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Business and finance

Councils for a business management and finance. Information on deposits, credits, on different types of payments and use of plastic cards. Keep money in the budget and force them to work.
How to save on purchases
Как экономить на покупкахPopular wisdom says - saved, so earned. As well as where to buy qualitative goods at minimum price? It is especially actual if the budget puts you in a rigid framework and, unfortunately, big expenses it is too expensive. And after all there are various ways and tricks, about them and the speech will go today.
What is the bank guarantee
Что такое банковская гарантияThe concept of the bank guarantee was heard by many. What is such and as it is put into practice in business, we will consider in detail material.
How to fight against collectors
Как бороться с коллекторамиToday very few people have no behind soul the uniform credit. And very few people are not afraid to appear the malicious defaulter and to fall into hands of employees of collection bureau. Who are they and what actually can make to you? Today we will talk about knocking-out of debts.
Rules of business correspondence
Правила деловой перепискиBusiness communication never does without business correspondence. Especially such business management is actual at the solution of immediate problems in short terms, and personal meeting is not expected. But sometimes the wrong text and semantic registration of the letter can call expediency of cooperation into question. Today will tell how not to face such problem.
Deposits with capitalization of percent
Вклады с капитализацией процентовInvestment of capital into the deposit account is not only by rescue of savings from inflation any more. Thanks to deposit deposits, in the conditions of stability of economy it is possible even to increase the savings.
How to calculate product cost
Как рассчитать себестоимость продукцииPrime cost of the made or realized production is one of the most important indicators for the analysis of efficiency of a production activity as the enterprises in general, and its separate structural divisions. So, we will tell readers of that such prime cost and as it is possible to calculate it.
Methods of the accounting of expenses
Методы учета затратThe accounting of expenses at the enterprise – an important point in determination of overall performance of the enterprise. The accounting of production costs is made according to the methods approved by top management of the company and allowed by the tax law of the country in which jurisdiction the company works. What methods are applied to the accounting of expenses? Also we will tell readers of in this article about it.
Investments into share funds
Инвестиции в паевые фондыIn the previous article wrote how to trade in shares at stock exchange and how to choose the companies which actions are most attractive to purchase during this period. However such way of preservation and enhancement of the capital suits not all.
Application of disciplinary punishment
Применение дисциплинарного взысканияIn labor process situations when the employee does not fulfill the duties often meet or executes them in an inadequate way. In this case the employer applies various sanctions to employees to prevent emergence of similar situations in the future.
How to take the credit without references and guarantors
Как взять кредит без справок и поручителейTo take the credit today, apparently, it is possible quite easily, actually everything is not so simple. Not all banks meet requirements of clients who need money in the shortest possible time. Or lay down very severe conditions. How to take the credit without references and guarantors - knows
Analysis of liquidity of balance
Анализ ликвидности балансаLiquidity of balance is represented by the degree of a covering of obligations of the enterprise of its asset reflecting the speed of return of money which were enclosed in acquisition of different types of property and obligations, in a turn.
How to get clear of debts
Как избавиться от долговToday abundance of life and its temptations trap us everywhere. And quite often potential debtor comes to such conclusion: "I want all and at once!". And as a result, even bread - on credit!
How to receive a delay on the credit
Как получить отсрочку по кредитуStatistically, each person at least once took a loan in bank in lives. And situations happen different and it is not always possible to make payments in due time. Many compatriots on ignorance start evading in such cases from communication with bank. It is not recommended to do it categorically. found out how to receive a delay on the credit.
Calculation of a limit of cash desk
Расчет лимита кассыThe limit of cash desk represents the most admissible sum of cash which can be stored in cash desk of the enterprise.
Inventory of cash desk
Инвентаризация кассыInventory of cash desk acts as planned action for comparison of the actual indicators and registration. In other words, inventory of cash desk is carried out to compare real existence of money, in cash desk of the enterprise to their registration indicators.
Registration of receipt of goods and services in 1C: Accounts departments
Оформление поступления товаров и услуг в 1С: БухгалтерииNow practically each commercial structure uses software products for conducting accounting. Acts as one of such software products 1C: Accounts department.
Profitability calculation
Расчет рентабельностиThe problem of efficiency of commercial activity excites each head, after all the owner of the enterprise is interested in profitability of business. Efficiency can be designated as a ratio between the received result and the spent resources.
Contract of delivery
Договор поставкиThe contract of delivery acts as one of the main forms of the contract. The contract of delivery is signed between the seller and the buyer. The main term of the contract of delivery consists that the seller undertakes to report to the buyer goods, and the buyer – to accept and pay them.
Trial period
Испытательный срокThe trial period represents time period which is determined at employment. As the purpose of a trial period check of compliance of the employee to requirements imposed by the employer acts. will go deep into this subject and will tell the readers about legislation subtleties which need to be provided at employment.
Calculation of average number
Расчет среднесписочной численностиToday will tell you how it is correct to count average number. Calculation of average number is made in forms No. 1-T "Data on number and a salary of workers" and No. P-4 "Data on number, a salary and the movement of workers". The form No. 1-T is given once a year, and the form No. P-4 is provided in service of statistics monthly.
Calculation of the property tax of the organizations
Расчет налога на имущество организацийThe property tax of the organizations is a regional tax, and it means that tax rates are established by regional regulations in the limits regulated by the Tax code of the Russian Federation.
How to take the credit to the unemployed
Как взять кредит безработномуIn life of each person there are situations when the unlimited sum of money is very quickly necessary. All therefore sooner or later all of us come to bank behind the credit have wealthy friends not. The bank understands that you can be officially jobless, and informally have very even not the bad income. To lose similar opportunity to earn the bank does not wish.
