Причины и лечение диареиThis unpleasant state is familiar to all – both children, and adults. The stomach hurts, feels sick, tears, sometimes even temperature rises. But the most important – in any way is not possible to leave a "nasizhenny" place. All you run and you run, and to all fault – diarrhea, or simply a diarrhea, and on science – diarrhea. Adults cope with this problem quicker, than children and elderly people.
Symptoms and treatment of a cataract
Симптомы и лечение катарактыOne of the common causes leading to considerable deterioration or even to full loss of sight is the cataract. Therefore more than 370000 operations are performed by ophthalmologists on replacement of a crystalline lens in Russia every year. Emergence and the course of a cataract are promoted by age violations, injuries of an organ of vision, eye pathologies, ultra-violet radiation, smoking, etc.
Diagnosis of diseases on the person
Диагностика заболеваний по лицуThe person, its color, bags under eyes, the filled-out eyelids, extinct eyes and many other things is capable to tell about a condition of our organism: about the approaching or already chronic diseases, about what doctor it is time to ask for the help. The patofiziognomika is engaged in the symptoms of diseases seen on a face.
"Mumps" (or epidemic parotitis)
«Свинка» (или эпидемический паротит)In the people this infectious disease is called "mumps" or a zaushnitsa long ago. And here in medical practice it received the strict name – epidemic parotitis. For it the sharp current with the fever (raised by temperature) is characteristic, the general intoxication a virus, one or two salivary glands mainly are surprised, they increase and inflame.
Treatment of a rubella
Лечение краснухиQuite often young parents, having seen rash on skin of the chilled child, are perplexed or panic. After all rash often accompanies infectious diseases, such as scarlet fever, measles, chicken pox, a rubella. Here about a rubella the speech in this article will also go. What symptoms for it are characteristic? How it proceeds? Than it is dangerous to pregnant women and an embryo?
How to get rid of heartburn
Как избавиться от изжогиHeartburn – already one this word causes nervous trembling and a distortion. If you thought that it torments only you, you deeply were mistaken. Practically every second person on the planet sometime felt this unpleasant feeling – discomfort and burning on all gullet, behind a breast or in the top part of a stomach. Heartburn it is possible and it is necessary to prevent and treat.
How to bring down high temperature at the child
Как сбить высокую температуру у ребенкаAll parents know that the increased temperature is a strong indication of trouble in an organism of the kid. You should not be frightened it, but also it is impossible to ignore. To work competently, the main thing correctly to learn, to distinguish, on what specifies temperature increase. And most often temperature increases against an infectious disease.
Treatment of scarlet fever
Лечение скарлатиныAs it is considered to be scarlet fever a children's infectious disease, it is necessary to know to parents about this illness especially as symptoms of scarlet fever are easily recognized. Agree, it is warned – means it is armed. You should not be afraid of this disease in spite of the fact that more than a century ago from scarlet fever children often perished, today treatment does not cause difficulties.
Treatment of mycosis
Лечение микоза"Mycosis" – the harmless word can bring many troubles. There is dry a skin, on it there are cracks which itch, nail plates of hands and feet are surprised further. Concept this collective as there are more than 500 types of causative agents of a fungal infection. Therefore also diseases are called differently: candidiasis, epidermofitiya, herpeses, scab.
Treatment of a kuperoz
Лечение куперозаAll of us like to look at stars and asterisks, to dream and make wishes. But asterisks are not always so attractive and desired. There are vascular asterisks (them "wine spots", and scientifically – kuperoz still call). Here they bring them to owners and owners many sad minutes.
Nausea reasons
Причины тошноты Practically each person knows about the feelings connected with this word. And despite it very few people are capable to call this feeling pleasant. Nevertheless, nausea is a symptom of a number of pathological states and demands timely knocking over. Let's talk about the main reasons provoking development of nausea and reliable ways for a temporary relief of a state.
Inflammation of a sciatic nerve
Воспаление седалищного нерваThe inflammation of a sciatic nerve is a pathological state at which one of the largest and long nervous terminations in a human body is surprised. 1. Pain arising at pathology during the sharp period can be intensive, rather strong and expressed, extending on all foot.
Treatment of vasomotorial rhinitis
Лечение вазомоторного ринитаThe mechanism of developing of usual cold is known to everyone, it is worth overcooling and here it, the old acquaintance: the internal surface of a nose swells, it becomes difficult to breathe, release of slime from the nasal courses begins. However, the usual not complicated cold, passes within a week, and in it it favourably differs from vasomotorial rhinitis.
