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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
Treatment of a potnitsa at newborns
Лечение потницы у новорожденныхPotnitsa – quite widespread phenomenon at children's age. It is connected by that the children's organism quickly overheats, therefore – the child sweats more. At infantile age sweat glands of the kid do not cope with loading therefore on skin often there are rashes. Does not bring strong concern to the kid of potniyets, but it is necessary to treat her nevertheless.
How to teach the child to read in English
Как научить ребенка читать по-английскиMany parents ask a question when to start learning English with the child, in particular, to learn to read. The modern world information rules, and its most part is stored in printed form. Already at anybody did not remain doubts that language skills will help with expansion of an outlook and the sphere of communication, will strengthen skills of communication and in every possible way will help with further life.
Exhaust tube for newborns
Газоотводная трубка для новорожденныхThis plain and simple adaptation for many years is a subject for heated arguments. One pediatricians consider that the exhaust tube causes accustoming and advise it not to use, others on the contrary, recommend to apply this tiny attribute to simplification of a condition of newborns.
How to calm the child
Как успокоить ребенкаCrying, hysterics, shouts and whims – invariable companions of each child. The difference only that some children trade in these occupations extremely seldom, at others such reaction to all events can develop into a habit and then parents suffer already. That there was no second it is necessary to be able to calm the child correctly. Today will tell how to do it.
When it is possible to prisazhivat the girl
Когда можно присаживать девочкуEverything that is related to little children, bears in itself a trace of continuous expectation. At first future mothers and fathers wait will not wait for appearance of the child on light, then - his first smile, very first to "ag". Rejoice when the child starts holding a head and to turn over on a stomach. And by four months look forward when the kid can be put?
How to clean a nose to the newborn
Как почистить носик новорожденномуWith the birth of the kid at young mother increases cares: the child it is necessary to feed, wash up, change pampers and to execute some other daily manipulations. A compulsory procedure of care of the newborn – release of nasal passes from slime.
Rules of etiquette at a table
Правила этикета за столомTo feel surely at the holiday table on a visit or during a business lunch with the administration the knowledge of rules of behavior at a table will help. And the confidence is a synonym of success. Having examined bases today, we recommend to realize right there them houses and to acquaint with them the relatives – only this way you fix "material" and will be able to agree with pleasure on any invitation.
The mixed feeding of the child
Смешанное вскармливание ребенкаSituations of shortage of milk at the nursing mother today not a rarity. And such phenomenon can arise as in the first months after the delivery, and later. In this case the kid starts behaving irritably: there is a concern, tearfulness, intervals between feedings increase. It becomes the reason of the transfer of the child to the mixed feeding.
Crisis of 7 years at children
Кризис 7 лет у детейMany parents faced that by 7 years the child is transformed beyond recognition: from the quiet kid it turns into the uncontrollable tease. And after all psychoanalysts call this period crisis, a critical point on a curve of development of the child. In this article you learn about the reasons, symptoms and ways of overcoming of so difficult stage in life of the kid.
How to become the ideal wife
Как стать идеальной женойThe woman was always the keeper of a home. She created a cosiness in the house and was engaged in education of children. But whether it is enough of it in order that the family relations were ideal? It appears, it is necessary to be also the good wife! Such that quarrels and hysterics, reproaches and offenses never became on the way at happiness.
Care of newborns
Уход за новорожденнымиThe birth of the child is a long-awaited and bewitching godsend. And being discharged from maternity hospital, young mother starts worrying, how well she will cope with new duties. To provide to the baby comfort and to protect its weak health, it is necessary to make every day hygienic leaving and cares of the child's dream.
How to teach the child to sit
Как научить ребенка сидетьTo the kid half a year will be executed soon, and he cannot sit down yet? You should not be afflicted. Have patience better and try to help it. Most of children by 6 months is not able to sit independently, but at this age it is possible to start it to train in this simple occupation. The main thing – to show accuracy and tenderness not to do much harm to a brittle backbone of the baby.
Substitute motherhood
Суррогатное материнствоIt is so conceived by the nature that the person seeks for continuation some kind of. But what to do if speaking to the modern language, "the program gives out a mistake". For many couples which cannot have children, the substitute motherhood becomes really the last ray of hope. But in too time for many people this phenomenon immoral and unnatural.
Computer dependence at children
Компьютерная зависимость у детейThe computer became an integral part of life of the modern person for a long time. He is the excellent assistant in study and in work. But in too time can cause a serious problem – computer dependence. Especially children suffer from it. How to define, whether the child suffers from this dependence and how to fight against it?!
How to teach the child to consider
Как научить ребенка считатьAll of us from a school bench know that the mathematician – the queen of sciences. It not for nothing carries such high title, after all mathematical calculations play large role in development of mental abilities of the child.
Guest marriage
Гостевой бракAt a turn of the millennia the attitude towards all traditional including habitual way of a family causes easy contempt in some couples cardinally exchanged. Today inadmissible earlier "civil" marriages enjoy popularity, "the Swedish families" (though even more often meet, of course, mainly abroad), everything is simpler the relation to free, guest marriages.
What to present to the newborn
Что подарить новорожденномуOn Earth the new person was born and the big pleasure came to the house. All are happy native and are anxious … And what to present to a small penis of a family? Many ask this question, to choose a gift for the newborn – a difficult task. And it is necessary to pick up a gift special that it was functional and useful.
Advantages and shortcomings of ready homeworks
Преимущества и недостатки готовых домашних заданийAll are familiar with the concept "homework" without exception school students and students. Of course, after all educational process after a call from the last lesson or couple does not come to an end – the pupil or the schoolgirl should grind away at the studies and houses.
What to do at a hiccups at the newborn
Что делать при икоте у новорожденногоAt last that long-awaited moment, when the kid of the house came. Mother and the father do not depart from it for a minute and listen to each sound. The child groans, snuffles, grumbles and … hiccups. The last sound for some reason frightens young parents most of all. But whether costs really because of a hiccups to parents to worry, knows about it.
Vomiting at newborns
Срыгивание у новорожденныхStatistically, nearly 70% of newborn children belch food. Sometimes it does not cause any fears, and sometimes mothers start worrying very strongly because sometimes nature of vomiting at the child happens very exciting. The site suggests to understand when and why your child can belch and in what cases it is best of all to address to the doctor.
How to teach the child to go
Как научить ребенка ходитьParents should recognize – in development of the kid on the first year of life there is a global break. The kid from the toddler turns in a walker. And there are many questions. Today suggests to have a talk how to help the child to master foot science and also how in time to distinguish problems if those arise.
How to teach the child to tell a letter "P"
Как научить ребенка говорить букву «Р»Your child was four years old, and he still does not utter all letters? You are perplexed "As so, my child the best, the cleverest, and the letter "r" cannot tell". How to be? will share with you as easily and quickly to teach the kid to tell the letter "r".
We learn to choose a schoolbag
Учимся выбирать школьный ранецAt a schoolbag choice we are guided by beauty, convenience and reasonable price. It is important to choose a strong schoolbag that it sustained at least one academic year because school students can ride it from a hill, fill it chock-full, throw with scope on a floor and so on – the children's imagination of a limit is not present.
Storage of breast milk
Хранение грудного молокаBreast milk is the most valuable food product for your newborn baby. Today young mothers try to nurse the child as it is possible are more long also many specialists in breastfeeding advise.
Pillow for feeding
Подушка для кормленияSo, the important and long-awaited event occurred – you hold on hands small warm and gentle creation – the been born kid! Behind months of expectations, disorders, experiences. Now other efforts – care of the newborn, his feeding, bathing, lullabies, walks in the fresh air are coming.
Bed linen for newborns
Постельное бельё для новорожденныхIn a family with excitement wait for a joyful event – soon the new little man will come to this world. And on the eve of a big event at future young parents and close relatives the set of pleasant efforts increases: it is necessary to decide on a choice of maternity hospital, to put the dwelling in order, to be prepared for appearance of the baby …
Purchase of children's winter clothes
Покупка детской зимней одеждыTimes when you come into children's shop, and there such variety of bright, beautiful things came! And after all each mother wants that her darling and the desired child was dressed elegantly and felt surely and comfortably.