How quickly to sell goods?
Как быстро продать товар?How quickly to sell goods? This question torments mankind since then as in society in the address there was money. On what only shifts did not go businessmen as soon as possible to get off the hands the next consignment of goods. All the matter is that the economy of the market is based on a formula in which the speed of a turn is much more important, than a trade margin.
Registration of results of inventory
Оформление результатов инвентаризацииEach organization faces inventory. As a rule, inventory is carried out by own forces for establishment of compliance between registration and actual quantity of inventory items or money. The registration quantity of inventory items appears as a result of standard reports.
The reporting in the Pension fund by new rules
Отчетность в Пенсионный фонд по новым правиламThe reporting in the Pension Fund is given quarterly no later than the 15th day of the second month following the reporting period. That is the reporting in the Pension fund in 1 quarter is given no later than May 15, for the 2nd quarter – on August 15, for the 3rd quarter – on November 15. In 2013 the following forms are a part of the reporting for the Pension fund: RSV-1, SZV 6-4, ADV 6-5, ADV 6-2. 2
Order of updating of the software product 1C: Accounts department
Порядок обновления программного продукта 1С: БухгалтерияUpdating of software products on a platform 1C represents process with strictly certain operations procedure. Process of updating of software products 1C on a platform 7.7 is simple, but contains many stages, omission though of which updating correctly will not allow to carry out one. However the technology of updating for platforms 8.2 differs.
Trust management
Доверительное управление Where and how to place the money is very important question for any person for whom they are available. To bear the money for the deposit in bank today it is already not so actual. In such conditions people start looking for alternative options of an investment of money. One of such options - trust management.
Market capacity assessment
Оценка емкости рынкаMarket capacity represents the important criterion showing a condition of demand for this or that production. Many leading companies periodically determine market capacity to receive the leading positions. Trade enterprises use this parameter for increase in sales volume, and the production organizations – for optimization of the plan of production.
Order of opening of the account for SP
Порядок открытия счета для ИПBefore starting directly procedure of opening of the account, follow to carry out a peculiar monitoring of banking services, namely to choose bank in which it will be served conveniently and favourably. Cost parameters of the commissions and other payments have to be the most economic, and work of consulting services to differ in efficiency.
Accounting policies of the organization
Учетная политика организацииThe accounting policies start working since January 1 the year following after a year of her statement. The statement of accounting policies is approved by the order of the head of the organization, and its formation is assigned to the chief accountant or the other person responsible for conducting accounting.
The accounting of NMA in 1C: Accounts department of the enterprise
Учет НМА в 1С: Бухгалтерия предприятияFor the accounting of intangible assets in 1C: The accounts department of the enterprise exists the special subsystem located in the main menu of the program. Receipt of intangible assets is reflected by the document "Receipt of NMA". After the fact of receipt of NMA was reflected, it is possible to start its acceptance to the account. For these purposes the document "Acceptance to the Accounting of NMA" is used.
Formation of the purchase ledger in 1C: Accounts department 8
Формирование книги покупок в 1С: Бухгалтерия 8The purchase ledger represents the report which is formed on the basis of the corresponding facts of reflection of results of financial and economic activity of the enterprise. The purchase ledger is available from the main menu of the program "1C: Accounts department 8" in a bookmark "Purchase" – "Maintaining the purchase ledger". Also the purchase ledger is available from the panel of functions of the program in a bookmark "Purchase".
Nomenclature complete set in 1C
Комплектация номенклатуры в 1СAt the enterprises quite often there are situations when it is required to make a nomenclature complete set, that is to aggregate nomenclature unit from the spare parts which arrived on a warehouse. For these purposes in the program "1C: Accounts department 2.0" the document "Nomenclature Complete Set" available from the Warehouse menu is intended.
Personnel record in the program 1C: Accounts department 8
Кадровый учет в программе 1С: Бухгалтерия 8Software product 1C: The accounts department 2.0 contains a subsystem of a personnel record, however, this subsystem includes the limited range of documents allowing to make employment, personnel movement and dismissal of employees. The similar subsystem suits the small enterprises having limited number of employees.
Stock trade, fundamental analysis
Торговля акциями, фундаментальный анализ In the world there are two types of the analysis of stock market: technical and fundamental. Though both approaches have the same purpose, between them there are essential distinctions. For the traders using the fundamental analysis, a main objective – to find quickly developing company possessing sufficient financial stability. its investments are calculated on long-term profit.
Input of the initial remains in 1C: Accounts department 2.0
Ввод начальных остатков в 1С: Бухгалтерия 2.0Editing the initial remains in the program "1C: Accounts department 2.0" it is available from the menu "Enterprise". Before starting keeping account in the program "1C: Accounts department 2.0", it is necessary to enter the initial remains according to each section of the account. Upon transition on 1C: Accounts department 8 from version 7.7 transfer of account balances by means of universal processing is possible.
1C: Accounts department, the accounting of calculations with contractors
1С: Бухгалтерия, учет расчетов с контрагентамиProgram 1C: The accounts department 8 is intended for automation of the accounting of economic operations. Calculations with buyers and suppliers act as an integral part of activity of any legal entity. The reference book "Contractors" is intended for storage of a database of the organizations and natural persons with whom the company enters the settlement relations.
How to choose idea for house business
Как выбрать идею для домашнего бизнесаTo have own, let small, but stable business many dream. Having begun the business, we gain independence, but at the same time and responsibility for the financial state, and psychological comfort. House business does not demand big rooms, the impressive starting capitals and human resources, but, nevertheless, very popular and profitable business.
