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Councils about tailoring and to leaving for man's, female and even a kidswear. Information for every taste: from sportswear to fashionable and elite. And, of course, the help in a choice for pregnant women.
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As it is correct to put things in a case
Как правильно складывать вещи в шкафуLiving in the small room, I am fond of fashion and style. The modest size the space does not prevent me to own an impressive collection of accessories and does possible to update the clothes though every day. My case – my friend because I know how to put things compactly and how to use space reasonably. Also you learn it.
How to select clothes for stout women
Как подбирать одежду для полных женщинIn not such and far times of the Soviet Union any of modern top models would not make success at men. Unfortunately, now at all ladies which figure is far of 90-60-90, on mind one – to grow thin at any cost. But, it appears, it is possible to look more harmonous, having only skillfully picked up clothes and footwear. And we will tell how to hide "weight" shortcomings and to emphasize advantages.
Rules of a dresscode for women
Правила дресс-кода для женщинAbout 30-40 years ago the concept "dresscode" had no such wide circulation, and now he can be met continually. How to observe a dresscode if not absolutely you understand that specifically from you it is required (in other words how to put on not to get to an uncomfortable position). Actually, everything is not so difficult as it seems at first sight.
Fashion for the winter 2010
Мода на зиму 2010The female fashion this winter is very elegant – in each of the main directions. A little monotonous collections of clothes for winter of 2009/2010 represent the complete antithesis to bright spring and summer collections. Let's look, what trends became the main in the current season.
Fashion for the summer 2009
Мода на лето 2009On the autumn weeks of fashion devoted to spring and summer of 2009, designers allowed women to carry everything that emphasizes their tenderness, feminity, appeal, and at the same time to be courageous, sexual and modern. The summer – is a high time to try fashionable novelties. Who knows, maybe, you will find for yourself new style?
Fashion for the spring 2009
Мода на весну suggests you to think of future heat already now and to learn that, according to world designers, each woman of fashion respecting herself will have to carry next spring and in the summer. Let's at once note that butterflies – as a symbol of feminity, beauty, tenderness, and also an existence ephemerality will become motive of all 2009.
How to choose a wedding dress
Как выбрать свадебное платьеThe wedding has to be in life of each woman. It is nearly only day in life when the whole world rotates round the bride. And at this moment it is necessary to look and feel like the queen. And how to be defined what dress to choose, after all all of them such fantastically beautiful? For what criteria to pick up a dress? Will tell you about it.
How to choose sneakers
Как выбрать кроссовкиMany think that to choose sneakers – trifling business, it is enough to drive on the ware market and to get the attracted couple for 250 rublik. But in reality, this wrong position can turn back for you as small troubles in a look gift of the thrown-out sum of money, and more critical problems in respect of health.
Fashionable footwear spring-summer 2008
Модная обувь весна-лето 2008Came it is time to go to shops behind fashionable footwear for a spring and summer season. But how not to become puzzled in variety on show-windows? How to choose the most fashionable footwear? What tendencies are actual in a new season? prepared this article for those who seeks to be at peak of a fashionable wave. So, the speech will be a question of the most interesting novelties from podiums.
Fashionable tendencies spring-summer 2008
Модные тенденции весна-лето 2008Time came to think of that, in what to put on to be on a fashion crest in the forthcoming spring and summer season. All winter the well-known Couturiers of the world worked to create unique silhouettes and to define the main fashionable tendencies for spring-summer of 2008. In this article we will tell that for ladies creators of fashion prepared.
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