We learn yellow color with the child
Учим желтый цвет с ребенкомThe world surrounding the kid very bright and colourful, your the baby distinguishes colors and shades, but does not know yet that the sun – yellow, a grass – green, and the sky – blue. Time came to teach the child to call of color and to recognize them.
Children's fairy tales, their role in education
Детские сказки, их роль в воспитанииAll parents having children preschool children know how children love fairy tales. Parents fly into a rage, reading for the 100-th time the same fairy tale which the child knows by heart. Thus the admission of a piece of the text causes the indignant shouts of the child: "Mother, and you passed as the Little Mermaid saw the prince!".
The whimsical child what to do?
Капризный ребенок, что делать?Each parent knows that any, even the quietest and obedient child can be capricious, zanyt, turn obstinate and spoil mood to all people around. Readers of know that there are children who born "kaprizul", and with them are rather afraid to remain the even most loving grandmothers, and kindergarten teachers consider them as a real handful.
How to praise the child
Как хвалить ребенкаEach child loves the mother and the father and always wants to deserve their attention and a praise. The pleasure of parents is incredibly important for the child. The desire of children to make though something good for the parents is great. When the child sees that at him something turns out and him for it praise, from it smile or laugh, he tries to repeat this action again and again.
To swaddle or not the child
Пеленать или нет ребенкаSwaddling – one of the main reasons of the birth of medical disputes. Someone acts pro and adduces enough arguments in favor of swaddling, and someone contra and does not concede in ponderability of arguments. will help to understand this question to young mummies and will help with it not a simple choice – to swaddle or not the child.
Education of children-pogodok
Воспитание детей-погодокTo your kid just year, and it already has a younger brother or the little sister? will make some useful recommendations to such mummies that also you were happy, all were in time, and children were under supervision, and the most important - were not deprived of attention.
Registration of a maternity leave
Оформление отпуска по беременности и родамThe maternity leave, is made out to women when granting a leaf of temporary disability and the corresponding statement. By the general rules, the maternity leave is granted for 140 days. Anyway the number of days of a maternity leave pays off on the basis of the period specified in a disability leaf.
How to choose a schoolbag (backpack)
Как выбрать школьный ранец (рюкзак)Schoolbag – an important choice not only for children, but also for their parents. It is important to know, by what criteria to choose a backpack to preserve a healthy back of your school student. Such requirements exist, and orthopedists put forward them. Doctors are sure that except color and material, there are more important characteristics which need to be considered at a schoolbag choice.
What mixes it is better for newborns
Какие смеси лучше для новорожденныхAll know that the best food for the newborn – a maternal milk. But, sometimes, that on a number of indications or because of features of an organism of the kid breastfeeding is impossible. Each mother in need of a dokarmlivaniye or full transition to mixes has to be guided well in the products presented in the market.
Smoking problem among teenagers
Проблема курения среди подростковIf in your house there is a teenager, the problem of smoking is actual more than ever. Transitional the age is rich with hormonal splashes and differences of mood. It is the period of formation of mentality and search of. Therefore teenagers are very vulnerable and easily get under others influence. Also it is a high time to gain strength to help the child to choose a way of a healthy lifestyle.
What porridge to give to the child
Какую кашу давать ребенкуEach mother knows – at the child's diet surely there has to be a porridge. Porridge not only is useful, rich with cellulose and vitamins, but is tasty and nutritious. Of course, porridge, as well as any other product, you should not be fond excessively. Let's understand in what advantage of porridge for children, what most popular and useful grain should be entered into a diet of the kid.
How to choose private kindergarten
Как выбрать частный детский садYou decided to send the peanut to kindergarten and are ready to allocate for development of the kid the unlimited sum? We recommend to look narrowly at private kindergartens – as practice shows, costs much, but is worth it! The kindergarten is a fantastic country where your child grows and develops, plays and is trained. Therefore it is necessary to approach its choice with all gravity.
Development of communicative skills in the child
Развитие коммуникативных навыков у ребенкаTo find a common language with each passer is, of course, already gift, special talent. And here to learn to be at the necessary tone and loss for words, to hold "face", to get new acquaintances, can always keep politeness and not give in in conflict situations everyone. As well as it is more expedient to impart any skill, ability to easy and pleasant communication since the childhood.
What to do if the child lies
Что делать, если ребенок вретUntil the child grows up and will reach serious adult life, parents should pass through much joyful and sometimes unpleasant moments. And the children's lie is the next test. Psychologists advise not to waste time and in time to stop this negative phenomenon, it is necessary to understand lie and to find out its reasons. So why children lie?
What to do if the child steals
Что делать, если ребенок воруетThe subject of children's theft is known to many parents. This problem usually belongs to "shameful" and to allow within its powers sometimes not to all. If you learned that the child stole, do not hurry to shout, abuse and punish! In this situation it is important to arrive so that it is not simple to resolve a situation, and to find its reason and to prevent negative actions in the future.
How to disaccustom the child to fight
Как отучить ребенка дратьсяMany people expert in children's pedagogics and psychology assure that, distributing beaters, the squabbler, first of all, draws attention. Perhaps, it does not have enough mother's tenderness or joint games with the father. For this reason at such moments the family is obliged to keep a united front, reaction of parents to blows and pinches has to be unambiguous.
Games and toys for development of a small motility
Игры и игрушки для развития мелкой моторикиWise parents promote all-round development of the child from first years of life. We drive children on the developing occupations, we include to kids the developing animated films and we spend with children time in games, reading books. But whether so we wisely approach purchase of toys for our children? After all even expensive multipurpose toy will not necessarily bring benefit to your child.
How to choose an arena
Как выбрать манежThe first months after appearance of the kid were troublesome. But while the child lay in a bed or a carriage, mother for a while quietly could leave him. But here he learned to turn over on a tummy, then to creep. As soon as the child begins independently it is a high time to move, so to buy an arena. He protects the kid from dangers about which he does not suspect yet.
What to do if the child refuses a breast
Что делать, если ребенок отказывается от грудиRefusal of a breast meets not so seldom as all mothers would like. Because of what there is such problem and whether it is possible to overcome it independently – here the main questions which are asked to themselves by parents, having come up against this situation. It is necessary to remember that in case of refusal from a breast it is necessary to work as soon as possible if you want to continue breastfeeding.
What to do if the husband does not help with the child
Что делать, если муж не помогает с ребенкомYour man does not take any part in education of children? Such problem is quite widespread. Future fathers refer to a great lot of the reasons: a hard work and a lack of time, banal ignorance how to behave with the kid, that only the woman has to take care of children! What to do if the husband does not help with the child, and you simply are ready to drop?
How to choose a stool for feeding
Как выбрать стульчик для кормленияYours butuz it is already proud holds a back and got sharp teeth? And the world around studies where more intensively, than before? I hurry to congratulate, it is a new stage and yours, and his life! How many to the kid shines opening, and to you – purchases! From especially large, of course, a stool for feeding. This acquisition obviously facilitates process of feeding.
How to disaccustom the child to gnaw nails
Как отучить ребенка грызть ногтиWhat to do if the child gnaws nails? For certain you look for that miracle secret which will help your son or daughter forever to forget about the ugly and bitten nails. To help the child to get rid of this habit, it is necessary to have patience first of all. Because it is usually not enough one method. Let's understand.
How to disaccustom the child to bite
Как отучить ребенка кусатьсяIn kindergarten among children in younger group very often proves, so-called, small "a toothy predator" which continually aims to bite someone from pupils of group. Parents of the victims are indignant, try to find out the relation with responsible, with parents malicious "kusak". Those in turn pour out the anger on the defenseless child.
Where to celebrate children's birthday
Где отметить детский день рожденияChildren perceive this world not as adults at all. And birthday in their understanding is the most unusual day, after all in short 24 hours there are so many tremendous events. And here the organization of joyful surprises and a holiday in general lays down on shoulders of parents. It is in advance necessary to make the list of guests, to think over entertainments and the menu.