Depreciation calculation
Расчет амортизацииCharge of depreciation is provided for repayment of cost of objects of fixed assets. In narrow sense depreciation represents percentage expression of depreciation of fixed assets. In a broad sense depreciation is process of gradual transfer of cost of fixed assets on the made goods (works, services).
As the energy audit will save to production money
Как энергоаудит сэкономит производству деньгиPractice shows that at the majority of the enterprises potential for energy saving is available, however neither the management, nor power service of the enterprise will not be able to find and realize this potential independently — specific knowledge and the equipment are necessary. The power consulting companies will help to help with decrease in specific weight of energy consumption in product cost.
Drawing up an assortment matrix
Составление ассортиментной матрицыThe assortment policy is that thing on which prosperity of any shop more depends. Even if the businessman has well working personnel management system, skilled accountants and talented administrators, they will not be able to have the same impact on the end result, as the thought-over work with the range.
The accounting of inventory items in "1C: Accounts department 8"
Учет товарно-материальных ценностей в «1С: Бухгалтерия 8»On accounts of the accounting of the inventory items (II) in the program "1C: Accounts department 8" the sub-account "Nomenclature" giving the chance to keep analytical account on each object of TMTs is by default established. Additional types of the analytical account are adjusted by the user according to features of activity of the enterprise.
1C: Accounts department, calculations with reporting persons
1С: Бухгалтерия, расчеты с подотчетными лицамиDelivery of money to reporting persons can be made in the cash or non-cash way. Cash disbursement of money is made out by means of the document "Account Cash Warrant". This document is available in the program "1C: Accounts department of the enterprise" from the menu "Cash desk". Delivery of non-cash money – by means of the document "Write-off from the Settlement Account".
1C: Accounts department, reflection of the income and expenses at the simplified tax system and ENVD
1С: Бухгалтерия, отражение доходов и расходов при УСН и ЕНВДIn this article features of accounting of the company applying the simplified system of the taxation and ENVD on the example of the software product "1C are considered: Accounts department of the enterprise, edition 2.0". Division of the income and expenses according to each kind of activity is necessary for the correct calculation of the sum of a tax for the simplified system of the taxation.
1C: Accounts department, charge and payment of a salary
1С: Бухгалтерия, начисление и выплата заработной платыThe Accounts Department of the Enterprise software product contains a subsystem of charge and payment of a salary. This system differs in partial automation. The program does not count holidays, hospital and other charges which calculation is made in the difficult way. Let's consider process of charge and payment of a salary in the program "1C: Accounts department of the enterprise" on an example.
Analysis of opportunities of the enterprise
Анализ возможностей предприятияInformation received during factorial research of the market shows, what problems in activity of firm exist, and allows to formulate offers on their decision. Implementation of such offers requires some base. For this reason the final stage of the strategic analysis of the market is the analysis of opportunities of firm.
Advertizing activity at the enterprise
Рекламная деятельность на предприятииLeading role of advertizing that this communication tool is means for fixing of market positions and development of new niches. However, it is necessary for practical realization of the called principle that advertizing was part of the general marketing strategy of the company. Therefore modern advertizing is a result of serious work of various experts.
Strategic planning at the enterprise
Стратегическое планирование на предприятииPlanning of marketing activity at the enterprise takes an important place because strategic plans are focused on long-term development of the company. In the course of planning of marketing activity it is possible to allocate conditionally some stages, definition of the purposes and tasks, and the last – an assessment of efficiency of the held events is first of which.
How to calculate percent on the credit
Как рассчитать проценты по кредитуAs often happens, start comparing offers of banks and choose, where an interest rate for the credit the lowest. And in practice it turns out that the real sum which will be paid on the credit, is much higher declared in advertizing of bank. If offer the interest-free credit, be ready to pay for various services of bank which it is impossible to refuse.
The zero reporting in a pension fund and the Social Insurance Fund
Нулевая отчетность в пенсионный фонд и ФССLack of economic activity does not exempt the enterprise from delivery of the reporting. Such reporting is called zero. Also there are some rules by preparation of the zero reporting. For non-presentation or untimely submission of the zero reporting penalties are provided in a pension fund and the Social Insurance Fund.
Business on cultivation of bees
Бизнес по разведению пчелIn a high-rise building cultivation of bees senselessly. Neighbors will eat before receive products. But many have dachas, houses in the village and the mass of free summertime. Naturally, upon purchase and cultivation of bees the financial component interests everyone. Let's look, how many we will spend and on what profit we can count.
How to open the account in Sberbank of Russia
Как открыть счет в Сбербанке РоссииCan open the account in Sberbank of Russia everyone. For this purpose it is enough to address to the next branch of the bank, to show the passport and to specify the purpose for which you want to open the account. Depends on the purpose what banking product to you will offer. Registration of the account for the natural person always includes his binding to the savings book or a plastic card.
Analysis of expenses of the enterprise
Анализ затрат предприятияProcess of economic activity assumes some expenses, i.e. expenses of the enterprise or economic cost of the resources necessary for full functioning. The nature of emergence of expenses and costs in each company has different character. From the point of view of the strategic analysis of expenses and costs it is necessary to conduct researches of all expenses.
Purposes and problems of marketing activity
Цели и задачи маркетинговой деятельностиThe purposes and problems of marketing activity have something in common with common goals and problems of functioning of the enterprise. Marketing activity has to promote development of the enterprise in the chosen direction therefore its purposes are direct reflection of the general mission of the company. The main thing that between the chosen directions of development there was a communication.
