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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
The maintenance of an iguana in house conditions
Содержание игуаны в домашних условияхIn spite of the fact that the maintenance of an iguana in house conditions is considered occupation exotic, more and more people choose this animal to themselves in pets. Care of them demands some efforts, but you will get to yourself the unusual friend for many years.
Maintenance of small fishes of telescopes
Содержание рыбок телескоповDemekin, water dragon – all this names of one small fish better known to us as the telescope. Surprising creation got such nickname because of massive goggle eyes which, really, remind the difficult optical device of the telescope.
Hypoallergenic breeds of dog
Гипоаллергенные породы собакAllergy – quite unpleasant phenomenon, which to familiarly many people. To live, in something limiting itself, quite difficult. Especially, if it concerns pets. It should be noted at once that theoretically, in the world there are no dogs who do not cause an allergy at all. But there is such concept as hypoallergenic breeds of dog – communication with these animals is conditionally found possible.
Guppy, contents and leaving
Гуппи, содержание и уходThe small aquarian small fish of the guppy – the beautiful representative of family of Petsiliyev. These gregarious viviparous fishes are remarkable multi-colored "dresses" and different modifications of tails. It is possible to lodge safely in an aquarium of one guppies, and the cheerful kaleidoscope will please you daily!
Maintenance of a gurama
Содержание гурамиSmall fish of a gurama – fine option for those who wants to have houses a beautiful aquarium, without wishing to spend thus a lot of time for care of his inhabitants. As if are created by Gurami for such idlers: it is a pleasure to support the unpretentious small fish!
As castration of dogs is carried out
Как проводится кастрация собакCastration call operation during which at dogs delete seed plants. After castration your dog will not be able to have posterity any more, besides he will become quieter and balanced.
Maintenance of skalyariya
Содержание скалярийFriendly skalyariya – the invariable inhabitant of many aquariums. This beautiful the average sizes a small fish differs in big appetite and interesting features of behavior. Aquarians love breed for its unusual form, various coloring and availability.
Maintenance of barbus
Содержание барбусовBrisk and bright barbusa always were and remain the most demanded inhabitants of each aquarium. There is in them a certain charisma and self-sufficiency: these small small fishes are steadily allocated from the lump of inhabitants of an artificial reservoir.
Russian breeds of dog
Русские породы собакOur country is rich and unique. Its history and the settled traditions have the mass of admirers and supporters. The word "Russian" means a certain level and specifics. Long since at us were engaged in cultivation of dogs. As a result today the domestic cynology has more than ten own breeds of dog, thus many of them are recognized by the International film logical federation.
Care of a domestic raccoon
Уход за домашним енотомIf the measured course of your life for quite some time now started weighing you, and the soul asks thrills, the exit arises itself: get a raccoon! No, it not a silly joke. Whether you know, what where this charming fluffy fidget, always fascinating adventures and fun grew roots? Whether it is necessary for you to cheer up?
Neon, contents and leaving
Неоны, содержание и уходSmall and brisk neon will become worthy ornament for any aquarium. Having seen a motley flock of these small fishes against juicy-green seaweed, you will not be able to look away from their brilliant backs for a long time. How to look after such beauty?
How to look after a triton
Как ухаживать за тритономExotic representatives of the wild nature in city apartments today not a rarity therefore recently at zooforums the questions concerning the contents and care of spiders, snakes, raccoons, dwarfish monkeys and other "overseas" animals even more often meet. As a rule, the animal is more unusual, the it is more delicate and more difficult than the rule of its contents.
Bald breeds of dog
Лысые породы собакIn the world there are more than 400 breeds of dog. All of them differ in the appearance and the size enough. Very originally some breeds of dog at all deprived of wool look in this list.
Care of a dog of breed Samoyed
Уход за собакой породы самоедThe Samoyed – the reduced, more widespread name of a samoyed (laika) who belongs to the ancient shpitseobrazny. Snow-white wool, black eyes and a benevolent smile – such see the Samoyed people around. It is possible for this reason representatives of this breed every day become more and more popular.
Office breeds of dog
Служебные породы собакGuard dogs are strong and hardy animals, they are developed physically and possess a set of certain psychological qualities. These animals are ready to work in any conditions, and, anything especially without demanding in exchange from the person for the sincere and self-sacrificing help.
Kinds of a breed of dog mastiff
Разновидности породы собак догAt only one mention of dogs of breed "mastiff" we represent at once the huge, powerful, strong animal full of own advantage and nobility. Representatives of this breed are not aggressive – it simply is not necessary to them, after all only one appearance of these dogs to force to retire the stranger who attempted upon good of the owner suffices.
Rare cat breeds
Редкие породы кошекToday there is a huge number of cat breeds – more than hundred. That is remarkable, even presently when, apparently, the choice of the moustached-striped is significantly various, selectors continue to remove new breeds. Clear business that too strongly cats cannot differ by the size, the poet selectors should put a lot of effort really "to invent" unique creation.
Maintenance of a dog Bern sennenhund
Содержание собаки бернский зенненхундThe Bern sennenhund is an ideal dog partner. Breed has some names – the Bern sheep-dog, the Bern shepherd's dog or the Swiss mountain dog. This large dog not only is very beautiful – he is a good-natured person at heart and possesses quiet and balanced character.
How to treat cold at a dog
Как лечить насморк у собакиIt is considered to be that the moist nose of a canine friend testifies to his fine health. It is the truth, but only partly. Excessively wet nose together with sneezing and a peculiar "grunting" sounds at the pet – eloquent signs of that barbos ached.