How to save the child from the bad company
Как уберечь ребенка от плохой компанииOften parents learn that their son or the daughter got to the bad company, already late enough. The child is completely captured by the new friends and their hobbies. As on the inclined plane, the teenager very quickly slides down. What to do? Most often, parents start making the same mistakes: to abuse, forbid, put ultimatums and to punish.
How to disaccustom the child to hands
Как отучить ребенка от рукEach mother at least once will hear: "Here you will accustom the child to hands, will get used", "Oh, do not accustom to hands, then you will be washed". Let's understand that means "to accustom to hands", whether it is possible "to accustom" actually the child to them, and if yes, that how to cope with when carrying on hands becomes in burden.
System of the FlyLady
Система флай-ледиThe great poetess Irina Snegova has such lines "for sterveneyushchy in kitchen, for withering to term …". Each hostess externally not similar to this heroine, internally in the same way began to boil and satanet at least once in life, finding traces on a fresh-washed floor. Today we represent system of the FlyLady thanks to which it is possible to replace the point of view with cleaning on your court.
How to bring up the son
Как воспитать сынаThe son grows in a family. How to grow up from it the real man? How to find the correct method of education? Topical issues at all times. The child since the childhood absorbs in himself that speak and as parents behave. Further the behavior model in a family will become for the child a basis and will lay the foundation for his own perception of the world and the attitude towards people.
How to teach the child to the alphabet
Как научить ребенка алфавитуLetters surround us everywhere, and acquaintance to them will not bring anything, except advantage. Only one tough rule: do not impose knowledge! To readers who are ready to broaden horizons and to satisfy natural inquisitiveness of the crumbs, I advise to test some options of studying of the alphabet.
Paperwork on the newborn
Оформление документов на новорожденногоThe first weeks after emergence in a family of the kid, will be filled with pleasure and considerable efforts. Still, after all it is necessary to know better the new family member, to adjust feeding and a dream, to tell of a joyful event to all acquaintances and friends and to manage to process all necessary documents to the new person. Be ready, having armed with forms and photocopies, to run about on instances.
Safety of children on roads
Безопасность детей на дорогахMortality in connection with non-compliance with traffic regulations in recent years increased many times! And one of the main responsible for similar incidents are children. To be exact – their parents. Of course, the school has to teach children to behavior on the road. But if she does not learn, what then? Then this duty is entirely assigned to parents.
Molding lessons from plasticine with the child
Уроки лепки из пластилина с ребенкомParents of any kid are interested that their kid gained all-round development. Some children have opportunity to visit with parents of studio and clubs of early development. But it is available not to all. I address this article to young mothers who are engaged in development and training of the kids of the house. For convenience I divided stages in development of a molding into separate lessons.
How to disaccustom the child to a pacifier
Как отучить ребенка от соскиSooner or later in the majority of families there is a situation when offer a cub "substitution" of a maternal breast. Reasons different: mother can ache, be tired, leave. And in a mouth the baby has a pacifier. It is good still, if with a small bottle. And if it is about a baby's dummy? It is better not to begin and never to offer the kid a pacifier. As a last resort, to move away her from use to 6 months.
How to teach the child to handle money
Как научить ребенка обращаться с деньгамиOf the competent relation to finance not each adult can brag, what to speak about younger generation. Unfortunately, at schools, do not teach such subject, and in kindergartens especially do not explain to kids, money from where undertakes. Means, we take an initiative in the parental hand. Let's try to remove a basic formula of "children's economy".
Violations of development of the speech in children
Нарушения развития речи у детейHow the children's speech is formed? What to do if in the speech of the child defects are observed? How to pick up the expert for correction of shortcomings of the speech? We will also try to answer these and other questions. After all the earlier we will notice problems in development of the child, the quicker we start working with them and the more chances of their successful overcoming.
Montessori-pedagogika for children and their parents
Монтессори-педагогика для детей и их родителейIf you face a choice of kindergarten or group of the developing occupations for the kid, I want to pay your attention to pedagogical system of Montessori. Having dealt with the basic principles of this pedagogical system, having weighed everything pros and cons, it is possible to make quite conscious decision: whether to your son or the daughter it is worth visiting Montessori-group.
How to organize a workplace of the school student
Как организовать рабочее место школьникаAt each of us the vital circumstances and priorities. But there are things which are unconditional value. For example, health of children. It is sure that a school corner – one of important components of a healthy lifestyle of our clever men and clear heads. Behind a house school desk the pupil spends much time, and all organism is involved in this process.
How to talk to the child
Как разговаривать с ребенкомIt is necessary to be able to talk to the child. Unfortunately, not all parents are able to do it correctly, making the mass of gross blunders and even without realizing it. It is necessary to control constantly that want to tell the child how to tell, what words and in what form. All this imposes huge responsibility on parents.
Natural roditelstvo
Естественное родительствоAt married couples at first in the West, and now and in Russia, the technique on care of children of younger age called "A natural roditelstvo" uses great popularity. A standard of the harmonious relations between mother and the child, according to this technique, education and care of children at the people of early cultures admits.
Child and viewing of the TV
Ребенок и просмотр телевизораBackground mutter of the TV for each of us – a way to have a rest after the unlucky working day. We with pleasure watch favourite programs and we sympathize with their heroes, and we cannot look back and sympathize with own children. As a result of our inaction the vulnerable mentality of the child suffers. Let's understand, whether it is worth worrying, whether so everything is terrible?
As it is correct to punish the child
Как правильно наказывать ребенкаAt one forum the ridiculous status got to me: "If to raise children a carrot and stick, they will be thick and in bruises". I thought of that popular wisdom about a combination of punishments and encouragement, really, can lead to sad consequences. How to punish children correctly? And what, actually it is ", so correct"?
Development of the premature child
Развитие недоношенного ребенкаAt last in your family there was a long-awaited kid! The pleasure from this moment saddens the term when the child was born. Let's talk about premature children. It is considered that such children differ from the kids who were born in time. In this article we will discredit myths about premature children and we will give a practical advice on education and successful development of the "early" child.
How to accustom the child to fill up independently
Как приучить ребенка засыпать самостоятельноMany parents dream to lay the child in a bed, to cover a blanket and, having wished "Good night!", to be removed from the room. However, in life, unfortunately, very often there is everything on the contrary. The child all the behavior shows that wants to sleep: rubs eyes, is capricious, even yawns, but, alas, does not fill up. Why it occurs and whether it is possible to help it somehow?
Than to be engaged in the decree
Чем заняться в декретеMaternity leave – time of global changes and stunning opening. You learn about the world, about the husband and about itself there is a lot of new. It will appear that more with pleasure tiny heels are not present no power on earth. It will become clear that you are able to fall asleep standing and to put on blindly. But it is lyrics. And if upon, women usually go on a maternity leave in "a pregnant state".
What diapers to choose
Какие подгузники выбратьAnd here it is miracle – the child's birth. And with general pleasure the understanding of that time of new cares and responsibility for education of the child came comes. And here, of course, there is one of the major questions: "What diaper to choose?". Diapers happen two types: disposable and reusable. Each of them has pluses and minuses.
How to prepare the preschool child's hand for the letter
Как подготовить руку дошкольника к письмуThe long-awaited first call is closer, the more often parents ask a question: Whether "We made everything for training of the child for school?". Ability to consider, solve logical problems, to read, undoubtedly, very important. But how affairs with preparation of a hand for the letter are? If you noticed that the handle of your future first grader is not ready to the letter yet, take the initiative.
Useful books for future mothers
Полезные книги для будущих мамBook shelves dazzle with children's editions, eyes run up, and hands reach for the brightest covers with shchekasty peanuts and beautiful mummies with tummies. There is a wish to buy all. Actually it is possible to manage a minimum of the bought and read editions and a maximum of common sense, at least because now not a problem to download many books in electronic form.
