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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Advantage of tomato juice
Польза томатного сокаTomato juice – one of the most popular and favourite drinks. It perfectly satisfies thirst, sates an organism, treats for diseases and serves as their prevention. It is one of the few drinks which can be drunk in unlimited number without harm for health.
Advantage and harm of kvass
Польза и вред квасаAs it is pleasant to drink a glass of the tasty invigorating kvass in hot summer day! This drink perfectly satisfies thirst, but many ask a question: Whether "Kvass and if it is useful is useful, than?".
Recipe of jam from sweet cherry
Рецепт варенья из черешниThe season of ripe sweet cherry therefore hostesses need to hurry is very short to manage to prepare the most tasty fragrant jam.
The recipe of preparation of jam from a mulberry
Рецепт приготовления варенья из шелковицыThe honey and sweet fragrant mulberry is loved by many. But the season of its maturing is very short and to regale on it all the year round, hostesses cook from it compotes, jams. And jam from a mulberry turns out especially tasty.
The recipe of honey from dandelions
Рецепт меда из одуванчиковMany people heard about advantage of dandelions, but here delicacies cannot present them in the form. If you one of such people also want to feel new flavoring feelings, it is possible to prepare the real honey from dandelions: tasty and curative.
Recipe of preparation of oat cutlets
Рецепт приготовления овсяных котлетIf do not love porridge and even incontestable proofs of its advantage cannot force you to eat at least a spoon, this recipe is created especially for you. In oat cutlets all useful properties of this cereal remain, and to taste it is difficult to distinguish them from the meat.
Recipe of a cottage cheese pudding
Рецепт творожного пудингаThe traditional English dessert which lords and kings enjoyed in due time, became a popular delicacy around the world for a long time. The pudding easily prepares and instantly disappears from plates – a dish surprisingly tasty. But the main advantage of a pudding consists in its naturalness and advantage. In this article it is told just about such dessert – simple in preparation, very tasty and useful.
Recipe of dietary cookies
Рецепт диетического печеньяWith approach of spring many reflect that would be quite good to get rid of a two-three of extra kilos. But to go on diets, and especially to play sports, there is no strong wish! For those who nevertheless decided "to facilitate" a little the diet, there is a pleasant news – tasty dietary cookies which not only will not prevent to lose kilograms, but even will promote it!
How to prepare cutlets in a double boiler
Как приготовить котлеты в пароваркеElectric double boilers acquired great popularity at judges of a healthy lifestyle recently, and also at those who adheres to any diet on medical indications. For example, the use of the products steamed is shown in the presence of diseases of a digestive tract, liver, kidneys, a pancreas.
Useful properties of haricot
Полезные свойства фасолиAt this bean plant rich history and mass of useful properties. It will be a question of haricot. Kinds of haricot exists much, in the nature more than 200 species of a bean plant are, but is used no more than 20.
How to make kefir in house conditions
Как сделать кефир в домашних условияхCounters of grocery shops dazzle with the various range of dairy products. Among them the worthy place is taken by sour-milk production. The term of realization of factory kefir makes from three to seven days. But how to learn "age" of a useful product that the use of kefir brought only benefit?
Advantage and harm of hempy oil
Польза и вред конопляного маслаIn ancient times in Russia hempy oil was appreciated its nutritious properties and enormous advantage, however in the modern world of very few people knows about unique properties of this product. In the sixties the last century hemp was outlawed because of the content of narcotic substances, and aggressive promotion created negative idea of it.
How to become the vegetarian
Как стать вегетарианцемRecently people even more often began to pay attention to own health. It is shown not only in refusal of addictions, but also and in change of culture of food. The vegetarianism is positioned today as a way to keep health, beauty and youth but even if your desire the vegetarian to become very strong, to refuse meat absolutely not easy.
Recipes of snack to a table
Рецепты закусок к столуSnack on a table can be the most different. If you want to bring a variety your usual festive or daily menu, recipes of snack which I offer, will be useful to you. It is not difficult to prepare the described dishes, and the result very much will be pleasant to you.
Recipe of onions rings
Рецепт луковых колецThis simple and plain snack can be made within 20 minutes, and it is possible to treat the whole company, having spent a minimum of means. It will be a question of onions ringlets. Will be able to prepare tasty snack as beginning, and the skilled culinary specialist.
The recipe of the chicken baked in an oven
Рецепт курицы, запеченной в духовке"How to bake chicken in a foil in an oven?", – you ask. Actually it only seems difficult business. If it is simple to bake chicken meat without any adaptations, it will turn out dryish. Another matter – to bake in a foil. Such juicy, tasty, fragrant, and, above all – useful and low-fat chicken surely will be pleasant to you and your relatives whom you treat.
How to prepare Russian cabbage soup
Как приготовить щиRussian cabbage soup is one of the few dishes which each hostess has to know how to cook. Traditional Russian food long since was considered as a criterion of homeliness and family wellbeing. If in the house Russian cabbage soup cooks, so there is a love, care and prosperity. There is a set of recipes of Russian cabbage soup which passed from father to son.
Recipe of carrot cakes
Рецепт морковных кексовCarrot is all favourite vegetable. Perhaps, any vegetable is not eaten in such quantity as crude carrots. Besides that it can be grated and mixed with apple and dried fruits, from carrots it is possible to prepare a lot more interesting dishes. One of such unusual, but very tasty and useful – carrot cakes.
The products containing cellulose
Продукты, содержащие клетчаткуIt appears if people paid more attention to the cellulose use, it would be possible to avoid many diseases of digestive system with ease. But informing nevertheless is more aimed at importance of proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients and vitamins B our diet. And after all cellulose is not less important battery.
Advantage and harm of mustard
Польза и вред горчицы Many are familiar with saturated burning smack of this seasoning, but not everyone knows that its application is not limited to the gastronomic sphere. Useful properties of mustard of one hundred years helped to treat diseases, and its specific influence did harm at the inept address. In total about advantage and harm of mustard you learn from this article.
Useful properties of elder
Полезные свойства бузиныSurprising properties of elder were known still to our far ancestors, the certificate to that are ancient legends and fairy tales. From them elder appeared in the most part as the wonderful berry prolonging life for many years. Whether so it actually and what useful properties are covered in elder besides the recipe of eternal life, we will tell in this article.
Advantage of milk
Польза молокаSome more tens years ago anybody would not doubt advantage of milk. But today the world community conducts many disputes in this respect, claiming that its merits are strongly exaggerated. However in one scientists meet: if to know some rules and to adhere to them, it is possible "to squeeze out" an advantage maximum of milk.
How to prepare mashed potatoes
Как приготовить картофельное пюреIt would seem, will be able to prepare mashed potatoes everyone, even the senior. But not always mashed potatoes turn out tasty and air. If you among those who wishes to learn more about potatoes and to prepare unusually tasty mashed potatoes - be not too lazy and study our recommendations.
Useful properties of a Brazil nut
Полезные свойства бразильского орехаThe Brazil nut is known around the world as one of the most tasty and useful representatives of the look, however in Russia very few people are familiar with this plant. In local supermarkets on counters with exotic fruit it is often possible to welcome the Brazilian guest, but the price sets thinking at once.
Recipe falafelya
Рецепт фалафеляThe fashion on healthy food captured literally the whole world, having reached even the Russian roadside snack bars and shops of fast food. And today one of the most popular "healthy" dishes is falafel.
Advantage of bran
Польза отрубейThat they are important for health of an organism – an incontestable fact is difficult to call bran nutritious or nourishing, but. Every day appears more and more "educated", a good judge of healthy food and seeking to find a slim figure.
The products supporting squirrels
Продукты, содержащие белокA few years ago proteinaceous diets made the real splash. Today "fast" weight loss gradually fades into the background, and it is succeeded by healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Both all nutritionists, and doctors of the world say how it is important to eat protein daily.
Useful properties of a coriander
Полезные свойства кориандраCoriander – quite popular seasoning which many of us use in preparation of dishes. But not everyone knows that besides excellent tastes, this spice possesses a huge number of useful properties about which we also will talk in this article.
How to starch a napkin
Как накрахмалить салфеткуAny holiday does not do without solemn table. And each hostess wants that it was issued top-level. And, above all the place when laying is allocated for napkins which can be put in both the usual, and not traditional way. But before decorating a table, first of all they need to be prepared – to starch. How to make it in house conditions, having spent a minimum of forces and time?
How to fry the capelin
Как жарить мойвуMost of hostesses reluctantly undertake preparation of the capelin. The fried capelin very tasty and to prepare her will not make big work, and here a specific smell with which the powerful extract cannot cope even, is capable to extend on all apartment.
Useful properties of a horse-radish
Полезные свойства хренаMost of people perceives a horse-radish only as seasoning, without suspecting about its unique curative properties. For a long time the root of a horse-radish was used for treatment of heavy illnesses, finding of beauty and health. What changed since then and how today it is possible to use useful properties of a horse-radish?
How to bake berries pies
Как испечь пироги с ягодамиWill be people who do not love pies a little. And berries pies, tasty and at the same time useful, by all means will please your relatives. If at you a little free time, and there is a wish to bake something, you can save time, having bought ready dough.
How to store products without refrigerator
Как хранить продукты без холодильникаThe refrigerator is one of useful inventions of mankind. Now, even it is difficult to present the life without it. Refrigerators of the small and big sizes with freezers strongly entered our life. We so got used to store products and already cooked food in the refrigerator that already simply we do not notice its functional usefulness.
Advantage and harm of small loafs
Польза и вред хлебцевOn counters of shops now it is possible to see a wide choice of small loafs. One nutritionists claim that they bring benefit for an organism, others go on about their harm. The truth it or not, let's try understand.
Advantage and harm of mushrooms
Польза и вред грибовFor a long time people appreciated mushrooms for their unusual taste and aroma. Today most of nutritionists call them "forest meat", causing it is ability quickly to satisfy feeling of hunger. It is known that mushrooms do not belong neither to plants, nor to animals, uniting on a particle of qualities both that, and others.
Soy sauce, advantage and harm of a product
Соевый соус, польза и вред продуктаSoy sauce was thought up in immemorial times, but on counters of domestic shops appeared rather recently. Unusual overseas seasoning instantly found popularity in narrow circles of fans of delicacies and unusual food. Today soy sauce became more, than entertaining seasoning. It is recommended for treatment and weight loss, but whether this product is so useful?
Use of oil of a walnut
Применение масла грецкого орехаOil of a walnut is considered one of the most tasty and fragrant. Therefore is the excellent assistant for all culinary specialists. But still this product possesses extensive useful properties. After all in it is mute so many necessary vitamins and minerals contain that they can even replace some products in our daily diet.
Honey adder's-spear, useful properties
Мёд кандык, полезные свойстваAs it is pleasant to drink a tea cup with favourite honey – lime, chestnut, donnikovy, kipreyny. Grades and kinds of this delicacy there is a lot of that at their fair it is simply impossible to try all. Honey differs not only to taste, aroma, but also on color, a consistence … Today will tell to readers of the rare grade allocated with valuable properties, called honey an adder's-spear.
Recipe of halvah
Рецепт халвыIt is considered to be that sweets – if not the junk food definitely not useful. But it not always so. For example, halvah if to prepare it houses most, not to put harmful additives, will become a useful product, with its help it is possible to raise hemoglobin in blood and to maintain immunity.
Advantage and harm of muesli
Польза и вред мюсли Muesli are considered as one of the most useful to health and a figure of breakfasts. Especially are fond of this product of the woman who keep to diets or practice a healthy lifestyle. We will try to understand this article, whether muesli as speak about them are so useful, and whether there are any negative sides in such food.
Advantage and harm of fermented baked milk
Польза и вред ряженкиFermented baked milk – darling many fermented milk product. Prepared on a special compounding, he is capable to present beauty and health or, on the contrary, to aggravate a disease state. What is the fermented baked milk in what its advantage consists and whether it can do harm to the person?
Useful properties of kipreyny honey
Полезные свойства кипрейного медаHaving visited once again fair of products of beekeeping, noted that this year kipreyny honey at bees was successful wonderfully well. In this article I will tell readers of about features of tasty gentle honey, its medicinal properties and recipes of application.
Recipe of jam from a sea-buckthorn
Рецепт варенья из облепихиWith approach of the first frosts the time of collecting a sea-buckthorn comes. This bright orange berry – the real well of vitamins. Each hostess has the recipe of preparation from a sea-buckthorn. We will do useful and tasty jam.
How to wash kitchen towels
Как отстирать кухонные полотенцаFor each hostess the kitchen is a special place. Exactly here we spend much time, creating culinary masterpieces for a favourite family and dear visitors. Kitchen towels and tacks are irreplaceable assistants for each woman, it have to be in constant purity and freshness. For this reason the main question hostesses are faced by high-quality washing of towels.
How to prepare fried potato
Как приготовить жареную картошкуLet and not the most useful, but such tasty and simple dish in preparation as fried potato is loved practically by all. The nutritious and fast dinner or a breakfast, reception of unexpected guests or simply "for a change" — fried potato really is a universal dish.
How to cook pearl barley
Как варить перловкуPorridge - tasty and healthy food which has to be present at a diet of each person. A variety of grain and ways of preparation allows to choose a squash for every taste: wheat, buckwheat, millet, corn. But today we will talk about one unfairly forgotten pearl barley which can satisfy any hunger and bring to an organism invaluable benefit.
Recipe of the Potato cake in accordance with GOST
Рецепт пирожного Картошка по ГОСТуThe Potato cake familiarly many since the earliest childhood. The small sweet delicacy pleased our parents, us in due time, and today it can be prepared for the children. In this article we will tell how to make the real Potato cake in accordance with GOST.
What is the agar-agar
Что такое агар-агарThe agar-agar is a surprising plant of which useful properties it was known couples millennia ago. For the first time it started being used in the east, but it reached our lands much later. And, in spite of the fact that the agar-agar is actively used around the world already long ago, most of people do not know that this such.
Advantage and harm of sakharozamenitel
Польза и вред сахарозаменителейSakharozameniteli was become the real rescue for the people suffering from diabetes. The casual invention of the scientist generated a set of disputes and contradictions. Still opinions in a question of advantage or harm of sakharozamenitel disperse. Today we will try to place everything in places and to learn that actually represents this product.
