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Useful tips on tourism and rest in the best resorts of the world. Here you will find everything that is connected with a choice of travel agencies, responses and the description of hotels, sanatoria, ski and medical resorts.
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Hotels and hotels20
Rounds and excursions159
What to show to the child in Kiev Rounds and excursions
Что показать ребенку в Киеве told about a tremendous one-day route on little-known, fascinating Kiev small streets not so long ago. Now we will prompt to parents, what places of the capital of Ukraine need to be shown to the children.
How to pass acclimatization Rounds and excursions
Как пройти акклиматизациюBefore any long trip, especially if it means change of climate, it is worth thinking not only of collecting things. Often happens that having arrived on rest, you feel tired, tortured and sleepy. They are acclimatization manifestations. Today will tell that this such and how to improve the state after change of a place.
Necessary equipment for a campaign Rounds and excursions
Необходимое снаряжение для походаWhen collecting in a backpacking often there is a question of the correct selection of equipment. This process depends on several factors: durations, geographical area of expedition, type of a campaign and financial opportunities of the tourist. But care and attention to details by preparation will significantly simplify an objective.
How to transfer flight References
Как перенести перелетIf it is necessary to you long-awaited holiday, perhaps in the near future, you already got the permit to the distant countries? Or perhaps you fly on a symposium or conference? Or the meeting with the relatives living over the ocean is necessary? Everything it seems develops remarkably …
Impressions from a threshold. Bright hotels of London Hotels and hotels
Впечатления с порога. Яркие отели ЛондонаWhen you already passed a cheerful quest with obtaining the British visa, it was necessary to solve, where to stop.
Training in English on Malta Rounds and excursions
Обучение английскому языку на МальтеReaders of are interested how to choose school for studying of English on Malta. I will tell about own experience of a trip to Malta and training at school to English.
Rest on the Liguriysky coast of Italy Rounds and excursions
Отдых на Лигурийском побережье ИталииWhat only enthusiastic epithets beautiful Italy did not receive: it is called "a world pearl, "the homeland of the greatest creators", "the Renaissance cradle". In this country of people antiquity, the richest culture and the unique nature always attracted.
Beach rest in the winter Rounds and excursions
Пляжный отдых зимойRest in the winter at the sea - what to choose from the mass of offers. A choice of places for winter beach rest rather big to satisfy all possible inquiries and the tourist's whims.
Sights of Georgia Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ГрузииThe Caucasus was always famous for the natural miracles, the most tasty kitchen and hospitable inhabitants. Such Caucasian country as Georgia did not become an exception. Being on crossing of two continents - Europe and Asia, Georgia absorbed in itself the best of two cultures. Therefore Sakartvello (Georgians so call the country) will be pleasant also to fans of the countries of Asia, and adherents of the European service.
Rest in Koktebel Rounds and excursions
Отдых в КоктебелеKoktebel is considered one of optimum places in the Crimea for family rest. Here it is not so noisy and it is populous as in Yalta, Alushta and other big cities, but there are enough opportunities for rest and entertainments.
Rest with the child Rounds and excursions
Отдых с ребенкомReaders of often ask, whether it is possible to take the child with itself in travel at the sea or to tropical countries, what rules thus need to be followed and the main thing, from what age to do it?
The visa to Canada how to receive Visas and passports
Виза в Канаду, как получитьThe word "Canada" causes pleasant associations in our many compatriots – for whom it is the hockey homeland, for whom – the country where emigrated native or friends who dreams to see its open spaces.
Sights of Lviv Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ЛьвоваTo be in Ukraine and not to visit Lviv – the real crime. This amazing city – not only an architectural pearl, but also the guaranteed excellent mood and mass of positive emotions.
Rest in Romania Rounds and excursions
Отдых в РумынииRomania is a beautiful, amazing, mysterious country with interesting culture, the beautiful nature and history. It borders on Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova. Many nationalities are lived in its territory. These are Roma, Hungarians, Germans, Romanians, Russians, Ukrainians, Moldavians.
Rest in Odessa Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ОдессеWhy it is worth having a rest in Odessa? This city is unique. This city – mixture of all nations, languages, dialects, kitchens, people and blood. The city which presented not only the well-known Odessa humour and the Odessa language, but also many great people who became classics during lifetime – Babel, Ilf and Petrov, Sonka the Gold Handle, Mishka Yaponchik, and Zhvanetsky at last!
Righi's sights Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности РигиThreshing barn – the amazing ancient city, beautiful and with the aura. But you will tell that there is a lot of such interesting cities in Europe. So why Riga? In Latvia the temperate climate, here seldom happens hot or stuffy. Besides, the recreational zone is very useful is a strip about the sea with dunes and pines, to walk there – big advantage for health.
Budget airlines of Russia References
Бюджетные авиакомпании России Each tourist knows that air tickets are exclusively expensive. Thailand, the USA, Australia and other remote corners of the world often remain inaccessible for the reason that air flight in these points will make the lion's share of cost of a tourist's package. A few years ago in the sphere of air transportation there was a break: there were first low budget air carriers – low cost airlines.
Excursion to James Bond's, Thailand islands Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия на острова Джеймса Бонда, ТаиландIn Thailand there are a lot of remarkable and mysterious places which want to be visited. Today I want to tell about our voyage on the gulf Pkhang-Nga, I will share impressions about its unique islands. I will try to describe the visited places, their beauty readers will see on a photo, and also learn why two of islands fight for the right to bear a name of James Bond.
Sights of Da Lat, Vietnam Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Далата, ВьетнамDa Lat – the real pearl of Vietnam, it is not similar to one of the cities of Southeast Asia. When you get to Da Lat, you forget in general in what you to the country are, it is simple because it differs from all Vietnam strikingly. Da Lat practically differs in everything: beginning from fresh and incredibly "tasty" pine air and finishing with architecture of streets and houses.
Excursion to Similansky islands, Thailand Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия на Симиланские острова, ТаиландAs well as many tourists, for rest in Thailand we chose a pearl of the Andaman Sea – the island Phuket. In a form it is really similar to the wrong pearl. It is the largest Thai island, to the continent it is connected by long Sarasin Bridge. In one of days we with the girlfriend visited the Similansky archipelago, here about this fascinating travel I today and I will tell.
What to look in Istanbul in 4 days Rounds and excursions
Что посмотреть в Стамбуле за 4 дняOur arrival by plane had, certainly, a positive effect – change of seasons was so obvious that it pleasantly excited and did not disappoint at all. The Moscow winter has few pluses, and the Istanbul spring in January is fine. We had only four full days for which because of Istanbul there was a strong wish to make out ancient Constantinople.
Sights of Dubrovnik, Croatia Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Дубровника, ХорватияIf to look at Dubrovnik from air, the Old city seems absolutely small, new areas in the West, the peninsula Babin Cook and Lapad dominate. However on the district of distance are counted in a different way. Because Dubrovnik all in steps – the quicker you will get used to consider them about yourself that precisely the nobility, how many remained, the easier on them to climb up.
What to bring from Thailand References
Что привезти из ТаиландаQuite unexpectedly good luck smiled to us with the girlfriend – from snow winter we were postponed to ten days in the summer fairy tale. Nine hours of flight, and here already friendly and tenderly Thailand meets us. From one trip there are so much poleznost and souvenirs it was not possible to bring! Now I will tell you why our suitcases so grew fat.
Island of Corfu, Greece Rounds and excursions
Остров Корфу, ГрецияWhy it is worth going in May? Not that the island of Corfu was bad in the rest of the time of year, but in May a keyword – not a season. Beaches are empty and pure, at restaurant the little table with the best look is always free, country houses by the sea stand idle. Surprisingly? Hey yeah! The only minus – the sea is coldish, but it is easily compensated to that you will enjoy this sea proud loneliness.
Rest in Greece Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ГрецииGreece – the country loved by many travelers, it is known, admire it, aspire to it. But not all know it such, what it from within – local customs, life of ordinary Greeks, their traditions and rest. In this article there is a wish to add a few information from the persons living many years in Greece. I hope, it is useful to the tourists going to a way.
Consent to departure of the child abroad References
Согласие на выезд ребенка за границуThe organization of a trip abroad of the little traveler always demands special attention from his parents. There are also legal nuances of registration of such trip, not which observance is capable to spoil it hopelessly. So, the child goes abroad, in what cases the consent of his parents and how it is made out for this purpose is necessary?
Holiday without cares: online order of hotel and "correct" baggage References
Отпуск без забот: онлайн-заказ отеля и «правильный» багажGoing to the southern seas and packing baggage, it is possible to be limited safely to pair of bathing suits, documents and a purse. Excursion rounds and automobile travel on "architectural pearls" of Europe or Russia hardly assume such levity. Therefore having ordered round or having issued the online order of hotel, it is worth being engaged in collecting a suitcase seriously.
Excursion across Balaklava, the Crimea Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия по Балаклаве, КрымCrimea! Sun! Sea! Beach! Such associations arise in the head when you hear the word "Balaklava". But the Crimea thanks to the geographical position is not only the known resort, it is the huge museum open-air – historical sights and natural monuments adjoin nearby. A most striking example of such interesting neighbourhood – Balaklava.
The Polesye reserve – round of the day off Rounds and excursions
Полесский заповедник – тур выходного дняSo, the decision to spend days off in nature is made. We wanted not simply standard small river wood set, we wanted to get there where the foot of the person did not go. The Polesye reserve became such unusual place mislaid in time and space. A little that there was a late fall confused, but with weather we were lucky, was solar and dry.
