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Repair and finishing

Councils for apartment renovation, houses. In the section you receive information about qualitative bathroom equipment, durable windows and doors, a tile, wall-paper, linoleum and so forth.
Laying of a tile on a floor the hands
Укладка плитки на пол своими рукамиToday the market of construction materials is sated with the wide range of a tile for a floor. It is also quite easy to find also good tilers for execution of high-quality work. But, that your dream of a fantastic interior became beautiful reality, it is important to organize work in a complex and elaborately. Therefore, we recommend strongly to study technical characteristics, types and modes of work with material.
Warming of walls
Утепление стенIf to compare expenses on heating of the usual house and house to thermal insulation, the difference will be huge. Not warmed house loses to 50% of heat. The main part of heat leaves through windows and walls.
The sewerage in the private house
Канализация в частном домеAccommodation in the private house gives the mass of advantages. It both autonomy of the personal space, and feeling of special independence in a choice of internal planning, system of heating, external registration of a facade and the territory round the house. Thus ensuring elementary conveniences is entirely under authority of the owner of the house.
Heating of the private house
Отопление частного домаEach owner of the private house needs to resolve an issue what will be heating in the house. In an ideal it is the issue needs to be resolved at a construction stage, but perhaps and to reconstruct the heating system which is already available in the house if it does not suit the owner.
We learn to choose a window profile correctly
Учимся выбирать оконный профиль правильноThe modern market of window systems and the PVC profiles endures the real boom today. At present abundance of offers there are natural questions: how to define, whether the good offer a profile what differences a boundary a qualitative product and a fake exist?
Sound insulation of walls
Звукоизоляция стенIn the conditions of modern multiroom constructions rest in silence and rest became unattainable luxury. The rustling neighbors, their pets and loud household appliances sometimes dement. collected a number of a practical advice on sound insulation of walls.
Main types of wooden materials: we build intelligently
Основные виды деревянных материалов: строим с умомToday, more and more people prefer wooden materials, any another. It is explained by special characteristics of ready constructions. Houses and baths from a tree are completely safe for human health, also in them it is easy to create optimum conditions for a human body.
World of a siding. What to choose?
Мир сайдинга. Какой выбрать?Both the person cannot live without skeleton, and buildings without walls and a framework do not exist. They bear basic, protective and decorative function, about two last now and the speech will go.
How to choose a parquet board
Как выбрать паркетную доскуWith development of the industry also our life develops. Earlier people did not glue wall-paper, did not paint a wall and did not put a parquet on a floor. In total from make-shifts – whitewash, wooden fellings. All materials were made manually, and on it a lot of time left.
How to make a blind area the hands
Как сделать отмостку своими рукамиWhen we got the house with a site in the village, at once there was a set of questions concerning repair. Anything surprising, after all house though strong, but nevertheless not new. Therefore before enjoying rest and harmony of rural life, it was necessary to solve a number of pressing problems. And the blind area became one of such problems.
Repair. In total on shelves
Ремонт. Все по полочкамSummer – a traditional time of holidays, fun, new emotions and bright impressions. However this hot time is also the leader in number of the carried-out repair work. Before starting repair, it is necessary to decide on its scales. Though quite often happens and so that the planned initially unpretentious updating of wall-paper involves serious "kapitalka".
Water supply in the private house: we choose the pump and pump station
Водоснабжение в частном доме: выбираем насос и насосную станциюThe dream was achieved. You got a ground or already ready structure. Want to create comfortable conditions for the family. One of the first tasks which should be solved is to adjust qualitative system of water supply and water disposal. Here not to do without use of the pump for pumping of water or pump station. We are interested in household units.
We choose the reliable and high-quality tool and construction equipment
Выбираем надежный и качественный инструмент и строительную техникуIn everyday life we often face various small repair, and having started global re-planning of the apartment or room, we understand that it is necessary to choose the most high-quality and durable tool from all offered range. Upon purchase we look at the so-called general quality marks, useful will be to consider also recommendations of friends and acquaintances.
