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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Medicinal properties of solyanka holmovy
Лечебные свойства солянки холмовойNot everyone knows that the plant ordinary-looking by sight who can be met on meadows, roadsides of roads and plains, is capable to cure many illnesses. In ancient times the thistle or holmovy solyanka were used in the Tibetan and Chinese medicine. Give and we learn, what medicinal properties this plant possesses.
Lavender, landing and leaving
Лаванда, посадка и уходUnless can someone from flower growers and to leave fans of the nature indifferent gray-silvery bushes of a lavender during their blossoming, followed by delightful aroma? Really the lavender perfectly feels only in south countries? If you have a desire to have fragrant bushes on the site which is in a midland, is ready to share features of their cultivation.
Medicinal properties of a root of an acorus
Лечебные свойства корня аира Acorus marsh – a spicy plant of which useful properties it was known since ancient times. Pliny Sr., Avicenna, Galen, Dioskorid, Hippocrates mentioned an acorus root in the works on treatment of diseases. And how recommends to use an acorus root for improvement of an organism and fight against illnesses modern medicine?
Care of long-term koreopsisa
Уход за многолетними кореопсисамиPlentifully and for a long time blossoming koreopsisa can decorate any bed. These are bushes with silnovetvyashchimisya stalks on which long tsvetonosa bright "camomiles" of the large sizes settled down. Inflorescences baskets can be pink, orange or yellow. In the people thought up also other names to this flower – "gipsy dance", "lenok", "maiden eyes", "kareglazka".
Kaprifol, landing and leaving
Каприфоль, посадка и уходHoneysuckles happen not only edible, but also decorative – curling. Especially effectively and elegantly they look on a country site during blossoming and development of decorative balsas. More than twenty types of these climbers are, but most often in gardens it is possible to meet kaprifol.
Advantage of wild strawberry
Польза земляникиThis small forest berry is called often the queen. Many fell in love with wild strawberry for gentle aroma and special taste. Not all know that not only berry is famous for these qualities, it is possible to tell about advantage of wild strawberry long.
Methods of fight against larvae of a may-bug
Методы борьбы с личинками майского жукаIt is a lot of chagrin and efforts Colorado beetles, medvedka, provolochnik, caterpillars deliver to summer residents. But there are at garden cultures also other not less dangerous enemies. When on a kitchen garden or in a garden there are may-bugs and their larvae, that, eating the cultures which are diligently grown up by summer residents they can cause them serious damage.
Cultivation hatior
Выращивание хатиорыThere are such surprising and unusual houseplants, having looked on which, right there think how they in general could appear on a window sill among aloes habitual to an eye and a geranium? At times absolutely original copies by which to take place in shop very difficult meet – and there are a wish to decorate with them the house. A hatior succulent from family of the cactaceous – one of such plants.
Useful properties of a peach
Полезные свойства персикаThe large, ruddy, velvety, exhaling pleasant aroma peaches and tempt us with the appetizing look, having settled down on shelves of shops, fruit tents and on counters of the market. Inside they have a gentle, juicy pulp of delightful taste and a big rough stone. These fruits not only are beautiful and tasty, but also are very useful to health.
Cultivation of a kamnelomka
Выращивание камнеломкиKamnelomka – the grassy perennial capable to form beautiful green "carpet" which in May-July is usually decorated with small florets. Gardeners like to decorate with these compact plants the personal plots. Especially as they are frost-resistant and durable. After blossoming it is possible to collect the seeds and to use them then for further reproduction of a kamnelomka on a site.
Kokhiya, landing and leaving
Кохия, посадка и уходIf in your garden or near the house already there are beds with the blossoming odnoletnik, for example, barkhatets, calendulas, petunias, asters, but there is a wish for something original, suggests to get acquainted with one more annual plant – magnificent bushes of a kokhiya. It quickly grows, looks very beautifully not only in the summer, but also during an autumn time.
Cultivation of an ipomea one-year
Выращивание ипомеи однолетнейIpomey – the bindweed, popular with many summer residents which is plentifully giving beautiful funnel-shaped flowers since June and before arrival of autumn frosts. This liana develops quickly, for short term can braid all arbor, a shed, a verandah, to turn a usual grid or a grill into bright "carpet". will share recommendations about cultivation from seeds of this bindweed.
Cultivation of cabbage of broccoli
Выращивание капусты брокколиIt is considered to be the homeland of broccoli the northeast of the Mediterranean. Still ancient Romans started cultivating this type of cabbage as vegetable culture. And here the Russian summer residents began to try to grow up this cabbage rather recently. And with surprise noticed that a crop from it it is possible to receive even more, than from her relative – a cauliflower.
Threshed, landing and leaving
Молодило, посадка и уходThreshed is a decorative perennial from family tolstyankovy. Extraordinary beautiful plant differing in a rich variety of forms and colourings of fleshy leaves. Molodilo quietly transfers the droughty periods, is capable to adapt for various climatic conditions, even the severe. In a garden will tell of features of cultivation of this unusual plant.
Advantage and harm of a kohlrabi
Польза и вред кольрабиWhite, a cauliflower on beds of our gardeners you will meet much more often than a kohlrabi. And after all this "stem (or cabbage) turnip" as call it in the European countries to grow up much more simply. And the crop can be reaped in June. And all the matter is that not all know, how this kind of cabbage is useful. Let's try to meet lacks in knowledge.
Cultivation of a root celery
Выращивание корневого сельдереяGreens and korenye of an odorous celery are used at preparation of different dishes and for treatment of a number of diseases of digestive system, heart, diabetes, dermatitis, the allergic small tortoiseshell, kidneys … The celery is useful and at obesity, problems with a potentiality. Will tell of features of cultivation of this vegetable.
Sweet pea, landing and leaving
Душистый горошек, посадка и уходWhy summer residents like to put a sweet pea on the sites? Yes because modern grades of these lianas differ in a variety of colourings, large flowers, a beautiful form and gentle aroma. Besides, this plant well is suitable for climate of an average and northern strip of Russia.
Cabbage of a kohlrabi, cultivation and leaving
Капуста кольраби, выращивание и уходAt the kohlrabi relating to family cabbage you will not see a habitual head of cabbage. Instead of it at this culture strongly reinforced lower part of a stalk is eaten. It is called stebleplody. Having looked at such creation of the nature, many find in it similarity to turnip. At skillful leaving it is possible to receive for a season till three crops of "stem turnip".
Useful properties of broccoli
Полезные свойства брокколиBroccoli, the relative of a cauliflower, nutritionists and physicians actively recommend to include in the menu more often. She will help to lose extra kilos, will prevent emergence of serious diseases, will remove aging of an organism. Inhabitants of America increased amount of the broccoli used by them by nine times now. Than this vegetable is valuable? suggests to understand everything.
Cultivation of parsley from seeds
Выращивание петрушки из семянTo diversify and fill our daily dishes with vitamins and original notes spicy herbs help. Among them fennel, a basil, a tarragon, caraway seeds, a coriander. And, of course, parsley! We assure you, our dear readers that that parsley which is grown up on the bed, is much more beautiful, more fragrant and is more tasty, than bought in shop.
Landing and care of a bee balm
Посадка и уход за монардойSummer residents grow up a fragrant bee balm with beautiful red, pink, lilac, violet flowers not only just for the hell of it. It can be used as spice and a herb. About species of this unpretentious plant, ways of reproduction and bases of leaving the speech in the offered article will go.
Magoniya padubolistny, landing and leaving
Магония падуболистная, посадка и уходNot so long ago gardeners had an opportunity to bring a variety the garden, having planted a small evergreen bush, at which very beautiful large leaves capable to change the coloring for a year there. It is about a magoniya padubolistny. Also it belongs to family of the barberry. In the fall on it clusters of the juicy blue edible berries possessing medicinal properties hang.
Cornel, landing and leaving
Кизил, посадка и уходFruits of a cornel have bright coloring, a peculiar taste. At jam and compotes from these berries there are a lot of admirers. Ancient doctors recommended to eat these fruits at many diseases. Earlier the cornel grew only in south countries, but now gardeners grow up it on the sites in a midland together with apple-trees, plums, pears … What it is necessary to know to receive a plentiful crop from a cornel?
How to grow up Welsh onion from seeds
Как вырастить лук-батун из семянLong-term Welsh onion – one of ancient useful plants who can provide with valuable vitamin greens in the early spring. Its bright shoots are shown when even not all snow melted on a country site. In the people to it thought up many names: dudchaty, Chinese, sand, Tatar. Gentle, not really sharp "plumelets" are suitable for salads, garnishes, okroshka.
Cultivation of forget-me-nots from seeds
Выращивание незабудок из семянSmall gentle blue forget-me-nots often decorate the spring flower beds broken near houses in the countries of Europe – Great Britain, Germany, France, Sweden. In May blue "islands" draw attention and in the Russian gardens. If you love blue flowers of a forget-me-not which in Russia still call prigozhnitsy, gorlyanky, want to part it on a country site, study our article.
Useful properties of a mangold
Полезные свойства мангольдаThe beautiful fast-growing sockets of a mangold consisting of yarkookrashenny fleshy scapes with elegant big leaves draw to themselves attention. Culinary specialists of the different countries use leaves and scapes (not only green, but also red, violet, yellow, silvery) for preparation of a set of tasty dishes. And how many useful substances the nature in this fruitful culture laid up for us!
Cultivation of an eshsholtion
Выращивание эшшольцииTo grow up unpretentious pale green or gray bushes of an eshsholtion on which bright and gentle flowers look as if pack of butterflies, it turns out even at inexperienced flower growers. One species of this plant long-term, others - one-year, but well breed self-sowing. Having put an eshsholtion once, you will observe from June to October every year on the bed its beautiful blossoming.
Cultivation of a lagenariya from seeds
Выращивание лагенарии из семянWhat only surprising plants you will not meet on country sites! One of such wonders – the lagenariya ranked as family pumpkin. It is the powerful krasivotsvetushchy liana giving unusual, capable to reach the large sizes fruits. Different names were thought up by gardeners to these fruits: bottle pumpkin, Indian cucumber, gorlyanka, Vietnamese vegetable marrow.
Cultivation of onions shallot
Выращивание лука-шалотаNow wins popularity one of kinds of onions, habitual for us called by onions shallot. He offers summer residents the strongly branching juicy greens in the early spring. The texture gentle, and on taste it is much more pleasant than a turnip, without strong sharpness and a persuasive smell. It does not muffle taste of other ingredients in dishes.
Cyclamen, leaving in house conditions
Цикламен, уход в домашних условияхOriginal flowers of a klubnelukovichny cyclamen win the hearts of the owners. They can please with bright flower moths for three months. Many scoop from petals (and they can be simple or with a fringe) various color scale solar energy and inspiration. Whether this plant is whimsical? What conditions it is necessary to create houses that it well developed?
Cultivation of a sorrel from seeds
Выращивание щавеля из семянOnly snow will thaw, and sunshine will warm the earth then there are sockets with young leaflets of sour taste. The nature hurries to treat us with the sorrel containing many microcells, vitamins, lemon, apple, oxalic acids, flavonoids, proteins, tannins.
Cultivation of an alissum from seeds
Выращивание алиссума из семянHaving put on the country site an undersized pochvopokrovnik alissum, you during blossoming of clustery inflorescences will always feel their saturated honey aroma. A large number of grades of this plant which can decorate a balcony or a bed about an entrance is now removed. In the people the unpretentious plant is called a kamennik, an alison, a lobulyariya.
Cultivation of a bamiya from seeds
Выращивание бамии из семянFrom a bamiya it is possible to prepare many various tasty and useful dishes. Before it grew up mainly in the countries of America, Africa, Asia. Gradually this culture began to appear in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, in Ukraine. And now gardeners learned to grow up it in the rassadny way and in a midland.
Reproduction and care of an aechmea
Размножение и уход за эхмеейEffective aechmea – the unpretentious representative bromeliyevy. Many flower growers call her "soldier" as on wide leaves there are thorns. Having looked at the pointed bracts protecting bright flowers (blue, red, pink, yellow, red-golden, coral), it is possible to compare them to peaks. This fact was reflected and in the name of a plant – an aechmea that in translation from Greek the tip peaks" means ".
Care of a haworthia
Уход за хавортиейThe haworthia is world renowned. At this long-term decorative succulent the great number of admirers, is possible because the attractive exotic species of a plant is combined with absolute unpretentiousness in the contents and reproduction.
Care of a fittonia
Уход за фиттониейWho at least once will see a florid openwork pattern on a fittonia leaf, will give it the heart forever - this graceful flower is so unusual and attractive. Most often decorate with a tiny plant window sills of nurseries, balconies and offices.
Cultivation of a mangold
Выращивание мангольдаThe mangold which else is called sheet beet, the Roman cabbage – vegetable very ancient, after all started cultivating it two thousand more years B.C. on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Now this vegetable culture is grown up in the countries of Europe, Latin America, India, Japan, Korea, by the USA. And here in Russia many gardeners do not even know about a mangold.
Care of a calathea
Уход за калатеейThe calathea belonging to family marantovy draws to itself attention with interesting drawing on leaves. Strips, specks, a border – all this contrasts with the main background of a sheet plate. The size of leaves, their coloring, existence or lack of kolosovidny inflorescences – all this depends on the form taken by you. In what conditions to contain this whimsical plant that it got accustomed in your house?
