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Interior design

Councils and original design decisions on registration of your apartment. Beautiful curtains and blinds, false and stretch ceilings will decorate and will add feeling of a cosiness to your house.
How to combine wall-paper
Как комбинировать обоиRepair is awfully troublesome occupation, especially, if it is about long-awaited apartment renovation. In this case we look through the mass of catalogs, we consult on various experts and we look for the most original decision for design of the housing. But, it appears to pass for the original, material inputs are not obligatory at all.
Design of the room for the teenager
Дизайн комнаты для подросткаTeenage age – the most interesting and difficult period in the child's life. At this time there is a formation of the personality as children learn to be independent and to have own view of vital difficulties. Therefore the important part in development of the teenager is assigned to a situation in which he is the most part of time. The design of its personal room has to correspond to its age completely.
Mirror ceiling in an interior
Зеркальный потолок в интерьереMirror ceilings are quite popular decorative element of design of modern interiors. Very often they can be met at offices, bars, hotels, shopping centers or night clubs. But also in usual premises such decorative decision looks very beautifully and originally thanks to what more and more people wishes to create a similar ceiling in the apartment.
The African style in an interior
Африканский стиль в интерьереInterior in the African style it is possible to call any registration of the apartment at which there are subjects from Africa. It is quite exotic style, and not all will suit it. So, this style will suit those who loves subjects from natural materials. Perhaps, in this style pay much attention to subjects from a tree.
Equipment of the touch room
Оборудование сенсорной комнатыOur days are filled with events and emotions. Pleasure, grief, delight, chagrin, offenses, rage, experiences – everything alternates in life. And the after all constantly collecting negative emotions conduct to different diseases … And if adults try to cope with negative emotions, to small children more difficult to make it.
Interior in colonial style
Интерьер в колониальном стилеColonial style arose at the end of the XVII century when Europeans started bringing from the distant countries and to introduce at home exotic lines of an interior. Mixture of various ethnic styles in a single whole also generated emergence of interesting and unusual at first sight colonial style.
Zoning of the room
Зонирование комнатыThe one-room apartment is not an occasion to be upset as it is now very fashionable to turn one placement by means of zoning into "some rooms", allocating mission of this or that corner. For example, it is possible to combine a drawing room and an office or a bedroom and the nursery. One room, but combines in itself some places which carry out various functions – actually, it is not difficult.
Classicism in an interior
Классицизм в интерьереClassicism call art style and the esthetic direction in the European art of 18-19 centuries which is based on antique heritage. This style was specially created for registration of internal furniture of palaces and rooms of the well-known people.
How to equip the small room
Как обустроить маленькую комнатуAll of us want to have the big and spacious apartment that it was possible to define accurately for each thing the place. Unfortunately, not at all these dreams come true. But it at all not an occasion to become despondent. Even the smallest room can be changed and equipped so that everything was functional and compact. will prompt as best of all to make it.
Country style in an interior
Кантри стиль в интерьереIt is considered that such design direction of a country arose in England. Over time it became popular in America, in other countries of Europe and in Russia. It is remarkable that in each culture this style has the distinctive features. It is connected with that it was usually formed under the influence of local climate, and also national traditions and preferences.
Interior in style a fusion
Интерьер в стиле фьюжнQuite often planning repair, we cannot be defined up to the end that in the final we would like to see. If you refer yourself to the same category of people, so you definitely need some modern style as these directions have no tough rules. They allow to combine the most various subjects in an interior and give simply huge scope for self-expression.
Interior in the Mediterranean style
Интерьер в средиземноморском стилеThe Mediterranean style is a cosiness, comfort and simplicity. Today this style enjoys wide popularity in Europe as it combines various motives: here to you both Greece, and Turkey, both Egypt, and Spain, both France, and Italy.
Japanese style in an interior
Японский стиль в интерьереToday the interior of the house or apartment can be made practically in any style, and among judges of east culture it is considered one of styles most popular today Japanese style. The basic rule of this style is: "anything superfluous and casual".
Mirrors in an interior
Зеркала в интерьереIf earlier the mirror in the apartment or the house was at most in a bathroom and a hall, well or if carries, in a bedroom, today the mirror, seemingly usual and banal subject, is used as additional ornament in an interior.
Style an empire style in an interior
Стиль ампир в интерьереThe empire style is a style in architecture and in art which appeared at the beginning of the nineteenth century in France when the country Napoléon I Bonaparte operated. This style call the highest point and the last chord of style classicism which arose in the 18th century.