Treatment of antritis folk remedies
Лечение гайморита народными средствамиMany of us know about such disease as antritis firsthand. Most often it arises in a cold season and at untimely treatment can bring an array of problems and inconveniences. Often the disease is treated by national methods which effectively eliminate not only signs, but also the reason of formation of antritis.
How to cure cough
Как вылечить кашельAlready came a new season of colds into the own. Everywhere as newcomers walk about the coughing people with red noses which aim to infect us. And what prevents them to stay at home and be treated? We will not answer this question, but we will prompt some ways to cure cough available means. The most important in treatment of cough – the realized and considered approach to its treatment.
Abdominal distension (meteorizm)
Вздутие живота (метеоризм)The abdominal distension (meteorizm) is quite frequent symptom today. Its prevalence is connected with many reasons. Because of the accumulated gases intestines displace a stomach, provoke zabros food from a stomach in a gullet, a frequent eructation and sourish smack in a mouth. However that the abdominal distension always affects social life is the most unpleasant.
Atsetonemichesky syndrome at the child
Ацетонемический синдром у ребенкаConstant vomiting, nausea, lack of appetite – to someone from parents these signs of an atsetonemichesky syndrome are well familiar. The one who knows, will agree that it is not so simple, apparently, and pretty unpleasant. And in the presence of diabetes it is dangerous as opportunity to fall into a coma is not excluded.
Prevention of diseases of a mammary gland
Профилактика заболеваний молочной железыThis article is addressed to all women. The reason for its writing is not casual – in our country growth of cancer cases of a mammary gland almost by 1,5 times is noted in the last decade. The Russian women still thoughtlessly treat the health, neglecting even those preventive opportunities which were given them by the state.
Anorexia, symptoms and treatment
Анорексия, симптомы и лечениеIt is sure that there are people who never even heard this word – "anorexia", many heard, but do not know its value. If this is so – to you was largely lucky, but there are those who faced this problem face to face. Anorexia is the disease which is followed by frustration of food behavior and that is very important, a mental disorder.
Removal of a sulfuric stopper
Удаление серной пробкиSulfur is formed at any healthy person. In norm she leaves from an ear during the chewing and conversation as thus there is a movement temporal nizhnechelyustsnogo a joint and close to it ear pass. But at some people of it does not occur. Slices of sulfur accumulate in external acoustical pass, gradually cork it and form a stopper.
Hepatitis C, symptoms and treatment
Гепатит С, симптомы и лечениеWhen someone from acquaintances gets sick, all consider that to them such definitely does not happen. Today all have heard a lot about hepatitis C, but many are mistaken, thinking that only the people using drugs or conducting chaotic sexual life can get sick. In the XX century everything was represented quite so, but today scientists came to a conclusion that there are many other factors.
Vegeto-sosudistaya dystonia, symptoms and treatment
Вегето-сосудистая дистония, симптомы и лечениеFor certain some of you happened to hear about such disease – vegeto-vascular dystonia. The matter is that very often people, having certain problems with health, go from one doctor to another, but doctors cannot establish the exact diagnosis. What disappears under this term, whether it is possible to treat this disease as far as it is dangerous, and to what doctor to address?
Allergic cold, symptoms and treatment
Аллергический насморк, симптомы и лечениеAllergic diseases – a scourge of our time, and cold of the allergic nature – one of the most often found pathologies on Earth: suffer from it from 10 to 25% of the population of the different countries of the world. We got used to that "snivels" do not deserve the serious relation, but concerning cold of the allergic nature this rule does not work.
Meteodependence, symptoms and treatment
Метеозависимость, симптомы и лечениеWhether you noticed how your health or mood depending on weather changes?! Influences our life not only notorious atmospheric pressure. How to learn to transfer without loss for health the periods? The clear understanding of the meteotype will help with it, to define which it is possible thanks to the symptoms accompanying meteodependence.
How to cope with an intertrigo at the newborn
Как справиться с опрелостями у новорожденногоStill being the pregnant woman, I repeatedly heard from more skilled girlfriends and relatives about such unpleasant feature of children's skin as an intertrigo. Skin of newborns very dry, thin and gentle, and internal fatty layer appears much later therefore any external influence leads to microinjuries and infection.