Maintenance of the Newfoundland dog
Содержание ньюфаундлендаNewfoundland dog – a dog rescuer well-known for the whole world. But, unlike St. Bernards who rescue tourists highly in mountains, elements of the Newfoundland dog – water. Not without reason the second "national" name of this breed – "diver". Despite the bulky look, this shaggy handsome very quick and fast – is able not only to swim, but also to dive.
Maintenance of dogs of breed of a Welsh Corgi
Содержание собак породы вельш-коргиWelsh Corgi – an ancient shepherd's dog, one of the smallest kinds of sheep-dogs. Today representatives of this breed enjoy wide popularity – even more often short-legged amusing kids with fox muzzles can be seen not only at large exhibitions, but also on walks in city parks.
Description of breed spaniel
Описание породы спаниельSpaniels are one of the breeds of dog, most known and popular in the world. These doggies of small growth in itself, but possess mad charisma. The look of a spaniel cannot simply be forgotten, after all these amusing kids look to you directly in soul – at least, fans of this breed quite so claim!
Maintenance of the Tibetan mastiff
Содержание тибетского мастифаThe Tibetan mastiff is the quite rare breed of dog shrouded in a legend. It is still precisely not known who was the ancestor of this huge and mighty animal. There is a mythical assumption that the lion, here supposedly from where a mane, but, certainly, it only the ancient legend was one of parents.
The largest breeds of dog
Самые крупные породы собакToday in the world there are more than four hundred breeds of dog. Conditionally they can be divided by the size and weight on dwarfish, small, average, large and huge are those breeds of dog, whose growth in withers exceeds 65 cm, and weight sometimes reaches from 50 to 100 kg.
Diseases of polecats, symptoms and treatment
Болезни хорьков, симптомы и лечениеToday in city apartments and houses even more often there is a new domestic pet - brisk and incredibly charming polecat. This tiny predator it becomes easy the full member of a family, after all to resist to his charisma and sociability it is impossible.
Description of breed of a basenji
Описание породы басенджиElegant and aristocratic the basenji is the most unique dog in the world. And as differently, after all these small and graceful doggies are able to growl, peep, squeal, howl, to giggle and even to crow, but only not to bark! This most ancient breed of dog is very clever and bright. Despite external fragility, a basenji are beautiful hunting dogs.
Maintenance of a dalmatian
Содержание далматинцаDalmatian (or the Dalmatian) – one of the most known and bright breeds of dog. Thanks to the unique color to confuse a dalmatian with representatives of other breed it is simply unreal. Popularity to these dogs was brought by the well-known Disney's animated film, and then and the feature feature film.
Features of breed pug
Особенности породы мопсProbably, in the world there is no such person who will be left indifferent by the amusing goggle-eyed kid of breed a pug. These dogs are simply created for life in the big city as their most favourite occupations – to roll on a sofa together with the owner. Certainly, a pug not against walks, but active physical activities are contraindicated to these good-natured fatties.
Description of breed toy terrier
Описание породы той-терьерToy terriers are the unusual doggies similar to fantastic elves. For them long thin legs, huge ears and expressive eyes are characteristic – quite often this breed of dog compare to some alien being. In principle, it near truth because owners toyev assure – their pets not of a dog at all, they is much cleverer than the colleagues, and at times and some people.
Description of breed of a sheltie
Описание породы шелтиShelties often perceive as a dwarfish collie though actually, it is made different breeds of dog. The sheltie or as the full name of breed – "a Shetland sheep-dog" sounds, is absolutely independent breed, besides it is considered that laykoobrazny Gronlandshunds were ancestors of these fluffy doggies that does not make related them with a collie at all.
Description of breed Jack Russell Terrier
Описание породы джек-рассел-терьерThe Jack Russell Terrier (or a terrier of the pastor John Russell) is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world today. And well-known this doggies little and simple in appearance were made by a cinema. Thanks to clever mind, the small size and a furtive look these terriers often become stars of feature films. The most known dzhek-rassel is "Maylo" from the movie "Mask" with Jim Carrey.
Features of breed Yorkshire terrier
Особенности породы йоркширский терьерToday a Yorkshire terrier or as in abbreviated form call this breed of dog – a Yorkshire terrier, at popularity peak. These decorative pretty girls won admirers around the world and all the same continue triumphal procession along the planet. And as differently if they are one of the smallest breeds of dog in the world.
Description of breed to Cana korso
Описание породы кане корсоDogs of breed to Cana korso rushed into the world of domestic cynology quite recently, nevertheless, these animals at once subdued both beginners, and skilled dog breeders. The strong, powerful, clever, self-assured dog who is madly loving the owner and ready to give for it the life – well how here not to get the house of such pet!
Maintenance of the Central Asian sheep-dog
Содержание среднеазиатской овчаркиAt this breed of dog there are a lot of names: the Central Asian sheep-dog, SAO, the Asian, alabay, tobt, the Turkmen wolfhound. Such variety of names developed historically – in the homeland these dogs still have a set of types and subtypes therefore they considerably differ from each other.
Breeds of fighting dogs
Породы бойцовых собакToday it is very often possible to hear the phrase "fighting breed of dog" (or "a combative breed of dog"). It should be noted that in cynology of such concept does not exist, as any dog, irrespective of breed (though a poodle though a mongrel) and a sex, it can be aggressive to other dogs and at the "correct", "skillful" approach to training, a dog it is possible to teach to fight.
Maintenance of snails akhatin
Содержание улиток ахатинMany people love animals, however, not all have an opportunity to get at themselves in the house a cat, a dog or even a hamster. The reasons for that can be much: the allergy to wool, accommodation on the rental apartment, impossibility to find is enough time to the pet and so forth. But also in such situation it is possible to find a way out. Snails of an akhatina became new style.
