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Psychology of the personality

Councils from psychology area which will help not only to lift to themselves and another mood, but also by means of simple tricks to get rid of shortcomings of culture of communication.
Psychology of the personality: all articles
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How to struggle with a depression
Как бороться с депрессиейThe depression creeps imperceptibly. At first it seems that simply slightly overtired that tomorrow the bad mood as a hand will remove. But time goes, and the bog of a hopelessness tightens everything more deeply. Gradually full apathy to all events increases. How to struggle with a depression if it nevertheless overtook you? Here some simple rules from
How to develop self-confidence
Как развить уверенность в себеPerhaps, at all times self-confidence was a synonym of success, leadership, completeness of life. Our century – not an exception. The books published by million circulations, all a growing demand for services of psychologists, trainings, seminars, public opinion …
How to raise a self-assessment
Как повысить самооценкуWhat unites the gray mouse which always is keeping silent at production meetings, and externally very self-confident young man who is eternally asking for trouble? It would seem, the general is not present anything and cannot be. And meanwhile, the general is, and a name to it – the underestimated self-assessment. It it, on the contrary, forces excessively, to show the importance to grotesqueness.
How to fight against laziness
Как бороться с леньюAt first laziness binds hand and foot of you, being covered with usual rest, then gradually it captures you completely. And you do not manage to come round as already entirely are within her power. In especially started cases some individuals manage to be lazy even to think. Unpleasant feelings, truth? It is necessary to get rid of them somehow. Now with you also we will be engaged in it!
How to present itself
Как преподнести себяAll people different! Someone can easily present himself from the bright party, others do not even represent as to make it …
How to break awkward silence
Как нарушать неловкое молчаниеThere are situations when somehow awkwardly to be silent. How to make so that to avoid burdensome silence and how to make silence pleasant?
How to lighten mood
Как поднять настроениеYou are very suppressed, the whole world seems gray around, and it seems that anybody and will be able to lighten nothing mood. You deeply are mistaken and that is why …
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