Cultivation of a basil
Выращивание базиликаIt is possible to call a delightful basil one of the most fragrant and most useful plants. It in honor at skilled culinary specialists, housewives, gardeners. The leaves and young escapes added to a dish will fill it with unusual juicy notes. Besides, in a basil there are a lot of vitamins, phytoncides, essential oils, it helps at headaches, a depression, problems with a stomach, digestion and other diseases.
Bamiya, useful properties and contraindications
Бамия, полезные свойства и противопоказанияBamiya as vegetable culture is grown up in America, Asia and some warm countries of Europe from the thirteenth century. When and in our corner of the world became warmer, this vegetable began to appear even more often on beds at the advanced gardeners-gardeners in Russia, in Ukraine. Gentle zavyaz of its useful fruits can also be got in the market or in shops.
Care of a peperomia
Уход за пеперомиейMany flower growers include a peperomia in the house collections now. These plants are generally appreciated the elegant, original leaves – they can be leathery, brilliant, smooth, slightly trimmed, wrinkled. Differ in a form, the sizes and coloring. At one types it intensively green, at others – motley or striped.
Cultivation of an amaranth
Выращивание амарантаThis plant deserves a praise – its age makes about 8000 years! The flower came to our regions from America and it is called an amaranth or "unfading". The speech will go today about popular garden culture which is considered not only a fodder plant. Seeds and leaves of an amaranth are widely used in medicine, cosmetology and the food industry.
Choice of plants for a green hedge
Выбор растений для живой изгородиAfter some oblivion becomes popular again and "green hedge" wins hearts of summer residents, owners of the big land plots and specialists in landscaping. It can become excellent alternative to metal or wooden fences. will offer some recommendations – as it is correct to pick up plants for an attractive green hedge.
Care of a guzmaniya
Уход за гузманиейAt the guzmaniya relating to family bromeliyevy, very exotic look. Its monophonic or striped leaves in the bases very densely adjoin the friend to the friend, forming thus a peculiar bowl or a funnel. Before blossoming there are bright pritsvetny leaves. The plant is still appreciated by effective "fontanchik" and an unusual inflorescence in the form of "cone" from under which scales florets "look out".
Medicinal properties of a root of Kalgan
Лечебные свойства корня калганаKalgan – a small plant which not at once also you will notice among meadow or forest raznotravya, and medical force in it is concentrated the huge. In ancient times, when many drugs were not used so widely yet, the root of Kalgan was extraordinary popular in the people, relieved of various illnesses.
Shlyumbergera, leaving in house conditions
Шлюмбергера, уход в домашних условияхShlyumbergera – an interesting epifitny plant which pleases with the bright, plentiful and long blossoming in winter months. Besides saturated paints, this unpretentious plant also brings other benefit: increases amount of oxygen, ozone, aero ions in air of that room where contains. In such conditions to the person it is easier breathed and worked.
Useful properties of tangerines
Полезные свойства мандариновThis citrus first of all causes associations in many happy New Year. Probably, still your parents in the childhood by this holiday bought tangerines in large numbers. Then you, as well as the majority, hardly reflected on advantage and especially on their harm. It is not taken in attention also by many adults.
Medicinal properties of an amaranth
Лечебные свойства амарантаAs soon as do not call this culture which is close "relative" to usual weeds – "grain of Gods", "bread", "health", "healing". There is a lot of names at an amaranth, but this plant as a shchiritsa is familiar to the majority of us.
Application of a krovokhlyobka medicinal
Применение кровохлёбки лекарственнойDamp meadows, crude clearings about the rivers, streamlets, ponds, forest edges are favourite places of a krovokhlyobka. In summer months it can be found at once, after all at this plant the dark red golovchaty inflorescences similar to clots of the baked blood. At a krovokhlyobka there are a lot of medicinal properties, main of which – ability to relieve of bleedings and intestinal frustration.
Care of a gardenia
Уход за гардениейWant to have houses the small low shrub with large brilliant leathery leaflets giving all summer original fragrant terry flowers of white and cream coloring? Then get a gardenia. Even when from one its bud similar to a candle, the original flower blossoms, in the room the unostentatious fragrance which is felt by all who comes to the house sets in.
Rules of care of a nephrolepis
Правила ухода за нефролеписомNephrolepis – one of the most beautiful ferns. It azhurno the cut big light green leaves perfectly look in spacious rooms, halls, office rooms. Such fern positively influences and power, an ecological situation of that space in which it lives.
Instruction on application of a bearberry
Инструкция по применению толокнянкиHaving noticed in the rarefied pine pine forest or on a forest edge a bearberry ordinary, a small low shrub with evergreen, leathery leaflets, from far away it is possible to take for cowberry. Its dried-up leaves packed into beautiful boxes can be got in a drugstore. This valuable medicine. So than the bearberry is useful?
Medicinal properties of a Labrador tea
Лечебные свойства багульникаMany know a Labrador tea under other name – a marsh incense. Its pronounced resinous aroma though reminds an incense smell, but nevertheless is "much more rough" and is not used for preparation of odorous mixes. The Labrador tea is appreciated other its qualities – it helps to get rid of many diseases, to prolong life and to keep a good health.
Geranium, leaving in house conditions
Пеларгония, уход в домашних условияхIt is possible to call the geranium giving magnificent caps of bright inflorescences from spring to November a favourite plant of many flower growers. A sort it from South Africa therefore the pot with a flower can be placed at the southern window where the most part of day intensive sunshine reign. The plant not only is beautiful, but also shows curative properties.
Medicinal properties of a shepherd's bag
Лечебные свойства пастушьей сумкиThe speech in our article will go not about that swag that hangs behind shoulders at the shepherd going with herd to water meadows, and about the herb having such unusual name. Bursa pastoris – so say it in Latin, is literally translated as "a shepherd's bag".
Useful properties of a geranium
Полезные свойства гераниHouseplants serve for creation of a cozy house situation but who told, what thus they cannot bring benefit? Some representatives of a vegetable kingdom combine in themselves business with pleasure, for example, a gold mustache, an aloe, a kalanchoe, a geranium … Many associate a geranium with small cozy kitchen on a visit at the grandmother or the Soviet era, but that that the plant is familiar to all – the fact.
Useful properties of a helba
Полезные свойства хельбыLong since was considered that on the curative properties of a helb it is capable to replace one thousand drugs. In the ancient time it was considered nearly as panacea, today it is used generally as seasoning by those who adheres to healthy food.
Care of a poinsettia
Уход за пуансетиейPoinsettia – the fine plant blossoming before Christmas holidays. Any parties and celebrations take place in the house where there is a poinsettia, cheerfully and interestingly. In everyone she inhales good mood, it becomes joyful and pleasant to people from communication with each other.
Care of the shefflery
Уход за шеффлеройNow in cafe, hairdressing salons, offices, beauty shops, private cottages it is possible to meet a small tree or a bush with a rozetochny form of growth and leaves which look remotely reminds a palm with the fingers which are widely placed up. It is a sheffler, belonging to family araliyevy.
Care of a cissus
Уход за циссусомMany of us, wishing not to lose touch with the nature, and also for creation in the house of the harmonious and cozy atmosphere, place houseplants on shelves, supports and window sills. Among them also simple lianas in leaving which, as well as grapes, are capable to cling to any support – a decorative lattice, the tense strings meet.
Care of a begonia
Уход за бегониейIf you love plants with bright, bright flowers, try to part klubnevy begonias on the country site. Then their salmon, orange, red, cream, pink, white flowers will be from far away visible. It is possible to place them on beds. And the ampelous grades suspended in flowerpots or standing on supports will fascinate all summer people around, to open the new buds.
Useful properties of a rambutan
Полезные свойства рамбутанаExotic rambutan is a unique fruit which differs in delicate aroma, taste, and also mass of useful properties, not similar on other products. Scope of this fruit is not limited only to cookery as the rich chemical composition of a rambutan caused popularity of use of a fruit in medicine and cosmetology.
Leaving for the zamiokulkasy
Уход за замиокулькасомIn the house and financial wellbeing in the people connect two houseplants with prosperity – the crassula known for much (nicknamed "a monetary tree") and gaining popularity zamiokulkas, called still "by a dollar tree.
Medicinal properties of a meadowsweet
Лечебные свойства лабазникаMany perceive a meadowsweet only as the beautiful ornamental plant capable to decorate a garden. During blossoming round its fragrant magnificent white brushes hardworking bees, bumblebees, butterflies and other insects are always cheerfully turned.
Leaving for noliny in house conditions
Уход за нолиной в домашних условияхNolina – an unusual tree with a bottle-shaped trunk and linearly - bow-shaped leaves. A sort it from Mexico, now belongs to family asparagus (earlier belonged to agavovy). How to grow up such wonder, undemanding to leaving, capable in the expanded trunk to accumulate moisture during the droughty period, you learn from this article.
Care of a passionflower in house conditions
Уход за пассифлорой в домашних условияхHouses, in a small pot, it is possible to grow up an unusual liana which the stem short moustaches will actively cling to a support, it offered. Call this plant a passionflower, "a kavalersky star" or a passionflower. And not only magnificent green material this plant, but also the amazing large flowers which are pleasantly smelling and even will please with fruits you.
Care of the bugenvilly
Уход за бугенвиллейPractically all brightly and violently blossoming houseplants is from tropics. They are used, both for decoration of apartments, and for creation of flower compositions. Same concerns also a bugenvillea which the tenderness and brightness is capable to recover even the most sad room.
Application of a grass of a manzhetka
Применение травы манжеткиManzhetka can be met on meadows, in the rare woods, on river coast and even in the yard near the house. At a plant very beautiful leaves in which droplets of pure dew gather in the mornings. People thought up many names to this plant – a rosyany grass, a mastitis, hare cabbage, a barannik, a lion's pad, a star-shaped grass.
Care of a tradescantia
Уход за традесканциейThe modest tradescantia can be carried to those window plants which even at insignificant leaving, intensively grow and look attractively. It not only is decorative, but also brings benefit.
Useful properties of berries of a sanberra
Полезные свойства ягод санберриIn many countries of the world unusual berries of a sanberra gain popularity. Gradually this culture having curative properties grows roots and on country sites of Russians, especially in northern areas.
Care of an alocasia
Уход за алоказиейThe harmonous alocasia is ranked as magnificent decorative and deciduous plants. It will decorate your interior – the room, the hall, a winter garden. The nature allocated a plant not only beauty, but also medicinal properties.
Care of a balsam in house conditions
Уход за бальзамином в домашних условияхAt a balsam there are a lot of interesting names. In Russia it is called still "Vanka wet" because after watering on tips of its leaves it is possible to see droplets of sweet dew. And here in England he received the name "Diligent Lisa", most likely because the balsam all the year round, and care of it simple blossoms.
Useful properties of a bird cherry
Полезные свойства черемухиBird cherry – one of thousands of plants which carry out decorative function, and one of the few, capable to render strong curative effect on all organism. For a long time people used it for treatment of illnesses and strengthening of health, and today we will talk about useful properties of a bird cherry.
Leaving for kampanuly in house conditions
Уход за кампанулой в домашних условияхMany of us love houseplants, and especially - blossoming. They give the atmosphere of a cosiness in the house and are pleasing to the eye the beauty. If you the beginner in business on a flower cultivation, pay attention to such remarkable plant, as a kampanula. After all care of it will not bring you big efforts.
Application of seeds of fennel
Применение семян укропаFor most of people fennel is no more than pleasant addition to salads, soups or meat, but some see in it more, than seasoning. Fennel seeds are used in traditional medicine for treatment of a set of diseases long ago. The unique chemical composition and effective impact on an organism do them to one of the most powerful natural drugs.
Medicinal properties repeshka
Лечебные свойства репешкаModest repeshok it is possible to call a universal plant, after all thanks to valuable components of structure and a range of positive impact on an organism, it is used at various diseases, among them pancreatitis, enuresis, diabetes, gastritis, polyps.
Useful properties of a fenugreek
Полезные свойства пажитникаThe fenugreek is known as an effective remedy from a set of "artful" diseases for a long time, fight with which independently the organism cannot. Practicians of the ancient doctrine Ayurveda actively used a fenugreek for healing of fatal illnesses. In what we can take a secret of this plant and what useful properties from it today?
Useful properties of an immortelle
Полезные свойства бессмертникаOne of the oldest medical plants, widespread in a midland, the immortelle is. Its unfading inflorescences often use in decorative bouquets as their appearance for years remains the invariable. The immortelle is called still sukhotsvety, tsminy. Immortelle preparations thanks to a set of useful properties find application in traditional and traditional medicine.
Cherry grades
Сорта вишниModest cherry trees always were to liking to the Russian people. Now nurseries offer so many grades of cherry that it is possible to become puzzled for sale. That it was simpler to you to make a successful choice, will try to characterize the most popular, the grades deserving attention.
Gotha Coca, medicinal properties
Готу кола, лечебные свойстваGotha Coca is the plant known for the curative properties from antiquity, people believed that it is capable to prolong human life. Today Coca can be met Gotha as a part of dietary supplements, powders, liquid extracts, and also in the dried look.
Medicinal properties of a horsetail field
Лечебные свойства хвоща полевогоThe horsetail field meets almost everywhere, except for deserts and northern regions – on fields, forest glades, on coast of the rivers, in pits … Gardeners consider it as a weed and the indicator, saying that in the soil acidity increased. You should not forget that a plant this medicinal, it can bring much benefit.
