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Mobile and cell phones

Councils for a choice of mobile (cellular) phone. And also information about accessories, games and appendices (ICQ), reviews and comparisons of phones of the best models from Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, LG, Sony Ericsson.
How to choose phone for the child
Как выбрать телефон для ребенкаIn the XXI adult does not represent the life without mobile phone. And here when the speech about need of purchase of the device to the child comes, almost always this question becomes "edge". Whether phone is really necessary to the child? From what age? What to buy – being in the use or new? Expensive or cheap? Today also we will answer these questions.
Luxury smartphones: interesting reviews
Смартфоны класса «люкс»: интересные обзорыThe price in $500 for the smartphone – not a limit, but only the beginning. However, one producers justify such cost of equipment with a high-performance stuffing, and others – expensive materials used for finishing of the case or that it is better – the known logo of the company engraved on a device cover.
How to choose satellite communication and satellite phone to it
Как выбрать спутниковую связь и спутниковый телефон к нейCouples centuries ago carrier pigeons which couple, starting on the journey were the main means of mobile communication, the traveler took with himself. Times changed, today to be connected to the satellite network similar to Iridium, anyone can. And, all necessary will easily go in in a backpack pocket.
How to make microSIM for iPad and iPhone 4
Как сделать microSIM для iPad и iPhone 4IPhone 4 and iPad gaining popularity have a set of original features which distinguish them against other models. One of them is use of microSIM-cards instead of standard SIM cards. Operators began to offer packages in which set there is a microSIM-card. But what to do to those who would like to leave the habitual tariff plan?!
How to reduce influence of radiation from the mobile
Как уменьшить влияние излучения от мобильногоAbout it it is written, probably, tens of thousands of articles, and the points of view on this problem are often opposite – from the statement of absolute safety of mobile communication to requirements of its total ban. It is logical to assume that truth somewhere in the middle.
Programs for smartphones on Symbian (Internet)
Программы для смартфонов на Symbian (интернет)Use of a global network, Internet passed to mobile devices for a long time. We visit the sites from phone, we unload and we download files from phone, we communicate on the Internet by means of the same phone. And by means of clever phone, i.e. the smartphone and a set of some programs it can be made quicker and, the main thing, is more comfortable for itself.
Programs for smartphones on Symbian (work with files)
Программы для смартфонов на Symbian (работа с файлами)Of course, it is impossible to advise all set of useful programs at once. At everyone the requirements. But there are those programs need in which is felt almost as everyone, here its and would like to recommend. And it is worth beginning with the organization of work with files and appendices is a basis of any digital device.
Free mobile communication
Бесплатная мобильная связьMobile communication as air. You notice it only when it is not present. What would we do without phones today? To leave the mobile phone at home – all the same what to go deaf-and-dumb beyond a threshold. The coming to an end money on the account – will force to give the last. Having shown a little sharpness, it is possible to call and without money. And if absolutely to try, and … without phone.
To whom to entrust repair of the mobile phone
Кому доверить ремонт мобильного телефонаThere is a set of offers on repair of mobile phones, but it is possible to divide them, in fact, into two parts: official offices which have the license for warranty repair and an aftersales service. And the second option semi-legal workshops with which national handymen for much smaller money are ready to help with repair.
Ways of deception by means of the mobile phone
Способы обмана при помощи мобильного телефонаNow each person has a mobile phone almost. Any SMS, calls on numbers with services and so on is only "gray", semi-honest schemes of pumping out of money. And how many still exists any "black" roguish ways. I will try to describe most "popular" of them in this article.
When tourist sim cards are favorable
Когда выгодны туристические сим-картыYou decided to spend holidays abroad, or the business trip is necessary to you? Since mobile communication rushed into everyday life and stopped being luxury goods, many people already simply cannot do without constant. is ready to tell how it is possible to be constant and economical in touch for the budget at trips abroad.
The best mobile phones of 2007
Лучшие мобильные телефоны 2007 годаChoice of the mobile phone – a difficult task. Different producers offer different functions of phones which sometimes it is difficult to inhabitant to understand. Price range – too is rather wide. And when you reflect on acquisition of new phone, it is necessary to weigh the mass of factors before the choice falls on this or that model.
The most expensive mobile phones
Самые дорогие мобильные телефоныNow any can find the mobile phone model suitable it, both on functionality, and at cost. Range of the prices of mobile phones is rather wide: from several ten dollars and to astronomical figures. In this article will tell about the most expensive mobile phones.
How to establish and adjust Jimm
Как установить и настроить JimmThis time we will try to help you to establish on the mobile ICQ client of Jimm. will try to capture as much as possible important questions connected with installation and the Jimm'a control, to prompt all possible solutions of the problems arising thus.
Review of ASUS P525
Обзор ASUS P525So, to me the device under the name ASUS P525 got to pads. I will try to tell that in it was pleasant to me and that is not present.
In total about Windows Mobile
Всё о Windows MobileWindows Mobile — very compact operating system for mobile devices created on the basis of Microsoft Win32 API. Under supervision of this operating system the following devices work: Pocket PC, smartphones, communicators. Having heard Windows Mobile, many speak is that? That? Which at me in a computer?!
In total about Symbian OS
Всё о Symbian OSOnce very long time ago, in age-old times there were Psion computers (someone, perhaps, remembers them, and someone and worked for them). They were created in the Psion company and worked to the Epoc operating system. This company in the commonwealth with Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola also developed the EPOC 32 operating system (Symbian OS).
How to choose the smartphone
Как выбрать смартфонUntil recently the pocket portable computer (PPC) which is built in the mobile phone was associated with the huge, massive device inconvenient in use. But recently with the advent of new technologies there were much more gracefully, more conveniently and more clearly devices which received the nice name – the smartphone.
How to choose mobile (cellular) phone
Как выбрать мобильный (сотовый) телефонDemand for mobile phones steadily grows. And therefore producers even more often let out new models that gives the chance to choose from the simply and cheap to expensive image mobile phone stuffed with various functions and additional opportunities.
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