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Climatic equipment

Councils for a choice of the climatic equipment. The useful information about conditioners, humidifiers and dehumidifiers of air, heaters will help you upon purchase of climatic household appliances.
What radiators of heating it is better
Какие радиаторы отопления лучшеQuestion of what radiators it is better to put about seventy years in the private house or the apartment, disturbed citizens of our country a little. Of course, pig-iron – such is there was an answer, the alternative was not. All multi-storey buildings then were put in operation with pig-iron batteries.
We clean the conditioner the hands
Чистим кондиционер своими рукамиAll of us quickly get used to the imperceptible, but rescuing us both during a heat, and in cold operation of the conditioner. Despite quality of any conditioner, it demands leaving sooner or later. One of the most frequent procedures of service is cleaning. This procedure does not cause special difficulties. You should be trained in this useful occupation once and for all.
How to choose the floor fan
Как выбрать напольный вентиляторWhen hot days come and in rooms temperature, the first desire which arises at all, it to receive a breath of fresh air starts rising. The benefit, modern technologies all this allow us moreover and in the most different variations. Floor fans though are inferior to conditioners, but nevertheless can help out in hot hot days.
What it is necessary to know about installation of the conditioner?
Что нужно знать об установке кондиционера?Sometimes, that buyers carry out a choice of climatic equipment only on technical characteristics, without paying attention to installation subtleties. And then it appears that features of the room do not allow to install the bought equipment. That to you such it did not happen, we will in detail tell about important requirements at installation of different types of conditioners.
Thermal veils and guns – operation and scopes of application
Тепловые завесы и пушки – эксплуатация и сферы примененияProviding and preservation of comfortable temperature in the room and in adjacent territories is one of the main objectives in a cold season. Among other decisions in this area it is worth paying attention to heat guns and veils. This equipment will allow you to lower considerably costs of the electric power and heating of rooms of various area.
Chizhevsky's chandelier
Люстра ЧижевскогоThe closed windows, a large number of people indoors, various electric equipment, all this causes negative influence on the surrounding atmosphere. At such moments clean country air which especially after a thunder-storm becomes, apparently, very easy and pure is remembered. Why it occurs and whether it is possible to arrange artificially it indoors.
Choice of the household ionizer
Выбор бытового ионизатора already considered a question of a choice of cleaners and humidifiers, today we will pay the attention to one more device capable to change quality of the air inhaled by us is an ionizer. Ionization – sounds very scientifically and even is frightening. Nevertheless, experiments on air saturation by easy negative ions are made for a long time.
As what to choose the air purifier
Какой выбрать очиститель воздухаLet's try to create clean air in places where it is carried out most of all time: houses and at work. It is not so difficult as it seems at first sight, all necessary is already invented, tested and successfully works on advantage to the person. It will be a question of the household air purifier, and will help to decide on its choice of
As what to choose a humidifier
Какой выбрать увлажнитель воздухаIt is known that our skin for 70% consists of water. Even if we will drink enough liquid, it we can appear a little if air indoors, is excessively dry. On surfaces of subjects more static electricity will accumulate. In such conditions skin, respiratory organs suffer, the general health worsens.
Choice of an accumulative water heater (boiler)
Выбор накопительного водонагревателя (бойлера)First of all, it would be desirable to tell that such "boiler". In technical language the boiler represents a water heater of accumulative type. And if it is simply to speak, it is system from a heating element and a tank in which actually and water heats up to a certain temperature and it is supported at the same level.
We choose an electric (spiral) heater
Выбираем электрический (спиральный) обогревательWinter. Cold. Batteries heat poorly … What to do? Than to be heated? We go to buy an electric heater …
Choice of an infrared heater
Выбор инфракрасного обогревателяInfrared heaters successfully are already used not one year, but a wide circulation in comparison with other devices intended for heating of the room, for the present did not receive. The majority of the used infrared heaters is used in rooms of industrial function, supermarkets, offices.
We choose an electric heater
Выбираем электрический обогревательWith cold weather approach you start reflecting on possible purchase of a heater. For anybody not a secret that problems with a central heating in our houses are far from their full permission.
Conditioner choice according to characteristics
Выбор кондиционера по характеристикамHaving decided on conditioner type, it is important to make a choice for this or that unit on technical characteristics. The conditioner has to provide a maximum level of comfort at the minimum costs of its service.
We choose the conditioner
Выбираем кондиционерAs well as upon purchase of any other household appliances when we choose the conditioner, it is necessary to be informed in the offered models and their characteristics. After all the right choice of the conditioner not only will allow to create indoors a comfortable situation, but also will relieve you of need of its frequent repair.
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