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Councils and consultations for gynecology. Articles about female health, about gynecologic diseases, etc. And also everything that is connected with obstetrics (maintaining and preparation for pregnancy and childbirth).
Gynecology: all articles
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What is the imbilding and why it is necessary
Что такое имбилдинг и зачем он нужен"Imbilding", "Vumbilding" or it became simple "intimate gymnastics" now the fashionable direction in development of female sexuality. Here all about one – about development of female intimate muscles. But very few people know that mean these terms, what distinctions between them that it for the direction and why it is necessary. For the first time about it professor of medicine Arnold Kegel started talking.
How to use laying and tampons
Как пользоваться прокладками и тампонамиThe choice of hygienic laying and tampons for collecting menstrual blood is huge today. And on sale they more than 20 years, whether are sense in general to speak about them? Experience of gynecologists shows that the majority modern not only girls, but also adult women are not able to use laying and tampons. It leads to a row, so-called, "female problems".
That it is necessary to know about childbirth
Что нужно знать о родахThe birth of the child is absolutely natural physiological process. Practically all women pass through it. Correctly to behave at the time of delivery, it is necessary to know, this process is how exactly made. We will consider the entire periods of childbirth – from fights before appearance of the newborn. That future mummies could know that them expects during this period of time.
How to gather in a stomach after Cesarean section
Как убрать живот после кесарева сеченияDuring pregnancy there is no wish to think of adversities. Even if the woman knows that the operational rodorazresheniye is necessary to her, thoughts are all the same occupied with pressing problems. "Change of priorities" happens some days later after the birth of the kid. This moment for the woman is very difficult – appeared a little free time on thought of own appearance.
Ovary cyst, symptoms and methods of treatment
Киста яичника, симптомы и методы леченияFor many women the frightening diagnosis "a cyst in ovary tissue" was already heard, and many women perhaps still should hear it from the attending physician. Unfortunately, both women, and gynecologists observing them often underestimate danger of this illness. Similar carelessness quite often leads to the hardest consequences for health.
Sex at pregnancy
Секс при беременностиThe waiting time of the child is very important and unique stage in family life. And not only the woman though she was granted happiness to feel the kid. For the man it too the difficult period, since understanding of a new role of the father and finishing with changes in the sphere of intimate relations. Of course, not the last role is played also by features of physiology and course of pregnancy.
Sex during the monthly
Секс во время месячныхQuestion delicate, but, nevertheless, the important: whether sex is allowed during monthly? Someone will answer negatively, someone is positive. In some cultures till today the woman is considered inviolable at this time and even dirty. Anyway, the similar question rises before any couple every month and unambiguously to answer it not so simply.
Pregnancy "delights"
«Прелести» беременностиPregnancy is an and magic feeling of life in itself, and expectation of the first meeting, and the boundless love growing every day. But as always, other party of a medal is known: the indispositions arising at pregnancy and problems with health. I want to tell about most widespread "delights" of pregnancy, their reasons and methods of fight against them.
As it is correct to choose maternity hospital
Как правильно выбрать роддомThe child's birth – the long-awaited moment of any couple. All carefully prepare for it, buy a dowry to the kid, choose the first transport, toys, select a name. But the most important subject for discussion there is where after all to be born to the kid. It is necessary to treat a question of a choice of maternity hospital very responsibly, after all life, both the child, and mother depends on it.
Second pregnancy
Вторая беременностьAt first sight, all pregnancies of the same woman have to be similar. But I judge on myself – having given birth to both children with a difference in 14 years, fully felt a huge difference. But what a difference aged, whether in a wide temporary interval after first labor, but, despite good health and lack of serious problems, it was much more difficult to take out the son.
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