How to help the first grader
Как помочь первоклассникуBehind first educational quarter and autumn vacation. Now there was obvious a simple truth: as we did not try to prepare the children for school, it is impossible to provide and resolve all issues in advance. If the newly made school student is not lazy, always listens to the teacher, was never object for sneers and is not teased itself, or you know a little, or live on Mars.
Than to be engaged with the child of the house
Чем заняться с ребенком домаBad weather keeps us the third day under house arrest. All affairs are redone. We watched animated cartoons, books to one time on four re-read all. Than still it is possible to entertain the two-year-old peanut locked together with mother within four walls? I do not despond. I ring round girlfriends – young mummies, I monitor the "mamsky" sites. And here already some ideas ask to execution.
How to find a common language with the husband
Как найти общий язык с мужемHappens, sincere attachment vanishes in the relations, the discontent with each other increases. Over time appears inoyazychy the spouse because of whom you cease to understand each other, then – unhealthy tranquillity and even indifference. Familiarly? Means, it is time to change something. If you decided to keep your relations, despite the difficult period, it is necessary to understand that not so.
Technique of active hearing
Методика активного слушанияMost of modern parents complain that their children are not operated, often are capricious and isterit, and teenagers – become strangers and do not share with parents details of the life. Let's talk about a technique of active hearing which will allow to find quickly a common language with your children. She practices in Europe and America long ago.
How to save the child from drugs
Как уберечь ребенка от наркотиковAs far as the drug addiction subject was unpleasant, to run from it – not a certain way to avoid it. Our world is captivated by a huge amount of drugs acquaintance with which often happens at teenage age. And here it is extremely important to distinguish the first signs of in time that the child uses drugs.
Training in reading on Zaytsev's cubes
Обучение чтению по кубикам ЗайцеваWhen my daughter was still quite small, I thought of how to teach it to read. At first printed capital letters on sheets A4, but called to the daughter only the corresponding sound. Without having learned even all letters, we began to be engaged on Zaytsev's cubes. With cubes the daughter always responded to the play offer with great pleasure.
How to stimulate the child better to study
Как стимулировать ребенка учиться лучшеAll normal parents very much want that their child well and it is desirable with pleasure studied. It seems to the majority of them that as soon as the kid will come to school, he will at once feel taste to study and will start earning an appreciation. The more their disappointment when the child of the clear head mother and the competent father becomes not most advanced at a class.
Pubertatny period, difficulties of education
Пубертатный период, трудности воспитанияI want to share the experience in a question of education of the child during the pubertatny period. It is that age when in an organism of the child there are most active changes towards a growing, formations of physiological features. Changes happen and to mentality of the child which during this period of time can be especially unstable.
Councils to the working mothers
Советы работающим мамамEach mother before appearance at work is afraid that will not be able to pay due attention to the child. In 3-4 evening hours it is absolutely impossible to manage to remake all chores and to play enough with the kid. But at the correct organization of life and distribution of duties between family members all of you will be in time. The kid needs mother is the fact. How to combine work, life and a family?
Preparation of the apartment for the child's birth
Подготовка квартиры к рождению ребенкаHardly there will be young mummy who after an exit in a maternity leave will not be engaged in repair construction works in the apartment. Young parents try to make repair, to buy necessary equipment, to reorganize room space taking into account tendencies of children to put that got to sockets, to knock down corners and to devastate cases and boxes.
How to make that the child was not afraid of the doctor
Как сделать, чтобы ребенок не боялся врачаThe health system in the former Soviet Union is arranged so that besides treatment of the child of the doctor does not excite at all, with what psychological spirit the kid from hospital will return. Therefore even the most harmless manipulation comes to an end for the kid at least with a stress. I write this article for parents of little children, you will find useful recommendations in it.
Hyper tone at the child
Гипертонус у ребенкаNewborns turn in legs to a body and hold them cross-wise, and handles constantly squeeze in cams is and there is a manifestation of the raised hyper tone of muscles. In norm it can be observed up to 6 months. If after half a year it is still difficult to unbend its handles and legs, it testifies to an illness. But only the doctor-neuropathologist can establish the exact diagnosis.
Problems with a dream of children about one year
Проблемы со сном детей до годаVery many mothers are familiar with problems of a dream of kids about one year not by hearsay. Of course, sleepless nights negatively affect an emotional and physical state as mother, and child. It is important to understand that if the child cannot fall asleep, it not whims. Fortunately, the science and skilled parents know that process of a dream of the baby can be corrected a little.
Birth and education of the second child
Рождение и воспитание второго ребенкаIn my representation of children always was two. However after appearance of our first-born, having faced standard problems of babies and the first diseases, we with the husband seriously reflected, whether we will be able to pass through it once again. In the course of adoption of this important decision we considered all pros and cons, and also studied recommendations of experts in this question.
Development of imagination in children
Развитие воображения у детейImagination – ability to think out images of nonexistent subjects or that is not present nearby. With its help of people dreams, operates the invented events, finds the solution of nonexistent problems. Important to develop imagination and it is necessary. And most actively it proves from 5 to 15 years. During this period of life it is also necessary to be engaged in development of imagination in the child.
How to bathe the newborn child
Как купать новорожденного ребенкаBathing of the kid – one of compulsory procedures on care of the newborn which often frightens young parents. Agree, it is a little terrible to lower for the first time such tiny and defenseless child in water, to wash fragile handles and legs. Similar questions disturb parents, but in some days bathing of the child becomes habitual and even pleasant procedure.
How to help the sluggish child
Как помочь медлительному ребенку"Oh, this dawdler. You speak quicker, and it does everything" even more slowly. These phrases are said day by day by many parents of sluggish children, even without suspecting about specific features of the children – slowness. Sluggish children are in own way special and demand a bit different approach in the course of education and development.
How to choose footwear to the kid
Как выбрать обувь малышуIt seemed that there will pass the whole eternity before my kid learns to turn over, then to sit, then to creep. But suddenly 10 months since birth flew by and the first attempts of my daughter independently to stand and stamp began. So, came to put on time these tiny and clumsy legs. And I decided to study this question in more detail.
Self-assessment of preschool children
Самооценка дошкольниковThe personality – concept rather wide also has some components. About one of them the speech will also go. So, a self-assessment – one of components of the personality. Represents the certain phenomenon which is actively developing and formed in the childhood. Therefore it is important to pay huge attention to development of a self-assessment of the child of preschool age (3-6 years).
The developing toys for the newborn
Развивающие игрушки для новорожденногоAt appearance of the newborn child young parents hurry in shops to choose the correct toys for physical and intellectual development of the kid. Modern producers offer the big range of goods, but on what really it is worth paying attention? Optimum toys for children since the birth – the rattles, mobiles developing rugs.
Crisis of three years at children
Кризис трех лет у детейSince the birth of our child we with the husband began to aspire more responsibly to the harmonious relations in a family. However began to note that during some periods our baby becomes too irritable. In this regard there was a need to learn in more detail about the characteristic features peculiar to children's age crises, for our case – crisis of three years.
Jealousy of the senior child
Ревность старшего ребенкаYou very much waited for birth of the second kid. Prepared for this joyful event of your first-born. The kid with pleasure led you to maternity hospital, rejoiced, looked forward to acquaintance to the kid. You came back home with the new member of your family. Also began … the first-born as ill luck would have it behaves as never earlier. The reason of similar children's behavior – jealousy.
How to prepare a holiday for children of 5-8 years
Как подготовить праздник для детей 5-8 летAny children's holiday will become as well your holiday if to show a little imagination and to prepare it all family. Very often small children of 5-8 years look forward to a holiday, and then are upset when it comes. It will not occur if to ask the child to help you with his organization. It becomes even more interesting to children, after all they think over all trifles.
Celebration of birthday of the child of 2-6 years
Празднование дня рождения ребенка 2-6 летThe question of birthday of the child is more important, than the adult's name-day. Here it is necessary to think over the scenario of its carrying out in advance: and that what will be a table, jewelry, and than to occupy children. It is necessary to make the menu of a holiday, to think up the program of games. It is clear, that the holiday with the main participation of two-year-old children sharply differs from birthday of the six-year-old child. Something special is interesting to each age.
