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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Treatment of an endocarditis
Лечение эндокардитаThe endocarditis is an inflammation of a valvate or pristenochny endokard which develops most often at rheumatism. Endokard name an inside layer of heart. In rare instances the endocarditis arises at a fungal or septic infection. Perhaps also emergence of an inflammation at intoxications and at diffusion diseases of connecting fabric.
Turett's syndrome
Синдром ТуреттаTourett's syndrome is a neuralgic state which development most often begins in the childhood. The person having this disease periodically makes uncontrollable sounds, words or carries out the uncontrollable movements. This syndrome is also called Giles de la Tourett's syndrome.
Symptoms and treatment of a stroke
Симптомы и лечение инсультаBrain stroke – a disease, the second after a myocardial infarction, which annually confines to the bed of 450 thousand people which 30% are made by people of efficient age. The statistics of MZ of Russia reports the sad facts: each 1,5 minutes one Russian falls a victim of this illness, and each 2 minutes the stroke claims someone's life. Why it is so difficult to resist to this illness?
Treatment of a splenomegaliya
Лечение спленомегалииSplenomegaliya is the pathological change of the sizes of a spleen which is not considered as an independent diagnostic sign. Such point of view is connected with that this body can increase at many diseases. In addition the spleen is capable to change in sizes and at healthy people. The reasons of increase in a spleen are various.
Treatment of a sklerodermiya
Лечение склеродермииSklerodermiya is a diffusion disease of connecting fabric at which on certain sites of skin characteristic pathological cicatricial fabric is postponed. Pathological process of scarring is capable to extend, thus it can affect not only integuments, but even a digestive tract, the musculoskeletal device, lungs, kidneys and a cardiac muscle.
Klaynfelter's syndrome
Синдром КлайнфельтераKlaynfelter's syndrome represents a genetic disorder in the man's organism. The illness received the name in honor of the American doctor Harry Klaynfelter who the first described this problem still in the twenties of the last century.
Malaria symptoms
Симптомы малярииMany of us know about malaria only by hearsay. In general it is known that this infectious disease which is transmitted from the patient to the healthy person through stings of the infected mosquitoes and differs in the exhausting fever.
Protrusion of mezhpozvonkovy disks
Протрузия межпозвонковых дисковAmong different types of a degeneration of a disk the protrusion of intervertebral disks meets most often. At this illness the intervertebral disk supports limits of a spine column that causes quite severe pains in a back.
Treatment of an enterobioz
Лечение энтеробиозаEnterobioz – one of the most widespread helminthic invasions which is especially often meeting at children. This disease can give the mass of an inconvenience, and in the absence of due treatment – to lead to unpleasant and dangerous complications. In more detail that such enterobioz and as to get rid of it read in this article.
Tromboemboliya of a pulmonary artery
Тромбоэмболия легочной артерииTromboemboliya is an obstruction of blood vessels blood clot. So, blood clot represents a blood clot. Process of obstruction of vessels often comes suddenly, its current prompt and sharp. This process quite often is the reason of disability of the person and can even lead to a lethal outcome. It is especially dangerous if blood clot is formed in a head or spinal cord, in heart or in extremities.
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