Sights of Dmitrov Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ДмитроваThe ancient city situated near Moscow in 2014 is 860 years old. It has the richest history, amazing ancient monuments, the modern centers of entertainments. Here is what to look and to that to be surprised. To reach from Moscow to Dmitrov of efforts will not deliver. It is simple to pass 65 kilometers to the north from MKAD on the car on a good roadbed of Dmitrovskoye Highway.
Registration of the educational visa Visas and passports
Оформление учебной визыModern living conditions allow to move freely on the world, to study or work where ourselves want that. At least, we are not limited in a choice. So. You decided to go on training to one of the countries of the Schengen agreement. The most important and necessary for stay in the country is the visa.
Sights of Bern, Switzerland Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Берна, ШвейцарияBern is the center of the country not only for value, but also for the central location. Contrary to habitual opinion, the capital – not the largest in scales of the area and economy the city in the country, but heads the largest of all cantons. Planning a trip to Bern, there is a wish to tell – surely stop here at least for one night. Bern – the museum open-air.
Sights of Monaco Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности МонакоMonaco and Monte-Carlo – to them assigned such "synonyms" as a casino, luxury, elite … and also the sea, the sun, pleasure long ago! And this is true. But in close connection with "casino" and "big" money always opinion of the simple person on inaccessibility or a selectness of such places. On own experience we can tell that Monte-Carlo and Monaco are not inaccessible at all.
Sights of Nice Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности НиццыIt is considered to be that Nice is a summer, beaches, the sun, a refined cuisine and high prices. The part from these stereotypes was disproved. We chose the city with warm climate, historically interesting and it is obligatory by the sea – even if also in the winter. Nice met our requirements. There is a wish to tell about New Year's travel on Côte d'Azur (French riviera) in France – to Nice.
Sights of Basel, Switzerland Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Базеля, ШвейцарияBasel – one of the largest cities of Switzerland. The city is located on the river Rein which divides it into Small and Big Basel. In days of old these two half of nowadays uniform city did not get on among themselves. In persons of freakish statues on bridges former conflicts are immortalized. But today it no more than architecture – unusual, colourful, so unlike not all others.
Christmas in Austria Rounds and excursions
Рождество в АвстрииI began the travel to Austria on December 23, on the eve of Catholic Christmas. Visited the former school teacher of English. I was met at the international airport of Vienna, and on the car on the autobahn we reached Melk where there lives the family which invited me. Houses, of course, are decorated with Christmas attributes.
That it is worth trying in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria References
Что стоит попробовать в Чехии, Венгрии, АвстрииThe tour, ahead as far as in Europe is bought days. New impressions, new emotions, new tastes of new food. Yes, you did not mishear, about food and the speech in my note will go. It seems to me that it is necessary to try national dishes directly in that place, from where they it is. I will tell that surely it is worth trying in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.
Sights of Istanbul Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности СтамбулаYou are a happy owner of potential two-week holiday and the active tourist who prefers rest "intellectual and historical" to rest beach. Whether sit with the globe on knees and cannot be defined to go to Europe or after all to Asia?! Then safely go to Istanbul – the unique city of two unusual parts of the world.
Training in English in England References
Обучение английскому в АнглииIt is best of all to learn foreign languages, being in continuous contact with their carriers. If you already have some basic knowledge, one month in others country will be enough to feel freely at conversation with foreigners! In this article I will tell about study in England and I will give some advice as to spend time with advantage abroad.
How to meet New year in Sochi Rounds and excursions
Как встретить Новый год в СочиSo it turned out that I was not at the sea many years, since the childhood. And here, being already the happy wife and mother received the seductive offer from the husband: to listen to a surf on New Year's Eve. If you want to admire palm trees in snow, mountain tops and a sea azure, I advise to go for New year to Sochi.
Cities of Switzerland References
Города ШвейцарииEvery time when the speech comes about Switzerland, there are almost same associations: The Alps, cheese, chocolate, the account in the Swiss bank. But it is not an exhaustive picture of that this remarkable country represents. Because of the central arrangement Switzerland is a point of intersection of various cultures and languages.
Review of Grand Ring 5 hotel *, Kemer, Turkey Hotels and hotels
Отзыв об отеле Grand Ring 5*, Кемер, ТурцияTurkey is the hospitable country located on the Mediterranean Sea, which is so fallen in love to most of Russians. Especially in this southern country very conveniently and economically to have a rest to families with children. In September, 2012 we went to a trip, having chosen hotel nearby of Kemer, near the airport – Grand Ring 5*. Also I want to share with you the impressions.
Sights of Zvenigorod Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ЗвенигородаThe former summer residence of the sovereign Alexey Mikhaylovich Romanov (father Peter I) – Zvenigorod, it absolutely nearby. Only 45 kilometers from the Moscow belt road on the West – and you get to "the Russian Switzerland". Here relic pine pine forests on hills and, speak, the bottomless glacial lake Deep, ancient earth shaft from a fierce vorog – the word, good fortune.
Sights of Catalonia, Spain Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Каталонии, ИспанияSo, after long labor everyday life you at last decided to have a rest! You, of course, fans not only on a beach to get warm, but also to receive a heap of positive emotions from contemplation of monuments of architecture, to visit legendary places and many other things. If yes – that welcome to Spain!!! Here each tourist will find that to him will be to liking.
Features of life in Switzerland References
Особенности жизни в ШвейцарииThere is a wish to acquaint readers with that life which is necessary in Switzerland. It is absolutely small part of stories about life in Switzerland. It seems to someone interesting, to someone boring. But at everyone the rhythm of life, and everyone looks for small paradise. To visit the new countries it is fine, interesting, fascinating and informative. Do not lose such pleasure!
Sights of Suzdal Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности СуздаляThe best time for movement in time (from 100 to 1000 years ago) – morning of the day off. For example, to appear in the X-XVII centuries of the Russian history it is enough to go for 200 kilometers from Moscow to the city of Suzdal and with ecstasy to plunge into "the symphony of old times far".
The volunteer program in Germany References
Волонтерская программа в ГерманииIf you want to go abroad, to look at the new country, most closely acquainted to become with its culture, having spent a minimum of money, I advise to pay attention to the volunteer programs abroad offered now in a large number. I would like to share with you the personal experience − three unforgettable weeks spent in Germany.
Rest in Cyprus, the city Pathos Rounds and excursions
Отдых на Кипре, город ПафосIn this article I will tell everything that I know about the city Pathos − very ancient city with traces of an Ancient Greek civilization. This city is suitable for the tourists combining the rest with survey of local sights which in Pathos − the small town − there is a lot of. Generally, having chosen rest in Pathos, you will definitely not regret!
Studying of German in Switzerland References
Изучение немецкого языка в ШвейцарииSwitzerland – the country where state languages are at once four, one of which German. Language schools of Switzerland give the chance studying of languages, as from the very beginning, and from the advanced levels. And not only German. In addition to studying of language there is an immersion in usual life of the new country, new society. Training lasts 24 hours per day.
Sights of Venice Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ВенецииVenice – one of the most romantic and most beautiful cities of the world. Uniqueness of the city is that historical Venice is located on 118 small islands connected among themselves by bridges and divided by channels. Visit of Venice was my dream since the childhood which came true! Floating on channels of the city to you that you got to the magic fairy tale.
Travel to Pereslavl-Zalessky, sights Rounds and excursions
Путешествие в Переславль-Залесский, достопримечательностиAbout Pereslavl-Zalessky hundreds of articles and responses are written. Any searcher will give out you sights and memorable places of this amazing city. It would not be desirable to duplicate information which is laid out on Internet open spaces therefore I want to share with readers only that really surprised, set thinking that mentioned my inner world.
Sights of Strasbourg Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности СтрасбургаThe people happening in the city of Strasbourg – this ancient center of the French province of Alsace (on eastern frontier with Germany) constructed still by ancient Romans on river banks Or, – about impressions usually answer inquiries enthusiastic briefly: "About!". Only grandiose constructions a sort from the last centuries make unforgettable impression.
Trip to Madrid with children Rounds and excursions
Поездка в Мадрид с детьмиEveryone to whom has the luck to wander with children, knows that it is absolutely special type of travel for which it is necessary to prepare with big diligence and validity. I want to tell about a trip to the country which is so hotly loved by most of the Russian compatriots. As many already guessed – it will be a question of Spain and its hospitable capital of Madrid.
Ambramtsevo's estate, travel to the fairy tale Rounds and excursions
Усадьба Амбрамцево, путешествие в сказкуPerhaps, the most captivated place in the woods situated near Moscow – the state historical and art and literary memorial estate "Abramtzevo". From the middle of the XIX century the mystic force attracts prose writers and poets, artists, musicians and thousands of travelers here. It is enough to enter gate of the hospitable estate – the soul to the abramtsevsky fairy tale forever sticks.
Kauchserfing – free alternative to hotel Hotels and hotels
Каучсерфинг – бесплатная альтернатива отелюTo travel all over the world, without spending money for hotels moreover and to meet thus interesting people who and will tell about the country, and sights will show, and with ethnic cuisine will treat. Millions of people quite so sound as the fairy tale, but and travel. They are helped with it by Internet services of an exchange of hospitality. It is free alternative to hotel.
Registration of electronic permission and the visa to Mexico Visas and passports
Оформление электронного разрешения и визы в МексикуSince 2010 citizens of Russia and Ukraine had an opportunity to visit Mexico without receipt of a visa. It is enough to issue electronic permission which is given on the Internet absolutely free of charge. Thus it is necessary to know accurately how it is correct to issue electronic permission, in what cases it is valid and in what for visit of Mexico nevertheless it is necessary to receive the visa.
