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Make itself - councils that who likes to do by all the hands. Sewing, knitting, woodcarving and so forth you can apply talents to updating of furniture, sewing of clothes, bags, creations of jewelry, etc.
How to make topiariya the hands
Как сделать топиарий своими рукамиTopiar is very ancient art form which was often used in landscaping when trees by means of a hairstyle were given the various forms. In the Roman Empire there were first topiariya when all gardeners gained skills are sharp spheres, animals and even silhouettes of people from trees.
Candle decoupage the hands
Декупаж свечи своими рукамиYou for half an hour would like to give an unusual gift the hands? Then you should master equipment of a decoupage on a candle. This type of needlework is considered simple, and the school student will be able to cope with a task even.
How to cross stitch
Как вышивать крестикомAt embroidery art the richest history which roots leave to sources of Old Russian culture. A calculating dagger, a semi-cross, a smooth surface the people belonged to an embroidery with special scrupulousness: Slavs started preparing the dowry embroidered manually already at teenage age. The army of fans of a plain dagger grows to this day.
Dry fulling from wool
Сухое валяние из шерстиFulling from wool – ancient and very fascinating needlework. The equipment of a dry fulling is most often used for creation of small toys and jewelry. Besides, that the fulling, as well as any other "rukotvorchestvo", promotes increase of mood and development of a small motility, it also extremely entertaining way to pass away free time.
Dressing of walls the hands
Декорирование стен своими рукамиThirst for the fine was always peculiar to the person. Since ancient times people changed the houses, clothes, created jewelry, trying to imitate natural beauty of the nature. Today ability to decorate ordinary is called as design.
Hand-made articles from a papier-mache
Поделки из папье-машеHaving shown a little imagination and patience, it is possible to create a beautiful decorative bagatelle by means of a papier-mache. Often this equipment is applied in production of dolls, scenery and other theatrical attributes.
Plasticine the hands
Пластилин своими рукамиToday more and more mothers choose environmentally friendly materials for the children. And that can be better, the product prepared by the hands. It concerns also plasticine. Of course, it is possible to buy already ready in shop, and it is possible to prepare plasticine in house conditions.
How to paint walls
Как покрасить стеныTo make repair by own efforts – the economical decision. But in this case continually owners are expected not only problems of a choice of materials, but also some difficulties in performance of work. Today we will classify process of walls painting – from preparation to the finish.
How to hang up blinds
Как повесить жалюзиYou will seldom meet the apartment or office where at windows still there are no blinds. All of us understood long ago in what the main convenience of this invention of mankind and already we consider them as need. already told about criteria of a choice of this or that type of blinds. Today you learn how independently to attach them to a window.
Bouquet from candies the hands
Букет из конфет своими рукамиBouquets from candies became a popular gift not so long ago. They are given to darlings, girlfriends, mothers, teachers. Prime cost of such gift does not exceed the price of a box of candies but not many own art of production of candy bouquets. But if to learn to do such beauty most, for one evening it is possible to make an exclusive and tasty gift.
How to knit socks spokes
Как вязать носки спицамиThe cozy warm woolen socks connected with love can become a good gift for all family members. If you not really often hold spokes in hand, but are able to gather loops and know, than differ front from back, this detailed lesson of knitting of the simplest socks will help with development of this occupation. We need 5 spokes and about 70-120 g of a yarn.
Wet fulling from wool, a master class
Мокрое валяние из шерсти, мастер-классNow the fulling from wool (or a felting, from English "felt" – felt, a fulling, tamping) became one of the most popular types of needlework. Main technicians of a fulling of wool: dry and wet. The equipment of a wet fulling, perhaps, is more loved by most of masters as allows to make large subjects of felt: scarfs, palatines, vests and so forth.
How to make a stained-glass window the hands
Как сделать витраж своими рукамиThe new technology of creation of a stained-glass window appeared about half a century thanks to the English company North Western Lead back. It is that on whole glass slices of a multi-colored film are glued, and on film joints from both parties of glass the decorative strips imitating a metal profile of a classical stained-glass window are imposed.
