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Sale and purchase of a car

Councils for purchase, sale and repair of new and second-hand cars. You will find questions of a customs clearance, rent, hire, and also the price of a car in this section.
Female cars
Женские автомобилиIt earlier the concept "woman" and "car" were perceived by society as something extraordinary. Today the modern woman it is obligatory for the autolady who is able to dump heels in time surely to press on gas.
"Drowned woman" on wheels – how to define
«Утопленница» на колесах – как определитьNow all to a bowl on car markets where cars with run are offered, there are so-called "drowned women". Unfair owners offer the car which earlier, in view of certain circumstances, was under water.
How to buy Rio KIA or other car "by rules"
Как купить Киа Рио или другое авто «по правилам»Purchase of a car — this sign event for each motorist, and is unimportant, whether there will be it the first in life car or next "change of horses", whether is decided to buy the newcomer Rio KIA or the car "with the biography". But today we will talk about subtleties and nuances which should be remembered, receiving the car in car showroom.
In the car showroom Citroen behind the second family car: nuances of a choice
В автосалон Ситроен за вторым семейным авто: нюансы выбораAs paradoxically it sounds, the question of purchase of the second family car for the wife often rises more sharply and more actually, than acquisition of the first. After all on it the most part of daily trips — for work, in kindergartens, schools, circles and sections, purchase of products and shopping, visits to friends and relatives is necessary. So, with what to begin a choice of "a working horse"?
Forward drive or back
Передний привод или заднийLike to argue in our people, do not feed with bread – let's express. Here and question: "What cars it is better, with the forward drive or with back?" – too very hot. Generally, decided to get here and to clear up. Having analysed all pluses and minuses, I think, everyone will be able to choose to himself the car, considering the financial opportunities and requirements.
Review of Japanese cars, part 3
Обзор японских автомобилей, часть 3Some readers will be dissatisfied with that cars of the Mazda and Subaru brand took the last places in our review. But we hurry to calm: cars are considered in decreasing order of popularity of brand. published information on those brands in which were interested the greatest number of Internet users, first of all.
Review of Japanese cars, part 2
Обзор японских автомобилей, часть 2Throughout the review of Japanese cars, we will tell about advantages and defects of cars from a model range of two more giants of Japanese automotive industry – the Honda and Mitsubishi companies. The majority of the models presented in the review, in fact, are restyling versions, but not everything is so unambiguous.
Review of Japanese cars, part 1
Обзор японских автомобилей, часть 1We in increasing frequency see Japanese cars on the Russian roads. And it with an ulterior motive, after all the trust to Japanese production is huge. In the review we decided to consider 20 cars of 6 various Japanese brands which had the greatest popularity on the Internet (by amount of inquiries in search engines).
Minivan choice to 12 thousand c.u., part 2
Выбор минивэна до 12 тыс. у.е., часть 2If all of you do not decide on purchase of a minivan yet, I want to expand your choice and to tell about one three of a car which, should not leave you indifferent and you surely stop the choice on any of them. Well, you I will not weary and I will at once start the review of three handsome: Kia Joice, Renault Scenic, Ford C-MAX.
Minivan choice to 12 thousand c.u., part 1
Выбор минивэна до 12 тыс. у.е., часть 1In this review of will stop on a choice of a usual minivan. They not such capacious as family minibuses, but nevertheless they have a number of advantages. I will try to tell about each minivan as much as possible. And if you wanted to buy a small avtobusnik, after reading the choice of a minivan will be more than transparent.
Councils upon purchase of the second-hand car
Советы при покупке подержанного автомобиляEach person, whether it be the student or the businessman, thinks of that, as if to buy to himself the four-wheel friend. But the majority of us cannot come at once to salon and buy the new car therefore it is necessary to choose from the second-hand. What is necessary in order that at a choice of the car which was in the use not to buy a cat in "bag"?
How to drive the car from Vladivostok
Как пригнать машину из ВладивостокаIn this article I will tell you how independently to drive the car from Vladivostok. This subject to me was cast by the cousin who lives there. It arrived to me to stay for a while by car. And for one to sell this car by which came. It appeared that most not difficult to drive the car from Vladivostok if you know where and when to go.
How to avoid deception in car showroom
Как избежать обмана в автосалонеSpecialists in consumer protection claim that zhulnichestvo at sale of the motor transport occurs very much that nobody is insured. And let it is impossible to secure itself against swindlers for 100%, but to be saved from the most widespread schemes of deception it is possible. And will help you with it.
The most expensive cars
Самые дорогие машиныIt is possible to tell with confidence that at most of inhabitants at the sight of the car which is allocated from crowd the first thought flashes: "And how many "it" costs?" We will try to understand, how many can cost the car, naturally, not "Zaporozhets" or "Muscovite", and what it is accepted to call "supercar".
How to choose the car
Как выбрать автомобильChoice and purchase of the car – quite difficult task: first, it demands from you certain monetary expenses, and in secondly, to decide on requirements to technical characteristics, the provided level of safety and comfort, and, of course, to a car class.
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