Sights of St. Petersburg Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Санкт-ПетербургаSt. Petersburg I was lucky to visit three times. If to tell that this city is beautiful then not to tell anything. It is extraordinary beautiful, unique, mysterious and attractive. City fairy tale, city museum. Peter gets to fall in love many of those who visited him. I was not an exception. Every time, leaving it, I dream of new appointment.
Obtaining the Schengen visa (2012) Visas and passports
Получение шенгенской визы (2012)The Schengen visa – the special type of visas allowing to cross borders at once of several State Parties without passing of passport control between them. The list of the countries of the Schengen agreement for the beginning of 2012 includes 25 countries. In each separate case preparation of collecting documents for the Schengen visa should be begun with visit of the official site of embassy.
Rest in Mountain Altai, a camp site Heart of Altai Rounds and excursions
Отдых на Горном Алтае, турбаза Сердце АлтаяI wanted to visit Mountain Altai long ago. I heard many good reviews from friends and acquaintances about rest in Mountain Altai. But the last straw which overflowed a bowl of my patience was the last year's trip of the husband to Altai Republic. Delighted reviews of the husband of the nature of this highland finally convinced to look at the Altai beauty own eyes.
How to be prepared for a trip the abroad References
Как подготовиться к поездке заграницуBeginning preparation for travel, you reflect not only where exactly to go but also how to organize it in the shortest terms, with the minimum expense of forces, and, of course, finance. There are two options: independently and by means of travel agencies. As there was, the attentive relation to a question will provide you good mood even prior to long-awaited holiday.
Rest in Yalta Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ЯлтеMy first appointment to the Crimea took place many years ago when I was still a child. And children's impressions usually the brightest also remain for the rest of life. I very much wanted to visit in the Crimea again. And my desire was carried out, however, in thirty years. I had a rest with the already adult son in sanatorium of S. M. Kirov in Yalta.
Travel to Red caves, Crimea Rounds and excursions
Путешествие в Красные пещеры, КрымI managed to visit Red caves already at conscious age in spite of the fact that we live from the natural boundary the Cornel Coba where there are caves, rather nearby. Having chosen not hot summer Saturday day, we with the husband went actively and culturally to have a rest. Excursion lasts hour. It passes by the equipped and lit part of a cave.
Rest in Kenya Rounds and excursions
Отдых в КенииNot everyone, having heard the name of this country, will understand, where it. But if you the fan of extreme sports and in the childhood dreamed of a safari, at you eyes by all means will light up. Kenya is really fantastic country of the dark continent. There is everything: and the mountain tops covered with snow and snow-white beaches, dense rainforests and hot deserts. From local color captures spirit.
Visit of the Novosibirsk zoo Rounds and excursions
Посещение Новосибирского зоопаркаI very much like to walk on the Novosibirsk zoo. Here it is possible to spend perfectly time with friends, with children. Here it is possible to find a secluded place to be alone alone with the nature. During existence of park among trees "houses" for animals, huge dinosaurs, numerous cafes and attractions for children, the fountain and fine flowers grew.
Excursion to the Livadiysky palace Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия в Ливадийский дворецNear Yalta, in the settlement of Livadiya, the refined and elegant Livadiysky palace is located. It is similar to the big white ship floating on green waves of vegetation of the Crimean coast. Despite the stocky and extended design, palace looks easy and graceful. Special charm gives it contrast of snow-white walls with juicy greens of the southern trees.
Excursion in the Yalta zoo Fairy tale Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия в ялтинский зоопарк СказкаI will tell honestly, I am not the biggest fan of zoos. Therefore when on the seventh month of pregnancy the husband decided "to walk me culturally" and brought to "Fairy tale", I was delighted not. But curiosity nevertheless got the best (girlfriends told about this zoo and all much as one it was praised) therefore I agreed to excursion. Also did not regret for a minute.
How to be prepared for air flight References
Как подготовиться к авиаперелетуIn the modern world travel by plane is the fast and convenient. However even for those who flies often, air flight is disturbing. All this is explainable: any of us is frightened by unusual circumstances and the new environment in which we appear. The councils described in article will help to consider all nuances of the forthcoming flight, in due time to be prepared for it.
Sights of Colombia Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности КолумбииThe countries of Latin America are not something exotic for the Russian travelers any more. But Colombia still remains a riddle which units from among daredevils reach. Still stereotypes about this country are too strong. Those travelers who decided to visit here, tell that "the only risk that to you will want to remain".
Ayurvedichesky resorts of India Hotels and hotels
Аюрведические курорты ИндииThe Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine which cornerstone use of natural, natural means is. The homeland of an Ayurveda is the southern state of India – Kerala. Exactly there is the most dense concentration of ayurvedichesky clinics and resorts. Also some ayurvedichesky clinics and offices are located in the territory of states GOA and Karnataka.
Travel round the Boden Sea Rounds and excursions
Путешествие вокруг Боденского озераThe average person in a day overcomes a route from the house before work and back. And how about that in one day to manage to visit three countries? For example, to have breakfast in Germany, to walk under the midday sun of Austria and to make an evening promenade in Switzerland? For the tourist who on travel every minute on the account, does not have anything more simply.
Rest on the island Phuket, Thailand Rounds and excursions
Отдых на острове Пхукет, ТаиландThailand, island Phuket. It is some special world, the fairy tale to which you get from gray everyday life. On Phuket it is very beautiful! The island literally is buried in juicy verdure of tropics. Around all smile: Thais because at them it is so accepted, and tourists because they on vacation, and at them everything is excellent! Everyone will find in this town something special, as a hobby and bodies.
What to look in Kiev in one day Rounds and excursions
Что посмотреть в Киеве за один деньKiev – the smart and huge city. And going on affairs there, there is a wish to see as much as possible. But how if one day is, as a rule, allocated for walk? It is possible to order excursion. But there is also other option – to look at that Kiev which will not be shown you by any guide. I offer you a route which will take no more than 6-7 hours and will present the mass of impressions.
Independent travel across Europe References
Самостоятельное путешествие по ЕвропеToday Europe by right is one of the most popular tourist directions. Thousands of companies offer the services, make routes and programs of visit of these or those countries. But, you see, it is much more fascinating to organize the, unique travel, free from intermediaries, even if represented by the best travel agencies.
Rest in Cambodia Rounds and excursions
Отдых в КамбоджеCambodia – one of the most interesting countries of Southeast Asia, it is still mysterious, and so far not so many tourists from Russia visited her. Cambodia attracts tourists with the warm and clean sea, white sand, and also mysterious temples. The season begins at the beginning of October and the rest of the time – a season of rains proceeds till March, at this time it is much less than tourists.
Sri Lanka – impressive exotic of an ancient civilization Rounds and excursions
Шри-Ланка – впечатляющая экзотика древней цивилизацииToday many fans of fascinating island rest could already appreciate all advantages which are offered to the guests by the hospitable island Sri Lanka. The local nature and monuments of culture in total have some bewitching aura, clearly demonstrating justice of the translation of the name of the island from a Sanskrit – "The blessed earth".
Independent trip to Dresden from Prague Rounds and excursions
Самостоятельная поездка в Дрезден из ПрагиMany of those who goes to Prague, dream to go to Dresden. Such trip is attractive as independently to go to Germany from Russia, Ukraine, than Belarus is much more expensive than to the Czech Republic, and to visit Dresden in one arrival with Prague – excellent compromise option. Besides Dresden is in only 153 km from Prague.
Food in a campaign References
Питание в походеLet's speak in this article about one of the most serious things in a backpacking. That is pledge of successful passing of a route and good mood of all group – about food. So, what products it is better to take with itself in a campaign that all remained are full and full of strength, deteriorated nothing and thus backpacks remained lifting on weight?
Rest in Norway (the Norwegian fjords) Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Норвегии (норвежские фьорды)Many people travel across Europe, and even across Scandinavia, but not many decide to poison in travel on the Norwegian fjords. But if you want unforgettable impressions if you love severe northern beauty, well and simply want to diversify the rest, I advise you to visit Norway, edge of Vikings and the seas, edge of fishermen and a rain.
Rest in Dominican Republic Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Доминиканской РеспубликеAmerica once began with Dominican Republic. It was the first opening of Christopher Columbus on the American continent. Dominican Republic occupies about 2/3 islands of La Espaniol (Haiti today). It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the North and the Caribbean Sea in the south.
Sights of Grodno Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ГродноIf you live, have a rest or work in Belarus and want to please yourself with walk on the interesting city with the beautiful nature interesting by architecture, I recommend to go to Grodno – the city having, by the way, historical building, the first on the safety, among the regional centers of Belarus. Even obviously overtook the capital of Grodno in this plan.
Independent trip to the Czech Republic Rounds and excursions
Самостоятельная поездка в ЧехиюTo go on the fascinating vacation to the Czech Republic – the country impressive both architecture, and the nature, both kitchen, and some surprising feeling of warmth (despite classical climate of middle latitudes), without leaving the huge sums is not dream. It is reality. However, reality in case competently to plan the travel.
Excursion across Peterhof Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия по ПетергофуThe well-known city of Peterhof is in Russia, in 25 kilometers from St. Petersburg. All city reminds itself the museum open-air. Palaces, estates, ponds, cathedrals, parks, fountains – all this you will be able to see in this small, but favourite city of Peter I. Not to look at all Peterhof in one day, it is the fact therefore there it is worth arriving at once for some days.