Baroque style in an interior
Стиль барокко в интерьереBaroque is considered one of the most difficult and thus significant styles in the history of art. Meant some art historical and regional styles relating in the European culture by baroque.
How to equip small kitchen
Как обустроить маленькую кухнюIn life of the modern person the space plays very important role. It is most convenient and productive to use each free corner of the available space. And it is unimportant as this or that room is used. Let's consider problems of deficiency of space on the example of such important room in daily occurrence as kitchen.
Chandelier choice for a stretch ceiling
Выбор люстры для натяжного потолкаLamps and chandeliers play not the last role during the modeling and registration of an interior in any room. The total atmosphere very depends on that settles down on a ceiling as the illuminant.
Re-planning of a five-storey apartment block
Перепланировка хрущевкиPurchase of real estate – a cherished dream for many. And if to approach acquisition of own square meters with all responsibility, the apartment has to be large-size and with a big kitchen, with a separate bathroom and not adjacent rooms, and it is even better – two-level and with the pool on a loggia …
Pictures in an interior
Картины в интерьереFor a long time the person seeks to live not simply in heat and the place protected from enemies, but still thus and in beauty and a cosiness. Still ancient Greeks decorated the monophonic dwellings with bright drawings and carpets. Romans too had a tradition to contain the house in a cosiness, for this purpose they invited the same Greeks, as best masters of the time, for finishing of walls a mosaic and a list.
How to create a cosiness in the house
Как создать уют в домеLong since the keeper of the center and cosiness is the woman. It is considered what exactly the feminine has all necessary qualities for ideal connection of flowers, smells, heat and light in the house. And this is true.
How to choose curtains in a nursery
Как выбрать шторы в детскую комнатуEach loving parent by all means wants that the room for the child was unique, unique, fantastic and cozy. And if repair is already close to end, or you at last became owners of the long-awaited, well-planned apartment, it is worth thinking over carefully all components of the children's dwelling, to miss and to pick up nothing everything so that in the room the comfort and harmony reigned.
Rainbow of color: we add bright paints to an interior
Радуга цвета: добавляем в интерьер яркие краскиFor implementation of the creative plans in alteration of own housing we often rely on traditional representation how this or that room has to look. It "I" prevent us to expand borders own and to present other picture: colourful and unusually cheerful. Let's try to add to our house of color and we will look that from this it will turn out.
Comfortable small bathroom, myth or reality?
Комфортная маленькая ванная, миф или реальность?The bathroom and situation in it are very important. After all in a bathroom we finally wake up in the morning, and exactly there we carry out the last preparations for a dream in the evening. About a beautiful bathroom, as well as about wardrobe, practically each girl dreams. But what to do to owners of modest "Khruschev's" bathrooms?
The European chic in an interior: dream or reality?
Европейский шик в интерьере: мечта или реальность?How often you have a desire to change something in the life? To fill it with the new paints, pleasant feelings exciting with meetings? The come summer season is an excellent opportunity to introduce novelty in world around, namely to make that space in which we live even more comfortable and harmonious.
How to equip a balcony
Как обустроить балконNow balconies of our apartments considerably added in sizes. If before its mission there was a storage of skis, sledge and cans with a pickles, modern constructions allow to operate a balcony not as the storeroom, and as the small room. At the correct use of space each square meter of the apartment will be functional.
How to decorate the apartment with translucent stained-glass windows
Как украсить квартиру светопрозрачными витражамиHaving heard about art stained-glass windows, many at once remember the museums and Gothic cathedrals, however color glass can decorate not only high lancet windows of churches, but also modern apartments. The effective translucent stained-glass windows combining a set of shades and invoices in the difficult ornament give to an interior special warmth and emotionality.
How to create an interior in style the loft: light box, vintage, steel and other secrets
Как создать интерьер в стиле лофт: световые короба, винтаж, сталь и другие секретыIf several years ago about style the loft was heard only by the advanced designers and architects, today it wins universal recognition. The loft — is the dynamic and fresh, disposing to creativity atmosphere. This style is ideally suited and for the former communal flats, and for big apartments with unsuccessful planning where it is possible to clean part of internal partitions.