Siderata for a kitchen garden
Сидераты для огородаGardening shops offer abundance of packages with additional podkormka for fruit-trees and garden cultures. And whether it is possible to improve without "chemistry" a condition of the earth on a country site? Whether the soil in the natural way be restored that year after year it was possible to receive good and stable harvests can?
Useful properties of a camomile
Полезные свойства ромашкиThe nature endowed many plants with curative properties, but especially generous it was for a camomile. This small, delicate flower is known worldwide, it is a part of many medicinal and cosmetics.
Landing of felt cherry
Посадка войлочной вишниFruits of ordinary cherry love many. Unfortunately, this tree often is surprised in recent years such disease as kokkomikoz. But it is possible to plant felt cherry in the garden, her mentioned terrible disease avoids.
Ageratum, landing and leaving
Агератум, посадка и уходWant to have long blossoming beautiful bed at the dacha? Then look narrowly at modern grades of an ageratum. The name of a flower is translated as "ageless".
Mustard as fertilizer
Горчица как удобрениеMustard familiar to all of us can be used not only as a juicy, hot spice to a bird, meat, cheese during a meal or a remedy if suddenly got sick but also as green fertilizer, that is siderat. After all not always there is an opportunity to improve the soil at dacha by manure. The grown-up vegetable mustard weight is capable to enrich a soil layer with organic substances.
Landing of winter garlic
Посадка озимого чеснокаAt garlic there are a lot of useful properties, to doctoring of diseases it was applied at the time of Hippocrates. Hostesses like to add sharp odorous zubochka to different dishes. Often gardeners try to grow up it on the beds, but then complain that heads grew small or at all decayed in the earth.
Landing and care of a pear
Посадка и уход за грушейPears in gardens meet less than apple-trees. But as there is a wish to try the large, ruddy fruits ripening on branches! To pleasure of fans of pears such grades that winter hardiness, resistance to a scab, a krupnoplodnost, excellent taste combine moreover and ability long to be stored are now removed by selectors.
Cherry, landing and leaving
Вишня, посадка и уходOnce cherry orchards were pride of Russia. Cherry in color – the show bewitching. And as looking out from under green leaflets the fruits ripening, poured juice beautifully look! All of us love them for original taste, for opportunity to regale on jam in winter days behind a cup of tea in the company of members of household, for viscous, fragrant fruit liqueurs which guests admire …
Application of a devyasil
Применение девясилаDevyasil can seem to someone an imperceptible grass or even an annoying weed, but the advantage which it is capable to bring to health, is enormous. For a long time it was used for preparation of curative medicines by which were treated for cold, an indisposition and serious diseases. In what force of this plant and what it is possible to benefit, having used the next treasure of the nature – devyasily?
Cultivation of pumpkin
Выращивание тыквыTo grow up tasty, juicy, nutritious, beautiful pumpkins at the dacha, it is necessary to choose correctly for this culture a site, to pave the way, in a certain time to put seeds, and then carefully to look after landings.
Pear grades
Сорта грушиThere is an opinion that large, tasty pears grow only in south countries. In recent years selectors managed to remove many remarkable grades yielding big, sweet, juicy fruits not only in regions of a midland, but also in northern areas. As to choose a reliable grade of a pear for the garden which will soon please with good harvests of fruits?
Medicinal properties of a lavender
Лечебные свойства лавандыLavender – a long-term bush as which homeland the countries of the Mediterranean are considered. Many centuries people used this flower as natural fragrance. However, except delightful aroma, the lavender possesses a number of other useful qualities thanks to which it found broad application in medicine. In this article we will tell about medicinal properties of this plant.
Useful properties of a lofant
Полезные свойства лофантаThe Lofant – a surprising plant of which the simple inhabitant or does not know anything, or everything that he knows about it, half an invention. Curative properties of this fragrant grass opened very long time ago, maybe, even too long ago because over time round a lofant the haze of myths and hearings was formed.
Pear diseases
Болезни грушиHaving put an orchard, summer residents look forward to tasty and juicy fruits. But sometimes trees suffer from diseases that affects a crop. Today will tell about the most widespread diseases of a pear that gardeners could distinguish them in time and helped the inhabitants of a garden.
Reproduction of lilies
Размножение лилийLilies combine grandeur and tenderness. Admirers and true judges of these beautifully blossoming plants have an opportunity to create the bewitching compositions thanks to a variety of types and grades. Knowing biological features of lilies, they can be multiplied easily on a country site. How to make it, and wants to tell
Raspberry grades
Сорта малиныRaspberry – very valuable and widespread berry culture in many regions. Its fragrant, appetizingly looking fruits attract not only children, but also adults. And if you think of updating of the raspberry brake, this information can be useful to you.
Medicinal properties of an osage apple
Лечебные свойства маклюрыThe osage apple (an osage apple orange, Adam's apple) - a fruit of family mulberry is from South America which grows and in Russia, in particular in its southern areas today. By the form the osage apple something reminds the orange of light green color though the smell has the specific. And in old times the fruit even was called "charisma".
Cultivation of black raspberry
Выращивание чёрной малиныOn the personal plots we got used to see grades of krasnoplodny raspberry, very much we like to regale on their remarkable berries. Having appreciated nutritious, curative and cosmetic properties of unique fruits, many gardeners already showed interest in grades with orange and yellow coloring of berries. But is also the unusual raspberry yielding fruits of black color.
Pumpkin grades
Сорта тыквыThe famous vegetable grower V. I. Edelstein once told that pumpkin will be food of the future. I think that those gardeners who tried new grades of very useful pumpkin refined, tasty, juicy, fragrant, sweet, bright in addition, will agree with this statement.
Landing of a gelenium
Посадка гелениумаGeleniuma are actively grown up by gardeners of the different countries. And these cultures are not really widespread only in Russia, even not all know about them. And after all geleniuma can be entered in any design compositions well. They will add bright paints to an autumn landscape, and easy notes of honey aroma will soar in air.
Use of bark of an oak
Применение коры дубаOak – one of the most ancient representatives of a kingdom of flora. In immemorial times people revealed curative properties of oak bark and actively applied it to treatment of the most different diseases. And even later hundreds of years bark of an oak is used both in national, and in traditional medicine. In what its advantage and as to use it, read in this article.
Cultivation and care of a lobelia
Выращивание и уход за лобелиейGentle lobelia – fine ornament for a loggia or a garden. Its light blue, blue or purple florets amicably are dismissed all summer, taking also autumn months. But how to grow up such wonderful flowers, if seeds in packing tiny, as if dust? will share useful recommendations.
Room maple abutilon
Комнатный клён абутилонThe abutilon is an evergreen bush or a tree which has big beautiful leaves, on outlines similar to maple, and kolokolchaty, kolesovidny and funnel-shaped flowers. This unpretentious plant it is possible to grow up houses in a big pot or a tub. It is capable to improve a microclimate in the room as its large leaves increase humidity of air.
Cultivation of a thuja
Выращивание туиThe evergreen plant planted on a site becomes its year-round ornament. Now many gardeners, especially owners of the big land plots, had a desire to plant at themselves thujas. Also will tell readers in this article about their types, grades, landing and leaving of
Grades of remontantny raspberry
Сорта ремонтантной малиныAll of us got used that the tasty red raspberry growing at our dachas fructifies in July, it is possible to regale on its berries before maturing of pears, apples, plums. But in recent years experience of many gardeners testifies that soil climatic conditions of many regions of Russia are quite acceptable for the successful growth and fructification of remontantny raspberry.
Useful properties lyubistka
Полезные свойства любисткаFor a long time people used unique properties of plants, applying them in all spheres of life, beginning from cookery, finishing with magic ceremonies. One of such "universal" plants is the lyubistok. This surprising grass for centuries was used for treatment, finding of beauty and even for spiritual protection.
Plum, landing and leaving
Слива, посадка и уходThe prolific plum having the relative to cherry, almonds, an apricot, a peach is grown up everywhere – in Russia (even in the Areas of Siberia and the Far East), Europe, Japan, China, America … The ripened fruits are useful and tasty as soon as that broken, and in house preparations, pies, desserts. Today we will tell how to grow up plum on a garden site.
Asaa berries
Ягоды асаиAll of us know of the advantage of raspberry, currant, bilberry, a gooseberry and other berries everywhere growing in our strip. Eating them, we receive a set of vitamins and different useful substances, and also often we use them in treatment of some diseases.
Cultivation of eggplants
Выращивание баклажановIn east countries the eggplant is considered as a longevity vegetable therefore often add to different dishes. "Blue" as they are called tenderly by admirers and admirers, besides are very useful to health. It is confirmed by modern medical researches. Let's talk how it is correct to grow up them on a country site.
How to struggle with the whitefly
Как бороться с белокрылкойIt would seem, small, capable to fly, the insects who are slightly reminding pack of moths – and what big harm can do to flowers, vegetable cultures! It is possible to notice them on a window plant or in the greenhouse. suggests to talk about what danger bear whiteflies and methods of fight against it.
Landing and care of an astrantion
Посадка и уход за астранциейPlentifully and long blossoming astrantion it is possible to carry to those flowers leaving for which does not demand many forces and time. This perennial of botany is carried to family umbrella, that is it is the distant relative to a celery and fennel.
Plum grades
Сорта сливыGet prettier the plums differing in high efficiency, a skoroplodnost a prisposablivayemost to those conditions in which they appeared, grow up in the different countries of the world. And if you think to get a sapling for the garden, will help not to become puzzled among a large number of grades.
Coneflower, landing and leaving
Рудбекия, посадка и уходEverything in life takes its course. After bright summer not less elegant fall comes. And though the heavenly body is closed even more often by terrible and gloomy clouds are it does not matter, after all in front gardens and on beds at entrances of houses small "suns" – coneflower flowers reveal.
Useful properties of a cornel
Полезные свойства кизилаCornel fruits – one more of pleasant and useful gifts of fall. At the people of Central Asia and the Caucasus the cornel is a symbol of endurance.
Advantage and harm of plums
Польза и вред сливPlum – popular both in south countries, and in the territory of a midland of Russia a kostochkovy tree. In bumper-crop years towards the end of August of its branch bend from weight of juicy, mature plums. It is necessary even to put props. Mature fruits not only are tasty, but also are useful.
Day lilies, landing and leaving
Лилейники, посадка и уходIn recent years gardeners have an opportunity to buy hybrid grades of unpretentious day lilies with different forms of a flower and the sizes, the invoice of petals, wide range of flowers and shades. First of all these perennial plants are valuable to those who comes on a country site only on days off, holidays and during holiday, after all they do not demand special leaving.
How to get rid of a provolochnik
Как избавиться от проволочникаAmong wreckers of crops, in particular, of potatoes, important for residents of our country, special danger is constituted by Colorado beetles and provolochnik. As soon as the noticeable bug starts eating a tops of vegetable, so gardeners right there start fight against it. And here a provolochnik it is not visible therefore he secretly and slowly manages the "dark affairs" underground.
Khosta, landing and care of it
Хоста, посадка и уход за нейIt is possible to call quickly breeding hosts which main advantage are the beautiful decorative leaves keeping an attractive look all summer season good addition for any garden. They are unpretentious, remarkably grow even in a shadow, are steady against a drought and cold weather.
Spirey, landing and leaving
Спирея, посадка и уходIf you select the blossoming bushes for the garden, by all means pay attention on spireyu, belonging to family of the pink. It has a graceful foliage, dense krone, and inflorescences magnificent.
Fight against slugs on a kitchen garden
Борьба со слизнями на огородеPicking beautiful berries of strawberry, it is possible to notice large through holes. And cutting off heads of cabbage of the Beijing or white cabbage, sheet salad, to be surprised that in a night on integral leaves there were rough openings. It everything tricks of slugs – the land mollusks capable to do harm to garden and garden cultures.
Landing of blackberry garden
Посадка ежевики садовойRaspberry grows almost on each garden site, and here blackberry decide to put not all. Usually gardeners complain that at blackberry there are a lot of prickles. But besshipny grades are now removed, bushes are more fruitful, than raspberry and is a lot of other advantages at blackberry. A plant unpretentious but to receive good harvests, it is necessary to observe certain principles of an agrotechnology.
Useful properties of a sorrel
Полезные свойства щавеляSorrel call a grassy plant from family grechishny which is safely grown up here some millennia. Grows mainly in the northern hemisphere in the conditions of a temperate climate. And it is grown up everywhere.
Landing and care of blueberry
Посадка и уход за голубикойThe blueberry, berry, useful to health having refined taste can be grown up on the country site. In this article will explain to readers as what to choose a grade, what soil suits saplings how to look after them. Knowing some features of this plant, you will be able to receive good harvests in some years.
How to collect petunia seeds
Как собрать семена петунииThe petunia is considered one of the most beautiful and odorous flowers. It is capable to unite at once some shades of paints. There is a wrong opinion that this plant one-year. Actually it is grassy perennial. The petunia can be landed anywhere – on a balcony, a loggia, in a garden. And that the next year you had not to buy seeds, will tell you as they need to be collected.
Cultivation of a magnolia vine Chinese
Выращивание лимонника китайскогоThe curling, fragrantly smelling liana with brilliant green leaves, not only will decorate your garden, but also will yield many useful fruits possessing medicinal properties. All this is quite achievable if it is correct to plant a plant and to look after it.
