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Useful tips at the choice of small appliances. You learn what is better to buy kitchen equipment (the meat grinder, the microwave oven, the juice extractor and so forth). And also how to choose the iron, the sewing machine, etc.
How to elect the new assistant on kitchen
Как выбрать нового помощника на кухнюInstead of for hours to spend time in kitchen, it can be spent with advantage for more interesting occupations: communication, hobby, other house efforts. The crock-pot unambiguously will help you with it. The main thing at a choice you want to be defined that from the new kitchen device.
How to choose the crock-pot
Как выбрать мультиваркуThe crock-pot – that this subject, necessary in kitchen, which can replace some pans and frying pans at the same time. In it it is possible both to fry, and to cook, and to extinguish, and also to bake and steam products. Without this adaptation modern hostesses do not represent the family life any more. How to choose the crock-pot so that you accepted the price, and quality was excellent, will prompt
How to choose the coffee machine
Как выбрать кофемашинуOh this coffee … The tradition to drink coffee so in the mornings took roots in our life that it became a peculiar ritual. We wish to drink couple of cups of bitter and fragrant drink and at work. What to speak about short-term meetings with friends in cafe when it is possible to manage to drink only one cup of espresso or latte.
How to install the dishwasher
Как установить посудомоечную машинуWhen you have a big family or you like to invite quite often friends on a visit, obviously, you often face an immemorial problem of human society – to wash or not to wash (to postpone until morning), and also who will do it.
Bimetallic radiators of heating
Биметаллические радиаторы отопленияCozy it is possible to call that housing in which it is comfortable and warm. In modern system of heating one of important elements is the qualitative and successfully picked up radiator.
How to choose a massage tray for feet
Как выбрать массажную ванночку для ногSeveral years ago the tray for feet only appeared in beauty shops, as the assistant by preparation of legs for a pedicure. Now it is quite available device which not only gives pleasant feelings, but also it is useful to health.
Than the pressure cooker differs from the crock-pot
Чем отличается скороварка от мультиваркиThat it is only not thought up by mankind to cook food quickly, tasty and simply. People appreciated the time always, but also nobody would refuse to eat dishes of home cuisine.
How to choose the yogurt maker
Как выбрать йогуртницуIn Soviet period heard about yogurt of very few people, but now without it it is difficult to present the life. But here quality of the dairy products which are let out presently and presented on shelves of supermarkets and shops leaves much to be desired and for this reason many people gradually pass to production of dairy products in house conditions.
How to clean the iron
Как почистить утюгThe iron is, perhaps, one of the most often used representatives of small appliances. And for this reason it gryaznitsya very quickly. At the time of our parents cleaning of the iron was carried out by means of an edge for shaving. Now it is necessary to buy various means for cleaning of a sole of the iron from modern materials and to learn to delete a scum from the tank for water.
How to clear a teapot of a scum
Как очистить чайник от накипиAll people daily heat water in a teapot to make tea or any other drink. And each housewife knows that to avoid an unpleasant raid on its walls very much and very difficult. The raid about which we speak, it and is that scum which is formed at boiling of hard water. Fortunately, in the world there is a mass of methods as to fight against it.
How to choose thermosweat
Как выбрать термопотThermosweats appeared in shops of household appliances relatively recently. Among those who already got thermosweats, is both happy, and dissatisfied with purchase: owing to certain reasons many were disappointed in these devices. How to avoid troubles upon purchase and to choose rather qualitative, reliable, durable and daily demanded thermosweat?!
What household appliances are necessary to each hostess?
Какие бытовые приборы нужны каждой хозяйке?Such state when it is necessary to buy a gift is familiar to you, but to make a choice very difficult? Or there is a wish to buy something necessary that did not become dusty on the shelf, but here that? There are household appliances which advantage is obvious, but not all know about their existence. will acquaint you with devices without which it is possible to do but with which life becomes much more comfortable.
We choose qualitative ultrasonic otpugivatel of rodents
Выбираем качественные ультразвуковые отпугиватели грызуновIn comparison with chemicals, ultrasonic otpugivatel of rodents began to occupy the central niche in a market segment over the past few years. Thanks to it there was a tendency to increase in various made models differing on a ratio the price quality. Therefore we will try to answer a question substantially: whether everything these ultrasonic devices are effective?