Features of breed riesenschnauzer
Особенности породы ризеншнауцерThe peak of popularity of riesenschnauzers at us in the country fell on the end of the 1980th - the beginning of the 1990th years when this bearded black handsome became obvious competitors to a German shepherd, a Dobermann terrier and an airdale.
How to make friends a cat with a dog
Как подружить кошку с собакой"As the cat with a dog" is the settled expression we often say, even without thinking of that our animals sometimes is much cleverer and even more wisely, than we. Recently even more often stories about friendship of two potential enemies emerge in mass media: bear and dog, dog and cat, cat and mouse. What it is unique cases or quite widespread phenomena?
Moscow sentry, description of breed
Московская сторожевая, описание породыThe Moscow sentry - quite young domestic breed of dog which is not recognized by the International film logical federation. But, despite it, at these animals the huge number of admirers – owners of "Muscovites" becomes more and more every year, and not only in the homeland of breed, but also in the countries of the near and far abroad.
Caucasian sheep-dog, features of breed
Кавказская овчарка, особенности породыSuch large sentry dog never remains unnoticed. And those who will try to attempt upon master's good which is protected by a powerful Caucasian sheep-dog "will precisely estimate" a strong grasp.
Cat breed kornish-reks
Порода кошек корниш-рексCornysh-reks is a refined and unusual cat breed. The very first acquaintance to these pets causes surge in emotions: from admiration before full rejection, but precisely leaves nobody indifferent. The elegant silhouette, a soft astrakhan fur coat, big similar wings of a butterfly ears, curly moustaches and eyebrows remind us amusing alien creation.
Features of breed Rottweiler
Особенности породы ротвейлерThis dog never and will leave nobody indifferent. Thanks to impressive appearance, power, force and grace, inquisitive mind and clever character, and also devotion and love to the owner, the Rottweiler won millions of admirers around the world.
Cat toyger, features of breed
Кошка тойгер, особенности породыQuite recently there was a new cat breed which made indelible impression on fans of these lovely animals. Tigerish strips on smooth dense wool, strong and massive to become, the expressive eyes similar to a little tiger cub – all this breed signs a toyger.
Description of breed boxer
Описание породы боксерThroughout the last two centuries the boxer holds a palm among sentry dogs who are ideal for the room contents. These strong brawny athletes possess balanced character and inquisitive mind. And if still to add that boxers are perfectly trained, are devoted to the owner and adore children, all this does representatives of this breed by favourites of millions of dog lovers.
Black terrier, features of breed
Черный терьер, особенности породыThe Russian black terrier – quite young domestic breed of dog. But impressive appearance and extraordinary working capacity was estimated already around the world. Besides, our black terrier became a recognized star of various international exhibitions. This beautiful guard dog is capable to feel perfectly both in Africa, and on the North Pole.
Labrador, description of breed
Лабрадор, описание породыToday it is one of the most popular breeds of dog around the world. The Labrador – the great hunter, the police officer and the guide for the people deprived of sight, the irreplaceable friend and the nurse for children, and also the tireless satellite on walks and a star of various exhibitions. This dog versatile person possesses sweet and appeasable temper, a high intelligence and fine abilities to training.
Sentry breeds of dog
Сторожевые породы собакModern people most often get a dog as a pet. But you should not forget that the four-footed pet is reliable and that is important, the incorruptible and faithful watchman.
Why the dog howls
Почему воет собакаAt a sound dog howling and there is a wish to frown – before it shrill and unpleasant. If you the hypochondriac person, surely remember a belief: the dog howls unfortunately. And rationalists claim that thus the four-footed sufferer tries to report to people around that he has some problem. Whether it is possible to disaccustom the pet to disturb people the we howl?
Small breeds of dog
Маленькие породы собакRecently small breeds of dog become more and more popular. If before tiny doggies brought under the arm on parties of the entertainment star, cinema and television, today it is possible to see in each city on walk of tiny doggies.
Travmatin for cats
Травматин для кошекOur domestic pets too are ill therefore they need the appropriate medical care. The debt of each owner – to help to get rid of torments and sufferings to the favourite. Most often cats are traumatized when falling from height, and also owing to thermal or chemical factors.
Breed Alaskan malamute
Порода аляскинский маламутThe Alaskan malamute is one of kinds of northern draft dogs. Throughout the long period of time these clever and strong animals served as belief and the truth to the person, being sometimes his only opportunity to reach to a civilization.
Compatibility of aquarian small fishes
Совместимость аквариумных рыбокThe main mistake of the beginning aquarian is covered in aspiration to embrace the immense – to lodge in one water space of all pleasant small fishes at once. The mini-ocean in a glass box, of course, represents an unforgettable show, but whether all inhabitants living there will be able to make friends?
Epilepsy at dogs
Эпилепсия у собакEpilepsy represents neuralgic violation from a brain. There is an opinion that attacks of epilepsy arise because of violation of balance of bioelectric system of an organism. This pathological process leads to emergence of unusual electric activity which strikes cells of a brain and nervous system.
Features of breed of an Akita Inu
Особенности породы акита-инуAkita Inu – extraordinary beautiful dog who enjoys wide popularity today, and not only because of appearance, but because of improbable character. To get a dog of breed of an Akita Inu as the domestic pet is to receive the most loyal, brave, devoted and reliable friend.
Why eyes at cats water
Почему слезятся глаза у кошекAll owners of four-footed murchashchy pussies are excited by their wellbeing and if the cat gets sick, too it is necessary owners hardly. How to be if at an animal eyes suddenly started watering? What to do if the kitten had a conjunctivitis? The main thing – not to give in to a panic, and to make everything quickly and competently.