Recipes of jam from a guelder-rose
Рецепты варенья из калиныFall – that time when it is possible to reap a guelder-rose crop. This valuable berry is extremely useful. Many hostesses think out the recipes of application of a guelder-rose – cook fruit drinks and compotes. And useful also jam from a guelder-rose will be tasty.
Advantage and harm of pistachios
Польза и вред фисташекAt the word "pistachios" many people have at once an association with beer and good rest. But the tasty snack is only the tenth share of where it is possible to apply this nut. There is a lot of useful properties in pistachios that they are used in traditional medicine for treatment of a number of diseases.
Advantage and harm of corn porridge
Польза и вред кукурузной кашиThe corn has a set of names – the queen of fields, a maize, a divine grass, but what name she would not bear, it does not change its role in human life. Thousands of years she rescued people from hunger, gave a roof and heat, and today corn porridge can be prepared at itself in kitchen. Grain costs not much and therefore can indulge himself with porridge any.
Medicinal properties of a nutmeg
Лечебные свойства мускатного орехаSome people consider it as spice which gives to a dish unusual aroma. There are opinions that it possesses curative properties and is capable to relieve of many diseases. The speech will go about a nutmeg today, to apply which follows extremely carefully.
Recipe of baked pudding from vegetable marrows
Рецепт запеканки из кабачковVegetable marrows – useful and tasty vegetable from which it is possible to prepare literally everything: fritters, snack, mashed potatoes, ragout and even baked pudding. If you never tasted vegetable marrows casserole, we suggest you to fill up the cookbook with one more recipe for every day!
Recipes of rolls from an unleavened wheat cake
Рецепты рулетиков из лавашаGuests already on a threshold, and you could not them be treated? It is reparable, only fifteen minutes, and the tasty snack is already ready. And it is possible to make useful rolls of an unleavened wheat cake from those products which are available in the refrigerator of each hostess.
How to prepare pilaf in Uzbek
Как приготовить плов по-узбекскиPilaf is very tasty and nourishing dish which any hostess can prepare. Each people have the recipe of preparation. Today we will prepare traditional Uzbek pilaf.
Recipe of jam from carrots
Рецепт варенья из морковиThere are products about which as it seems to us, we know everything. For example – carrots. Usually she acts as a component of any dish and it is difficult to present that from this vegetable it is possible to prepare something unusual. It appears it is possible – a fragrant dessert.
Recipe of herring oil
Рецепт селедочного маслаIf guests already on a threshold, and for preparation of your house specialty there is no time, give on a table simple, but very tasty snack – herring oil sandwiches. Preparation of this dish will take only a few minutes, and guests for certain will estimate your culinary talent.
Recipe of water-melon honey
Рецепт арбузного медаWhen we think of honey, first of all we remember nectar which is developed by bees. Any other product seems artificial. But it not so. In east countries recipes of honey from vegetables, fruit and berries pass from father to son. One of the most popular delicacies is nardek or water-melon honey.
The recipe of a mannik with apples
Рецепт манника с яблокамиFragrant apples pie is familiar to all of us since early years. In kindergarten earlier often gave for a mid-morning snack a mannik. Not to express its delightful aroma and gentle taste in words.
Recipe of jam from pumpkin
Рецепт варенья из тыквыIn spite of the fact that this vegetable is very useful to an organism, not all love pumpkin dishes. But the real hostesses know that unusual pumpkin aroma can become a dish highlight, for example, such as jam. If you still never tried this sweet, a lot of things lost.
How to prepare pumpkin fritters
Как приготовить оладьи из тыквыThe good hozyayushka always knows, than to feed the family that it was and is tasty, and it is useful. One of such dishes which by right is considered autumn – pumpkin fritters. All ingredients are available to them and fritters very simply therefore having tried time prepare, you for certain will leave them in the menu.
Recipe of cabbage pie
Рецепт капустного пирогаPie – a traditional dish of Slavic cuisine on which our far ancestors regaled still in those days when the flour was ground in manual and to get milk, it was necessary to milk own cow. The stuffing could be any, but cabbage pie always took a special place in a traditional cuisine.
How to open a coco
Как открыть кокосAlmost all people in the world tried a coco in this or that look. Today there is a set of products with addition of coconut flakes, the coconut milk can be found in any supermarket, but not all happened to try a coco in a "primitive" look. If you are among those to whom still has not the luck to try the "real" coco, we suggest to use the useful instruction.
Advantage of pearl-barley porridge
Польза перловой кашиIn the ancient time people were closer to the earth and were a good judge of plants. They took all the simply, the best and natural and received invaluable advantage. Earlier people were more healthy, stronger and are more hardy because ate gifts of the nature. Today healthy food is replaced with modern substitutes which save time, select money, and in exchange do not bring any benefit.
Use of ryzhikovy oil
Применение рыжикового маслаWhen speak about ryzhikovy oil, mean a product not from mushrooms, and from an annual plant of a saffron milk cap from which receive this valuable product. Thanks to rich mineral and vitamin structure ryzhikovy oil many diseases treat, and also add to dishes and cosmetic preparations.
Advantage of ayran
Польза айранаOn shelves of shops different fermented milk products are presented: kefir, fermented baked milk and yogurts, and also curdled milk. Quite recently the range was updated, and popularity is won by molokoprodukta with useful bacteria (bioadditives) and soft dairy drinks: thane and ayran.
Recipes of soup from a rabbit
Рецепты супа из кроликаWe got used to eat chicken, pork or beef, and here rabbit meat in each family appears extremely seldom. And it is vain because rabbit flesh is very useful both to children, and to adults. And what we most often prepare from a carcass of a rabbit? Of course, roast, with vegetables, rice or potatoes. But today we will arrive differently and we will cook very tasty, and, above all useful a rabbit soup.
Advantage and harm of butter
Польза и вред сливочного маслаTo receive 1 kilogram of the real butter, it is necessary to process 25 liters of natural cow's milk. It also caused the high cost of a product. But, despite the price and that the advantage of a product at many raises doubts, oil does not leave tables of our compatriots for many years, and even centuries.
The recipe of tomato paste for the winter
Рецепт томатной пасты на зимуThe summer time is created not only for rest but also to prepare for cold winter days when in the afternoon with fire you do not find some fresh vegetables, and the organism persistently demands vitamins. And not to repeat a sad fate of an ant from all of the known fable of I. A. Krylov, we will prompt how to make tasty and that the most important, useful preparations for the winter.
Snack from an eggplant for the winter
Закуска из баклажан на зимуLike to indulge in the winter yourself with something tasty? We suggest you to prepare simple and madly tasty snack from an eggplant. The recipe will be suitable even for those who never in life did preparation for the winter, and all process will take away not enough time!
As it is correct to eat oysters
Как правильно есть устрицThe gastronomic past of oysters goes to depth of the millennia, however for the former Soviet Union they still are a wonder. All of us try to prove to be cultural and educated, but ask yourself a question, whether you are able to treat oysters? If the answer negative, this article is written especially for you!
Garnet juice at pregnancy
Гранатовый сок при беременностиPregnancy – the responsible period in the woman's life during which she has to watch with special care the diet. These months the organism of future mother needs a large amount of vitamins and nutrients, to receive which it is possible, for example, from freshly squeezed juice. The real well of useful elements is considered garnet juice the speech about which will go in this article.
How to cook soup with house noodles
Как приготовить суп с домашней лапшойEach hozyayushka has to know how to cook house noodles. First, this extremely tasty dish, secondly, cannot be prepared it, thirdly, it cheaper than usual macaroni a hundred times more usefully. And if with self-made noodles to prepare tasty easy soup, the price will not be to such lunch!
Recipe of home-made bread
Рецепт домашнего хлебаLife of modern hostesses happens different – someone considers sufficient not to forget to order food and to pay the housemaid, someone is limited to ability to cook a borsch and to fry potato, others constantly fill up the culinary arsenal with new recipes.
Advantage and harm of cocoa
Польза и вред какаоRemember how in kindergarten served us fragrant milk drink with a thin plenochka above? We remember its unusual taste since the childhood and as required always we try to cook cocoa to the children and native.
As it is correct to cook corn
Как правильно варить кукурузуIt would seem, what difficult in such artless business how cooking of corn? And, it appears, there is a set of secrets of the correct preparation of corn. And today we intend to open before you all.
Recipe of preparation of a humpback salmon
Рецепт приготовления горбушиEveryone will be able to prepare this fish, and there is a lot of recipes of preparation of a humpback salmon. This fish differs in that has the low price and is very tasty. Also this "red" small fish is famous for that combine her with many products.
Advantage of a water-melon
Польза арбузаWith approach of August, also the water-melon time – time when it is possible to take pleasure much in juicy sweet pulp of this big melon culture comes and to fill up an organism with vitamins.
Recipe of cottage cheese cookies
Рецепт творожного печеньяCottage cheese – a universal product which comes to the rescue of the hostess if it is necessary to make quickly a breakfast to make nourishing having a snack or to cook up something tasty. About advantage of cottage cheese not one Talmud so we will especially not extend on this subject is written, and we will tell how to prepare tasty cottage cheese cookies in only 20 minutes.
Useful properties of an eggplant
Полезные свойства баклажанаEggplant – vegetable, habitual for many, it it is possible to fry, extinguish, bake. And it is possible with its help and to be treated. Also it is loved by those who seeks to grow thin, after all in 100 of its grams of only 28 kcal.
Chicken with apples in an oven
Курица с яблоками в духовкеChicken, probably, the most universal product which is perfectly combined with any garnishes, sauces and seasonings. Each hostess knows at least one recipe of preparation of a chicken for a holiday table.
How to prepare a mojito
Как приготовить мохитоThe summer heat forces people to be ready to do anything to receive though a little saving cool. We install conditioners, we buy fans, we cook soft drinks and we stock up with ice in the freezer. Especially for those who was tired of summer heat, the mojito was invented. This wonderful cocktail not only will bring a cool, but also will present cheerfulness for all day.
Recipe of tomato soup
Рецепт томатного супаWhat can be better than some hot, nourishing soup for lunch? Of course, the soup cooked from unusual ingredients. Soup which we to you suggest to cook today, not only will feed your relatives, but also will surprise with unusual structure of products.
Recipe of taka
Рецепт такоSouth America presented to the world a set of recipes of simple and tasty food. One of them is the taka. The juicy and nourishing snack can turn usual evening into the real event, and its preparation will not take away a lot of time and forces.
Advantage of cucumbers
Польза огурцовOne of the most popular products on our tables is the cucumber. The fresh smell of early vegetable is a sign of approach of summer, and also that in a diet at last there will be juicy salatik. It is known that 97% of specific weight are occupied by water which contains weight useful macro - and microcells. However that else we know about a cucumber?
How to prepare okroshka
Как приготовить окрошкуWith the cooled soup, a name to which "okroshka", almost each person is familiar. Okroshka during a heat is especially good, it well satisfies hunger and refreshes. Probably, in each family there is the recipe of preparation of summer soup and the small secrets.
Useful properties of a marjoram
Полезные свойства майоранаMarjoram call a plant from Yasnotkov' family. The name of this spice is translated from the Arabic language as "incomparable". It is necessary to tell that it actually indeed. About features of this spice there is a mass of legends. For example, in Ancient Egypt the bouquet of a marjoram was given as a sign of sincere admiration.
Preparation of chicken hearts
Приготовление куриных сердечекThan to surprise the family today for dinner? How many times this question arose before each hostess and as soon as she did not exercise the wit to find on it the answer! The infinite culinary sites, calls to girlfriends "And what at you for dinner?", questions on a forum "Girls, well to prepare?!".
Useful properties of zucchini
Полезные свойства цукиниZucchinis call the European grade of a vegetable marrow. It treats grassy annual plants from family pumpkin, from pumpkin subspecies the ordinary. The homeland of a vegetable marrow America is considered. By the way, inhabitants of this continent long time considered vegetable marrows inedible. In food applied only seeds of vegetable marrows.
The recipe of a saute from vegetables
Рецепт соте из овощейWhat can be better than a vegetable dish directly in the middle of summer? Today we want to provide to your attention a saute from vegetables which will not leave indifferent a uniform gourmet.
Recipe pile
Рецепт начосThe pile – world famous Mexican snack, which popularity is not limited to kitchens of the native land. It is possible to treat to a juicy exotic dish guests or to arrange itself an unforgettable holiday in one of boring weekdays. And the most pleasant that the one who never did anything more difficult than fried eggs will be able to prepare a pile even!
Useful properties of an anisetree
Полезные свойства бадьянаAnisetree call a plant of their family of Limonnikov. It is also called by the Chinese anise, a star-shaped anise or the Siberian anise. The homeland of this plant Southeast and East Asia is considered. The very first known mentions of an anisetree are available in ancient ayurvedichesky letters.
Recipe of a marrow pie
Рецепт кабачкового тортаAs sometimes there is a wish to please itself with something tasty in hot summer days! But what to do if in the refrigerator there is nothing, except a couple of vegetable marrows, tomatoes and a pack of mayonnaise? Even it is possible to build quite decent snack which will be pleasant to all house or suddenly appeared suddenly guests from these products. Meet – a tasty and nourishing marrow pie!
Advantage of almonds
Польза миндаляAlmonds are the real well of nutrients. It is difficult to overestimate advantage of almonds as the kostochkovy fruit rescues from anemia, cough, problems with a stomach, impotences, asthma and many other diseases. Besides almonds are effective means for care of natural beauty of skin, hair and teeth.
Rolls from vegetable marrows
Рулетики из кабачковIn the middle of summer the most seasonal dish is vegetable marrows. As soon as do not cook this vegetable of the hostess: also fry under mayonnaise, and bake "boats" in an oven, and pickle. And it is possible to prepare from them one interesting dish - rolls from vegetable marrows.
The products containing iodine
Продукты, содержащие йодDeficiency of iodine in an organism can bring serious consequences. Therefore it is very important to use daily the products containing this element. But what it for products? Today we will talk about them.
Advantage of cashew
Польза кешьюThe homeland of cashew Brazil is considered. These nuts are allocated among other with the unusual form in the form of a comma. Curved nuts of cashew are in a firm cover. Thus between the top cover and the nutlet there is one more cover which is very poisonous and even is capable to cause burns in the person.