How to choose a cooking surface
Как выбрать варочную поверхностьThe cooking surface belongs to the built-in equipment, it crashes into a table-top of kitchen furniture. And if you can use an oven only from time to time, the cooking panel is operated daily. What is the time you will spend for cooking, and also on care of the panel depends on its characteristics. Therefore it is so important after careful consideration, fully equipped to approach its choice.
How to choose an electric oven
Как выбрать электрическую духовкуElectric oven – the best assistant to the hostess. Dishes in it prepare quicker, turn out more tasty, and thanks to expanded options process of cooking does not demand a constant control! To get the convenient, practical assistant for many years, it is useful to learn about distinctions in models of ovens. And after fully equipped to go to shop of household appliances.
How to choose a fondue pot
Как выбрать фондюшницуYou like to receive guests, but do not want to stand at a plate? Try to prepare a fondue, believe, it simply should be pleasant! And on cooking five minutes leave at most. It is necessary to choose a suitable fondue pot only. Kinds of a fondue a little. The simplest in preparation and universal – a chocolate fondue. There is still a cheese and meat fondue.
That it is necessary to know about a compressor choice
Что нужно знать о выборе компрессораFor anybody not a secret that pneumatic tools differ in more high efficiency and endurance, than electric. But their work is impossible without source of compressed air. For this reason the special attention should be paid to the compressor. How it is correct to choose it? Let's tell in this article.
How to choose a paroochistitel
Как выбрать пароочистительIn a paroochistitel the generator produces steam which is capable to kill bacteria, microbes, allergens therefore for medical institutions it is simple rescue. And after all there are people to whom the paroochistitel can facilitate life and houses. Huge pluses of the device are environmental friendliness and economy on expendables. Whether it is worth getting a paroochistitel and how to be defined by a choice, we understand together.
How to choose scales
Как выбрать весыScales – invariable attribute of our house. Someone buys them for control of a body weight or the child's weight, someone gets kitchen scales for cooking process optimization. And at each type of scales the parameters, pluses and minuses, the additional functions. tells how to choose scales, about each look separately.
How to choose the bread machine
Как выбрать хлебопечкуBread machines on pleasure to hostesses, are able to bake simple bread and bread with various additives, to knead the most different dough, to bake cakes and even to cook jam. The bread machine can have from 3 to 17 programs of pastries. So, suggests to understand, what modern bread machines and are able on what it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of concrete model?
How to choose the coffee grinder
Как выбрать кофемолкуTrue judges know that the real coffee needs to be ground just before preparation. This article for those who prefers to grind coffee itself and chooses only the best aroma and taste of the favourite drink. In it will consider the main criteria of a choice of the coffee grinder, and also the most popular models in the market.
Filter choice for water purification
Выбор фильтра для очистки водыMorning. From the crane muddy liquid with a pungent unpleasant smell flows. And day was not taken from the very beginning. Commonplace?! It is a high time to see to it and think over health of the relatives, after all the person daily uses in pure form or as a part of drinks, soups, porridges about 2 liters of water. Also it turns out, as in an old known song: "... water ruins people!".
How to choose the sewing machine
Как выбрать швейную машинуThe sewing machine at a present variety and a free choice of clothes, bed linen, apparently, already gradually consigns to the past. Modern sewing machines far left the predecessors, as in respect of functionality, and appearance. If you ask a question – but whether it is time to provide itself with the good modern sewing machine – that this article for you.
How to choose a roaster
Как выбрать ростерOften in kitchens there is not enough place, or the family should rent apartment. In these cases instead of a standard oven it is possible to get more compact device – a roaster. This small-sized household appliance will help to prepare meat, fish, hot toasts and sandwiches, to bake pies, bread. Actually (or the mini-furnace, a mini-oven) – in translation from English "to roast" a roaster.
How to choose the electric meat grinder
Как выбрать электрическую мясорубкуThe electric meat grinder, 2 minutes having scrolled big amounts of meat in forcemeat, will become big help to those who does not represent the life without various cutlets, zrazas, meat baked puddings. With its help it is possible not only to process meat, but also by means of special nozzles to rub as on grater, vegetables, to cut sausages, to crush something, to prepare house sausage.
