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Internet and networks

You will find in the section how to create and adjust a local network and Internet access. Including councils for a choice and control of the network equipment, software, reviews of providers and hostings.
How to cut off a photo online or to cut out its fragment
Как обрезать фото онлайн или вырезать его фрагментEven more often we face need of various manipulations with photos and pictures. For example, quite often we need not the whole image, and only its some part, or it is necessary to exclude from it an unnecessary fragment (for example, a foreign advertizing inscription). Whether it is possible to carry out it quickly and without excess "troubles"?
From where users get on the page of the site
Откуда пользователи попадают на страницу сайтаActually, it is one of the major questions which has to interest all people who decided to be engaged online in business. After all from that, how many visitors will get on pages of your resource, also that will depend, how many money you will receive from the project.
How to reduce the photo size online
Как уменьшить размер фото онлайнFor today the Internet is developed so that former dependence on the concrete computer and a set of programs is practically not present. Many services are available online, it concerns and editing photos. With little effort and additional programs it is possible to reduce a photo online or, for example, to make a collage.
Popular expansions for Opera
Популярные расширения для finishes a cycle of articles about expansions for the most popular browsers. Now Opera time came. Statistically, Opera closes the three of leaders among browsers in Russia. Use it to 15% of users of the Runet.
The best expansions for Mozilla Firefox
Лучшие расширения для Mozilla FirefoxLiterally a few days ago offered the list of the best expansions for Google Chrome. Today Mozilla Firefox turn came. In the world nearly a third of Internet users uses it. Of course, developers of expansions could not avoid it.
Review of popular cloudy services
Обзор популярных облачных сервисовEvery year all become more popular cloudy storages of data. Yandex, Google, Mail.Ru – all giants of the market create "clouds". tries to understand what of them is better.
The best expansions for Google Chrome
Лучшие расширения для Google ChromeStatistically, the most popular browser is Google Chrome. Nearly a half of all Internet users uses it. But, if to be frank, many functions in it are not enough "from a box". Therefore made the list of expansions for Chrome which will make it the most convenient and functional.
How to crack the page of VKontakte
Как взломать страницу ВконтактеWho that did not speak, and thoughts were to crack someone's account in VKontakte at all. Someone wants "to check" the guy or the girl, someone wants to revenge, and it is simply interesting to someone, what yes as. will tell you as crack pages of VKontakte.
What has to be your site? Color matters!
Каким должен быть ваш сайт? Цвет имеет значение!For certain all of you heard about researches of the psychologists connected with influence of flowers. If you want that your site brought benefit and was effective, it has to be pleasant to users. And to be pleasant, it has to have attractive design. And color has not the last value here: the shade should not be simply pleasant, but also correspond to subject of the site.
Bulletin board on the Internet. One more possibility of earnings
Доска объявлений в Интернете. Еще одна возможность заработкаToday own business in the Network opens before the owner fascinating prospects for development of legal business activity which is carried out online. One of the most perspective directions which are not demanding big investments the electronic bulletin board which at competent raskrutkt can become a highly profitable resource is considered.
How to increase trust of users to the resource
Как повысить доверие пользователей к своему ресурсуIn the conditions of modern "online" of the market and high level of competitiveness of some commercial niches, it is the extremely important that your site was ideal in the opinion of the average user. Of what it is worth thinking? The site has to be convenient and functional exactly in that degree that it did not disturb your potential buyer, to the client or the partner to find that is necessary for it.
How to make a collage of photos online
Как сделать коллаж из фотографий онлайнCreation of a collage became some kind of art. In each case ourselves decide that will be present at a collage. To make a collage, only the computer, and the main thing is necessary, it is not obligatory to be able to use difficult programs. By means of online services, just and the photos intended for fast pasting, it is possible to make a beautiful collage in only some clicks.
Earnings on an exchange of electronic currencies
Заработок на обмене электронных валютThe number of various ways of earnings of money in a network considerably concedes to similar number in offline, but it nevertheless is very great. It is possible to earn most, and it is possible to invest the means under percent. Let's consider one of types of earnings on the Internet which, it is possible to tell, it is extremely important in a network – earnings on an exchange of electronic currencies.
Work with documents in Google Docs
Работа с документами в Google DocsThe main concept of "cloudy" technologies is that information is stored and processed by means of the server, and the result of these calculations is provided to the user by means of the browser. Among the most popular – Google Docs. Service allows to create and edit text documents, tables, presentations, graphic files.
Earnings on file hosting services
Заработок на файлообменникахFilesharing assumes opportunity to share files which you have and can be useful to another. Similar services are ready to pay to users a certain sum of money for downloadings. Usually calculation goes for 1000 downloadings of one file and fluctuates on average from 3 to 25 dollars.
Search optimization and advance of the site
Поисковая оптимизация и продвижение сайтаAdvance of the site without binding to its subject – quite hot topic today. Also it is work consists not only in filling of texts of the site key inquiries, – now there was a set of much more effective methods on advance of the site on the Internet.
Creation and setup of the FTP server on the home PC
Создание и настройка FTP-сервера на домашнем ПКQuite often there are cases when we need to exchange files with someone in a network. For files of the small size it is possible to use mail. It is acceptable when its size does not exceed several megabytes. And if it is the movie or game, or archive with photos in some gigabyte?! Here we will also be come to the rescue by own FTP server.
Purchases in online stores
Покупки в интернет-магазинахFive years ago very few people thought of where it is better to make purchases. And now we reflect, whether it is better to buy, staying at home, but not to run on the city, trying to discover goods is cheaper. And, on the other hand, it seems dangerous – after all virtual purchase can remain virtual. As well as that it is possible to buy in a network we will tell in this material.