How to fight against a phytophthora on tomatoes
Как бороться с фитофторой на помидорахSummer residents rejoice, when during a summer time all moderately – the sun and a rain. But if the summer is rainy, problems on a kitchen garden begin. There are diseases at tomatoes conducting to rotting and loss of a crop. Perhaps, the most widespread and the misfortune which is often found in different areas of cultivation – fitoftoroz.
Useful properties of a pawpaw
Полезные свойства азиминыThe pawpaw is known today not only as an exotic fruit tree, but also as decorative ornament which under favorable weather conditions can reach in height to twelve meters. The pawpaw belongs to a sort of two-submultiple plants of family of Annov. The homeland of this plant the southern part of the USA is considered.
Callas, leaving in house conditions
Каллы, уход в домашних условияхCallas surprise with the beauty – the mass of dense, big, arrow-shaped leaves, majestic tsvetonosa which are coming to the end with the long yellow inflorescences ears framed with charming covers (funneled bracts) – snow-white, pink, red or orange-yellow …
Advantage of a rhubarb
Польза ревеняAnd to you the thick stalk growing at you on a kitchen garden met? The neigbour told that it is a rhubarb and from it it is possible to prepare many useful and tasty dishes. And still the rhubarb possesses also medicinal properties.
Maiden grapes, landing and leaving
Девичий виноград, посадка и уходIt is possible to call maiden grapes the most popular decorative liana in the Russian gardens. This is the leader among all lianas in sales – confirm pitomnikovoda. To them decorate balconies, mesh fences, fences, columns, arbors, sheds and other hozpostroyka.
Application of a rhodiola pink
Применение родиолы розовойThe miracle plant known to residents of Russia under the name "Gold Root" literally works wonders. Thanks to an extract from a plant of a rhodiola pink it is possible to get rid of many diseases, including, to improve health and to strengthen nervous system.
Akvilegiya, landing and leaving
Аквилегия, посадка и уходFrom the thirteenth century in monastic gardens flowers of grassy perennial of an akvilegiya – yellow, blue, lilac, red dazzled … British too like to grow up this plant. And so many grades are now created that the akvilegiya gains popularity in the different countries again.
Fight against a medvedka
Борьба с медведкойRecently from hardworking summer residents even more often it happens to hear that their sites were tortured by a medvedka. To tears happens offensively to see consequences of dirty tricks of this glutton, round holes in soil. Gardeners on beds will put in the spring the seedling which so diligently looked after, and in some days it is found out that at obgryzana plants backs, sprouts therefore shoots perish …
Useful properties of blueberry
Полезные свойства голубикиIn July-August the close relative of bilberry which size of berries much larger is a blueberry keeps up. It not only is tasty, but also it is considered a valuable herb, a source of microcells and vitamins. Especially it is recommended for prevention of emergence of new growths and violations of blood circulation.
Advantage of sheet salad
Польза листового салатаIn the early spring when few fresh vegetables and fruit, and in our organism are felt a lack of vitamins, do not forget about beautiful green leaflets of salad which easily and can quickly be grown up on beds. And in summer months, having a gryadochka of sheet salad, you will be able to do every day different salads with medical juicy leaves.
Medicinal properties of a magnolia vine Chinese
Лечебные свойства лимонника китайскогоIn recent years on country sites of some gardeners it is possible to meet the beautiful liana in the spring covered white (or slightly pink) flowers, and by September giving roundish or oblong red berries. It is a magnolia vine Chinese or a shizandra. At a plant there are a lot of medicinal properties, the Chinese physicians defined it on the second place of honor after a ginseng known for all.
Medicinal properties of a wormwood
Лечебные свойства полыниNow many carry a wormwood to high weed plants, and the most bitter. And after all for a long time in the people esteem and appreciate a wormwood bitter, consider this grass as means from 100 illnesses, calling it still Vermouth, bitterness, glistniky, nekhvoroshchy, an artemiziya. Many advantages of a wormwood are proved and recognized as official medicine. Its scientific name - Artemisia absinthium.
Cultivation of cape gooseberry
Выращивание физалисаMany gardeners grow up on the sites an ornamental plant the cape gooseberry having bright orange "small lamps". But, it appears, is also other species of cape gooseberry which can be eaten, they are very useful. By the way, the sweet types having taste of wild strawberry or pineapple very much are pleasant to kids.
Lion's pharynx, landing and leaving
Львиный зев, посадка и уходAt the time of my childhood the unpretentious lion's pharynx could be met in a front garden or a flower bed of almost each private house. Then children called its flowers "doggies". Much later I learned other name of this plant – antirrinum big.
Ashes as fertilizer
Зола как удобрениеAshes as one of mineral natural fertilizers, esteem both gardeners, and gardeners. The ashes received by burning of different breeds of a tree and other natural materials are considered good natural fertilizer for the earth.
Landing and care of a freesia
Посадка и уход за фрезиейCharming flowers of a freesia can be grown up not only on a country site, but also in room conditions. Sometimes a plant call "a cape lily of the valley" as its aroma is slightly similar on landyshevy, and the homeland it consider the Cape region which is in South Africa.
Fight against the Colorado beetle
Борьба с колорадским жукомKnown for all listoyed the Colorado beetle, which scientific name of Leptinotarsa decemlineata, long ago and strongly secured reputation of the most dangerous wrecker of landings of potatoes. At times there are thoughts that it is best of all from insects is adapted for opposition with people. And if in time not to take effective measures, it is capable to deprive of a crop on big squares.
Jasmine, landing and leaving
Жасмин, посадка и уходAfter a three-week fragrance of a lilac in a garden fragrant relay is picked up by a jasmine. Sometimes flowers on a bush blossom so plentifully that leaves are hardly noticeable.
Landing and care of callas
Посадка и уход за калламиMany consider that refined callas with beautiful large leaves and flowers in the form of the ears framed as if with a cover can be grown up only in a greenhouse. Actually these plants can please you in the large flowers even on a garden site. The main thing to know features of these interesting cultures, their natural rhythm, and then you will be able to make friends with callas.
Landing and care of turnip
Посадка и уход за репойIt now turnip restricts potatoes on country sites. And here in pre-Pertine times the turnip was the main vegetable on a table at boyars, peasants – a yellow juicy tuber of a fir-tree crude, added to soup, bread, baked, cooked from it jam, and dried slices gave to children as a delicacy. You should not forget about turnip, to exclude it from food.
Cauliflower, cultivation and leaving
Цветная капуста, выращивание и уходThe cauliflower is ingredient of different dishes is an and vegetable soup, both ragout, and baked pudding. And preparations for the winter with a cauliflower love many. Now its fresh without effort can be bought in a supermarket. But grown up on the country site, it is much more tasty and more useful.
Forzition, landing and leaving
Форзиция, посадка и уходIf you want in already early spring (in April or May) for all month to observe how charming bright yellow or fiery orange flowers on a bush in your garden one by one reveal, put in it a forzition. wants to acquaint readers with this interesting plant and features of its cultivation.
Landing and care of a lilac
Посадка и уход за сиреньюLilac bushes always draw to themselves attention – in park, on the avenue, about an entrance, on a country site. Its value in beauty of inflorescences, a variety of their coloring, surprising aroma.
Lilies, landing and leaving
Лилии, посадка и уходAt gentle and refined lilies there are a lot of admirers wishing to part them in the garden. From the pleasant and fallen in love grades it is possible to create the whole collections which long time will fascinate and bewitch if it is correct to look after them.
Anemones, landing and leaving
Анемоны, посадка и уходThe word of "anemone" is translated from Greek as "the daughter of winds" or "whiff" therefore still this plant is called an anemony. Even weak whiff of a breeze causes a kolykhaniye of flower petals.
Calendula, landing and leaving
Календула, посадка и уходThe cheerful flower, which official scientific name – a calendula medicinal, in the people tenderly call a marigold. Seeds of this solar plant are very similar to claws. At an unpretentious calendula there are a lot of valuable qualities which can use at the right time. It is possible to grow up it not only in flower beds, on beds, but also in a kitchen garden, among vegetable cultures.
Useful properties of a cauliflower
Полезные свойства цветной капустыThe cabbage was called in the ancient time the queen of vegetables. Perhaps, it is difficult to argue with this statement. After all all species of plants which belong to family cabbage, possess the whole set of useful properties. Today there are some types of cabbage. Among them broccoli, white, a kohlrabi and, of course, a cauliflower.
Lily grades
Сорта лилииIt is impossible to pass by the graceful and elegant lilies growing in a garden without any emotions. These gentle flowers surprise, amaze, fascinate. They are loved by flower growers and selectors of the different countries. 4000 grades are already known, and this impressive list annually is replenished.
Useful properties of a turnip
Полезные свойства турнепсаThe turnip is a close relative of vegetable cultures, habitual for our latitudes: turnips, radishes, cabbage and garden radish. This low-calorie root crop possesses a set of useful properties thanks to what it is widely applied in dietary food. However on tables of the ordinary inhabitant vegetable appears infrequently as many do not even suspect about its advantage.
Medicinal properties of a lilac
Лечебные свойства сирениThe blossoming lilac bushes decorate our parks, the yards, country sites late spring, extending around such gentle aroma which cannot be confused with anything. But not only beauty and a pleasant smell the lilac is rich, it conceals in herself many curative properties.
Beet, landing and leaving
Свёкла, посадка и уходIn beet so there are a lot of nutrients, useful to our organism, that call it in the people "a health jug". It is irreplaceable ingredient of popular culinary dishes – vinaigrette, a borsch, "herrings under a fur coat" … This vegetable everywhere grows, does not demand special efforts. But to receive a rich crop, it is necessary to know features of its cultivation.
Vegetable marrows, landing and leaving
Кабачки, посадка и уходAlong with carrots, spicy greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions indispensable attribute of country sites is also the vegetable marrow. It is possible to grow up this vegetable culture even in an open ground, and, almost in all areas of our country. Only territories of Far North are considered as an exception.
Honeysuckle grades
Сорта жимолостиBerry bushes of a honeysuckle in gardens of Russians borrow more and more a place. It is possible to tell that summer residents tried out and appreciated these tasty and curative berries, before others ripening, and in recent years considerably grown larger, surprising with different taste. Now in the register of selection achievements there are more than 80 grades of a honeysuckle.
Useful properties of a cumquat
Полезные свойства кумкватаThe unusual fruit with the unusual name already very long time ago subdued the East, it know and love in the West, but in our corner of the world it still remains a wonder. What the special it is covered under a bright orange cover of this citrus and why it is considered as one of the most useful products in the world? In this article we will tell about useful properties of a cumquat.
Useful properties of a pear
Полезные свойства грушиThis roundish or oblong fruit which is smoothly extending in the lower part juicy and fragrant, imposes much. Taste at pears depending on a grade can be a miscellaneous – sweet, honey, sour, tart, strongly knitting … Besides beauty, the nature allocated them with a set of curative properties.
Application of a copper vitriol
Применение медного купоросаOn shelves of garden shops it is possible to notice packages on which it is written "a copper vitriol". Gardeners most often use this ancient means at the very beginning of spring. For what purposes it is bought? For what at dacha it can be useful how to use it? And, maybe, it is possible to replace it with more modern means?
Irises, landing and leaving
Ирисы, посадка и уходThe irises of various forms and shades capable to play in all flowers of a rainbow, long since draw attention of flower growers of the different countries. For example, in the USA, England, Italy, Russia there are societies of irisovod. In Florence which is considered as the capital of a kingdom of graceful irises, and also in Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Australia the competitions revealing the best grades of these plants are often held.
Honeysuckle, landing and leaving
Жимолость, посадка и уход30 years ago the honeysuckle was a rare, rare plant in gardens of a midland of Russia. Now this bush became popular and perspective, the honeysuckle ripens the first, opening a berry season in many gardens. It became clear that these berries are very useful, bear health and longevity. Having a certain knowledge, you too will be able to grow up beautiful, prolific bushes.
Cultivation of leek
Выращивание лука-пореяToday will tell how to grow up at dacha one more plant, useful to health, – leek. It is recommended to be included in daily food by the suffering rheumatism, an urolithic illness, gout, bronchitis, quinsy, furunkulyozy, metabolic disorders, obesity, at problems with work of a liver and gall bladder.
Cultivation of daisies from seeds
Выращивание маргариток из семянFor registration of borders, a rabatok, flower beds in the yards of houses, about kindergartens, policlinics and other establishments modest daisies – long ago known, but for some reason lost the popularity in recent years perfectly will approach. And after all it is simple to look after them, they can blossom all summer, will recover any lawn.
Gooseberry grades
Сорта крыжовникаBelieve that in Russia began to part a gooseberry in gardens at monasteries since the 11th century. Only it was called in those days differently: "агрыз", "roofs", "крыжберсень". Tasty fragrant berries were fallen in love to people, of them learned to do "imperial jam", tasty wines.
Cultivation of an asparagus
Выращивание спаржиAmong readers for certain there will be judges of a useful and delicious product – an asparagus. It is possible to grow up this interesting plant on the country site. In shops the asparagus costs much, it brings in to sellers the essential income. High price can be explained only to that cultivation of this unusual vegetable culture demands special subtleties.
Gooseberry, landing and leaving
Крыжовник, посадка и уходIt is possible to tell that the gooseberry is the second for prevalence in gardens of Russia a berry bush. And very fruitful, after all from one big bush at the correct leaving it is possible to collect to 20-25 kg of tasty and beautiful berries. Many dislike a gooseberry for its prickles, thorns. hurries to please readers – already there are besshipny and slaboshipovaty grades of this culture.