Allergy to pollen at the child
Аллергия на пыльцу у ребенкаMany parents face a problem of a stuffy nose and red eyes at the children during the spring-autumn period. And it accompanies their all warm period of year when everything blossoms and smells. Such phenomenon that another, as allergy to pollen or pollinoz. Heredity can be the initial cause of emergence of an allergy in the child.
Treatment of stomatitis
Лечение стоматитаStomatitis is the disease which is characterized by an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a mouth. It causes discomfort, pain of various degree, deterioration of life in the patient. It is considered that stomatitis is an illness of dirty hands and only small children have it. Both of these statements are false. Any person, irrespective of age can get sick with stomatitis.
Treatment of cross platypodia
Лечение поперечного плоскостопияDifferent factors, in total or separately, lead to the essential deformations of foot bringing pain and discomfort when walking. The increased bone on a foot (is below a thumb), constant natoptysh and callosities, a thumb bend towards the second finger with the subsequent deformation. All this symptoms of cross platypodia.
Children's autism
Детский аутизмIf even not all psychologists, now heard this term about such disease as autism very famous for everyone twenty years ago. In the countries of the former USSR only for the last five years became five times more than the children suffering from autism. Reasons for that set: ecological imbalance, pregnancy pathologies, etc. What to do if you suspect autism at the child?
Anemia at children
Анемия у детейThe diagnosis "anemia" was heard from the pediatrician by many mothers. And about notorious hemoglobin which is for some reason lower than norm, know even fathers! Anemias happen the most different, but the primary majority of anemias develops owing to deficiency of iron. These anemias are called iron deficiency, and we will talk about them.
Hyperactivity at the child
Гиперактивность у ребенкаThe disease state is called a syndrome of deficiency of attention with a hyperactivity (SDVG) and has accurate signs. Children with SDVG do not react to a ban and remarks, are often impulsive and aggressive, finish nothing, quickly distract and become exhausted. This state demands the help of experts (the children's neurologist, the psychologist, the psychiatrist).
Treatment of scoliosis
Лечение сколиозаSince the childhood we, without obeying parents and teachers, we will stoop and incorrectly we sit at a school desk. What to speak here if time dictates the rules, and the majority of time we spend behind the computer, forgetting to do breaks. And when we notice that with our backbone something not so, we do not hurry to address to the doctor, expecting emergence of deteriorations.
Displaziya of coxofemoral joints
Дисплазия тазобедренных суставовAccording to the national program full survey by experts of the child has to begin in 1 month. The list of narrow experts includes also the surgeon-orthopedist. What surprise and frustration at mother when the orthopedist, directing the kid on ultrasonic research of coxofemoral joints, "displaziya" makes the diagnosis. Not everything is so terrible if in time to notice and correctly to treat.
How to lower pressure in house conditions?
Как понизить давление в домашних условиях?Recently the constant tendency to jumps (increases and decreases) of arterial pressure was outlined. Sadly that the increase of pressure peculiar earlier to elderly people or small percent of hypertensive persons, now affected people more young than 35-40 years. And a question "How to lower pressure in house conditions?" an increasing number of people excites.
Skin new growths
Новообразования кожиThere is a belief that if on a body there are a lot of birthmarks, papillomas or warts, so the person has a predisposition to oncological diseases. And it partly truth. And though it only supervision, it is always worth observing certain security measures. And at any guarding factors in development of new growths of skin - to address to the dermatologist or the oncologist.
Cancer therapy of a mammary gland
Лечение рака молочной железыAt a modern rhythm of life to the woman difficult fully to watch over the health. But nobody cancelled need of it. Fatal diseases can become result of the inattentive relation to themselves very unpleasant and even. One of them is the breast cancer. Therefore you should pay close attention to own health and health of relatives of women.
Treatment of otitis
Лечение отитаOtitis is a serious disease of an ear. So serious that many do not even imagine possible consequences (deterioration of hearing - one of them). Even if you the adherent of national ways of treatment, the campaign to the doctor is obligatory! Remember that you risk much! That such did not happen to you, we will try to understand how not to allow emergence of otitis.
