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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Medicinal properties of a horsetail field
Лечебные свойства хвоща полевогоThe horsetail field meets almost everywhere, except for deserts and northern regions – on fields, forest glades, on coast of the rivers, in pits … Gardeners consider it as a weed and the indicator, saying that in the soil acidity increased. You should not forget that a plant this medicinal, it can bring much benefit.
Siderata for a kitchen garden
Сидераты для огородаGardening shops offer abundance of packages with additional podkormka for fruit-trees and garden cultures. And whether it is possible to improve without "chemistry" a condition of the earth on a country site? Whether the soil in the natural way be restored that year after year it was possible to receive good and stable harvests can?
Useful properties of a camomile
Полезные свойства ромашкиThe nature endowed many plants with curative properties, but especially generous it was for a camomile. This small, delicate flower is known worldwide, it is a part of many medicinal and cosmetics.
Landing of felt cherry
Посадка войлочной вишниFruits of ordinary cherry love many. Unfortunately, this tree often is surprised in recent years such disease as kokkomikoz. But it is possible to plant felt cherry in the garden, her mentioned terrible disease avoids.
Ageratum, landing and leaving
Агератум, посадка и уходWant to have long blossoming beautiful bed at the dacha? Then look narrowly at modern grades of an ageratum. The name of a flower is translated as "ageless".
Mustard as fertilizer
Горчица как удобрениеMustard familiar to all of us can be used not only as a juicy, hot spice to a bird, meat, cheese during a meal or a remedy if suddenly got sick but also as green fertilizer, that is siderat. After all not always there is an opportunity to improve the soil at dacha by manure. The grown-up vegetable mustard weight is capable to enrich a soil layer with organic substances.
Landing of winter garlic
Посадка озимого чеснокаAt garlic there are a lot of useful properties, to doctoring of diseases it was applied at the time of Hippocrates. Hostesses like to add sharp odorous zubochka to different dishes. Often gardeners try to grow up it on the beds, but then complain that heads grew small or at all decayed in the earth.
Landing and care of a pear
Посадка и уход за грушейPears in gardens meet less than apple-trees. But as there is a wish to try the large, ruddy fruits ripening on branches! To pleasure of fans of pears such grades that winter hardiness, resistance to a scab, a krupnoplodnost, excellent taste combine moreover and ability long to be stored are now removed by selectors.
Cherry, landing and leaving
Вишня, посадка и уходOnce cherry orchards were pride of Russia. Cherry in color – the show bewitching. And as looking out from under green leaflets the fruits ripening, poured juice beautifully look! All of us love them for original taste, for opportunity to regale on jam in winter days behind a cup of tea in the company of members of household, for viscous, fragrant fruit liqueurs which guests admire …
Application of a devyasil
Применение девясилаDevyasil can seem to someone an imperceptible grass or even an annoying weed, but the advantage which it is capable to bring to health, is enormous. For a long time it was used for preparation of curative medicines by which were treated for cold, an indisposition and serious diseases. In what force of this plant and what it is possible to benefit, having used the next treasure of the nature – devyasily?
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