Features of breed of a chihuahua
Особенности породы чихуахуаThe chihuahua is the tiniest breed of dog in the world. But you should not treat these beings as to something fragile, coddled and toy. Despite modest dimensions, sneezes strong and self-assured animals, they can stand not only for themselves, but also for the favourite owner.
Description of breed beagle
Описание породы бигльToday the beagle is one of the most popular and widespread breeds of dog. Such advertizing to these doggies was made by various American movies where small lop-eared four-footed, most often a three-colored color, with the naive and "asking" expression of an attractive face are shown as cheerful and amusing friends of children and adults.
Features of breed dachshund
Особенности породы таксаToday the dachshund is one of favourite and known breeds of dog on all globe. That is remarkable, despite fashion on dogs which is rapid, these short-legged doggies more than hundred years is sure keep in a top of popular breeds of dog. Besides experts claim – the one who got houses a dachshund, will not be able to change it for other breed of dog any more.
Bull terrier, features of breed
Бультерьер, особенности породыBull terrier – a thickset and strong dog of the average size. It has an original and memorable appearance (thanks to "the Roman profile") and that is important, huge sense of humour.
St. Bernard: features of breed
Сенбернар: особенности породыThis huge shaggy dog it will become obligatory for you the true canine friend: gentle and kind, careful and tender, devoted and true. In spite of the fact that the St. Bernard – the most famous phlegmatic person and the philanthropist in the dog world, this dog is able to protect the owner and if it is necessary, he even will be able to bite the uninvited guest.
Maintenance of a Pomeranian spitz-dog
Содержание померанского шпицаSimilar appearance and a color on a toy, he has a tiny fluffy doggie a sharp muzzle and a fluffy tail, and still – this dog, to all other, is able to smile! No, it not inventions, is a real-life small animal!
Urolithic illness at cats
Мочекаменная болезнь у кошекMany owners of cats who are looking after the pets heard about such disease as an urolithic illness which is also called urolitiaz. If you have a cat and you do not know about such illness, this article will help you to understand the matter.
Burmansky cat, features of breed
Бурманская кошка, особенности породыThe person who saw the real burmansky cat, will never forget this meeting because such individual appearance and clever character forever will remain in memory. An image of a burma – quite so in abbreviated form call this breed – it is really unique.
Features of breed pit bull terrier
Особенности породы питбультерьерAmerican pit bull terrier. Probably, it is the most inconsistent breed of dog in the world, after all exists as a huge number of fans of pit bull terriers, not smaller number of those who hates these dogs.
Treatment of clamidiosis at cats
Лечение хламидиоза у кошекClamidiosis call an infectious disease which is caused by hlamidiya. Hlamidiya intracellular parasites from the sort Chlamydia in turn represent. These bacteria much are similar to viruses. They act, mainly, in epitelialny fabric. Also hlamidiya affect cages of immune system of animals. When the hlamidiya gets into a cage, parasites neutralize its protective mechanisms.
Egyptian Mau: features of breed
Египетская мау: особенности породыThe Egyptian Mau is one of the cat breeds, most ancient in the world. There is a legend what exactly these representatives of the cat's lived 4000 more back and, respectively, are descendants of the Egyptian goddess Bastet.
Treatment of toxoplasmosis at cats
Лечение токсоплазмоза у кошекToksoplazmami name microscopic parasites who are widespread worldwide. Statistically a quarter of meat which is on sale in shop today, contains toksoplazma. The same statistics says that the third part of mankind is carriers toksoplazm, and more than a half of all mammals are infected with toxoplasmosis.
Dobermann terrier: features of breed
Доберман: особенности породыProbably, there is no person which Dai, Jim, for luck a paw to me …" would not hear Sergey Yesenin's poem ". Many know that the great poet devoted this creation to a dog of the actor Vasily Kachalov. And, probably, very few people know that Kachalov had a dog of breed a Dobermann terrier.
Treatment of a piroplasmosis at dogs
Лечение пироплазмоза у собакPiroplasmosis call a noninfectious disease of dogs. As an illness of the noninfectious nature, it is simply impossible to catch it from other animal.
Treatment of leptospirosis at dogs
Лечение лептоспироза у собакLeptospirosis call a serious infectious natural and focal disease. At once it is necessary to tell that if the animal, that is probability of that the owner will get sick is ill. Thus this disease has quite serious consequences, up to a lethal outcome.
Diseases of parrots
Болезни попугаевThe parrots living on freedom spend the most part of time in the movement. Being in the native habitat, such birds are ill extremely seldom. Unfortunately, to tell similar about domestic parrots it is impossible, in bondage their physical activity is significantly limited that leads to immunity easing.
Bombay cat, features of breed
Бомбейская кошка, особенности породыThe Bombay cat attracts at once all eyes of people around. There is no wonder, as "the tiny panther" possesses the dense and shining fur and extraordinary big eyes which give to an animal a type of easy surprise. This breed resembles a burmese cat superficially, however differs in the color of wool and character. In this article the main characteristics of the Bombay cat and her feature are considered.
Burmese cat: features of breed
Бирманская кошка: особенности породыThe burmese cat or Sacred Burma – such name carries this beautiful and harmonious animal who as if personifies two cat breeds: the Siamese – because of a color, and Persian – because of wool.
Savanna cat breed
Порода кошек саванныHouse savannas are the most rare, unusual, large and expensive cats in the world. Breed was removed receiving a tremendous animal with graceful forms, the developed intelligence, predatory severity and a unique color. These are descendants of a wild African serval who have appeasable character and unique beauty.
Features of a cat breed Maine Coon
Особенности породы кошек Мейн КунIf you hear "Maine Coon" and at you heartbeat does not become frequent, so you simply never saw cats of this breed. Indifferent people after a meeting with these representatives of family cat's simply do not happen: you or start "being ill" such "pussycats", or simply are afraid of them because externally is the real wild cat, only house.