How to get rid of viruses extortioners
Как избавиться от вирусов-вымогателейAccording to Kaspersky Labs and Dr.Web viruses extortioners were the most widespread among harmful programs last year and break all records in a year real. You were very lucky if your computer is reliably protected and did not receive such "guest" yet.
How to shop on an evaa
Как делать покупки на еВауThe thing acquired at auction can be new, used, broken or in general a rarity which more anywhere will not manage to be bought. On an evaa the huge choice of everything is presented that in general the person can buy. Therefore our task now – to teach readers of to shop at auction.
Registration for an evaa
Регистрация на еВауThough say that tastes differ, at the world Internet auction to an eva people can meet with the most different tastes and color preferences. evau it is known as a world flea market, on this Internet resource it is possible to buy anything. But that it was possible to make purchases, at first it is necessary to be registered. About subtleties of this process the speech will also go.
What is the torrent and as to use it
Что такое торрент и как им пользоватьсяAny person, got used to download from the Network music, movies or games directly from the server, i.e. from any site, a forum. But there are situations when on the Internet the required file is absent for any reasons. In such situations to us the remarkable Torrent service through which it is possible to find practically any file necessary to us comes to the rescue.
How to adjust the anonymous proxy server
Как настроить анонимный прокси-серверSo, you aimed to hide the IP address. Before you there is a choice: to use the Proxy-server "manually", i.e. to adjust a proxy in the browser, or to use special Proxy-programs that will independently find the working proxy server and automatically integrate into your browser. In this article will sort both ways.
How to learn and hide the IP address
Как узнать и скрыть свой IP адресFor a long time not a secret that each user of the World Wide web leaves traces of the stay, communication, interaction on the Internet. Whether it be communication at a forum, viewing of the sites or downloading something from the Internet, an essence one – information on your actions remains and if there is on that a reason, the people interested in it can catch it.
Online editors of photos
Онлайн редакторы фотографийToday will consider the best photo editors free online. Using online services, you do not need to load and establish any software on the computer. It is necessary to have connection to the Internet only. How I selected services for this review? First of all – simplicity and convenience.
Online resource or printing edition
Онлайн-ресурс или печатное изданиеWithin several years before our eyes there is a process of transformation of information, interesting and ambiguous on the consequences. It leaves from the printing carrier which is habitually smelling as typographical paint on screens of computers, mobile phones and cameras. Every year the number of users of the Runet grows.
How to download stream video with Youtube
Как скачать потоковое видео с YoutubeIn recent years stream video everywhere dispersed on the world sites. All those rollers which are lost directly on the site without opportunity to download on the computer for further viewing in the pleasure - stream video. And the most known portal which is completely based on an exchange of rollers in real time is Youtube.
Frauds on the Internet, part 2
Мошенничества в Интернете, часть 2This article is continuation of the story about ways of fraud on the Internet. In the first part we captured not all inventions of swindlers which purpose is to catch someone else's money. Every day they find everything new ways, and we will continue the story about already known to us to secure you against roguish tricks.
Frauds on the Internet, part 1
Мошенничества в Интернете, часть 1In today's article it will be a question of frauds on the Internet. Until the only protection on the Internet there is a vigilance of users, everyone zhulyyo feels freely there. Therefore, seeking to protect you from this danger, will tell about the most popular ways of deception and fraud on the Internet.
How to connect and adjust the satellite Internet
Как подключить и настроить спутниковый ИнтернетToday will tell you how to save on installation of the satellite Internet and to adjust it most. In this article it is described not only control of a DVB receiver, but also setting up the GlobaX program which promotes increase of speed of data transmission and thus cuts expenses for use of a global network.
Registration and use of WebMoney system
Регистрация и пользование системой WebMoneyThe system of electronic payments of WebMoney is one of the most popular systems on open spaces of the former CIS. And that is deservedly, in view of the convenience, safety, convertibility of money. The purpose of this material on also is acquaintance with work in WebMoney system that has to facilitate considerably use of it.
Information search on the Internet
Поиск информации в ИнтернетеSooner or later, each user of the World wide web faces an information search problem. Whether it be the paper, a term paper or documentation to the new washing machine, can occupy search of this information from you of five minutes till several o'clock – everything depends on ability to look for and find the necessary data in the Internet.
Registration and use of E-gold system
Регистрация и пользование системой E-goldE-gold – one of the oldest payment systems in the world. Is international system, i.e. it is unimportant, from where you, the main thing that there is an Internet access. Many foreign sites on which payments are provided in electronic currency, accept E-gold, and WebMoney – not everyone.
How to protect the computer from attacks of hackers
Как защитить компьютер от атак хакеровMany already also do not represent the life without the Internet. Feature of the Internet is that there is neither militia nor any of other organized and constantly engaged in fight against cybercriminals structures. Therefore it is necessary to protect itself. will prompt, in what way it can be made.
How to fight against spam
Как бороться со спамомI do not know as to you, our dear readers, and to me nearly daily come various letters with promises of multimillion earnings, or offers to buy some nonsense to an electronic box. In what way if not to get rid, then considerably to reduce spam stream in your electronic life? tried to understand.
We choose a way of connection to the Internet
Выбираем способ подключения к ИнтернетуSooner or later each owner of the home computer reflects on its connection to the Internet. For the sake of communication with other people, downloading of necessary information and so on. At this moment before the user there is a question – what way of connection to the Internet to choose?
Control the Internet on two computers
Настройка Интернет на два компьютераLet's assume that you possess 2 computers, and you need to communicate quickly between them, to use the general resources, such as the printer, the scanner, etc., and, of course, to have the general Internet access. The local network is capable to solve all these and many other problems.
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