Assessment of competitiveness of goods
Оценка конкурентоспособности товараEach enterprise functioning in the conditions of the competition needs to have certain advantages to achieve a goal. Therefore each company pays special attention to the made goods to create the most attractive offer which realization will make the greatest profit.
Price policy and price strategy
Ценовая политика и ценовые стратегииThe essence of price policy consists in allocating the offered goods and services with the most optimum economic characteristic which is capable to adapt under continuously changing situation in the market. Price strategy act as practical application of price policy. For development of price policy some stages are provided.
Logistic features of the organization of sale
Логистические особенности организации сбытаFrom the point of view of marketing the logistics represents system of the interconnected functions which performance does process of distribution of goods by the most optimum. Effective realization of all functions also provides achievement of a main objective of logistics which consists in timely delivery of goods in in advance defined place, using the minimum expenses.
Analysis of the competitive environment
Анализ конкурентной средыActivity of competitors is important for business development. Each measure taken by firm involves response of other companies which are engaged in production and distribution of similar goods and services. Research of competitors is a necessary step for obtaining full information on the market environment in which the enterprise functions.
Product quality control
Управление качеством продукцииConcepts of quality and goods are inseparably linked with each other. Not goods, but the set of consumer properties and characteristics capable to meet this or that need are on sale. All clients seek to possess qualitative production. In this regard quality can be considered as one of competitive advantages.
Studying of consumers and requirements
Изучение потребителей и потребностейAll activity of the organization first of all is directed on satisfaction of requirements of target audience. As buyers both individuals, and other companies can act. Each of clients uses the acquired characteristics and properties of goods for satisfaction of own inquiries, whether it be consumption of a product for personal reasons or purchase for resale.
Where to find and how to obtain the most favorable credit
Где найти и как получить наиболее выгодный кредитThe wide range of offers of commercial banks makes a choice of the optimum credit for the borrower the most difficult. Often everything is reduced only to a choice of a credit rate or requirements to a package of documents. Nevertheless it is worth choosing the creditor not so hasty especially as for this purpose each of us near at hand has a useful, simple tool – the Internet.
Packing and marking of goods
Упаковка и маркировка товаровCommodity brands appeared when there was a need to divide producers and sellers. Today they carry out the same function. As means of marking the labels, labels, bar codes identifying goods of concrete firm act. Packing represents not only a security measure of goods, but also the important instrument of sales promotion.
Retail shops in distribution system
Розничные магазины в системе сбытаRetail trade is a type of commercial activity, the direction on satisfaction of needs of end users. The enterprises of retail trade finish process of physical distribution of inventory items. Realization of goods by means of retail shops happens for consumption of the acquired production for personal reasons.
Etiquette of business communication
Этикет делового общенияBeginning the career in office it is not enough to own skills of office etiquette. The important component in your advance will be played by meetings, negotiations, other official actions the correct behavior on which will become the key to success. The etiquette of the business sphere is very many-sided, and it is impossible to comprehend it at once all. But it is necessary to aspire to it.
Characteristic and choice of sales channels
Характеристика и выбор каналов сбытаThe sales channel represents a complex of the interconnected enterprises which activity is directed on the organization of process of a commodity-money exchange. In other words, the sales channel includes a certain number of the companies, each of which is one way or another involved in a chain of the movement of goods from a place of its production to the end user.
How to order and receive a credit card on the Internet
Как заказать и получить кредитную карту в интернетеThe simplest consumer credit can turn back for hours of the killed free time, the mass of the spent nerves and forces, and also weeks of expectation. Fortunately, there is also an alternative to campaigns in bank. Why somewhere to go if you can submit the application for a credit card, staying at home in the habitual chair, and to see available options on the thematic sites.
How to open online store without investments
Как открыть интернет-магазин без вложенийEach person dreams to open the business. However reefs in the organization of business so many that the desire quickly disappears. But there is a "facilitated" option – you can open regional representation of any large online store in the city. I will not tell that process was too simple, but it, undoubtedly, in power practically to each person.
1C: Accounts department, accounting of operations with fixed assets
1С: Бухгалтерия, учет операций с основными средствамиProgram "1C: The accounts department" is intended for automation of accounting operations. The accounting of fixed assets is not an exception and is realized in the program by means of the relevant documents which carrying out forms necessary accounting records and printing forms. Let's consider on the example of the software "1C: Accounts department" on a platform 8.2.
Assortment policy of the enterprise
Ассортиментная политика предприятияThe range of goods represents set of the goods possessing the similar individual properties providing realization of their functional purpose and creating a show-window of the enterprise. The range under the influence of various factors, among which demand, profitability and production base of the enterprise is formed.
ABC analysis of sales
ABC-анализ продажThe purpose of the analysis of results of activity of the enterprise is identification of problems, search of ways of fight against them. An assortment number of the company consists of a set of positions. To place priorities between goods and to make the decision on an exception of the range, it is necessary to carry out the complex analysis of sales. One of methods of such analysis is ABC analysis.
The organization of marketing at the enterprise
Организация маркетинга на предприятииThe modern terms of market economy are dictated by the rules of development of business. For anybody not a secret that without the competent organization of marketing at the enterprise efficiency of its activity considerably decreases. Features of creation of marketing departments at each enterprise gain specific character and depend on a number of factors.
PR technologies and business
PR-технологии и бизнесPublic Relations (PR) – a complex of actions for interaction with the public. If to speak about a business environment, It is necessary to tell that as persons on whom PR methods are directed act: consumers of production, suppliers and partners in business, mass media (MM), Internet communities, potential investors, and in some cases and competitors.