German shepherd: features of breed
Немецкая овчарка: особенности породыThe German shepherd is the most known breed of dog around the world. This strong and brawny, clever and bright sentry dog of recognizable appearance enjoys popularity around the world already more than one hundred years. It is considered what exactly this breed is most widespread and numerous in all big dog family. will tell about history and features of a German shepherd.
Than to feed a puppy
Чем кормить щенкаGetting a lovely and amusing puppy, the few owners reflect that it is necessary to approach food of the new family member with all responsibility. The food from a table is at all not that it is necessary for the kid.
Castration of cats, methods and consequences
Кастрация котов, методы и последствияGetting a male kitten, you should reflect at once that over time he will grow up and will start marking the territory. If you have on hands a thoroughbred and titled best representative of the breed, here will not get to anywhere – it is necessary and to suffer a little. And here if you picked up on the street of the kid which parents and remained unknown, in this case it is possible to castrate an animal.
Cat breed manchkin
Порода кошек манчкинSurprising short-legged manchkina belong to not selection breeds. These touching cats dachshunds were brought as a result of a spontaneous mutation, however tempting opportunity to create so freakish small animal excited minds of Europeans from 30th years of the XX century. And today this breed actively wins popularity among aelurophiles thanks to not specific character and appearance.
False pregnancy at dogs
Ложная беременность у собакFalse pregnancy arises owing to failure in reproductive system of a dog and is expressed that not pregnant a bough psychologically and physically feels as the pregnant woman and behaves respectively. As a rule, the similar state is tested not giving birth or not managed to become pregnant during boughs or those dogs whom knitted only once are viscous.
American curl, features of breed
Американский керл, особенности породыBreed an American curl presented to the world of lovely cats with curled ears. Soon after the emergence these clever, cheerful and active pets won wide popularity and won against standards of conservative factory owners who considered a phenomenon of their look as physical pathology.
Treatment of rhinotracheitis at cats
Лечение ринотрахеита у кошекMany owners of the cats infected with rhinotracheitis simply do not attach significance to its symptoms. Therefore do not even guess that their pets are seriously sick. That also consists in it insidiousness of this disease. At first sight it can look as usual cold, but actually this disease is much more dangerous. Therefore all fans of cats should know about this disease more.
Cat breed Turkish van
Порода кошек турецкий ванVansky cat or Turkish van – breed of semi-long-haired cats which is one of the most ancient in the world. Fluffy pets were brought absolutely incidentally, however their optimistical spirit, unusual appearance and confident character granted the right for existence of the whole breed of these representatives who became so popular today.
How to look after a polecat
Как ухаживать за хорькомDomestic polecats, along with manual rats, decorative rabbits, turtles, iguanas, pythons and other exotic animals, become more and more popular today. However in leaving this representative of the marten is much more exacting, than a dog or a cat. How it is correct to contain and look after a domestic ferret?
Abyssinian cat: features of breed
Абиссинская кошка: особенности породыIn the world there are a lot of cat breeds, but not all of them can brag of sincere attachment to the owner. And here the Abyssinian cat can. Devotion is a distinctive feature of this breed.
Parvoviral enteritis at dogs
Парвовирусный энтерит у собакThe main causative agent of this disease is considered parvovirus. This virus quite resistant and therefore can survive even under many adverse conditions. Thus the activator is capable to be quietly nearly a year in environment. So, the activator most often settles down in the frozen parenchymatous bodies or in excrement of animals.
Panleukopenia at cats
Панлейкопения у кошекPanleukopenia at cats is caused DNK-parvovirusom. This activator is quite stable to environment. Besides, it possesses resistance to many disinfectants, and also to influence of high temperature. The main way of transfer is direct contact with a sick animal, the infected objects of environment, leaving subjects.
Sterilization of cats: methods and consequences
Стерилизация кошек: методы и последствияRecently in increasing frequency owners fluffy a murok consciously go for sterilization of the alumnae. Perhaps, people began to realize that representatives cat's, not possessing breeding value, should not produce similar.
Depriving treatment at dogs
Лечение лишая у собакOur domestic pets, unfortunately, are ill at least us. Any beginning dog breeder has to know at least in general symptoms of the most widespread diseases of animals in time to give help to the favourite. Today together with we will consider quite "prilipchivy" and dangerous to a dog and an illness - deprive of the person.
Bengalese cat: features of breed
Бенгальская кошка: особенности породыExpression about that a cat – the animal who walks in itself, has no relation to Bengalese breed. It is difficult to find pets more devoted to the owner among cat's family. If you decide to get to yourself a Bengalese kitten, except a nice animal, you will at once get also the loyal friend for many years.
Persian cat: features of breed
Сибирская кошка: особенности породыOnly one mention of a Persian cat causes associations with a fluffy and graceful animal, the favourite of many admirers cat's. This breed differs in mild temper and not fastidiousness in life therefore it is frequent at a choice of a kitten, sympathies incline towards Siberian.
Features of breed huskies
Особенности породы хаскиToday the Siberian Huskies is one of the most popular breeds of dog – these courageous, beautiful, clever, benevolent animals quickly found to themselves millions of admirers around the world.
Knitting of the Scottish cats
Вязка шотландских кошекBreed of cats a Scottish Fold is famous for the beautiful case of the representatives, a lovely "children's" look, soft wool and friendly temper. And the main pride of these cats – the put ears. And future factory owners need to try properly to receive healthy posterity with pure pedigree signs and not to allow possible defects.
