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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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How to get rid of hypostases
Как избавиться от отековThe liquid delay in an organism which is shown in the form of hypostases on a body, brings to the person the mass of unpleasant feelings. Each person at least once in life faced hypostases. Most often feet and a face swell up, is more rare – other parts of a body.
Free testosterone at women
Свободный тестостерон у женщинHealthy functioning of sexual system of the woman depends on an important component – free testosterone which is active connection of a man's hormone. It is at each person and his imbalance in an organism involves violations of warmly vascular system, psychoemotional frustration, formation of tumors and so forth problems.
What is the antioxidants
Что такое антиоксидантыAdvertizing made the business and, having looked back around, the impression is made that each of living on the planet Earth thinks of antioxidants. Between two boxes though food though cosmetic production the consumer by all means will choose that on which it is written "contains antioxidants".
Application of a bee subpestilence
Применение пчелиного подмораTireless toilers of a bee give us not only the tasty honey, fragrant propolis, a gentle uterine milk, sweet-sour pollen, bee sting, a perga possessing medicinal properties. Even after the life "winged doctors" can bring benefit. offers the story about a bee podmor which is used for many years not only traditional medicine, but also official.
Tributary, useful properties and contraindications
Донник, полезные свойства и противопоказанияStill Avicenna and Galen knew about curative properties of the unpretentious tributary. In the people this plant call a shamrock a ground, hare chill, wild hop, hristovniky, burkuny, a tomky, wild buckwheat. In the territory of Russia it is possible to meet 10 types of the tributary, in medicine found application the tributary Lekarstvenny (other epithet "yellow") and white.
УринотерапияTreatment by urine or as it is called scientifically, an urine, carries the name "urinoterapiya". It today quite fashionable way of improvement and prevention of various illnesses. It is considered that for the first time this method started being applied in India several centuries ago. Despite such antiquity, the urinoterapiya did not receive the official status and now belongs to nonconventional methods of treatment.
Allergy at pregnancy
Аллергия при беременностиPregnancy – joyful, but at the same time the difficult period in the woman's life. In an organism there are enormous changes that cannot but be reflected on health and health of future mummy. Cases when interesting situation is followed by manifestation of allergic reactions which the woman could even not guess before are frequent.
What is the bioresonant therapy
Что такое биорезонансная терапияBioresonant therapy – the popular modern method of treatment, action which mechanism, perhaps, cannot be explained with available words. And not because the basic principles of operation of mechanisms are difficult for simple inhabitants, simply in the nature there are no analogs of their physical activity. Nevertheless, bioresonant therapy already helped millions of people worldwide.
Treatment of the child at an osteostalemate - personal experience
Лечение ребенка у остеопата - личный опытI think, each mother will agree that the most terrible that can happen in life of parents – an illness of the child. Of course, I do not mean usual a SARS (though all the same you worry), it is about more serious diseases. I do not think that I will be able to offer panacea from all troubles, however I will share the history of treatment of the child at an osteostalemate.
The review of means from an ukachivaniye
Обзор средств от укачиванияMany people at least once in life faced a problem of an ukachivaniye. This so discomfortable more likely disease state to consult with which it is very difficult. prepared for the readers the review of various means from an ukachivaniye.
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In a Japanese zoo of Higashiyam there was a funny case: because of high temperatures in July-August and because of the irresponsible relation of workers to the duties, water in a pond in the open-air cage blossomed and painted animals in green color.