Planning of expenses on compensation
Планирование расходов на оплату трудаThe accounting of calculations with the personnel are regulated by the Labour code of the Russian Federation. The specified legal act established an order and repayment periods of debt which violation involves penalties. So there is a need of planning of expenses on compensation for the purpose of avoidance of unforeseen expenditure and the reasonable order in cash.
Typical mistakes of the beginning businessmen
Типичные ошибки начинающих предпринимателейIn one of interview Radislav Gandapas (the businessman with a 18-year experience, the famous business coach) told how opened once the business. Expensive office in the new business center, the beauty secretary, expensive beautiful site, the smart catalog with the description of services, very expensive business cards, a logo. Everything was top-level, only sales were not. The project had to be curtailed.
Credit dependence
Кредитная зависимостьThe credit as the phenomenon, takes roots in our life more and more. But if in the West are familiar with this concept for a long time, at us many people due to the lack of a "certain" experience make many mistakes at a credit capture. In this article it will not be described how it is correct to take the credit. I on the example will show to readers how not to get to credit dependence.
Technology of effective sales
Техника эффективных продажEffective sales are a pledge of prosperity of any organization. Even if the company realizes the goods, best in the world, at the prices, best in the world, without good sales managers it will not be able to develop. You want to get a job the sales manager, but do not even represent how it is correct to sell? Let's try understand model of sales.
Development of the name for the company
Разработка названия для компании The modern market relations generate more and more new firms, small, average and large. For anybody not a secret that at creation of own business not to do without financial investments. Why success of business depends and how to avoid vain monetary losses at its creation? For today it is proved that 90% of success of the enterprise depend on its name.
Ideas for business without big investments
Идеи для бизнеса без больших вложенийFor the people wishing to open own business there came very favorable times. Already there is a huge number of examples when almost without starting expenses successful business was created. Let's understand what the business options which are not demanding big investments are. We will take the sum of 50 thousand rubles for starting "ceiling", this sum at desire will be found by everyone.
Communication with clients by phone (councils to managers)
Общение с клиентами по телефону (советы менеджерам)One of the most perspective and highly paid professions is a profession of the sales manager now. However one sales managers can make a miracle by phone, and others for any reason do not consult, giving potentially successful contracts to more successful competitors. In what the reason?
Intra corporate PR
Внутрикорпоративный PR Art of PR is borrowed from the West where experts in the 70th created large-scale PR campaigns. Intra corporate PR – the blend of PR methods, advertizing technologies and ways of psychological influence directed on the staff of the company. He assumes development of a corporate style, special standards of behavior, scenarios of action in conflict situations.
Conducting advertizing in system of Yandex. Direkt
Ведение рекламы в системе Яндекс.ДиректIt is considered to be that advertizing is capable to influence process of sales, and in some cases and to operate it. Actively also Internet advertizing behaves, gradually suppressing such carriers as: radio, print media and television. Today we will mention subject of a contextual advertizing and we will understand expediency of its inclusion in your advertizing campaign.
Registration of the trademark
Регистрация товарного знакаThe trademark (or in a different way, commodity brand) is the main means of an individualization of goods, service or the organization. It represents the graphic, sound, verbal or combined designation (symbol) which is urged to make goods or service recognized among a wide range of consumers, to distinguish from competitors.
Preparation and carrying out business negotiations
Подготовка и проведение деловых переговоровBusiness negotiations are a way of creation of relationship with people by method of creation of effective communication. Rigid, without defeats, difficult, inefficient, ineffectual – all these concepts perfectly approach to describe an essence of this process. To lead negotiations to any outcome, it is necessary to pass some stages.
How to hold a business meeting with the client
Как провести деловую встречу с клиентомThe essence of holding a business meeting consists in creation of constructive conversation of two or more persons. For carrying out productive negotiations it is necessary to be prepared for conversation: to decide on clothes style, to set goals, to collect the most detailed information on the client, to decide on style of behavior etc.
Check of safety on object: fire alarm
Проверка безопасности на объекте: пожарная тревогаIn order that the industrial facility began work, previously it undergoes a number of testing. As a rule, in most cases the main attention is paid to fire safety, that is level of preparation of object for potentially possible fire, and also level of protection of object against uncontrollable ignition.
Energy audit and economical use of resources
Энергоаудит и экономное использование ресурсовAny production consumption of energy resources – the electric power is the cornerstone, of solid or liquid fuel. Economically to use them on production without damage to quality and speed of work, it is necessary to address to experts who will expertize to that, how many it is consumed energy resources, will offer ways of their rational economy.
Carrying out examination – pledge of safe work
Проведение экспертизы – залог безопасной работыOften on our productions the dangerous equipment which already managed to fulfill the term or that equipment which not up to the end conforms to safety requirements for workers and environment is used. To reveal and lay off the equipment which is not corresponding to the established criteria of safe work and carry out expertize of industrial safety.
Obtaining permissions and licenses for the enterprise
Получение разрешений и лицензий для предприятияThere are enterprises which activity is directly connected with possible environmental pollution or on production the equipment dangerous to workers is used. In similar cases control from government bodies is completely justified. For obtaining permissions to similar activity it is necessary to collect and prepare a number of documents.
Power audit, way of economy of the electric power
Энергетический аудит, способ экономии электроэнергииAt the large enterprises and productions the mood to accountants can not only spoil uneconomical, irrational uses of the electric power, but also literally result in bankruptcy. In similar conditions pertinently to remind that there are special organizations which are engaged in power audit (power inspection).