How to deliver a cat
Как принимать роды у кошкиChildbirth at a cat – natural and magic emergence of a small miracle on light. For this reason the owner of an animal needs to be nearby and to try to support, help as much as possible the favourite and to prevent possible negative consequences.
Persian cats: features of breed
Персидские кошки: особенности породыSoft, fluffy, murchashchy kitties are everything about them, about Persians. These are very independent animals with bright character. Therefore if you decide to take yourself the Persian kitten, know that you to it will not be the owner, only the friend, such they capricious.
Siamese cat: features of breed
Сиамская кошка: особенности породыSiamese cats are, probably, the most known and one of the most ancient breeds in the world. These short-haired animals possessing unique "singing" abilities and huge bright blue eyes appeared in ancient Siam (nowadays Thailand) where to murlyka treated with special awe and respect.
Canadian sphinx: features of breed
Канадский сфинкс: особенности породыThe sphinx is one of the oldest cat breeds. Naked cats existed at the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. According to an ancient legend, the white blue-eyed sphinx protected sanctuaries in Egypt. Aztecs regarded the cats deprived of wool also with awe. Besides they, being people practical, used these animals as live hot-water bottles.
Delivery of forages to the house – your pet will be happy!
Доставка кормов на дом – ваш питомец будет счастлив!Appearance of the pet in the house brings to newly made owners not only joy, but also a set of efforts. Questions arise different, you will gradually solve them. However, first of all, you have to take care of existence of qualitative and good nutrition for the pet.
How to look after hamsters
Как ухаживать за хомякамиThe amusing and fussy hamster cannot but raise a sweet smile. It is interesting to observe how it it is eternal something anxious runs on a cage: it is necessary to warm up, make stocks just in case, to clean a sherstka, to yawn and stretch. But whether you reflected, what this small fluffy miracle is quite vulnerable and needs caress, care and attention it is not less, than larger pet?
How to look after an overland turtle
Как ухаживать за сухопутной черепахойOverland turtles are lovely and charming in the quiet coolness. In the world more than 60 kinds of these animals are. When you at last are defined, what look to you most to liking, do not hurry to buy right there future favourite.
Neapolitan mastiff: features of breed
Неаполитанский мастиф: особенности породыProbably, around the world there is no person who quietly would react to emergence before it mastino-napoletano. This mighty and serious dog who looks the real Cerberus, can confuse with the appearance of any, met to it on the way.
Review of rare breeds of dog
Обзор редких пород собакHow many today exists in the world of breeds of dog? Perhaps, for someone it will be big surprise, but more than 500 versions small and big, fluffy and bald, having a tail and scanty, long-eared and absolutely not having ears, but such favourite four-footed pets.
Rage symptoms at cats
Симптомы бешенства у кошекI think that many will agree with the theory claiming that at all not the person cultivated a cat, and the cat cultivated herself, having entered his house, having got accustomed there and quite often subordinating itself his inhabitants. With rare exception, the modern domestic cat remains independent, and her wildish character does not give in to an explanation.
How to accustom a cat to a kogtetochka
Как приучить кота к когтеточкеHere also this long-awaited moment came. In your house there was a small fluffy miracle. Your cat tender and playful, you with affection observe how he with appetite eats what he amusing when plays and sleeps. Here if it also obedient was, and furniture did not spoil sharp kogotochka.
Care of a Scottish Fold
Уход за шотландской вислоухой кошкойCats walk in itself and only allow people to love them … But the person accepted a cat such what she is and came to love her very much. To have a cat in the house always means that you someone waits that will climb up knees and promurlykat though all evening. And to hold a thoroughbred cat is also prestige.
Ear tick at cats
Ушной клещ у кошекMany of us houses have beautiful four-footed creations which are tenderly mewing, purring, shchekochashchy long moustaches, daily licking the fluffy shyorstka, and to frosts turned in a fur ball. Of course, I mean cats.
Ultrasonic otpugivatel of dogs
Ультразвуковой отпугиватель собакOver the last 10 years according to official statistical data in Russia dogs bit to death to death about 400 people. The number of victims and by miracle the survived goes on thousands. 40% of the victims of the embittered dogs - children.
Cultivation of rabbits
Разведение кроликовIf at your disposal there is a giving or the private house with a small site if you have a lot of free time and enthusiasm and also if to you to liking the activity connected with supervision and care of animals try to be engaged in cultivation of rabbits.
How to accustom a cat to a tray
Как приучить кота к лоткуAt last it is day came! Your native looked forward to emergence in the house of a wonderful canine friend. Koteyka, with a beautiful sherstka became at once the favourite of all family and … here an ill luck … the animal persistently does not want to do the intimate affairs in the put place. In what the reason? Let's understand together with
How to get rid of a smell of cat's urine
Как избавиться от запаха кошачьей мочиMany aelurophiles consider that after excrements of their favourites it is impossible to get rid of a smell, but it not so. Urine of a cat on the chemical composition differs in nothing from other animals. Therefore all problem is covered in negligent attitude to cleaning and substandard processing of favourite places of the pet.
Pregnancy at cats, signs and leaving
Беременность у кошек, признаки и уходIrrespective of the fact which breeds your murlyka, pregnancy at all cat's proceeds equally. Be at you an interchempionka on beauty or an ordinary domestic kitty, everything occurs standardly. Only at the planned knitting you precisely know who the father when and what kittens it is possible to expect, and here at a cat, "which walks in itself", remains to unknown neither the first, nor the second, the third.
How to accustom a cat to a toilet bowl
Как приучить кота к унитазуProbably, there is no such kotovladelets who would not dream of that his pet went to a toilet "in an adult way", I mean in a toilet bowl, what economy would leave on cat litter! And if it seems to you, what it from the category of a fantasy, I hurry to please you, the answer to a question "How to accustom a cat to a toilet bowl?" it is found!