How to choose the children's watercraft
Как выбрать детское плавсредствоWith arrival of summer on counters of shops various swimming means for all age and for every taste start appearing. Among them offer us both inflatable boats, and inflatable vests, rubber rings, and still there is a lot of only. As not to be lost among this variety and to choose what will suit your child?
How to pick up means of hygiene for the child
Как подобрать средства гигиены для ребенкаEach parent knows that from the first days of life the baby needs our protection, careful care and observance of rules of hygiene. Therefore responsible mothers and fathers from infancy impart to the child love to feeling of purity and need to support it. For safe leaving special means for children's hygiene are created.
Councils for education of twins
Советы по воспитанию близнецовResearches of psychologists show that twins are special children. They keep together everywhere, often both children lag behind in development of the speech, have lower level of progress at school more often than odinochno the born children, experience difficulties in family life. But all defects of development of twins can be eliminated if to liquidate mistakes in education of children.
What to do if the child refuses a feeding up
Что делать, если ребенок отказывается от прикормаFeeding up of the kid – a stumbling block round which storms of emotions and hurricanes of passions constantly are born. Now the time of introduction of a feeding up was postponed to age of 6 months. But pediatricians are not in time behind new trends, and many doctors write the recommendations in the old manner. Readers want to be acquainted both with WHO opinion, and with personal experience of mummies and their kids.
Children's transport: necessary and useless
Детский транспорт: нужное и бесполезноеGradually the child in perfection seizes certain movement skills and for transition to new level useful are all adaptations – children's transport. Carriages, walkers, machines wheelchairs, bicycles, scooters, electric cars – practically everything that has wheels. It not simply toys, but also very useful things in respect of physical development.
Subjects of personal hygiene for the child
Предметы личной гигиены для ребенкаWhen the speech about prevention and prevention of some diseases comes, the question of personal hygiene comes out on top. If to speak about our children, it is clear to everyone that the correct care and leaving are very important for kids. Based on the numerous mistakes and from height of the experience, I want to give some advice at the choice of the first sanitary products for the child.
Stroller choice
Выбор прогулочной коляскиCares of the first months quickly give way to the cutting-through teeth, introduction of a feeding up and acquisition of a children's stool for feeding, a stroller. The zealous parent will not begin to overpay for a thing which later short time will be written off from a children's arsenal. Let's try to understand as it is reasonable to spend money on the example of a stroller.
Hand-made articles with the child for the general development
Поделки с ребенком для общего развитияTo accustom children to assiduity and performance of certain tasks it is possible and it is necessary from early age. In house conditions it is possible to develop the peanut from one-year-old age. Such kinds of activity as drawing by paints, a molding, application are actual for little children. We will tell you, than it is possible to occupy the child of the house with advantage, to offer hand-made articles which can be made.
With what to begin training of the child in English
С чего начать обучение ребенка английскомуIn the majority of schools today English is taught from the first class. I think, to the first grader who before receipt in school was already familiar with elements of a foreign language, it is much easier not to become puzzled at English lessons at school. What it is possible to make, training the child for school how to help it to master successfully a foreign language?
Teenage crisis
Подростковый кризисTeenage age – the period rather difficult both for adults, and for teenagers. This complexity arises because of sharpness of the crisis period of this age step. Teenage crisis – the mountain which each adult, and an abyss to which each teenager can get climbed up. Let's look for the bridge, maybe, and not really strong but which can be strengthened.
How to choose a children's small bottle
Как выбрать детскую бутылочкуSooner or later, but all young mothers in the modern world face need of acquisition of children's small bottles. They are undoubtedly necessary to each kid. Even that the child is on breastfeeding, there is a need for their application. How to guess and to be mistaken, I will share with readers in this article.
How to reveal talents and abilities at the child
Как выявить таланты и способности у ребенкаThey say that all our abilities and abilities are put in the childhood by parents. However any skilled mother will object you: all children too the different. Someone since young years perfectly draws, at someone it turns out to do mental arithmetic quickly, and someone perfectly sings and has good ear for music. A task of parents – to reveal abilities. And the most important – is correct to develop them.
Laktatsionny crisis
Лактационный кризHaving grown up the senior daughter on lack of experience on artificial mixes, I for myself resolved that I will give to the second child all the best, namely – a maternal milk. But anybody, even the most dairy, skilled mummy is not insured from artful laktatsionny crisis. During such periods the child needs more milk, than for this moment the mother's breast develops.
Care of elderly people
Уход за пожилыми людьмиMothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers are they throughout all life surround us with love and care, support during the most difficult periods of life. But passes time, we mature, grow old our native, and here already it, but not we need care. Unfortunately, our parents not eternal therefore hurry to be near them, surround with heat and love.
How to save on utilities
Как сэкономить на коммунальных услугахThe question of economy for all and everyone is actual. It concerns also expenses on utilities for which we with identical frequency pay. Whether if to wonder "It is possible to save and pay less", the answer is unambiguous. It is possible to reduce expenses on utilities. Actually, it is enough to pay attention how we consume light, water, gas and heat.
When to start brushing teeth to the child
Когда начинать чистить зубы ребенкуWhen at the child the first teeth start appearing, any mother will start thinking of a question of toothbrushing. After all first everything depends on it, how she will teach the child to look after herself. And to prevent emergence of caries from early age, it is necessary to look after teeth, and every day! From what age and how, also I want to tell.
How to re-educate the spoiled child
Как перевоспитать избалованного ребенкаMany consider that between the words "not well-mannered" and "spoilt" it is possible to put an equal-sign. Only it not so. The spoiled child considers himself all-powerful. Always everything was permitted to it, any its whim was executed. In the future to the spoiled child it will be heavy. When he receives everything according to the first requirement, he starts treating also and the world.
How to teach the child to draw
Как научить ребенка рисоватьDrawing – very useful occupation. And in a case with children drawing is necessary occupation for development of imagination and logic, creative thinking and a small motility. In this article readers will be able to get acquainted with stage-by-stage steps in training of the child in the fine arts. And also will find some original ideas for fascinating house lessons.
The computer in training of the preschool child
Компьютер в обучении дошкольникаAcquaintance to the computer happens all at earlier age. Today even two-year-old children not bad are guided in opportunities of the virtual world. On what it is necessary to pay attention to the parents what to the developing programs to give preference, and what role is carried out by the computer in the preschool child's life, will help to understand.
How to disaccustom the child to suck a finger
Как отучить ребенка сосать палецTo many parents this problem is known not by hearsay, and they are at war every day with the child trying to disaccustom him to suck a finger. One use for this purpose mustard, garlic. Others – frighten the child. But widely known methods not always yield result. So to do? First, to understand the reasons. Secondly, to look for problem solutions by the acceptable methods.
Choice of school of early development
Выбор школы раннего развитияThe parents wishing to develop the child by the most effective and progressive techniques quite often give preference to the professional help which can be received at schools of early development. Teachers from special schools will help not only to teach the kid to read and consider, but also to broaden his horizons, to impart love to creativity and to develop social skills.
Development of logical thinking in children
Развитие логического мышления у детейIn the first years of life the kid spends with parents much time. It is the important period when the little man learns the world round himself. Parents want to give as much as possible to the child during this period. In this regard I want to pay your attention to one important party of development of the kid – formation of logical thinking. In the form of games and fascinating tasks.
We prepare a feeding up for children about one year
Готовим прикорм для детей до года самиHere also terms of introduction of a feeding up were suitable for your darling of the baby. I remember that waited for this moment from the childbirth, as big holiday. It would seem, what it is simpler: went to shop or a drugstore and bought these bright jars in department of baby food. But existence of any thickeners of trust does not inspire. And therefore frequent to cook mashed potatoes and porridges for the child most better.
What to buy by the child's birth
Что купить к рождению ребенкаToday for future parents a large number of various goods which, to measures of modern life, are simply necessary for the child is offered. It is necessary to understand that something will always not be enough. And the main thing not to hurry with purchases here, to get only the most necessary things. And at opportunity and to save on some things.