Advantage of kefir
Польза кефираKefir – the tasty fermented milk product familiar to us since the earliest childhood. All know, what kefir is useful at any age, but what specifically disappears under this extensive word "useful"? Today we will try to declassify all "kefiric" secrets and to tell why this product by all means should be included in the diet.
Recipe "Mother-in-law's language"
Рецепт «Тещин язык»The dish "Mother-in-law's language" has many variations of the recipe. It happens sharp, stewed, boiled, baked, from the eggplants or vegetable marrows cut by straws, slices, brusochka, petals. Each hostess trains him in own way, but it always turns out tasty.
How to prepare wings in an oven
Как приготовить крылышки в духовкеJust about dinner time will approach, and at you still is ready nothing? Something is necessary tasty, nutritious that all family remained is happy? But thus absolutely there is no time to stand at a plate. The oven will come to the rescue. And here that in it to prepare, solve to you. Today we offer very simple and fast option of preparation of the most delicate chicken wings in an oven.
The recipe of meatballs in an oven
Рецепт тефтелей в духовкеApparently, not to surprise anybody with all darlings and such popular meatballs any more. However we so got used that this dish includes by all means mincemeat and rice that even we do not reflect on other ingredients. And after all at a teftel enormous history and great opportunities.
Harm of yeast
Вред дрожжейYeast is, perhaps, one of the most disputable products in our kitchen. Many hostesses do not imagine pastries without this ingredient and do not even think to refuse it. At the same time doctors and supporters of healthy food sound the alarm: yeast does considerable harm to an organism. Whether so it? Let's try to understand.
How to make condensed milk in house conditions
Как сделать сгущенку в домашних условияхProbably, each of us remembers one of the most favourite delicacies of the childhood – extremely sweet condensed milk. This simple product still does not leave the shelf of supermarkets, and its popularity not only remained, but also was increased. Very few people know that it is very simple to make condensed milk in house conditions. Today will tell secrets of preparation of house condensed milk.
Chufa - earth almonds
Чуфа - земляной миндальChufa – a useful plant which is known under a set of names: in the Arab countries it is a sweet root, in North America – a cane nut, in Europe – earth almonds, and in the African regions it is klinut the Zulu nut. However, despite a variety of names, relentless advantages of a chufa are recognized as folk healers of all countries of the world.
Advantage of cheese
Польза сыраProbably, is not present on light of one more product, except cheese which would be so useful to all organism and at the same time extraordinary tasty. A variety of flavoring shades, smells and consistences of cheese allows any to choose the most favourite grade.
Advantage of cheese with a mold
Польза сыра с плесеньюCheese with a mold appeared in the former Soviet Union not so long ago and long achieved recognition from the mistrustful people who got used to think that a mold – an unfitness sign. Anyway, today many of us it am not presented to the life without such "spoiled" cheese.
How to prepare char-grilled chicken
Как приготовить цыпленка табакаThe ruddy crisp, the most delicate meat and delightful aroma – such qualities possess many dishes, but only char-grilled chicken can brag of all three. Incredibly tasty dish which the even beginning hozyayushka easily can prepare!
Advantage and harm of potatoes
Польза и вред картофеляPotatoes delivered on domestic open spaces by Peter I by right are called today the second bread, and to imagine a diet without it very difficult. The product was included into our daily menu, forcing out itself many grain crops, vegetables, and at times even meat. What properties potatoes possess?
How to prepare cheesecake
Как приготовить чизкейкCheesecake or simply "cheese pie" - incredibly tasty dish which can create the healthy competition to any pie on a holiday table. He can be prepared as an entertainment on a celebration or it is simple to indulge himself and native, having turned usual weeknight into the real event.
Recipe of mascarpone cheese
Рецепт сыра маскарпонеAccording to Italians to compare mascarpone to simple cream cheese - the same what to argue on "Mona Lisa" as about a usual picture. Imagine the most delicate air mass which melts in the mouth, spreading delicate creamy aromas …
Application of pepper halapenyo
Применение перца халапеньоHalapenyo is one of grades of chili peppers. However the pepper sizes halapenyo exceed the size of average chili peppers a little. This pepper is gathered usually from beds still the green. Thus its average length makes about five-nine centimeters. Today this pepper is mainly grown up in the Mexican city of Jalapa that in the state Veracruz.
Use of spice assafetida
Применение специи асафетидаAromatic pitch of roots of such plant as Ferula asafoetida is called as assafetida. This spice also has the name a hing, ilan or asmargok. Sometimes it also call feruly smelly, bad spirit and a devil's stake. Because of specific properties it is used only in small amounts.
Recipe of the Vienna cookies
Рецепт венского печеньяTaste of the Vienna cookies many sign since the childhood. Despite simplicity of the recipe and a minimum of ingredients, cookies it turns out very tasty and fragrant. recommends the Vienna cookies to give for a cup of unsweetened black tea.
Advantage of porridge
Польза овсянкиWant to become healthy, strong and beautiful? Then you need to eat oats. Do not know, what tasty and easy dishes to prepare from ordinary porridge? We will help to learn more about porridge and its useful properties.
Recipe of baked pudding from macaroni
Рецепт запеканки из макаронMy daughter very much loves baked pudding which they are given in a garden. Having heard the familiar words "today for dinner we do baked pudding", runs on kitchen and with pleasure is ready to help. Today will share with you a secret of preparation of macaroni baked pudding.
How to prepare vegetable marrows
Как приготовить кабачкиPerhaps, this vegetable is considered the most widespread, and in each house the hostess has the recipe of preparation of vegetable marrows. And when there comes the marrow season, from a fruitful vegetable marrow it is possible to prepare hundreds of the most tasty dishes.
Recipe of a biscuit pie
Рецепт бисквитного тортаIn spite of the fact that the biscuit pastries seem quite simple, it has a mass of options. From a classical biscuit to pastries on sunflower oil and lemonade. And if you want to surprise house with something tasty and unusual, one of biscuit options, it that is necessary. And today will tell how to prepare an unusual biscuit pie.
The recipe of a rabbit in sour cream
Рецепт кролика в сметанеBecause meat of a rabbit is considered food dietary, it hostesses, such as, not so often cook the same chicken. Really, rabbit flesh dishes not for every day. But if it is correct to prepare it, it can become your crown dish. Today will tell how tasty to prepare a rabbit in sour cream.
Recipe of marinated oyster mushrooms
Рецепт маринованных вешенокThese mushrooms are popular and tasty. Each hostess has the small secret of preparation of mushrooms of oyster mushrooms. And today will teach you as it is simple, and, above all, tasty to pickle an oyster mushroom.
How to prepare cutlets
Как приготовить котлетыCutlets, probably, one of the most universal and popular dishes of Russian cuisine. Their main charm that cutlets are good with any garnish, since mashed potatoes, finishing with wheat porridge or macaroni.
Harm of sugar
Вред сахара"There is a wish sweet and to play pranks", - remember this known saying of the animation character? Yes, without sweet we do not represent our life. Stresses, fatigue – ate a candy or a chocolate – and it becomes easier. And somebody thought of what the sweet does harm to an organism? We will tell you of impact of sugar on a human body.
The recipe of croissants with jam
Рецепт рогаликов с повидломAnything is more tasty than house pastries does not happen. So for certain those who at least once tried tasty grandmother's or mother's croissants will think. And after all is not difficult to train them at all and ingredients will be at each hostess. Today will tell about all secrets of fragrant pastries.
Recipes of chops from a turkey
Рецепты отбивных из индейкиTaste of this meat is familiar to much since the childhood. And practically each person knows about his usefulness. This is a turkey. Today together with we will prepare chops from a turkey. Meat of a turkey – a useful product which both kids and adults can use.
Application of apple cider vinegar
Применение яблочного уксусаWhen year is given fruitful for apples, it is possible to process them in the different ways – compotes, juice, jam, jam, jam, Mollycoddle mashed potatoes … And one more idea – to prepare house apple cider vinegar. It is possible to use it not only in cookery, but also for improvement of all organism, improvement of a condition of hair, skin. Also suggests to talk about this in more detail.
Recipe of preparation of brushwood
Рецепт приготовления хворостаIf you think that brushwood is only branches for a furnace kindling, you are mistaken. Brushwood is also the most tasty cookies which is loved by both children, and adults. It is very simple to train him, any hostess will find in the refrigerator products for this sweet dish.
How to prepare the Potato cake
Как приготовить пирожное КартошкаCake with the ridiculous name – "Potato" familiarly to all since childhood. Despite simplicity of the recipe, cake it possesses some special taste, submits sweet viscosity, is very successfully combined with cold carbonated drinks and hot coffee. Let's try to prepare the Potato cake together with, and at the same time we learn history of an origin of this popular cake.
Advantage of buckwheat
Польза гречкиIts taste is familiar to much, and our ancestors knew of the mass of merits still. Ancient Slavs very much loved buckwheat cereal and called it "powerful". And there was a buckwheat very much long ago.
How to cook sushi
Как приготовить сушиPopularity of Japanese cuisine gains steam every year. Exotic fish and seafood dishes submit the unusual tastes and original appearance. A variety of tasty, useful and extraordinary dishes knows no limit, but sushi take the leading position.
The recipe oladyev on kefir
Рецепт оладьев на кефиреIf to ask the person about the most tasty dishes of his childhood, for certain at four of five fritters will occur at once: magnificent, ruddy, only from a frying pan, grandmother's, mother's, with jam, a smetanka. Recipes of preparation the weight, and today will tell how to prepare fritters on kefir.
Paste from a chicken liver
Паштет из куриной печениMany mothers, especially school students, face a problem how to feed with a breakfast the beloved child if it very much pereborchiv in food. Or what to put to the husband on having a snack for work? There is one tasty option which is pleasant to both adults, and children is a house paste from a chicken liver. It is quite simple to train him, and in the refrigerator never lies too long.
How to pickle champignons
Как мариновать шампиньоныPreparation of konservation for the winter is the integral component of life of each skilled hostess. To roll up cucumbers and tomatoes, to prepare tasty letcho, to cook jam and compote – grandiose work which fruits will please a family in a cold season.
Useful properties of raisin
Полезные свойства изюмаPeople throughout all the life seek to find control over all spheres of life, but one after all is not subject to them: to remain forever young and healthy.
Quick pizza
Пицца на скорую рукуToday it is probably difficult to find the hostess who was not able to do pizza. There is a great variety of recipes of this dish which became to one of the most popular delicacies on the planet. Its history totals here more than 500 years, but, despite solid age, the list of ways of preparation of pizza is replenished every year.
How to prepare eggplants
Как приготовить баклажаныPutting the most ordinary ingredients on use, it is possible to create magnificent dishes for which at restaurants from you will take a round sum … And if to reflect why in "decent" places sometimes the most pretentious food costs unfairly much? It is all about the giving. How the dish often looks determines its cost, its popularity and even its taste!
Useful properties of sesame
Полезные свойства кунжутаSesame in a different way still is called to seza, and it came to us from antiquity where not only it was eaten, but also was mysterious ingredient in many magic rituals. Today these tasty kernels use generally in cookery and traditional medicine.
The recipe of the baked fish
Рецепт запеченной рыбыToday the culinary world literally bursts with various recipes. Each hostess can find for herself the dish suitable on the caloric content, cost and tastes. Fish dishes deserve separate attention.
Useful properties of red caviar
Полезные свойства красной икрыToday it is difficult to present a holiday table on which there would be no various red caviar dishes are salads and sandwiches, pancakes, the stuffed eggs and many other things. It is irreplaceable and at decoration of festive dishes, after all kernels of red caviar remind beads and shine as precious stones, adding additional nobility to any culinary delicacy.
Advantage and harm of salt
Польза и вред солиDisputes on that, salt is harmful or useful, some decades do not cease here. Hostesses stand up for that without salt a dish fresh, and doctors insist that a salt surplus – a direct way to many diseases. But all praises and discontent in relation to salt are how fair, let's understand together with
Advantage of sea cabbage
Польза морской капусты offers the readers information on edible seaweed of a laminaria. It belongs to the big class of brown seaweed, contains many various nutrients. In medicine we will also tell about its structure, properties, application, useful to health of the person.
Pie Ant hill
Торт МуравейникIf you want to brag to acquaintances and family members the culinary talents, but thus were never engaged in production of difficult confectionery, this recipe will suit you on all hundred.
Simple and tasty dishes for lunch and a dinner
Простые и вкусные блюда на обед и ужинToday I will share with readers of several recipes of simple, but very nourishing and tasty dishes for a lunch and a dinner which are appreciated by you and your relatives!
Advantage of fat
Польза салаIn our consciousness fat is also closely connected with Ukrainian cuisine, as sushi with Japanese cookery or spaghetti with the Italian traditional table. Really, a highlight of many Ukrainian dishes is fat - to remember at least an appetizing borsch with shkvarochka.
Advantage of goat milk
Польза козьего молокаWhen we speak about milk, most often we mean cow's milk which is most of all widespread especially in the large cities. However people long since ate also milk from other animal species.
The recipe of millet cereal with pumpkin
Рецепт пшенной каши с тыквойPorridge – a dish traditional for Russian cuisine. The pot with hot porridge is mentioned in all works of the Russian folklore. Porridge of a fir-tree and on weekdays, and on holidays. Probably, therefore Russian cuisine knows many ways of preparation of porridge.
Useful properties of quail eggs
Полезные свойства перепелиных яицAmong agricultural birds of a quail take a special place. Appreciate them not so much tasty and gentle meat, how many unique properties of eggs of this bird. Eggs of quails small in brown specks and who could think, what these nevelichka are so useful to health?
Lime honey
Липовый мёдIn June or July the Russian parks, squares, avenues where the linden grows, are filled with marvelous aroma from its small light yellow flowers. And not only people pay attention to the soaring smell in air: about flowers joyfully and briskly bees toilers buzz. As the major melliferous herb beekeepers consider lime trees.
Useful properties of pumpkin oil
Полезные свойства тыквенного маслаThanks to the useful properties and special taste, pumpkin here many centuries are appreciated in the different countries of the world. On tables of the Russian people it appeared approximately in the 16th century, and the most ancient burials of seeds of this vegetable are dated III more century BC. Healers of those times wrote about its useful qualities in the medical works.