Welding of aluminum pipes: useful tips
Сварка алюминиевых труб: полезные советыAluminum — unloved all welders metal: welding of details from aluminum is interfaced to a number of specific difficulties. Especially for "" the Armmetall company which specializations are among also aluminum pipes, prepared a number of recommendations which will facilitate to the beginning welders work with aluminum pipelines and knots of cars.
Decoupage on glass, a master class
Декупаж на стекле, мастер-классMany asked a question: "What gift to present to the man who has everything / to the chief / modestly and with taste?". I think, the exclusive bottle of cognac will be such gift. And after its direct use it can be a magnificent interior thing for the chimney room. I offer idea of registration of a similar gift in equipment of a direct decoupage.
"Clear-out" in a garden: what to do with non-ferrous metal, slate and watering cans?
«Генеральная уборка» в саду: что делать с цветным металлом, шифером и лейками?Spring cleaning in a garden, arrangement of the bought old giving or the rural house which got by inheritance with a site — a difficult task and fast. However, she promises also pleasant bonuses: from increase in a useful area of a garden to chance to earn, having found "treasure" in the form of aluminum pipes or copper conducting and having learned the prices on reception of non-ferrous scrap.
Landscaping of a garden site the hands: councils of professionals
Ландшафтный дизайн садового участка своими руками: советы профессионалов— today such picture surely forces out a cozy and well-groomed garden with lawns, beds, green fences and a tiny pond in thoughts of most of summer residents of a bed, the greenhouse and other agrarian ambitions. Besides, it is possible to embody this imagination today and it is independent. In this article advice to the beginning landscape designers is given by the Mos gardening company.
How to sew curtains the hands
Как сшить шторы своими рукамиPresently it is possible to order beautiful curtains, it is possible to find salon in any city for every taste. However I undertook tailoring of curtains independently for several reasons. First, it is much cheaper. Secondly, to realize any idea. Thirdly, the choice of model and color, designing and tailoring of curtains is pleasant creative process.
Weaving of a basket from newspapers
Плетение корзины из газетWhen I for the first time saw a photo of the products weaved from newspaper tubules, to my surprise there was no limit. I would never think that beautiful baskets, boxes, vases and hats can turn out from... old newspapers! From admiration of creations of hands of masters, I passed to attempts to make something similar. My daughters in eager rivalry began to fill up me with orders for wattled products.
How to make a fir-tree of paper and coffee
Как сделать елку из бумаги и кофеVery soon the most favourite holiday New year, which main attribute – a New Year tree will come to us. You still have time, and you can quite surprise the guests with a design fir-tree, having created it literally "from anything". It is not obligatory to be the master in design at all, it is enough to prepare all necessary materials and tools and to connect the imagination to work.
Playground at dacha
Детская площадка на дачеHow the playground will look? What designs will be established? These issues need to be resolved taking into account age and preferences of little summer residents on the one hand, and to coordinate with the family budget with another. Anyway process of creation of a playground – fascinating and creative occupation for all family.
Tack for hot the hands
Прихватка для горячего своими рукамиToday each hostess wishes to see only beautiful furniture and beautiful things in the kitchen. And if to make furniture and repair independently not easy, to create the beautiful and convenient assistant on the kitchen from rags and a piece of batting each modern girl will be able. We speak about a tack for the hot. It is simple to make it, and result of work always the excellent.
Toy from pompons the hands
Игрушка из помпонов своими рукамиWhat it is most important for the child? Of course, parental attention and communication. One of the elementary ways – to execute a hand-made article together with the child. Work from threads perfectly will be suitable for development of a small motility. For example, performance of a toy from pompons. Of course, independently the child will not cope with this task, the adult has to help it.
How to sew pickups for curtains
Как сшить подхваты для шторPickups are elements of design of a window which create the smart or modest, but finished type of curtains, help to hold them in the necessary situation. I will tell how to make classical option of this necessary element in a window interior. Our pickups will be bilateral, their coloring can be changed, overturning, depending on weather or morning mood.