Ceramic tile – quality and durability
Керамическая плитка – качество и долговечностьRepair is a word which does not leave indifferent anybody. Between these two events (the beginning and end) there are long days of thoughts: as what to choose a table, where to put a bed, with what color to paint walls, where to order and buy qualitative materials. Quality is especially important for finishing materials and today we will talk about a ceramic covering.
How to wash stretch ceilings
Как мыть натяжные потолкиChoice for tension cloths, despite their high cost, every third family which was solved on repair does. But very few people reflect as it is not simple to keep the created beauty and to look after it. Stretch ceilings, it to you not eternal plastic. Much, of course, depends on quality of cloths, but it does not change an essence. Pleases one – it is necessary to wash stretch ceilings necessarily.
As, as than it is correct to paint
Как, что и чем правильно краситьIf come into shop of goods for repair, the department of paint and varnish production will occupy not less than a quarter of the room. And, nevertheless, on the road to this shop will manage to see houses with the growing bare paint and rusty fences – all this was painted last year and will be again painted in it, with the same result. In this article we will tell than and how correctly to paint.
Installation of an electrical wiring in the apartment
Монтаж электропроводки в квартиреPractically everyone faced need to install electrical equipment to the room. Apartment renovation, construction of the house, connection of garage – yes you never know what situation could draw your attention to this article? You should not think that after its reading you will become the electrician of the third category, but will be able quite to carry out works on installation of a household electrical wiring.
Calculation and installation of an electroguard
Расчет и монтаж электрощиткаCapital repairs or finishing from scratch often should be combined with installation of an electrical wiring. Work this simple, but it is very important to know at least theory elements. The conducting made with too large supply of durability can become a cause of the fire. If you are mistaken in the opposite direction, it is necessary to turn on constantly back worked machine guns.
How to choose rolling shutters on windows
Как выбрать рольставни на окнаRolling shutters — quite young term in the dictionary of builders, designers, and the type of the windows closed from foreign eyes by metal "blinds" often is associated at us with shops and banks. Actually many owners of cottages, townhouses and even apartments reflect on buying rolling shutters on windows today. Let's consider features of their design.
We choose roofing materials: about the prices, thickness and polymers
Выбираем кровельные материалы: о ценах, толщине и полимерахChoosing a roof for a new roof and having faced an impressive variety in the market of building materials, it is enough to remember three major characteristics: appearance, service life and the prices of roofing materials between which it is necessary to find optimum balance. Depending on specific goals and tasks, it can be displaced towards this or that option.
How to choose a qualitative siding: about Docke, a relief and shades
Как выбрать качественный сайдинг: о Docke, рельефе и оттенкахIf on a site there are a lot of inhabited and economic constructions built at different times and from different materials, facing of walls in the general style and color will turn them into a uniform complex, beautifully and harmoniously fitting into a landscape. It is necessary only to choose material for such restoration. One of options most actual today — is a vinyl siding.
How to choose wrought-iron fences and gate: the instruction from the Master Company company
Как выбрать кованые заборы и ворота: инструкция от компании Master CompanyBefore to see an interior of the house and even it is simple to consider its architecture, guests will pay attention on … a fence. It is possible for this reason today among owners of country sites wrought-iron fences and gate which are recognized as the most esthetic option of a fencing for a long time are so actual. A reverse side of such popularity — complexity with a choice among the huge range.
We choose garage gate: councils of experts
Выбираем гаражные ворота: советы экспертовThe industry lets out tens of thousands of vorotny systems of various types and designs. It is quite difficult to the person who is not devoted in nuances to orient in this variety and to make a right choice. Especially for the online magazine experts prepared the short guide to vorotny production.
How to choose a plinth
Как выбрать плинтусThe plinth is one of the main finishing elements under repair of any room, both inhabited, and office. Installation of a plinth happens when all finishing works are already complete, that is, walls are pasted over or painted, the parquet or other floor covering is laid. At this stage it is important to find out, what types of a plinth happen of what are made.
Accessories choice for interroom doors
Выбор фурнитуры для межкомнатных дверейRepair comes to an end, "dirty" works are finished, and we face the gaping doorways which as soon as possible should be "closed". Came it is time to establish interroom doors. With a choice of doors all and everything is more or less clear. Our door has to "hang" on something and to be locked by "something" and if to speak technically competently, it is necessary to choose door accessories.