How to prepare mulled wine
Как приготовить глинтвейнBehind windows cold fall. Not far off winter, with its long frosty evenings. There comes time of hot, fragrant mulled wine.
Useful properties of linseed oil
Полезные свойства льняного маслаLinseed oil fairly is considered the most healthy food product, the glory about it goes still for a long time, still then linseed oil used for maintenance of beauty and health. Besides, used it and in cookery, added to dough and at preparation of fast dishes, and also it proved as effective wound healing and an anesthetic.
How to decorate salad
Как украсить салат already told how to decorate a pie. The turn of salads came. Recently from their ornament created the real cult. In this article we will talk about types of ornament, restaurant standards and sense of proportion.
How to decorate a pie
Как украсить тортIt is considered that the esthetic factor at preparation of dishes has the same importance, as well as flavoring characteristics. What to speak about desserts: the decorated cakes and pies also look festively, and even seem more tasty. Today will tell how it is inexpensive, simple and beautiful to decorate a house pie.
How to store apples
Как хранить яблокиIf you have a rich crop of apples, it is healthy! It is possible to cook tasty jam, to prepare natural juice. It is possible to sell part of apples and to receive weighty material addition to the budget. But it is best of all to try to keep apples for long term. In this case on a table always there will be a vase with juicy apples.
Vedic cuisine: principles of harmonious food
Ведическая кухня: принципы гармоничного питанияThe phrase "Vedic cuisine" came to Russian from India. In this exotic country the principles of Vedic cookery are popular and very demanded. Thus to learn to prepare according to canons of Vedic cuisine absolutely not difficult, and the majority of the demanded products can freely be bought in many shops.
Application of cinnamon for weight loss
Применение корицы для похуденияCinnamon most often is associated at us with fragrant rolls or fragrant pies. And it is not enough who reflects that this spice not only gives aroma to dishes, but also helps to become healthy and harmonous.
Spices – useful assistants in the house
Специи – полезные помощники в домеSpices and seasonings - irreplaceable assistants in kitchen at any hostess. But criteria of a choice of spices have to be not only on a flavoring sign and aroma, but also on useful properties. Today we will also talk about it.
Advantage and harm of sunflower oil
Польза и вред подсолнечного маслаNow it seems to us, what oil it was in Russia always – as it was possible to do without it in life? But it not absolutely so. Sunflower oil appeared in Russia at Peter I who, as we know, constantly adopted at the West all the most interesting and progressive.
How to prepare adjika
Как приготовить аджикуThat who is interested in house preparations, I suggest to taste adjika. Is not difficult to prepare traditional adjika in due form at all. As a part of the real Caucasian adjika there are some components and the way of their processing demands only patience and time, However to the unprepared person both the way, and taste of traditional adjika can seem to the slightly extravagant.
Winemaking in house conditions
Виноделие в домашних условияхGood binge, as well as good food, traditionally is considered a sign of wellbeing and hospitality at many people. If we address to history, we will see that in absolutely near past practically each country family independently made low alcohol drinks for the needs: various fruit liqueurs, brazhka, mead, fruit and berry wines.
How to prepare letcho
Как приготовить лечоAugustus for many hostesses month busy and busy. Abundance of vegetables and fruit at dacha, in the markets and in shops! Here also there comes favorable time for preparations for the winter. I very much appreciate time therefore I love recipes available. I also want to share one of such recipes. Time for preparation of letcho is required no more than an hour, and at the exit receive 3-3,5 liters of tasty salad.
How to freeze vegetables for the winter
Как замораживать овощи на зимуFor many hozyayushka of preparation at winter are associated with racks of tinned vegetables. But, believe, it is possible not to spend a lot of time for conservation, the usual freezing fine helps out in the winter!
How to prepare jam from apricots
Как приготовить варенье из абрикосовSummer – fine opportunity to stock up with tasty preservation of "house production". Especially abundance pleases with summer of various fruit. Well who does not like to drink in the winter tea with fragrant jam? Jam remains popular always, – hostesses cook it decades according to different recipes, from one type of fruit or allsorts. I want to share the recipe of simple jam in preparation with readers.
Useful properties of a basil
Полезные свойства базиликаThe basil is one of seasonings most popular now. However not each hostess knows how it is correct to use this spice and that it represents actually. The basil in kitchen is used as in dry, and fresh. It can always be found among other seasonings on a specific smell.
Useful properties of tomatoes
Полезные свойства помидоров"Ladies' fingers", "Miracle of the market", "Pinocchio", "The black prince", "Sanka", "The Russian athlete" … Also it is all grades of tomatoes, now selectors total more than 2000 types of a various form, the sizes and beautiful shades red, orange and yellow. I love them since the early childhood. I want to tell about them, all interesting and useful that is known to me today.
Useful properties of raspberry
Полезные свойства малиныIn July ripens and raspberry the bright fragrant juicy sweet berries attracts us. It is possible to regale on it in the wood or on the country site. Berries not only are tasty, but also are curative. It is pleasant to be treated by raspberry jam at cold even to children. Raspberry has anti-inflammatory and febrifugal effect, and also has the mass of other useful properties.
Useful properties of bilberry
Полезные свойства черникиMany of us like to walk in the summer in the wood. Fresh air, singing of birds, aroma from the blossoming plants. And from the wood it is possible to bring "live" vitamins – baskets, buckets with berries. Today we know about wild-growing bilberry better, now its medicinal properties in detail study in different laboratories. And in the people love bilberry – eat fresh berries, do kissels.
Useful properties of ginger
Полезные свойства имбиряMy acquaintance to ginger began with a campaign on tea to the girlfriend. It appeared that she invited me not to simple tea with buns. And on very useful and unusual – ginger. I learned taste of green tea, honey and a lemon at once. And here one more ingredient remained for me a riddle. He pinched language and added a slightly bitter taste. So I got acquainted with ginger.
How to cook cherry compote
Как варить вишневый компотI want to share with readers the recipe of cherry compote. To prepare compote from cherry absolutely simply, and children adore it for "bright" cherry taste. This cherry compote on tastes is better than a purchased cherry fruit drink, and its main feature in safety of vitamins B the storage period. All secret is that cherry for compote does not cook.
Useful properties of strawberry
Полезные свойства клубникиOur life is arranged so that at one time years is replaced by another. Behind cold days come warm and solar. And when our organism is in great need in vitamins, mineral substances, the nature gives us summer – a time of vegetables, fruit and berries. In June the strawberry season begins. It appears, tasty toasted berry possesses an arsenal of useful properties.
Omelet with mushrooms and vegetables
Омлет с грибами и овощамиThere is a wish to prepare for a dinner something brand new? Stop the choice on an omelet "with additives", – prepares quickly enough, ingredients available, and taste at a dish turns out excellent. Besides, preparing such omelet, you will make at once a nourishing dinner for 3-4 people. As additives to an omelet (except mushrooms) I chose young potatoes, zucchini, asparagus haricot.
Recipe of pork roll
Рецепт свиного рулетаToday I will tell you about an interesting and simple dish – pork roll with a stuffing from prunes, dried apricots, raisin and a tamarind. The stuffing for this dish, in fact, can be taken any: or only prunes, dried apricots, raisin, or all together – too turns out very tasty. The way of preparation practically differs in nothing. Today I near at hand had a raisin and a tamarind.
Recipes of rolls from eggplants
Рецепты рулетов из баклажановEggplants can be found on a counter of any supermarket, but the few know, this vegetable is how useful. An eggplant – quite low-calorie product, thus it contains all necessary vitamins and microcells. Also eggplants are irreplaceable at weight loss. And the article I want to offer readers some recipes of rolls from eggplants with various stuffing.
Recipes of salads from fresh vegetables
Рецепты салатов из свежих овощейWith approach of spring also the first symptoms of avitaminosis at people are shown. And no wonder, for long winter time the organism already missed fresh fruit and vegetables. Let's make of them simple and tasty salads. Today our review is devoted to salads from the fresh vegetables which are not exposed to thermal treatment. Fresh vegetables keep the maximum set of vitamins.
Preparation of a dessert Pie ice cream
Приготовление десерта Торт-мороженое Idle time in preparation, but I prepared very tasty pie for the daughter on birthday. Worthy replacement of a usual pie turned out and if to consider that there was a hot weather, such refreshing cake of all very much pleased. Especially children estimated a pie ice cream – nobody refused an additive. And you can add to it favourite ingredients, and your, author's pie will turn out.
How to prepare house lemonade
Как приготовить домашний лимонадWhat can be during a heat zhelanny the cool refreshing lemonade? When we feel thirst, feet involuntarily bear us to the nearest shop with soft drinks. But how to be that to whom the use of sweet factory drinks is contraindicated? I found a way out for the family – I cook tasty lemonade from natural products.
Recipe of pie and green onions pies
Рецепт пирога и пирожков с зеленым луком The abundance of fresh green onions and pleases in the spring hostesses in the summer. After all the green onions are capable to add any salad or to enrich with vitamins already ready first course. I like to use green onions and in the form of a stuffing for pies, pies or pancakes. In this article I want to share with readers of the recipe of my favourite pies with a stuffing from green onions.
How to dry fish in house conditions
Как вялить рыбу в домашних условияхIt is possible to dry fish in a garden, at dacha, on a balcony of your apartment if it does not come to the central street, on an attic. Of course, the vyaleniye in house conditions – business not absolutely simple, but at observance of recommendations and in process of acquisition of some experience and skills will turn out not worse or maybe many times better, than the dried fish bought in shop.
Recipes of pies with cheese
Рецепты пирогов с сыромThe advantage of cheese is caused by that proteins, the fats, minerals and vitamins necessary for a human body are its part. Cheese is not only a useful and tasty product, it is very well combined with other products and decorates any dish. I would like to share with couple of simple recipes of very tasty pies with cheese.
Useful properties and preparation of chick-pea
Полезные свойства и приготовление нутаWhether you paid the attention to the roundish beans similar to usual peas, but it is more by the size, on sale in greengroceries or at dealers in the market? Whether know, what it is valuable foodstuff chick-pea? In this article we will tell you in more detail about this leguminous culture and useful properties of the brownish fruits helping to strengthen health.
Recipe of a green borsch
Рецепт зеленого борщаYou want to diversify the menu and to add to it as much as possible vitamin greens? I suggest to stop the attention on a green borsch with a sorrel. This dish prepares quickly enough, and it turns out very nourishing and tasty. Besides, the borsch with a sorrel turns out very useful, thanks to the "green ingredients" containing in this soup in enough.
Advantage and harm of sunflower seeds
Польза и вред семечекI think that there will be among readers admirers of sunflower seeds. As it is pleasant to settle down in a convenient chair in front of the TV, holding in hand the attracting bag with desire pogryzt that inside. Yes, whatever you may say, and sunflower seeds can be ranked as national Russian dishes. But there will be also such people who not so are feeding love to "podsolnushka". Sunflower seeds are so useful or harmful?
Shawarma in house conditions
Шаурма в домашних условияхShawarma – popular "having a snack" among youth today. It is quite often possible to see even turn under a booth with a tempting inscription "Shawarma". If you like shawarma or your children often ask it to buy, try to prepare this dish in house conditions. It rather simply and will not take a lot of your time.
How to prepare house fermented baked milk
Как приготовить домашнюю ряженкуRoll with fermented baked milk – classics of taste, it is difficult to refuse this delicacy at any age. The special savor to fermented baked milk is added by an appetizing crust which is present only at a house product. Unfortunately, it is possible to buy house fermented baked milk not always. And whether you know, what is not difficult to prepare fermented baked milk in house conditions at all?!
Useful properties of a turmeric
Полезные свойства куркумыWhether you use the yellow-orange powder of a turmeric capable to add a dish with a peculiar taste, to paint in golden shades and to allocate with useful properties? This spice will be the heroine of my story today. Today this spice is actively studied, and is already proved that it is capable to keep health, beauty and youth of the person for many years.
Useful properties of red pepper
Полезные свойства красного перцаI believe that in kitchen on a shelf with spices it is possible to find modestly standing jar with chili powder in many hozyayushka. Not with only one piquancy and sharpness this spice allocates food, but also curative properties. Having read this information, many who did not appreciate pepper, will like to it respect and will use more often in the food.
Pie from cookies and cottage cheese
Торт из печенья и творогаThis recipe will be estimated by mummies of small gourmets, and also everything who likes to surprise house and guests with new tasty desserts. After all already you will surprise nobody with store pies, napoleona and the Prague pies too tried everything. And here not everyone is familiar with a tasty cheesecake. Preparation of this pie from cookies and cottage cheese will demand about half an hour of your time.
Dishes with mushrooms
Блюда с грибамиMushrooms won popularity in cookery today. And the reason of general love to mushroom dishes is covered that mushrooms can be bought in any grocery shop, differ in special and unique taste, are economically available to all and everyone, are combined with the mass of other products. What it is possible to prepare from mushrooms simply and quickly?
How to prepare cream of wheat
Как приготовить манную кашуWhen to us suggest to eat cream of wheat, at once there are associations connected with the childhood. Today superiority of cream of wheat in a children's diet is called into question. Young mothers prefer to feed children with buckwheat, oat, corn cereal. And what semolina? Whether it is worth entering it into a diet? Certainly, cream of wheat is necessary, but it is necessary to cook it correctly.
Pie Smetannik, classical recipe
Торт Сметанник, классический рецептVery impressive number of people is considered a favourite pie of "Smetannik", after all it is so familiar to all since the childhood! But in spite of the fact that very few people do not know the recipe of this swept-away dessert, it is not necessary to be surprised that people will start arguing concerning correctness of its preparation, after all practically each hostess has the personal original recipe!
Graten from potatoes with meat
Гратен из картофеля с мясомAnd sometimes you come from work tired, and there is a wish for something madly tasty, meat and nourishing. We took into account these aspects therefore today we will prepare something actually standing, original. It is about the gratena with potatoes and mincemeat. Graten is ideally suited both as a garnish, and as a main course on any table.