The artificial made old tree the hands
Искусственное состаренное дерево своими рукамиHow to achieve an absolute exclusivity of the interior? It is worth remembering "the tree which is well forgotten old". The tree – since ancient times is universal construction and finishing material. But there is a question: "And what in it such exclusive?". Answer: we will give uniqueness to a tree, having armed thus with our imagination, desire and a minimum of tools.
Work with polymeric clay
Работа с полимерной глинойRecently the great popularity and demand was acquired by the products handmade that in translation from English means – needlework, or the hands. The choice of goods for creativity is huge for today, and everyone can be engaged in that to it is more to liking. Personally I, having taken somehow in hand polymeric clay, could not leave it, and I want to tell about it.
How to decorate a frame for photos
Как украсить рамку для фотографийThere are cases when it is necessary to present simply beautiful, not too expensive, graceful and functional gift. Then there are some experiments – both the habitual and bothered to all souvenirs will be able to get forms, unexpectedly new to themselves and paints. The most functional and popular from such gifts – a framework for a photo. It is possible to buy a basis and to decorate it independently.
Desk lamp the hands
Настольная лампа своими рукамиHaving once again tempted on a bright label, we buy a vase absolutely unnecessary us or a candlestick. Already then we find out that similar things are in apartments of friends, and so there is a wish that your interior resembled not others. And here sharpness and skillful hands come to the rescue. In this article I will tell how to make an original desk lamp.
How to learn to knit on spokes
Как научиться вязать на спицахOne of the most widespread ways of hand knitting is knitting on spokes. To learn, it is rather a little patience, attentiveness, spokes and a yarn. All principle of knitting on spokes is based on formation of new loops and their interlacing. In all process of knitting only one working thread is used.
How to make a decorative board the hands
Как сделать декоративную доску своими рукамиMother or the best friend have a birthday, and you want to present to the person dear to you something original, with all the heart? Or it is banal there is no money for expensive gift? I offer an interesting way out – issue the hands a decorative chopping board. Such gift will decorate any kitchen, besides it is practical, – on the one hand on a board it is possible to cut any products.
Greeting card the hands
Поздравительная открытка своими рукамиIt is so pleasant – to make to the loved one a gift the hands, putting in it the love and heat. And as involving in this occupation of your kid. I suggest to make not a difficult greeting card together with the child. Materials for such card are quite available to all, and its production will take no more than 30 minutes.
Needle case the hands
Игольница своими рукамиIt seems to me that many needle cases do not happen. It is simply amazing, how many exists ideas on this tiny, but the necessary subject in needlework. Probably, it is already possible to create "The encyclopedia of a needle case". Therefore I want to present to your attention a master class on this subject. I will show how the hands to sew a needle case in the form of a hedgehog. It is easy, believe!
Molding of animals from plasticine
Лепка животных из пластилинаIf think that from plasticine it is possible to stick together only mushrooms and fruit, you are mistaken. Having made details, very simple in a form, of plasticine, you can mold beautiful animals together with your kid! And to turn all process into fascinating game which will occupy the child not for one hour. In addition, a molding from plasticine - a good way for development of a small motility.
How to update the lamp shade
Как обновить абажурThat old things found new happy life, from us it is required a little: something to change desire round itself and the small guide to action. And still it is necessary to look round more attentively around and to find that subject to which you would like to give the second youth. Here so next time it happened and to me. Made the lamp, suitable to my furniture, of the old lamp shade!
List on fabric
Роспись по тканиAll of us want that at home it was cozy and beautiful. If you have though a little patience and you have a desire to be engaged in creativity, you can try to create an interior the hands. I speak about a batic, a decorative list of fabric. The batic is not only pictures and scarves, it also cloths and napkins which can be laid on dressers, coffee tables, etc.
How to make a New Year tree of candies
Как сделать новогоднюю елку из конфетFir-tree – a symbol of the darling children of a holiday, New year. And what New year without candies? Let's try unite these main attributes and to present great mood to the relatives. You can make a simple fir-tree of candies sugar candies for the kid, and, perhaps, even together with him.