How to accustom the child to an order
Как приучить ребенка к порядкуEach mother knows that means – the child in the house. These infinite candy wrappers behind a sofa, the scattered toys and clothes, jars boxes. Generally, house upside down. Exit one: to accustom the child to an order since the most infantile years. As to make it and whether the baby can impart love to purity – about it we and we will talk.
How to choose winter clothes for the child
Как выбрать зимнюю одежду для ребенкаWinter walks – a peculiar examination for parents. If you dressed the child correctly, he will benefit from cool air only. On a frost it is dangerous both overcooling, and an overheat of a children's organism: the sweated child will get sick practically for certain. Therefore it is so important to choose truly winter clothes for the son or the daughter.
Development of a small motility of hands
Развитие мелкой моторики рукThe small motility of handles is directly connected with development of the speech in the kid. Therefore in order that the kid from the cradle already prepared for oratory, it is necessary to pay special attention to the base of development of organs of articulation. That is developing a motility of hands of the child, we can effectively influence from first months of life future development both its written, and oral speech.
We elect electronic assistants: radio nurses and video nurses
Выбираем электронных помощниц: радионяни и видеоняниThe brightest and unforgettable emotions are connected with the birth of the child, but at the same time parents have a feeling of concern for life and health of the kid. To the aid of modern mothers and fathers radio nurses and video nurses (bebimonitor) allowing to control a condition of the child in the round-the-clock mode come.
Ways of increase of a lactation
Способы повышения лактацииAlready so much all is told about advantage of breastfeeding. All know that breast milk has huge value on formation of good immunity at the child. Pediatricians recommend at least half a year to feed the baby with one maternal milk, without entering any in addition feeding up. But what to do to those to mothers at whom apparent defect of breast milk is observed?
Teething at the child
Прорезывание зубов у ребенкаYour kid grows up, at the same time the amount of cares of it grows. There were behind sleepless nights connected with gripes in a tummy but the new interval of time – a teething approaches. It will last from 5 to 24 months a joy. And it is desirable for each mummy to know the main truth about a teething to distinguish the reasons of concern of the kid and to come to the rescue.
The developing games for the child of 2-3 years
Развивающие игры для ребенка 2-3 летThe child of two years – active, inquisitive, understanding everything, but not all speaking. The most important at this age is the movement. Everything is interesting to it and everywhere. You will not sit with a carriage in park any more, quietly reading the book. It is already necessary to go, run, study. And it is necessary to do it to mother, and, of course, with advantage for the kid.
How to dress the child on the street
Как одевать ребенка на улицуWalks are in the fresh air necessary for development of the child and strengthening of its immunity. But overcooling or an overheat can play a dirty trick and give a boomerang effect therefore it is important to dress the child correctly. The basic rule – is reasonably to approach this question and not to go into extremes. Also it is desirable to make the child's clothes for walks in advance.
Career and family in the woman's life
Карьера и семья в жизни женщиныLong since the arisen stereotype about a role of women remains in our subconsciousness. Certainly, by the nature the woman is, first of all, mother, the keeper of a home. But all of us refuse to stay at home and raise children more often, we have not enough to be simple the "neck" directing the man, we assign to ourselves as well a role of "head". What it is more important for us?
Preparation of a breast for feeding
Подготовка груди к кормлениюCracks on nipples appear in the first days of feeding. Emergence of cracks possibly at bad personal hygiene, the increased dryness of skin, a lack of vitamins. But is more often because of the wrong applying of the kid to a breast. Preparation of a breast will help to avoid completely or to minimize emergence of cracks.
Joint life after a wedding
Совместная жизнь после свадьбыLove – the finest feeling. It inspires and gives force. And here, there comes the most important and disturbing point – the offer of a hand and heart. For successful joint life it is necessary to be guided not only feelings, but also reason. What to do if you did not live together, but decided to establish a family?
How to explain to the child, children from where undertake
Как объяснить ребенку, откуда берутся детиSince that moment as in your family there was a child, you have to stipulate with the spouse or the spouse how you will tell the kid from where children undertake. It is not necessary to hope that the child himself learns and that at school there will be anatomy lessons. Business delicate, will be required to you only unperturbably, briefly and most informatively to answer the child the asked question.
We choose footwear for the child
Выбираем обувь для ребенкаHow to choose footwear for the child? It would seem, a simple question. We choose bright boots, a fashionable style, a beautiful fastener and all. However everything is not so simple. If to pay attention only to esthetic appeal of footwear to the kid, it is possible to receive not one problem with health. At the wrong selection of footwear weak bones and teams of the kid are very easily deformed.
What books to read to children?
Какие книги читать детям?Children's literature is a richest fund of the domestic and foreign works calculated on different age groups. Quite often on the trailer page of the book it is possible to find a mark "for reading by parents to children", "for preschool age". And it is necessary not only to find the interesting book in this abundance, but also to understand as far as it will be available to the child.
How to make the proposal to the girl
Как сделать предложение девушкеWhat, at last decided to leave barchelor life? Well, sooner or later such moment comes in life of each man. Ahead wedding efforts, a choice of a suit and other, but … before it it is necessary to make one important thing – directly the offer to marry. Ways for this purpose – a set. We will offer some interesting and original options.
Registration of guardianship and adoption of the child
Оформление опеки и усыновление ребенкаThe people who assumed a difficult and responsible role of adoptive parents are worthy all respect. The decision on guardianship or adoption of the child has to be comprehensively considered and coordinated with all members of household. The rush, even kind, is inappropriate here. Fleeting pity will soon turn back heavy moral and physical activities.
Choice of preschool institution
Выбор дошкольного учрежденияFor anybody not a secret that preschool education promotes development of communicative abilities of the child. But there is a mass of ardent opponents of kindergartens. But you should not forget that presently there is a mass of alternatives. So, we will consider what preschool institutions happen, and we will try to answer a question – how to make a right choice.
Feeding of the child mix
Кормление ребенка смесьюAll know that the most healthy food for the kid is a breast milk. But there are different situations when it is necessary to pass to the adapted mixes. It only from outside seems easy process. Actually this process very difficult, it it is necessary to organize correctly that mother could at any time when the kid asks to eat, give it a small bottle.
Education of the girl of the teenager
Воспитание девочки подросткаThe daughter, your beauty, the favourite grows in a family. You rejoice to its progress and together cope with small disorders. However time goes, and it is time to reflect that the child will enter awkward age soon. Differences of mood, a problem in communication with contemporaries, questions of intimate hygiene. In your forces to help the teenage girl to overcome this difficult period.
Socialization of the child in collective
Социализация ребенка в коллективеSocialization is a process which accompanies the person all life and begins practically with the birth. In this article we will tell about process of socialization of the child, about to what the child studies in his course, and also about problems which quite often arise during interaction with contemporaries, and how we, parents, can help the child to overcome these problems.
Day regimen of the newborn
Режим дня новорожденногоCare of the newborn child is intuitively clear to each woman and still many are alarmed before the birth of the kid. There are doubts: it will turn out or not, correctly I do or not. Most often it is connected with a lack of knowledge, information, the validating carried-out actions. This article for those readers who for the first time are going to become mothers.
How to teach the child to read
Как научить ребенка читатьRecently there were researches which authors claim that training of the child should be begun at the age of 3 years. After all from three-year age inclinations of spatial and logical thinking are formed. It allows to teach the child to reading bases rather easily. Having learned to read, the child to school will be able already to read books fluently.
Baby slings, types and carrying
Слинги, виды и ношениеMany young mothers do not represent in recent years the life with the baby without baby sling any more. But not everyone knows that this such and whether it is necessary to include a baby sling in the list of the things necessary for the newborn. suggests you to get acquainted with this rather ancient invention of mankind closer.
How to equip a nursery
Как обустроить детскую комнатуAll careful parents try to create to the beloved child the most beautiful and cozy room, sometimes forgetting about important points at its arrangement. In this article I want to pay bigger attention just not so much to design of the room, and such details which promote the correct development of the child, provide comfortable stay it there.