Types of advertizing, advantage and feature of perception
Виды рекламы, преимущества и особенности восприятияAdvertizing – the effective channel of communication by means of which it is possible to give feelings and emotions to call for action and to force to buy production of a certain firm. Choosing this or that way of advertizing communication, it should be taken into account a number of nuances: preferences of target audience, desirable effect, essence of the advertizing message.
Choice of an optimum way of repayment of the credit
Выбор оптимального способа погашения кредитаToday the credits became more available, and also also procedure of crediting became most simplified. However the credits became more expensive to consumers. Also depends on the schedule of repayment and the scheme of charge of percent on it, generally your final overpayment. Therefore in this article we will pay the maximum attention to such parameter of the credit as the schedule of repayment.
What to choose system of the taxation for SP
Какую выбрать систему налогообложения для ИПIf in your life there came the moment when long ago all began to declare the felt businessman's potential louder and more loudly themselves, sooner or later before you will become a question of what system of the taxation for you as for SP more preferable to choose. The correct decision will allow you to avoid further many unnecessary expenses, both material, and temporary.
Work in network business
Работа в сетевом бизнесеSo, you accurately considered everything and decided that work in the network company - chance to change the life. You decide that want to be engaged in network business and to work for itself. It was necessary to choose the company for cooperation. To whom to address? I can recommend a little. But remember that people in our country treat network sales managers (distributors), to put it mildly, irritably.
Rabbit breeding as business
Кролиководство как бизнесThe technology of cultivation of rabbits which are applied by the person, can divide into three main types: retro, techno and akseleratsionny rabbit breeding. From them only akseleratsionny rabbit breeding can be applied as business to any quantity of the invested capital. This business develops, there are new, progressive forms of akseleratsionny rabbit breeding.
How to hand over the declaration in electronic form
Как сдать декларацию в электронном видеElectronic declaring represents the newest way of filling and delivery of the tax reporting, by means of the Internet. It is started for the purpose of optimization of the reporting and aimed at simplification of process of delivery of declarations. Tax services are now an electronic window which provides full confidentiality of correspondences and good security of information.
Opening of the settlement account
Открытие расчетного счетаAny enterprise for business and convenience of mutual settlements with partners has to have the settlement account in bank. And if for individual entrepreneurs it has advisory nature, for open company, joint stock company and other organizational forms of legal entities this indispensable condition. Opening of the settlement account demands attention and a conscious choice of bank.
Payment of a tax on sale of the car
Уплата налога с продажи автомобиляYour car is sold. What to do is farther not to be in debt before the state? Whether it is necessary to pay income tax for the money obtained from sale of the car? If it is necessary, how many? When to pay and what documents are necessary? There is a set of questions, suggest to deal with them one after another.
How to open private kindergarten
Как открыть частный детский садIn modern Russian conditions people stand in queues and wait for years to arrange the child in kindergarten. Besides, in many cities very few good kindergartens or the centers for children. To develop this business it can appear very effective enterprise as demand for services of kindergartens remains steadily high.
The Russian car loan – realities and prospects
Российский автокредит – реалии и перспективыSince 2009 demand for a preferential car loan in Russia exceeded the most courageous expectations. And today the Russian car loans also are on rise. Invariable growth of interest of ordinary citizens in acquisition of the car by installments allows to do the most optimistical forecasts about further successful advance of it like the credit relations.
How to calculate pension
Как рассчитать пенсиюThe pension is paid every month and is urged to provide citizens with the income because they reached a retirement age and do not receive a salary. There are different types of pension: on an old age, disability, loss of the supporter. Often there is a question: "How independently to calculate the pension sum?". We suggest to understand subtleties of calculation of an old-age pension.
Payment of the personal income tax
Уплата НДФЛThe income is an economic benefit. In any form: monetary or natural value but only when its size can be estimated by rules of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. The personal income tax is a tax on income of the citizen gained during some reporting period. His all citizens (residents) of the country and nonresidents – foreigners who gained income in our country pay.
Agricultural appointment purchase of land in Ukraine
Покупка земли сельхозназначения в УкраинеThe Ukrainian lands agricultural appointments have reputation of the best in the world. And here that thus they give to production far not so much, how many could, there is a variety of reasons among which call also lack of opportunity freely to sell and buy agricultural grounds. Introduction of the transparent market of lands has to change a lot of things in the existing situation.
Receiving credit history
Получение кредитной историиToday the spotless credit history of the client is one of the major factors promoting receiving the credit by the natural person. Most of creditors even more often for registration of the credit include information on other loans of the potential client in the list of documents. The natural person can receive credit history in several ways.
What is the discount coupons
Что такое скидочные купоныAny of us who ever held money in the hand, always hoped to save and buy something at lower price. Unfortunately, the few shops can brag of cheap goods and the ordinary buyer simply has no place to disappear. And how to buy good goods, for example, at a discount of 60%? Similar opportunity to us is given by discount coupons.
Choice of system of the taxation
Выбор системы налогообложенияAccording to the Tax code of the Russian Federation there are three types of system of the taxation: the main system of the taxation (MST) simplified (simplified tax system) and a uniform tax on imputed income (ENVD). At a choice of system of the taxation it is necessary to consider a number of factors, among which kind of activity, a ratio of level of the income and expenses, etc.
Quality of service in bank
Качество обслуживания в банкеAll of us are connected by this or that measure with a banking system. And it occurs not because the banking system is so attractive but because modern society simply got used to use electronic money. But choosing, in what bank to start being served, it is necessary to know some signs which distinguish "good" bank from "bad".