Glass-painting stained glass paints
Роспись стекла витражными краскамиIf you want to create a pseudo-stained-glass window, to make an original candlestick or to decorate any glass subject, you need stained glass paints! Distinctive features of such paints are their transparency and brightness that allows to create effect of color glass. Surfaces are suitable for drawing drawing both flat (mirrors), and convex (bottles, vases).
Ideas for giving arrangement
Идеи для обустройства дачиThere are many interesting ideas for jewelry of beds at dacha which can be made the hands. To organize a figurative bed, to make a palm tree, an amusing hedgehog or a pig – as easy as shelling pears. Well, and further – a trick. I hope, all ideas offered in my story will be realized on your country sites and will daily please you and your guests.
How to learn to knit a hook
Как научиться вязать крючкомKnitting by a hook in itself is much simpler, than spokes, and the result on time is quicker visible. It is important not to be afraid of saturated "three-storyed" schemes and kilometer descriptions. Actually, after will try to execute independently each of knots, you will be able to cope with any scheme. Difficult in knitting by a hook anything is not present.
Suitcase for picnic by the hands
Чемодан для пикника своими рукамиAt last time of heat, sun, the clear sky, greens well and, of course, sorties came to the nature. And, you see, nothing can please so, as the small suitcase made with own hand with the most necessary and laboriously picked up accessories to an outdoor recreation. It rather not expensive is also not difficult at all, it is worth connecting the imagination only.
How to issue an embroidery
Как оформить вышивкуThe embroidery has so many versions what it almost is necessary to meet it in any culture. Availability and relative simplicity of this art made it popular among needlewomen. And what to do with a product of vyshivalny rushes? If these rushes – as sunflower seeds on a podsolnukhovy field? We offer our thoughts on registration of embroideries.
Clear-out of the apartment
Генеральная уборка квартирыClear-out of the apartment. These words cause such mix of discontent and hopelessness in every second woman, if not in everyone. But even such not palatable occupation as clear-out of the apartment, it is possible to worry with good mood and the smallest expenses of forces and nerves. The most important it is rational to distribute the opportunities and time.
How to make a decorative tree the hands
Как сделать декоративное дерево своими рукамиFor the first time I saw a decorative tree in one flower little shop. It cost about fifty dollars, and to allow get it at that time simply could not. Only in some weeks thought that I can make a "coffee" tree also itself. I offer readers a small master class.
Embroidery aleksandrovsky smooth surface
Вышивка александровской гладьюThe smooth surface is a type of an embroidery when stitches are applied on a cloth, completely it filling. There is a lot of types of smooth surfaces. The Aleksandrovsky color smooth surface is now widespread because it is simple performed by, and is beautiful – the spirit takes. We will pass all stages in this lesson, from an idea to an embodiment. And together we will be glad to result.
Earrings from plasticity the hands
Серьги из пластики своими рукамиEach of us in soul the woman of fashion, each of us is not indifferent to all accessories, whether it be ear rings, ringlets, a beads, brelochka. But it is simplest to go to shop and to buy finished goods. And what if to try such to make the hands? So you will kill two hares – will become the owner of exclusive earrings and at the same time will save on purchase of store costume jewelry.
How to make the Alpine hill in the apartment
Как сделать альпийскую горку в квартиреThink the Alpine hill – pleasure not for you? Is not available, you see on hand rather spacious yard or a country site. Here not! The most real Alpine hill which will be pleasing to the eye every day, can be built simply in the city apartment. Such wonderful decision will help to change cardinally or simply to decorate an interior.
How to sew a doll the Tilde the hands
Как сшить куклу Тильду своими рукамиHaving seen once of work of the Norwegian designer Tony Finanger, you will unmistakably learn that we now call dolls Tildes. As an example I will show how, without having special skills of sewing, it is possible to create own Tildochka. Having sewed once the Tilde, you will not be able to stop and will continue to create all new and new masterpieces.
Equipment of a decoupage on furniture
Техника декупажа на мебелиAbout a decoupage it is written much and in detail, difficult and popularly. But briefly are the pictures pasted on a surface of different subjects for the purpose of imitation of drawings or a list. You remember how were engaged in kindergarten or initial classes in application? Now these skills will be useful to you.