Rest in Lloret de Mar, Spain Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Ллорет де Мар, ИспанияEach of us dreams to appear in the ideal vacation spot, but can not always find such place. After all all have interests, preferences and pleasures. Excursions, walks on ancient small streets, parties in the advanced youth clubs, a beach with cocktails, SPA procedures, shopping. Here you will find the special paradise rest on the most exacting taste in Loreta.
Purchases in Duty free shops References
Покупки в магазинах Duty freeThe concept "Duty free" became current the modern person long ago. There is an opinion that purchases in Duty free is a fine opportunity favourably to acquire various goods. Partly is the truth but not to get to an unpleasant situation, it is necessary to know in more detail that such Duty free where they are that there it is possible to buy and as.
Sights of Amsterdam Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности АмстердамаAmsterdam – the city with mad power which attracts and loads millions of tourists. All note that the special atmosphere reigns in the capital of Holland. I hope, my story will load you with positive emotions and will adjust on travel to Amsterdam – the city which destroys all stereotypes and gives freedom drink!
Sights of Florence Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ФлоренцииThe divine city of Florence with its surprising cultural heritage, unearthly beauty attracts annually millions of tourists. And I, having visited this city, forever fell in love with it. Besides visit of sights, it is worth shirking simply on beautiful small streets of Florence, to feel the atmosphere of this noble ancient city.
How to go to Italy to a language course? References
Как поехать в Италию на языковые курсы?Today educational rest – visit of sights enjoys wide popularity at tourists, the sun and a beach can be combined with a language course perfectly. How it is correct to organize an educational trip to Italy and to sign up for Italian language courses? I will in detail tell you about it, proceeding from the personal experience.
How independently to receive the visa to Italy? Visas and passports
Как самостоятельно получить визу в Италию?Want to go to Italy and to get acquainted with cultural heritage of this divine country, but do not know, whether will be able to receive the Italian Schengen visa? Believe, you have nothing to be afraid! Millions of Russians already went there and are not going to stop on one trip. Today we will tell you how independently to issue the visa to Italy.
Sights of Brussels Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности БрюсселяChocolate, the pissing boy, the European Union – the associations which are strong connected with Brussels. The capital of Belgium not often welcomes the Russian tourists. Meanwhile, this city is interesting not only the sights and the museums, but also the special, international atmosphere filling it.
Rest on the island of Tenerife Rounds and excursions
Отдых на острове ТенерифеIf on the earth there is paradise, for me it to Tenerife. Tenerife is the island which is a part of the Canary archipelago. Thought to visit this island was born at me long ago. First, I like all Spanish. Secondly, I love islands. Thirdly, Tenerife is famous for the whole world for the best climate: average temperature in the winter of 20-22 °C, in the summer – 26-28 °C.
Trip to Israel Rounds and excursions
Поездка в ИзраильRecently considerably the number of persons interested to spend the holidays in Israel increased. To that there are some objective reasons. A climatic zone in Israel approximately the same, as in Turkey and Egypt, and a range of pleasures which can be received, perhaps, even more widely. Also essential role in a question of a choice is played by visa abolition for citizens of Russia and Ukraine.
Bus tour from Germany to France Rounds and excursions
Автобусный тур из Германии во ФранциюThe Schengen visa gives me the chance to travel across all Europe within three months. "Why not to use it", – I thought, going to the girlfriend on a visit to Germany. We agreed with it in advance that we will spend time not only at her place, but also we will buy Russian-speaking round to France. Such desperate travelers as we, two full buses were gathered.
Excursion on the Kungur ice cave Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия по Кунгурской ледяной пещере260 million years ago along the western slope of the Ural Mountains to the Caspian Sea the present Black Sea lapped. After the next raising of the ridge it left to the south. Natural waters washed away weak places of stratifications and got deep into, creating underground cavities. On it tens of millions of years were required. The well-known Kungur ice cave was so formed.
Sights of Jerusalem, Israel Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Иерусалима, ИзраильListening to news about Israel, I was often confused in names, habitual for the majority: Gaza Strip, Temple mountain, west bank, east coast. I always wanted to understand all these well-known names and the real real life in this most interesting place on our planet. And the destiny was favorable, it sent me to a meeting with my dream.
Student's Work & Travel USA program References
Студенческая программа Work & Travel USAMany students ask a question: where to work in the summer to receive as a result of many money and, what the main thing, to receive many impressions? Work plus rest would be an ideal combination. Such combination is offered by the student's Work & Travel USA program according to which students from Russia already long time go to the USA where work and travel at the same time.
Rest in Altai, Belokurikha Rounds and excursions
Отдых на Алтае, БелокурихаAltai is called by right a pearl of Siberia. Is an alpine skiing type of rest in the winter, it begins in November and comes to an end in the middle of April. And in the summer (from May to October) you will be met by numerous health resorts, tourist bases, campings and hotels. We go to the resort town of Belokurikha which is located in the foothills of Altai.
Loss of baggage at the airport References
Утеря багажа в аэропортуThe plane – the most popular and convenient type of transport. People pay for this convenience considerable money, but sometimes payment happens other. You stand in a zone of delivery of baggage, and are already ready to pick up from a tape well packed suitcase, but it is not present. You start doubting, and then despair at all. And what now to do when your baggage was lost?
Rest planning abroad References
Планирование отдыха за границейKnow a saying "Prepare sledge in the summer..."? And so the end of winter – is a high time to start planning of summer holiday. You have time to consider all nuances, to estimate all the opportunities. It is also important to find tickets at the most favorable prices in advance, to learn about possible discounts, to take care of housing. Well, and, of course, to take pleasure in dreams of rest, an anticipation of all details.
Sights of Vilnius Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ВильнюсаWe chose Vilnius for the honeymoon trip, and is not casual. First, it was our first trip abroad, and there was a wish to go not really far and there where understand Russian. Secondly, we dreamed to get to the city transmitting spirit of the Middle Ages. In Vilnius really protect the history, everything very sincerely and really, but not for show for tourists.
Rest in Lithuania Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ЛитвеLithuania – the most sincere and hospitable from the Baltic states. And, as well as all Baltic is not Russia, but also not Europe any more though Lithuania is included some years into the EU. And though modern Lithuania exists since 1990, historical heritage of the country very many-sided. In this article I want to tell that, in my opinion, it is just necessary to see in Lithuania.
Visit of the island Mont Saint-Michel, France Rounds and excursions
Посещение острова Мон Сен-Мишель, ФранцияIf you head for Normandy or Brittany that in France, you will not manage to pass the Mont Saint-Michel by the island. This unusual place – the third on attendance tourists sight in France (after the Eiffel Tower and Versailles). We went on the island together with our French friends therefore could see this miracle not absolutely eyes of ordinary tourists.
Independent trip to France with children Rounds and excursions
Самостоятельная поездка во Францию с детьмиIndependent tourism becomes now more and more popular and available thanks to the automobile GPS navigator and, of course, the Internet. If you, as well as I, do not love "gregarious" rest if like to travel at the speed, to choose independently, as how many you would like to look if you wish to see and feel the real France, such rest for you.
Rest in Estonia Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ЭстонииFor those who loves excursion rounds or independent immersion in depth of centuries, Estonia – real a well of historical sights and riddles. Tourists in Estonia are attracted by a set of carefully protected and carefully restored fortresses, locks, monasteries, etc. Ah, these turrets with tile roofs and cobblestone roads!
Rest on the island of Braids (Greece) Rounds and excursions
Отдых на острове Кос (Греция)We with mother and the niece decided to take pleasure in rest on the Greek island of Braids. Why such choice? First, for us rest on the island is a riddle, the fairy tale. Secondly, on the horizon the European service, the Aegean Sea, the Greek myths and legends looms. And thirdly, on the tourist sites a surplus of delighted reviews of rest on the Greek islands.
Saratov – the city on Volga Rounds and excursions
Саратов – город на ВолгеToday I invite readers in one of the Volga cities, namely, to Saratov! This city is not among the recognized tourist centers, but it is the ancient Volga city, it is our history! Saratov repeatedly burned, was reconstructed, thus kept, in historical part, it is a lot of ancient buildings which are quite comfortably looking on rather narrow streets.
Obtaining the guest visa in the USA Visas and passports
Получение гостевой визы в СШАObtaining the guest visa to the States is fanned by a set of hearings. Actually process is rather simple and consists of several steps. Send you the invitation, you give it to a courier service together with the existing international passport and two photos, pay services of this service. After it is necessary only to be in consulate on interview and quietly to pass it.
Mini-hotels of St. Petersburg Hotels and hotels
Мини-отели Санкт-ПетербургаIn unforgettable Soviet period of hotels eternally was not enough! Now, of course, times others. Having traveled much on the native land, I can claim that the first this problem was solved in St. Petersburg. There was it by repair and reorganization under apartments of several adjacent apartments (communal flats). Such peculiar mini-hotel on 3-5-7 numbers turns out.
Rest in Northern Cyprus Rounds and excursions
Отдых на Северном КипреThe Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – a pearl of the Mediterranean, the secular country in which honor Muslim traditions. This edge was extremely fallen in love to tourists from Europe. The nature of the island strikes with the variety: the coast is framed by transparent foam of the Mediterranean Sea, and over water mountains tower, the pine woods resist to the earth which is burned out under the sun.
As it is correct to pack a suitcase References
Как правильно собрать чемоданWhat can spoil holiday except bad weather and at the wrong time the called administration? The truth moment – assembly of things! This psychological process is compelled to take place everyone who hopes to spend holidays, having a rest, but without running on shops in search of necessary things. So it is necessary to take with itself in holiday?! And how everything to find room for it into a suitcase?