Treatment of an intestinal dysbiosis at children
Лечение дисбактериоза кишечника у детейWhat mother will agree during an illness of the kid that to him antimicrobic preparations pricked intramuscularly, but not simply would give mixture or a tablet? Also mothers do not reflect, consequences of such acts can be how serious. Antibiotics, and also mass of other diseases, states and drugs can cause dysbacteriosis. Also it is worth talking about it...
Often ill children, treatment and prevention
Часто болеющие дети, лечение и профилактикаThe diagnosis "Often ill child" is familiar, unfortunately, to many mothers. We face this problem most often at arrival of the kid in kindergarten or a day nursery. The long cold, "unclear" cough remaining a long time, an allergy to drugs, eternal sick-lists. Very important during such period to know about ways to protect an organism of the kid.
The first and medical care at pheumothorax
Первая и медицинская помощь при пневмотораксеCruel fight, mountain collapse, car accident. All this can be followed by a fracture of edges. The reasonable sequence of actions in these conditions will rescue the patient. will tell you about first-aid treatment and about actions of surgeons at the injuries of a thorax complicated by pheumothorax today.
Prevention and treatment of caries
Профилактика и лечение кариесаAll of us know the scary word "caries" – it causes fear in children and a shiver at adults. Once skhodiv to the stomatologist, the person for the rest of life stocks up with negative memoirs. Today will try to tell readers that caries is not so terrible that it is possible to treat him even without drill, and the correct prevention can relieve you of "painful tortures".
Treatment of arthritis
Лечение артритаArthritis is one of the most widespread diseases of joints which, in fact, is inflammatory process. tells about arthritis symptoms, its reasons, ways of treatment and preventive measures.
Treatment of arthrosis of joints
Лечение артроза суставовArthrosis is very widespread disease at which the cartilaginous layer in a joint or between vertebras owing to what the joint "crackles" slowly collapses, hurts, and in the started cases limits your movements. will tell you about arthrosis of joints: it is informed – means it is armed.
Prevention of diseases of kidneys
Профилактика заболеваний почекKidneys – the most powerful filter. They deal with all toxins, microbes, infections which get to an organism. If the liver decomposes all harmful substances, kidneys then filter them from blood and remove. All know that at the slightest disease surely appoint the analysis of urine – very easy to determine a condition of all organism by it.
Treatment and prevention of rickets
Лечение и профилактика рахитаAt the word "rickets" at us can arise unless associations with offensive children's "obzyvalka" or the starving children in pre-revolutionary Russia. But this illness which reason unbalanced food and a lack of sunshine is, is capable and to become a reason for concern of parents today.
Symptoms and treatment of swine flu
Симптомы и лечение свиного гриппаToday did not hear about swine flu only the lazy. The virus A/H1N1 in popularity in a black rating eclipsed world financial crisis, by it already frighten careless children, about it speak at every turn. What we need to know about this exotic illness?
Treatment and prevention of skin diseases
Лечение и профилактика кожных заболеванийLikely, each of us at least once in life faced this or that type of skin diseases. For someone they become insignificant temporary inconvenience, and for someone – the real disaster. However, first of all it must be kept in mind that dermatological diseases most often tend to development therefore it is very important not to start them.
Reasons and treatment of man's infertility
Причины и лечение мужского бесплодияSeveral earlier already told about female infertility. The situation at which violations of genital function are found in the man is called as man's infertility, and for this reason conception does not come over a year. I will repeat that within this year couple conducts active sexual life and does not use any contraceptives.
Treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis
Лечение и профилактика остеохондрозаStatistically every second inhabitant of our planet has osteochondrosis. And though do not die of this illness, it is followed by pains, sometimes strong which prevent to move and live in a habitual rhythm. How not to allow and how to be treated for osteochondrosis will tell
Female hormonal violations
Женские гормональные нарушенияHealth of all organism, in particular the sexual sphere also depends on a hormonal background. And, besides, the hormonal balance influences mood, reactions and finally character of the woman. So, for example, scientists say that the lion's share of stains for "the unclear reasons", actually occur because of violation of activity of a thyroid gland.
Treatment of adenoma of a prostate gland
Лечение аденомы предстательной железыAdenoma is a tumor? Yes, good-quality, same as uterus myoma, or, for example, knots in a thyroid gland – pleasant, of course, is not enough, but awful anything. Whether influences sexual function of the man? Yes. Influences as changes a hormonal background and the general condition of an urinary system. But this influence bilateral about what I will tell below.