Heat and cosiness of wooden houses
Тепло и уют деревянных домовToday it is considered the most demanded construction of houses from a natural tree. First, for construction of the wooden house expensive construction materials are not required, and construction happens in the shortest possible time without attraction of heavy construction equipment. One more plus is that the wooden house has very favorable microclimate.
Warming and finishing of a penthouse the hands
Утепление и отделка мансарды своими рукамиIn private houses of a penthouse most often play a closet role. But after all the penthouse is a quite good way to increase living space. For example, to receive one more bedroom or an office. How to combine both that, and another within one room? By means of planning which will allow to use distinctive architectural features of a penthouse most functionally.
Independent laying of a tile in a bathroom
Самостоятельная укладка кафеля в ваннойLaying of a tile – process long and scrupulous. Probably, therefore masters usually take for the work so much, how much is a tile. And how to be when "excess" money is not present? The tile can be put and with own hand, it is important to know some details about which it is told in article. I hope, my short management with step-by-step photos is useful to many readers.
How to be prepared for metalwork and joiner's works
Как подготовиться к слесарным и столярным работамFor many it did not become simple hobby today, but need and means of livelihood to be engaged in joiner's and metalwork works in house conditions. On what first of all any master wishing to work in the garage or a house workshop has to reflect? Naturally, about the equipment of a functional and comfortable workplace.
Restoration of a parquet the hands
Реставрация паркета своими рукамиGood parquet now big luxury. And after all many still had parquet "in inheritance" from the Soviet past. And to throw out, as they say it is a pity, and it is a shame to leave. For many years the parquet wore out, in places squeaks, its surface was scratched by furniture legs. What to do? I hurry to share with readers invaluable experience of restoration of an old parquet.
Flizelinovy and vinyl wall-paper. Nuances of a pokleyka
Флизелиновые и виниловые обои. Нюансы поклейкиLong ago passed times of simple paper wall-paper. Flizelin also blamed – here leaders of sales today. Flizelinovy wall-paper – fine option for a pokleyka in premises. Modern vinyl wall-paper – favourites of designers. With their help it is possible to imitate any surface perfectly. About advantages of this wall-paper and how they need to be glued correctly, I will tell in article.
Repair in the new apartment: useful tips and reefs
Ремонт в новой квартире: полезные советы и подводные камниNow many look for and without effort find contractors who do repair cheaper. However it is necessary to know, this low cost from where undertakes. At a choice of the construction organization for repair of your apartment it is necessary to consider many factors. Qualification of specialists of construction crew, cost of the repair finishing works entering the estimate.
Interroom doors: when the standard design is unacceptable
Межкомнатные двери: когда стандартный дизайн неприемлемNow there is a huge choice of doors, and at each producer respecting himself it is possible to find the model range for every taste. That can be simpler – choose model of a door and establish. But not always and not everything is so easy. In some special cases the existing standard doors do not approach. Let's consider these situations.
In total about a ceramic tile: councils and right choice
Все о керамической плитке: советы и правильный выборModern people know that the design of premises not only reflects character of the owner, and also influences his mood, health, supports an emotional background. Having chosen a ceramic tile, you can create the cozy atmosphere in each of the rooms, create fine aura for further pastime and comfortable accommodation.
Summer is at hand – it is time to do repair in the apartment
Лето на носу – пора делать ремонт в квартире Apartment renovation represents the whole process of transformation of inhabited space, taking into account all wishes of the customer and professionalism of employees. Presently can offer you the most fantastic plannings of rooms. At last, you can bring the contribution in future repair of the house, office or the apartment.
Construction of an arbor the hands
Строительство беседки своими рукамиI want to share in this article the brief experience of construction of an arbor. With detailed drawings, sketches, photos. And very much I hope that thereby I will help with a noble cause of an upclassing of the homestead territory. Everyone can make the changes to a design and the sizes depending on a situation. I offer only the basic principles of construction so dare!