Rules of passing of customs control (Russia) References
Правила прохождения таможенного контроля (Россия)Holiday – is time carefree. There is a wish to lead him to the pleasure. Someone has a rest at dacha, someone travels across Russia, and someone goes abroad. Many tourists think that, having received the international passport, they quietly can go without any obstacles anywhere. However when passing customs control there are rules which are useful for knowing.
Trip to Vienna, Austria Rounds and excursions
Поездка в Вену, АвстрияWhat comes to your mind when you hear the words "Vienna", "Austria"? Something from area of music, ski resorts, cookery? Probably, quite so! After all Austria – one of those countries) which has "access" to the Alps! And not incidentally three classics – Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert – call "Vienna"! Here it is silent, beautiful, refined. It will be possible to visit – will not regret.
Trip to Finland Rounds and excursions
Поездка в ФинляндиюWhat the average person knows of Finland? "Country of one thousand lakes", "hot Finnish guys", vodka of the same name, Nokia phones. And also – skis, hockey, "the Finnish paper", local Father Frost's homeland … Everything, in general, correctly! I, as well as our many people, was in Finland on work, and I offer readers some notes about the southern regions of the country and its capital.
Trip to Hanover, Germany Rounds and excursions
Поездка в Ганновер, ГерманияWhere there are Russian citizens, getting to Germany? Well, of course, in the capital, in Berlin, perhaps, in Munich, in Baden-Baden, for example … And I invite you to Lower Saxony. It is Northwest part of the country, the Western Germany. The central city – Hanover – the center of the German exhibition industry.
Features of rest in the United Arab Emirates Rounds and excursions
Особенности отдыха в ОАЭThis country – the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – is still not too well familiar to compatriots. And in vain! Remarkable beaches, high level of service and possibility of "kruglogodichnoplyazhny" rest – unless it is not enough?! Emirates – one of the popular directions of the Russian outbound tourism. Thus to call this rest inexpensive it is impossible.
Trip to Malaysia Rounds and excursions
Поездка в МалайзиюMalaysia is Southeast Asia. Very close to the equator: humidity at a temperature about +30 the almost absolute. To get to Malaysia – both it is not simple, and it is expensive. But nevertheless the country is interesting and unusual to the ordinary compatriot.
Features of modern Japan Rounds and excursions
Особенности современной ЯпонииArticle is devoted to "the country of a rising sun" – Japan. Our compatriots happen on Japanese islands, especially, inhabitants of the Far East. Representatives of the European part of the country – much more rare, for obvious reasons, guests there. But the country, naturally, is worth it to visit it. Trips are possible, but are rare and expensive!
Sights of Damascus (Syria) Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Дамаска (Сирия)Whether you why St. Petersburg was called know and call "St. Petersburg"? Is not present? Now learn!. That you should read – not the report on a tour and not impressions about rest on a beach. Though such mode of visit of this place – the Syrian Arab Republic – is quite possible. But a charm of this country, in my opinion, absolutely in other.
Travel to Tehran (capital of Iran) Rounds and excursions
Путешествие в Тегеран (столица Ирана)This article is devoted to the Islamic Republic of Iran and its capital – to Tehran. Certainly is not the report on a tour and not impressions about beach rest! But a number of business trips allow to present short sketches about this place to the country, though, of course, it not that route which will offer you in the nearest travel agency!
Rest in Vietnam, Muyne and Ho Chi Minh Rounds and excursions
Отдых во Вьетнаме, Муйне и ХошиминMuyne, Saigon, delta of Mekong – names of places beautiful at first sight, unknown and anything for us not meaning. Earlier. So far we did not decide to continue the amateur excursion across Vietnam. Having stayed nearly a week in Hanoi and Nha Trang, we so got used to names, not sonorous for our adverb, what already even to say them became, as locals.
Rest in Vietnam, Nha Trang Rounds and excursions
Отдых во Вьетнаме, НячангMany acquaintances who managed to make Vietnam the second homeland and to devote it the most part of the life insistently advised not to pass by Nha Trang at all. Spoke to us simply and intelligibly: "For the first time do not press in history. It is better to fall in love with modern and bright Vietnam. To Nha Trang!".
Rest in Vietnam, Hanoi Rounds and excursions
Отдых во Вьетнаме, ХанойYou sometime dreamed to get to other time, in other civilization or at least to other country which is obviously differing on I will arrange lives from yours? I think, and did not come to much to mind to present small and unclear Vietnam on a country riddle place. And I managed to present and now I will help to make it and to you.
Review of Grand Efe 4 hotel *, Turkey Hotels and hotels
Отзыв об отеле Grand Efe 4*, ТурцияThe number of the compatriots who visited hospitable Turkey is estimated already in millions. Now I want to tell readers of not about Kemer and others, and about the Aegean coast of Turkey. Specifically – the tourist region of "Kushadasa", it is more concrete (on the next settlement) – Ozdere, Grand Efe hotel, 4*.
Rest and fishing on Volga and Akhtuba Rounds and excursions
Отдых и рыбалка на Волге и АхтубеIf to ask the passerby, what associations arise with the word "Astrakhan", for certain fishing and water-melons will be the most popular answers. The nature of lower reaches of Volga is peculiar. The most part of the territory of the Astrakhan region is occupied by steppes. And along coast of Volga and its "sleeves", the Akhtuba River the strip of the picturesque green woods lasts.
Rest on the Lake Baskunchak Rounds and excursions
Отдых на озере БаскунчакThe lake Baskunchak – one of the most salty lakes of the world, its salinity reaches – 300 per milles. For a long time on the lake extract salt, "pure, as ice" which else since the VIII century sent on a silk way. In the Lake Baskunchak 90% of all Russian reserves of table salt (NaCl) are concentrated, the JSC Bassol enterprise is engaged in its production now.
Review of Sunrise Holidays Resort 4 hotel *, Hurghada, Egypt Hotels and hotels
Отзыв об отеле Sunrise Holidays Resort 4*, Хургада, ЕгипетThan Egypt, except relative availability of travel is good? In my opinion, there are two indisputable moments: first – a practical vsesezonnost of rest, secondly – opportunity to touch history of the most ancient civilization. In this article – the story about autumn rest in the resort of Hurghada and about visit of sights of ancient Luxor.
Review of Elize Beach Resort 5 hotel *, Kemer, Turkey Hotels and hotels
Отзыв об отеле Elize Beach Resort 5*, Кемер, ТурцияWell, who does not know this magic combination of the words "Turkey, Kemer" at which sound of heart of millions of Russians start fighting and is more often and purer?! And after all a two-three tens years ago and on a place of the present town, and it was possible to find some villages of local fishermen in vicinities.
Excursion to Valaam Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия на ВалаамThe Valaam archipelago is considered "pearl" of Lake Ladoga. On the biggest island of the archipelago the Valaam man's Monastery which was founded in the XIV century is located. From the moment of the basis and to this day the monastery is a popular place of pilgrimage. Now not only pilgrims visit Valaam, but also simply tourists.
Rest in Berdyansk Rounds and excursions
Отдых в БердянскеBefore a trip re-read everything on the Internet. Very long solved where to go, and, at last, decided. I had a rest on the Berdyansk spit already once, still being the student, and there very much it was pleasant to me. Here also decided that with a family we too will go to Berdyansk. Now here I want to share with readers of the impressions and some useful information.
Al Mas Palace hotel, Golden 5 City complex (Egypt) Hotels and hotels
Отель Al Mas Palace, комплекс Golden 5 City (Египет)You were not in Egypt?! In vain! Most of tourists, as we know, have a rest on the coast of the Red Sea, in regions of Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. In this case, I also invite you, readers of, in favourite the Russian tourists Hurghada, in a hotel complex under the name "Golden 5 City".
Rest in Biarritz, France Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Биаррице, ФранцияOn what sea coast of the largest country of Europe it is possible to meet compatriots? Well, oligarchs and approached to them – in French riviera, a fine place, but we will not speak about it today! And where still? I want to share the impressions about the southwest, Atlantic coast of France where, however, it is almost impossible to meet Russians.
Iberotel Makadi Oasis – hotel for all family Hotels and hotels
Iberotel Makadi Oasis – отель для всей семьиFamily rest becomes more popular every year. To choose hotel where it will be comfortable to you is one business. And here is how your children – a task not of tour operator, but only yours will feel there. And if comfortable stay of your child in hotel has paramount value – you to the address. Iberotel Makadi Oasis – just one of those hotels.
Round Bangkok-Pattaya, Thailand Rounds and excursions
Тур Бангкок-Паттайя, ТаиландIt not advertizing and not description of Thailand as that. And what for? In any travel agency or from the Internet on you at the moment the lot of information, photos, statistics, etc. "will get enough sleep". But some own thoughts and judgments, it appears, will not be uninteresting to readers of and will help to understand, why and why people go to the world's end!
Hike across the Crimea (Kara-Dag) Rounds and excursions
Пеший поход по Крыму (Кара-Даг)Active recreation – the best type of rest. Sitting in the evening at a fire with a cup of hot tea and looking at the star Crimean sky, you feel part of this huge Universe. So, a backpacking to the Crimea. First of all, you need an obligatory set of the tourist – tent, a sleeping bag, a backpack and a polyurethane rug.
Rest in the Carpathians (The Ivano-Frankovsk Region) Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Карпатах (Ивано-Франковская обл.)I think, many of you heard about such place as the Carpathians. And many, it is sure, dreamed to visit there. What so attracts travelers to direct the way towards the western lands of Ukraine? I will also try to tell of it to you, therefore as I was lucky to see advantages of these edges the eyes.