How to cure cold at children
Как вылечить простуду у детей"Caught a cold!" – you state and open the home first-aid kit, thinking what a tablet to give. Or gather in a drugstore to buy a pack - another of miracle pills. Stop! Do not hurry to address to pharmaceutics, suggests to begin with house ways of treatment of cold which quickly and without harm, will put in order of your son or the daughter.
Treatment of cholelithiasis
Лечение желчнокаменной болезниCholelithiasis (ZhKB) – a disease at which in a gall bladder stones (concrements) consisting of salts of bilious acids, cholesterol and dye – bilirubin are formed. In medicine allocate 3 types of stones: cholesteric, pigmentary, and mixed. So cholelithiasis (ZhKB) – the illness which is quite extended today begins.
Treatment of arrhythmia
Лечение аритмииArrhythmia of heart is a frustration of a rhythm, frequency or sequence of reduction of heart. Usually the person in a quiet state feels only weak heart beat, but does not feel its rhythm. At arrhythmia of people feels obvious interruptions in his work. It can be a sharp dying down, increase or chaotic reductions.
Treatment and prevention of chicken pox
Лечение и профилактика ветряной оспыChicken pox – an acute infectious disease of the virus nature. Chicken pox belongs to group of antroponoz, i.e. it only the person is ill and to catch chicken pox from animals and birds it is impossible by definition. In most cases children aged from 5 till 9-10 years are ill. Adults are ill seldom, but in case of infection the disease at them proceeds especially hard.
Treatment of bronchial asthma
Лечение бронхиальной астмыBronchial asthma – a widespread disease. Now the number of patients continues to increase, despite earlier diagnostics and modern approaches to treatment. In the world more than 150 million people having bronchial asthma are. In airways there is a chronic inflammation which at an aggravation causes an asthma attack.
Treatment of glaucoma
Лечение глаукомыGlaucoma — this disease of eyes for which periodic or continuous increase of the intraocular pressure (VGD) is characteristic. Violation of circulation of intraocular liquid (decrease in its outflow) is the reason of increase of VGD. The atrophy of an optic nerve occurs owing to the raised VGD that eventually conducts to full loss of sight.
Mental disorders, ch.2
Психические расстройства, ч.2Scientists studied in detail influence on an organism of the injuring situation which causes changes in work of systems of an internal. By the first part of article you are already familiar with various mental disorders and their clinical manifestations. Here we will try to adumbrate to you about their treatment, including self-correction of mentality.
Mental disorders, p.1
Психические расстройства, ч.1In our disturbing time seldom whom you will see with a serene look. The problem of good psychological health remains a sensitive issue. About those types of psychological frustration which we inevitably should face in everyday life most often, and we will talk in this article.
Treatment of tuberculosis
Лечение туберкулезаTuberculosis is widespread in Russia. The most frequent pulmonary form of this illness develops at people with the weakened immunity – their organism is not capable to resist to an infection. It is possible to catch at contact with the sick person: mikobakteriya of tuberculosis get to air with cough, sneezing of the patient. Especially tuberculosis and becomes aggravated in the spring in the fall.
Treatment of diabetes
Лечение диабетаDiabetes arises when the pancreas for the reasons unknown to science ceases to develop the necessary amount of insulin. It is diabetes of the first type — insulin-dependent. However, diabetes of the second type meets more often — when insulin in an organism activity of insulin the very low is developed enough, but.
Treatment of a hypertension
Лечение гипертонииHypertensive illness — this continuous or periodic increase of arterial pressure. To get rid of a hypertension forever — it is impossible, after all walls of vessels for years adapted to an elevated pressure, and medicines we cannot return their former state. But it is possible to notice manifestations of a hypertension in time and to take measures.
Treatment of pyelonephritis
Лечение пиелонефритаWith pyelonephritis any person can get sick. However this disease is most characteristic for women and girls. At pyelonephritis tissue of a kidney, a kidney lokhanka and cups is surprised. Pyelonephritis is caused by the infection getting to kidneys or with blood current, or the ascending way — from the infected bladder.
Treatment of cystitis
Лечение циститаFrom this disease anybody is not insured. Everyone can incidentally overcool, insufficiently well to wash genitals and to bring an infection... Let's note that women have cystitis much more more often than men, it is connected with features of a structure of a female organism. For successful treatment of cystitis of the patient it is not obligatory to hospitalize.
