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Rounds and excursions

Councils for rounds and excursions in the best resorts of Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Greece and many others, including on the organization of rest for children.
Rounds and excursions: all articles
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Features of rest in the United Arab Emirates
Особенности отдыха в ОАЭThis country – the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – is still not too well familiar to compatriots. And in vain! Remarkable beaches, high level of service and possibility of "kruglogodichnoplyazhny" rest – unless it is not enough?! Emirates – one of the popular directions of the Russian outbound tourism. Thus to call this rest inexpensive it is impossible.
Trip to Malaysia
Поездка в МалайзиюMalaysia is Southeast Asia. Very close to the equator: humidity at a temperature about +30 the almost absolute. To get to Malaysia – both it is not simple, and it is expensive. But nevertheless the country is interesting and unusual to the ordinary compatriot.
Features of modern Japan
Особенности современной ЯпонииArticle is devoted to "the country of a rising sun" – Japan. Our compatriots happen on Japanese islands, especially, inhabitants of the Far East. Representatives of the European part of the country – much more rare, for obvious reasons, guests there. But the country, naturally, is worth it to visit it. Trips are possible, but are rare and expensive!
Sights of Damascus (Syria)
Достопримечательности Дамаска (Сирия)Whether you why St. Petersburg was called know and call "St. Petersburg"? Is not present? Now learn!. That you should read – not the report on a tour and not impressions about rest on a beach. Though such mode of visit of this place – the Syrian Arab Republic – is quite possible. But a charm of this country, in my opinion, absolutely in other.
Travel to Tehran (capital of Iran)
Путешествие в Тегеран (столица Ирана)This article is devoted to the Islamic Republic of Iran and its capital – to Tehran. Certainly is not the report on a tour and not impressions about beach rest! But a number of business trips allow to present short sketches about this place to the country, though, of course, it not that route which will offer you in the nearest travel agency!
Rest in Vietnam, Muyne and Ho Chi Minh
Отдых во Вьетнаме, Муйне и ХошиминMuyne, Saigon, delta of Mekong – names of places beautiful at first sight, unknown and anything for us not meaning. Earlier. So far we did not decide to continue the amateur excursion across Vietnam. Having stayed nearly a week in Hanoi and Nha Trang, we so got used to names, not sonorous for our adverb, what already even to say them became, as locals.
Rest in Vietnam, Nha Trang
Отдых во Вьетнаме, НячангMany acquaintances who managed to make Vietnam the second homeland and to devote it the most part of the life insistently advised not to pass by Nha Trang at all. Spoke to us simply and intelligibly: "For the first time do not press in history. It is better to fall in love with modern and bright Vietnam. To Nha Trang!".
Rest in Vietnam, Hanoi
Отдых во Вьетнаме, ХанойYou sometime dreamed to get to other time, in other civilization or at least to other country which is obviously differing on I will arrange lives from yours? I think, and did not come to much to mind to present small and unclear Vietnam on a country riddle place. And I managed to present and now I will help to make it and to you.
Rest and fishing on Volga and Akhtuba
Отдых и рыбалка на Волге и АхтубеIf to ask the passerby, what associations arise with the word "Astrakhan", for certain fishing and water-melons will be the most popular answers. The nature of lower reaches of Volga is peculiar. The most part of the territory of the Astrakhan region is occupied by steppes. And along coast of Volga and its "sleeves", the Akhtuba River the strip of the picturesque green woods lasts.
Rest on the Lake Baskunchak
Отдых на озере БаскунчакThe lake Baskunchak – one of the most salty lakes of the world, its salinity reaches – 300 per milles. For a long time on the lake extract salt, "pure, as ice" which else since the VIII century sent on a silk way. In the Lake Baskunchak 90% of all Russian reserves of table salt (NaCl) are concentrated, the JSC Bassol enterprise is engaged in its production now.
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