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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Organic agriculture It is useful to know
Органическое земледелиеToday many people seriously reflect on quality and ecological safety of the products getting to us on a table. Many seek to grow up a small, but "" environmentally friendly crop on a site. And it is valid, unless not a charm, to break the first gentle cucumber from a bed, or to gather a flat dish of ripe strawberry by a breakfast and that costed by an own very young kartoshechka in July.
Recipe of water of Sassi It is useful to know
Рецепт воды СассиIt has an unusual name Sassy water, but it possesses huge force. What it for the magician such? Water, but with a mass of merits. Today will tell you about panacea from extra kilos - Vode Sassi and its advantages.
How quickly to fall asleep It is useful to know
Как быстро уснутьAll elephants are counted, patterns on wall-paper were engraved in the memory firmly, and the dream is still not here. Periodically sleeplessness all have, depending on disorders of the endured day and mood before going to bed. But how to make so that sleeplessness did not become the chronic phenomenon, knows
Statement of wedding dance Holidays
Постановка свадебного танцаMany loving couples in recent years before a wedding, an important and touching event in the life, ask such question: whether it is necessary to take individual lessons from professionals by preparation of wedding dance? Or it is possible to do without these additional actions?
Medicinal properties of fir oil It is useful to know
Лечебные свойства пихтового маслаAmong coniferous favourites in an aromatherapy fir oil stands a little aside. It is used much more less than, for example, the pine. And, by the way, the fir contains improving, unique in one other essential oil useful properties. Which, knows.
How to learn hypnosis The unknown
Как научиться гипнозуStill for a long time hypnosis was considered as one of the most reliable ways of influence on subconsciousness of the person. Today it is used generally in the medical purposes to relieve clients of addictions, and also phobias and dependences. And swindlers use hypnosis for criminal intents. Professionals study hypnosis for years, and whether here it is possible to comprehend bases of this equipment of the house, knows
How to choose a hookah It is useful to know
Как выбрать кальянSpeak about it much. He is esteemed in many countries and used almost every day. It is a hookah. It became so popular that came and to Russia. The hookah is esteemed in many cities, it smoke in special cafes. There are clubs of fans of a hookah who teach people how to smoke a hookah correctly. We together with will plunge into the world of hookahs and we will find out how it is correct to choose a hookah.
Cultivation of crayfish in house conditions It is useful to know
Разведение раков в домашних условияхThe crayfish divorced and who are grown up by own forces - very profitable business. Anything difficult in it is not present, however, that the success of the enterprise did not keep itself waiting long, business needs to be begun with careful information awareness and an objective assessment of the forces.
What to buy dances footwear It is useful to know
Какую купить обувь для танцевFrom time immemorial the beautiful, bewitching dances became a part of the life for many people. We dance when to us it is cheerful when there is a wish to banish sad thoughts when there is a desire to lighten mood to warm up, improve a figure. At a party with friends, at a concert, on a solemn event or simply alone with itself under good music.
Advantage and harm of coffee It is useful to know
Польза и вред кофеIt is difficult to find the person who does not like to begin the morning or the working day with a cup of fragrant coffee. This drink held a firm place in our life and does not intend to leave it. And despite our love to coffee, willy-nilly we reflect: but whether it is harmful to me now to drink still a cup?
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Length of the most huge squid which scientific name of "Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni", makes nearly 9 meters, and weight — 495 kilograms. The squid was caught by the fishing vessel nearby of Antarctic in February, 2007.