Magnesium in products
Магний в продуктахWhat do we know about magnesium? From a school course in chemistry it is known that magnesium (Mg) one of chemical elements of periodic system of D. I. Mendeleyev, light metal of silver-white color. And still magnesium influences exchange processes, maintains immunity, ensures high-quality functioning of cardiovascular and nervous system, muscles. Without magnesium calcium is not acquired, and mean
How to prepare meat with vegetables without zazharka
Как приготовить мясо с овощами без зажаркиThe majority of dishes from meat and vegetables means frying of one or several ingredients. Taste of dishes from it, really, becomes brighter also nasyshchenny, but whether there is an advantage in such thermal treatment of products? I try to prepare the most useful dishes therefore lately I address to services of a frying pan as seldom as possible for the family.
How to prepare goulash
Как приготовить гуляшVery often before us there is a question – what to prepare on the second? Sausages and cutlets already bothered, and after all so there is a wish for something rather tasty! As excellent option goulash will serve here. This not only tasty and nourishing dish, but also excellent additive to any garnish. Agree, vermicelli with goulash will precisely accept absolutely other taste.
How to store honey
Как хранить медIt useful – contains a huge number of microcells and vitamins, treats for many diseases. It tasty – sweet, viscous and surprisingly smelling. It is known of surprising properties of honey for a long time. But still many do not know how it is correct to store this product that it was not only it is useful, but also it is harmless. We will tell about everything detailed.
Recipe of fish soup from red fish
Рецепт ухи из красной рыбыVery often hostesses come up against such situation that it is necessary to prepare, and that – it is not known because everything that prepared before, became boring long ago. For anybody not a secret that first courses are very useful to a stomach, first of all. The borsch, Russian cabbage soup, chicken and vegetable soups already bothered. And today we will get acquainted with the tremendous recipe – the recipe of fish soup from red fish.
Recipe of vareniki with potato
Рецепт вареников с картошкойAgree, sometimes happens such when there is a strong wish to eat something nourishing and tasty at the same time. There is no long wish to prepare, and to feed itself and the family would be very opportunely! Today we will consider the classical recipe of vareniki with potato. It includes boiled potatoes, fried onions, it is a little milk, eggs, salt, water, oil and, actually, a flour.
The recipe of salad Herring under a fur coat
Рецепт салата Селедка под шубойAs soon as our head is visited by thought of the forthcoming holiday, we think at once of with what to fill a holiday table. Of course, it is possible to prepare a huge number of different snack, a tax for a table something hot, but by tradition the holiday table cannot do without salads in any way. Today we will share with you the classical recipe of Herring under a Fur Coat salad.
How to choose vegetables and fruit
Как выбирать овощи и фруктыWhen we approach a counter with juicy, fragrant fruits, our hands and reach for a purse. But, alas, not always we receive really qualitative fruit and vegetables which are pleasing not only the eye, but also language. Agree, happens offensively, after all costs not much such goods not. And it is difficult to present good nutrition without fresh fruit, vegetables.
What to prepare from cottage cheese
Что приготовить из творогаCottage cheese – phenomenally useful product, it was learned by all since small years. But not to everyone to liking its taste. I propose to readers some culinary solutions which will help to combine pleasant with curative effect of cottage cheese. Do not forget that it is important to be able to choose competently cottage cheese even if you are going to subject it to heat treatment.
How to prepare potato pies
Как приготовить пирожки с картошкойEach of us in the far childhood had no objection to try tasty grandmother's potato pies. The taste familiar to us since the childhood, still remained in our memory, and now when we matured, we can independently prepare these wonderful pies. Of course, on preparation the considerable amount of time will leave, but it has also advantages: it very nourishing and inexpensive!
How to prepare belyash
Как приготовить беляшиThat for a miracle these magnificent fragrant belyash. The golden crisp crust in combination with juicy forcemeat and a juicy pepper will not leave indifferent your guests and members of household. Belyasha, undoubtedly, will decorate any dinner and even a holiday table. Traditionally they are done a round form with an opening in the center.
How to prepare samosa
Как приготовить самсуSamosa is a national Uzbek dish which really will please fans of juicy and unusual pastries. The crackling puff pastry with a stuffing from the most delicate meat and fragrant mountain herbs leave unusual aftertaste. Traditionally samosa is baked in the round furnace tandoor, sticking triangular pies directly on a clay surface.
The salmon baked in an oven
Семга, запеченная в духовкеOnce, in the childhood, I remember, mother at least several times in a year prepared this yum-yum, and I, having got from a case the old, shabby book in which all culinary recipes were written down by mother's handwriting, began to look for it – the salmon baked in an oven. Found quickly enough. From the main ingredients there was no lemon. So.
Eggs dishes for breakfast
Блюда из яиц на завтракEggs dishes – an integral part of a modern breakfast. Preparation of eggs since morning usually does not take a lot of time, and on tastes and nutritiousness of a dish from eggs are simply excellent. Besides eggs are rather available product which practically all are able to afford. I will give an example of several most interesting and tasty dishes for breakfast.
How to prepare Nutella in house conditions
Как приготовить Нутеллу в домашних условияхSince morning not all children feel hunger and desire something to eat. But they need to receive at the beginning of day an energy charge nevertheless. Mothers go on different cunnings to feed with morning of children. But I nevertheless give preference to house option of Nutella. It contains natural (I used house) milk and it turns out much more economically than the store analog.
How to prepare gozinaki
Как приготовить козинакиGozinaki are a favourite delicacy of many sweet teeth. Traditionally in Georgia this dish prepares from walnuts and honey, however there is a set of various recipes from other nuts and seeds, prunes and dried apricots, dried fruits and oat flakes. The most widespread at us in Russia are gozinaki from sunflower seeds.
As it is correct to eat sushi
Как правильно есть сушиSushi – one of traditional Japanese dishes who prepares from rice, vegetables, seafood and other ingredients. Over the past few years the dish became very popular in Russia. All new restaurants and sushi bars open, sushi party, and a set for sushi – one of the most popular gifts are often organized. And whether you know how it is correctly accepted to eat sushi?
As it is correct to make tea Pu-erh
Как правильно заваривать чай пуэрWelcome to a tea cup. No, even not so, I invite you to a tea ceremony. Imagine, behind a window snow silently falls, passersby fuss, and in kitchen sings a teapot and the starched cloth grows white. The table is beautifully served. Tea leaves wait for the hour. Yes not simple. Today we will enjoy the Chinese tea Pu-erh.
The recipe of cheesecakes and cookies from cottage cheese
Рецепт сырников и печенья из творогаWe offer recipes of tasty cookies from cottage cheese and sesame, and also cheesecakes with sour cream which will surely estimate everything – from children to adults. For example, cottage cheese cookies are pleasant to me warm more, it reminds me taste of donuts which are prepared by my grandmother. Sesame will impact to cookies a graceful look and juicy relish. Cottage cheese, by the way, for our dishes can be prepared houses.
Rules of storage of products
Правила хранения продуктовIn this article I want to share with readers some useful data how to store and use products so that their useful nutritious properties were preserved in the best way. In due time this information very much helped me when having married, I assumed cares of livelihood, at first a small, but then escalating family.
Manti with pumpkin
Манты с тыквойManti, apparently, very characteristic meat dish, with abundance of onions, pumpkin and forcemeat or chopped pork, beef, mutton, a fat tail, a bird and even seafood and suddenly … the fast. Nevertheless, fast or to the be vegetarian manti! The classics of a fast mantodelaniye is potatoes, it is a lot of onions and pumpkin. However it is possible to put any vegetables in a stuffing, including eggplants.
Some apple recipes
Несколько яблочных рецептовApples – it would seem ordinary, anything overseas and exotic. But without them it is difficult to present our culture. Apples are undoubtedly useful, but is their constantly fresh we too cannot. To please your relatives, we offer some recipes with apples in a leading role. We hope, they will be to the taste to you and will get to your family culinary collection!
Recipes of sandwiches for children
Рецепты бутербродов для детейSome kids since early years eat well, and to feed others – the whole problem. Parents of such kids should think out every day something original to attract interest of their children in food. For the aid to parents small nekhochukh I offer ideas for preparation of beautiful and tasty sandwiches. Will resist such masterpieces of hardly anyone.
Cake with cottage cheese and raisin
Кекс с творогом и изюмомCake from cottage cheese excellently tasty and appetizing. In addition it also the useful. Know, whether you that cottage cheese – a valuable product for our organism?! Cottage cheese is universal that the people adhering to diets, the only thing can eat it, cottage cheese has to be fat-free. I offer readers the recipe of the most tasty cake from cottage cheese with raisin on which I prepare and for the family.
How to prepare a rahat lakoum from pumpkin
Как приготовить рахат-лукум из тыквыThis recipe – a find for mummies, whose children of the sweet tooth. Probably, does not pass day that the kid did not ask something "sweet". But not always there is an opportunity to buy a chocolate or other sweets. I suggest to indulge children with a rahat lakoum from pumpkin of house production. It is not unprofitable to prepare such sweets at all, does not take time much, and taste will pleasantly surprise you.
Fast salads for dinner
Быстрые салаты на ужинFor many hozyayushka and furthermore, for those from them who works at one work, and, coming back home, starts performance of the second work – to preparation of a dinner for favourite family members, opportunity quickly to cook healthy and tasty food is very important. The real find for the solution of such task are various salads.
Classification of cognacs
Классификация коньяковCognac, despite the belonging to strong alcohol, belonged to elite noble drinks at all times. It is art, to understand which it is possible only having adjoined to it in the correct time in the correct place. Whether we know taste of the real cognac? Whether is cognac (especially Cyrillic writing, but not in Latin) what is on sale in our shops?
Pizza on the kefiric father-in-law
Пицца на кефирном тестеPizza – a favourite dish of modern generation. Today even it is difficult to count exact number of recipes of this tasty dish. People learned to make pizza not only with different ingredients, but also on various father-in-law. For example, pizza on kefir has gentle taste, and its dough simply melts in the mouth. Dough turns out juicy and soft.
Types of tea
Виды чаяThere are many people who will tell "I not especially love tea, I do not like its taste". In response to this saying I always made experiment – simply treated this person with tea. Strange, but works to this day. On a question "And what it for tea? Such I, of course, like" the answer always one: "– it is correct to choose a secret of good tea and correctly to prepare".
Ideas of a romantic breakfast for darling
Идеи романтического завтрака для любимогоYou want to please the darling since morning and to lighten him mood? Want to show the love and care of it without words? Try to make a simple romantic breakfast! Even if you have not a lot of time since morning, allocate for preparation additional 20 minutes. You receive a sincere official message of thanks of your darling, and also a tasty and beautiful breakfast!
Grain or instant coffee – what to choose
Зерновой или растворимый кофе – что выбратьCoffee – one of those pearls which is called drink of gods, the tempter and the healer. Its aroma stores in itself aroma of the earth on which it was grown up. Its heat is filled with heat of the hands which collected it. Coffee on bushes from which then makes a long trip grows, will not reach our coffee cup yet. And taste of ready coffee depends on many factors.
Nursery pumpkin casserole
Запеканка из тыквы «Детская»My children (as well as their many contemporaries) not really love pumpkin. I do not give up and I look for various recipes where pumpkin can be "hidden". One of such dishes – pumpkin and cottage cheese casserole which, despite its frankly orange look, children eat all without the rest. I offer the recipe of this of useful and simple baked pudding in preparation which also your children will not be able to come off.
In total about beer
Все о пивеWhen the speech comes about beer, at once there are associations: the good company, music, an abstractness from everyday problems. Really, beer became national drink long ago. And whether we what exactly is poured to us in a glass in club or on a beach reflect? In the homeland of beer drink is compared to a flower: in glass it opens the beauty at full capacity, but then slowly withers.
Puff meat pie and vegetables
Слоеный пирог с мясом и овощамиI very much love house pastries. But not always there is time and desire to potter with dough. Somehow I found the remarkable recipe of puff pie for which it is not necessary to do dough. This pie prepares from thin unleavened wheat cakes. Besides, this pie was very tasty. It is sure, busy hostesses will appreciate this recipe, after all on it it is not necessary to spend a lot of time.
How to choose wines
Как выбирать винаWine – drink very ancient, numbering more than five thousand years of the history. Now it is difficult to overestimate a variety of wines. There are most various classifications by color, initial raw materials, a way of production. Besides, producers in the different countries use own classifications about what it is worth knowing before choosing wine.
Baking of fast pies
Выпечка постных тортовChocolate, nut, honey, sweet and unsweetened pancake houses, gentle cake layers with a souffle – here not the complete list of fast pies which any hostess without sour cream, condensed milk, cream, cottage cheese, eggs, milk and butter can bake. Ingredients of "phytogenesis" is a powerful culinary arsenal for active kitchen actions.
Tasty bezdrozhzhevy dough for pies and pizza
Вкусное бездрожжевое тесто для пирогов и пиццыIt would seem, it is impossible to prepare soft and tasty dough cake without yeast, however actually it is very simple and that is important, quickly. Managing a minimum of products, it is possible to make dough on a brine, "scalded" on vegetable oil and water, on kefir and so on. Let's stop on fast options today, having paid special attention to baking of pies and pizzas.
How to prepare stuffed peppers
Как приготовить фаршированный перецThe stuffed house pepper for me – a dish from the childhood. This dish loved by all admirers of home cuisine is very tasty, nutritious and it is useful. I consider that during summer and autumn seasons it should be prepared, and it is better – not once. Time spent for its preparation will pay off gratitude and admiration of everything who will try this culinary masterpiece.
Chocolate and cheese fondue
Шоколадное и сырное фондюAbout a fondue I heard for a long time, but a fondue pot did not decide to get, there was no suitable occasion yet – and here in my kitchen there is a new dish. We began acquaintance to it with a chocolate fondue, according to the simplest recipe. I tried to do a cheese fondue in several options. Prepares quickly, but thus will help to create easy mood of a holiday on weekdays.
Recipe of carrot pie
Рецепт морковного пирогаWould like to share with readers the recipe of tasty carrot pie. It is absolutely simple to make it. Pie turns out extraordinary tasty, fragrant, some days (though I assure that for a long time it will not lie too long) can be stored, and thus the recipe can be diversified by means of additional additives.