How to accustom the child to a pot
Как приучить ребенка к горшкуSchooling to a pot is very important and responsible point in life of each child. Sometimes many parents face a set of problems, and the pot becomes serious test for all family. Though if it is correctly to make everything, all process will go without problems. Let's try understand as easily and quickly to accustom the child to a pot.
How to choose walkers
Как выбрать ходункиFor today the uncountable number of all devices facilitating life of young mothers is created. Walkers also concern to them. Their variety sets parents thinking on rules of a choice: "What walkers are safe for the baby? What are more practical? What walkers will not do much harm to the child?". On these questions we will try to give a valuable advice in our article.
How to put to bed the child
Как уложить спать ребенкаFor children the dream has still bigger value, than for the adult. Especially on the first year of life when it is necessary to sleep not simply and to sleep much and fully. And if the newborn himself willingly falls asleep, children are slightly more senior (since 3 months) start standing on the hind legs. I want to give some advice to readers how to put the child to bed.
How to swaddle the newborn
Как пеленать новорожденногоPresently the question of swaddling is disputable. Compassionate grandmothers of kids stand up sticking more tightly – and will sleep as the baby! Pediatricians in turn recommend free swaddling - so the child develops quicker. Anyway, swaddling has advantages and shortcomings. Let's consider in more detail.
How to develop interest in reading
Как развить интерес к чтениюMany complain presently that children not to tear off from the computer, books do not read and do not wish, are not inquisitive. It is difficult to overestimate importance of reading and does not demand proofs any more. As well as that the inquisitive and reading person can only be more successful in study and, as a result, in future career (and in life). How to cultivate interest in reading to children?
Trip on rest with children
Поездка на отдых с детьмиThe long-awaited summer still so not soon, but is more pleasant those than thought of holiday. And, as we know, the best holiday is the well planned holiday. Especially, if you are going to go to have a rest with children. Therefore, planning family rest, find out for yourself some key moments connected with a trip and the organization of rest for themselves and the child.
Prevention of food allergy at the child
Профилактика пищевой аллергии у ребенкаThe allergy is today a serious problem which practically all parents face. In fact, the allergy is a response of an organism to influence of factors of environment which are perceived by it as potentially dangerous. Therefore already when planning the child, it is necessary to see to it reducing risk of emergence of food allergy in your child.
Scenario of the first birthday (1 year)
Сценарий первого дня рождения (1 год)In my opinion, the first birthday – special. It not only the first, but also the most important in the baby's life. The kid learned to see and hear world around, to recognize close people, to understand that it is pleasant to it, and that is not present. This holiday – also a celebration for parents. In our family there was no question of that, to celebrate or not. Of course, to celebrate!
Family education
Семейное образованиеThe family form of education is an only option of creation benevolent and friendly for today to the child of the educational environment which will be able to consider specific features and abilities of each pupil. Certainly, not all parents are ready to family form of education since responsibility for quality of knowledge will be conferred on their shoulders.
Food of the child from 1 to 3 years
Питание ребенка от 1 до 3 летI remember how I nursed the daughter, and entered into a squash feeding up a bit later. Now the baby has some and she already tried a set of various products. But, as we know, not all products are really useful to the child. The menu of the kid, first of all, has to correspond to his age. What products have to enter the child's diet?
Adaptation of the child to kindergarten
Адаптация ребенка к детскому садуThe situation when parents understand that need of visit by the child of kindergarten is dictated not by that there is nobody to leave it, and the positive moments of communication, development, behavior in society and other useful skills, has to become a standard. So, it is necessary to prepare as much as possible the kid both for new collective, and to new to a daily routine and rules.
How to prepare the child for school
Как подготовить ребенка к школеThe first school days for the child is not only new impressions and friends, but also the whole lots of obstacles which need to be overcome (lessons, homeworks). Expect it and the difficulties connected with transition to a new day regimen, acquaintance to new collective. All this and many other things needs to be considered when training the child for school.
That mother needs to know about health of the newborn
Что нужно знать маме о здоровье новорожденногоCongratulations are received, flowers are put in a vase, and you with the long-awaited kid at home. Of course, there are still grandmothers grandfathers and other relatives who cannot wait not only to nurse with the kid, but also to give you a lot of the most important information on leaving and education of future star. How not to "drown" in this stream of knowledge we and we will try to understand.
Heat and small child
Жара и маленький ребёнокUnfortunately, sometimes such long-awaited summer becomes in burden to both mothers, and children, namely when the thermometer shows for 30 degrees. In such days we do not enjoy in the summer, and we escape from it. Especially hard absolutely small kids transfer a heat. suggests to consider some aspects which mother of the kid needs to consider in hot days.
Secrets of family happiness
Секреты семейного счастьяThe grandmother and the grandfather lived mine together 56 years, mother with the father – already 30. I am married to these measures quite recently and always asked myself a question "In what so long secret and, the main thing, happy family life?". Having conducted survey among successfully married acquaintances, relatives and proceeding from the experience, I want to share with you results of "researches".
How not to be ill in kindergarten
Как не болеть в детском садуThe first year in kindergarten – the real test for the child and his parents. Constant sick-lists and whims dement, and it seems that all efforts are useless – the child will be ill. Absolutely new environment, a new environment, the most various viruses and bacteria will make the business. Nevertheless, it is necessary to train the child for a garden, believe, it will surely bear fruits.
How to protect the apartment from thieves
Как защитить квартиру от воровHow the person was poor or rich, always there will be in his dwelling a titbit for thieves. And in protection of property trifles are not present. And the most important purpose of the owner - to make a way of the thief to treasured "treasures" difficult and thorny. will tell readers how to make the apartment the real fortress.
Joint dream with the child
Совместный сон с ребенкомThe problem of a joint dream with the child is rather actual. Most of children prefer to sleep with parents, showing discontent when they are put in a cradle. But there are also what reconcile to will of parents and get used to sleep separately. Whether it is worth putting the child to sleep in a separate bed or nevertheless to concede and take in the bed?
Child and pets
Ребенок и домашние животныеIt is very often possible to hear opinion that to the newborn and the domestic pet under one roof not a place. In my opinion, this statement is fair only if you are going to get a pet during pregnancy or nearly right after appearance of the child. And what to do if the pet lives with you long ago?
Ways of the termination of a lactation
Способы прекращения лактацииMaternal milk – the most valuable and useful product for the kid, but, despite it, will come time when the child needs to be weaned. Not important, it will become necessarily for mother or to that the kid already grew up. The most important that, as a rule, is not paid to this timepoint due attention from the point of view of feelings of mother.
Than to occupy the child in way
Чем занять ребенка в путиIn the summer the soul especially wants rest. Sometimes the anticipation is so great that by will cross out on a calendar the days which remained before holiday. Till the moment when you are able to escape from tenacious embraces of the stone jungle with their immemorial vanity and employment. It is simple to buy a plane ticket, the train or it is simple to jerk by car...
Development of independence in children
Развитие самостоятельности у детейBeauty concept relative, happiness – changeable, and good luck – at all the lady whimsical. Besides these qualities do not depend on us, unlike kindness, commitment and independence which it is possible and need to bring up in the child since early years. About the last quality conversation in this article will also go.
How to bring up the personality in the child
Как воспитать в ребенке личностьAny parent in secret dreams that his child grew up the successful person, the leader. If you since the birth are directly involved in education process, to help the kid to develop the abilities, to support and direct, then near you always there will be a native and close being, and you will not be forgotten, will estimate all made efforts.
Violations in a sound pronunciation at children
Нарушения в звукопроизношении у детейStatistically, approximately a half of children who come to the first class, has so-called "fiction fefekta", that is violations in a sound pronunciation. And, the number of potential clients of the logopedist only grows from year to year. In an ideal in each kindergarten there has to be the logopedist, but a real state of affairs absolutely another.
