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Spare parts and accessories

Councils for a choice of spare parts for domestic cars and foreign cars. Useful information about tires, disks, autocosmetics, auto chemical goods and so forth accessories. And also about installation of the autoalarm system and toning of glasses.
How to choose disks a remark and in what their feature?
Как выбрать диски реплика и в чем их особенности?The question of change of disks or tires is particularly acute for any motorist. On the one hand change of tires depending on a season and their wear is a guarantee of safety and comfortable driving. Change of disks – opportunity to allocate the car and to give to originality to appearance. On the other hand, both that, and another considerably beats under the budget.
The tire calculator and other cunnings upon rubber purchase
Шинный калькулятор и другие хитрости при покупке резиныOn the Internet there are hundreds of articles on a right choice of wheels and accessories for cars today. But despite it, each motorist on border of a winter or summer season faces a problem of a pereobuvaniye of the iron favourite.
Transmission choice for a car
Выбор коробки передач для автоThe number of cars on streets grows before the eyes. No wonder that at a choice of "an iron horse" there is a mass of various questions. A transmission in a car – one of the most discussed points. It would seem, everything is simple – it is necessary to work at mechanics as hands and feet, and on the machine gun it is enough to move the selector in the mode D and quietly to go.
How to buy tires and not to regret?
Как купить шины и не пожалеть? Automobile tires can be compared to footwear. They and function carry out similar, and characteristics to them are shown the corresponding. In a case if automobile tires are picked up incorrectly, it will be reflected and in comfort of a driving, and in its safety.
Features of a choice of car DVRs
Особенности выбора автомобильных видеорегистраторовVideo recorders for motorists are one of the most useful devices. They are capable not only to conduct full statistics of the movement, but also to protect the car from vandals, and the driver from unpleasant talk with inspectors, penalties and even prison. Only not each motorist can make a right choice therefore it is worth understanding everything attentively.
Independent installation of a washer of headlights
Самостоятельная установка омывателя фарDirt on headlights is not terrible during daylight hours for obvious reasons at all, and here in the dark the situation is where is worse. Even small pollution significantly weakens a light stream from headlights that strongly worsens visibility. Fortunately, there is an exit – to establish a washer of headlights! It does not guarantee absolute purity, but considerably will improve a situation and will increase comfort.
Independent installation of biksenonovy lenses
Самостоятельная установка биксеноновых линзEach car owner at least once faced a problem of shortage of illumination of the road at a driving to a night-time. It actually a problem, but solved – change or completion of optics. And the most perspective direction of modernization of automobile optics - installation of biksenonovy lamps or biksenonovy lenses - that with skills on forces and most.
How to choose the charging starting arrangement
Как выбрать зарядно-пусковое устройствоAnd you know, what unites the car and the cell phone? Correctly! They are united by existence of the accumulator. And to them rather often there is such misfortune as their category that leads to impossibility of use of the device equipped with the accumulator. In these cases you will be come to the rescue by the chargers (C).
How to choose the automobile accumulator
Как выбрать автомобильный аккумуляторThat accumulators are one of the main details for many devices is already for anybody not a secret, but here what it is better and as it is correctly to use them, it still is a subject for discussions. But for a start after all it is necessary to present, and that it for an animal such – the accumulator. Let's glance in the automobile accumulator.
GBO installation: what, where and how?
Установка ГБО: что, где и как?So, you were interested by the GBO installation on your car as the economic enterprise. But if before business with it had no, for certain vaguely represent that, where and as. Let's try to take up all these questions rather in detail. And first of all we will tell that enters into the gas cylinder equipment, about its main knots.
How to choose engine oil
Как выбрать моторное маслоEveryone who has a car, especially, those who got it recently, are interested how to ensure long and reliable functioning of the engine. One of the key moments is timely replacement of oil. Especially it is important to know it that who bought the second-hand car or, on the contrary, to what brand new and brilliant machine gathers for first THAT.
Replacement of a wheel: rules and councils
Замена колеса: правила и советыMany of you, dear readers of have a car. Our roads – can seriously tickle nerves. What only mucks does not roll here. All this can easily put a wheel out of action or is banal to punch it. And what to do in this case? Naturally, to change a wheel. How to do it, will prompt in this article.
Choice and installation of the autoalarm system
Выбор и установка автосигнализацииThere are different ways of protection of the car against stealing: from the simplest mechanical locks of a wheel or pedals to difficult electronic automobile security complexes. will tell in this article how it is correct to choose and install the autoalarm system.
Myths about the Russian tires
Мифы о российских шинахIn this article we literally will dispel myths about the Russian producers of tires and quality of their production. Thereby we want to open eyes on a real situation in the Russian market of automotive industry and to increase opinion on domestic producers of tires.
How to choose summer tires
Как выбрать летние шиныWith approach of spring motorists get up before a problem of a choice of summer tires for the car. After all safety of the driver and passengers in many respects depends on quality of rubber. Road conditions in the winter and in the summer considerably differ. Therefore use of winter rubber in the summer, as well as is unsafe in the summer winter. Will help to understand subtleties of a choice of summer tires to drivers in this article.
What to choose winter tires
Какие выбрать зимние шиныArrival of winter for motorists is not only snow and a frost. This also immemorial turmoil – preparation of the car for an adverse season. The car on the snow-covered road will keep how surely or at ice will depend in many respects on winter tires.
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