Ladders: we choose the best
Лестницы: выбираем лучшееIt would seem, a usual ladder. But whether you reflected sometime, how many its various designs exist? How to understand, what ladder is necessary to you? When it is better to use a scaffolding? Whether the step-ladder will be suitable for carrying out finishing works? We will answer all these questions and we will tell, on what to pay attention not to be mistaken with a choice.
How to make a gipsokartonny partition the hands
Как сделать гипсокартонную перегородку своими рукамиWant to divide the room into two or to differentiate space on some zones in a spacious drawing room? It is impossible to build a brick wall in the city apartment without special permission. The simplest and favorable decision – build a gipsokartonny partition. And not to spend funds for payment of assemblers, you can easily make it. How? Now we will tell!
How to provide complex protection against moisture in the apartment
Как обеспечить комплексную защиту от влаги в квартиреEach of us faced leakages in the apartment which bring damage not only our apartment, but also neighbors from below. It is necessary to spend the considerable sums for repair, and all because in time did not take care of a waterproofing. From our article you learn about the most weak spots in the apartment which demand special protection against water, and about necessary materials.
Wooden cabin for a summer shower
Деревянная кабина для летнего душаThis design from a tree can be used on a country site not only as a cabin for a summer shower, but also as a summer toilet, a shed for storage of garden or other stock. I offer the general description of a design of a product, the short description of each stage of assembly, sketches of all constructive elements, and also the account estimate of the used materials.
Change houses – temporary housing with all necessary
Бытовки – временное жилье со всем необходимымIn spite of the fact that the temporary housing is not intended for long operation, the need for it can arise at any time. It is not only about building sites which are located behind city boundaries, but also about dachas, the protected objects. Not to do without change houses if you need housing far from infrastructure.
How to construct garage
Как построить гаражThis article – the personal experiment on construction of garage supported with photos. This summer we with the father-in-law built garage. I meanwhile the beginning builder, and he itself completed 20 years ago the house. It is necessary to tell that everything was made so capitally that for all this time of years of any crack or problem with a structure did not arise. Therefore the garage was built just like.
Bulk floors in the apartment
Наливные полы в квартиреIn the industry bulk floors are applied for a long time and very successfully. But, as it appeared, bulk floors can be used at office, in kindergarten, in medical institution. Bulk floors to unrecognizability change the room, at the expense of it interest in them grows every day. Not so long ago designers took the first steps in application of bulk floors in an interior of apartments.
Independent installation of MDF of panels
Самостоятельный монтаж МДФ панелейThis article will be useful to those who decided to make independent installation of wall MDF of panels, and also that who for some reason doubts the forces. will tell about advantages and shortcomings of MDF of panels, and will share with you a detailed photo the report on installation process.
Installation of a vinyl siding
Монтаж винилового сайдингаThe siding ("siding") can be translated from English as "an external covering". Actually, it is a set of panels, small on width, which are joined among themselves by means of special connection, forming a uniform cover which besides good appearance bears also protective function.
Warming of balconies and loggias
Утепление балконов и лоджий"Prepare sledge in the summer", – the national proverb says. This expression as is impossible by the way is suitable for warming of a loggia as the warm season is the most optimum for any external finishing works. just will also talk how to turn a balcony into the warm and cozy room.
Internal finishing by wooden lining
Внутренняя отделка деревянной вагонкойDespite the increasing popularity of such finishing materials as plastic and gypsum cardboard, a tree does not get out of fashion. And in certain cases finishing by a tree is simply irreplaceable. Therefore today will tell you about pluses and minuses of such type of finishing and will share exclusive step-by-step photos of the process of installation.
Installation of an electric heat-insulated floor
Монтаж электрического теплого полаIn the last article considered installation of water option of a heat-insulated floor, and this time his electric colleague will become the hero of our story. Fundamental difference of an electric heat-insulated floor consists in a heating element, we also will begin article with it.
Installation of a water heat-insulated floor
Монтаж водяного теплого полаGetting out in winter cold evening of a heat bath, at least once and got on a cold surface of a tile. Or sitting on a chair, even in the warm room we quite often can notice how our feet every minute all freeze stronger and more strongly. How to solve these problems by means of heat-insulated floors and in general that this such, and will try to sort.