The recipe of a strudel with apples
Рецепт штруделя с яблокамиI think, each hostess heard about a dish under the name "Strudel" more than once. At someone this dish, maybe, quite often decorates a holiday table. Is not difficult to prepare a strudel at all, ingredients quite available, the dish turns out easy, but thus incredibly tasty. You will find the recipe of preparation of such strudel from an unleavened wheat cake with a stuffing from apples in this article.
What to prepare for dinner for the husband's parents
Что приготовить на ужин родителям мужаWith the advent of the serious relations the feeling of wings comes to life of the girl behind the back. But together with such improbable happiness there are situations at which it is necessary to be nervous and worry. One of such – the first invitation of his parents to you for dinner. In article the ready menu for dinner is offered, and also advice is given, on what it is necessary to lean at its planning.
Recipe of pumpkin cream soup
Рецепт тыквенного супа-пюреI read about medicinal properties of pumpkin much, but did not know that it not only a useful, but also tasty product. And once I cooked pumpkin soup, since then I use pumpkin as the main ingredient of many dishes constantly. Pumpkin cream soup – one of my favourite dishes. It quickly prepares, consists of inexpensive components and thus is incredibly useful.
Julienne with mushrooms
Жульен с грибамиIn this article I want to offer the recipe of a tasty julienne with champignons. This dish, undoubtedly, will subdue you the gentle taste. Besides you will be able to show the culinary talents: for preparation of a julienne it is possible to use not only pots, but also baskets for dough. It is possible to prepare a julienne only from mushrooms or to add to it shrimps, fish, ham, etc.
How to prepare the real Ratatouille
Как приготовить настоящий РататуйMany saw the fascinating and touching animated film about an infant rat Ratatouille. The main character was the excellent cook, and the set of ingeniously prepared dishes was made under its management. After that animated film I was visited by thought to try to prepare this dish. When I found the recipe of a dish "Ratatouille", tried it to make, the dish very much was pleasant to me!
How to prepare vegetable stew
Как приготовить овощное рагуToday I will tell you how to prepare tasty vegetable stew. Ragout is a dish which can be in various variations. It is possible even to tell that it can be made of any vegetables which you have at the moment in the refrigerator. At once I will tell that quickly ragout does not prepare. But if you involve the family in cooking, business will go much quicker.
Dietary pie with a vegetable stuffing
Диетический пирог с овощной начинкойDuring a summer time when a large number of vegetables ripens, popularity on our table is gained by various salads with various gas stations baked, the steamed vegetables, and also pies with a vegetable stuffing. Just about the last dish today the speech will also go. Our pie dietary that is actual for those who seeks to lose extra kilos.
Recipe of cheese balls
Рецепт сырных шариковIn spite of the fact that cheese quite independent product, appears every year more and more original and refined dishes which structure included cheese. I want to share with you the recipe unusual, but idle time in preparation of cheese snack which will help to decorate any holiday table or will become a pleasant and tasty daily dish.
The mackerel baked with vegetables
Скумбрия, запеченная с овощамиPreferring healthy food, of course, useful properties of fish and her irreplaceable existence in our diet are known. Today we will stop on a mackerel. For preservation of the maximum quantity of important vitamins and mineral substances I buy a frozen mackerel and I bake it in an oven. I like to add the baked small fish with baked vegetables.
Recipe of bilberry pie
Рецепт черничного пирогаWho did not taste such wild berry as bilberry?! In berries of bilberry there are a lot of vitamins of A, V and S group. It is good as fresh, and in the candied. From it cook jam, compotes, pastes, simply dry for the winter for the future, and also bake pies with a bilberry stuffing, than today we also will be engaged.
Cherry pie of Pancho
Вишневый торт ПанчоThis pie – my darling from all confectionery variety. First, I prefer sweet in combination with sourish juicy taste of fruit, a large number of nuts. Secondly, this recipe is rather simple even for the beginner, and the result will not leave indifferent any guest. So if you plan a celebration, safely note this recipe.
How to prepare beetroot soup
Как приготовить свекольникIn the summer when on the street hot and stuffy, there is no wish to prepare at all. Even there is that-go hot and "heavy" not a hunting. Here is how time will be suitable for such cases cold soup irreplaceable in the summer. But I suggest you to prepare not okroshka and not an overseas gazpacho, but beetroot soup. This dish subdued me from the first spoon, and now I prepare its every summer.
Recipe of marrow caviar
Рецепт кабачковой икрыI since the childhood very much loved marrow caviar. But even more often caviar nice by sight disappointed in bank with the taste. And here I aimed to find the recipe of that of "tasty marrow caviar from the childhood". And I found it! With pleasure I will share all secrets with readers how to prepare caviar which can be eaten with spoons, to smear on bread, and it is possible to close in jars.
The stuffed vegetable marrows baked in an oven
Фаршированные кабачки, запеченные в духовкеDuring a season of vegetable marrows simply it is necessary to prepare such tasty dish as the stuffed vegetable marrows baked in an oven. The vegetable marrows prepared thus turn out very nourishing and tasty. They can be eaten and in hot, and cold. And on preparation of the stuffed vegetable marrows at you not a lot of time will leave.
How to make the menu for a week
Как составить меню на неделюAfter the birth of the baby of time for housekeeping began not to be enough catastrophically, and to remain the good hostess there was a strong wish. It was necessary to optimize a number of house processes. One of ways to save time and forces became drawing up the menu for a week. Process is quite labor-consuming, the original version of the menu will undergo changes and more than once, but it is worth it.
Recipes of alcoholic cocktails
Рецепты алкогольных коктейлейFor many of us the word "cocktail" strongly is associated with restaurant, bar, night club. But you can recreate the necessary atmosphere of a holiday in house conditions. Some experimental compoundings and a little practicians will give you huge pleasure, and relatives, undoubtedly, will estimate a new side of your culinary talent.
How to prepare a mannik
Как приготовить манникMannik which recipe of preparation I want to offer you, reminds very tasty biscuit. Unsophisticated tasters, tasting this pie, do not even guess that in it is not present gram of a flour, and very much are surprised, having learned about it. To pitch mannik nearly an every week. This pie forced out napoleona and the Prague pies which from year to year we had on a holiday table.
Preparation of ice cream in house conditions
Приготовление мороженого в домашних условияхThis recipe of ice cream incredibly simple and fast. When I for the first time in house conditions prepared on it, I had big doubts, and whether ice cream will turn out, this recipe seemed to me too simple. But my fears did not come true, this really frozen moreover and very tasty. Therefore safely start, and you will not regret!
The recipe of the sea zander baked with mushrooms
Рецепт морского судака, запеченного с грибамиSea zander – very tasty and useful fish. I advise to include in the menu of a dish from this fish everything who keeps the figure, after all this fish is rich with protein, but practically does not contain fat. I want to suggest readers of to prepare the sea zander baked with mushrooms. This dish quite simply prepares, but it turns out very tasty.
How to look after a tea mushroom
Как ухаживать за чайным грибомThe tea mushroom lives in nutritious solution which consists of tea tea leaves and sugar. In 3-7 days of fruitful work sweet tea leaves turn into the most valuable sourish and sweet drink. To look after a tea mushroom and to prepare infusion on its basis absolutely simply. It is necessary to find a mushroom only. It is not sold in shops, and handed over, dividing a maternal mushroom.
Recipe of buckwheat cutlets
Рецепт гречневых котлетDishes on the basis of buckwheat are rather various. It is possible to add various ingredients (fried onions, mushrooms, mincemeat and even raisin) to it. It is difficult to spoil buckwheat cereal, with any ingredients it is tasty and useful. Today on the basis of buckwheat cereal we will prepare buckwheat cutlets. They can be given with sauce, vegetable salad.
How to prepare potato hash browns
Как приготовить картофельные драникиHash browns came to us from Belarusian cuisine. In Russia they enjoy not smaller popularity, than in the homeland. They from grated crude potatoes with addition of egg and crude onions prepare, there are many variations of preparation of this dish. But we will stop on classical hash browns and features of their preparation.
The recipe of salad from a mackerel
Рецепт салата из скумбрииSalad from a mackerel with green onions is very fast and tasty snack. Boiled rice and eggs that does salad nutritious and appetizing are its part. In our salad we will also use canned food of a mackerel. Let's start detailed consideration of preparation of salad.
Original cottage cheese dishes
Оригинальные блюда из творогаCottage cheese is useful, all acquired it since the childhood. But most often dishes which we prepare from cottage cheese, are limited to cheesecakes, vareniki and baked pudding. I want to bring to attention readers some very tasty and fast dishes in preparation which will discover the acquaintance for you cottage cheese from the new party. And also I will tell how to make cottage cheese in house conditions.
The recipe of bananas in batter
Рецепт бананов в кляреBanana pakor represent the bananas fried in batter. Almost for certain to you this recipe and not only because it is simple in preparation will be fallen in love. Its secret that roasting process bananas become softer, the gentle consistence adds a special savor, it is simply impossible to come off. Especially your children will like a dish.
What quickly to prepare for lunch
Что быстро приготовить на обедThe full-fledged working day, house efforts, cares of children take away sometimes all forces. Where to find time for preparation of healthy and tasty house food in the mode of such work involving all hands?! It would seem, sometimes we are simply doomed to manage a piece of the forgotten stale bread long ago or to run behind hot dogs in the next booth. However it not so.
Recipe of preparation of vinaigrette
Рецепт приготовления винегретаVinaigrette (from fr. vinaigre – vinegar) – salad from boiled vegetables: beets, potatoes, carrots, salty vegetables (such as cucumbers and sauerkraut), also the napiform or green onions are its part. All this refuels vegetable or olive oil. It is also possible to add boiled or fried meat or fish to vinaigrette. This dish rather dietary and useful.
Preparation of salad from sea cabbage
Приготовление салата из морской капустыWhat do you know about sea cabbage or a laminaria? "It is useful!", – you will answer and will be absolutely right. If to take a laminaria in "a pure look", from it it is possible to prepare a set of tasty salads. I want to offer readers very simple in preparation, tasty, well and, of course, useful salad from sea cabbage.
The candied ginger, useful dessert
Засахаренный имбирь, полезный десертIn cookery use a ginger root. It is possible to get ginger both in the form of the whole root, and in a ground look. It is added to meat and fish dishes, to some types of porridges. Also ginger is a part of elite grades of tea. As the independent dish – ginger causes admiration in many. Today I offer you the recipe of the candied ginger. It prepares very simply and quickly.
Choice and storage of meat
Выбор и хранение мясаAbsolutely true is that fact that usefulness and substantially taste of a ready dish entirely depend on quality and freshness of an initial product. And in this regard ability to choose the best slice from presented on a counter is the integral condition of success and recognition of the hostess during a dinner.
How to prepare sauerkraut
Как приготовить квашеную капустуAround the world there is a huge set of recipes of sauerkraut. In Russia sauerkraut is considered a traditional dish. And it is not surprising – after all it was one of the easiest ways to keep it almost for all winter. In each corner of our country the cabbage is prepared in the way verified from time immemorial.
The recipe of soup with trickled pastries
Рецепт супа с клецкамиIn the culinary world there is a huge number of soups, one of them is soup with trickled pastries. Probably, many readers of will pay attention to this recipe and will make it one of the favourite soups. It prepares very simply and quickly, and what aroma fills your kitchen – all members of household and wait somewhat quicker to start tasting of this dish.
Recipe of preparation of a forshmak
Рецепт приготовления форшмакаFrom usual fat herring, onions and boiled potatoes the dish called forshmak turns out. In general, this word in translation from German "Vorschmack" means "anticipation". Forshmak treats classical Jewish cuisine. A dish rather high-calorie, having used a couple of such sandwiches for breakfast, the feeling of hunger will not visit you at least till a lunch.
The recipe of house sausage from chicken fillet
Рецепт домашней колбасы из куриного филеWhen at my daughter problems with a pancreas began, to us the strict diet was appointed. We, trying to support the daughter, started feeding on all family dietary. Soon the fast and monotonous food began all to bother, and I had to begin search of new tasty, but dietary recipes. And here I remembered that cooked boiled sausage from chicken breasts earlier.
The recipe of croissants with poppy
Рецепт круассанов с макомCroissant is the French culinary product which gained big distribution around the world. Croissants, as a rule, for breakfast, together with tea, coffee or hot chocolate are served. As a stuffing there can be various shredded nuts, raisin, boiled condensed milk, curds, usual cinnamon, honey, bananas, generally, everything that your soul will wish.
Potato gnocchis with cheese and tomatoes
Картофельные ньокки с сыром и томатамиGnocchi is a dish of Italian cuisine. According to the name it is difficult to guess that they represent, but actually, gnocchis are very similar to trickled pastries which we like to add to soup. Thus the dish acts as independent. I would like to stop on potato nyokka with cheese and tomatoes. As, on my taste, it is the most advantageous option.
The most tasty mutton pilaf: we prepare home-style
Вкуснейший плов из баранины: готовим по-домашнемуPilaf – the dish which came to us from Asia and strongly took roots in cookbooks, having taken a place of honor. Today some tens kinds of this east dish, depending on ingredients, a way of preparation and some culinary focuses are. However today we will talk about pilaf classical, to mutton
Recipe of fish pie
Рецепт рыбного пирогаI bring to your attention the recipe of fish pie. In the recipe fish a greenling is used, she rather fat and in her is not a lot of bones. But also variations are allowed: you can use fish of different grades, of course, choose better that where there are less than bones. If adhere to any diet, it is worth refusing fat grades of fish.
Recipe of house mayonnaise
Рецепт домашнего майонезаPresently any hostess does not do without such habitual and universal sauce as mayonnaise. But even more often caught itself on thought that with each spoon of this sauce it is necessary to eat a set well very not useful preservatives and other "E-shek". I was waited by pleasant surprise, – I found the recipe of house mayonnaise moreover what!
Recipe of rye bread
Рецепт ржаного хлебаBread ended? That can be simpler, it is necessary to run to the nearest grocery shop only. This situation is familiar to everyone. Bought – ate. And that once our grandmothers baked bread, many or forgot, or simply consider that its preparation – very long and laborious process. And after all actually it so simply and quickly!
