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Help section on drugs. We will tell, what medicines (tablets, ointments and so forth) use for treatment of various diseases. Instructions and contraindications to application.
Drugs: all articles
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Qi-Klim, instruction on application
Ци-Клим, инструкция по применениюIn the period of a climax (menopause) in an organism of the woman there are multistage series of changes which are closely connected with reduction of development of sexual hormones. Often end of the reproductive period is followed by a great number of unpleasant "fellow travelers".
Viferon, candles
Виферон, свечиViferon in drugstores is in great demand. Follow it with the recipe from different doctors – pediatricians, therapists, gynecologists. This preparation is allowed to be applied the newborn and even to pregnant women. suggests to understand – why the preparation is so popular?
Urolesan's application
Применение УролесанаSometimes, that at the most inappropriate moment at the person colic begins kidney (or hepatic). How to appease painful pain? Urolesan who can be useful in similar situations suggests to pay attention to a phytopreparation. It will be a question of its structure, all medicinal properties, a dosage, indications to application.
Hofitol's application
Применение ХофитолаSometimes our organism needs zhelchegonny preparations. This article will acquaint readers of with one of preparations which can help a liver, a gall bladder and other bodies and systems as possesses several merits. The name at a preparation – Hofitol, in structure is available plant extract. The company the Rose Fitofarm located in France lets out it.
Lavomaks, instruction on application
Лавомакс, инструкция по применениюThe winter at many is associated with frosts, white fluffy snow, skis, a sledge, hills, skates. And as there is no wish to be ill at this time! Someone for prevention eats garlick segments, onions, does salads of a radish, berry fruit drinks from currant or a cranberry, inhales aromas of essential oils – grapefruit, an eucalyptus, a geranium...
Use of oksolinovy ointment
Применение оксолиновой мазиFrom January to March the risk considerably increases to ache with flu or a SARS. When around snuffle, sneeze and cough, there is a wish to secure itself and the family against an infection. What people in this situation undertake?
Gastal, instruction on application
Гастал, инструкция по применениюHeartburn … Unpleasant feelings are associated with this word: burning in the top area of a stomach and behind a breast. There is it in the mornings when the person still tasted nothing or directly after food.
Givaleks, instruction on application
Гивалекс, инструкция по применениюIn the winter frosts are inevitable. Cold air gets into airways. Quite often there are overcoolings, feet freeze. Moreover and the quantity sneezing and coughing around considerably increases. And if immunity weak, it does not cope with an impact of bacteria and viruses. Here also the inflammation begins.
Karmolis's application
Применение КармолисаIn recent years the most actual and effective way of treatment and the prevention of flu and catarrhal diseases is stimulation of links of immune protection of a human body. Especially distinguish phytogenesis medicines from the medicines allocated with similar properties. After all they are safest both for adults, and for children.
Geptral, instruction on application
Гептрал, инструкция по применениюLiver – one of important massive glands of an organism without whom there cannot be neither person, nor animals. Today we will in detail tell about a preparation which possesses two properties: it positively influences functioning of a liver and can improve mood. Its name – Geptral.
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