How to choose a toaster
Как выбрать тостерToday we will talk about why the warmed-up or fried bread is more tasty, and also about devices by means of which it is possible to receive a toast by a breakfast. Special taste at a crisp crust is caused by that when heating the sugar containing in a flour turns into caramel. It is possible to use a favourite frying pan for frying, but this method has some shortcomings.
How to choose an extract
Как выбрать вытяжкуMost of people, especially housewives, spend much time in kitchen. The unpleasant smell, the smallest parts of products of combustion and other negative factors can affect the health. For providing the favorable atmosphere it is necessary to bring out of the room gas-polluted air at once. Here is how time kitchen extracts are also intended for these purposes.
As what to choose a convection oven
Какой выбрать аэрогрильConvection oven. Probably, at many when reading this word arises associations with something space, hi-tech. Despite presence of the word "grill" at the name, do not expect from it only this function – its potential much more! At modern convection ovens there is a wide set of functions that will allow to prepare a set of dishes.
We choose a double boiler
Выбираем пароваркуWhen the cult of a healthy lifestyle and healthy food got into our consciousness, the double boiler became the same widespread subject of household appliances as we will tell, the blender. That who reflects on acquisition of this device, and addressed this article. It will help to orient with the extensive assortment of double boilers and to choose that that is necessary.
How to choose the blender
Как выбрать блендерWhat is the blender? This device is in no time capable to crush nuts, to mix ingredients for cocktail, to turn meat into forcemeat and other. Many hostesses for the kitchens buy the food processor. The food processor is capable to cope with a large number of tasks, than the blender, but in each barrel there is the spoon of tar.
We choose the microwave oven
Выбираем микроволновую печьThe microwave oven works for the radiation of microwaves. They force to be guided on lines of electric field dipolar molecules. Such molecules are some fats and water. As the field variable, thus is given to molecules the continuous movement – that is energy is transferred. And already from these molecules heat is transferred on all substance.
How to choose the dishwasher
Как выбрать посудомоечную машинуAfter a nourishing lunch surely there is a question: "And who washes the dishes today?". It is possible to pull a straw or to make the schedule of washing of ware, it is possible to dump simply this duty on one of family members and to wait so far at that will hand over nerves. But we live in the XXI century so and therefore for these purposes many already bought the dishwasher.
We choose the coffee maker
Выбираем кофеваркуOne of the most widespread female desires - coffee in a bed. Sounds invitingly, but not all men will be able quickly to make tasty fragrant drink which it would be possible, without reddening, to present to the ladylove. As to solve a problem of preparation of tasty coffee in the mornings?
How to choose the food processor
Как выбрать кухонный комбайнUnfortunately, we are not kings. It means that in kitchen ourselves to itself owners. We can lay a magnificent various table and is independent, the main thing – to have at itself in kitchen of the reliable assistant. But how to choose the food processor which optimum would be suitable for your kitchen?
How to choose the juice extractor
Как выбрать соковыжималкуEven the best-known brands of juice will not be compared to freshly squeezed juice of own preparation. You already bought fresh fruit and are ready to act? Wait, at first we will need to choose the juice extractor! So, with what it is worth beginning? To start will ask you such question: what juice you prefer?
As what to choose the hair dryer
Какой выбрать фенAll want to look good. And not the last place in our appearance is taken by a hairdress. Quickly to dry up hair, and at the same time to make also a beautiful hairdress the hair dryer will help! But how it is correct to pick up the hair dryer? How to define what will be suitable for your type of hair better? Also will try to deal with these questions
How to choose the gas stove
Как выбрать газовую плитуModern gas stoves considerably differ from plates of the Soviet era, both the design, and technical characteristics. Besides the range is so great that without knowledge of all nuances to choose a suitable plate is quite problematic. Therefore in this article will dwell upon basic elements and functions of gas stoves.
How to choose the iron
Как выбрать утюгPurchase of equipment for your house – not always an easy problem first of all from a variety of the offered goods eyes run up. The iron choice in general can turn into infinite torture. Same infinite, as ranks with various irons of various brands by which the long shelves in supermarkets of household appliances are filled.
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