How to recolour old furniture
Как перекрасить старую мебельIn the majority of apartments the furniture makes the most powerful part of an interior. And, perhaps, the most expensive. It is not so simple to replace it, as the bothered curtains or the lamp which got out of fashion. What to do if the soul asks something fresh and original, and are not provided in the closest plans of expenditure for new furniture? And let's try recolour the old!
How to make and issue a photo album
Как сделать и оформить фотоальбомWho told, what with the advent of digital photos time of paper photo albums left? Of course, but only in case the unpacked photos roll then not sorted pile. And quite another matter, if to make a few efforts and imaginations and to make a photo album. It is much more pleasant to show the thought-over photo album from the most interesting photos to friends and relatives.
Gift by New year the hands
Подарок к Новому году своими рукамиWhat does a holiday "real"? If to speak about New year, of course, began to smell a fir-tree and tangerines, the blinking sparks and gifts. New year, perhaps, the only holiday in which gifts can be given all without exception even if it is a small souvenir. Pleasantly to receive gifts, but it is even more pleasant to give them and to prepare.
The developing toy for the child of 1-3 years
Развивающая игрушка для ребенка 1-3 летWhat only toys now are not offered in shops! Having visited children's shops, I was delighted simply with the modern developing centers which are designed for children of 1-3 years. But confused me that one developing center is only 5-7 functions, and the child, having mastered them, will quickly throw such toy. And then I decided to make the developing toy!
Casket for jewelry the hands
Шкатулка для украшений своими рукамиThe beautiful, convenient, exclusive casket for jewelry can be made independently. Of course, it will differ from that offer in shops, but will be able quite to compete with them and to take the place on your shelf. I offer the simplest option and if to try a little, it is possible to create also something more difficult and impressive.
How to make a cooler bag
Как сделать сумку-холодильникEach of us heard the phrase "cooler bag". But for many the similar device seems unnecessary, and it simply is too expensive for some. And, in fact, the thermobag is a usual bag with the heater sewed inside which the cold does not let out, and warmly outside does not pass. Today we will just tell you as quickly and almost free of charge to make a cooler bag.
Self-made can TV-antenna
Самодельная баночная ТВ-антеннаTo believe in that the self-made antenna from beer cans will start working, for what would disagree. So far the husband did not make it. I understand that many will tell that all this an unnecessary waste of time. But after all there are those who did not establish still a satellite plate or rents apartment and cannot carry out to himself cable. Here also this "way out" is useful.
Tailoring of a bag from old jeans
Пошив сумки из старых джинсовThere were times when good branded jeans were worth its weight in gold. One jeans were bought and worn out to holes. At many the hand them was not raised to throw out. Most often women of fashion altered jeans in skirts or simply cut off them, turning into shorts. I want to tell readers of as from one old jeans it is possible to sew useful things.
New Year tree the hands
Новогодняя елка своими рукамиAlready very long time the main attribute of a New Year's holiday is a fir-tree! But how to be if you for some reason cannot put the real fir-tree?! It is possible to buy it the artificial girlfriend: any size, with illumination and even the flavored. And it is possible to approach a question of acquisition of a fir-tree creatively and to make it the hands.
Automatic watering of plants
Автоматический полив растенийIf it is correctly to make everything, plants can not notice your absence. There are two different ways not to let to plants know shortage of water. One of them assumes passive methods of the help to flowers: we leave them without water replenishment, but we provide comfortable conditions for its saving. Another – active feed by water. It is allowed to combine.
How to make a doll the hands
Как сделать куклу своими рукамиFirst of all it is necessary to catch good mood, with another you should not start production of a toy. Then we go together with the child on search of treasures: it can be various color rags, leaflets, lids, buttons, candy wrappers, an old beads, plumelets – yes anything!
Hand-made articles from salty dough
Поделки из соленого тестаMolding from salty dough – the ancient entertainment which reached through centuries. Can thanks to simplicity and low cost of production, and can because of plasticity of material. Toys, pictures, candlesticks, a framework – that only does not leave pliable dough. And besides sometimes joint creativity, and not the so next bought toy pulls together us with the child.