How to make a multilevel ceiling of gypsum cardboard
Как сделать многоуровневый потолок из гипсокартонаRecently told how independently to mount a practical and durable false plastic ceiling. Today we will tell about process of installation of a two-story false ceiling of gypsum cardboard. As always with step-by-step illustrations. Successful to you repair!
Installation of a plastic false ceiling
Монтаж пластикового подвесного потолкаBefore beginning repair, it is necessary to be defined that you wish to see as a result. As walls, windows, a floor, a ceiling will look … This article for those who decided to do a false plastic ceiling. Moreover, for those who wants to make it independently. offers you the instruction of installation of a plastic ceiling with step-by-step illustrations.
Balcony glazing
Остекление балконаThe balcony is in each apartment. And almost each owner dreams to turn it into a winter garden, an arbor for a chayevnichestvo or a private office. Some turn a balcony or a loggia into a sliding wardrobe. As you can see there is a lot of ideas but how to realize them? How to glaze, warm and improve such precious square meters? We will talk about it in this article.
Independent installation of a roof on a balcony
Самостоятельная установка крыши на балконеTo owners of balconies of the top floors open for winds, and also rainfall, it is necessary to take care of a roof. does not mean the duo-pitch roof turning a small balcony into similarity of a nesting box. The roof has to be extremely simple and practical, that is – a canopy, with a slope from a wall of the house and out of limits of edge of a balcony, under any possible corner.
Independent installation of plastic slopes
Самостоятельная установка пластиковых откосовPlastic windows became an integral part of our life. But to establish such windows – only half-affairs. After installation it is necessary to make slopes. Slopes are a distance between a window and a wall, in other words – a window opening. Slopes happen internal (are indoors) and external (settle down outside of a window). Today we will talk about internal slopes.
Renovation of the apartment, ch.2
Косметический ремонт квартиры, ч.2Having finished the first, preparatory stage of renovation connected with a primer and filling of walls and a ceiling it is a high time to start a choice of wall-paper and paints, to registration of a ceiling, and work with a floor covering. Dare, create and equip the house so that to you in it it was good and cozy!
Renovation of the apartment, p.1
Косметический ремонт квартиры, ч.1For each of us there comes the life period under the name "apartment renovation". How to choose reliable crew and to be saved from force majeur situations?! Without having found the answer, many prefer to be engaged in repair of the dwelling with own hand. Especially as renovation of the apartment will be on forces even to the beginner, however, to the hardworking and persistent beginner.
How to choose an entrance door
Как выбрать входную дверьThis article I and we will try to understand culture of entrance doors. We considered all highlights of a choice of entrance doors. Of course, within one article it is difficult to make it, but we tried. It is necessary to notice that only 1 of 5 thefts occurs power breaking – physical destruction of your door. Other 4 is an intellectual breaking.
Installation of an entrance metal door
Установка входной металлической двериInstallation of an entrance door is made at the first stages of apartment renovation. This work, of course, can be entrusted the firm which is engaged in sale and together with it installation of doors. But if for any reason all of you decide to establish doors by the hands, in the form of the step-by-step instruction will tell, all process consists of what stages.
Alignment of walls
Выравнивание стенBecause "conscientious" builders put up walls and perform plaster works often "approximately" which has a big error, quality of work turns out not at height. So, for example, the partition with a sufficient length of a wall can easily go in the center on 10 cm, and even more, to any party.
Alignment of a floor
Выравнивание полаThe floor bases in the majority of apartments serve construction plates which often have not an equal surface. It leads to differences of level of a floor on 5-10 cm, and sometimes and more. Naturally on such surface it is impossible to put any covering therefore the floor should be leveled. Let's talk in detail about the process.
Alignment of a ceiling
Выравнивание потолкаOne of problems of an internal interior old is the rough ceiling. Differences of level, most likely, will be caused by rough laying of plates or low-quality seal of seams between them. Works on elimination of such defects can be divided into two groups: crude and dry works. Each type of works has pluses and minuses.
Laying of a laminate
Укладка ламинатаAfter you bought a laminate and brought it home it is necessary to take indoors within several days that he adapted for humidity and temperature and accepted the corresponding sizes. So, the bought laminate already lies in the apartment and waits for the laying. For a start it is necessary to estimate quality of a surface.