Excursion to Vorontsov Palace, Alupka Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия в Воронцовский дворец, АлупкаTo each traveler who visited cozy corners of the friendly Crimea always to eat than surprise and share. The palaces built here, impregnated with strange thirst for grace and beauty still attract everything the new and new audience. And one of such miracles of the Crimean peninsula is the majestic and proud Vorontsovsky (Alupkinsky) palace.
Sights of Tallinn Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ТаллинаWe went to Tallinn through Narva three together, I, my husband and our little son. We stayed in the capital of Estonia only three days. All our friends were eager to see and play with our kid. But also that time that we snatched for walks, left indelible impression. I also want to share these impressions with readers of
Rest on the cape Tarkhankut Rounds and excursions
Отдых на мысе ТарханкутThe cape Tarkhankut by right is considered diamond of the Crimean peninsula. Diamond which is not blackened and not spoiled by a civilization and human carelessness. This miracle of the Ukrainian nature comfortably settled down on the Tarkhankutsky height which is surely occupying considerable part of the Crimea. The nature of a height strikes with the virginity and purity.
Sights Rima Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности РимаI visited Rome in April, 2007. And how many I had not to hear about this eternal city, having visited it, understood that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this article I will try to state information which will be useful to those readers of who are going to visit this majestic city.
Review of Hedef Resort 5 hotel *, Turkey Hotels and hotels
Отзыв об отеле Hedef Resort 5*, ТурцияHonestly working all the year round, holidays want to be spent so that it is good to have a rest and gain strength for the year ahead. As well as where to spend holidays – a question individual. In this review on there is a wish to share the personal impression received for time of travel to Turkey in Hedef Resort 5* hotel.
Excursion according to Chiangg Mai, Northern Thailand Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия по Чианг Маю, Северный ТаиландAcquaintance to Thailand, as a rule, begins with the sea coast. One-two days on the capital of (Bangkok), and it is rather to the sea. At all very famous Pattaya, Puket, Samui. And only some go in the opening further, seek to learn this amazing country through a prism not of beach rest. For such travelers Northern Thailand, undoubtedly, will become a gift.
Sights of Stockholm, ch.2 Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Стокгольма, ч.2In the first part of virtual walk we walked in the most known places of Stockholm. Time came to pay attention to museum corners of this, undoubtedly, interesting European city. So, welcome to walk of those who wants to learn about Stockholm more, than the tourist traveling according to the standard excursion program.
Sights of Stockholm, p.1 Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Стокгольма, ч.1In the world there are a lot of cities which often call the most beautiful. Stockholm – one of them. I even would warn unsophisticated and inexperienced travelers against its visit because magnificence of this city can strike you on the spot. However, if you are ready to it, I invite you, dear readers of, to virtual walk across Stockholm.
Sights of Vienna Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ВеныEveryone visited Vienna opens for itself the own unique city. I offer readers of the view of Vienna – elegant and cozy, traditional and modern, bright and colourful, tasty and easy. It is possible to get acquainted with such Vienna for only some days, having visited 9 places which allow to feel aura of the city.
Sights of Yevpatoria: 5 best places Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Евпатории: 5 лучших местProbably, it is difficult to find the person in the former Soviet Union who did not hear about Yevpatoria. That there are only these tempting, turning heads of each tourist, the word Mayakovsky: "It is a pity to me what did not happen in Yevpatoria". And here now, getting to Yevpatoria, involuntarily you think that Mayakovsky wanted to tell these words.
Sights of New York, ch.2 Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Нью-Йорка, ч.2Let's continue travel in interesting places in New York. In last article we stopped on the 16th pier, from where no distance at once to several remarkable places. I want to finish the article something like the 11-day program, that it is possible to make in New York. I think, to the tourist who arrived to New York, it will be at least interesting and informative.
Total solar eclipses of the next years Rounds and excursions
Полные солнечные затмения ближайших летTotal solar eclipse – the surprising phenomenon. It is so fine, as far as and seldom. In one point of the globe it is possible to observe it on average only once in 350 years. The eclipse is an event which will be interesting not only to fans of astronomy, but also everything who wants to see a real miracle in life. But where and when?
Excursion to the Bakhchsarai palace Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия в Бахчисарайский дворецIt is possible to call the Crimea safely the museum open-air. On August 21, 2008 to me nevertheless has the luck to visit Bakhchisarai. We had a rest in Yevpatoria and, having bought the excursion program to Bakhchisarai, went to this fascinating travel impressions from which I want to share with you, readers of
Sights of New York, p.1 Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Нью-Йорка, ч.1All good afternoon! In this story I will write about the most favourite city – New York (New York). I will try to tell of the most interesting things, that it is necessary to visit and on what it is worth paying attention. The prices which I will specify, were actual for September, 2008. So, we will begin.
Travel to Samarkand, Uzbekistan Rounds and excursions
Путешествие в Самарканд, УзбекистанIt is best of all to plan a trip to Samarkand for the first months of spring or early fall. You can read information on each of monuments of Samarkand, having sent the corresponding request in a search engine or to gather from textbooks of history. will show you Samarkand from the point of view of the average tourist, is only virtual. Let's start.
Nikitsky botanical garden Rounds and excursions
Никитский ботанический садOne of the most striking examples of the Crimean district to which tourists aspire at all seasons of the year, the Nikitsky botanical garden is. Mountains and the sea created the special microclimate which allowed to collect a unique collection of plants on this ground. Here, even is in the winter what to look, what to speak about spring and summer!
Half a year of rest in Northern Goa with the child, ch.2 Rounds and excursions
Полгода отдыха в Северном Гоа с ребенком, ч.2Throughout the story about rest in Northern Goa I will open everything that it was succeeded to learn on own experience about life here, the benefit of 5 months of very quiet stay in India disposed to it. But about everything one after another … On an arrival in Goa for me with the kid search of suitable housing or at least a lodging for the night initially was a paramount task.
Half a year of rest in Northern Goa with the child Rounds and excursions
Полгода отдыха в Северном Гоа с ребенкомDuring the summer I managed to decide on the country – it, to great horror my native, there was India. Why it? Because India always attracted me the discrepancy and contrast, and the best time for visit of India – from November to March. In the middle of September active preparation began. When there is a specific goal, easier to work.
Where to go to have a rest in the fall? Rounds and excursions
Куда поехать отдыхать осенью?The fall, is time to have a rest?! We will help you to choose the country and month, the most comfortable for rest from the point of view of weather, the popular directions for active recreation and with children. Why you have to read this review? We made selection of the directions especially for autumn months, and over the concrete country you should not look for the necessary facts on all Internet.
Travel to Myshkin, city museum Rounds and excursions
Путешествие в Мышкин, город-музейTraveling over the distant countries, we forget about treasures of the country. How many interesting it is possible to open for itself if more fixedly to peer into the cities imperceptible at first sight! Here and now I would like to tell readers of about our summer travel to one of the cities located on the bank of Volga – Myshkin.
Travel to Salzburg, Austria Rounds and excursions
Путешествие в Зальцбург, АвстрияSo far I deliberated where to go, my friend invited me on a visit to her relatives to Germany. Family rest was successful wonderfully well, but I would like to tell readers of about the biggest impression of short holiday – our two-day trip to Austria, home the well-known composer Mozart, to Salzburg.
Travel on Ah-Petri Rounds and excursions
Путешествие на Ай-ПетриI was in the Crimea in September, 2007 (the velvet season in the Crimea). We with the husband went to a honeymoon trip to Yalta. Beautiful city, the purest sea, mass of sights. But for me the brightest impression and still is travel on the mountain Ah-Petri. Also I want to tell of it to all readers of
Rest and sights of India (continuation) Rounds and excursions
Отдых и достопримечательности Индии (продолжение)The second – May – a trip dazzled with other kaleidoscope: water ripples on a pond of the Gold Temple in Amritsar – the city of Sikhs, the 45-degree exhausting heat of Delhi, ubiquitous monkeys, a wind in a face in a train sleeper, green valleys Chamby, tranquillity of snow tops round Dalkhuzi … The main thing that unites both trips – impossibility to leave India.
Plunge into sights of London Rounds and excursions
Окунитесь в достопримечательности ЛондонаIn Istanbul and Paris, in Athens and Rome guides begin sightseeing tours with words: "Istanbul (Paris, Rome, etc.) – the city of contrasts …". This phrase approaches the majority of the cities, but not London. I would begin excursion on the English capital with words: "London – the city of common sense …". City of century traditions and reasonable people.
That it is necessary to know about the railroad, ch.2 References
Что нужно знать о железной дороге, ч.2As you remember, in the previous article we tried to bring up some vital issues concerning purchase of the ticket, its correct interpretation and also lit a number of rules of transportation of children, baggage, animal. We continue our short review, and this time we will pay attention to that level of service which is offered on the Russian railroad today.
That it is necessary to know about the railroad, p.1 References
Что нужно знать о железной дороге, ч.1To tireless travelers all roads are good: someone goes by plane to see foreign types, someone goes by bus to suburban board to spend days of holiday in the native district and who is simply torn in a railway trip to the sea, dreaming of it all winter. Within this material we will talk about a railway trip.
Excursion in the Color Canyon, Egypt Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия в Цветной Каньон, ЕгипетThe color Canyon was formed much millions years ago – then, at the strongest earthquake, there was a powerful break of crust. Spontaneous desert winds wonderfully well worked, having skillfully cut out unique patterns in sandy breed. It is possible to look at them infinitely and every minute to see new images and drawings. The color Canyon is, really, a nature masterpiece.
