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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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How to stimulate the child better to study
Как стимулировать ребенка учиться лучшеAll normal parents very much want that their child well and it is desirable with pleasure studied. It seems to the majority of them that as soon as the kid will come to school, he will at once feel taste to study and will start earning an appreciation. The more their disappointment when the child of the clear head mother and the competent father becomes not most advanced at a class.
Pubertatny period, difficulties of education
Пубертатный период, трудности воспитанияI want to share the experience in a question of education of the child during the pubertatny period. It is that age when in an organism of the child there are most active changes towards a growing, formations of physiological features. Changes happen and to mentality of the child which during this period of time can be especially unstable.
Councils to the working mothers
Советы работающим мамамEach mother before appearance at work is afraid that will not be able to pay due attention to the child. In 3-4 evening hours it is absolutely impossible to manage to remake all chores and to play enough with the kid. But at the correct organization of life and distribution of duties between family members all of you will be in time. The kid needs mother is the fact. How to combine work, life and a family?
Preparation of the apartment for the child's birth
Подготовка квартиры к рождению ребенкаHardly there will be young mummy who after an exit in a maternity leave will not be engaged in repair construction works in the apartment. Young parents try to make repair, to buy necessary equipment, to reorganize room space taking into account tendencies of children to put that got to sockets, to knock down corners and to devastate cases and boxes.
How to make that the child was not afraid of the doctor
Как сделать, чтобы ребенок не боялся врачаThe health system in the former Soviet Union is arranged so that besides treatment of the child of the doctor does not excite at all, with what psychological spirit the kid from hospital will return. Therefore even the most harmless manipulation comes to an end for the kid at least with a stress. I write this article for parents of little children, you will find useful recommendations in it.
Hyper tone at the child
Гипертонус у ребенкаNewborns turn in legs to a body and hold them cross-wise, and handles constantly squeeze in cams is and there is a manifestation of the raised hyper tone of muscles. In norm it can be observed up to 6 months. If after half a year it is still difficult to unbend its handles and legs, it testifies to an illness. But only the doctor-neuropathologist can establish the exact diagnosis.
Problems with a dream of children about one year
Проблемы со сном детей до годаVery many mothers are familiar with problems of a dream of kids about one year not by hearsay. Of course, sleepless nights negatively affect an emotional and physical state as mother, and child. It is important to understand that if the child cannot fall asleep, it not whims. Fortunately, the science and skilled parents know that process of a dream of the baby can be corrected a little.
Birth and education of the second child
Рождение и воспитание второго ребенкаIn my representation of children always was two. However after appearance of our first-born, having faced standard problems of babies and the first diseases, we with the husband seriously reflected, whether we will be able to pass through it once again. In the course of adoption of this important decision we considered all pros and cons, and also studied recommendations of experts in this question.
Development of imagination in children
Развитие воображения у детейImagination – ability to think out images of nonexistent subjects or that is not present nearby. With its help of people dreams, operates the invented events, finds the solution of nonexistent problems. Important to develop imagination and it is necessary. And most actively it proves from 5 to 15 years. During this period of life it is also necessary to be engaged in development of imagination in the child.
How to bathe the newborn child
Как купать новорожденного ребенкаBathing of the kid – one of compulsory procedures on care of the newborn which often frightens young parents. Agree, it is a little terrible to lower for the first time such tiny and defenseless child in water, to wash fragile handles and legs. Similar questions disturb parents, but in some days bathing of the child becomes habitual and even pleasant procedure.
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