Recipe of chocolate mousse
Рецепт шоколадного муссаChocolate mousse is very tasty, easy dessert. Offering you the recipe on the basis of chocolate, I want to note that already smell of chocolate causes positive emotions, awakens appetite. And when your sense of smell should face a combination of a smell of chocolate and vanilla then simply there are no words, began to smell the simply magic.
Recipe of carrots in Korean
Рецепт моркови по-корейскиFor a long time it is known of useful properties of carrots. And recipes with use of carrots there is a set. But it would be desirable to stop on sharp snack under the name "carrots in Korean". It is magnificent sharp snack which can be used as separately, and with various meat and fish dishes.
Recipes of preparation of coffee in the Turk
Рецепты приготовления кофе в туркеCoffee – one of the most popular drinks around the world. There is a set of ways of its preparation. Some make it at once in a cup, but the most experienced cook coffee in the Turk. Such way of preparation is considered the most correct. Let's get acquainted with recipes according to which cook coffee in the different countries.
The recipe of chicken legs in teriyaki sauce
Рецепт куриных ножек в соусе териякиWhen it is necessary to feed in the evening a family with something fresh and tasty, and forces and desire long to be fooled with difficult dishes are not present, simple and fast recipes come to the rescue. One of such – chicken legs under teriyaki sauce with addition of garlic. The dish prepares very quickly, does not demand big expenses, juicy, nourishing, but not too high-calorie and not heavy for a stomach.
Recipe of the Neapolitan pizza Margarita
Рецепт неаполитанской пиццы МаргаритаAmong all Italian pizzas Margarita is, perhaps, the simply and most favourite. The mozzarella prepared with tomato sauce, cheese, olive oil and leaves of a basil, it will satisfy taste of the most exacting gourmet. And today we will try to prepare this miracle of culinary art in house conditions.
Advantage of dried fruits
Польза сухофруктовWinter – a cold and monotonous season. Behind a window constant snow, and even is worse than that, never-ending slush. All of us do not have flight abundance of paints, flowers, smells and tastes in the winter. Sometimes so there is a wish to please itself and the relatives with something tasty and useful. Here it is a high time to remember dried fruits.
The recipe of caviar from an eggplant
Рецепт икры из баклажанThere is a huge number of recipes of eggplant caviar, it is possible even to tell that in each family it cook with the nuances. Today we will share with you the recipe of the caviar from an eggplant prepared completely on a frying pan without use of the food processor and other adaptations, besides rather dietary – it suits even to people with stomach problems.
Recipe of a cheesecake
Рецепт творожного тортаHow often after festive feasts we get up on scales – and with horror we find out, what their arrow indicates extra kilos?! It is good that such sweet dishes after which it is possible not to reproach himself with will power loss, there is a great variety and to fans of pastries is from what to choose. One of such is the cheesecake which recipe we offer.
Lithuanian cold borsch
Литовский холодный борщIn the hot summer afternoon and there is no wish to think of hot food. And if at the assortment of the second dishes there are very much that with pleasure are absorbed chilled, cold first courses is not so much. The classical dish of the Lithuanian ethnic cuisine on its homeland called Š by altibar š Kiai (shaltibarshchay, "a cold borsch"), one of such.
How it is correct to freeze berries and fruit?
Как правильно заморозить ягоды и фрукты?Summer days, besides rest and good mood, give us unforgettable feelings of taste and aroma of fresh berries and fruit. Their taste can be tested and during the autumn and winter period, once correctly subjects use that the nature gives us. I consider as the best way of preservation of nutritious properties and tastes of perishable berries and fruit freezing.
The pork ribs baked in an oven
Свиные ребрышки, запеченные в духовкеImagine a feast. Guests already drank on a liqueur glass - another, slowly flows a friendly chat. But here on a threshold there is a hostess with the main course of a feast in hands. The simple set of products, simple manipulations according to our recommendations - and on your table can also appear the most tasty pork ribs baked in an oven.
The recipe of salad with a tuna
Рецепт салата с тунцомThe Mediterranean kitchen is good the ease and nutritiousness at the same time, abundance of vegetables and dairy products. I want to offer readers the recipe of salad with a tinned tuna which is easy and fast in preparation, does not demand big monetary expenses. Besides, its structure can be varied easily depending on your tastes and preferences.
Recipe Cordon blyu
Рецепт Кордон блюRecipes of dishes from chicken meat exists so many that, perhaps, all cannot even be listed simply. But is among them such which enjoy special popularity at culinary specialists. These dishes are good the simplicity in production, interesting taste and effective appearance. Mirsovetov will also prepare one of them under the name "Cordon Blyu" today.
The recipe of preparation of beaters with a salmon and avocado
Рецепт приготовления роллов с семгой и авокадоIf you visited any portal devoted to Japanese cuisine, for certain came to confusion from that, how many views of the land exist. Sushi, osidzus, nigiri-sushi, beaters (they are makidzus) – from names flickers before eyes and only that beaters most often mean by the general name "sushi" becomes clear. Here we will also train them.
Recipe of salad Sunflower
Рецепт салата ПодсолнухModern culinary specialists create the whole works of art on plates. And we admire them, noting that effective appearance does a dish to even more appetizing. At forces on any "embellishments" usually does not remain. But there are also not difficult dishes in which ornament enters the general process of preparation. One of the best samples of it is Sunflower salad.
Preparation of yogurt in house conditions
Приготовление йогурта в домашних условияхHouse fermented milk products not only tasty, but also very useful. The complex bifido-and lactobacilli who are so necessary for the correct work of an organism, normalization of a metabolism enters them. And are only necessary for preparation of tasty and useful house yogurt – ferment, milk and the yogurt maker (or a thermos).
The recipe of the baked eggplants
Рецепт запеченных баклажановPractically any feast does not do without dishes from "blue" as tenderly call eggplants. What there "caviar overseas" – exists a huge number of the recipes allowing to create from this vegetable the real culinary masterpieces, tasty, useful and that is important, simple in preparation. Give and we will prepare a hot dish from the baked eggplants.
The recipe Flowers from pineapples
Рецепт Цветы из ананасовWhat to do if time for cooking of house culinary masterpieces is practically not present? The answer is simple: it is necessary to switch to simple and fast sweets in preparation. They effectively look on a table, and their gentle taste will pleasantly surprise both members of household, and guests who glanced "on a spark". One of such recipes – "Flowers from pineapples" – is also presented to your attention today.
Recipe of a sweet sausage
Рецепт сладкой колбаскиNot so long ago familiar – mother of the school student third-grader – with laughter told how her child, having come from school, demanded that she immediately fed him … with sweet sausage. The first minute the acquaintance became puzzled. Once, in Soviet period, this delicacy was popular, but now it was unfairly forgotten.
Recipes of salting of fat
Рецепты засолки сала"The national Ukrainian product" – salty lard - still has not equal in popularity in many countries. Someone prefers to buy it already ready to the use, but many like to create culinary masterpieces on the basis of independently chosen fat. For those who wants to try in it the hand, and we offer some recipes.
French-style meat
Мясо по-французскиMany dishes which long ago became classical in the menu of our compatriots often undergo such freakish changes that from the initial recipe as a result there is only a name. Most French-style meat "was lucky". Here where the national imagination cleared up! Versions of the recipe there is a weight, and offers you one of the most popular today.
Hepatic pie
Печеночный тортHepatic pies are tasty and original, they can become decoration of any holiday table. They can be prepared from a liver of any kind: chicken, indyushiny, beef, etc. Taste of a dish will be good anyway, and here the structure will be different: more uniform if it is a chicken liver, very fine-grained of indyushiny and coarse-grained of a beef liver.
Recipe of the "Prague" pie
Рецепт «Пражского» тортаThe pie compounding "Prague" was developed by Vladimir Mikhaylovich Guralnik, the chief confectioner of Prague restaurant. He could not take out the patent for the work of confectionery art and therefore it was authorized to do this pie at all factories. The "Prague" pie began to be prepared nearly in each house soon. We suggest also you to join the ranks of admirers of a pie "Prague".
Fried beef liver in mushroom sauce
Жареная говяжья печень в грибном соусеVery few people now prepare an udder, beef tails and an other offal. From all this variety the most popular offal there is a liver. And most often buy a bird's or beef liver. In this recipe we will tell how it is correct to fry beef liver and to turn it into a dish worthy not only a daily, but also holiday table.
Recipe of cheese sticks
Рецепт сырных палочекToday's recipe from for certain will be to the taste to all fans of cheese. There are cheese grades which are perfectly combined with coffee and tea, and true gourmets and experts on the correct drink of beer claim that than cheese and various dishes from it not to find the best snack to beer. Here about one of them the speech will also go further.
The recipe of the stuffed champignons
Рецепт фаршированных шампиньоновFor the believing Christians the Lent proceeds. In the daily menu there is only fruit, vegetables, numerous grain and, of course, mushrooms. brings to your attention the recipe of a dish from champignons which can please itself, without violating rules of food during the preeaster period. And on the termination of a post the same dish can be prepared in other, not fast option.
Recipe of meat cakes
Рецепт мясных кексовMeat cakes are very simple in preparation and take away time and forces much less, than the same cutlets. Except everything, at the expense of the unusual form, they are ideally suited not only for daily, but also for the festive menu, and the original stuffing does them attractive and for baby food.
Fried flounder, recipes
Жареная камбала, рецептыToday it would be desirable to talk about fish whom many consider inconvenient in preparation, tasteless – about a flounder. More than once it is possible to hear, as meat in it is practically not present. And here in Odessa, for example, the flounder is respected and prepare from it a set of various dishes. We submit to your attention couple of recipes of preparation of a flounder fried, and, we hope, it will be pleasant to you.
The recipe of the fish baked in a foil
Рецепт рыбы, запеченной в фольгеFor some reason at our daily menu there are meat products, but not fish more often. And meanwhile, from fish it is possible to prepare a set of various dishes, and to fry her for this purpose optional. For example, roasting where keeps useful properties of fish better. Generally, today will try to convince you to make a simple and nourishing dinner from fish for all family.
Recipe of preparation of stuffed cabbage
Рецепт приготовления голубцовStuffed cabbage - a dish, traditional for Slavic and Baltic cuisine. In many families there are favourite types of a stuffing: from meat and buckwheat cereal, from vegetables and rice and even from potatoes. And as all of them prepare on one technology, brings to your attention the recipe of classical meat and rice stuffed cabbage.
The recipe of meatballs with rice
Рецепт тефтелей с рисомOne of the most widespread dishes for the daily house menu are cutlets. It is very convenient to prepare them for the future and to give all week. However, these can cause at house the most real strike with requirements to diversify a table. But if all from the same forcemeat you prepare meatballs with rice, threat of revolt of members of household for a long time will recede.
Recipe of a pie Count ruins
Рецепт торта Графские развалиныThe cake with the charming name "Count Ruins" was one of the first pies which I learned to prepare. And after all then the first experience of pastries threatened to turn back failure! The schoolmate who appeared the confectioner's daughter educated me that the presents "Count ruins" prepare from cream and proteinaceous dough – meringue.
The recipe of the stuffed squids
Рецепт фаршированных кальмаровSeafood in general and squids in particular is tasty and useful, from them it is possible to prepare a set of dishes. But for some reason thus the most popular squids dishes are various salads and dried squids under beer which are bought in the next supermarket. It is possible even to call such approach to preparation of these mollusks unfair.
Roll from chicken fillet
Рулет из куриного филеCutlets, stewed meat, semi-finished cutlets … Most often our menu consists of these meat dishes. No wonder that for days off or, especially, by holidays there is a wish to prepare something extraordinary. But also such not really to strain. And it is nourishing. And that was enough or for the big company, or for couple of days. Meat roll meets all these requirements.
Beer bacon soup
Пивной суп с бекономBeer bacon soup is considered a dish of the Belgian cuisine and carries the sonorous name "Roularius Soup". But beer soups are and in other national cuisines, for example, in Czech, Polish, of course, German and even the Russian. They are given hot, cooked that alcohol completely evaporated, or, on the contrary, pour in beer at the last minute. There are also cold beer soups.
Useful properties and recipes with a feijoa
Полезные свойства и рецепты с фейхоаAt the beginning of November on market disorders feijoa berries, dark green with pimples, start appearing. And if – a persimmon, tangerines, grenades – we well know traditional "winter" fruit and we love, the feijoa still causes some fears and not so is in large quantities eaten. Nevertheless, berries of a feijoa can take not the last place in our winter diet.
The recipe of a chakhokhbila from chicken
Рецепт чахохбили из курицыChakhokhbili from chicken, was chakhokhbit from a turkey, chakhokhbit from a duck … These names suggest an idea that "chakhokhbil" is some intricate type of processing of a bird. Actually "chakhokhbil" – the name of a ready dish, and the species of a bird in the name is specified because initially the pheasant who in Georgian will be "чахох" was called as this word.
Recipe of soup of a gazpacho
Рецепт супа гаспачоContinuing a subject of the well-known national dishes, suggests to prepare a gazpacho today. This Spanish soup is irreplaceable during a summer heat when from one thought of rich Russian cabbage soup throws into sweat, and also in the fall when abundance of vegetables simply demands "to be vitaminized" for the future. The gazpacho will be to the taste to both women, and children, and – the most surprising – to men.
Recipe of soup of kharcho
Рецепт супа харчоFragrant, spicy and rich soup of kharcho strongly wins hearts of eaters, and behind the recipe of its preparation it is not necessary to go to Georgia at all. suggests you suit house the Georgian restaurant at home, and to prepare one of options of the well-known soup.
Recipe of preparation of lamian
Рецепт приготовления лагманаThere are dishes which can be carried to first courses, soups. There are second dishes. And here it is already more difficult to identify goulash. Dense soup? Or nevertheless liquid second dish? Similar doubts are raised by a question, to what category of dishes to refer lamian. Give together with we will try to understand it and at the same time we will prepare this nourishing dish.
How to choose meat production
Как выбирать мясную продукциюContinuing a subject that it is necessary to know to choose qualitative food, we will stop on meat and meat production. Various sausages, sausages, sausages, meat delicacies, semi-finished products, canned food and, of course, meat belong to this grocery group. Unfortunately, today their quality leaves much to be desired.