Barcelona: rest and sights, h. 2 Rounds and excursions
Барселона: отдых и достопримечательности, ч. 2From the previous material you already managed to learn about features of rest in Spain, and in Barcelona in particular. Continuing to acquaint you with this country, will tell about excursions which are only in Spain and with guarantee cause interest in all tourists. The first that at many people is associated with Spain is a bullfight.
Barcelona: rest and sights, p.1 Rounds and excursions
Барселона: отдых и достопримечательности, ч. 1Spain – one of the brightest countries of the world. It – the homeland of Bullfight, magnificent dances of the Flamenco, the country of such great artists as Velasquez, Goya, Dali... Barcelona – the city as well as possible reflecting the Spanish life and culture. Having arrived there, there is a wish to visit all offered excursions, to feel a rhythm of special South European life.
Travel across Nepal Rounds and excursions
Путешествие по НепалуNever End Peace And Love … Nepalese so decipher the name of the country. This small, poor country causes in me inconsistent feelings. In India everything was simpler and more clear. And here … nothing submits to logic clear to the European here, and all here on the contrary. Absolutely poor people seem happier, than who has something …
Resort of Sol-Iletsk, lake Disorder Rounds and excursions
Курорт Соль-Илецк, озеро РазвалIn the South of the steppe Orenburg region on border with Kazakhstan the small city of Sol-Iletsk was located. At first sight it maloprimeten is also unsightly, but conceals in itself(himself) centuries-old entertaining history. Of this resort it will also be told in this article on, we will acquaint you with everything that from year to year attracts vacationers here.
Rest and sights of India Rounds and excursions
Отдых и достопримечательности ИндииIndia. This word causes very different associations in different people. For someone India is a dirt and poverty. For someone it is spiritual teachers and ashrams, yoga and an Ayurveda. Here it is possible to arrive for a week and to remain for few years, and it is possible to shrug bewildered shoulders and to be glad that you live in Moscow.
Rest in Sochi Rounds and excursions
Отдых в СочиIf for the first time you go to the Black Sea, without hesitation it is necessary to choose the Sochi direction. At least, previously "having dug over" a database the Internet, we with the girlfriend so solved. Powerful argument was that Sochi – the most southern of resort towns of our immense country (moreover and with subtropical climate!), where the sun shines 300 days in a year.
Rest in Kemere, Turkey Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Кемере, ТурцияWho could tell that only some 30 years ago on a place of the Turkish town of Kemer which is so loved by Russians there was a small fishing small village. This article from is urged to dispel fears of tourists of independent walks on the city of Kemer, and also to tell readers that surely it is worth seeing in Kemere.
Review of the Russian airlines References
Обзор российских авиакомпанийIn our country some tens airlines providing various tariffs for their services, both to individuals, and corporate and to people of a VIP-class are engaged in air transportation. We will provide to your attention the list of the most popular airlines which take the leading positions in a rating for the 2007th year.
Rest in Mongolia Rounds and excursions
Отдых в МонголииAbout Mongolia many think as of the empty, dry and uninteresting earth. It is a perfect lie. Mongolia – my best trip from many and many, even is better than India that much will seem to the impossible. The magic country where there are singing dunes, the desert smelling as the sea, kind and strong people, free wild animals, blue lakes, unimaginable beauty flowers and severe mountains.
How to choose travel agency References
Как выбрать турагентствоThe winter came to an end also the majority of us, having opened daily logs, made record – "To think of holiday". It is no secret that presently everything who can afford it – carry out a two-three of summer weeks abroad. We hope that our councils will help you to be defined by how it is better with advantage for sincere and corporal health to organize holiday.
Rest in the Pike perch, the Crimea Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Судаке, КрымThe pike perch is one of the most picturesque and solar places in the Crimea. The resort is on the bank of the Black Sea in the Sudaksky valley which from all directions is surrounded with mountains. Thanks to it, here seldom there are rains that cannot but please arrived behind the sun and the sea. The main sight of the Pike perch is the Genoa fortress.
Rest in China (Shanghai, Xian, Suzhou) Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Китае (Шанхай, Сиань, Сучжоу)China was for me not the first Asian experience – after India, Nepal and Mongolia it seemed that anything especially will not surprise. I also could not imagine as far as was mistaken. It appeared what exactly it is necessary to go behind the present "cultural shock" here. It overtook me in the first day in Shanghai, as if a lightning stroke.
Air flights ch.3, (flight) References
Авиаперелеты ч.3, (перелет)Air flight for those who decided to go to travel by plane for the first time, in actual fact not such simple occupation. Purchase of the air ticket brings a lot of trouble even upon those who already at least once flew. Do not think that we want you to intimidate – avipereleta and without ours much not on temper. We have absolutely other purpose: to tell that it is necessary to know for travel.
Winter rest in Zakopane, Poland Hotels and hotels
Зимний отдых в Закопане, ПольшаWhere to go to ski in New year so that and strongly did not hit the pocket and pleasures could be received the sea?! Having reflected over versions of answers to this question, decided to move towards our next neighbors – to Poland. On a ski resort we reached by train Kiev-Lviv and bus Lviv-Zakopane.
Air flights ch.2, (rules of flight) References
Авиаперелеты ч.2, (правила перелета)Continuing the story about air flights, we will try to inform to readers useful data on the basic rules of travel by the air transport. New to yourself you learn something, having studied rules of transportation of baggage and animals. In interests of ensuring safe and comfortable flight rules of flight of passengers which knowledge is obligatory are developed.
Air flights p.1, (air tickets) References
Авиаперелеты ч.1, (авиабилеты)You go to travel according to the permit, or perhaps decided to fly simply on a visit to expecting you native to other city or the country long ago? What way it is best of all to use that quickly and with comfort to reach the right place? Of course, plane! In a number of the articles will try to tell about all subtleties concerning air flights.
Cairo excursion to pyramids, Egypt Rounds and excursions
Каирская экскурсия к пирамидам, ЕгипетWe decided to order big excursion to Cairo to pyramids through the tour operator. Even in spite of the fact that the previous two excursions (sea walk on the island the Tyrant and a safari on the desert) were ordered in local travel agencies which passed quite successfully. Without having waited for the promised liner, we had to go to Cairo in a usual minibus.
Excursions of Egypt, desert safari Rounds and excursions
Экскурсии Египта, пустынное сафариOne of excursions which offers any travel agency of Egypt respecting itself is "A safari on ATVs on the desert". Of course, we considered that a sin to refuse such adventure, especially to have a rest on the Sinai Peninsula and not to see the Sinai desert – somehow unreasonably.
Excursions of Egypt, island Tyrant Rounds and excursions
Экскурсии Египта, остров ТиранAbout Egypt I had heard a lot before flight from numerous friends, from telecasts and commercials inviting in different ways there still long before. At once on an arrival to this special and legendary country to the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, after settling in Sheraton Sharm Resort 4 hotel * I quickly attended to the excursion program.
Sights of Paris Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ПарижаThe biggest problem of the tourist who is going to visit Paris for the first time is a physical impossibility to visit everywhere where there is a wish, to look at sights about which knows the whole world moreover to be in time simply to wander on small streets, to take pictures … How all to be in time?! As the skilled traveler, I can offer my own experience of the solution of this problem.
Travel to Paris, Central hotel Hotels and hotels
Путешествие в Париж, отель «Central»Dream of any tourist – Paris. If your budget does not allow you to choose magnificent apartments or even hotel of a class of 4-5 stars – it does not matter, it does not mean at all that Paris for you is closed. There is a mass of hotels of economy class in which week rest in a single room will cost to you approximately 700 dollars, including flight of Moscow-Paris-Moscow.
How to avoid troubles in Turkey Rounds and excursions
Как избежать неприятностей в ТурцииThe most popular foreign resort at Russians – the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Let's look how to make so that rest in this country was not saddened by unpleasant events. For this purpose we will pass all stages of your rest in imagination and we will define, which dangers can trap you and as it is possible (and it is necessary!) to avoid them.
Review of Sheraton Sharm Resort hotel, Egypt Hotels and hotels
Отзыв об отеле Sheraton Sharm Resort, ЕгипетHaving week holiday, some sum of money and desire to make a trip in a stock, we at random chose travel agency, and the agent managed to offer round to Egypt so that we could not refuse. As a result: on hands tickets and tours of "all inclusive" for $400 everyone to Sharm el-Sheikh, Sheraton Sharm Resort 4* hotel.
Rest in Sevastopol Rounds and excursions
Отдых в СевастополеAlmost each of us can tell at least about one holidays spent in the Crimea. And still such cities as Yalta, Feodosiya, Yevpatoria, Alupka, remain large and demanded resorts. I want to advise you to go to Sevastopol – rest one of the cheapest in the Crimea there, and except beaches and bars, there are a lot more opportunities for cultural rest.
Excursion to Pamukkale and Hierapolis (Turkey) Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия в Памуккале и Хиераполис (Турция)In CLUB BANANA hotel ****, located in Alania (Turkey), provided us excursion services among which there was a six-hour trip by bus in Western to Anatoly (19 km to the North from the city of Denizli). We learned that this excursion is in great demand and with interest. On the pages I will describe those interesting places which witness was personally.
Shopping in Italy Rounds and excursions
Шоппинг в ИталииIf you have the necessary sum of money and are able to afford known fashionable things, Italy will provide you a wide choice of goods. How to fill up the clothes with fashionable exclusive features where it is best of all for the tourist who arrived to Italy especially for shopping to move – about it and it will be told in this article.
Review of Banana club hotel, Turkey Hotels and hotels
Отзыв об отеле Banana club, ТурцияThe majority of us simply adores travel. Only as it is correct to choose a certain option during holiday, especially, when time happens restrictedly, and so there is a wish to come off at most. In this article on it will be a question of personal impression of travel to Turkey, stays in CLUB BANANA hotel ****, located in Alania.
