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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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What is the sand therapy Beauty and health
Что такое песочная терапияIt is unlikely there will be many people who in the childhood did not play in a sandbox. But, building sand castles, hardly someone from children reflects that they, thus, express the feelings and the relation to world around. Today scientists developed the whole direction – sand therapy which helps not only to children, but also adults.
How to refuse the sweet Beauty and health
Как отказаться от сладкогоResearches show that many women consider love to sweet as the reason of the excess weight. And all of them would like to exclude once and for all any sweets from the life to put a figure in order. Whether really fault to all sugar delicacies? Today also we will understand.
Use of Epsom salt Beauty and health
Применение английской солиEpsom salt received the name thanks to that it was invented in England at the end of the XVII century. Actually is a sulfate of magnesium, and receive it by evaporation of sea or mineral water. Its application is very broad: both in medicine, and in cosmetology, and in a household, it captured actually all spheres of our life.
Use of anisic oil Beauty and health
Применение анисового маслаAnise – one of the most popular spices which not only does dishes fragrant, but also stimulates digestive organs, and positively influences an emotional condition of the person. From this plant extract valuable anisic oil which consider very active, and accept strictly on a dosage.
Than chicory is useful to weight loss Beauty and health
Чем полезен цикорий для похуденияThe advantage of chicory for weight loss is known in the former Soviet Union since the USSR. Then was considered that coffee has negative influence on health of the person and as substitute to it tsikorevy drink was everywhere taken. Though today nutritionists reconsidered the opinion on coffee, chicory did not lose the popularity and continues to be used in many directions.
Ping-ap style in clothes Clothes
Пин-ап стиль в одеждеStyle a pin-ap is a cult phenomenon which thanks to a combination of romanticism, seducement and an easy sensuality will never lose the popularity. If to explain everything in a few words, the pin-ap is an image of such girl who possesses magnificent forms, but is so naive that does not even suspect about as far as she is desired and seductive for men.
Make-up for Asian eyes Beauty and health
Макияж для азиатских глазEyes of Asian girls are in own way unique. They are mysterious and seductive. But because of their special form to emphasize this identity it is necessary to learn. It is a little patience and knowledge of receptions of equipment of a make-up will help to make a look more open.
Models of skirts for the full Clothes
Модели юбок для полныхAt all times the most sexual attire for the woman was the skirt. And if the lady also the owner of magnificent forms, a skirt in its clothes has to be a thing No. 1. Completeness — it not an occasion "to hide" in baggy clothes, trying to hide shortcomings. On the contrary, the stylish fashion is urged to emphasize advantages and feminity of completeness today.
Use of oil of a dogrose Beauty and health
Применение масла шиповникаAbout salutary properties of a dogrose practically all have heard a lot since the childhood. Its fruits are made to receive a good dose of vitamin C together with tea. But there is at dogrose seeds one more mission: do curative oil of them.
How to erase a down-padded coat Clothes
Как стирать пуховикThe winter just about will come and it is just a high time to think how to refresh the favourite pukhovichok. To carry it in a dry-cleaner – it is expensive and time is not always enough, and here to wash independently in the washing machine, perhaps, it is worth trying.
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