How to choose dairy products
Как выбирать молочную продукциюMilk – extremely useful product. It contains digestible microcells, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, and fermented milk products are a source of bacteria, necessary for digestion. But whether there will be such useful dairy products which are on sale in our shops? How competently to choose dairy products – we will tell in this article.
How to define naturalness and quality of honey
Как определить натуральность и качество медаUnfortunately, in our times, an aura of mysteriousness and privacy it is inherent not only to honey, but also any product. It is very difficult to guess from what and in what conditions do that sell. There are some rather easy ways to check honey in some parameters, however, not everyone. Only the laboratory can give the fullest assessment.
The recipe of salad from vegetable marrows
Рецепт салата из кабачковYoung vegetable marrows will be necessary for us for salad preparation. Strong, medium-sized fruits with a light green thin skin can be not cleaned, on density the skin not too differs from the invoice of pulp. It is few sunflower seeds in young vegetable marrows, more precisely, they not ripened, soft and in the same way do not differ on a consistence.
Recipe of vareniki with cherry
Рецепт вареников с вишнейCherry dumplings is, partly, a sign of the come summer. They by right are considered as a masterpiece of the Ukrainian cookery. As nicely trained their Gogol Solokh! In what a secret and cunning of preparation of this "objedeniye"? Read further – today will slightly open a veil of secrecy of preparation of the real Ukrainian vareniki. The recipe in three secrets …
Recipe of salting of herring
Рецепт засолки селедкиOne of the most popular cold appetizers is herring. Slices of the fat salty herring sprinkled by oil and strewed with onions, are always present on our holiday tables. However, for dinner too quite often we give a boiled kartoshechka and herring. After all to draw and cut a herring – one of the easiest ways quickly to make a dinner.
The recipe of the pelengas stuffed
Рецепт пеленгаса фаршированногоWhen time comes to prepare fish, in the most popular way of preparation there is a frying. Recipes of the stuffed fish the great variety and today will present to your attention one of them. The value of the recipe consists not only in taste of a ready-made product, but also in the speed and simplicity of preparation.
Recipe of fresh-salted cucumbers
Рецепт малосольных огурцовThe person is arranged in such cunning way that later short time, having satisfied the first hunger, we start wanting something salty, ostrenky. And it is desirable that thus also the freshness of vegetables remained. If all aforesaid fully concerns to you, suggests to resolve a problem, having prepared fresh-salted cucumbers.
Recipe of preparation of eclairs
Рецепт приготовления эклеровSmall choux pastry are called as "eclairs". This French word and honor of opening of these round air cakes belongs to French. In any case, as official "father" of eclairs consider the French cook Mari-Antoine Carema. This culinary specialist living in the end of XVIII – the beginning of the XIX century presented to the world eclairs.
The recipe of paste from a liver
Рецепт паштета из печениBelieve, having tasted house paste, for example, from beef liver according to the recipe of, you are convinced that this not only tasty and not expensive dish but capable to decorate any table. After all liver pate can be smeared not simply on sandwiches, and to bake and slice, stuff with it eggs or pancakes and so on.
Recipe of cheese soup
Рецепт сырного супаIt is good when in the refrigerator there is a soup pan. Of course, it is possible to do without soup at all, it is possible to cook any krupyany soup, and it is possible to cook nourishing, beautiful and unusual cheese soup for the same time. For its preparation you will need absolutely simple set of products and the recipe which willingly provides you
The recipe of a honey pie with the swept-away cream
Рецепт медового торта со сметанным кремомWith honey preserve vegetables, extinguish and bake meat and a bird, do sauces to fish. The pastries with addition of honey differ in tremendous aroma, beautiful color and characteristic caramel smack. Recipes of gingerbreads, cookies and pies with honey addition great variety, and today would like to bring to your attention one of recipes of a honey pie.
The recipe of a jelly from pork legs
Рецепт холодца из свиных ножекThe jelly is sold along with snack and salads, but a dish very nourishing, nutritious. It possesses the special taste which is combined, perhaps, only with seasonings. The jelly can become not only snack on a holiday table, but also a nourishing dinner for all family. Try to prepare this dish according to the recipe of
The recipe of pies with cabbage on the bezdrozhzhevy father-in-law
Рецепт пирожков с капустой на бездрожжевом тестеPies are a fine way to feed all family with a tasty and nourishing dinner. This dish is loved by both adults, and children. What to do if there was a wish for some pies, and in the house there is no in advance bought yeast and long to potter a reluctance? In that case it is necessary to prepare pies from bezdrozhzhevy dough which for their simplicity and economy called "Anti-recessionary".
The recipe of the pork baked in a foil
Рецепт свинины, запеченной в фольгеFor reception of guests of the house important that the cooled-down meat dish was same tasty, as well as it is hotter. And here it is a high time to remember the pork baked in a foil. brings to your attention one of options of preparation of this tasty and gentle meat dish.
Recipe of soup with quenelles
Рецепт супа с фрикаделькамиToday wants to please with the recipe of fans of meat, nourishing and rich soups. By right it is considered one of the most tasty first courses quenelles soup. Many are suspicious of preparation of this soup since are afraid that it prepares long, and quenelles can collapse and all works will come to nothing.
Recipe of preparation of chebureks
Рецепт приготовления чебурековEveryone who had a rest in the Crimea or in the Caucasus, for certain tried chebureks. brings to your attention one of recipes of this dish. And let we cannot precisely call its belonging to a certain kitchen, but we warrant for simplicity of production and good taste of ready chebureks.
Recipes of salads from squids
Рецепты салатов из кальмаровThere is an opinion that inhabitants of the Mediterranean differ in a good health, fine complexion and longevity because eat a lot of fish and seafood. At us too even more often use seafood. picked up for you some recipes which will help this seafood to open the taste fully.
Recipe of cottage cheese casserole
Рецепт творожной запеканкиCottage cheese casserole, this dish with which many of us got acquainted already in kindergarten, causes the most different memoirs. Someone looks for the recipe that "baked pudding as in a garden", someone and does not want to hear about this dish. But nevertheless give to cottage cheese casserole one more chance and try to prepare this dish according to our recipe.
Recipe of salad Mimosa
Рецепт салата МимозаWhat you know puff salads? For certain "Herring under a fur coat", "A garnet bracelet" or "A mushroom clearing" will be called the most popular puff salad everything known. intends to bring Mimosa salad out of a shadow and to show that it not simple one of the most gentle and tasty salads, but also an excellent dish both for festive, and for the daily menu.
Recipe of salad Turtle
Рецепт салата ЧерепахаOne more salad which will for a long time be remembered to your guests by the registration. We hope not only to these. This pleasant fresh snack salad will please with the easy taste. And present, what delight will be caused by this nice "turtle" on a children's holiday. The recipe from with step-by-step photos.
Recipe of salad Pineapple
Рецепт салата Ананас continues a series of original salads. Today we offer you the recipe of light Pineapple chicken salad with step-by-step illustrations. It will be to the taste to fans of salads with sweetish taste. Salad is original as externally, and to taste. This recipe to me was told by my friend. Write down.
Recipe of salad Garnet bracelet
Рецепт салата Гранатовый браслетI offer readers of the step-by-step recipe of Garnet Bracelet salad. This salad has a huge number of pluses. First, it will perfectly decorate your table and will surprise guests. Secondly, you should not be spent. Salad I call "a meat fur coat", and ingredients in it the most usual.
Recipe of salad Mushroom glade
Рецепт салата Грибная полянаOne of the most reliable ways to make indelible impression on guests is to prepare Mushroom Glade salad which fascinated me during a festive lunch at one of my friends. And now I suggest all readers of together to try to prepare this salad.
Recipe of salad Monomakh's Cap
Рецепт салата Шапка МономахаToday it will be a question about smart, I even would tell, monumental salad pie. It is the real masterpiece, and believe, guests will estimate it. Salad meat, very nourishing also prepares in advance. Write down the new recipe from
Recipe of the Siberian pelmeni
Рецепт сибирских пельменейEven now, when in shops it is possible to buy semi-finished pelmeshka for every taste, many gather on kitchens together to stick pelmeni which and to eat with appetite in the good company. wants to bring the contribution in common cause and the recipe of the Siberian pelmeni brings to your attention.
How to choose olive oil
Как выбрать оливковое маслоThe olive tree started being cultivated more than 6000 years ago. Often olive oil appears in recipes of the countries of the Mediterranean. Inhabitants of those places use it literally in all dishes and do not recommend to replace it with other vegetable oils. In this article suggests to look narrowly at widely advertized product more attentively.
Recipe of preparation of pancakes
Рецепт приготовления блиновPractically all of us since the childhood are familiar with pancakes. Here only in America pancakes magnificent and small, more similar to our fritters, in France – thin so that often fry them only on the one hand. And here most often mean pancakes by the "Russian" pancakes basic. Also will tell about preparation of the Russian pancakes of today.
Recipe of preparation of a domestic wine
Рецепт приготовления домашнего винаIn each family there is "a family recipe". In mine the recipe of production of a domestic wine passes from father to son. This tradition is more than fifty years old. Secrets of winemaking are transferred on the man's line, and only my father knows all nuances. This year and me it was succeeded "to spot" how there is a process.
Recipe of a pie Napoleon
Рецепт торта НаполеонDespite abundance of sweets in shops, we still look for recipes more interestingly to prepare them for the family. But for many families from all this variety most favourite will be a recipe of a pie of "Napoleon". too decided to bring to your attention the version of the recipe of this so popular pie.
How to choose fresh meat
Как выбрать свежее мясоEven buying products in expensive supermarkets, there is a risk to run into overdue goods. Especially you should not trust and be tempted on low cost of production. Neither the markets, nor shops do not give guarantees that the provisions will not be spoiled. Under the general concept "meat" it is considered to be muscles with bones, ligaments, fat, etc.
As it is correct to choose a water-melon
Как правильно выбрать арбузSometimes, that the bought water-melon causes disappointment – both not sweet it, and some too pale, even dry inside... And after all you so carefully chose it and the seller recommended. As to choose a water-melon not to be disappointed? After all the bad water-melon, for example, in which is available a surplus of nitrates, will do harm to your organism.
Recipe "Express shish kebab"
Рецепт «Экспресс-шашлык»Once, at the time of students, I happened to try unimaginably tasty shish kebab. It was prepared by my acquaintance – the Armenian. Long I inquired at it the recipe and when after all learned – was surprised, to such an extent it was simple. Since then passed more than ten years, and did not try a shish kebab more tasty.
Recipe of grain kvass
Рецепт хлебного квасаOur ancestors perfectly coped with summer thirst, without doing harm to the organism. Compotes, fruit drinks and of course kvass – here drinks which invigorate during any heat. Kvass not only tasty and cheap drink, but also basis for many most tasty dishes of Russian cuisine. For this reason suggests you to prepare this drink the hands.
The recipe of a duck with apples
Рецепт утки с яблокамиOn family celebrations or festive dinners always there is a wish to make not only a nourishing and beautiful, but also unusual dish. The duck possesses specific aroma, meat at her gentle and dense, she is more juicy than some chicken and it is more difficult to overdry it baking. suggests you to give for the next holiday on a table a ruddy and fragrant duck with apples.
Recipe of the Ukrainian borsch
Рецепт украинского борщаRecipes of a borsch the great variety, each region can brag of the special option of a borsch. He is trained on meat broths from any kinds of meat, on vegetable broths, with prunes, kvass and even fried fish! But the main ingredients of any borsch are a cabbage and beet which stew or boil separately, depending on a compounding.
Recipe of preparation of dolma
Рецепт приготовления долмыTraditional east dish – dolma in grape leaves can become "highlight" of a holiday table! offers you article how to prepare this surprising dish. Moreover, today we will consider two classical recipes of dolma in grape leaves: at first with mutton, and then and with rice are traditional recipes of Dolma of Sarm.
Recipe of motley meat crew
Рецепт сборной мясной солянкиRussian cabbage soup, rassolniks, different types of fish soup, various noodles and solyanka gained the international popularity for a long time. But today would like to remind of one type of soup which on an equal basis with Russian cabbage soup became a peculiar card of Russian cuisine. It is solyanka. We suggest you to diversify the house menu with the recipe of motley meat crew.
Recipe of Caesar Salad
Рецепт салата ЦезарьWorld-wide popular Caesar Salad pleases already almost like whole century inhabitants of America and Europe. To us this remarkable salad came not so long ago, but already managed to be fallen in love sincerely. In this article from it will be a question how to prepare "Caesar" – salad which is capable to compete on a holiday table even with the "Russian salad" which is so loved by all.
Recipe of a burrito
Рецепт бурритоYou love Mexican cuisine? The very few will answer in the affirmative this question. suggests you to be convinced that the burrito it is simple, tasty, nourishing and original. Of course, our option of a burrito will be more democratized in comparison with the traditional Mexican recipe, but we will strictly observe technology.
Recipe of preparation of a lasagna bolognese
Рецепт приготовления лазаньи болоньезеIf you do not know that such a lasagna, you simply never tried it. After all, having only once estimated taste of this well-known Italian dish, it is possible to fall in love with it forever. The modern lasagna prepares from the plates of dough shifted by the most various stuffings. The lasagna a bolognese is considered classical, and variations there is a huge set.
The recipe of preparation of pilaf with chicken
Рецепт приготовления плова с курицейMany hostesses had a stereotype that only inhabitants of the East can prepare the real pilaf. agrees that to us not to reach tops of culinary skill in preparation of pilaf, but about labor input it is possible to argue. Let's prepare together chicken meat pilaf which technology will be easily mastered by any and everyone.
Recipe of the "Russian" pizza
Рецепт «русской» пиццыPerhaps, is not present on the earth of the person who does not know that such pizza. And for certain a good few from this devoted in sacrament of taste of pizza are in love with this unique combination of products. It seems, all of us know of what pizza consists, and, it seems, the recipe of its preparation is rather simple, however when business reaches business, it appears, what not everything is so simple.
The recipe the Shish kebab in a garnish "Shaq Shuka"
Рецепт Шашлык в гарнире «Шак Шука»Some grades of meat, abundance of vegetables and original execution – that is necessary in order that the holiday table became not heavy attack for a stomach, and ideal maintenance to a glass of champagne or wine. The dish has two components – brochettes on bamboo skewers and a national Turkish dish "Shaq Shuka" as a garnish.
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