How to prepare the child for kindergarten
Как подготовить ребенка к детскому садуLooking at the two-year-old daughter, I even more often think: as quickly it grows, soon already and to go to kindergarten. Also I am afraid of this moment. There is a set of questions which, I am sure, almost all mothers set to themselves: whether it will be pleasant to it there? Whether she will be well fed? To play, entertain, care? Whether the child will manage to endure short parting with mother?
Introduction of a feeding up to babies
Введение прикорма грудным детямYou, all in affairs and cares of the baby did not even notice how time smoothly brought you by a new era in the baby's life – to introduction of the first drink of adult food, to the first feeding up. And that this process took place smoothly, comfortably, and, above all in time and with advantage for the kid – I with pleasure will share the experience with readers of
Childbirth free of charge or under the contract
Роды бесплатно или по контрактуWhen you learn that are pregnant – the happiness zastit to you eyes. You are ready to start collecting given to the kid. And only the few consider as a problem of paramount importance the organization and planning of childbirth. And in vain, as this moment really decisive, and suggests to learn about possible options for safe passing of the forthcoming childbirth.
Partner childbirth with the husband
Партнерские роды с мужем5 years ago not many heard about such phenomenon as partner childbirth. Moreover, it was necessary to have solid communications to organize such action in simple maternity hospital. Now suggest to give birth with the assistant (the husband, mother or the girlfriend) to all future mothers. Whether it is worth doing it and what consequences of partner childbirth – in the article can be.
Role of the senior generation in education of children
Роль старшего поколения в воспитании детей"Once upon a time there were grandfather yes the woman, also they had a granddaughter Mashenka" – the Russian national fairy tales so begin. Grandfathers and grandmothers long since were engaged in education of grandsons – the father all day long worked, and mother strove on economy. In the modern world a little that changed … So happens to children when they are brought up not by mother and the father, but grandmothers with grandfathers?
What things to take with itself in maternity hospital
Какие вещи взять с собой в роддомAfter the 30th week of pregnancy time slowly approaches you to childbirth. Do not hope for men – they surely will forget everything, will mix and as a result will buy absolutely not that it is necessary to you. Collect all necessary things for maternity hospital in advance. The site is ready to offer you some councils – quite possibly that you will find them useful and exhaustive.
Travel with the child: what to take with itself?
Путешествие с ребенком: что взять с собой?Travel with the child – the whole science, believe. Only one questions "What to take with itself in the road?" there is the whole heap! That is required in way, than to entertain the kid, than to feed him – here not all list of tasks which should be allowed parents on the eve of travel. I will try to clear up this question and to classify everything.
How to overcome a postnatal depression
Как преодолеть послеродовую депрессиюNine-months expectation ended and you became a mother! Here already and an extract, acquaintances and relatives congratulate you, and you … dream only of that they left your house somewhat quicker. There is a wish – to have a rest only one, and joyful smiles, the proposed toasts and unshakable desire of guests "properly to celebrate this event" cause feeling of irritation.
Maternity allowances
Пособия по беременности и родамThose who plans to bring the child, should know that the part of expenses on his contents assumes the state. And information on the amount of payments and grants, and also on what documents will be required for receiving grants – very important to keep around as an instruction. You learn from this article, on what the Russian and Ukrainian mothers can count today.
How to choose a milk pump
Как выбрать молокоотсосYou are going to become a mother and decided to nurse the baby? You young mother and at you arose problems with breastfeeding? Then you surely will have sooner or later a dilemma: whether it is necessary to buy a milk pump? In order that it is correct to pick up a milk pump, it is necessary to consider many factors. Therefore you should not hurry with purchase.
Breastfeeding, councils to mothers
Грудное вскармливание, советы мамамIt is known that knowledge – force. Here therefore I also decided to share all accumulated knowledge of breastfeeding with future and taken place mothers. Long ago it is proved that no adapted mix, will replace maternal milk. Therefore any mother who cares about health of the child, has to nurse it only!
Early development of children
Раннее развитие детейWe want that our kids were comprehensively developed, could achieve independently goals and, eventually, simply found the place in such big and difficult world. Presently there is a set of techniques of development of children. And it will be rather difficult to many parents not to be lost among them.
Purchase of clothes for newborns
Покупка одежды для новорожденныхHere it is long-awaited happiness – you will have a child. Time goes, and euphoria is succeeded by concern what is required to your child in the first days and months of life how to equip the child's corner what to choose clothes? In this article will tell you about that, in what to dress kids in their first year of life.
Burglaries: how to protect itself
Квартирные кражи: как защитить себяBurglaries – the most often committed crimes against property. They, most often remain unsolved. Therefore it is easier to prevent any theft, than after to look for the stolen. It is optional to turn the house into unapproachable fortress for this purpose at all. Sometimes it is enough to show a little vigilance, ingenuities and sharpnesses.
What to do if neighbors flooded
Что делать, если затопили соседиYou were flooded! And God grant, that everything was limited to one spot! And there are also worst cases. For example, the small stream promptly fills the apartment, subjecting to the influence new carpets, wall-paper, household appliances. "Who is guilty? What to do?" - standard questions in such situation. will try to give answers.
How to become good parents
Как стать хорошими родителямиMost likely, many will agree that parents not to become difficult. You have anybody and will never ask to show the diploma about vocational education when you awake to take away the child from maternity hospital. Anybody and will never arrange you examination regarding your professional suitability as parent. A question how to become good parents?
Development of bases of the speech in the child
Развитие основ речи у ребенкаIt is necessary to be engaged in education and development of the child from first years of his life. Today we will talk that it is necessary to do to develop such major component in life of your kid – as the speech. Remember, how your child will speak, depends on you. So, we will consider in more detail.
How to save money
Как экономить деньгиThe person will not begin to save without the reason seen on that. Usually we want to save up money for the car, the apartment, holiday, but not always it turns out. assures that there are hundreds of tricks, knowing which you will be able to cope with this hard task. We will talk only about the main, the most applicable to everyday life of most of people.
How to diversify everyday life of family life
Как разнообразить будни семейной жизниEveryday life of a young family will concern all who moves towards creation of own family. is sure that that who is already connected by marriage bonds, for certain, is that most to tell about a variety and monotony of family life. Family joint life can be diversified at the main thing and the most important condition – at desire to bring both bright minutes in the house, in life both.
How to bring an order to the house
Как навести порядок в домеLook back around. On a table and a floor magazines are scattered. Right there the footwear and dirty socks which are thrown off last night roll. The disorder significantly complicates life. will not open for you anything new if tells that it is much easier to find everything when you know as where lies. When the disorder reigns in the house, you should use more efforts to searches of the necessary thing.
As it is correct to bring up the child
Как правильно воспитать ребенкаThe kid was not born yet, and in the imagination we present it to the most beautiful, the cleverest, the kindest. In the evening, having gathered after the working day of the house, you with the husband dream of that your future child grew up the decent person, and to you gave one joy.
We plan the family budget
Планируем семейный бюджетMany families some days before a pay find out that in the house any money, behind an exception unless trifles on the drive suddenly ended. What to do? Only the accounting of finance can help out, and it means – planning and the subsequent observance of the family budget. On an order will also try to tell about everything.
As it is successful to marry
Как удачно выйти замужEach of us since the childhood dreams of a white magnificent dress, about day of a marriage, in a sandbox, kids play a family where there is a father and mother, and the small child. will talk how it is successful to marry, without imposing the author's point of view at all, and on the contrary, we will try to understand a subject on points. Let's begin!
How to choose a name to the child
Как выбрать имя ребенкуFor many the name choice for the child becomes a disturbing step. Together with we will look that is good, and that is bad at a choice of this or that name. We will not consider that bears in itself each of names, we will not impose the options. Let's simply try to tell, what principles the most important at a choice.
We choose a baby carriage
Выбираем детскую коляскуWhen in a family there is a child, sooner or later it is necessary to go to shop to choose for the child a baby carriage. For the little person it is necessary to approach a vehicle choice with all responsibility, after all the kid will spend in a carriage some hours daily.
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