Symptoms and treatment of clamidiosis
Симптомы и лечение хламидиозаThe diseases which are transferred from one person to another at sexual contact get under category of venereal diseases. Today concept of diseases sexually transmitted do not contact only one gonorrhea or syphilis. Clamidiosis also belongs to this group of diseases also. Danger of infection with clamidiosis is high.
Symptoms and treatments of herpes
Симптомы и лечения герпесаHow many time it happened to us to be afflicted, having felt familiar burning on a lip — again herpes "got out". And after all herpes — is not simply annoying sore on a lip, the virus of herpes cannot be expelled from a human body. To catch — as easy as shelling pears, and here to get rid — in any way. Herpes can arise and on genitals — we will also tell about its treatment.
Symptoms and treatment of trichomoniasis
Симптомы и лечение трихомониазаTrichomoniasis — a disease, sexually transmitted. Unlike other diseases, causative agents of trichomoniasis can live in the damp environment till 20 o'clock. It creates threat to catch trichomoniasis in the household way — for example, in a bath. Therefore it will be extremely useful to know that represents a disease, about its symptoms, treatment and prevention.
Treatment of antritis
Лечение гайморитаWell here... again cold. Strange, does not pass and some headaches began... And the person goes on reception to the otolaryngologist. The doctor, having carried out necessary manipulations, makes the diagnosis — you have an antritis. Let's understand that it for an illness and as usual cold can pass into antritis.
Treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids
Лечение и профилактика геморрояSedentary work, inactive way of life – all this leads to developing of hemorrhoids. Statistically every fourth adult has hemorrhoids. If you the most part of day stay in office, and then go home and are filled up to have a rest on a sofa – you in group of risk. Not to fill up number of patients read this article.
Symptoms and treatment of appendicitis
Симптомы и лечение аппендицитаThe stomach hurts... Doctors advise us never to treat belly-ache independently, threatening us with terrible consequences of self-treatment. Let's find out, what symptoms of the most popular surgical disease – appendicitis. As a cause of illness the undigested remains of food corking a gleam of a worm-shaped shoot can serve.
Symptoms and treatment of gastritis
Симптомы и лечение гастритаGastritis is an inflammation of walls of a stomach which arises under the influence of chemicals, a bacterium of Helicobacter pylori and mechanical damages. If the person often eats spicy, resalty or spicy food, the epithelium of a stomach becomes thinner, cages lose ability to resist to gastric juice, and it starts corroding stomach walls. There is a gastritis.
Treatment of impotence
Лечение импотенцииPhysicians define impotence as full sexual powerlessness when the man loses ability to make koitus. Loss of sexual force – the tragedy for any man. Very often this trouble overtakes even young men aged till 30 years. In what the reasons of impotence and how to fight against it?
Symptoms and treatment of gonorrhea
Симптомы и лечение гонореиGonorrhea is the disease caused gonokokky which is transferred with the patient's liquids – sperm, vaginal allocations, a saliva. Gonokokk quickly perishes out of a human body therefore it is impossible to catch gonorrhea when bathing in one pool. The knowledge of symptoms and certain precautionary measures will help to be saved from this disease.
Symptoms and treatment of syphilis
Симптомы и лечение сифилисаHundred years ago syphilis was a sentence, a fatal disease for the majority of the caught. Fortunately, today there are effective medicines, and in due time begun treatment of syphilis always gives a favorable outcome. Let's understand as syphilis proceeds as to treat it and how to avoid infection with this dangerous illness.
Treatment of a mastopatiya
Лечение мастопатииA breast pain before periods gives to many women an inconvenience. All unpleasant symptoms disappear with arrival monthly, but in three-four weeks everything repeats again. Someone lives with such symptoms for years, without suspecting that it is a mastopatiya, very dangerous illness. About this disease the speech in article will also go.
Treatment of varicosity
Лечение варикозаVaricosity – trouble not only elderly, but also absolutely young. As often it happens that the young woman gets after the delivery convex knotty veins standing, pain, and other troubles of varicosity. Today on the pages we will consider how to distinguish the beginning varicosity how to treat and slow down its development.
Treatment of hernia
Лечение грыжиAll know, hernias happen different: mezhnozvonkovy, inguinal. Today we suggest you to esteem that represents each type of hernia as to treat it and how not to allow emergence of hernia. There is a set of types of hernias. How they arise?