How to teach a parrot to talk
Как научить попугая разговариватьThe very many decide to get a popugaychik only because it not simply a birdie for appearance, it still it is possible to teach to talk, however for some reason not all are ready to make enough efforts for this purpose or simply do not know how it is correct to do it therefore complain that the pier, was not lucky, "the birdie who is not speaking got".
Breeds of hunting dogs
Породы охотничьих собакToday in the world there are more than 400 breeds of dog. In spite of the fact that many of them are buried in oblivion long ago, annually there are all new and new breeds. Cynologists claim is is connected with that people seek to improve that already have, after all the limit to it, as we know, does not exist.
Education and training of a dog
Воспитание и дрессировка собакиYou only reflect on acquisition of a dog? Or the cheerful unruly puppy already lodged in your house? Anyway it, probably, the most responsible stage in relationship of the owner with a dog.
American Staffordshire terrier
Американский стаффордширский терьерAt acquaintance to such breed of dog as the American Staffordshire terrier, you will at once see an embodiment of such traits of character as determination, energy and force in this animal. Amstaff will show you not only the powerful constitution, but also the aspiration to life. The American Staffordshire terrier – quickly trained breed therefore everything grabs on the fly.
Care of a domestic rat
Уход за домашней крысойIt is much more these living beings, than people on the earth! It is the share of one person the whole two rats. It and is not surprising, after all they are capable to survive in the most severe conditions. Rats can be wild, laboratory, house. Here about the last, decorative, we will also talk. Let's make some recommendations about a choice and care of inquisitive krysika.
How to choose a dog for the child
Как выбрать собаку для ребенка"Ma-am, look, what pretty! Let's take!" – the thin asking voice and a look full of hope. Who from us in the childhood did not dream of an own clever puppy who will grow in the cleverest and devoted dog? All children pass through it – desire to find a canine friend. And the most important mistake of parents – rash purchase of a dog for the child.
Aquarian snails of an ampulyariya
Аквариумные улитки ампулярииAll of us ever wanted to bring to ourselves the pet not for increase in household chores, and for friendship. For at whom there is not a lot of time for daily leaving, the pet for esthetic pleasure and contemplation is also necessary, I would advise aquarian snails of ampulyariya. They can become bright addition of an aquarium with small fishes but also as independent pets they are very good.
British cats, contents and leaving
Британские кошки, содержание и уходThe British breed – with anything incomparable breed. From one look and a touch to soft, a warm sherstka you receive the mass of positive emotions. Having taken once on hands such beauty, it will not want to release her any more. And all this at the expense of a plush sherstka. To support the British cat not so difficult as can seem at first sight.
Care of Thai cats
Уход за тайскими кошкамиI want to acquaint with an unusual and tremendous animal – and this is a Thai cat. Many people, unfortunately, often confuse Siamese and Thai kitties as they have a similar color. But I hurry to assure, Siamese and Thai cats absolutely different. The most important distinctive feature is their character. The Thai cat is an imperial creation, with high vanity, pride and tenderness.
Maintenance of a guinea pig
Содержание морской свинкиMy children very much love animals. And recently, waiting for approach of the birthday, the daughter began desperately to ask to buy it "somebody". It was necessary to study features of leaving and the maintenance of various pets before we made the choice. In long-awaited day in our house there was a lovely being, is there was a guinea pig, to be exact, a sea pig.
Maintenance of parrots-nerazluchnikov
Содержание попугаев-неразлучниковIn this article I want to share with you experience of the maintenance of parrots in the apartment. Namely it will be a question of such kind of parrots as nerazluchnik. Frankly speaking, earlier did not even hear about a similar species of parrots until itself it was puzzled with searches on the Internet of the living creatures suitable for itself. Now couple of pink-checked nerazluchnik lives in our apartment.
Maintenance of wavy parrots
Содержание волнистых попугаевWavy popugaychik – the most widespread inhabitants of our houses among birds. They do not demand walking and do not take a lot of place in the apartment. Ringing chatter of a wavy parrot pleases hearing. And if you manage to train it to talk, it will be able to amuse you with the said phrases and to surprise guests. You will find councils for care of wavy parrots in article.
Rules of the contents and walking of dogs
Правила содержания и выгула собак Who could think that the dog, an embodiment of selfless love and devotion, will become a subject of hatred of the same person. Ejection of dogs, their mass poisonings became a commonplace. On the other hand, nearly weekly in mass media there are next terrifying stories about dogs. Today we will talk about the problems connected with the contents and walking of dogs.
Documents upon purchase of a dog, a family tree
Документы при покупке собаки, родословнаяToday sale of the puppies who naturally became live goods is assigned to the spontaneous market. And practically always here advantage on the party of sellers of puppies without family trees: "We did not begin to process documents not to spend your money!". However if to buy a puppy without documents, to estimate his mentality and other qualities it is possible only "approximately". Nobody guarantees that the puppy will not appear the metis.
Treatment of enteritis at dogs
Лечение энтерита у собакIf in the house there was a puppy, besides education of the pet the owner still bears responsibility and for his health. Dogs have a seasonal decrease in the general immunity, and also decrease in immunity owing to receiving injuries, shock, etc. During these periods there is the greatest danger of infection of a dog with a virus and if it is a puppy about one year – such terrible virus as enteritis.
What dog to get in the apartment
Какую собаку завести в квартиреIn the conditions of the city apartment the maintenance of a large dog frequent not on forces to their owners. First of all such dog demands more space and your free time. But it is possible to choose a dog, both quite attractive and "convenient" to city life. Especially as in centuries dog breeders removed a big set of breeds and really is from what to choose.