The organization wardrobe in the apartment
Организация гардеробной в квартиреFor the wardrobe the certain room, even the absolutely small can be taken away. Remarkable option for owners of storerooms. All the rest should not fall apart. To equip in the room a zone for wardrobe is not only opportunity to improve living conditions, but also to brag of fashionable interior zoning. Here we will also begin with it.
Arrangement of the small apartment
Обустройство маленькой квартирыApartments with an unenviable area on the massif – a frequent problem of the majority of the cities of the former Soviet Union. The most part of the population of any city lives in such apartments, and each inhabitant daily faces a narrowness problem: there is a lot of things, and the person has no place to be developed. It is time to change something.
How to think up a tile apportion for a bathroom
Как придумать раскладку кафеля для ваннойRepair in a bathroom is done not so often. To change a tile every year business troublesome and expensive. It is easier to spend a little time and to think up interesting option of an apportion of a tile that the bathroom pleased some years. I want to tell about the easiest and fast way to think up an apportion of a tile and to offer some ready options.
Options of design of ceilings from gypsum cardboard
Варианты дизайна потолков из гипсокартона"A ceiling – business thin!" – involuntarily I paraphrase the main character of the known Soviet movie. Yes, the ceiling can make a masterpiece of the room, introduce a highlight in repair, and can turn even the most interesting project into the boring picture. Today I want to tell you, or rather to show on concrete examples as it happens.
Ecostyle in your house
Экостиль в вашем домеToday ecostyle – one of the most popular directions in world design when it is shown not only a pursuit of fashion, but also care about health and internal comfort. And if you were tired of cold metal, glass, and plastic, it is a lot of attendee at modern offices, try to create in the house the atmosphere of heat and a cosiness by means of ecological style.
Lighting of rooms of the apartment, ch.2
Освещение комнат квартиры, ч.2Let's continue that began in the previous article, namely creation of ideal lighting in the apartment. Each room, each corner of housing has to be comfortable. For achievement of this purpose we suggest to learn how it is correct to organize lighting in each of living rooms, taking into account needs of your members of household and purpose of the room.
Lighting of rooms of the apartment, p.1
Освещение комнат квартиры, ч.1If you shortly are going to do repair of the dwelling, here it is important to think over lighting in each of rooms separately. After all the room in which we depart to a dream, has to be lit absolutely differently, than, for example, a hall. To pick up option of lighting, optimum for you, brings to your attention the following article.
Lighting in an interior
Освещение в интерьереIn interior design there are no trifles. Everything is interconnected, works for achievement of the maximum effect and creation of a uniform image. The color scale of the room, its situation, accessories and lighting are equally important. But in these components color and light are the most important. On these two "whales" the comfortable interior is also built.
Colors in an interior
Цвета в интерьереAn eye fixes a form and volume of subjects, and also color. Color is one of the most important characteristics all seen by us. It is necessary to approach a choice of flowers for your interior with special assiduity. After all the apartment has to answer not only to your tastes, but also to be the most comfortable. suggests to correct the ideal interior.
Feng shui at your place, part 2
Фэн-шуй у вас дома, часть 2In the previous article about the ancient Chinese doctrine Feng-Shui told how energetically to clear the house how to get rid of blockages and stuff, that is it was talked of a preparatory work to the transformations bearing harmony and a cosiness to the house. Now came to tell time about these transformations, that it is necessary to change in your house.
Feng shui at your place, part 1
Фэн-шуй у вас дома, часть 1Quite often there are situations when you, being in someone's house, feel some disharmony, on you something presses, your mood worsens and you want to leave this house as soon as possible. And there are situations absolutely opposite – when you like to be in the room.
Examples of design of rooms
Примеры дизайна комнатIn the previous article "Interior Design in Your Apartment" we considered, to what rules it is worth adhering at registration of the room not to be beyond a certain style. And, we hope, were useful to you. Now for descriptive reasons and in order that you had a complete idea of each of styles, we give real examples of interior designs of rooms.
Interior design of your apartment
Дизайн интерьера вашей квартирыAll of us reflect on beauty of our dwelling. Especially now, when in the market such number of offers that eyes run up. How here not to get confused how to pick up all elements for registration of an interior of the apartment so that not to break the general idea of design in the style which was pleasant to you? To fill the apartment with everything, characteristic for a certain style, it would be wrong.
How to choose curtains
Как выбрать шторыIn arrangement of your house it is very important to pick up correctly curtains which not only will hide all shortcomings of finishing, but also literally will change your window and the apartment in general.
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