Registration and use of a credit card
Оформление и использование кредитной картыMany banks suggest the clients to use today a credit card which is the easiest and convenient way of receiving money on credit. In essence, is a small electronic purse by means of which it is possible not only to remove hard cash, but also to pay the acquired goods or the ordered services.
Joint purchases
Совместные покупкиSome years exists and successfully such activity as joint purchases develops. For someone this concept is well familiar, but there will be people who hear about it for the first time. Therefore I want to share with readers of the knowledge in this the interesting, fascinating and tightening type of shopping.
WebMoney conclusion in Ukraine
Вывод WebMoney на УкраинеThose who earns in a network, will face WebMoney conclusion problem sooner or later. It after all is good that they lie on a virtual purse, but so there are a wish to see the same sum in a purse real. How to cash WMU in Ukraine – will in detail tell
How to use the ATM
Как пользоваться банкоматомIt is about the simplest option when only it is required to receive cash in the ATM. It is habitual for someone for a long time, and someone never used the ATM. It is necessary to tell that the instructions provided in article can be only approximate as the software of ATMs can change a little.
Credit vacation
Кредитные каникулыAmong borrowers there are a lot of those who is not capable to estimate correctly the opportunities, as a result become debtors of bank. And the situation with world financial crisis only aggravated a situation, having added to ranks of defaulters of the dismissed citizens. In such situation to hide and only to accumulate a debt – not the best exit. There are more acceptable decisions.
How to avoid deception at a currency exchange
Как избежать обмана при обмене валютAt the time of crisis, the exchange rate grows before the eyes. Simple inhabitants, and businessmen try to keep the savings, by transfer of our currency to the foreign. But also swindlers do not doze! Persons interested it is illegally to be enriched on a currency exchange becomes more increasing. How to avoid deception at exchange operations today will tell
Fraud with plastic cards
Мошенничество с пластиковыми картамиThe Russian people always loved "freebie". Can therefore in our country fraud prospered and prospers. Today will tell you how not to fall into a trap "flimflammers" and to save the money when using of ATMs and terminals. I will begin with vital history...
We invest in vending massage chairs
Инвестируем в вендинговые массажные креслаThe CEO of the JSC Tekhnologii Prikosnoveniya company Litvishko Oleg imparts experience: "Now according to the main list of positions, such as house massage chairs, manual masseurs, massage capes, we see stagnation and even a certain reduction of sales volume. At the same time the total sales grow at the expense of the only model – vending massage chairs".
Rules of behavior during crisis
Правила поведения во время кризисаHow many would not speak about crisis on television, did not write in newspapers – it always seems the ephemeral and insignificant phenomenon. Only when it will not come to you to a house threshold, you will not begin to panic. How to behave not to get to an awkward financial situation, to remain afloat and even to hammer together the small capital – read in this article.
How to earn on crisis
Как заработать на кризисеLet's understand because of what it arose and what it is necessary to expect? On this question hardly there will be two economists with a consensus just as there is no consensus also for the reasons of developing of the Great world depression 29-33kh years and a default in Russia in August, 1998. There are two main concepts of emergence of world financial crisis 2008.
Advertizing formula, review of the second: ATL and BTL
Формула рекламы, обзор второй: ATL и BTLEach advertiser asks a question how more effectively to spend the advertizing budget. What it is ideal advertizing? We exist a set of ways: Newspapers magazines, Radio, Televidenye Internet, billboards and the other other. In this review we will try to remove the Formula for Internet of Advertising. But about the beginning we will be defined that is the cornerstone of such formula.
How to avoid the conflicts in family business
Как избежать конфликтов в семейном бизнесеRather family business there are two points of view: relatives cannot organize the successful and prospering business owing to the relations which developed between them (confidential or, on the contrary, mistrustful). Relatives are capable to create steadily progressing structure. And surprisingly both opinions have firm practical confirmations.
That it is necessary to know about the credits
Что нужно знать о кредитахSuch banking product as crediting, now is at popularity peak. Without having in a pocket kopeks, everyone is able to afford any whim. Banks are guaranteed that an overpayment for goods it is on credit insignificant it is small, and even in general is absent. Whether so it actually? In what sum finally the "cheap" credits pour out?
Sale of hair as a way to earn
Продажа волос как способ заработатьPeople started earning on sale of hair for a long time – after all the best wigs were made of natural hair (and now become). To sell hair it is necessary to have to start them. Only long hair are suitable for sale (from 25 cm), it is better if not colored and without streaks of gray – but also gray-haired, and colored too approach, simply cost cheaper.
As it is easy to earn
Как легко заработатьIt is considered that money needs to be earned with heavy work. And not only money. Even in the word "earn" it is audible "to receive for work". will not consider criminal ways – at least because as a result of people usually loses more, than gets. It is easy to receive money it is possible also in quite lawful ways.
Online crediting, ch.2
Онлайн кредитование, ч.2In last part of our story about online crediting we considered that this such, and also some technical questions of receiving and issuance of credit. Here we will try to light the moments, useful in practice, to give advice to both participating parties of the online credit. It will be especially important for the beginning creditors.
Online crediting, p.1
Онлайн-кредитование, ч.1The credits densely entered now our life. To live on credit became a fashionable habit for the modern person. How it is better to take the credit if you need financial injections or how to force the money to work, without rising from a chair. Will tell in this article about many aspects of these questions.
Use of plastic cards
Использование пластиковых картIn the previous article we considered practically all types of plastic cards existing for today. Now we will finish the begun subject and we will understand subtleties of their use. Clear business, on a card is number, a name of the owner of a card. This information to the ATM will be insufficiently to define you it or not you.