Advantage of germinated wheat
Польза пророщенной пшеницыThis century – a century not only information technologies, but also eyelids of beauty and health. Agree, it is now rather fashionable to play sports, actively to have a rest and properly to eat. And together with healthy food to our houses information on advantage of the use came to food of germinated wheat. Though not a secret that our ancestors a lot used this knowledge hundreds years ago.
How to get rid of moles
Как избавиться от кротовMoles are small small animals who lead an underground life. These animals lay underground tunnels with an exit to a surface. Moving underground, moles exterminate worms, bugs, larvae, slugs and other insects who live in the fertile chernozem.
As it is correct to grow up seedling of a petunia
Как правильно выращивать рассаду петунииBright flowers of a petunia are pleasant to much as they have various shades, magnificently and long blossom, have pleasant aroma and, to all other, are unpretentious. The petunia, really, is quite harmonious plant, but not all can admire it on the bed...
Astilba, cultivation and leaving
Астильба, выращивание и уходMuch of us want that the country site pleased not only a generous crop, but also beautiful flowers. Here also we try to allocate places for tulips, narcissuses, a klematis, pansies. We allocate to the majority of garden cultures and flowers solar territories. But what to put in a shadow? Remarkable option – graceful astilba. For every taste it is possible to pick up a suitable grade.
Advantage of a radish
Польза редискиThe small pink or red balls, early root crops sitting the whole day in the dark underground, and above having an emerald tops of vegetable, impacting juicy relish to spring salad … At once it is clear that all this is told about a radish. Except excellent tastes, juiciness, a hrustkost at a ruddy root crop many medicinal properties are revealed, it is a high time to talk about them in the spring.
Cultivation of a tsiniya from seeds
Выращивание цинии из семянTo flower growers the decorative tsiniya belonging to Astrov' family help to create a palette of a summer garden, rich in rich colors. Seeing a variety of tsiniya, apparently, that the nature tried to enclose all bright and saturated paints of summer in one flower.
Landing of currant
Посадка смородиныProbably, there is no such garden site on which the place for a currant bush would not be taken away. Fragrant mature berries are tasty and useful as fresh summer, and in various preparations in the winter. And if you only just got a country site for the family, we advise you by all means to allocate there a place for currant.
Advantage of grapefruit
Польза грейпфрутаThis fruit, rich in vitamin C, is very useful. It relieves of many diseases, is a part of numerous diets, has pleasant taste. Today will tell about useful properties of grapefruit.
Useful properties of a mulberry
Полезные свойства шелковицыMulberry better known among the people under the name a mulberry. This tree comes from Middle Eastern edge, after all its useful properties were open in ancient Persia. Long since black sweet fruits not only were eaten, but also used for preparation of a set of the national drugs and medicines curing a number of illnesses.
Cultivation of a radish
Выращивание редискиIt is impossible to present our dining table in the spring and in the summer without dishes which the juicy and crackling radish from the bed enters. These are various salads, okroshka with kvass in hot day. Bright korneplodik so appetizingly look that simply ask for a mouth. The organism feels that thus it is possible to fill shortage of important microcells and vitamins, to improve digestion, a metabolism.
Cultivation of pansies
Выращивание анютиных глазокIt is possible to tell that one of the first places among the early, brightly blossoming plants is occupied by the small modest pansies at times having original core. Now their violet, blue, blue, orange, yellow, red, white, spotty florets are scattered by motley small groups in park zones, on beds at entrances of high-rise buildings, on country sites …
Cultivation of carrots
Выращивание морковиPerhaps, not to do without bright and juicy carrots at preparation of soup, a borsch, marinades, vegetable stews. And in many salads important ingredient is considered this bright root crop. Legends say that in the Middle Ages the crackling carrot was considered as a delicacy of little gnomes, they were ready to exchange this vegetable for gold ingots.
Application of a dolomitic flour
Применение доломитовой мукиIn shops for gardeners packages with a dolomitic flour now are actively bought up. Soils at many on sites sour, here also take this means for lime application. However, not all know that it for substance as it is correct to use it. Here in brief will also tell about this limy fertilizer, valuable to many cultures, the purposes of its entering into the soil.
Useful properties of passion fruit
Полезные свойства маракуйиPassion fruit grows exotic fruit in Brazil, however thanks to the useful properties, it found broad application in all countries of Europe. Everyone can sate an organism with useful minerals and elements, simply enjoying taste and aroma of this juicy fruit.
Cultivation of delphiniums from seeds
Выращивание дельфиниумов из семянUsually people who like blue of heavens, are not indifferent to delphiniums – blue, dark blue, violet. In them some mysticism, depth, perfection, a pacification is combined. This impressive beauty can be grown up on the garden site or about it - in a front garden that is placed with the house.
Useful properties of cherry
Полезные свойства вишниIn the Russian gardens cherry is the queen among fruit and berry trees as useful properties of this culture are highly appreciated since ancient times. Folk healers knew that it is possible to cure many diseases not only broths and berries tinctures, bark and leaves of cherry, but even having simply leaned against a tree.
Useful properties of a ramson
Полезные свойства черемшиAll of us with some special awe wait when at our dachas there are vegetables and berries: radish, cucumbers, vegetable marrows, honeysuckle, strawberry, onions, greens. But we will be content so far with that the nature from the wood gives us. There is a grassy tasty plant called by a ramson there.
Primroses, cultivation and leaving
Примулы, выращивание и уходMessengers of long-awaited spring it is possible to call primroses. Now they meet everywhere – on a country site, in park, on beds at different buildings. Especially beautifully they look in group landings – bright spots of different coloring in an environment of violets, daisies, tulips are from far away visible. Or as a fringing if are put on lawn perimeter, along borders or paths.
Cultivation a rose rod from seeds
Выращивание шток розы из семянAt the time of my childhood the rod could almost be met a rose in each front garden, near a gate, before an entrance to the rural house, along the fences surrounding country sites. Girls then called magnificent and bright florets (similar to ball dresses or fashionable hats) and buds "dolls" and used for games.
Cultivation of onions
Выращивание лукаHostesses know, it is how important that houses always there were onions. We by all means add it at preparation of a set of dishes – we put in soups, vegetable stew, salads, forcemeat for meatballs and cutlets … And for health it brings benefit. Someone buys onions, and others grow up it on a country site.
Narcissuses, landing and leaving
Нарциссы, посадка и уходAfter long winter so much want heat and the sun. And gardeners missed the country sites. And on beds and along paths they are already met by the blossoming crocuses, snowdrops. By the end of April seek to show the delicate and graceful flowers narcissuses.
Application of seeds of flax
Применение семян льнаThere will be a flax, so will be and is strong – this Old Russian proverb remains actual and presently. And all because this surprising plant conceals in itself big advantage for a human body. Tiny, but extraordinary mighty seeds of flax are especially valuable. How it is correct to apply them, will tell today.
Cultivation of the Beijing cabbage
Выращивание пекинской капустыI think, much of readers of for preparation of various tasty salads get in shops gentle, the extended form kochanchik of the Beijing cabbage. The big benefit is brought by it to our health, especially when the organism needs vitamins and microcells. And after all it can be grown up on the kitchen garden.
Crocuses, cultivation and leaving
Крокусы, выращивание и уходEarly in the spring when the nature only just wakens from a winter dream, it is possible to observe amazingly gentle florets of crocuses. It would seem, not everywhere on a garden site snow thawed, at night subzero temperature, and these small plants already hurry from the earth that one of the first to please us with the flowers, to notify that the spring very soon will come into the own, will bring heat.
Useful properties of an artichoke
Полезные свойства артишокаToday unprecedented popularity is gained by nonconventional medicine. More and more people trusts the health to various plants, quite often among them also the artichoke meets.
Cultivation of an eustoma from seeds
Выращивание эустомы из семянIf you do not represent the window sill or a bed without bright and magnificent flowers, we advise to try to grow up from seeds to the eusty. Also other names of this plant – liziantus, the Texas hand bell, "the Irish rose" meet.
Atserola, advantage and harm
Ацерола, польза и вредAtserola is an evergreen fruit-tree which belongs to Malpigiya's family. This plant is also called as Barbados cherry. The tree on average grows in height to six meters. Leaves of an elliptic form have length about seven centimeters. The fruit resembles cherry superficially, but thus has a little flattened form. The pulp of these berries very juicy also has sourish taste and firm seeds.
Useful properties of a marjoram
Полезные свойства душицыAt the end of summer on glades, forest edges and along roads it is quite often possible to meet a small plant with a set of small light pink or white florets. Thanks to the pleasant aroma this plain grass has the eloquent name a marjoram. Today will tell about all delights of this surprising plant.
Rhododendron, landing and leaving
Рододендрон, посадка и уходThere are such plants, having looked on which, by all means there is a resistant desire, a cherished dream – to lodge at least one look or a grade on the country site. I would carry the bushes of rhododendrons, evergreen or listopadny bushes belonging to big family heather which completely become covered in the spring by remarkable flowers to number of such charming miracles of the nature.
Useful properties of caraway seeds
Полезные свойства тминаCaraway seeds are long since known as spice which is applied often in brines, marinades, sauces and various pastries. Thanks to useful properties and delicate aroma caraway seeds became favourite spice of many hostesses.
Useful properties of arugula
Полезные свойства рукколыUntil recently Russian inhabitants not really knew such grass under the name "arugula". In our region it is considered a weed and "gusenichka" is called. However for quite some time now, especially thanks to various culinary shows, this fragrant nut and mustard make-ready becomes very popular.
Cultivation of a stevia
Выращивание стевииTo people at whom diabetes comes to light, doctors very strictly forbid to regale on sugar. But what to do if there is a strong wish to sweeten different drinks and dishes? Then the sweet plant – a stevia of a rebaudian which else is called a honey grass or a sweet dvulistnik can come to the rescue. The raw materials can be found in drugstores or to grow up on the kitchen garden and even in a pot on a window sill.
Useful properties treat
Полезные свойства личиFor the last decade on shelves of supermarkets in our country there was a lot of exotic fruit. One of the most mysterious and unusual among them is treat. Those who already tried this a fruit strange outside, can tell with confidence that its tastes leave only the most pleasant memories. But whether it is possible to eat treat systematically, what its useful qualities?
Advantage and harm of a stevia
Польза и вред стевииThere is in the nature a grass which to taste is several times more sweet than sugar known to all of us. Its scientific name stevia of a rebaudian. It is recommended as natural sweetener to people to whom the diagnosis "diabetes" is made.
Useful properties of a honeysuckle
Полезные свойства жимолостиAfter cold winter months and long spring so there is a wish to regale on something tasty and useful of the garden, to fill reserves of vitamins. Here also we when keep up on a sprawling bush of a berry of a honeysuckle wait – after all it ripens the first.
Useful properties of a chaga
Полезные свойства чагиChaga – amazing creation of the nature. Tiny dispute grows to the enormous sizes, napityvayas curative substances of a tree on which grows. Unless it not a miracle? Our far ancestors knew about unusual properties of a chaga and actively applied it in treatment.
Cultivation of a klematis
Выращивание клематисаAll acquaintances coming to our garden by all means long consider magnificently blossoming lianas creeping up support. It simply is necessary to admire the effective, majestic klematisa capable to please a look with flowers, various on coloring and the size, from June to late fall.
Medicinal properties of a kalanchoe
Лечебные свойства каланхоэWe got used to consider that the houseplants living on window sills of our houses carry out generally purely decorative function. But there are such green "good fellows" who not only are pleasing to the eye, but also make an invaluable contribution to a moneybox of our health.
Advantage of berries of a godzha
Польза ягод годжиAmong those who wants to restore the health to grow thin, eat valuable and useful products, recently godzha berries enjoy wide popularity. And if the person for the first time hears this name, there are questions – that special in this overseas berry, what its advantage and how to apply it? will try to answer the marked questions.
Useful properties of a linden
Полезные свойства липыCurative properties of a linden became known in ancient times. Gradually the advantage of these flowers was recognized even by traditional medicine. Since then the linden is applied to treatment and prevention of various illnesses.
Useful properties of a barberry
Полезные свойства барбарисаAt each of us at the word "barberry", most likely, recur a childhood to the memory. This sweet-sour candy, pleasant on taste, still remains popular and all recognizable. Actually, the barberry is extraordinary beautiful and useful bush which fructifies small berries, color and which form remind those caramels.
Advantage of the Beijing cabbage
Польза пекинской капустыThe Beijing cabbage is a plant from family krestotsvetny, representing a kind of an early Chinese cabbage. It is considered that the homeland of the Beijing cabbage is China. Exactly there started it cultivating in 5-6 century of our era. To that the proof are written mentions which reached up to now.
Kolonovidny apple-trees
Колоновидные яблониOur country sites do not differ in the impressive areas, and after all there are a wish both to build the house, and to organize a playground, and to grow up a garden and such that pleased with a variety of flowers and fruits. However plants, as well as to people, need personal vital space, there is enough light, air and food.
Useful properties of an asparagus
Полезные свойства спаржиUniversal and tasty plant – an asparagus, clever hostesses use not only for preparation of various culinary dishes, but also and in the medical purposes as it long since is famous for the curative qualities.
Characteristic of grades of potatoes
Характеристика сортов картофеляIt is difficult to imagine the daily menu without potato dishes. This wonderful foodstuff, for some reason does not become boring at all. In cookbooks it is described more than 700 recipes of preparation of potatoes.