Independent assembly of kitchen furniture
Самостоятельная сборка кухонной мебели already told how to pick up kitchen furniture. I hope, you were defined by how your kitchen will look. Now you have two ways – to order production of furniture to order or to make it most. In this article it will be a question of the last – independent assembly of kitchen furniture. As always with step-by-step photos.
Christmas tree decorations the hands
Елочные игрушки своими рукамиSoon New Year, a holiday which is loved by all, young and old. More and more festive tinsel on streets, everything is brighter fires on streets, and in shops abundance of toys. suggests you to try to revive tradition and, besides glass and plastic balls and figures, to decorate a New Year tree with the toys made the hands.
How to make an aquarium the hands
Как сделать аквариум своими рукамиFrom what to us in general to be engaged in independent assembly of an aquarium? Really. After all now the aquarium can be found in any pet-shop and, of course, in a poultry market. But there are three reasons for which you are solved on it: in shop there is no suitable copy (the price does not arrange), it is interesting to check the masterful qualities, are going to earn additionally it.
How to make soap the hands
Как сделать мыло своими рукамиThe increase in supply and demand of soap of handwork as alternative to the soap produced in the industrial method is lately observed. About soap, a product of prime necessity which all use daily for personal hygiene very few people, something knows, besides, that it forms lather and foams, serves for bathing and can have different color and a smell.
Sew a soft toy
Пошейте мягкую игрушку самиIt is known that the most favourite place of each child – toy store. Lovely fluffy doggies and kitties, soft elephants and leverets what can be so joyful to a children's heart?! In this article will tell how to make the hands some amusing soft toys which will be pleasant not only to children, but also adults.
How to make accessories fashionable
Как сделать аксессуары моднымиThe bag, belt, hairpin or clip for hair – without all these accessories a suit seems unfinished. And as it is pleasant to mention in conversation that you made this handbag own hands! Last time told you about the receptions capable to change any to unrecognizability. All methods already familiar to you are suitable for production of fashionable accessories.
Alteration of clothes, from old in the stylish
Переделка одежды, из старой в стильнуюOn the street hot summer, and all of us want to look beautifully and fashionably. But what to do if there is no money for purchase of new stylish clothes? suggests you to make it independently. Your imagination and our councils will change your dresses to unrecognizability!
Trees from beads, make
Деревья из бисера, сделай самModern skilled workers use the experience which is saved up in the millennia and besides decoration of clothes and footwear, bracelets and a necklace, do also tremendous beauty of a tree and flowers. Looking at such beaded fairy tale, it is difficult to believe that all this creation of hands of the person. In this article will tell how it is possible from beads and applied means to make tiny trees.
Decoration of bottles the hands
Украшение бутылок своими руками will tell how it is possible to decorate with the hands a usual bottle, having turned it into a small work of art, an exclusive thing which will please even the biggest fastidious person and which will be able ideally to add and even to bring a variety your interior.
Gifts the hands
Подарки своими рукамиOn the Russian calendar besides the days off there is a set of other red dates. Also it was so moved for a long time that for holidays it is necessary to give gifts. Make happy relatives with beautiful and tasty gifts, and you will feel happiness. is ready to share with you the ideas of original self-made tasty gifts.
Bathroom decor the hands
Декор ванной своими рукамиLast time told you how it is possible to update your old furniture with the minimum expenses, having turned it in quite bright and original set soft to the touch. Now, developing a needlework subject, we bring to your attention one of simple, but in too time of original options of a decor of a bathroom.
How to update old furniture
Как обновить старую мебельAfter apartment renovation you found out, what your old upholstered furniture does not approach new design of the room at all? And funds for purchase of new furniture are already not present? You should not mourn. After all it is always possible to update old furniture. just will also be engaged in the story how it is possible to get out of current situation and to inhale new life in your old chairs and sofas.
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In Great Britain the "woolen" pig was sold for 250 pounds sterling. The sold copy was brought by a pig from Austria. In Great Britain such species of pigs was exterminated till 1971.