Technology of laying of a tile
Технология укладки плиткиOften quotations on laying of 1 sq.m. of a tile can approach the cost of the most square meter of a tile. will consider how, possessing the minimum construction skills, rather qualitatively to put a tile, so that our work adequately looked and prime cost was not frightening.
Preparation of the apartment for installation of windows
Подготовка квартиры к установке оконIf you decided to establish in the apartment new windows, not very well what – wooden or plastic, it is better to be prepared for arrival of assemblers in advance. Following to our small councils will precisely reduce time of cleaning of the apartment. But, as shows personal experiment, the order should be brought not only to that room where assemblers, and visited all apartment.
Options of finishing of a ceiling
Варианты отделки потолкаSooner or later we reflect on repair of a ceiling, today we will talk about options of its finishing. In the modern apartment usual bleached or colored aqueous emulsion ink the ceiling does not look any more. Presently there is a set of materials and technologies which will allow to create design of a ceiling according to the exclusive plan.
What to choose wall-paper
Какие выбрать обоиPeople sought to decorate walls of the dwelling long since, only at various times did it differently: primitive hunters - skins of the bears killed on hunting and tigers, inhabitants of medieval castles – carpets and gobelins. And very much at a distant day wall-paper, habitual for us, became the most widespread material for finishing of walls.
How to glue wall-paper
Как клеить обоиNo repair can be considered finished, wall-paper is not pasted yet... New wall-paper is capable to change cardinally a view of the room, visually to increase or reduce it. Pasting wall-paper, we pursue one aim – to make the room beautiful for a long time.
Blinds what it is better to buy
Жалюзи, какие лучше купитьWell here, repair comes to an end, the ceiling is ready, on walls new wall-paper, new windows are pleasing to the eye. But something is not enough. Ah yes, the spring sun dispersed outright, filled in all room with light. Perhaps, even there is too much light... Than to curtain a window? Old curtains are no good, they already got out of fashion and simply do not approach a new interior. What to do? We go to buy blinds!
In total about stretch ceilings
Всё о натяжных потолкахStretch ceilings can become an element of any interior from classics to hi-tech both at office, and in the apartment. There were stretch ceilings relatively recently, but nevertheless development of this direction happens quite promptly. Along with the French stretch ceilings for today also the Russian firms are already engaged in their production.
What to buy a ceramic tile
Какую купить керамическую плиткуWhen we are going to buy a ceramic tile, first of all, we reflect on the cost and color of a tile. And to some extent, it is right, after all the purpose in that for reasonable price to give to an interior a beautiful look, whether it be a bathroom, kitchen or a hall.
Choice and laying of a laminate
Выбор и укладка ламинатаLaying of a laminate as a floor covering is in demand as the cheapest way of registration of an interior of the room. Most often use the laminatny covering imitating a parquet, but it is possible to meet also other patterns. The laminate can be various on durability therefore equally is suitable both for apartments, and for various offices, shops and other rooms.
Choice and laying of a piece parquet
Выбор и укладка штучного паркетаThe parquet is used as a floor covering not only for the sake of prestige and beauty. The flooring of a parquet is popular and because of its ecological purity, get prettier heat and sound insulation. Attracts as well inimitable gloss and naturalness of this floor covering, even despite considerable labor input of laying of a parquet.
What to buy wooden windows
Какие купить деревянные окнаToday there is a set of the firms suggesting to buy wooden windows. But their main objective "quantitative sale", and only the few seek for "quality sale". And after all windows is that element of an interior through which to the house the sunlight directs.
What to establish interroom doors
Какие установить межкомнатные двериRepair in your apartment in the heat, and did not manage to choose interroom doors yet. Or simply want to replace old, but do not know what it is better to establish. There is a lot of options of materials and ways of their production.
We choose plastic windows
Выбираем пластиковые окнаThe right choice of plastic windows will allow you to forget for long time about their replacement as the term of their operation can be till 35-40 years. And here it is important to know, what criteria need to be shown upon purchase of windows.
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