Useful properties Ivan tea
Полезные свойства Иван-чаяFrom the middle of June and until the end of summer on edges of coniferous forests, along the rivers, on cuttings down, places of big fires it is possible to meet a high grass with the large extended leaves and big beautiful brushes of rose-red, purple-lilac flowers. So Ivan tea which medicinal properties are recognized not only national, but also official medicine grows.
Nasturtium, cultivation and leaving
Настурция, выращивание и уходAs it is pleasant to contemplate the cheerful plants having bright green armfuls of round leaves and the elegant intensively painted flowers in the garden. All summer to the frosts the cheerful nasturtium will attract attention, to lighten mood, to load with energy.
Useful properties of blackcurrant
Полезные свойства черной смородиныSummer residents fell in love with this tasty berry for unpretentiousness in cultivation and long ago fragrant jam which can be cooked from it. But blackcurrant is rich not only tastes, but also useful properties. Therefore recommends to use it not only for a dessert, but also as prevention of many diseases.
How to look after a hyacinth
Как ухаживать за гиацинтомIn the spring many women receive as a gift a small pot with the bulbous plant pleasing with gentle aroma of the pink, white, yellow, lilac flowers collected in a brush on a stalk verkhushechka. Kolokolchaty florets do not wither about two or three weeks. It is a hyacinth.
Application of a silverweed white
Применение лапчатки белойSilverweed white – the modest low plant for many years accumulating curative force in the rhizomes. The history of studying of a plant began long ago, many herbalists, phytotherapists, famous doctors devoted years of work to researches of medicinal properties and structure of this plant.
Useful properties of fennel
Полезные свойства фенхеляAt fennel ordinary some names: often in a drugstore ask fennel the druggist pharmaceutical, and in the people call sweet or voloshsky fennel. Really, this related to a celery a plant with anisic aroma confuse to fennel, however fennel - absolutely independent and self-sufficient culture.
Useful properties of spinach
Полезные свойства шпинатаJuicy green leaves of spinach are liked to be added to the dishes of the hostess from around the world. At the expense of the lung and pleasant taste spinach is well combined with many products. Besides, using this sheet vegetable at least few times in a week, it is possible to sate the organism with vitamins. It everything thanks to useful properties of spinach to which, knows
Useful properties of onions
Полезные свойства репчатого лукаIt has golden and useful, vitamin, though sharp, bitter taste, and will undress, tears will not constrain – this children's riddle gives extremely exact characteristic to onions. Today we will try as it is possible to tell about indisputable useful properties of onions and spheres in which it is applied in more detail.
Properties of white tea
Свойства белого чаяSome centuries Chinese drink this refined drink, and to us it reached quite recently. But already found the admirers. It is about white tea – drink really amazing. And if you still never tried a delicate taste of this surprising grade, advises to make it as soon as possible.
Useful properties of a quince
Полезные свойства айвыFrom reliable sources it is known that the quince was a ritual fruit at weddings of Ancient Rome and Greece – it presented to the bride before the first marriage night to make the first kiss pleasant, and during the ceremony the groom and the bride was offered to eat a fragrant fruit that promised long and happy life.
Useful properties of cabbage
Полезные свойства капустыThe cabbage – nearly the most popular vegetable on our table, but except the pleasant taste, it possesses also many useful properties. So, the cabbage takes the second place by quantity of antioxidants, after a garden cress and well influences work of heart and organs of vision.
Useful properties of a radish
Полезные свойства редькиThe vegetables, root crops possessing a set of useful properties for certain lie in cellars and cellars at readers of stored. Among the stocks which are in advance laid up for long winter there will be a beet, carrots, pumpkin, a girasol, turnip.
Remontantny raspberry, landing and leaving
Ремонтантная малина, посадка и уходProbably, not one garden is not thought without raspberry brake. It is known to all raspberry – berry not only sweet, but also useful. That costed by raspberry jam with tea in cold winter evening.
Useful properties of bay leaf
Полезные свойства лаврового листаMonasteries – one of the most ancient plants growing on the earth and today. Hardly there will be at us such hostess who never added bay leaf to the dishes. It gives to food simple, at first sight, delicate spicy aroma. But besides possesses also the mass of useful properties.
How to grow up tangerine in house conditions
Как вырастить мандарин в домашних условияхPractically all who saw at acquaintances in the room a mandarinovy tree, have a desire to grow up same most. But usually on one desire all also comes to an end. It seems that it is difficult to grow up tangerine from a stone. But whether so it, let's understand.
How to grow up a persimmon in house conditions
Как вырастить хурму в домашних условияхPersimmon. How many a solar heat and juicy energy in this bright fruit! Its homeland China and Japan. A persimmon - the real well of vitamins, for what also nicknamed it "plum of gods", and "the Chinese peach". The peculiar taste leaving a sweetish tart trace in language - the card of a persimmon.
Useful properties of a papaya
Полезные свойства папайиThe papaya is an interesting and unclear name which came to us from far away. This fruit possesses the mass of positive properties. It is used at observance of diets and treatment of many diseases. Today will tell you the main useful properties of a papaya.
Useful properties of a plantain
Полезные свойства подорожникаMany of us pass every day by this grass and do not even suspect, what useful properties are covered in a plantain. And after all practically each part of this plant conceals in itself medical force. The plantain has the knitting, styptic and wound healing properties. Will in more detail tell about it.
Useful properties of peas
Полезные свойства горохаPeas in Russia were one of the most favourite dishes. That only from it did not prepare: both porridges, and pies, and kissels, also did by a stuffing to pancakes and pies … There was even a pea cheese, but its recipe is actually lost today. And all this not without reason.
How to look after a cactus
Как ухаживать за кактусомThe cactus is "prickle" with gentle and vulnerable soul. Despite external "to the teeth the look armed", without due leaving the plant will inevitably be lost. will tell you that it is necessary to do, having brought home a small prickly ball.
How to look after a ficus
Как ухаживать за фикусомToday the interesting plant relating to numerous family mulberry to which the national rumor attributes many useful properties, nearly magic will be the hero of our article. And the plant is called a ficus, it lives in many houses where tremblingly and tenderness look after him.
Useful properties of corn
Полезные свойства кукурузыCorn – a plant which is known to people for a long time. The corn was eaten by all, both people, and animals. It not simply nourishing product from which it is possible to prepare a set of dishes, but also very useful.
Useful properties of carrots
Полезные свойства морковиThe maiden in a dungeon, and a braid on the street sits. And such this maiden ruddy, such juicy and appetizing - slobbers run! Whatever you may say, but the one who does not love carrot, loses a lot of things.
Useful properties of cloudberries
Полезные свойства морошкиWhat it, this unusual berry? Conversation on marsh berry – cloudberries is so much. That on possesses the mass of curative properties, it is capable to work wonders and helps people to get rid of many diseases. Whether so it? Give with we will understand it.
Useful properties of pine nuts
Полезные свойства кедровых ореховThe winter and New year at the senior generation is associated with the cedar cones which are carefully put in a children's gift. And in the cone, behind its scales, nuts disappear. Kernels small, but advantage in themselves conceal the huge. We think that it will be interesting to readers of to learn that their value contains in cedar nuts, in what as to apply them.
Useful properties of cardamom
Полезные свойства кардамонаFor a long time people use spices at preparation of dishes. Thanks to the fragrant burning taste, cardamom won popularity almost at all hostesses of our planet. And its useful properties do this spice also by the irreplaceable doctor. Today cardamom is widely used in medicine and cosmetology.
How to grow up pineapple
Как вырастить ананасNew year, Christmas, a train go celebrations. And on holiday tables there will be exotic entertainments – pineapples. These fruits similar to the big cones having "cop" bring to us from the tropical countries.
How to grow up a lemon in house conditions
Как вырастить лимон в домашних условияхIt is possible to regale on tasty fragrant lemons not only having bought them in the market, but also having broken from the own tree which is grown up directly on a window sill or on a balcony. It is necessary to wait for the first crop some years, but fruits will not be comparable to taste with the store.
Useful properties of lentil
Полезные свойства чечевицыLentil (the old Slavic name - a sochevitsa) is mentioned in the X-XII centuries, and in the XV century was widely adopted. Before revolution Russia was the first country on cultivation of this culture, occupied 85% of world export. On taste and on nutritious qualities won first place. It was used as the main component in soups and soups, porridges.
Useful properties of a coco
Полезные свойства кокосаToday a coco – any more not a rarity and not exotic, it it is possible to meet on a counter practically of any grocery shop. But nevertheless most of people perceives it still only as a delicacy from which make shaving for various culinary masterpieces. And after all except pleasant and specific taste, at a coco is also useful properties.
Useful properties of a thyme
Полезные свойства тимьянаIf you are given a cup of herbal tea with strong spicy aroma, it is possible to be sure, the thyme is its part. Many know this grass under the name "thyme" and difficult with something to mix its pleasant smell. But except aroma, this plant possesses also useful properties with which, knows
Semyon Chia
Семена ЧиаUse of useful properties of seeds of the Chia, often it is called still the Spanish sage, goes to depth of centuries. Still our ancient ancestors - Inca, Maya and Aztecs considered these seeds as the main in the food, along with corn and haricot.
Treatment chistotely
Лечение чистотеломIn ancient times Greeks noticed such fact that when swallows fly - starts blossoming chistotet and when they go on the South, it withers. Therefore they also gave this plant the name "lastochkina grass". And in the Russian medicine "chistotet" the name a grass received thanks to the medicinal properties.
Useful properties of cinnamon
Полезные свойства корицыMany eat every day cinnamon in dishes and do not even suspect, how many the useful is covered in this overseas plant. As showed researches of scientists, thanks to useful properties of this seasoning it is possible to stop development of diabetes, to improve blood circulation and to stimulate work of a brain.
Useful properties of a St. John's Wort
Полезные свойства зверобояThose who is fond of treatment of herbs, know, how many the advantage is covered in small solar florets of a St. John's Wort. Legends go that the plant it came from blood and a feather of a lightning bird who was wounded in flight. And therefore to it attributed opportunity to expel evil ghosts. People put a grass in footwear or caps that did not maleficiate them.
Advantage of avocado
Польза авокадоA few years ago many of us even did not know about existence of avocado. We managed then the vegetables and fruit – potato, a radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, strawberry. In the people believed that all of them primordially Russian. But historic facts say that almost all food which are fallen in love to us – newcomers from the overseas countries.
Useful properties of a kiwi
Полезные свойства кивиSeveral years ago Russians had no idea that such kiwi. Now this attractive the ovoid pussies form lie in cells of plastic containers or in cardboard boxes on counters of shops and markets. What it for newcomers such? What comprise, whether bear advantage to health? On these questions you learn answers, having got acquainted with article which offers
Useful properties of a filbert
Полезные свойства фундукаOn flexible trunks Oreshin who sometimes reach in height of 10 meters, the remarkable nut – a filbert grows. This is the cultivated descendant of a forest filbert and he grows generally in the southern countries.
Useful properties of a cranberry
Полезные свойства клюквыWe remember riddles the red berries growing on a bog and hiding in a moss from kindergarten. Black grouses, partridges, martens, bears like to regale on a cranberry.
Useful properties of a mespilus
Полезные свойства иргиAmong a large number of the bushes growing on our personal plots and dachas it is not often possible to meet such plant as a mespilus. It at us does not enjoy popularity, and in vain. After all from sweet berries it turns out not only tasty fragrant jam, but still they are applied to treatment of many diseases.
Advantage of chicory
Польза цикорияPeople have a relation to such plant as chicory always was double: there are those who considers it as a usual weed, and there are also others which are sure that it much more surpasses coffee in the properties and can replace it. Besides its useful properties can cure of many diseases and even to overcome hated obesity.
Useful properties of mango
Полезные свойства мангоMore than 4000 years in India grow up tropical fruit of mango. It not only tasty, but also useful fruit. It comprises many irreplaceable substances and struggles with various illnesses.
Useful properties of a melon
Полезные свойства дыниAncient Arabs considered a melon as really paradise fruit and believed that it got on the planet Earth absolutely incidentally, without intervention of the highest forces did not do here.
Medicinal properties of a girasol
Лечебные свойства топинамбураMany people pass by girasol tubers in supermarkets and in the market. Clear business – backs ordinary-looking and look they not absolutely appetizingly. And there are gardeners who even do not know that at them the girasol grows along a fence, take it for flowers or a weed plant. It turns out that they also do not suspect that underground have the real treasure.
Useful properties of a pomelo
Полезные свойства помелоPomelo – citrus fruit from an evergreen tree of the same name which is appreciated in the world throughout many centuries. It came to us from the Fiji Islands, the most ancient found records about it are dated in 100. This fruit was widely adopted thanks to the useful qualities still in the ancient time, to Europe came in the XIV century.
Advantage of walnuts
Польза грецких ореховIt is considered to be a walnut a miracle tree and, by the way, absolutely not for nothing, after all this plant is useful entirely: both leaves, and fruits, even the shell and partitions of a walnut are capable to bring huge benefit to all organism and not only to it. In life the walnut too is used rather actively.
Medicinal properties of a clover
Лечебные свойства клевераThe Russian land long since is famous for herbs about which advantage our ancestors knew. But, unfortunately, the set of secrets, recipes of collecting and preparation of herbs, were lost or forgotten under the influence of fast development of modern medical technologies though that can bring big benefit for health, than gifts of the nature?
