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Useful tips on tourism and rest in the best resorts of the world. Here you will find everything that is connected with a choice of travel agencies, responses and the description of hotels, sanatoria, ski and medical resorts.
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Independent trip to the Czech Republic Rounds and excursions
Самостоятельная поездка в ЧехиюTo go on the fascinating vacation to the Czech Republic – the country impressive both architecture, and the nature, both kitchen, and some surprising feeling of warmth (despite classical climate of middle latitudes), without leaving the huge sums is not dream. It is reality. However, reality in case competently to plan the travel.
Excursion across Peterhof Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия по ПетергофуThe well-known city of Peterhof is in Russia, in 25 kilometers from St. Petersburg. All city reminds itself the museum open-air. Palaces, estates, ponds, cathedrals, parks, fountains – all this you will be able to see in this small, but favourite city of Peter I. Not to look at all Peterhof in one day, it is the fact therefore there it is worth arriving at once for some days.
Rest in Lloret de Mar, Spain Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Ллорет де Мар, ИспанияEach of us dreams to appear in the ideal vacation spot, but can not always find such place. After all all have interests, preferences and pleasures. Excursions, walks on ancient small streets, parties in the advanced youth clubs, a beach with cocktails, SPA procedures, shopping. Here you will find the special paradise rest on the most exacting taste in Loreta.
Purchases in Duty free shops References
Покупки в магазинах Duty freeThe concept "Duty free" became current the modern person long ago. There is an opinion that purchases in Duty free is a fine opportunity favourably to acquire various goods. Partly is the truth but not to get to an unpleasant situation, it is necessary to know in more detail that such Duty free where they are that there it is possible to buy and as.
Sights of Amsterdam Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности АмстердамаAmsterdam – the city with mad power which attracts and loads millions of tourists. All note that the special atmosphere reigns in the capital of Holland. I hope, my story will load you with positive emotions and will adjust on travel to Amsterdam – the city which destroys all stereotypes and gives freedom drink!
Sights of Florence Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ФлоренцииThe divine city of Florence with its surprising cultural heritage, unearthly beauty attracts annually millions of tourists. And I, having visited this city, forever fell in love with it. Besides visit of sights, it is worth shirking simply on beautiful small streets of Florence, to feel the atmosphere of this noble ancient city.
How to go to Italy to a language course? References
Как поехать в Италию на языковые курсы?Today educational rest – visit of sights enjoys wide popularity at tourists, the sun and a beach can be combined with a language course perfectly. How it is correct to organize an educational trip to Italy and to sign up for Italian language courses? I will in detail tell you about it, proceeding from the personal experience.
How independently to receive the visa to Italy? Visas and passports
Как самостоятельно получить визу в Италию?Want to go to Italy and to get acquainted with cultural heritage of this divine country, but do not know, whether will be able to receive the Italian Schengen visa? Believe, you have nothing to be afraid! Millions of Russians already went there and are not going to stop on one trip. Today we will tell you how independently to issue the visa to Italy.
Sights of Brussels Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности БрюсселяChocolate, the pissing boy, the European Union – the associations which are strong connected with Brussels. The capital of Belgium not often welcomes the Russian tourists. Meanwhile, this city is interesting not only the sights and the museums, but also the special, international atmosphere filling it.
Rest on the island of Tenerife Rounds and excursions
Отдых на острове ТенерифеIf on the earth there is paradise, for me it to Tenerife. Tenerife is the island which is a part of the Canary archipelago. Thought to visit this island was born at me long ago. First, I like all Spanish. Secondly, I love islands. Thirdly, Tenerife is famous for the whole world for the best climate: average temperature in the winter of 20-22 °C, in the summer – 26-28 °C.
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