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Articles about various complexes of physical exercises. Power, respiratory, exercises on flexibility will help to develop and strengthen muscles, and also to make correction of a figure and separate parts of a body.
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Exercises for a press
Упражнения для прессаTo have the beautiful and tightened belt – dream of each woman, however, it concerns also many men. So, today, as you already guessed, will be told about uprazhneniyadlya by the press who will help to make your stomach beautiful and tightened.
Flat stomach - how to clean the superfluous
Плоский живот - как убрать лишнееIn every spring we spend long painful minutes in front of the mirror. We get up sideways, we straighten a back, we pull in a stomach, holding the breath, we extend a neck, we raise a chin. And the head is visited by treacherous thoughts: "Here not to breathe absolutely" or "As if to make here to clean also here to steam of centimeters".
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