Councils the traveling bus tour Rounds and excursions
Советы путешествующим автобусным туромIf long travel by bus is necessary to you, it is worth horoshenechko being prepared for it, then it will become convenient so, how it is possible. First of all, take care about convenient, footwear and replaceable socks. Not conveniently to sleep in the bus, of course, but, having thought of it in advance, it is possible to reach a certain degree of comfort.
As hotels of Europe are arranged Hotels and hotels
Как устроены отели ЕвропыAcross all Europe there is a large number of hotels of various price categories and various degree of comfort. The majority of them are arranged by the uniform principles. Of course, everything is directed on that the guest felt at home and did not need anything. Nevertheless, you need to know some simple things.
Beach rest in the winter: where to go? Rounds and excursions
Пляжный отдых зимой: куда поехать?"I so want that the summer did not konchaaatsya that it for me mchaaatsya, for me following", - is sung in the well-known song. If you, looking at snow flakes after a window, sing this song, this article from for you because in it the speech about where to go to rest in the winter, about where there is a hot sun and the sea at that time year when in the homeland cold will go.
Germany, it is useful to know Rounds and excursions
Германия, полезно знатьIn Germany there is a large number of "ideas" which do life of citizens easier. For example, buses are made so that the old person should not clamber in him on steps, the driver can tilt simply by means of special mechanisms a few bus. Many things in Germany not only will surprise you, but also will please.
Rest in Abkhazia Rounds and excursions
Отдых в АбхазииOfficially Abkhazia is a part of Georgia, but Abkhazians so do not consider, Georgians meet very seldom there. The territory of Abkhazia small, is located along the coast of the Black Sea. The best-known resort – Gagra. The capital of Abkhazia – Sukhumi (after war with Georgians the city was not restored yet).
Registration of the Schengen visa Visas and passports
Оформление шенгенской визыWhat is the Schengen visa? It is called by right "a window to Europe"! The Schengen visa is such visa which issues Consulate of one of the countries entering a zone of the Schengen agreement. But what it for the countries, and what it for the agreement? Why it carries such name? And what it is necessary to know about registration of the Schengen visa?
Shopping in Germany Rounds and excursions
Шоппинг в ГерманииShopping in Germany brings a lot of pleasure even to those who is not his admirer. Pleases not only a huge choice, but also conveniences accompanying process. It will be a question of purchase of food, souvenirs, clothes and cosmetics. That it will be just necessary to buy, being in Germany.
Germany, movement over the country Rounds and excursions
Германия, передвижения по странеBusiness trip, travel, training, – the reasons are not important, the main thing – you appeared in Germany or you only should make it. Having got to an unfamiliar place, it is not simple to understand at all how life is arranged, what its rhythm and rules. For that time which you should spend in Germany, it is necessary to see and try a lot of things. What it is tiresome and important to know?
In Turkey - it is useful for excursion to know, part 2 Hotels and hotels
Экскурсии в Турции - полезно знать, часть 2In the previous article we told of historical excursions. In this article will continue the story, and it will be a question of other interesting excursions of Turkey. In one commercial about rest in Turkey the phrase sounds: "Feel a rhythm of life in Turkey". Below some sources, this rhythm the setting are described.
In Turkey - it is useful for excursion to know, part 1 Rounds and excursions
Экскурсии в Турции - полезно знать, часть 1Turkey is the country loved by Russians for high-quality and inexpensive beach rest. Everyone will be able to find in Turkey something interesting to itself(himself), and for satisfaction of these interests numerous travel agencies offer various excursion programs. Here about them the speech in this article will also go.
That is necessary for registration of the international passport Visas and passports
Что нужно для оформления загранпаспортаYou decided to go to rest to other country, but you have no international passport? And, perhaps, have even no idea as far as there can be troublesome a procedure for its registration. That at you everything was prepared in time, will tell how to receive the international passport as well as what to collect documents, and for what time to a trip it is necessary to see to it about obtaining the passport.
The best hotels of Egypt on the coast of the Red Sea Hotels and hotels
Лучшие отели Египта на побережье Красного моряIt is impossible to describe all hotels of Egypt ready to accept tourists as them in the country is more than five hundred today! But nevertheless will try to consider some of them, leaning on positive, and not really, responses of the compatriots who visited there this year.
The best hotels of Turkey Hotels and hotels
Лучшие отели ТурцииTurkey became one of favourite vacation spots for tourists from the former Soviet Union for a long time. In the territory of Turkey more than 120 hotels in 12 cities are located. If you wish to have a rest, receive well the mass of good impressions and for a long time to keep these wonderful moments in memory, read our article about the best hotels of Turkey.
Choice of hotel for all occasions Hotels and hotels
Выбор отеля на все случаи жизниThe business trip is necessary to you, and you look for to yourself suitable hotel in absolutely unfamiliar city, and, maybe, even in the unfamiliar country? Very important in all variety of offers to choose such hotel which will conform to your requirements.
Rest in Bulgaria Rounds and excursions
Отдых в БолгарииThe last decade in the CIS countries became fashionable to go abroad on rest. But the meeting with foreign language and foreign culture often causes a stress. That such did not occur, suggests you to go to Bulgaria.
Rest in Israel Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ИзраилеIsrael is a small state in the Middle East (Southwest Asia), of 27 800 From the West Israel is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, from the East – the dead, in the south – red. And is closer to the North of the country the fresh-water lake of Kineret is located, in bible times it was called the Sea of Galilee, as the biggest fresh-water lake on this earth.
About rest in Italy Rounds and excursions
Об отдыхе в ИталииInterlacing of centuries-old traditions, fine and eternal art, unusual nature and magnificent architecture. Where you still will find such variety of natural landscapes as not in Italy? The history of this country is deep, the nature is mysterious, people are extraordinary. There was a wish to visit Ry's slice on the earth? It, of course, possibly but how there to reach not to be trapped?
Rest in Tunisia Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ТунисеTunisia is the state of North Africa adjoining on Libya in the south, and in the West on Algeria. Northern and east coasts are washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Islands Jarba and Karkana also belong to Tunisia. In the north of the country mountains of the Atlas were located, and from the West on the East the country is crossed by the only large river of Tunisia - Madzharda. The capital of Tunisia is the city of Tunisia of the same name.
Rest in Turkey Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ТурцииOnce you glance in Internet open spaces, and to look at this information ocean something about rest in Turkey, at once see lines: "Turkey is a live history. Turkey it is not forgotten … Turkey is a hot sun and surprisingly transparent and clear water. Turkey it is healthy Turkey it is popular!"
Rest in Cyprus Rounds and excursions
Отдых на КипреIf you were tired of silent beauty of the homeland and there is a wish for something bright and original, you quite will suit rest in Cyprus. It, being between Europe, Asia and Africa, absorbed in itself the most different cultures and customs of these continents.
We go to rest to the Czech Republic Rounds and excursions
Едем на отдых в ЧехиюIf opportunity to go somewhere suddenly was given for rest absolutely unexpectedly and eyes run up, without knowing on what to stop, and you consider yourself as the incorrigible romantic, you need to visit the Czech Republic by all means. You agree to romantic travel to the country of tile roofs? Then will not prevent to pay at all attention to some trifles that nothing spoiled rest in the Czech Republic.
Rest in France Rounds and excursions
Отдых во ФранцииOne of the most romantic countries of Europe still was and remains France. As they say, "to see Paris and to die". Nobody demands to die of us, but here to know some moments that without bitter adventures will not prevent to get to the country of three musketeers perhaps. will try to tell about those main questions which interest tourists at a trip on rest to France.
Rest in Goa Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Гоа suggests you to learn more about rest in one small, but not less attractive state of India – rest to Goa. On its western coast the beaches washed by waters of the Arabian Sea infinitely last. It is the quiet, conducting measured life staff full of harmony and the atmosphere of happiness.
About rest on Maldives Rounds and excursions
Об отдыхе на МальдивахMaldives – the islands of a coral reef located near the equator to the South from India. 1190 islands form the archipelago consisting of 26 atolls. In the center of this beauty the island of Male which is the official capital of the Maldives is located.
Rest in Thailand Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ТаиландеYou decided to have a rest? Want to get to the fairy tale? Country of the woods, jungle, exotic plants and gold beaches? Then your road lies to Thailand. Exactly here you will find all these miracles, only here such blue sea and the wild primitive nature.
Rest in the United Arab Emirates Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ОАЭThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the independent state, it was formed in 1971. The United Arab Emirates is the country with extraordinary high standard of living and not less high rates of economic growth today.
We gather for a ski resort Rounds and excursions
Собираемся на горнолыжный курортWith approach of winter persons interested to have a rest direct not only to the warm countries. It is a lot of also those who wants to conquer peaks on one of ski resorts. For beginners who for the first time want to try in this type of active recreation, it is useful to learn that it is necessary and to prepare for what on such trip.
Rest in Egypt Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ЕгиптеMany give preference to rest in the exotic countries. And therefore rest in Egypt with its rather small prices, the warm sea, a set of monuments of the most ancient civilization and the beautiful underwater world becomes the most attractive in this regard where the prices not so bite and where it is possible to have a rest according to the highest category.
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On August 7, 1974 the Frenchman of Philippe Petit pulled a cable between towers of VTTs and walked over an abyss. It was noticed by the woman, in a few minutes both roofs of towers were filled by police officers. In 45 minutes it was succeeded to persuade him to descend on a roof.