Types of plastic cards
Виды пластиковых картIn the world there is a huge number of plastic cards. Everyone has the history, appointment, features, qualities and shortcomings. All plastic cards can be divided into two look: payment and not payment. From a context clearly that the first work with money, the last – no. Let's begin our review with the last.
Network marketing or how to earn in the MLM project
Сетевой маркетинг или как заработать в MLM-проектеPresently there were quite frequent offers to earn in various MLM projects or in other words with the help network marketing. Here you will find answers to the following questions: what is MLM, a dethronement of myths about MLM whether really to earn by means of network marketing and how it is better to earn. So, we will begin.
Franchizing and search of the franchisee
Франчайзинг и поиск франчайзиSo, as it became clear from the previous article, the franchiser is a person or the company which managed to make the quite good, profitable, working business. It is natural that he wants it to expand. In what way to select from a great number of persons interested of the best. suggests to understand, on what it is necessary to pay first of all attention in such cases?
Franchizing and purchase of the franchize
Франчайзинг и покупка франшизыYour main task — the favorable room of money for the purpose of commercialization? Now there was quite widespread phenomenon an application of purchase and sale of franchizes, or, in other words, franchizing. That it for fruit and with what it is eaten, will try to inform to the readers in this article. So, we will begin.
Service consulting, when and where to address
Консалтинг услуги, когда и куда обращатьсяMarket technologies develop in present time so promptly, there is a huge number of new technologies, inquiries of consumers grow. Often the company should resort to services of the external consultants or firms specializing on business consultations or as they are called still – consulting firms.
Psychology of perception of advertizing
Психология восприятия рекламыYes, it is possible to agree that advertizing – the progress engine. The commercial often contains interesting and useful information, but sometimes such is thought out that there is a wish to ask: "And who wrote the text to you?" decided to share several useful tips about what has to be advertizing and how to make it more effective.
How to register open company
Как зарегистрировать ОООThe beginning businessman is faced by the mass of important questions. One of them – registration of the firm. In the territory of the Russian Federation the most widespread organizational and legal form of private enterprises is the limited liability company (in abbreviated form "open company"). Will tell about problems of registration of JSC in this article.
How to call firm
Как назвать фирмуOne of the main issues arising at the organization of new business is the name choice problem for firm. The good, sonorous name can quite become through some time a recognizable and successful brand. will offer some different approaches to a company name choice, and you solve what of them most of all approaches.
As well as what to take shares
Как и какие купить акцииYou earned money, and now want that this money worked for you? You want to acquire shares, but do not know, what shares it is better to take, moreover, and in general, do not know, where and how shares are taken? What risks of your investments? What possible profits? will try to help to understand the arisen questions.
That is necessary for opening of shop
Что нужно для открытия магазинаHow to open the shop? What it is necessary to remember thus? What details need to be considered that the shop made profit and was popular? So many questions should be decided that first and you do not know, for what to undertake. Let's try to understand together with that is necessary for opening of shop.
How to use bank cells
Как пользоваться банковскими ячейкамиBank cells represent the metal boxes intended for storage of ware values. will dwell upon consideration of how to issue on itself a bank cell, and what rights and duties arise of you and the parties of bank.
How to receive a car loan
Как получить автокредитNow practically in any newspaper it is possible to meet the announcements suggesting to buy the car by installments. Not to be trapped and further not to overpay excess percent on the credit, give together with we will understand all nuances of acquisition of the car on credit.
How to make the business plan
Как составить бизнес-планAt a certain stage of creation of business there is a need of drawing up the business plan. Any businessman knows, it is how important to make the business plan competently, after all it will serve as the card at the appeal to bank behind the credit or to potential investors.
How quickly to earn money
Как быстро заработать деньгиQuite often in our life there is a question of, where and as it is possible to earn money quickly. Each person will look for the answer to this question in the most different areas, because initial positions, knowledge, aspirations at each person the.
How to begin the business
Как начать свой бизнесYou consider that business is your elements that your ideas are original that your creative decisions have to bring you stable earnings. You have a readiness to begin, but you do not know with what, actually, to begin. will help to understand.
Money transfers in Russia
Денежные переводы в РоссииYour holiday is held under the motto "walk, so to walk", and here one fine day you find out, what money at you ended? Or you want to send the monetary help to the relatives? It is possible to transfer, of course, money a postal order or to transfer them from the account to the account but where it is better to use systems of money transfers.
Where to invest money
Куда вложить деньгиIt is not easy to earn money, even more difficult to keep them. It seemed, there would be money, would know where to enclose them. But when already you earned N-nuyu the sum of "free" money, the question of an investment rises very sharply. From Soviet period we remember that money can be invested in bonds, or to carry on preservation and enhancement in bank.
Bank deposits - when they are favorable
Банковские вклады - когда они выгодныTimes of changes in the former Soviet Union passed. In those days the people were afraid to bear money in bank, all were frightened of loss of deposits as a result of reforms of the beginning of the 90th years. Now the situation changed and various banks offer the most various types of deposits. Let's understand all types of bank deposits one after another.
History of ruble and its protection
История рубля и его защитаEmergence of the Russian monetary unit – ruble – played not the last role in formation of the state, and also in formation of the currency market of other countries. The Russian ruble has the history of the emergence and development which led it to that look which we use today.
Money and their protection
Деньги и их защитаIt is difficult to imagine life of modern society without money. And after all it – only the tool for calculations for goods. However, money has also other functions, but the majority of us got used to see means of payments in money. Many count money the evil, many – the greatest invention of mankind. will address to history of money.
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