Advantage of bananas
Польза банановBananas today, perhaps, one of the most widespread fruit on our table. There are they less, than other overseas fruit, and here useful properties in them much. Apply them not only in cookery, but also in medicine and cosmetology.
Application of a red brush
Применение красной щёткиIn the last decades appeared in packing drugstores with the plant having the interesting and strange name – a red brush. And at forums the subjects telling how to many women this plant helped to get rid of gynecologic problems even more often meet and to become mothers.
Useful properties of oats
Полезные свойства овсаSince ancient times people knew about existence of such cereal as oats, with it usually fed cattle. And over time it became clear that in it there are a lot of useful properties. Homeland of this plant Northern China and Mongolia.
Useful properties of a ginseng
Полезные свойства женьшеняNot for nothing the ginseng is called the king of herbs. Long since it was appreciated worth its weight in gold. Even appropriated to its curative roots own names, as well as to jewels, one of such names – "The great eremite".
Useful properties of garlic
Полезные свойства чеснокаGarlic – a perennial grassy plant. All heard about its advantage, but it would be desirable to discuss all its useful properties and application in various areas.
Useful properties of a nettle
Полезные свойства крапивыOn our planet of one thousand plants and many of them medicinal. But, perhaps, the real leader in the medicinal properties is the nettle. Where it was only not used couples centuries ago...
Useful properties of pomegranate
Полезные свойства гранатаFor many people a symbol of a snow time of year and New Year's holidays is pomegranate. This one of the most ancient edible fruits on the earth which are known to the person. Today readers of learn a lot of new about this useful berry.
Useful properties of a sea-buckthorn
Полезные свойства облепихиSmall imperceptible berry of a sea-buckthorn wins hearts more and more every year and takes a place on tables of those who cares of the health. And it is not surprising, after all in it there are so much useful properties that it can be used as panacea practically at any illness.
Useful properties of grapes
Полезные свойства виноградаFall – the generous time, continues to feed us with the vitamins containing many vegetables, fruit, berries. Today will pay special attention to grapes and its medicinal properties.
Useful properties of a black-fruited mountain ash
Полезные свойства черноплодной рябиныMany gardeners on the site plant a black-fruited mountain ash. In the fall this bush looks especially beautifully: among green and crimson leaves clusters with the black berries similar to effective beads hang down. But not all know that berries can be used for treatment. Today will tell to readers of structure and curative properties of fruits, contraindications and ways of processing.
Useful properties of a persimmon
Полезные свойства хурмыAutumn time … Under feet the leaves lost by trees rustle. Birds amicable pack to the South depart. Here and there already the snowball – attacks and will thaw. It is wet, slyakotno, gloomy. Many long, despond. And here at this moment the nature wants us to please with the bright fruits – a persimmon. Color at it saturated, orange – it, according to a tsvetoterapiya, invigorates, lightens mood and a vitality.
Useful properties of dates
Полезные свойства финиковSweetish and gentle taste of dates draws our attention when there is a wish for something tasty and unusual. And these fruits are known to people from antiquity. In recent years scientists made a set of the discoveries concerning structure and curative properties of the balsas having a palchaty appearance, reaching in length of eight centimeters. will also share this information with the readers.
Advantage and harm of soy
Польза и вред соиOn counters of shops we meet a huge number of products from soy. Soy milk, meat, sausage, soy cheese is a not full list. However, in Europe, and especially in Russia soy is so popularized only some decades. That is we learned soy not so long ago. And to new it is accepted belongs with care.
Useful properties of a fig
Полезные свойства инжираArcheological excavations confirm that the fig can safely be carried to the most ancient plants. Also other its names – a fig tree, a fig, a fig, a kariysky ficus are widely known.
Useful properties of a guelder-rose
Полезные свойства калиныHere and October comes to the end. And the fall prepared for us one more useful berry – a red guelder-rose. Its tastes improve after autumn morozets. Already it is possible to start collecting the large bright red clusters poured by the juice having characteristic taste and a slightly bitter taste.
Useful properties of beet
Полезные свойства свёклыOver the earth with big leaves the grass, and underground was placed the claret head. Even children know an answer on this riddle is a beet. In the people the bright sweet root crop was always held in high esteem, vitamin-rich and other useful substances.
Useful properties of a celery
Полезные свойства сельдереяThanks to fine medicinal and curative properties, the celery is long since used in traditional medicine to cure and prevent development of a set of various diseases. And it is useful entirely, as they say "from vershoks and to backs".
Useful properties of pumpkin
Полезные свойства тыквыPumpkin – one of the most ancient fruits growing on our earth. A sort it from South America, to be exact, from Mexico. As archeologists speak, more than five thousand years began to grow up B.C. pumpkin, and there was it even before corn.
Chrysanthemums, landing and leaving
Хризантемы, посадка и уходAll of us want that the plants which are fascinating and involuntarily attracting a look continuously blossomed on country sites. Certainly, it is possible to carry roses to such flowers and chrysanthemums. In a popularity rating at gardeners the chrysanthemum takes an honourable second place.
Useful properties of a sage
Полезные свойства шалфеяIn many countries including in Russia, the sage is officially recognized by physicians a herb. Leaves can be bought in a drugstore or to prepare independently if you live in the southern areas – in Ukraine, the Caucasus, in the Crimea, Moldova, Krasnodar Krai. suggests to get acquainted in more detail with this plant.
Useful properties of cowberry
Полезные свойства брусникиBerries with a gentle flush, dark leaves with luster, also cost kustochka height not above a hummock. At once it is possible to guess that this riddle about cowberry. This small, low evergreen low shrub can be met in pine pine forest, the mixed wood and even in the marshland.
Useful properties of a red mountain ash
Полезные свойства красной рябиныOne of jewelry of gloomy fall – bright clusters of a ripe mountain ash. Somehow it is in a special way loved in the people. Harmonous trees with flexible branches, beautiful carved leaflets and brushes of berries can be met almost in each front garden in the village or in villages. And in the city birdies greedy regale on it in cold weather.
Diseases of roses
Болезни розMost often roses suffer from mealy dew, a rust, black spottiness, gray decay, infectious "burn". It is difficult to treat diseases, try to take all measures that to prevent them. Here about it the speech in our article will also go today.
Roses, landing and leaving
Розы, посадка и уходAbout a rose the set of verses, songs, legends is put. Gardeners give to this majestic flower a royal crown. The palette of shades of buds of a rose is great – snow-white, orange, gentle-pink, claret, ardently red, light yellow, blue and black. And if you have a dream – to grow up on the site magnificent bushes with bright fragrant flowers, but in thoughts uncertainty – whether will consult?
Medicinal properties of a root of a dandelion
Лечебные свойства корня одуванчикаYou will surprise nobody with a dandelion which yellow inflorescences appear in the spring with the first heat everywhere – in the yards, on clearings, kitchen gardens, forest lawns. Look narrowly, it even finds a tiny crack or a crack on the asphalted road and about the base of the house and gets out from there – a stalk a small, lopsided, but solar-yellow flower all the same cheerful.
Medicinal properties of a burdock
Лечебные свойства лопухаPerhaps, all know this big plant having a powerful stalk, large juicy leaves and "tseplyuchy" lilac (lilac) inflorescences in a look shishechek with seeds inside, called by a burdock. Many names were fixed in the people behind it: burdock, burdock, lopushnik, dedovnik. Towards the end of summer from prilipchivy baskets there is no pass.
Useful properties of an estragon
Полезные свойства тархунаAt conservation many hostesses by all means put a branch of a fragrant estragon in a jar is reduces growth and reproduction of lactic bacteria. Then long safety, aroma and a hrustkost are provided to cucumbers. We use it at preparation of various vegetable salatik, sauces, fish and meat dishes.
Phloxes, landing and leaving
Флоксы, посадка и уходOutside September, and at us in a garden late grades of phloxes continue blossoming. These flowers are loved by many Russian gardeners. They lighten mood the color palette. The place – in a front garden, about a bench, in the depth of a garden will be them everywhere.
Properties of a hawthorn
Свойства боярышникаHerbs are capable to help not only at colds, cough, wounds, a hair loss, but also at serious diseases. Today we will talk about a hawthorn – the friend of cores. This bush though prickly, but here by force and properties is allocated by the mighty. And not only cardiologists carefully studied and recognized hawthorn fruits, it is recommended to apply it and at other diseases.
Juniper, landing and leaving
Можжевельник, посадка и уходThe mankind decorates with a juniper as decorative culture parks, the gardens and the territory near the house already one thousand years. This coniferous tree looks esthetically, is compact and allocated a set of useful properties. Represent, dear readers of, one big adult bush of this hvoynik is capable to clear of bacteria and viruses space about itself and more!
Dahlias, landing and leaving
Георгины, посадка и уходI cannot agree that the fall – is time sad. Yes, the grass withers, fall down from trees leaves, the nature prepares for rest … But how many still bright paints before us – eyes a charm! Look at flower beds – there are dismissed magnificent, plentifully and long blossoming dahlias surprising with a variety of forms and colourings.
Useful properties of a melissa
Полезные свойства мелиссыIf you have a country site, be not limited to cultivation only of vegetable cultures, fruit-trees, berries and creation of a flower bed. Try to find a place and for modest and unpretentious herbs. Some of them bright and unusual, have a pleasant smell and mass of curative properties. For example, the melissa will help to get rid of a stress and a depression.
Application of a calendula
Применение календулыCalendula – popular decoration of flower beds in parks, kindergartens, near houses in the yards and in hospital territories. This bright and odorous plant and on personal plots the frequent settler. And after all many know that this beauty belongs to herbs.
Useful properties of a dogrose
Полезные свойства шиповникаThe generous fall continues to please us with a crop. Time came to collect the dogrose decorating front gardens, country sites, edges of the woods. Our ancestors claimed that this wonderful doctor will replace seven doctors. Therefore suggests the readers to stock up with valuable bright fruits and to use them for improvement and longevity.
Application of a thistle
Применение расторопшиToday we will talk about the high harmonous thistle with beautiful motley leaves and valuable seeds which is not only decorative, but also a herb. Many years apply it in medicine, study in various medical institutions and scientific centers.
Medicinal properties of a yarrow
Лечебные свойства тысячелистникаWith many herbs I was acquainted by the grandmother in the childhood. Among them there was also a white squash everywhere growing in the village on different sites – on a forest clearing, a lawn near the house, along roadsides and even in a kitchen garden. The grandmother carefully cut off a grass and said that it is useful if suddenly who "a stomach zaneduzhit" and learned to put the crumpled grass to the bleeding wound.
Useful properties of blackberry
Полезные свойства ежевикиThis summer opened to the readers new data on useful properties of berries, such as strawberry, bilberry, raspberry. And now one more delicacy, worthy our attention - blackberry ripens on garden sites. This black berry is necessary the close relative to red raspberry. But not all know about that, as it is allocated with curative properties. Here we will also talk about it in article.
Medicinal properties of a tansy
Лечебные свойства пижмыWalking in the summer on a rural meadow or the mixed wood, it is difficult not to notice brightly orange or intensively yellow florets similar to the small buttons collected in the inflorescences reminding a guard in a grass. So the tansy ordinary, officially recognized herb grows. In this article will in detail acquaint the readers with its properties, methods of application and contraindications.
Medicinal properties of a sporysh
Лечебные свойства спорышаFor the first time sporysh I saw in the village where spent summer vacation. I very much liked dark green "rug" from a low creeping grass on a lawn near the house. The grandmother then explained that so grows sporysh or a gusyatnik. And at once it became clear why in the people called by such name a plant: every day to us on a lawn neighbour's geese hurried to pinch from time to time a favourite grass.
Advantage of apples
Польза яблокPerhaps, as the most popular fruit at Russians it is possible to consider apples. The fall is closer, the branches of apple-trees under weight of the ripening ruddy fruits bend more strongly. On August 19 orthodox Christians with pleasure celebrate Apple Saviour. Also they will go with baskets to temples that to consecrate the crop.
Useful properties of fennel
Полезные свойства укропаAny hostess when pickling and salting cucumbers tries to put umbrellas of fragrant fennel in bank. We adopted such experience at the grandmothers. We add this appetizing spice to different dishes. But not only it impacts beauty, aroma and unique relish to our culinary creations.
Useful properties of parsley
Полезные свойства петрушкиToday I will lead the speech about that that came to us from mountains. I believe, on garden beds many readers of grow up parsley. Its green leaflets decorate dishes on a dining table since early spring and until snow covers the earth wet nurse. After all plant this frost-resistant. And not only beauty and firmness parsley, but also a set of useful properties is allocated.
Cultivation of cucumbers
Выращивание огурцовTo cucumbers in Russia particular gastronomic interest. Any feast does not do without them. Both salt them, and pickle, and fresh they are good. It is not surprising that we try to grow up cucumbers on the sites and even on window sills. But not always we can brag of a good harvest of the cucumbers. Most often we write off all failures for weather.
How to grow up peonies
Как выращивать пионыI remember since the childhood that different grades of peonies always grew in our front garden or a garden. When moving we took away favourite bushes with ourselves. Put on a new place. And what our chagrin when neither in May, nor in June of flowers we did not wait was. Then I undertook studying of materials how to return to our pionchik ability to blossoming. Understood the mistakes, everything corrected.
How to look after strawberry
Как ухаживать за клубникойStrawberry – a plant very compact and decorative and when blossoms gentle white florets, and at all not to have eyes glued. It is especially pleasant that all this beauty later to turn a month into ripe red berries. And the cheesecake will seem to you much more with pleasure bought in shop, after all it you cherished this forest beauty.