Treatment and prevention of an allergy
Лечение и профилактика аллергииUnfortunately, not all manage to eliminate at least for a while this or that reason causing an allergy. And some do not manage at all. What have to be your actions in case of allergic reaction? Also let's ask a question, whether full disposal of an allergy and if it so, how is possible?
Treatment of epilepsy
Лечение эпилепсииEpilepsy sometimes call "a God's mark", believe that the people having epilepsy are marked out from above. The nature of emergence of this disease is still not established. Today with the magazine we will consider that such epilepsy as it is treated and how to behave in case near you there was a person having this illness.
Treatment of stutter
Лечение заиканияWhat unites such well-known people how Bruce Willis, Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill and Napoleon? All of them stammered, but, having made efforts for overcoming of speech problems, they could achieve success and become famous. suggests to talk about it, including about methods of treatment of stutter.
Treatment of the grown nail
Лечение вросшего ногтяTo you, dear readers the problem of "the grown nail" is probably familiar. Some consider that it in general a trifle unworthy to attention, but, according to, the knowledge of what treatment is necessary at emergence of the grown nail, and the most important as not to allow it, will prevent nobody.
Treatment of pains in a back
Лечение болей в спинеYou are tormented by a back pain? And you have no time to take care of the own life and to descend in hospital? You always somewhere hurry, are afraid to be late, you are hurt by a back, but you continue "to run". Let's try deal with the magazine that can become the reason of pain in a back and as it is necessary to work in such situation.
Treatment of prostatitis
Лечение простатитаProstatitis – quite frequent disease disturbing men age of 25 years and more. According to about a half of the man's population in the middle age have a chronic form of prostatitis. In this article would like to acquaint you with the matter, having told about the possible reasons and the course of treatment of prostatitis.
Treatment of pancreatitis
Лечение панкреатитаPancreatitis – a disease at which there is a pancreas inflammation therefore its functioning is broken. The pancreas is behind and slightly lower than a stomach. Its main function – production of the pancreatic juice necessary for digestion of food. Therefore at pancreatitis first of all digestion process is broken.
How to treat quinsy
Как лечить ангинуYou drink cold drink, immunity weakens a little and the streptococcal infection starts managing at you in a throat. What to do if ached with quinsy, will try to tell completely below in the material prepared specially.
Barley treatment
Лечение ячменяAn eye hurts... we look in a mirror – well indeed, the edge of an eyelid swelled up, reddened, to touch painfully. Means on this place there will be a barley. This material on has to not only help to get rid of barley, and and to avoid mistakes at its treatment.
Prevention of tick-borne encephalitis and illness of a lime
Профилактика клещевого энцефалита и болезни лаймаEntsefalitny tick – a deadly insect parasite. The sting of an entsefalitny tick is fraught with such diseases as tick-borne encephalitis, an illness Lima (a lime, laymborrelioz, tick-borne borreliosis). What it is necessary to do to avoid a sting of an entsefalitny tick?
How to treat cold
Как лечить насморкCold, apparently, such simple disease, and how many troubles it causes us... The head hurts, there is a wish to do nothing, and in a nose – the whole revolution. And such trouble can fall down us at all seasons of the year. Cold – a viral disease, you catch or not, depends on your immunity.
Symptoms and treatment of the milkwoman
Симптомы и лечение молочницыEach woman in the life had to face the milkwoman, and her unpleasant symptoms which influence not only mood and the general health, but also the intra family relations are well familiar to much. So what these symptoms and how to treat the milkwoman?
Treatment of cold
Лечение простудыThere is in the word "cold" something from childhood memories: a woolen scarf on a throat, tea with raspberry jam, a paracetamol tablet under language... And relation to cold corresponding, frivolous. Anything terrible in cold, in fact, is not present – except possible complications if wrong not to treat or treat it.
Types of a headache and their treatment
Виды головной боли и их лечениеAround the world millions of people have a headache which fluctuates from a moderate attack to intolerable pain which, as a rule, is caused by increase of intra cranial pressure or migraine.
Treatment and prevention of flu, bird flu
Лечение и профилактика гриппа, птичий гриппThe problem of flu and, in particular, its bird's version lately is widely exaggerated in the press, and according to some, simply became a subject of speculation whether on pharmaceutical, whether on poultry-farming the markets - on the first making profit, on the second - ruining...
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