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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Hygiene of food: all articles
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Elena Malysheva's diet
Диета  Елены Малышевой Almost all ladies who even sometimes "wander" in a network know about Malysheva's diet. Minus five kilograms in ten days without hunger strikes – who did not see zazyvny names on the female sites. How this diet works? One of the main components of a diet of Malysheva – not strict starvation. But the list of the forbidden products nevertheless exists.
How to grow thin to the teenager
Как похудеть подросткуIf the teenager had an excess weight, it for 98% of wine of parents who did not teach him to eat properly. They should show attention and care to help the child to grow thin. To force it to keep to a rigid diet it is inexpedient and even it is unhealthy. It is necessary to teach him to eat, develop rationally at him healthy food habits.
What products to exclude to grow thin
Какие продукты исключить, чтобы похудетьKeeping to a diet, we limit ourselves for a long time in a large number of products which we love. Yes, we grow thin, but good mood in the period of a diet not our satellite. There is an exit! Absolutely it is impossible to exclude any component from food, but partially to clean the products which are not of special value for an organism, and going only to excess weight, perhaps.
What products contain carbohydrates
В каких продуктах содержатся углеводыProviding vital signs requires a significant amount of carbohydrates but as their stocks in a human body are small, it is necessary to fill the required norm every day. In a daily diet they borrow from 50% to 70% of total of the eaten food. Products of a phytogenesis are the main source of carbohydrates for an organism.
How many calories are necessary in day to grow thin
Сколько калорий нужно в день, чтобы похудетьTime, two, three, four, five, I go to consider. And we will consider calories (in abbreviated form – kcal). If it is concrete, daily norm of caloric content of the consumed products and their quantity necessary for weight loss. How many they are necessary for "safe" satisfaction of daily requirement? How to count the eaten calories? We understand.
Food of the nursing mother
Питание кормящей материThe kid unexpectedly began to be capricious, press legs to a tummy, to cry. It is worth reflecting: can be, problems with digestion at the child are connected with improper feeding of mother? To alleviate suffering of the newborn, many doctors advise the feeding mothers to adhere to a strict diet. You will find answers to many questions on this subject in our article.
How to accelerate a metabolism
Как ускорить обмен веществMetabolism at each person the different. One for weight loss do not need to make big efforts, others – in any way cannot grow thin, even keeping to the most strict diets. Reducing diet caloric content, we try to force an organism to burn fatty stocks, and we achieve the return result. That it did not occur it is necessary to know how it is correct to accelerate a metabolism.
Application of probiotics and prebiotics
Применение пробиотиков и пребиотиковIt is proved that intestinal microflora provides an immunity good few, creates a natural barrier to pathogenic bacteria. In addition they take active part in digestion of food, synthesis of vitamins, neutralizations of toxins, protect cells of intestines from regeneration. It is impossible to underestimate value of probiotics – they are capable to destroy even viruses.
Food at pregnancy
Питание при беременностиWhen learn that you will have a child soon, you unambiguously should reconsider your approach to drawing up the menu per day in particular and to a power supply system in general. Of course, understanding of responsibility for the child not always comes at once. But it is important to understand that the tiny growing organism receives all necessary calories, vitamins, microcells only from you.
That it is necessary to know upon purchase of mineral water
Что нужно знать при покупке минеральной водыNow the majority prefers to buy drinks for the family in shop. Deficiency in it is not present. And if the choice of usual water does not cause special difficulties, with mineral water not so everything is simple. Tastes at all mineral waters different and on structure differ. Let's understand, on what it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of mineral water.
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