How to grow up mint
Как вырастить мятуFrom aromatic herbs mint, perhaps, the most known grass. Not to confuse the taste its refreshing, a little cooling with anything. It is not difficult to grow up mint at all. Within its powers to any beginning gardener. For certain, it will be interesting to the child. Mint, quite, quickly grows. It is unpretentious. Will grow practically on any place allocated for it.
Useful and harmful houseplants
Полезные и вредные комнатные растенияPresently, when the ecology leaves much to be desired, the increasing popularity is received by houseplants. These lovely flowers create positive mood the beauty, clear the polluted air, humidify, relieve of many microbes. But among houseplants is also harmful which cannot be held in the house if you have small children.
Care of seedling
Уход за рассадойIt is possible to grow up seedling for itself to land at dacha or a personal plot and to receive a crop of own vegetables, and it is possible to grow up seedling for the purpose of sale and to make this business the small business. Care of seedling is not difficult and anyone can quite master it. The main thing to create optimum conditions for development of young plants.
How to replace falenopsis
Как пересадить фаленопсисFalenopsis – a find for the beginning fan of orchids. And not only in a contents question, but also its changes. Falenopsis is the simplest orchid which it is possible to contain houses easily. But, nevertheless, many think that falenopsis is a plant to which it is impossible even to touch and breathe, without speaking about its change. Actually it not so.
How to prepare a substratum for a falenopsis
Как приготовить субстрат для фаленопсиса Who is engaged in orchids, knows that such beauty demands many investments, work, care and finance. So, for example, the substratum for orchids costs quite much. But if it is good to think, it can be made independently, having spent only kopeks. As you know, the substratum for a falenopsis completely consists of bark, and for orchids it is necessary to take only pine bark.
How to look after a chlorophytum
Как ухаживать за хлорофитумомAmong constantly occupying our apartments and offices of flowers it is possible to allocate one very useful plant – a chlorophytum. In the people it is called "Air purifier", "Spider". By the experience, owing to the developed circumstances, I can tell that a chlorophytum practically "the flower which is not killed". Today I would like to tell about it, and also to give advice on leaving.
Care of a fuchsia
Уход за фуксиейFuchsias enjoy wide popularity worldwide. The types existing nowadays strike with the splendor and brightness of paints. Grow up a fuchsia both in pots, and in baskets, both for the room contents, and for decoration of a country site. Care of them is not difficult, and I will tell you about all necessary that you could decorate the house with such wonderful flower.
Care of a zephyranthes
Уход за зефирантесомMany houses have such small flower, foliage similar to small onions. Often it is called a house narcissus. Florets at a plant simple but when among foliage there is a cap of white buds – beauty simply indescribable. It is also a zephyranthes. One more name at a zephyranthes is "water lily", and at fans of flower growers it is known as "upstart".
Anturium, leaving and cultivation
Антуриум, уход и выращиваниеThe anturium belongs to Aronnikov' family. In translation from Latin the anturium means "flower" or "tail". It is interesting and attractive that throws out flowers all the year round. The flower is presented in the ear form (pink, yellow or white color) surrounded with a rigid cover. As I am the fan of orchids, noticeable similarity to them very pleased me.
Kliviya, leaving and cultivation
Кливия, уход и выращиваниеOnce a few years ago at work transplanted flowers and offered me a shoot of a plant which name I did not know. To force it to blossom long it was impossible to me. But one fine day I noticed an arrow among foliage, the plant thanked me for the correct care of it a huge sphere from 16 flowers. At me there lives the grade of a cinnabaric kliviya.
As it is correct to multiply violets a leaf
Как правильно размножить фиалки листомToday I will tell readers how it is correct to multiply a violet a leaf., It seems, anything difficult in it is not present: broke – put – watered. But actually there are some nuances and rules which are desirable for observing, especially if you decided to multiply any especially beautiful grade from your collection.
Cultivation of violets in house conditions
Выращивание фиалок в домашних условияхThe name of this wonderful flower comes from Latin "viola" and represents a sort of family of the fialkovy. In total in the world 500 kinds of violets are Bol. The most widespread – blue, violet, lilac, pink, white, red and lilac violets. It is not difficult to grow up this flower in house conditions at all and even it is interesting.
Spathiphyllum, leaving and cultivation
Спатифиллум, уход и выращиваниеA few years ago I had a spathiphyllum – a plant quite popular today. At first it was very low, such tiny, but over time strongly grew and turned into a smart flower. This so unpretentious plant that I even will advise beginners to begin the collection of window plants with it.
Gloxinia, leaving and cultivation
Глоксиния, уход и выращиваниеA lot more years back I saw the plant which is beautifully blossoming hand bells on a window sill of my grandmother. I then did not know the name. Whether the grandmother was the skilled worker, whether a grade grateful, but plants throw out a cap of huge hand bells to this day. I would like to tell about this flower today. So, get acquainted, a gloxinia.
Streptokarpus, leaving and cultivation
Стрептокарпус, уход и выращиваниеWith streptokarpusy I got acquainted a few years ago and, strangely enough, our first meeting did not leave in me any trace. The flower seen by me was the child and the hand bell did not impress me – too simple there was a coloring. But when I attended an exhibition gesneriyevy, I was stupefied with all this beauty, and streptokarpus strongly sat down at my heart.
How to choose a flowerpot
Как выбрать цветочный горшокInvariable attribute of design of the apartment, office or any room – flowers. They are pleasing to our eye the beauty, forcing bad mood to disappear, to a smile to appear on a face and I smother to start singing. But today we will talk not about flowers, and about their "lodge", i.e. flowerpots. Like such the simple and inconspicuous subject, and demands careful approach to its choice.
Falenopsis, leaving and cultivation
Фаленопсис, уход и выращиваниеFalenopsis is that orchid with which it is necessary to create own collection of orchids. At least, so I consider. Those who gets falenopsis, cannot get out of so captivating "grid" of orchids any more, filling up the collection not only simple, but also quite expensive copies. And I, making use of knowledge and the experience, I will in detail tell about care of this plant.
Care of a sanseviyeriya
Уход за сансевиериейSanseviyeriya – one of the most unpretentious plants and, besides, one of very useful as perfectly clears air of harmful substances. It is possible to put a sanseviyeriya anywhere as parts of the world and lighting for it have special value. At me some sanseviyeriya grow in the apartment at once. Very first from them – about 12 years.
How to get rid of weeds
Как избавиться от сорняковFor the first time this "headache" of the gardener made before me a green stand in the summer of last year. As the person which knowledge of agriculture was limited to watering and change of window plants, I marveled to a variety of weeds which eared on our site. With envy looking at clean ogorodik of neighbors, I too began resolute approach.
Care of a kalanchoe
Уход за каланхоэThe kalanchoe is, probably, the most known houseplant after an aloe. Seldom who did not hear about its curative properties, about an amusing way of reproduction by children. At the huge flower auctions in Holland a kalanchoe – the leader in sales among houseplants. Yes, these plants won love of flower growers for the unpretentiousness and beautiful, long blossoming.
Pest control of houseplants
Борьба с вредителями комнатных растенийAll live on the earth has own enemies. Houseplants are not an exception to the rules. Various insects wreckers try to damage and strike window plants, detain them development, destroy deciduous krone and escapes. The strengthened war with them will allow not only to rescue vegetation, but also to present it long life!
Care of houseplants
Уход за комнатными растениямиIn the house where there is no live vegetation, it will never be rather cozy. Plants clear and moisten air, pathogenic microbes kill, refresh an interior. And how many pleasure and a pacification delivers to the person the blossoming plants! But that greens really were pleasing to the eye, behind it the permanent care is necessary.
Cultivation Cannes
Выращивание канныIt is difficult to imagine a flower which could also effectively as Cannes, to become the center of a garden bed. Beds: growing up the Cannes on a small bed, I was convinced that such handsome requires also a place corresponding. Surprisingly, but Cannes it can be grown up and as a houseplant, and therefore it is very good for a winter garden.
Diseases of houseplants
Заболевания комнатных растенийDiseases of houseplants happen several types. For each of them there are methods of treatment and prevention which success consists in reasonable use podkormok, watering timely moderately and the attentive attitude towards the green pet. Then you will be able to prevent further distribution of a disease or to stop it at early stages of development.
Tseloziya edge, cultivation and leaving
Целозия гребенчатая, выращивание и уходMy tseloziya edge from early escapes and before the end of blossoming pleased with such violence of paints that there was no wish to let go the camera, fixing the next new bend of an inflorescence. And after me all it seemed that they become more fluffy, or that soon already absolutely will fade – and to blossoming there was no end. Very much I recommend this plant for a country site.
Cultivation of asters
Выращивание астр– one of long ago flowers known to people, their history totals asters about 2000. An aster sort from China, Mongolia, Korea and southwest part of the Far East. They at me indissolubly are associated with the childhood and with the grandmother. On our settlement was not the uniform yard near which asters would not grow.
Cultivation of a petunia
Выращивание петунииThe beauty a petunia perfectly looks in suspended pots of a cache-pot or balcony containers. It seems that it is simply created for this purpose. Gustovetvisty small stalks happen upright or creeping. The last, densely decorated with flowers, just very picturesquely fall for edges of capacity. But, meanwhile, on a bed or a bed the petunia looks not less attractively.
Cultivation of barkhatets
Выращивание бархатцевBarkhattsa (Tagetes) – often terry florets with velyurovy petals which in common people on Ukrainian of manners are called by "chernobryvets". These flowers are very drought-resistant, thermophilic and quickly grow. Can quite grow and in penumbras shadows, a bright sunlight – not the so indispensable condition, but the most magnificent blossoming, of course, happens on solar places.
Amaryllis and Hippeastrum, rules of leaving
Амариллис и гиппеаструм, правила уходаTelling about one of them it is necessary to mention other. All the matter is that this two handsome constantly confuses and gives out one for another. Actually the Amaryllis exists in the unique manifestation in the form of the Amaryllis of fine (Amaryllis belladonna) and meets seldom, unlike variety of types of hybrid Hippeastrums.
How to grow up carnations
Как выращивать гвоздикиI adore violence of flower paints! Especially, when one look set of shades. For the same reason every year I admire "ocean" a sokirok on all garden site, and the hand is not raised to break at least one even if it is very necessary. I adore gladioluses, roses and … carnations. There are so much variations, what it will become for certain boring not.
What flowers to plant at dacha
Какие цветы посадить на дачеGiving is an island of beauty and tranquillity. Passed those times when at dachas grew up potatoes and tomatoes, today on giving even more often go to have a rest. tells how without special efforts by means of flowers to turn giving into a heavenly spot. Flowers not only please us with the paints, they are capable to influence mood and even to treat diseases.
How to look after a yucca
Как ухаживать за юккойAs one of bright representatives of mini-trees for the house or a winter garden a yucca can quite replace any palm tree or a dragon tree. With the unpretentious beauty, the owner of magnificent krone it is really possible to relax, but, nevertheless, the plant will not create to the owner of problems, only if conditions of its contents and care of it are correct.
Cultivation of tulips, landing and leaving
Выращивание тюльпанов, посадка и уходEspecially popular flowers in gardens of our latitudes are tulips. Such acquaintances since the childhood, they can be met practically on each city bed. Besides the beauty, than tulips, so it existence of grades which easily can be grown up in the room are still remarkable.
Kitchen garden on a window sill
Огород на подоконникеThere are such people who adore looking after plants. And if in the summer at their order of a bed and bed to occupy itself there is nothing in the winter. And still there are careful mothers grandmothers who even want to treat native with natural greens and fruit in the winter. Both for those, and for other Mirsovetov tells how to get a kitchen garden on a window sill.
Codiaeum, leaving and reproduction
Кротон, уход и размножениеCodiaeum, despite quite strong look, treats those flowers about which it is possible to tell "We in the answer for those who was tamed". The plant needs constant attention and careful leaving. The codiaeum unattractively blossoms and in room conditions is rather rare. The main ornament are multi-colored motley leaves.
Care of an aloe
Уход за алоэThe aloe so frequent inhabitant of our window sills that in consciousness he practically merges with an interior. It seems, even the child knows about useful properties of a century plant, but is frequent in search of miracle ointments and creams we pass by this really surprising plant. In room conditions grow up an aloe treelike – it and is called as a century plant.
Care of a monetary tree
Уход за денежным деревомNot all know a plant under the name "crassula" and the more so "krassula", but almost everyone will tell how the monetary tree looks. As tells the hair dryer-shuy, this tree can correct a financial position if to place it in well lit wealth zone. Thus it is claimed that it is impossible to buy simply a ready tree, it needs most to be grown up from a sprout.
How to look after a dragon tree
Как ухаживать за драценойI got acquainted with a dragon tree incidentally, more precisely, voluntary forcibly. "Palmochka" to us with the husband was given by the mother-in-law. Fans of the blossoming houseplants can complain as much as necessary about absence at blossoming dragon trees, but, believe, a variety of coloring and a form of leaves, and also their arrangements will not force the owner of a dragon tree to miss.
Care of violets
Уход за фиалкамиMadly rich palette of color, variety of forms of flowers and leaves, rich exterior of this fragile floret rightfully do a saintpaulia by the main favourite of flower growers. The last conjure with an African violet already more than eyelid, and that in turn pleases us with fantastic beauty of the flowers and leaves covered with gentle brilliant fibers.
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