As it is correct to choose aquarian small fishes
Как правильно выбирать аквариумных рыбокIf you decided to get an aquarium, it is not necessary to run at once in pet-shop or on a poultry market and to buy the first to you the pleasant aquarium and all small fishes who pleased you. Everything needs to be done after careful consideration and without hurrying. In order that it is correct to choose small fishes, it is necessary to know what they happen. Let's consider the main families of aquarian small fishes.
Pekineses, contents and leaving
Пекинесы, содержание и уходIn the modern world there is a great variety of breeds of dog. Sometimes it is difficult for to choose the friend that corresponded to your character and habits, and easily fitted into your rhythm of life. I want to tell you about the most ancient Chinese breed of dog – Beijing (or a Pekinese) that you could solve, you suit such dog or not.
Maintenance of dwarfish rabbits
Содержание карликовых кроликовVery soon there will come New year, and on east calendar (in different versions) it is year of a cat, hare and rabbit. And if suddenly in the light of east trends you were visited by thought to make to itself the big-eared friend, it will be useful to learn about some parties of the maintenance of dwarfish rabbits.
Kogtetochka for cats the hands
Когтеточка для кошек своими рукамиHaving got a pet, except pure pleasure its society we get also the mass of duties, and at times and problems. One of them is well familiar to all without exception to owners of cats – the spoiled furniture, wall-paper, an upholstery … cats, you see sharpen claws. Also do it, since the earliest age and throughout all life.
How to choose a dog
Как выбрать собакуDog – the friend of the person. A dog – one of the first animals tamed by the person, his immemorial satellite and the assistant, an embodiment of devotion and unconditional love. "Buy a puppy, and you will get the most devoted love on light", – Rudyard Kipling wrote. will tell you in this article about by what reasons it is necessary to be guided in a choice.
Choice and feeding of a kitten
Выбор и кормление котенкаSo, you want to get a kitten, but do not know with what to begin. At first you need to choose, whether there will be your kitten the thoroughbred aristocrat or a simple domestic cat. The kitten is capable to bring big joy and happiness as the irrepressible temper it will begin to bother and amuse all your family to your house.
Cats: castration and sterilization
Кошки: кастрация и стерилизацияAny who gets to himself a cat or a cat, faces a reproduction problem sooner or later. Why with a problem? Because often process cat's techek pours out in tags, shouts, a tear on part of furniture and all improvised subjects, and for owners of female individuals then a main goal for the next months there is a pristroystvo of kittens.
Than and as it is correct to feed a cat
Чем и как правильно кормить кошкуHaving brought to the house a soft fluffy being from family cat's, all of us reflect how to make so that this lovely creature lived together with us long, rich and full-fledged life. Achievement of this purpose depends on many factors, and among them one of the major is correctly organized power supply system of your cat.
How to get rid of fleas
Как избавиться от блохBefore moving on a new residence I had not to meet fleas. In the middle of July after awakening I noticed standing the red itching points. Did not attach special significance, having dumped stings on mosquitoes. In the evening the legend with mosquitoes lost the relevance: members of my family including I, underwent attack from fleas.
Turtles: contents and leaving
Черепахи: содержание и уходBuying a turtle, it is necessary to understand, first of all that this living being, but not simply amusing toy for children. Turtles are not really beautiful, are not able to caress or play, but it does not mean that with them it is possible to treat or not to feed roughly many days. It is necessary to look after a turtle, as well as any pet.
Education of a cat
Воспитание кошкиCat – very clever being. Sometimes there is even an impression that she understands the human speech. Actually it not absolutely so – cats read out intonation and mood of the hostess. Once again we will repeat: cats, as well as small children, perceive not THAT is told and AS it is told therefore with cats it is necessary to be sincere – if you wish to be correctly understood, of course.
Cats: choice and care of them
Кошки: выбор и уход за нимиCat – perhaps, the most mystical pet. Still ancient Egyptians esteemed her as an embodiment of the goddess of pleasure, pleasures more cheerfully. In the Middle Ages of cats on the contrary, pursued – allegedly for communication with evil spirit. So, you decided to get a cat. If there is an opportunity before bringing a kitten to the house, it is necessary to discuss this question with all inhabitants of the apartment.
Maintenance of an aquarium: from start before leaving
Содержание аквариума: от запуска до уходаAquarium it is not simple capacity with small fishes. It is a microenvironment, with characteristic to it flora and fauna. And for to support all elements of this microcosm in harmony, from the very beginning it is necessary to organize correctly life of aquarian inhabitants, to prepare an aquarium, to watch and support him in such state and further.
Settling and arrangement of an aquarium
Заселение и обустройство аквариумаSo, the aquarium is, but now and it is very necessary to recover it. But I hope, you do not think that for arrangement of an aquarium it is rather simple to fill in in it water. Before the aquarium quickens, it is necessary to prepare it, it making correctly to pick up everyone. And will acquaint you with all this, step by step telling how "to inhale" life in an aquarium.
Purchase of an aquarium and the equipment to it
Покупка аквариума и оборудования к немуTo get an aquarium not so difficult as it seems at first sight. The majority considers as the main problems upon purchase of an aquarium its cost, and that "the aquarium of a hand will connect that". Actually neither that, nor another is not a problem – if to collect an aquarium independently, but not to buy "complete set". Thus, the aquarium can get everyone – there would be a desire!
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Jellyfish murderer of the size of a nail. Lives in Australia. Unlike other jellyfishes, there is a brain and eyes. Consequences from a meeting with it are fatal: from paralysis, to a cerebral hemorrhage. 4 feelers, 5 thousand stings. Poison is 100 times more dangerous than cobra poison. Antidotes are not present so far.